Beliefs V Truths

Recently I have been pondering a lot on the subject of beliefs. I have come to the startling realisation that for most of my life I have held beliefs in most categories of life, and that those beliefs have governed the way that I have lived.

I know that I have not recalled all of my beliefs because there are hundreds of them, many are obvious but many are very subtle and more hidden: they have all influenced my life in some way.

Here is a tiny snippet of some of the beliefs that I have held:

  • The more you do as a woman the stronger you are.
  • Putting others before yourself is a positive thing.
  • Being ‘nice’ is good.
  • Being ‘good’ is good.
  • Exercise is more effective if you go as hard as you can.
  • Doing yoga postures leads to enlightenment.
  • The more fruit and veg that you eat the better.
  • Everyone should eat 3 meals a day and protein in at least 2 of them.
  • Evolution is like a ladder, you climb up it as you evolve.

The list is endless…

Even though there are many things on my list that may not be shared by others, what I have come to realise is that we are all walking around with our own set of beliefs. These beliefs influence the way that we move, the way that we think, the way that we talk, what we do, the way that we do what we do, the relationships that we have, the relationships that we don’t have, the jobs that we do, and the jobs that we don’t do etc…

The beliefs that we hold are influencing our lives moment by moment, and like a puppeteer pulling on invisible strings we are moved and positioned around the chessboard of life, falsely ‘believing’ that we are moving ourselves when in truth we are being moved by our beliefs, our minds coerced into thinking and our mouths manipulated to say certain things.

And as sinister as it may sound I have come to wonder if it is us that holds our beliefs or is it our beliefs that hold us?

When I first attended Universal Medicine I heard Serge Benhayon present the fact that the thoughts we pull in are governed by the way that we move. Without imposing at all, he presented that although people generally believe that they are free thinking individuals, science is now waking up to the fact that we pull in thoughts from one of two energetic sources and that the source that we pull thoughts in from is pre-determined by the way that we move. Serge added that the type of thought that we pull in then ensures that we move in a certain way, which guarantees that we will then get a similar thought that will then guarantee the same quality of movement, and so it continues….

So here we all are, living our lives under the illusion that we are deciding what happens to us in life when all along we are moving around our lives as freely as a train on a train track!

This, for me, makes sense when I look back on the mad rush that I did everything in. Because of my belief that the more that I got done the stronger I was, I packed my days full of ‘doing’, which caused me to rush frantically through everything in order to pack even more in. The way that I hurled myself through life ensured that I continued to pull in the thought that the more I did, the stronger I was and so the cycle just kept repeating.

Similarly with my belief that hard, punishing exercise was good for me, kept me exercising in this way even when my body was in a lot of pain. I clung to the belief or rather the belief clung to me and I continued to exercise even when my body was screaming for me to stop. How strong must the hold be when something is so obviously not working yet we still keep following in the same rigid tracks? Imagine for a moment a world full of people all following their own pre governed tracks, unable to deviate because the very movements that they repeat, feed them the beliefs that keep them in those well-worn tracks.

What on earth is going on?

How much choice did I really have? If my thoughts were dictating my every move and my every move was dictating my thoughts then what was I choosing? I always thought that I was a free thinking, open minded, spiritually aware, loving, funky kind of a girl but now I understand that I was a puppet and that the so called qualities that I thought I had were interchangeable traits that could be changed as easily as the clothes on a doll.

So where do these beliefs come from?

They come from many, many places. Our parents of course, family members, teachers, books, films, influential friends, historical figures, the newspaper, TV, radio, organisations, in fact it feels like the air is thick with beliefs. For most of us, many of our beliefs are passed on by our parents.

What parent can say that they have not passed on a single belief to their kids? Here are a few examples:

  • It’s good to play sport
  • It’s good to play an instrument
  • It’s good to be creative
  • It’s good to try as hard as you can
  • It’s crucial to get high marks
  • It’s important to have manners
  • Being good gets you recognised
  • Cross country running builds character
  • Boarding school will be good for you
  • Going to University is essential to get on in life

In many countries in the world, parents have also passed on their beliefs that certain nationalities are bad, that certain pieces of land need to be fought for and that revenge is all that matters.

Are we therefore guaranteeing that the world stays a certain way by passing on our beliefs to our children?

What would the world be like if we allowed our children to grow up free of beliefs? Over the last 4 years my beliefs have started to crumble. I am at a point now where I am naturally suspicious of any remaining beliefs that I have. What I have come to realise is that:

My beliefs prevented me from feeling the truth. They stood like silent guards blocking the way to the truth that lay patiently in my body, ever ready to be revealed.

Looking back I realise now that my body continually showed me the truth of every situation. It was my beliefs that came from my mind that overrode the messages from my body.

The pain in my body was telling me very clearly that the way I was exercising was not good. My bloated stomach told me that eating copious amounts of vegetables was not what my body wanted. My exhaustion was a clear indicator that cramming so much into my day was not making me stronger but my beliefs around these things denied me access to the truth.

One of the divine functions of the body is to consistently show us the truth with no attachment as to whether or not we listen.

To me beliefs seem to originate from the mind and feel:

  • Limiting
  • Hard
  • Binding
  • Immoveable
  • Stubborn
  • Blinding
  • Rigid
  • Historical
  • Suffocating
  • Confining
  • Dead
  • A trap
  • Individual

A truth comes from the body and feels very different:

  • Expansive
  • Freeing
  • Limitless
  • Alive
  • Known
  • Joyous
  • Universal

Some truths that have come from my body are:

  • Strength as a woman comes from her fragility.
  • Putting yourself first is the best way to care for others.
  • Being ‘nice’ is not a true way of being.
  • Being good is an illusion – just be yourself.
  • Exercise is important and is best done in a way that honours the whole body.
  • It’s best to listen to the body when exercising and to adjust according to what you feel.
  • There is not an ounce of ‘doing’ in evolution, evolution is the state of our being.
  • There are no ‘shoulds’ when it comes to what to eat.
  • Eat what and when the body genuinely guides you to eat.
  • Evolution is not an up it is a back towards. It is a U-turn.

When life is governed by beliefs, it feels confined and limited but when life is impulsed by truth then it feels spacious and limitless.

I am eternally grateful to Serge Benhayon, the Benhayon Family, the Student Body and every single aspect of God that has ever dedicated itself to reminding those of us who have forgotten that we too are equal parts of the One God.

By Alexis Stewart, Care worker with the intellectually disabled, Yoga Teacher, Mum, Student of the Livingness. Sydney Australia

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1,084 thoughts on “Beliefs V Truths

  1. Love it Alexis. Lots of food for thought. It’s a great thing to do look at our endless list of beliefs and see how limiting that they are, in terms of our own growth and evolution. We really only need to look at the world to see the effects of beliefs and how they stop us from truly coming together as one humanity. They tend to compartmentalise everyone. It’s interesting too to really consider where they come from. Yes the world we see and hear influences us but something must come before we make the choice to believe a belief? Perhaps it the way we move that you spoke of that is whether we take on a belief or not.

  2. Alexis, I love your lists and can so relate. Just recently I realised I had been carrying beliefs about certain vitamins which I felt I ‘should’ take everyday, when finally I questioned this and listened to my body I realised that at this time these vitamins where not supporting me, this may change but wether I take them again or not will come from me listening to my body as apposed to following blindly through on a belief.

    1. Samantha the fascinating thing is that I have held the opposite belief to you (that vitamins don’t really do much good). Like you, I held my belief without feeling from my body whether or not it was true or not. I simply held firm to the belief and never questioned it, up until very recently that is and as a consequence of feeling the truth in my body I decided to start taking some supplements, which have felt very supportive indeed.

      1. Interesting that Samantha and Alexis your beliefs guided you to choose opposite to one another, one continue taking vitamins and one to avoid them. And each of you came to a moment when more closely listening to your body you found the belief was contrary to what your body actually required at that stage. This shows how by going along with beliefs we tend to squeeze life into that picture which then feeds us back the belief. Stopping and feeling what is actually required in the moment allows us to respond much more appropriately in a world that is constantly changing.

  3. When we hold a belief, we seem to get an immovable picture of a fixed outcome, we invest in the picture and we move accordingly, cementing it in place, and it becomes a mantra. This we then impose on our bodies and live through them. But when exposed we are free to respond to the bodies true communications which are not fixed but always responding to our true requirements that support our evolution.

  4. Beliefs are things that can bind us into behaviours that are just not us. We think that they are but they really are not. There is so much that we align to from such an early age that then becomes our normal, us living a whole bunch of should’s, could’s or would’s, to support others, but in the process, do not honour ourselves. This can then be detrimental on our health, when we are not self honouring in each moment.

  5. it is quite extraordinary to see these really comprehensive lists of belief systems that Alexis has written about… And we could all start ticking these boxes and recognizing what has actually been running us… And then to possibly experience the freedom that can come from recognizing what truth actually is.

  6. ‘And as sinister as it may sound I have come to wonder if it is us that holds our beliefs or is it our beliefs that hold us?’ – this is such an eye opener and has brought a ‘Yes’ to the answer. I had never considered the understanding that my beliefs might be holding me but it feels true, particularly in times of stress when I feel under pressure, it is the old patterns that I fall back on and these old patterns are based on the beliefs I hold. Our power in these situations is handed over to our beliefs with us always believing that they are right and that they have always looked after us – I realize now that this is false and that falling back on our beliefs is all about staying in our comfort zone and not choosing what is true first.

  7. Absolutely Alexis, most of us pride ourselves on the luxury of free will, yet truly if we pick it apart as Serge Benhayon has presented are we really choosing how we live? Even thinking we are free to decide is a belief in itself!

  8. In holding a belief, it feels to me that we do know somewhere that there is a gap, that there is a missing piece, but it is incessant in its reinforcement – like we keep telling ourselves that it is true, and we need to do that as long as we hold onto it. And our body knows it all along.

  9. Thank you Alexis – this is a great reminder to identify what beliefs I am using (and why) when my world becomes small and suffocating.

  10. The beliefs that we hold in our bodies move us in a certain way that keeps them stuck in the body as the body gets configured in such a way that we do not realise the beliefs are there influencing our entire thought and body processes. When they get exposed during the workshops and presentations of Universal Medicine then there is an opportunity to move the body in a different way so that the ideal and or belief cannot take hold again. And this can actually be felt in the body as it feels freer to move and also it feels lighter too.

  11. I can relate to the belief that packing in as much as possible into my day was the way to succeed, feel in control and be better organised yet I was not feeling the true impact my rushing around in nervous energy had on my body and also with my sleep. I was in the illusion that I was doing well but I had no real stop moments to connect and feel present with my body nor to feel where I truly was at and the effect my choices were having on my body.

  12. Great blog but I can feel the mess our beliefs have led us to.. and each one of us have a myriad of beliefs we hold on to (and often don’t realise) and when two beliefs clash there is argument, discord and even war over them. We are not our beliefs, but we live by them thinking it is what makes us human. It is the complete opposite – beliefs are inhuman because they have led us away from our Truth.

    1. Great sharing Liane Mandalis. When we doubt or bring in a belief to give our actions validation it truly reflects what is lived or not being lived.

  13. Attachment to beliefs keeps us running in the same spot. Without conscious awareness we don’t even know they’re running the show. Stopping to expose the many harmful beliefs we hold, as you have done Liane, is the beginning of doing something about it.

  14. We create our own trap and we propagate it by passing it on the next generations, thus beliefs feed and lock us into a way of being, we stuck on tracks that are not going anywhere really. Truth is another thing it breaks all this, and allows us to live our natural sense.

  15. “And as sinister as it may sound I have come to wonder if it is us that holds our beliefs or is it our beliefs that hold us?” This is a beautiful question to ask ourselves and is an indication that we understand we live from believes in the first place. To me the truth is that we hold our beliefs and do that for a reason and that is because I choose to retract form the body into my mind, a mind that is void of a true connection with god and all of the universe and therefore can create a world that does not belong to the whole but is built on ideals and beliefs.

  16. The more I study the energy behind being ‘nice’ the more I can see the lie we have been led to beLIEve. Being nice is no different to being rude, obnoxious or dismissive. In effect it is no different, just a dressed up version of the same.

      1. I have been both nasty and nice and feel that in some ways it was worse for others when I was being nice because at least when I was being nasty they could duck the blows, as they could see them coming.

  17. My understanding is that energetically we hold ideals and beliefs in our hips. Reading your sharing about beliefs affecting our movements makes complete sense with them being stored in our hips as we constantly walk and reinforce them. It also gives an insight into the ginormous amount of worn out hips we are seeing that need replacing.

  18. Thank you for revealing the falsity of beliefs and the truth of where they come from Alexis. The belief, followed by movement that reinforces that belief cycle of motion is one way to guarantee that we don’t look at the energy that underlies the belief. Beliefs place a constraint on our understanding and ability to listen to the feedback and realise the impact these beliefs are having on our bodies.

  19. ‘I have held beliefs in most categories of life, and that those beliefs have governed the way that I have lived.’ – I’ve now acknowledged enough the extent of how much our beliefs control our lives.

  20. We are certainly bombarded with beliefs from all directions from young – from our family, school, peers and society in general. Adopting such beliefs against our true knowing can colour the way we live our whole life, our perception of others, of events and how we see ourselves when all the while they are false packets of energy that seek to take us off the truth earth of awareness, connection and Love.
    It is wise to consider what beliefs we have adopted and we may still be carrying with us, or being carried away by?

    1. Deborah, I completely agree with you, however one of the main problems that prevent people from reviewing their beliefs is that beliefs masquerade themselves as truths and people never re-visit what they consider as being true.

  21. “When life is governed by beliefs, it feels confined and limited but when life is impulsed by truth then it feels spacious and limitless.” this is beautiful what you share, life feels spacious and limitless when impulsed by truth. It is so easy to get caught into the moment of ideals and beliefs, and therefore it is a continuous work in progress to discard them.

  22. “like a puppeteer pulling on invisible strings we are moved and positioned around the chessboard of life, falsely ‘believing’ that we are moving ourselves when in truth we are being moved by our beliefs” this is a really interesting point to consider, just how much of our lives is already moved for us by the beliefs we are wrapped up in? The more we let go of “how a man or woman” should act the more we can be our true self.

    1. MA what you have raised about letting go of how we believe men and women should behave is colossal. I have held such rigid ideas about how I perceived men and women to be and perhaps the most damaging aspect of those beliefs is that I thought that men and woman are completely different to one another. The deeper I go into The Ageless Wisdom the more that I get to feel that we are really very similar indeed, it’s just that our beliefs have prevented us from living our natural way of being.

  23. Gosh, your analysis of how beliefs felt and how the truth feels, felt stunningly accurate. I wonder to what degree we knowingly run with beliefs in the knowledge that it is simply a game we are playing to avoid the truth?

  24. Recently I found myself making a comment that sounded very much like ‘foot in mouth ‘disease. Reflecting on this later I was shocked at the many levels of beliefs and pictures I held behind making the comment I did. This was one moment but has taken my awareness of what we think we are living and what we are really accepting as truth in our lives to a deeper understanding. There are many layers of untruths to be challenged and cleared away and blogs like this constantly offer opportunities to go deeper into every ‘reaction’ and manipulative choice we make. Thanks Alexis.

  25. “And as sinister as it may sound I have come to wonder if it is us that holds our beliefs or is it our beliefs that hold us?” this is definitely a question to ask as many times if we are honest we hold onto beliefs in order to avoid responsibility and being asked to be more, we prefer to identify with the struggle or victim mentality instead of claim the glory that we are.

  26. Beliefs seem to come flooding in at times when we go into auto pilot, it’s a time I am more likely to respond from the top of my head, and it can be a moment to stop and really listen to myself, as even a word can be easily dismissed, it shows a depth of disconnection that is not me. For example if I am asked ‘how I am’ and I reply ‘good’ I immediately know I am giving an automatic response with no connection to myself. It is great to catch these ‘ auto pilot’ moments as they can reveal a pattern, belief or disconnection.

  27. Exposing how we can be so controlled by the beliefs we subscribe to, allow for the space for the truth to be felt. Having a conversation with a close friend recently we were surprised to see how subtly these can play out and the expectation and control that can impose.

  28. I loved how simply you explained the differences between a belief and truth, something so tangible that I only have been able to relate to through connecting to my body and my feelings. This method of connecting and gauging life from the body and my senses has never led me astray, only following mental pictures of how life should be has done that.

  29. I agree Alexis beliefs govern the way that we live and even holding a seemingly subtle or hidden belief gives our power away and reconfigures our body so that we are unable to feel the truth within ourselves, instead living by a belief that further separates us from knowing the way we could naturally be living from our inner wisdom.

  30. There are many levels of belief that can be ingrained into our bodies over the years. When we seek to expose the truth there is often other layers waiting to surface. When we make this part of our healing the true wisdom is offered in abundance.

  31. ‘the thoughts we pull in are governed by the way that we move.” this says it all – we spend so much time, effort mental energy and money trying to find the answers to change out negative thoughts or patterns / ways of thinking. There are books and whole new age movements out there dictated to it, miles of meditations, courses, workshops etc – but in all truth, and in simple truth the answer, as always, (“as always” I am saying this more a realisation) Lies in our bodies. We don’t need to spend hours, days, years or months in our head trying to work out the answers to everything , it’s there – in our body.

  32. So many of us have fought and died for what we have BELIEVED to be true. We have never fought for what is true, as truth by its very essence has not an ounce of fight in it. It is simply an equally arrived at point that unifies us all and frees us from the illusion that we are separate to each other.

  33. I love the way you have expressed this Alexis. “My beliefs prevented me from feeling the truth. They stood like silent guards blocking the way to the truth that lay patiently in my body, ever ready to be revealed.” So true.

  34. Great blog Alexis. Beliefs can run so deep in our blood it is always worth questioning what is going on if we don’t feel absolutely at one with someone or something.

  35. I could totally relate to those last two lists of how beliefs in the mind and truth from the body feel. So often a belief can be a mental picture that repeats itself over and over again with no change, again repetitively resulting in frustration for not working how the belief has invested in a certain result. A truth from the body can also repeat but it expands and doesn’t feel limiting and often occurs with the end result having not been planned beforehand visually.

  36. The fact that beliefs are so instructional shows how much we have given our power away. We’ve put value in mental intelligence and not into knowing, feeling, and the intelligence that comes from the whole body and inner heart.

  37. There is a whole lot of comfort in beliefs. They help us, in our own way make sense of the world, but without bringing any understanding for it remains about our own perspective, and only about others if they have the same or similar beliefs. No wonder we keep going round in circles.

  38. Alexis there was a phrase you used that is so very apt at describing the way so many of us live or have lived. You wrote “the way that I hurled myself through life”. Just the word hurled speaks so loudly at how much we can be governed by certain beliefs that make us think it is even okay to treat ourselves like this.

  39. ‘And as sinister as it may sound I have come to wonder if it is us that holds our beliefs or is it our beliefs that hold us?’ – I can feel the truth is what you have written as every day I continue to uncover beliefs that block my getting to truth first. Thanks Alexis.

  40. Thank you Alexis for highlighting how our beliefs are entrenching in every aspect of our lives, and it is true as parents we do pass on things knowingly with the belief that we are helping our children, and then there are the beliefs we silently pass on which speak even louder to our children because they are insidious and as the children observe us often they can take on what they have felt.
    Recently I have been looking at some of the beliefs taken on from my own parents, and when looked at, it makes perfect sense where it came from and how it has been playing out in my own body.

  41. I have found that holding onto our beliefs keeps us locked in a forever holding pattern that in truth doesn’t allow for expansion due to the images that are packaged into the belief. The abuse and tension these beliefs have on our bodies don’t allow for the spaciousness and freedom our bodies naturally move in. Once we see where our patterns, images and beliefs stem from when can unravel what’s holding us and evolve unto our next movement. Pretty cool.

  42. Yes the list is definitely endless to our ideals and beliefs, we want to be identified by all of what these ideals and beliefs that we buy into. It is a choice to let go of these and it is in the letting go, a surrender, that we are able to unfold back to who we truly are.

  43. This image of a belief working away in the background, influencing our every move and thought is profound. It is a science that gives us access to the greater workings of life, let’s us ‘look behind the curtains’ and see not only what is really going on, but also to come to bear the fact that with the power to see the truth also comes the power to change what is happening; to remove such beliefs and to not be controlled or manipulated any more.

  44. Alexis I just love what you have shared about our beliefs and how they are constantly pulling on their invisible strings to influence the way we move, communicate and express, it is so true. Great blog.

  45. Nothing wrong with being “nice” or “good”, only if it is done to create a false pretence, or equally if it is seen as our highest virtue, when it is not even close to the true love we are capable of expressing.

  46. You’re so right when you say that many of our beliefs are subtle and even completely buried. I’m shocked by how many we carry and how much we live from those beliefs first. I too am starting to break those down, particularly the ones around what it means to be a woman and even a daughter and a friend. These beliefs are huge and we really hold ourselves to ransom by living up to the ideal that actually isn’t even real.

  47. Alex you raise a great point here with your words “Are we therefore guaranteeing that the world stays a certain way by passing on our-beliefs to our children? If we don’t start standing up for truth, and living the truth we feel, the world will continue to go around in the same old circle with beliefs and ideals being handed down from one generation to the next.

  48. It is great to expose the difference between beliefs and truths as they are often boxed together. It is interesting when someone speaks the truth it resonants through our body and is so clear. Beliefs can often come loaded with pictures and leads us questioning more and bringing in more doubt.

  49. ‘I always thought that I was a free thinking, open minded, spiritually aware, loving, funky kind of a girl but now I understand that I was a puppet…’ Brilliant Alexis, that made me smile! I used to think exactly that too but I was no more unique than what I was being fed or had willfully adopted. Our true uniqueness lies in connecting with our soul, our essence. This allows us to be both unique – in our expression, for no two are the same; and universal – unique yes, but soulfully so, living in harmony with others and the all.

  50. A Belief is something that you either have faith is true, or, and what is rarely considered, when you hold something as fact because you read it and it made sense, but do not take the time to find out if it is true for yourself. And so, even if what you read or researched is true, it is still only a belief if you do not put it to the test by way of your own livingness. And so whilst one can say I know that gravity is true because Newton said so and proved it to be so, it is more so true because your everyday experience of life confirms the fact.

    Truth by comparison can only be claimed when it is lived, and thus understood intimately because it has been experienced. Even this, however, if not enough. For what of the man who lives his life in anger? Would he not be right to say that his truth is that the world is out to get him? For that is what he has experienced, has he not? And so, in order to arise to the truth of things, one must be willing to not only live, but discern what they live, truly observe their own life and that of others, and be aware of one’s own biases and limited perceptions. One must question, and to a certain extent be skeptical in so far as not taking anything for granted, but equally be open of not just mind, but open of heart – the latter being of the most importance. For the mind in itself can only discern based on its own limited experience, and so it can be terribly misleading. The true heart, and by that I mean not what most mistakenly refer to as the emotional heart, will always feel by way of energy the underlying nature of all things, and thus give a true indication as to what is true or not.

  51. There have been moments in my life when I was aware that life felt like everyone was a puppet and being moved around as if on a chess board, but I could not come up with why I had these thoughts. After reading this blog it seems that the more ideals and beliefs we have the less we know ourselves and the easier it is for us to be living and moving in such a way that is not true.

  52. Alexis this is a ground breaking blog. If only a small percentage of humanity understood what you have presented, and started to live this as truth, our whole society would change. Every belief is worth questioning and every movement is worth honoring.

  53. I thank you for such a clear expression of beliefs and truths and just what the difference is between the two. As you mention “One of the divine functions of the body is to consistently show us the truth with no attachment as to whether or not we listen”. What you are saying here makes so much sense, and hands the responsibility back to each of us to listen and take notice of the amazing truths our bodies reveal to us .Thank you Alexis.

  54. I love what you shared about beliefs influencing our lives leaving us like puppets on a string, as such they absolutely deny us from the truth keeping us confined within their constructions designed to keep us from ourselves and our natural expression at great cost.

  55. Well said Alexis, holding on to beliefs governs the way that we live and influences our choices so that we push and harden our body because beliefs make us always seek outside ourselves for answers to identify us in some way. I found the truth and all the answers were within my body just waiting for me to connect to.

    1. That’s so true Linda, beliefs drive the pushing and hardening of our body. This is such a great warning sign that can help these beliefs be seen for what they are – LIES.

  56. As I read this again I can really feel how much we are just puppets of our thoughts as human beings when we do not discern where they are coming from. It is the greatest prison in this world to be under the illusion that your thoughts are your own purely because you think them.

  57. “The beliefs that we hold are influencing our lives moment by moment…” This is so true Alexis, and makes me realise that if not for these beliefs that we ‘create’ life from, we might actually get to live with the level of joy we are actually capable of.

  58. A gorgeous blog on Beliefs V Truths, showing us that there is a difference. A real catcher I found was this quote: “And as sinister as it may sound I have come to wonder if it is us that holds our beliefs or is it our beliefs that hold us?” Hence, we can go deeper and ask ourselves these questions? And be curious to find what is truly going on. Love it. We only have to be open to receive the truth and drop the beliefs. Awareness is our everything.

  59. ‘…,falsely ‘believing’ that we are moving ourselves when in truth we are being moved by our beliefs, our minds coerced into thinking and our mouths manipulated to say certain things.’ We walk our beliefs or walk in the truth of who we are and what a difference, we are not present in our body and definitely not honest as your example about food and exercise makes very clear when we walk our beliefs while when we walk in the truth of who we are there is a loving presence which makes us feel spacious and makes our movements light.

  60. So inspiring to re-read your blog Alexis. “My beliefs prevented me from feeling the truth. They stood like silent guards blocking the way to the truth that lay patiently in my body, ever ready to be revealed.” The question is what energy is leading us to go down the alleyway of belief systems? Connecting and coming back to our true selves – our body – offers us truth and we know the way forward – no ideals – no faith required, no beliefs.

  61. I was in a meeting today with a reasonably large group of people, where everyone had lots of experience in this particular subject and because of that had fairly strong opinions and beliefs, including myself. What I realised as a result was that our beliefs get in the way of us understanding a person, group of people, each other or a situation. They keep us cemented those experiences and limits how we learn form them or even prevents us healing them.

  62. Questioning our beliefs and gaining understanding by feeling if they are true or not, and where did they come from, gives us the opportunity to see how limiting they are, and how they are designed to keep us separate from each other having us run with the belief that we are right about something or someone without truly feeling into the energy underneath the belief.

  63. A truth is a truth, beliefs can be based on our own perception of reality and be swayed by so many factors. A truth being something that is for example, universal laws the way energy operates, even if we can’t see it. These don’t change, yet when we attach our perception of what the ‘think’ reality is all about, that is when complication comes in and a whole world of different opinions circle and unfold, not in the good way.

    1. So true, we argue till the cows come home, defending our picture. Truth always comes to the surface in the end, it is consistent and has no pull or persuasion, it simply is.

  64. “Are we therefore guaranteeing that the world stays a certain way by passing on our beliefs to our children?” this is a really good question, the answer being yes, we do pass on our beliefs to our children. Those beliefs can be cultural, family, political, sport related, about being a man, or woman about anything really. This is how the cycles just get recycled and ill fitting beliefs just keep being regurgitated.

  65. When you look at the stunning innocence of a young child, just playing uninhibited with the joy of life, you can really see the difference that these beliefs make. The saddest part is in accumulating them as we grow, we think we are getting ‘cleverer’ somehow. This couldn’t be further from the truth. For as you show Alexis, these beliefs bind us tight, make us feel secure at night but ultimately chain and tie us in to a limited version of life.

  66. When we take life down to the smallest particle it makes absolute sense that our bodies are a part of the universe. And therefore it is no surprise, but to be eternally appreciated, that it is a divine function of the body to consistently show us truth, to bring us back towards living that truth.

  67. Beliefs are an imprisonment that keeps us in the illusion that we are never enough and therefore, must strive in life to be something that offers us a sense of recognition, this is far from the truth- as when are free of these we realise there is nothing for us to do or chase as our very own beingness is the reflection of the divine.

  68. I am understanding that so many of the beliefs we unquestioningly adhere to are part of a smokescreen of lies and deception that keep us from developing honest, open, transparent, real relationships with one another.

  69. A great question Alexis – is it us that holds our beliefs or is it our beliefs that hold us? We may like to think we think, but as I come to more understanding and accepting of the fact that we are just a mere vehicle through which energy expresses, I agree with you that once we are owned by an energy the choices we think we are making are pre-determined. We let our beliefs identify who we are, but truth doesn’t need to be believed in, it just is.

  70. Doesn’t every mother have the belief that putting others (her children) before herself is honourable? The beliefs seem so real, but what if it was completely false? What if self-care and self-love were paramount in building a body of love that could thence offer a well of reflected love and care for a child.

  71. ‘How strong must the hold be when something is so obviously not working yet we still keep following in the same rigid tracks?’ Yes Alexis isn’t it crazy we keep on repeating the same behaviours although we feel and see that is not beneficial for ourselves and others until we stop and start to consider there is a way out by changing our movements and start to be honest to what we are doing to ourselves.

  72. Beliefs, beliefs and more beliefs. Just when you “think’ you’ve got a handle on things the next belief comes knocking on your door. I’ve now stopped to appreciate that the responsibility lies in living to the best of my ability and to sit and observe when the beliefs are clouding what is truly needed at that moment. Definitely a work in progress.

  73. When life is governed by beliefs, it feels confined and limited but when life is impulsed by truth then it feels spacious and limitless. Truth certainly does set us free and having an understanding around why we choose what we choose, helps us to detach and be able to see and feel truth.

  74. I love the question about where our thoughts come from because some of them are completely illogical and yet they are there. I have realised for myself that there are two pools of thought we can access and how I am in and with my body will guide me towards one pool or the other. I am learning to choose the one that has love, truth, harmony, joy and stillness more consistently, and allow myself to feel what I feel without expectation – it is quite a revelation.

  75. I had not realised until recently how ingrained our choice is to hold onto beliefs that influence our whole way of being, configuring our body so we move in a way that keeps us from connecting to our truth and inner knowing and pulling in the thoughts that keep these beliefs running on an ever increasing cycle.

  76. This is still something I fight and resist as a truth even though I have ample evidence to the fact we do not think for ourselves. The pull to be an individual with MY own thoughts is very strong and one I am working on letting go of. Surrender and acceptance and appreciation are the only ways forward to be able to live and know impulse.

  77. For so long, considered Truth to be what we read in a book, to be knowledge we have often been told or heard. We talk about statistics and facts but no-one seems to talk about what the core source of these are? Science? Medicine? is that it? But we see weekly reports that disprove what we thought the previous week was the truth. More than ever before my life is showing me, that what I think in my head and believe to be ‘right’ just isn’t close. The way I can tell you this, is when I follow these thoughts, my body is upset, painful and tense. I have pushed and driven so much of my life to make my life ‘right’, but reading your words here today Alexis I hear like never before, that my body actually knows what to do and what is true, all I have to do, is literally stop putting words in its mouth.

  78. Wow Alexis – what an eye opener. Now I too will be on the lookout for the limiting beliefs I have chosen. Just recently I discovered a belief that I shouldn’t sing because I am not particularly good at it – out with that one! Much better to feel the truth that all types of expression are needed and my energetic quality matters far more than the way I sound.

  79. So awesome to keep on uncovering layer upon layer of beliefs, and sometimes the same one just dressed up differently. Their hold on us or our hold on them can be very tight sometimes and take a lot of undoing but with dedication and support we let them go.

  80. Boy this is a big area of life that can pretty much cloud every decision we make. As children we would have overridden our feelings, as the beliefs were that an adult was older and wiser, as an adult we would have been fed the belief that you could not be disrespectful in questioning the elderly. There is so much social conditioning that still plays a big part in hiding the truth and encouraging a norm of beliefs, that may be felt as not always true but continues to be accepted by the masses.

  81. The fact that we don’t think but are subjects of energy brings a whole new level of responsibility to what energy we are allowing into our bodies. When this is more widely understood the whole world is set to change in a big way! No longer will the intellect rule society as the body will finally be seen and honoured for the universal intelligence it can and continuously does connect to.

  82. Interesting that we talk about holding beliefs and I can feel how I have been held to ransom by the many beliefs that I have lived my life by for so many years. It is only when I became willing to start to examine them that their hold over me started to loosen. The threads that have been interwoven in my everyday life by them are insidious and there is constantly more to uncover but it feels like this is a journey that there is no turning back from as I continue to let go of more and more damaging beliefs that have kept me trapped in a life of ‘doing’ rather than embracing the truth that being the true me is all that is required.

  83. Great to release the puppet strings of multiple beliefs and feel the expansiveness of living from the true impulses of the body.

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