Beliefs V Truths

Recently I have been pondering a lot on the subject of beliefs. I have come to the startling realisation that for most of my life I have held beliefs in most categories of life, and that those beliefs have governed the way that I have lived.

I know that I have not recalled all of my beliefs because there are hundreds of them, many are obvious but many are very subtle and more hidden: they have all influenced my life in some way.

Here is a tiny snippet of some of the beliefs that I have held:

  • The more you do as a woman the stronger you are.
  • Putting others before yourself is a positive thing.
  • Being ‘nice’ is good.
  • Being ‘good’ is good.
  • Exercise is more effective if you go as hard as you can.
  • Doing yoga postures leads to enlightenment.
  • The more fruit and veg that you eat the better.
  • Everyone should eat 3 meals a day and protein in at least 2 of them.
  • Evolution is like a ladder, you climb up it as you evolve.

The list is endless…

Even though there are many things on my list that may not be shared by others, what I have come to realise is that we are all walking around with our own set of beliefs. These beliefs influence the way that we move, the way that we think, the way that we talk, what we do, the way that we do what we do, the relationships that we have, the relationships that we don’t have, the jobs that we do, and the jobs that we don’t do etc…

The beliefs that we hold are influencing our lives moment by moment, and like a puppeteer pulling on invisible strings we are moved and positioned around the chessboard of life, falsely ‘believing’ that we are moving ourselves when in truth we are being moved by our beliefs, our minds coerced into thinking and our mouths manipulated to say certain things.

And as sinister as it may sound I have come to wonder if it is us that holds our beliefs or is it our beliefs that hold us?

When I first attended Universal Medicine I heard Serge Benhayon present the fact that the thoughts we pull in are governed by the way that we move. Without imposing at all, he presented that although people generally believe that they are free thinking individuals, science is now waking up to the fact that we pull in thoughts from one of two energetic sources and that the source that we pull thoughts in from is pre-determined by the way that we move. Serge added that the type of thought that we pull in then ensures that we move in a certain way, which guarantees that we will then get a similar thought that will then guarantee the same quality of movement, and so it continues….

So here we all are, living our lives under the illusion that we are deciding what happens to us in life when all along we are moving around our lives as freely as a train on a train track!

This, for me, makes sense when I look back on the mad rush that I did everything in. Because of my belief that the more that I got done the stronger I was, I packed my days full of ‘doing’, which caused me to rush frantically through everything in order to pack even more in. The way that I hurled myself through life ensured that I continued to pull in the thought that the more I did, the stronger I was and so the cycle just kept repeating.

Similarly with my belief that hard, punishing exercise was good for me, kept me exercising in this way even when my body was in a lot of pain. I clung to the belief or rather the belief clung to me and I continued to exercise even when my body was screaming for me to stop. How strong must the hold be when something is so obviously not working yet we still keep following in the same rigid tracks? Imagine for a moment a world full of people all following their own pre governed tracks, unable to deviate because the very movements that they repeat, feed them the beliefs that keep them in those well-worn tracks.

What on earth is going on?

How much choice did I really have? If my thoughts were dictating my every move and my every move was dictating my thoughts then what was I choosing? I always thought that I was a free thinking, open minded, spiritually aware, loving, funky kind of a girl but now I understand that I was a puppet and that the so called qualities that I thought I had were interchangeable traits that could be changed as easily as the clothes on a doll.

So where do these beliefs come from?

They come from many, many places. Our parents of course, family members, teachers, books, films, influential friends, historical figures, the newspaper, TV, radio, organisations, in fact it feels like the air is thick with beliefs. For most of us, many of our beliefs are passed on by our parents.

What parent can say that they have not passed on a single belief to their kids? Here are a few examples:

  • It’s good to play sport
  • It’s good to play an instrument
  • It’s good to be creative
  • It’s good to try as hard as you can
  • It’s crucial to get high marks
  • It’s important to have manners
  • Being good gets you recognised
  • Cross country running builds character
  • Boarding school will be good for you
  • Going to University is essential to get on in life

In many countries in the world, parents have also passed on their beliefs that certain nationalities are bad, that certain pieces of land need to be fought for and that revenge is all that matters.

Are we therefore guaranteeing that the world stays a certain way by passing on our beliefs to our children?

What would the world be like if we allowed our children to grow up free of beliefs? Over the last 4 years my beliefs have started to crumble. I am at a point now where I am naturally suspicious of any remaining beliefs that I have. What I have come to realise is that:

My beliefs prevented me from feeling the truth. They stood like silent guards blocking the way to the truth that lay patiently in my body, ever ready to be revealed.

Looking back I realise now that my body continually showed me the truth of every situation. It was my beliefs that came from my mind that overrode the messages from my body.

The pain in my body was telling me very clearly that the way I was exercising was not good. My bloated stomach told me that eating copious amounts of vegetables was not what my body wanted. My exhaustion was a clear indicator that cramming so much into my day was not making me stronger but my beliefs around these things denied me access to the truth.

One of the divine functions of the body is to consistently show us the truth with no attachment as to whether or not we listen.

To me beliefs seem to originate from the mind and feel:

  • Limiting
  • Hard
  • Binding
  • Immoveable
  • Stubborn
  • Blinding
  • Rigid
  • Historical
  • Suffocating
  • Confining
  • Dead
  • A trap
  • Individual

A truth comes from the body and feels very different:

  • Expansive
  • Freeing
  • Limitless
  • Alive
  • Known
  • Joyous
  • Universal

Some truths that have come from my body are:

  • Strength as a woman comes from her fragility.
  • Putting yourself first is the best way to care for others.
  • Being ‘nice’ is not a true way of being.
  • Being good is an illusion – just be yourself.
  • Exercise is important and is best done in a way that honours the whole body.
  • It’s best to listen to the body when exercising and to adjust according to what you feel.
  • There is not an ounce of ‘doing’ in evolution, evolution is the state of our being.
  • There are no ‘shoulds’ when it comes to what to eat.
  • Eat what and when the body genuinely guides you to eat.
  • Evolution is not an up it is a back towards. It is a U-turn.

When life is governed by beliefs, it feels confined and limited but when life is impulsed by truth then it feels spacious and limitless.

I am eternally grateful to Serge Benhayon, the Benhayon Family, the Student Body and every single aspect of God that has ever dedicated itself to reminding those of us who have forgotten that we too are equal parts of the One God.

By Alexis Stewart, Care worker with the intellectually disabled, Yoga Teacher, Mum, Student of the Livingness. Sydney Australia

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1,176 thoughts on “Beliefs V Truths

  1. A beautiful sharing Alexis – i came to the realisation only yesterday of how strongly I have been holding onto a belief system that family is first and that it comes before truth. And because of this I did not truly speak up when it was needed. But what i can see and feel in my body is that I have a deep responsibility to put truth first, to change an age old pattern and not get caught up in a belief system that just says it is OK to not have truth.

    1. HM the belief that you have shared ( placing emphasis on family above all else) is a global belief that has had a stranglehold on humanity since the beginning of time. I am only just beginning to understand it’s far reaching effects on my life and life in general. It is a massive red herring of enormous proportions and keeps people slaves to a belief system that is devoid of truth.

  2. I will take ‘spacious and limitless’ any day Alexis. Thank-you for so pointedly outlining the confine of any belief we may align to, and how it prevents us from accessing the true and expansive beings that we are.

  3. This is so well put! “So here we all are, living our lives under the illusion that we are deciding what happens to us in life when all along we are moving around our lives as freely as a train on a train track!”
    In this, we cannot but contemplate, just how strongly we may actually WANT to traverse the ruts of the train track – for they are pathways that are known, familiar, and dare I say ‘comfortable’… Even when such ways offer no true joy or liberation whatsoever, they are at least ‘a known’ factor that we may well cling to in order to feel some sense of security and apparent ‘safety’ in the known…
    And yet, by staying there we are in truth ever-imprisoned – actively saying ‘yes’ to yet harbouring the hurts we are endeavouring to protect in and by such ways in the first place.

    1. Your comment exposes comfort in its tracks! So how we protect hurts is also how we create them and then keep them fed. And to get out of the rut we have made and keep on digging deeper is to listen to the body first.

      1. Hurts themselves are beliefs, a completely fabricated concept designed purely by the Astral fog of illusion to keep us trapped in the belief that we are only human.

      2. Agreed. Very well said Karin Barea. Funny that… that even though the tracks we traverse may have formed chasms in the earth, our body is made of the divine, and if we are open, it will call us up and out of the ruts we have so deeply institutionalised… even if by our own form of cataclysm, be it a serious illness, an injury or symptoms we cannot ignore.

  4. There is so much scope for people to have disagreements and differences of opinions when beliefs are at play, whereas with a truth, that feels more definitive, more clear and doesn’t leave space for there to be so much angst.

  5. It is very difficult at first to challenge and unravel the many beliefs one subscribes to. The easiest way of course is connect to the highest truth you recognise, and then use that as the bar by which all else is compared to.

  6. The truth feels completely different when it’s expressed or heard, to any other expression that is not truth. Something might be ‘right’ as in correct, but if it’s delivered in harshness in reaction, then the truth of the message is lost, and all the other person hears is the reaction – which then gives them an easy excuse not to listen. That doesn’t let the other off the hook, but means that they also have a responsibility to call out what they’ve heard as not being the truth, instead of allowing it to remain presented as ‘the truth’ when in fact it is not.

  7. Listening to Serge Benhayon’s presentations it’s gotten me to question how I move in life. This then opens up that cycle we lock into where our movements feed our limiting thoughts. Changing how we move allows us to feel and think differently.

  8. If we do not define what a truth is we may assume a belief is the same thing, which it absolutely is not.

  9. I love the awareness you have brought through here – how a belief affects us versus how a truth expands us. What I love is uncovering a belief and exposing it so I can let it go. Recently a friend questioned something I said – a belief I had held. What amazed me was that if I had been told what I based the belief on today I would not have come to holding belief but seen through it. But I still held onto the belief because it was something I had considered correct at the time and hadn’t challenged it with my greater awareness that I have today. I started to wonder what other beliefs I was allowing to lay low that were influencing my movements still all because I made them when I did not question them. Reevaluating what I hold ‘true’ is a way of bringing greater understanding and awareness to my past and therefore to my present.

    1. Karin when I read ‘Re-evaluating what I hold ‘true’ is a way of bringing greater understanding and awareness to my past and therefore to my present’, I got to feel that our ‘supposed past’ is actually not somewhere way behind us but in fact with us in our bodies if, that is, we have not cleared the pattern or healed the hurt or basically sorted out whatever it is that is holding us back. Try as we might (and we do), we can not leave anything behind, neither can we geographically walk away from anything.

  10. Beliefs put me in mind of those hunting traps with metal teeth that snap shut and crush the animals underneath. It’s like we live our lives with a number of these beliefs attached to us, ripping in to us. We think the difficulties we experience are due to events and situations but we don’t see the damage that comes from these beliefs we bring in. Even having a belief that having beliefs is ok is a thing. Really we should see there is nothing extra needed in life that just what we feel. The rest is just a distraction we indulge in to get a false sense of safety or protection. What a complicated game. Thank you Alexis for sharing this.

  11. When we are dominated by beliefs our bodies become denser as we are constantly resisting our own truth which has no form but is a constant movement impulsed from within our hearts.

  12. Great to re-read your post Alexis. Beliefs come from the mind and are limiting, as you say. “The body is the marker of all truth” – Serge Benhayon, and honouring my body’s messages – its truths – has been far more edifying and freeing.

  13. I have found that it is quite easy to become aware of the beliefs I am holding, let them go and then turn a truth into a belief so it then becomes a diminished version of it’s expansive whole based on knowledge and not lived experience. A trap to watch out for!

  14. Its amazing to see how many different beliefs and or pictures we carry and how we have identified these as being who we are over our lives. Letting go of these beliefs and or pictures can give us a greater understanding of our behaviours and allow the truth of our bodies and our experiences to speak. The feeling’s felt when we move in this way is so very honest and tangible, that you can feel the truth so very clearly, because it is lived and then shared from the experiences expressed in the movements made.

  15. “The beliefs that we hold are influencing our lives moment by moment, and like a puppeteer pulling on invisible strings we are moved and positioned around the chessboard of life, falsely ‘believing’ that we are moving ourselves when in truth we are being moved by our beliefs, our minds coerced into thinking and our mouths manipulated to say certain things.” And for the most part we are totally unconscious that this is what is happening, until we start to wake up and let go of our ideals and beliefs, that have manipulated us for so long.

  16. I find it extraordinary how much I am governed by images especially of what things ‘should’ be doing etc in life. Rather the allowing, surrendering and the activity of stillness that counts.

    1. Having pictures of anything is like standing on the riverbank of Life, superimposing our ideas about how the river should flow. Pointless. Futile in fact but it’s what we all do.

  17. The popular movie ‘The Matrix’ is a brilliant metaphor for what you describe Alexis. If we choose to wake up – as does the protagonist in the film – and consider the possibility that we are living in illusion; if we choose to unpack the many and various beliefs we’ve taken on – only then we can start to live of life free of imposition.

  18. “My beliefs prevented me from feeling the truth. They stood like silent guards blocking the way to the truth that lay patiently in my body, ever ready to be revealed.” This statement is deeply significant. Through our held beliefs, we in effect keeping our own internal set of diversions and blocks to our expansion and evolution.

  19. I lived for so long, as the majority of humanity appear to have been doing as well, governed by beliefs; beliefs that I took on from others that I never questioned, but then wondered why life was continually seemingly out of my control. It now makes sense that living my life according to these beliefs would have been at odds with what I was feeling within me; my own inner wisdom, my truth.

  20. It makes so much sense that we are moved by our beliefs for if I believe that say the world is flat, my every movement will be influenced and constrained by this belief. The way I see myself in relation to the world will be with a picture that it is flat which also reveals to me that the pictures and images we hold in our minds about how life looks or should look are also strong beliefs that influence our every move.

  21. Learning to trust and honour what our body is communicating is the key to discarding the beliefs we take on that keep us separated from the truth we know within us.

  22. We have subscribed to such a plethora of beliefs about ourselves and about life that unravelling them can be a lifelong exercise. Having a marker for what truth feels like in the body, the openness and ease in which the body can be when truth is connected to, can support this process of identifying and discarding beliefs hugely.

    1. Our bodies are never in any doubt as to whether something is a belief or not. The fact that we fall for beliefs is a pure reflection of our lack of connection to our bodies.

      1. Yes very true… it is inevitable that we heal, even though it might not seem that way as we subscribe to life being linear. That way we think we can leave things behind us. But life is circular, and we are coming back to the same point over and again, so whatever is not healed will present itself again, eventually, until we do.

      2. What’s in front of us is what we’re attempting to leave behind, until we get to the point that we have left nothing behind us that is undealt with and then the only thing that will be in front of us is will be God.

      3. Jenny the belief that life is linear and that we can fast track our way out of things is perhaps one of the biggest and most damaging lies known to man. What it sets up is a world full of people who are motoring away from the very situations and people that are in actual fact their true way forward, which is also the way back to soul.

      4. So true Alexis, I was going to say ‘if only we knew that we were running away from something we can’t actually run away from, as it’s coming back around’ but that is not strictly true. We do know, we just prefer to delay the inevitable, rallying against our misfortunes or repeating patterns as though life does them to us, and not that life presents them repeatedly because it has no option. Our return is inevitable.

  23. A belief has a dead end – there is no place to grow of evolve .. just stuck-ness. Whereas truth is always lifting us higher and taking us deeper within.

  24. The only reason why we have allowed ourselves to be fooled by our beliefs is because we have not allowed ourselves to listen to the wisdom of our body.

  25. If we were to describe the quality of a belief it would have to be something like cold and hard. Truth on the other hand is warm/fiery and deeply enriching.

  26. Talking to a woman in her twenties yesterday she was advocating that women should do more because they can. It is important that we don’t hold back. To push our bodies to achieve more is not necessarily holding back. It may be curbing the desires or dictates of the brain or mind but what about asking the body? What about looking at what is more natural for us to do and let go of this competitive streak for a while?

  27. Alexis, this is a great blog to read. I continue to uncover ideals that I hold. We are on holiday and only yesterday I was feeling uneasy because my belief system said we should go out and do something every day otherwise we are not making the most of our opportunity in another country. My body was clearly saying it needed to rest. Luckily my body won and we had a relaxing day indoors but went out later for a walk.

    1. Debra fascinating that you have clearly identified a belief about what many people think they should be doing on holiday. Holidays themselves are often based on beliefs, a common one is the belief that we should work hard and then reward ourselves with a holiday. The holiday itself is then jam packed with beliefs e.g. the belief that we should drink more alcohol than usual, have more sex with strangers than we usually do, lie in the sun every day, take risks that we wouldn’t ordinarily take…………

  28. This has been a year of looking at all the beliefs I have been holding onto that have me thinking less of myself, and they are varied in variety as they are in quantity. One I clocked recently that went like this ‘I am no good at maths’ or ‘I can’t do maths’, when actually this is not true at all. As I re-descover the world of math it has become clear to me that I can enjoy it, I can do it (just have to find the way I understand it), and the beliefs I held about being stupid are all lies, it’s purely that the pictures I chose to hold onto were holding me back in so many areas of my life. What is also becoming clearer are the opportunities in life that I have let slip by because I held a belief that I could not do math.

    1. Julie what you have touched on here is absolutely huge. If we consider for even the briefest of moments the impact of all of the almost throw away comments by teachers or parents to children about either something that they couldn’t do or the fact that they are stupid or have wonky teeth etc. Comments that that child has then dragged through life like a ball and chain, never doubting it’s validity but allowing that one comment to taint everything that they then do, say and believe. It’s actually pretty devastating if you consider what a different world we would live in if people weren’t shackled by beliefs.

      1. I totally agree with you Alexis, it is devastating to think that every single person is walking around with numerous beliefs that they are no good at something, or whatever the belief is, and all the time holding themselves back on the basis of these false beliefs. The sad part is that there is absolutely no realisation how retarding these beliefs are, let alone that they can be challenged – they just add to the giving up of oneself pile.

  29. A belief is something that we don’t know in our body as true – and although some beliefs will not ever be true. others, once lived in the body, can be true.

  30. Re reading your blog Alexis I feel how many of the beliefs I had about myself and about life were there to stay in control, a control I can feel in my whole body, to avoid the natural flow in life and stay stuck instead of saying, ‘what’s next, let’s get on with living the truth of being and evolve to the next level.’

  31. Beliefs exist due to the pictures we take in around how life should be… the pictures get in when we don’t claim who we are in full and live it. A simple equation that occurs regardless of our choice to be aware of it and one only we can undo. Responsibility for what we each live every moment of the day is ours alone.

  32. This certainly changes how we live, if how we live dictates our thoughts. As the article is saying we believe currently that how we think dictates our lives but where does the thought first come from? and do we check in on the quality of the thought or do we just follow it because after all it’s ‘our’ thought. Something was reinforced in this article for me and that is how we move, our quality dictates our quality of thought. I have seen this in action and have heard this and now it’s time to return to it again with a true deeper quality. Beliefs are waiting for us to pick them up at every turn and the only way to see them is to take regard of how you move.

  33. These beliefs and pictures can control who we are, how we are, etcetera as you point out in this blog, pretty scary if we allow them to run our lives, we become like a puppet. Our movements are alive and can assist in allowing us to be true to ourselves.

    1. Lorraine I feel that you have really hit on something there. Our movements certainly can be ‘alive’ and that is the key because when they are dead and repetitive it’s a sure sign that they’re not ours.

  34. What a revelatory key we have been provided thanks to the teachings presented by Universal Medicine – that the quality of our movements will dictate the quality of our thoughts, actions and every expression thereafter. Thank God we have been directed back to the wisdom and true knowing of our own body which lives our way and movements every moment.

  35. We have negated our body at our (and humanities) great expense. It is time to return to the body and to heed its infinite living wisdom and to honour the purpose of true quality and true expression.

  36. And whilst we fight it and at times abhorrently resist and detest it our body is the only navigator we have through the fog of these absurd and deeply harm-full beliefs. Loving ourselves is the only way back to truth.

  37. Beliefs are surrounded by images and or identities that we ourselves have not felt first true in our bodies showing the shaky ground they stand on, whereas a truth is lived, experienced and felt from the body and then expressed from our movements allowing us to feel the clarity and tangible difference between the two characteristics.

  38. What we believe is true is not necessarily true until such a time that it can be lived as the truth with no belief in the way.

  39. Beliefs, ideals and pictures are a form of control that hold us back from being our true self, and so hold back the love we are.

  40. This is a really great blog Alexis, you share many truths, these beliefs have such a huge impact on our lives, they ‘influence the way that we move, the way that we think, the way that we talk, what we do, the way that we do what we do, the relationships that we have, etc ‘ really quite sinister. ‘The beliefs that we hold are influencing our lives moment by moment, and like a puppeteer pulling on invisible strings we are moved and positioned around the chessboard of life, falsely ‘believing’ that we are moving ourselves when in truth we are being moved by our beliefs, our minds coerced into thinking and our mouths manipulated to say certain things. ‘Wow, these beliefs can have such a hold on us if we allow them to… or our connection with our body can help us discern what is true.

  41. “Putting yourself first is the best way to care for others”- this particular truth can take a while to integrate because it was so ingrained in us to put others first. However once we do it our life changes enormously and for the better, for example, we are no longer exhausted from putting others first.

  42. Beliefs are hugely limiting yet they hook us into to thinking they serve us in some way. They can be motivational or seem supportive, good, nice or right. But truth comes first and when it comes to truth there are no beliefs.

  43. Believing we are only human and that this is our only life is the foundation from where all our beliefs stem. If we were taught from young that we are in fact multidimensional and are here on earth to expand our awareness I feel the beliefs systems that many of us live by would pale into insignificance.

  44. ‘Being good is an illusion – just be yourself.’ This has really stood out for me today and it’s because I’ve been held for so long by the belief that just being myself is not enough. I can remember feeling lovely as a child and not understanding why many of those around me were just plain miserable. I wanted them to be joyful too but I came to the conclusion I was invisible and wasn’t enough because they didn’t seem to acknowledge their or my loveliness. So I started doing things like being helpful or being angry or being awkward and that’s when I seemed to get attention so I carried on. But I was missing out on my loveliness and I withheld it from the world as I was angry a lot. I hadn’t seen that they didn’t want to not be miserable and the many reasons they kept on choosing it. I was never not enough.

  45. There are people in the world who are willing to walk a different path, and having met them throughout my life I can see there is a common thread that they are willing to listen to an inner truth.

  46. Beliefs confine, control, and limit who we are in truth, great to have them exposed in this blog, ‘My beliefs prevented me from feeling the truth. They stood like silent guards blocking the way to the truth that lay patiently in my body, ever ready to be revealed.’

  47. ‘How strong must the hold be when something is so obviously not working yet we still keep following in the same rigid tracks?’ Very strong Alexis, as your whole blog shows us.
    I remember doing yoga for years with pushing myself to get the ‘asana’s’ perfect and stretched my body to the point that I had headache or migraine the morning after the yoga classes. The conclusion was my body was clearing, detoxing and how fabulous this was but in truth it was my body saying how I frustrated myself time after time in doing my best in being perfect and how the ‘asana’s (positions) were not true and affecting me in my movements during the day.

  48. I agree Alexis holding onto beliefs governs our whole way of living that we do not realise we have reconfigured our natural way of being to an image or ideal that stops us from connecting to and unfolding the truth of who we innately are within our essence.

  49. Thank you for sharing Alexis ” to reminding those of us who have forgotten that we too are equal parts of the One God.” this is very beautiful and a great reminder that we all come from the same source no matter what we believe.

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