True Expression – Our Superpower!

There is something glorious about a person letting themselves out and letting their natural expression flow. In fact, could our true expression be our superpower? It is powerfully inspiring to see true expression in action. What follows here are but a few of the many examples of people bringing themselves to the things they do that have inspired me of late.

Recently I witnessed a classroom of Grade 2 students ignite as their teacher brought all her natural spunk, joy and wisdom to the act of teaching their lesson. The age-old task of teaching became pure poetry in motion when combined with the unique expression that this teacher brought to her work.

I know a guy who spent an hour teaching me how to use my Mac laptop… and what an hour it was. This man is style, delicateness, strength and wisdom rolled into one – oh, and he brings the fun and joy wherever he goes.

I know what you’re thinking – delicateness and strength existing together, really? Yes, in this man they do (and in truth in all men). How could I but learn what he had to share about computer use when he shared all of his gorgeousness first?

Have you watched children as they download their imaginations onto paper with textas and crayons – imbuing the paper with their natural confidence in what they have to share? That is a lesson right there for every adult who has ever felt pressure to perform, to get it right, or do it perfectly within their work.

Would you think that the key to the tastiest, creamiest guacamole was order, stillness and precision? I know a lady who brings these three qualities to her cooking and her guacamole is unmatched. I know a man who captures the true essence of his subject as a photographer and anchors it with his own stillness… and somehow you can feel the sparkle in this man’s eyes coming through his pictures.

I know a guy who brings his innate tenderness and care to the art of teaching swimming… and I’ve seen reputedly ‘tough’ and ‘difficult’ children melt when he shares this with them. I once attended a healthy eating workshop where the presenter was an exquisite mixture of sexy, sassy and one of the ‘realest’ people I’ve met. It was pure delight to learn about eating for your body from someone who so openly celebrated her own body.

I know a woman who is grace in human form. When she walks, talks, waves, sits, stands, you name it, it is like she leaves a trail of pure grace in her wake. And when she smiles… wowzers!! It’s double strength. In truth, all women have this grace even if it is buried deep, deep within. Just by being in the world, this woman is reminding other women that they too have a natural grace, while schooling them in how to live it.

Have you ever wondered what it is to be a powerful woman, in truth? There are many interpretations and conflicting understandings of what it is to be a strong, powerful woman… but I know a woman who answers this question and then some.

From this woman I have learnt that a woman’s true power is in her presence and living her amazingness on the outside – no tongue stud, motorbike, taekwondo black belt or boring black pantsuit in sight; these are just not needed when a woman knows who she is and is prepared to let the world see.

I know two brothers who know joy. These guys could go all day pouring their spunk and wit into their expression. It is in the tone of their voices, the words they speak, the smiles that transform their faces, their utterly spectacular laughs that hit you straight in the heart. It is achingly beautiful to watch these guys in action and when they share this with you along with their innate gorgeousness, you are gone… These guys are kryptonite to the most hardened heart – a true superpower!

I have met a woman who knows love so deeply that when she smiles you see all the grandness of the universe in her eyes.

I know a woman who is sassiness incarnate! Couple this with an endless capacity for fun and a laugh so glorious that hearing it ignites the joy buried in the deepest recesses of your heart… and you’ve got heaven walking on earth: a gift to all who know her.

People bringing themselves to what they do is mesmerising and powerful beyond measure. Just by being you and letting others see, you truly have the power to change the world. When you walk you, people notice… when you speak your truth, people hear.

When you let a person see the real you, you are showing them that it is safe to do the same. The true superpower is not invisibility, the power to fly or anything else that would enhance our physical capabilities in life: way more powerful is letting ourselves out and letting the world see – this is the impetus of true change!

Serge Benhayon is another man who imbues all he does with his true expression. Because this man has been prepared to share his wisdom, spunk, wit, deep care, unshakable knowing of truth, alignment to purpose – and I could go on all day – with the world, thousands of people worldwide have now been inspired to unlock their own true expression.

One workshop, one conversation – heck, one pass of this man in the hallway is enough inspiration to transform lives and see miracles happen… and for many, many people, this is exactly what seeing Serge in his full glory has led to.

By Kathryn Maroney, Speech Pathologist Gold Coast, Australia

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743 thoughts on “True Expression – Our Superpower!

  1. A number of years ago I wouldn’t have even understood really what ‘True Expression’ was, I thought expression and communication were one and the same. I have come to understand that is not the case and what it really means. It is forever unfolding and carries a responsibility. One I have resisted at times, but also know that each and every day it is a constant checking in and making honouring and loving choices in that expression with self and others.

  2. Great sharing Kathryn, I particularly picked up on this point ‘Have you ever wondered what it is to be a powerful woman, in truth? There are many interpretations and conflicting understandings of what it is to be a strong, powerful woman…’. We are so often led to believe that strong powerful women are those who have hundreds of friends, are successful in their careers, very beautiful and an equal match to men in the work place. It was not until I met the Benhayon family, that I truly started to understand what it meant to be a powerful woman, one who knows and loves herself, is open and honest, says things as they are, and making life about truth and love.

  3. I’m always inspired by others who are expressing themselves in full without holding back- it reminds me that it’s okay, it’s safe, to do the same – each person’s experience and expression is so unique, and all are needed because they all reflect something different. Holding back from expressing all that we are takes more energy than it does to let it all out.

  4. Your depth of appreciation is truly gorgeous Kate. There is so much to appreciate in so many and it is not done enough. The affect that people can have on another when expressing in their truth without holding back, is something worth celebrating for the inspiration alone that it ignites, let alone the miracles it seeds forth from showing people what is possible, is incredible.

  5. Thank you Kate, your exuberant celebration of everyone comes with a delightful sense of childlike wonder. Life is so rich when everyone shines, the tall poppy syndrome of cutting others down harms everyone. It’s better to be inspired and unleash our own true selves!

  6. What a beautiful post – I loved re-reading it. “When you let a person see the real you, you are showing them that it is safe to do the same.” Transparency offers us all so much – and the world could then change.

  7. Gorgeous appreciation Kathryn of the power we all hold within to light up the world with the love we are within, through simply being who we are and letting our magnificence shine out.

  8. Kathryn amazing what you have shared, by just being you brings the magic of God in the all with the power of divine love in everything the true power in the glorious expression

  9. Kathryn, this is sooooo spot on! “When you let a person see the real you, you are showing them that it is safe to do the same. The true superpower is not invisibility, the power to fly or anything else that would enhance our physical capabilities in life: way more powerful is letting ourselves out and letting the world see – this is the impetus of true change!”

  10. A few years ago I would never thought that “delicateness and strength” could possibly go together in a sentence, especially in a sentence that was describing a man; how could a man be delicate and strong at the same time? But today my understanding of these words and my understanding of the true essence of a man has deepened to such a level that I know without a doubt that they do belong in the same sentence when you are describing a man who has re-connected to the truth of who he is; tender, sensitive, delicate and yes, strong.

  11. It seems we have built the world another way and it’s almost opposite in the way it is. We don’t support ourselves or each other in truly expressing what is there and more encourage a take on of many other things with notable exceptions. There is always a thought or a saying there to discourage you to from actually following what you are feeling and if you’re not aware these things will knock you off or out of what is a very natural flow. The only reason it’s not there for us on tap is because we haven’t tapped it enough or appreciated it fully. I can say appreciating other and yourself supports and this is true while also we need a consistent action to it. Like everything if you only do it now and then or as a one off then you will sense the difference but nothing will truly change. What is change as well, do we also look at it as a one off or a job done or do we see it again as a living thing that may ‘change’ at any minute. I can still feel a start stop in me and not an endless flow to unlocking more and more of a “true expression”. It is all just there while equally we have covered it with many things and so in the truth of it all, we will need to walk back to uncover what we once covered.

  12. Kathryn, it is very inspiring to read and feel your deep sense of appreciation for the Divine qualities expressed by, both the men and women in your life.

  13. There is something so real and just infectious about people who are just simply themselves, and not afraid to show it, and I love your celebration of the fact Kathryn. It just lights up my day when I see people just being themselves and loving it and I feel an incredible joy in me and I feel part of something bigger than myself – I feel my own amazingness reflected back to me from another and that is special for us all. So the more we are us the more we inspire others to be themselves too.

  14. Glorious celebration of the power that we all have to inspire others when we truly express without holding back in any way. Perfect for me to read this morning when I am feeling fragile because of a clearing in my body with an underlying anxiety due to an important meeting I am attending later. Thank you for the reminder that all that is required is for me to go and be myself without any investment in the outcome.

  15. ‘When you let a person see the real you, you are showing them that it is safe to do the same.’ The awesome power of reflection which truly has the power to change the world.

  16. It’s such a powerful reflection to see someone completely at ease with being themselves in all that they do and not holding it back – it inspires us all to let go of pictures of who we think we need to be or how we think we need to act, and just simply be ourselves, without an ounce of trying or perfection.

  17. Kathryn Maroney, clearly one of your great gifts in expression yourself, is to appreciate the gold you see and receive from others with not one iota of holding back!
    This is a rarity in this world indeed – for our harbouring of comparison, jealousy and attendant lack of worth prevents most from sharing with such absolute and true openness in appreciation.
    THANK-YOU for the great inspiration of connecting with this in you, and your every word here. More please – and also, write one about yourself dear lady… (if I may be so bold?)

  18. ‘Superpowers’? Absolutely agreed. Unlock and let everyone into the beauty of who we are, drop those chains that would have us walking about as less than being A-MAZ-ING… and there we are – a world full of superheroes, blessing each other with a radiance that cannot but inspire, and changing the very foundation upon which we stand to be one of God’s Love and Truth.
    Bring it on Kathryn Maroney, I already have my cape and boots ready and in action…

    1. Love it Victoria! If we indeed live like that, we can and will transform the world, and rid it of all the evil there is. Isn’t that what super heroes do? I have my cape as well. No mask needed, I just show people the real me.

  19. “In truth, all women have this grace even if it is buried deep, deep within. Just by being in the world, this woman is reminding other women that they too have a natural grace, while schooling them in how to live it.” I too have been inspired by some women and men like those you mention – then we in our turn can inspire others with our reflection. We all have ‘superpowers’ that tho long-buried, can be revealed once again. Our choice.

  20. When you share all these expressions of the people you know, I just feel I want to meet them all! People who share the full of what they are in whatever they do, are the people you want to be with.
    Thanks for your inspirational sharing Kathryn.

  21. So gorgeous to feel your joy in appreciating all these amazing people in your life. I can feel the magic is in your ability to recognise and appreciate, and it is not that you are ‘lucky’ to know these people. The superpower is within us all, and by claiming that in our expression and letting others see, we offer each other permission to do the same.

  22. You have a gorgeous way of expressing and appreciating people’s quality Kathryn. The less we focus on what we do the more space we have to focus on who we are – which effects everything we do anyway! It’s a win win situation.

  23. What I can feel in this Kate in the connection these people have with themselves and in this the appreciation of all they are. When appreciation for all we are is felt, we can’t help but share it, it’s to good to keep to ourselves.

  24. Kathryn it didn’t take long before I had a big grin on my face which stayed right until the end of reading this blog. It was apparent to feel how joyful you are and your appreciation of others is tangible and infectious.

  25. You are blessed to know all of these amazing people, and to recognise and appreciate all their wonderful qualities, what a joy.

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