Excuse Me, Can You Help?

Last night when I was leaving the supermarket with my bags, one bag handle came off my shoulder, which caused unevenness in the way I was carrying the bags and the potential for some groceries to fall out, or the bag to fall off my shoulder.

In the past, I would have ‘carried on’ regardless and had tins of tuna roll out onto the street, then creating a little scene of the drama of struggling to put the bags down, whilst retrieving the tuna from the kerbside and then carrying on to the car – and doing this without looking like anything had gone down!

Or I would have struggled with four bags and tried to put the bag handle back on my shoulder myself, or done nothing and walked in the tension that the bag might fall off, groceries might fall out etc… you get the picture. And I would have never, (or pretty much never) ever have asked for someone to help me.

But over the past four years I have started to make my life a lot less about struggle and much more about love and honoring and taking care of myself – in all situations, both big and small – especially the small. And I have started to learn to ask for support – also in the big and the small. So when the handle came off my shoulder, I stopped a man and asked him if he could put it back onto my shoulder.

It was so simple: he initially was a little surprised to be stopped (as I think most people are these days – we walk around in such solo/contained units but that’s another story!) – and then what happened was really beautiful. He put the handle back onto my shoulder with such grace and care, with a little pat for good measure. We shared a great smile, I thanked him, and then we went our separate ways.

If I had not asked him, that opportunity for me to honor and take care of myself and the opportunity for him to support another would have been missed. I realise it was how I asked him that made the difference – I came from a place of tenderness, honoring and care in wanting to support myself in every moment and he responded with such tenderness and care.

I also realised the power of not doing it alone and keeping things simple.

So I say thanks to me for asking for help and thanks for that man for helping me. And to Serge Benhayon and Natalie Benhayon who are a constant source of inspiration – they have taught me so much about self-care and self-responsibility and to live in a way that honors who we are, and with simplicity.

By Sarah Flenley, Community Engagement Officer, Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia

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939 thoughts on “Excuse Me, Can You Help?

  1. It is sad that we can feel alone in a world where we are surrounded by millions – in this point alone, if we honestly look at it, there is something greatly amiss. For within every single person on this plant there is an incredibly gorgeous quality for us to connect to and be inspired by.

  2. Taking every opportunity to reach out and connect with another as you have Sarah, should be considered as normal, with the mutual respect and decency that we can all share all of the time. May this way of treating each other can become part of schools curriculum so we learn to express with the level of connection that you have shared Sarah.

  3. What a beautiful blog to re-read Sarah. Such grace and simplicity. The human spirit loves a struggle and a drama – ‘Ah poor me, i have to struggle alone, there’s no one to help me’. What is true in the sense that if one is carrying that consciousness there indeed will not be anyone to help as individualisation has no part in the truth of hierarchy. A simple openness to ask works wonders, and the hierarchy is right there at our back supporting us in our universality.

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