What True Fashion is About

For most of my life I have been seeking to present myself through the way I dress. I had endowed clothes with a power to express for me what I did not take the responsibility to live. I have never bought very expensive clothes, but I have certainly been through many different styles in my life, which I sought to perfect. If I had allowed myself to feel the disharmony in my appearance, I would have had to feel that I was living in disharmony and this would have exposed the comfort that was keeping me from seeing this truth.

Focusing my life on clothes and the perfecting of an outer appearance was my comfort to distract me from truly taking responsibility in connecting with myself and living that connection.

But the truth is, when I gave my power away to an outer image, no matter what I put on, it never gave me a true feeling of satisfaction. What looked nice on the outside actually reinforced a feeling of slavery – I was the slave of my relationship with clothes. If I didn’t have a certain look that I was after, I would feel like it was the end of the world.

I work in the Fashion Industry and this is our everyday life. We talk about clothes, we dream about clothes, we fall in love with clothes, we waste clothes, we hoard clothes, we spend all our money on clothes and we seek perfection in clothes. All of this is accepted as normal.

What made me question more deeply was the undeniable fact that, when I was honest, these repetitive choices still left me with a feeling of emptiness that was very unsettling. I gave myself a lot of patience and understanding, yet kept testing and being aware of how it felt when I continued this pattern of giving my power away to clothes and to the industry that I work for.

No matter what brands or designs I bought or wore, no matter how much time, effort and money I spent to complete my look, no matter all the approval the world gave me in confirming my uniqueness or sense of style – none of that made me more happy or confident. I was constantly seeking for the next look that would set me apart from everyone else. I used different clothing as a measure of how to present myself to different people so as to be accepted. If I wore an ‘office’ look to a fashion event, I would feel completely out of place.

I had many different circles of friends, so imagine how exhausting and expensive living in this way would be. Even when I wanted to quit being fashionable, I was still seeking approval in the anti-fashion statements that I wore. I was becoming more and more trapped and although I did not choose to see it, my body was feeling it all. Fashion is such an intimate part of our lives, and I began to question how I could dress myself to not feel perpetually empty.

Could this emptiness be a part of me that I was trying to fashionably hide?

Three years ago, because of Universal Medicine, I began to understand the responsibility of living self-love and self-care in my daily life. So I added a dose of that into what I wore and found the experience to be joyful and playful. Gradually I made love and care my commitment – the more I explored, the more things changed within me, which resulted in a gradual makeover in my closet.

The greatest change that I observed was – fashion used to be my protection. I used it to:

  • keep the world out
  • be attractive or unattractive
  • appear more superior or inferior
  • stand out just as much as to hide
  • fit in or to be aloof

The truth is, I was using fashion to be everything but my true self.

With truly taking care of myself and my body, I began to consistently and steadily feel a sense of my own lovely preciousness, and that is the feeling I was seeking to dress myself with all of my life. The confirmation of who I am that I was looking for is now tangibly felt and growing steadily within me, with the love and care I now no longer hold back for me.

Naturally, how I wish to dress becomes an extension of the truth of who I am. A renewed depth of simplicity is felt and seen. I feel truly beautiful because it is my own love that I am now choosing to wear and share. Love can’t be kept for one or a few: separatism and elitism just does not suit my taste any more. Now when I look into my heart closet, it is love that is selected and it is worn with deep care and nurturing every day.

This is true fashion – fashion that is timeless, ageless, genderless and always in vogue; it never needs approval and it comes as a complete look that everyone is able to wear and look beautiful in.

My deep appreciation for Serge Benhayon and the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom. Love is the true cool.

By Adele Leung, Creative Director/Fashion Stylist, Hong Kong

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1,035 thoughts on “What True Fashion is About

  1. Adele your discovery of true fashion is inspiring to read and what a powerful reflection you offer to the fashion industry in supporting to breakdown all the ideals and beliefs this industry holds that forgets to celebrate and appreciate the deep beauty we all have within first and then dressing from this connection – very different to when we dress from an emptiness and needing the clothes to fulfill us in someway.

  2. I can completely relate to this article. I have been one to buy quality clothing, so it will last. What I am discovering though is that if I buy these items without true loving discernment, often they are not worn and eventually given away. For me now buying clothes comes first from my body and what it needs to support my choice to live in it with deep love, care and grace.

  3. What an inspiring article! Feels like it’s time for all of me to have a date with my wardrobe and see what I have been living when it comes to the clothes I own and/or wear.

  4. True fashion never needs approval… This is a beautiful statement… Countless millions of people are driven by external comparison in what they wear… Imagine being your own fashion queen… Fantastic ☺

  5. I am sure it is no different now to when I grew up – it was so much about what you were wearing! I went from not caring and wearing a tracksuit every day, to wearing drainpipe jeans every day – nothing remotely feminine! Now, I am learning what kinds of clothes I enjoy wearing and having fun experimenting. Such a shame it has taken me so long.

  6. ‘Naturally, how I wish to dress becomes an extension of the truth of who I am.’ This is a tag line waiting to be splashed on billboards everywhere as a reminder that we are not fashion…that fashion is an expression that comes from who we are first.

  7. Shopping without that connection to myself is a nightmare – I can never find what I want, don’t know what I want, and the shops just have nothing I like. We all know the feeling… we are odds with the world, Equally I know the opposite too: When I walk into any shop and there are 5 things that jump out, the day flows, the shopping is super easy. The way we feel is so super important at every level.

    1. Absolutely Victoria – the liberation is more of a shedding of what does not belong so the true and real-ness of who we are can be explored and expressed more freely.

  8. If we find ourselves ‘slave’ to anything – be it fashion, a hobby, a person, or any ideal, then we would all do well do develop a deeper relationship with ourselves such as you’ve described here Adele. For the power that we innately hold within is far stronger than any such thing, if we but give ourselves the opportunity to re-connect with it, and thereafter deepen this relationship. We have the capacity to observe the myriad of hooks and ensnarements industries such as fashion constantly stream out to us – to observe well, and recognise that we needn’t be at the mercy of such currents, and can actually determine very solidly, what is and is not true for us in any given situation.

  9. Who are we when we are not choosing to be who we truly are? We create so many identification through what we do – our professions, studies, hobbies, what we like/dislike, what we are good at and not so good at, what we have/don’t have etc. etc. Life becomes simpler when we start letting these go and making re-connection to our true essence our primary choice.

  10. “With truly taking care of myself and my body, I began to consistently and steadily feel a sense of my own lovely preciousness, and that is the feeling I was seeking to dress myself with all of my life. When we love and truly care for ourselves – from the inside – it doesn’t matter too much what we wear. We can look equally stunning in a pair of jeans and T shirt or dressed up to the nines. It is what we feel from the inside that really matters. Do we use fashion to hide in or show our true loveliness and power?

  11. True fashion is about reflecting the beauty of our inside out to the world thus it can never be about following trends etc but purely about expressing our loveliness in what we choose to wear. For so many years I never felt satisfied with how I looked and it is great to recognise that this was because I was looking to fill the emptiness inside through outside confirmation, like papering over the cracks it was only a temporary fix before I was back to square one until I committed to building a loving relationship with myself and then chose clothes to express this.

  12. ‘Now when I look into my heart closet, it is love that is selected and it is worn with deep care and nurturing every day.’ Thank you Adele feeling inspired to reflect my love in the clothes I choose to wear today and every day.

  13. it made me laugh when you mentioned anti-fashion. I too have got caught up in not wanting to be seen as someone following fashion, but looking back that was a reaction and a judgement. The way I dressed was still not for me. Getting to know me and what feels right on me has been an enjoyable journey. I actually enjoy shopping now and if I don’t find what I’m looking for I will come home empty handed rather than compromise.

  14. It’s so interesting how our sense of fashion can change as our perspective of ourself evolves. What I once thought was beautiful, the colours I wanted to wear and the style all spoke about my relationship to myself. Now that I enjoy who I am my whole sense of fashion has had to change to reflect that.

  15. What we choose to wear can be nurturing and honouring, ‘This is true fashion – fashion that is timeless, ageless, genderless and always in vogue; it never needs approval and it comes as a complete look that everyone is able to wear and look beautiful in.’

  16. How exhausting it is to be a slave to fashion… or anything of an ephemeral nature for that matter. Better – easier, simpler and truer – to be a servant to our inner hearts, and express in full from there.

    1. Great point Roslyn. It’s such a change in the way so many of us relate to fashion – not that we’re consciously hiding, but in the need to be fashionable we are absolutely dismissing our own expression, ie. what we would choose to wear if we hadn’t capped ourselves with a ideal picture of what we should look like.

  17. How we dress can be an extension of who we are, or used to hide who we are. As we change and evolve so will our clothes and what we wear.

  18. Your observations from having lived the reality within the fashion industry give this message about the emptiness of fashion slavery even deeper poignancy. You’ve come out onto the catwalk under the spotlight and expressed the truth. It’s Love that’s cool. It’s our own inner beauty then expressed through dress that resolves the emptiness and makes us shine. Invest in living and dressing that beauty, not in the latest must-haves.

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