Beliefs V Truths

Recently I have been pondering a lot on the subject of beliefs. I have come to the startling realisation that for most of my life I have held beliefs in most categories of life, and that those beliefs have governed the way that I have lived.

I know that I have not recalled all of my beliefs because there are hundreds of them, many are obvious but many are very subtle and more hidden: they have all influenced my life in some way.

Here is a tiny snippet of some of the beliefs that I have held:

  • The more you do as a woman the stronger you are.
  • Putting others before yourself is a positive thing.
  • Being ‘nice’ is good.
  • Being ‘good’ is good.
  • Exercise is more effective if you go as hard as you can.
  • Doing yoga postures leads to enlightenment.
  • The more fruit and veg that you eat the better.
  • Everyone should eat 3 meals a day and protein in at least 2 of them.
  • Evolution is like a ladder, you climb up it as you evolve.

The list is endless…

Even though there are many things on my list that may not be shared by others, what I have come to realise is that we are all walking around with our own set of beliefs. These beliefs influence the way that we move, the way that we think, the way that we talk, what we do, the way that we do what we do, the relationships that we have, the relationships that we don’t have, the jobs that we do, and the jobs that we don’t do etc…

The beliefs that we hold are influencing our lives moment by moment, and like a puppeteer pulling on invisible strings we are moved and positioned around the chessboard of life, falsely ‘believing’ that we are moving ourselves when in truth we are being moved by our beliefs, our minds coerced into thinking and our mouths manipulated to say certain things.

And as sinister as it may sound I have come to wonder if it is us that holds our beliefs or is it our beliefs that hold us?

When I first attended Universal Medicine I heard Serge Benhayon present the fact that the thoughts we pull in are governed by the way that we move. Without imposing at all, he presented that although people generally believe that they are free thinking individuals, science is now waking up to the fact that we pull in thoughts from one of two energetic sources and that the source that we pull thoughts in from is pre-determined by the way that we move. Serge added that the type of thought that we pull in then ensures that we move in a certain way, which guarantees that we will then get a similar thought that will then guarantee the same quality of movement, and so it continues….

So here we all are, living our lives under the illusion that we are deciding what happens to us in life when all along we are moving around our lives as freely as a train on a train track!

This, for me, makes sense when I look back on the mad rush that I did everything in. Because of my belief that the more that I got done the stronger I was, I packed my days full of ‘doing’, which caused me to rush frantically through everything in order to pack even more in. The way that I hurled myself through life ensured that I continued to pull in the thought that the more I did, the stronger I was and so the cycle just kept repeating.

Similarly with my belief that hard, punishing exercise was good for me, kept me exercising in this way even when my body was in a lot of pain. I clung to the belief or rather the belief clung to me and I continued to exercise even when my body was screaming for me to stop. How strong must the hold be when something is so obviously not working yet we still keep following in the same rigid tracks? Imagine for a moment a world full of people all following their own pre governed tracks, unable to deviate because the very movements that they repeat, feed them the beliefs that keep them in those well-worn tracks.

What on earth is going on?

How much choice did I really have? If my thoughts were dictating my every move and my every move was dictating my thoughts then what was I choosing? I always thought that I was a free thinking, open minded, spiritually aware, loving, funky kind of a girl but now I understand that I was a puppet and that the so called qualities that I thought I had were interchangeable traits that could be changed as easily as the clothes on a doll.

So where do these beliefs come from?

They come from many, many places. Our parents of course, family members, teachers, books, films, influential friends, historical figures, the newspaper, TV, radio, organisations, in fact it feels like the air is thick with beliefs. For most of us, many of our beliefs are passed on by our parents.

What parent can say that they have not passed on a single belief to their kids? Here are a few examples:

  • It’s good to play sport
  • It’s good to play an instrument
  • It’s good to be creative
  • It’s good to try as hard as you can
  • It’s crucial to get high marks
  • It’s important to have manners
  • Being good gets you recognised
  • Cross country running builds character
  • Boarding school will be good for you
  • Going to University is essential to get on in life

In many countries in the world, parents have also passed on their beliefs that certain nationalities are bad, that certain pieces of land need to be fought for and that revenge is all that matters.

Are we therefore guaranteeing that the world stays a certain way by passing on our beliefs to our children?

What would the world be like if we allowed our children to grow up free of beliefs? Over the last 4 years my beliefs have started to crumble. I am at a point now where I am naturally suspicious of any remaining beliefs that I have. What I have come to realise is that:

My beliefs prevented me from feeling the truth. They stood like silent guards blocking the way to the truth that lay patiently in my body, ever ready to be revealed.

Looking back I realise now that my body continually showed me the truth of every situation. It was my beliefs that came from my mind that overrode the messages from my body.

The pain in my body was telling me very clearly that the way I was exercising was not good. My bloated stomach told me that eating copious amounts of vegetables was not what my body wanted. My exhaustion was a clear indicator that cramming so much into my day was not making me stronger but my beliefs around these things denied me access to the truth.

One of the divine functions of the body is to consistently show us the truth with no attachment as to whether or not we listen.

To me beliefs seem to originate from the mind and feel:

  • Limiting
  • Hard
  • Binding
  • Immoveable
  • Stubborn
  • Blinding
  • Rigid
  • Historical
  • Suffocating
  • Confining
  • Dead
  • A trap
  • Individual

A truth comes from the body and feels very different:

  • Expansive
  • Freeing
  • Limitless
  • Alive
  • Known
  • Joyous
  • Universal

Some truths that have come from my body are:

  • Strength as a woman comes from her fragility.
  • Putting yourself first is the best way to care for others.
  • Being ‘nice’ is not a true way of being.
  • Being good is an illusion – just be yourself.
  • Exercise is important and is best done in a way that honours the whole body.
  • It’s best to listen to the body when exercising and to adjust according to what you feel.
  • There is not an ounce of ‘doing’ in evolution, evolution is the state of our being.
  • There are no ‘shoulds’ when it comes to what to eat.
  • Eat what and when the body genuinely guides you to eat.
  • Evolution is not an up it is a back towards. It is a U-turn.

When life is governed by beliefs, it feels confined and limited but when life is impulsed by truth then it feels spacious and limitless.

I am eternally grateful to Serge Benhayon, the Benhayon Family, the Student Body and every single aspect of God that has ever dedicated itself to reminding those of us who have forgotten that we too are equal parts of the One God.

By Alexis Stewart, Care worker with the intellectually disabled, Yoga Teacher, Mum, Student of the Livingness. Sydney Australia

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1,441 thoughts on “Beliefs V Truths

  1. Alexis what was presented at the workshops you attended was earth shattering!
    “When I first attended Universal Medicine I heard Serge Benhayon present the fact that the thoughts we pull in are governed by the way that we move. Without imposing at all, he presented that although people generally believe that they are free thinking individuals, science is now waking up to the fact that we pull in thoughts from one of two energetic sources and that the source that we pull thoughts in from is pre-determined by the way that we move. Serge added that the type of thought that we pull in then ensures that we move in a certain way, which guarantees that we will then get a similar thought that will then guarantee the same quality of movement, and so it continues…”
    If we were to have a complete understanding of the science of this, would we have ill mental Health?

    1. Mary ‘if we were to have a complete understanding of the science of this’ not only would it change our understanding of ill mental health but it would change our understanding of life as we know it.

      1. Alexis I agree with you, because by attending the workshops and presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I have completely changed my ill mental health conditions. By applying the science I am leading a very simple but gorgeous life, one that I never thought was possible 15 years ago.
        25 years of psychotherapy did not change anything; the underlying cause was still there. The workshops and presentations of Serge Benhayon got to the core issue and by exposing the core I was able to make the changes so that today I live a very full and beautiful life. There are thousands like me with a similar tale to tell that speaks volumes about Universal Medicine and everything Serge Benhayon presents.
        Ill mental health is becoming such a huge topic of conversation as so many people are experiencing this condition exacerbated by the current world lock down and isolation that people have been forced into. Serge Benhayon has the answers to mental health and many other current world conditions if we are willing to pay attention.

      2. Serge Benhayon actually has the answer to every single problem that we’re currently facing and indeed that we have ever faced because he is able to see and understand the world using a source of energy that is impulsed by truth whereas most people are trying to work things out using the exact same energy that created the problem in the first place, which is about as useful as trying to clean a dirty wall with a muddy sponge.

  2. There is a massive difference between beliefs and truths. The former leaves us restricted but also imposing onto others, whilst the latter is just allowing of space for the other to ponder over.

    Beliefs are more harming than we realise and I had so many and now when I hear it coming from my family in particularly, my body can tell that they are not real, they are make beliefs.

    When truth is delivered, there isn’t an ounce of imposition, expectations, it is delivered and often completed, there is no need to carry on and on, we have moved onto other things too. I much prefer life living from truth any day, than working, living, breathing in a system of beliefs…

  3. Alexis there’s a lot to ponder over this sharing. Many of the beliefs you have listed resonated with me. The exercising, the foods we eat etc, and I realised the harm it was doing to my body too. It was a no wonder I was experiencing exhaustion, frequent illnesses etc. it certainly screamed at me.

    Those beliefs that are passed on from generations to generations are harming, and yet deep down within, the truth is still there, gently knocking to say that this isn’t it, there is another way.

    When we allow the truths to come through, our bodies respond so much differently, and if anything, it is amazing what it’s capable of doing, without going into the doing as such.

    There is a different way to live, from the past of continually doing to our bodies, to being in our bodies.

    1. As we become exposed more and more to beliefs, we discover the subtle ones too that have been ruling and running our lives too. We become more and more sensitive to them. The first step is to accept that we have been lied to, from the day we were birthed…

      1. Shushila you have just answered one of the questions I have been asking myself, I have these last few days come to a deeper understanding about Energy based on a recent presentation of Serge Benhayon I have been wondering why after 20 plus years of hearing Serge Benhayon present on energy have I come to this deeper awareness and it is because I have allowed myself to become more sensitive this has allowed the loosening of some of the bricks in the wall I have built around me as a false protection from the energy I have been pretending isn’t there when it’s in plain sight every moment of the day. We have been lied to on so many different levels of life that I can understand why we give up as human-beings and just accept and do as we are told, because it feels such a mammoth task to see through the lies and let them be. Maybe the answer is to put the sword down to not fight but to surrender because is it possible that in the surrender everything is given to us.

      2. The truth is that none of us have to ‘loosen the bricks’ we could all just tear the wall down in one go but because it’s us that are the liars then we’re more comfortable with the story that we’re working on our stuff gradually because it means that we’re not exposed as the culprits behind the grand set up known as ‘life’.

  4. This blog is a little like myth busters – an example is the myth (or the ideal and belief) of ‘no pain no gain’….this is still something so many prescribe to and yet time and time again we have been shown it is not true. Why then do we hold on to things that serve us not? Perhaps out of habit, perhaps out of comfort, or perhaps because we are not ready to see a different way of living and being? Either way the opportunities to explore and expose all the myths (or ideals and beliefs) that we carry, abound, but it is about us being ready to embrace the truth in our own time.

    1. or perhaps because the the range of options that are being fed to us don’t include the option of examining the validity of our beliefs. I know from my own experience that being given the option of being able to examine the beliefs that I hold has come about as a result of gradually, over time making different choices about how I move my body, the thoughts that I choose to entertain and the quality and content of my speech.

    2. the more life times we are not ready to see the truth the harder it is to get back to the truth as the body is so bound by the lies it willingly accepts to have a non confrontational comfortable life. No one can force you to do anything but what we haven’t taken into consideration is the pay back that the astral energy wants in order for us to have a comfortable life. Most of the time we don’t read the small print of these deals we commit to until it’s too late.

      1. ‘The more life times we are not ready to see the truth the harder it is to get back to the truth as the body is so bound by the lies it willingly accepts to have a non confrontational comfortable life’, Mary is that a truth or a myth?

  5. Thank you Alexis, ideals and beliefs certainly abound…and I love the practical lists that you have offered here for us all to ponder on and feel what areas in our life are governed by such ideals and beliefs.

  6. To me the beliefs we carry in our body cap us from actually being all that we are. To me they feel like wearing a straight-jacket. We start accepting them from young and they build up to completely distort who we are.

    1. I agree Mary, quite simply beliefs are energetic lies and so when we hold them in our bodies then we have the activity of deceit in our bodies which interferes with the energetic truth of who we all are. How can we feel the truth of who we are when we’re chockers with who we are not?

  7. “Imagine for a moment a world full of people all following their own pre governed tracks, unable to deviate because the very movements that they repeat, feed them the beliefs that keep them in those well-worn tracks.” This sentence is a horror movie! We would hate to consider we don’t have a choice because we often have so much more choice than others. In truth, the comparison stops us from seeing how little choice we actually have when we don’t question our beliefs and what moves us!

    1. Exactly Lucy and it is us who think that we’re free to choose what we’re going to eat for dinner, what film we’re going to see, what country we’re going to go to on holiday, what TV program we’re going to watch etc that feel like we have the most freedom but that’s all part of the illusion; purposefully set up to give us the impression that we’re ‘lucky, free and privileged’, when really we’re none of those things. We are puppets whose arms and legs are being moved by the pranic puppeteer, our speech is pre-governed and our thoughts are given to us from a specific bandwidth. Yes Lucy I agree, it is very much like a horror movie.

      1. Totally agree, and most people are unaware of this, ‘We are puppets whose arms and legs are being moved by the pranic puppeteer, our speech is pre-governed and our thoughts are given to us from a specific bandwidth.’

  8. Absolutely Alexis, as we deepen our understanding of who we are we learn that appreciation is nothing more than to live in the wisdom of who we are, and that is living in a way that shares we are more than this physical vessel as we are sons of God.

  9. This is another great sharing and a conversation starter about the ideals and beliefs we all carry most of them are buried deep in our bodies and are an automatic go to when we find life stressful we call on these beliefs and ideals to support us but do they actually support us or do they stop us from truly understanding ourselves and what we are here on this plane of life to do.

    1. The ridiculous thing is Mary that so many of life’s stresses are a direct result of our ideals and beliefs, So for us to go to them when life becomes stressful actually ensures that life remains stressful.

  10. The beliefs we have I can feel have been there from childhood, a heaviness of trying to please our parents or attempting to fit in, pushing and draining the body whereas the truths felt in the body are always supportive, releasing and freeing it from the beliefs.

    1. Beliefs weigh the body down and make it lumber. By discarding beliefs we lighten the body up which allows it to be able to skip again. It’s impossible to skip when we’re weighed down by beliefs.

  11. I am currently waiting to have a medical procedure and I am very clear that here I am because I have refused to listen to my body and accept the depth of awareness within me for a long time, perhaps life times. And in a way it is blessing that the issue has made me stop and reflect. The thing is that a few years ago I would have even ignored this and pushed myself to return to the same rail-tracks I have been moving on. But thank goodness for Serge Benhayon and conversations such as this that I know far better now.

    1. What Serge knows and presents through the Ageless Wisdom is what we should all be taught from the day we are born. The Ageless wisdom is presented in such a way that it is left up to the individual whether they take the presentations on board or not and then if it is accepted, what we do with the teachings is again up to the individual. I know this as a fact because I have been listening to the presentations of Serge Benhayon for many years and it is only these last few days that I have allowed myself to touch the surface of one of his fundamental teachings on the science of energy.

  12. I’ve never thought of our beliefs preventing us from seeing the truth but it makes sense how our views of life are coloured by our beliefs and then we are less likely to question anything. We often find like-minded people who fit in with our beliefs which then confirms the way we live is the only way, and the illusion continues.

      1. But what is quite sinister is that there are many people that believe that they are free to question when all along they’re not. The pranic consciousness is very happy to give people the impression (feed them the belief) that they are a free thinking individual and maybe even a radical thinker but what it won’t do is give them access to the thought that maybe they’ve been set up and that all of their thoughts are doctored in such a way that they won’t ever realise the fact that it is their movements that have lead to the lie that they’re being fed of having the freedom and capacity to think for themselves. It’s such a cunning ploy, it really is.

      2. It is a very cunning and evil ploy. People say what is happening to the Muslims in China when they are taken away to ‘re-education schools’ and held until their beliefs are those of the Chinese authority is evil, and it is, equally, many people in our world are totally unaware of how much we are not free to think.

  13. This is super interesting and makes me realise how important our movements are. Moving gently and lovingly allows us to be open and loving, if I move in a hard, stressed way I have noticed that my thoughts are judgemental, harsh and not loving – this is great to observe.

    1. The only way out of the colossal mess we’re in is to move our way out, there’s no other way. And by ‘moving our way out’, I don’t mean deciding to simply up and go, I mean we have to change all and every movement we make (limbs, speech and thoughts), so that they all come into line with God. Again.

  14. What a great question; ‘And as sinister as it may sound I have come to wonder if it is us that holds our beliefs or is it our beliefs that hold us?’ Reading this it makes sense that we are held by our beliefs and that this often stops us living our truth and being who we truly are.

      1. My understanding Alex is that even our beliefs are not ours they are given to us by the astral plane. This goes back to we think, we think, when in actual fact all our thoughts are given to us again by the astral plane. It may take humanity a while to understand that we are moved like pieces on a chess board. To me it is such a relief to know my thoughts are not mine but are given to me because I am moving in a set pattern that allows those thoughts to enter my body. Change the movement and our thoughts change.

      2. Mary the truth is no thought, no speech and no movement is ours because there is no ‘us’ to generate any of these things. We are empty vessels propped up and propelled by energy. If you’ve ever see anyone pass over then you’ll agree with what the energy that is coming through me is saying.

  15. We are born into a world governed by a huge plethora of beliefs, and as they permeate every part of our existence, starting with our family’s beliefs, we simply come to believe they actually represent the truth of life, whereas in fact, there is no truth in them at all. A belief is simply something passed on down from one person to another, one generation to another, without any questioning, but usually fiercely guarded as being how life is if by some chance someone decides to challenge them. I can see now that beliefs keep us ‘confined’ in a way of living that doesn’t allow us to grow into the natural amazing beings we are, whereas the truth offers us the space to be all that we are, and live it to the fullest.

  16. Alexis I agree with you when you say
    “I have come to the startling realisation that for most of my life I have held beliefs in most categories of life, and that those beliefs have governed the way that I have lived.”
    We are fed ideals and beliefs from day dot and we soak them up like a sponge from parents, family, friends, school, workplace, everywhere. To me it’s like they are a scaffold around our hips that keep us up right and as we walk from our hips they are compounded into our bodies every time we walk.

  17. Beliefs hold us, and it is not even that we generate those beliefs, we adopt them consciously or unconsciously from outside us. And they block us to be ourselves, something we only realise once we let them go.

  18. A belief has to be created externally before it can be adopted, whereas truth lives already deep within us and only needs reconnecting to.

    1. How simple is that?! We may choose to equip ourselves for the work we need to do, but to consider it makes us better means it simply owns and drains us because we stop questioning.

      1. Nothing outside of us can ever make us truly ‘better’ because the intelligence of God comes through us. Even ‘temporal knowledge’ about how to do something or go about something can be gleaned from within because what does the intelligence of God not know how to do? He’s a dab hand at DIY, maths, banking and relationships. Sure there are things that are helpful to learn outside of us but most of the time we cut out the real vibrancy of information by learning by rote from outside of us.

    2. This is Gold Liane, for truth does live deep withiin us and simply needs to be connected to, felt and then expressed.

  19. The whole world is built upon false beliefs and ideals. It is our responsibility to see through them and start to live from a true foundation and build upon the love that we naturally are.

  20. I took on a belief many years ago that if I stopped eating meat, I would become more enlightened. All I became was more tired and almost iron deficient. This is not to say that choosing not to eat meat is a bad thing, but it was not correct for me at that time. When we base our decisions in life on a belief rather than listening to our bodies our bodies will communicate this back to us very loudly. I still eat meat, but I have changed other aspects of what I eat, but the difference now is that I check in with my body and I am more honest with what I feel. I have noticed a huge difference in this approach for me.

    1. I wandered down that very same path Jennifer, and I too didn’t find the wonderful health I had believed I would. Like you my health actually suffered, as well as putting on a whole lot of weight, probably from eating more of other things to make up for what I didn’t realise my body was missing. And these days, also like you, I listen more intently to what my body is saying it wants and as a result my health has improved immeasurably.

  21. Beliefs encapsulate us into what I call the ‘straight jacket’ of life, once this is worn it is quite difficult to take off as many of us do not realise just how many ideals and beliefs we have absorbed from others and now believe them to be our own coupled with the ones we come back with from previous lives, that is quite a lot to contend/ cope with.

  22. I loved reading about your u-turn Alexis and your movement from beliefs back to truth. There are quite a pile to shed- testament to how much we need to try to deny this truth- which in the end we take everywhere with us in our bodies, as it patiently waits for us to allow ourselves to feel.

  23. Alexis thank you for such a powerful article exposing the true harm of beliefs, they reduce us and limit us in many ways. How freeing it is to let go of any beliefs or pictures that imprision us and to live and express who we truly are.

    1. Beliefs do harm and imprison us, it is so freeing to let them go, ‘These beliefs influence the way that we move, the way that we think, the way that we talk, what we do, the way that we do what we do, the relationships that we have, the relationships that we don’t have, the jobs that we do, and the jobs that we don’t do etc…’

  24. There certainly are a lot of beliefs flying around and they are easy traps for us to fall into. But it’s also a call for us to discern what is just a followed behavior vs what is true.

    1. and that’s the tricky part. When we’re fueled by a belief, we are fueled by what’s not true and when we’re up to our eyeballs in what’s not true, it’s almost impossible to be able to discern what’s true and what’s not.

      1. I totally agree with you Alexis, it’s only when you meet someone or hear someone talk in such a way that they are free of any ideals and beliefs they can expose the lies we are all living. That someone is Serge Benhayon and he is able to call out the ideals and beliefs that we are born into and expose them in a non judgemental way so that we can feel there is a choice to choose differently, whereas before the exposure we were not aware that there could be a different choice to make as when you are in the mud all you see is mud.

      2. The trouble is Mary that we’re all in the mud, surrounded by mud, eating mud, drinking mud and breathing the stuff in but none of us recognise that it’s mud, we all think it’s ‘life’.

  25. “Are we therefore guaranteeing that the world stays a certain way by passing on our beliefs to our children?” Very true I feel it does. And if children question a belief they are either not listened to or told that that is the way it is and have to accept it. The more we question our own beliefs the less likely we are to impose them onto our children.

  26. Where do beliefs come from? Great question.
    Not from God thats for sure 🙂 so why to take them serious?

  27. Serge Benhayon has presented that their is only one truth in any situation. This cleared much of my confusion when I look at human history and nothing makes sense. I could see how our natural world worked. It relies on basic truths that do not change.That feels right. So when I looked at human history and saw that it did not make sense, I realized it is because humans have the ability to create their own truths that suit them. It helped me understand that human history does not make sense because choices were made that did not come from truth!

  28. If you bring focus to just one part of your life, and then explore the beliefs you hold around that, you will be amazed at how many you have and what a hold they have on you. It is a worthwhile exercise.

  29. Truth requires no belief in order to be known, just a simple, solid Livingness that reveals its abundant beauty.

  30. ‘…or rather the belief clung to me…’ this is really powerful and I have the image of beliefs (lies) clinging to us until such time as we wake up to the imposters and move in a way that means they have to release their grip (or more accurately have nothing to grip onto).

  31. The crazy thing about beliefs is that we are taking them on from those around us from young, bringing them into our lives and living them without any questioning. Children are amazing sponges when it comes to taking on beliefs as they have an implicit trust in their elders and, in the main, believe what they are being told and from what they observe going on around them and if by chance they begin to question they are often told ‘this is the way we’ve always done it and that’s that’!

    1. I remember coming up against that brick wall Ingrid, where it was impossible to question an adult. As a child you are expected to accept what they say with out question even when you know they are lying through their teeth but do not want to be exposed in the lie. The worst part was expecting a child to tell the truth but not telling the truth themselves, it leaves a child in a state of complexity and nervous tension because if you cannot trust an adult who can you trust.

      1. The trouble is even the adults that believe they’re telling the truth are lying because basically the entire world is built on lies but the lies run so deep and so extensively that none of us are consciously aware of them and so hardly anyone’s calling them out. Serge Benhayon is one of the few people that consistently call them out.

  32. It is amazing quite how many ideals and beliefs we run with without even thinking about them. Say someone walks past you and is abrupt or ignores you and you take it personally because of having the belief everyone should be open and friendly, but what if they are going through something and did not see you or are too distracted with what they are doing or simply do not have enough time to stop? So it actually has nothing to do with you yet we can so often take it personally.

  33. Serge Benhayon has presented and taught that movement is what gets us out of that train track of beliefs, breathing gently as a start of derailing ourselves and from there moving gently that is more in line with the bodies truth than the hard, rigid and set ways of the minds beliefs.

    1. That is a great point Leigh so often I have thought I can think myself out of a situation for nothing to change. It has been only when I have changed my movements and the way I am doing things that I have felt a shift and things have actually started to change.

  34. A huge belief, one that perhaps lays like a dark shadow over us all, is the thinking that we are alone on this planet, that we are the only ones here, spinning endlessly with no purpose other than to get through the day. When in fact, there is a multidimensional aspect to life that cannot be denied, and in fact when it is embraced, there are no beliefs – just a simple knowing that who you are is the purpose for living.

    1. That is a huge belief Shami and one which divides us so much, just like thinking what we do behind closed doors does not affect anyone else. The more we see that everything we do matters and effects everything and everyone else the more we will see the responsibility we carry in each and every moment to be the love we are.

  35. “When life is governed by beliefs, it feels confined and limited but when life is impulsed by truth then it feels spacious and limitless” – this is so well captured. Looking back on my own life, I can see how I kept swapping my set of beliefs thinking each time that that is the truth, and what I am getting to realise is how whole-encompassing truth is and it does not come in a set.

  36. I think in general there’s a great lack of value put on being in connection with or aware of our body and listening to what it is feeding back to us (24/7) in response to our choices or the way that we’re doing things as having that connection helps us to see through beliefs or ideals we may be holding onto or can see in the world around us rather than taking them on as a goal or ‘truth’.

  37. “Are we therefore guaranteeing that the world stays a certain way by passing on our beliefs to our children?”

    Great point raised amongst many here Alexis. It certainly does keep us on those train tracks for generations.

  38. Alexis this is a great conversation to be having with each other as I don’t believe we really appreciate just how much these beliefs influence our lives mostly in a negative way. And if we were to look deeper these beliefs we have come with an energy and it is this negative energy that runs our bodies. So I agree with you when you say we are like puppets and it is the energy that pulls the strings not us.

    1. Beliefs stop us from being who we really are and they are, by their very nature, an imposition on ourselves, on our expression and all movements.

  39. Just take one belief – only one – such as, going to university is essential in life and that can shape your whole life, your school days, your career, the direction your life goes in – your life could end up in a totally different place just from one belief. I definitely don’t claim to be free of beliefs but I have at moments experiences what it feels like to just live with no expectations, it’s a bit like life is a fresh blank piece of paper and rather than feeling like the future is already written you feel like anything is possible.

    1. What you share Meg is very true, one single belief can shape our entire life and in doing so can drastically limit the possibilities that we will get presented with. Therefore, as you share, to live without preset beliefs, opens life up exponentially.

      1. Yeh spot on, I guess the difference is living life as if every day is fresh and brand new, or living life with today being loaded from tomorrow and yesterday.

      2. It’s a tricky one because ‘living life as if every day is fresh and brand new’ can be a belief and living life with an awareness of yesterday and tomorrow can be living life from truth.

      3. Yeah I see what you mean, but I do feel that everyone deserves to start every day as fresh, in that we do not need to be defined or judged for what we did yesterday, but if this is not approached with an actual openness to see our mistakes and to learn from them and move on then beginning every day with a fresh slate could simply be an ideal and not an actual reality.

    2. I agree and the more we live everyday like a brand new fresh piece of paper the more we get to see and learn from everything that is before us rather than tainting it with past hurts or beliefs from the past. So often we can get caught up so much in the past and our mistakes that we do not see the beauty and what is on offer right in front of our very eyes. After all nothing is ever taken away and we are always given opportunities non-stop to be the love we are and so it is only when we choose to delay that we get caught up and for me this usually stems from ideals and beliefs – whether it be wanting things to be a certain way or thinking I am not good enough etc.. essentially making me feel I am less than the love I am. For love has no limits and so what is on offer is far greater than we can humanely think is possible.

      1. Each day we get to start a fresh, every interaction every step the more we see it as something new the more we can fully embrace the love that is on offer. Lace it or anythign we past hurts, pictures or ideals and we are limiting what we are seeing and limiting the access to the love we all are.

  40. I observe that the lists of all ideals and beliefs are like ticking boxes that we fit ourselves into and feel like an imposition from outside, but that the list of truths have a space and looseness about them and are about coming back to the very centre of our being to feel and know how our bodies respond to outside influences. Here, in this place, we have the choice.

  41. Thank you Alexis, this is a really comprehensive look at beliefs, and what a great line here “When life is governed by beliefs, it feels confined and limited but when life is impulsed by truth then it feels spacious and limitless.” Based on this I can still see there are many areas in my life where beliefs must be dominating because of the confined restrictive feeling it gives me, what a great way to uncover that which has been hidden but still imposes its falseness.

  42. A beautiful blog and sharing exposing the truth about beliefs and the joy and amazingness of truth that is life changing when seen for what is really going on gets rid of right and wrong and allows the love in our lives and the world.

  43. Im sure many of us have examples simiar to yours Alexis where we have been told something that another believes is true, but which does not feel true to us. The more we learn to coonect to and then listen to our bodies, the easier it becomes to know what is true and what is not simply by listening to how our body feels.

  44. A most beautiful blog Alexis, thank you, you so well describe how we are puppets that move according to the beliefs they have subscribed to all the while believing we are our own master. It is so crucial that we break through this way of living and recognise that there is so much more to life than we allow ourselves to see.

    1. Esther I now know we are like puppets. We are born into a way of life that does not resemble who and what we are, as we grow up we believe we are our own masters of life. Surely this has to be one of the biggest lies of all. What Serge Benhayon has done is to walk and talk in such a way that it has allowed humanity as a whole to stop and reconsider. Are we really the master or are we being led by the nose?

  45. The train on the track is a powerful image and one that reminds me how limiting it is to be goal oriented. When we have a picture about the finish line we limit ourselves. Why travel on a track when the universe is a part of you.

    1. Well said Leonne and what your comment has supported me to see is that the ‘universe is indeed a part of us’ as we are equally a part of the universe but that our ability to feel the grandness of this immutable fact is totally squandered by having our eyes ‘on the horizon’. As long as we are doggedly tracking our way towards an image, a goal, a belief, an outcome, a need, an expectation, a hope, a desire etc then we completely miss the immediacy of the Universe in all her magnificent glory and therein lies the trap, keep humanities eyes on what’s ‘ahead’ of them and get them to miss the fact that they are actually everything already.

      1. Yes, we constantly distract ourselves with things that need to be done, things we want to do, by wanting off time etc. and all the while we are missing out on the beauty that surrounds us and lives within us. It is like we are living on half throttle, if at all, giving our power away to a way of living that is far away from the grandness that we are.

      2. Great point – it’s like we have tunnel vision and we are completely focused at getting to a particular point, when the train tracks are going in the wrong direction!

    1. I agree, beliefs project something over the truth that is there for us to observe in life. Beliefs are a set of blinkers shadowing the otherwise clarity we could have. How complicated life feels with beliefs when we could instead live the simplicity and truth of experiencing life (including people and ourselves) exactly as it is.

      1. But by avoiding the responsibility that comes with truth, we incarcerate ourselves in the cycle of repetition. Truth is the key that sets us free.

  46. We can be pretty driven by our beliefs all too often at the expense of living what we know in our hearts is true.

      1. How loaded are our beliefs when they have been passed down from generation to generation as the way we do things?

  47. There are many ideals and beliefs carried within our body which we do not notice as we are used to walk them.
    It is to double shake your hips to let go all those evil concepts we carried around.
    When we free ourselves in our hips as women our sacredness get the space to be moved.

  48. To live in a world free of ideals and beliefs would be beautiful, we would be living and moving in alignment to our Soul and experiencing a depth and quality of love that would be exquisite.

    1. And we would be out of here before you know it …
      But what is interesting with this comment Anna, is that it does show us that on some level we do know the truth and how things would be without ideals and beliefs – it is all there for us when we are ready to embrace the truth. Thank you!

  49. Beliefs are tricky because we grow up with them and the whole world is made of them that they become pretty much a normal way of thinking – who questions eating 3 meals a day – until you start experimenting and see that there might be a different way of approaching food that leaves you feeling stronger or more alert. This is where our ability to question life is so important.

    1. Unfortunately our ability to question life is only an option that is presented to us when we move in a particular way. I say ‘unfortunate’ because when we are riddled with beliefs, this in itself sets up a particular way of moving that acts as a barrier to questioning beliefs. It’s kind of a gridlock really. Questioning beliefs only becomes an option that is presented to us as a result of slowly, slowly changing the way that we move our physical bodies, the content of our speech and the quality of our thoughts.

      1. True – to have a new perspective on life we need to refresh everything – our movements, our choices, our thoughts so we can see what is really imprisoning us.

  50. We can be riddled by beliefs in every moment but when we choose to expose the truth that lies behind them we are offered the gold that is so often masked with here say and ideals of ourselves and others.

  51. Imagine being contained and constructed by a straight jacket, then picture their being another on top of that, and another following this. Then you start to see the true effect beliefs and ideals have on our body. We think just because we can move our arms and legs we are free but we totally overlook the quality in which we move. To return to living from our heart free from these rigid beliefs is huge. Thank you Alexis for reminding me.

  52. Ideals and beliefs are woven into our very existence and govern how we will react to life as it happens. They are so insidious that often we do not realise we are being run by a belief and carry on believing we are right about something without questioning if there is a belief at play clouding us from the truth and evolution. One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is to question the things we automatically say is right which are usually there without question.

    1. True – we even champion our beliefs and celebrate them – but what good do they truly do us? I agree being able to question what we automatically assume is right is an amazing tool in life, it’s the beginning of exploring what’s really true.

      1. There is a hardness to being right, a non negotiable militancy that digs its heels in and refuses to see that there could possibly be another way.

      2. Absolutely – when we think we are right about something it’s like having tunnel vision and only seeing the tunnel when there is the whole world and the whole universe above and around it.

  53. ‘I have come to the startling realisation that for most of my life I have held beliefs in most categories of life, and that those beliefs have governed the way that I have lived.’ These beliefs are so insidious, we don’t notice how many we have and the depth and breadth they affect us in our life, and yes they can govern how we live. Noticing and clocking them seems to be an unending learning experience and it can be playful to clock them, feel our new awareness and then move on.

  54. How exposing is it to realize that what you “believed” in was anything but true, whilst at the same time throughout that process always thinking it was true. Yet how freeing is it when we are honest with the fact our truth was anything but the truth. Suddenly life makes sense again.

    1. The crazy thing is, we use beliefs to try and make sense of the world but it’s the very beliefs themselves that are distorting the truth and making life both complicated and confusing.

  55. What a great description of how we are manipulated by holding on to beliefs and belief systems, we are so easy to predict and control when we don’t claim the truth in our bodies. Exposing the lies that are held as truths frees us up for everything to change.

  56. As I read your blog Alexis I could really feel how much my beliefs move me like I am a puppet, complete with strings attached.

  57. ‘And as sinister as it may sound I have come to wonder if it is us that holds our beliefs or is it our bodies that hold us?’ An interesting question to ponder on. From experience and in having been aware of and let go of a number of beliefs, I can state that I took them on in reaction to hurts which then got cemented in my body triggering similar responses that were not true. Thus imprisoned by the beliefs I took on in my body, there they stayed until I honestly nominated them, why they were there so that I could let them go.

      1. If we were to dismantle the temporary scaffolding that is currently made up of ideals, pictures and beliefs, then there would be very little, if anything at all left of what we currently call ‘the world as we know it to be’.

      2. Very true Alexis, it is a scary thought yet also a very liberating one as it says we can and have to start again from scratch and not try to fit in with the world rather live the love and truth we know and the world then has to fit in with us.

      3. Structurally we would be starting from scratch but we as a race of beings wouldn’t be because we are already super intelligent and advanced, it’s just that we have dumbed ourselves down immeasurably and created a world that reflects our self-imposed diminished existence.

      4. I agree, we only have to look back at the Pyramids as an example of how far we as a race of beings have moved away from the all knowing Gods and multidimensional access that we can so easily have and did have.

  58. I remember the first time I heard Serge Benhayon present about thoughts not being from us. I found it very difficult to accept. I feel for most of us it is difficult to accept how far we live from truth.

    1. I felt the opposite When Serge Benhayon first presented that the thoughts that we have are not our thoughts but come from a pool of consciousness that we tap into. I felt such a relief because the thoughts I had been having were so dark and depressing, it was a relief to be able to say thank heavens they are not mine. I now understand that the way we move has everything to do with what thoughts will infiltrate into our bodies so that now if I have a negative thought I stop to check if I’m slouching, or rushing ahead of myself so that my mind is ahead of my body. When our mind is ahead of our bodies energetically it leaves a gap, I feel it’s the gap that lets the negative thoughts into our bodies.

      1. When our mind is with our body then there is no gap for unfavourable energy to rush into and then basically have it’s way with us, which is why Universal Medicine teaches the importance of ‘conscious presence’, which is basically having the mind with the body in whatever it is that we’re doing. Mind with body seals the gap.

  59. When life feels small, difficult, complicated and exhausting I know that I’m being run by beliefs. When I feel connected, expansive and inspired I am free to feel me.

  60. A belief has no true energy source of its own and thus needs constant energy to sustain it. That is, we need to pull it in from outside of us and then keep solidifying it/feeding it so that it sticks around. Whereas a truth lives and breathes within us and is the very substance we are born from.

    1. “a truth lives and breathes within us and is the very substance we are born from”, that description explains why we know truth, and how we can register both truth and lies in our body.

  61. Alexis I would say it is the beliefs that hold us in a way that it is very difficult I feel to break free of them because just as you break a belief another takes its place as we are riddled with them. These beliefs constrain us and hold us back from being and expressing who we truly are. I also feel from my own experience that these beliefs that I hold are not just from this life time but from past life’s too.

  62. Perhaps the greatest lie we live under is the belief of what we think to be ‘true’, over the absolute knowing of what is true that needs no belief to sustain it.

  63. Ideals of what our lives should look like and the beliefs that go with them are like the blinders put on a horse so that he can only look and move straight ahead and thus misses all the other perspectives that are there see all along and move with in truth, rather than staying in a rut that is created by the narrow belief that ‘this is the way it is or should be’.

  64. “My beliefs prevented me from feeling the truth” The particles of our body know truth but we can override the truth with beliefs that come into our mind.

  65. The fact that our body’s health and state of being so evidently show us the lie of beliefs and ideals and the fact that humanity is so ill and so sick in general shows the enormity of just how many lies and false beliefs there are out there.

    1. We as humanity have been so lost in lies and beliefs, that is is hard to come out off, due to the comfort and lack of responsibility.

      1. Well said Amita, it is hard initially to start to come out of the lies and beliefs that have had a stranglehold on us, however once we start to take responsibility for our choices then it gets easier and easier to recognise and call out the lies for what they are. And the more we take responsibility for our lives the more uncomfortable comfort begins to feel, until eventually we simply can’t bear the feeling of comfort in our bodies as we can feel how it shuts down our awareness.

    2. Ah but here’s the problem, humanity has constructed so many lies and beliefs around why we’re so sick and unwell that we have totally wriggled out of seeing the gift of truth that illness brings. How convenient is it to believe that it’s ‘the change in weather’ or ‘pollution’ that is responsible for our sickness rather than the choices that we’re making. We are absolute masters at creating more beliefs to continually keep covering up the truth.

  66. Beliefs keep us in a box that can be all but impossible to see out of. We think life within the box is good, right and simply the way it is without realising we’re in a tiny box in a grand grand world.

    1. Ah but we like the box because there is a certain degree of comfort and security on offer within the box for it affords us the corners in which to hide. You cannot hide upon a sphere, it requires complete transparency. Therefore, our box-like behaviours come from our desire to remain hidden and our fear of being truly seen.

      1. You sure can’t find a corner on a sphere. If we seek to hide then we’ll need to create a box on a sphere.

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