Love in a Nutshell

After dinner we decided to have some walnuts that, although dating from last year’s harvest and looking dull on the outside, still tasted magnificent. One of them split exactly in half and what we saw brought joy-full laughter and a deeper understanding to our dinner table.

The amazingly beautiful heart-shaped nut – sitting so well-preserved in its shell – for me was a symbol that inside everything, love is the essence. An essence that will always be preserved and can be revealed, no matter how thick the shell might seem.

Love is deeply nurturing and like the walnut seed, a magnificent tree can grow from it: tall, strong, deeply rooted, prepared to withstand any winds and magnifying the love from this little walnut seed by bringing forth hundreds of walnuts, all of which have the potential to grow into magnificent trees.

Not one tree will look exactly like the other, and yet they all are the same; differing a little in their growing habit, their genetics and the external appearance and the flavour of their fruit, but all are walnuts. They all have the same cycle of life and in their essence, stem from one seed.

This reminded me a lot of love, which is our essence. We sometimes hide this love underneath a thick shell of hurts and protection, but this love inside is always there.

If we prepare the soil, it can root and let us grow into more than we ever thought would be possible.

There is such an incredible potential in this small seed of love. The hard shell around it might sometimes not appeal to us at first, but what I have learned from yesterday’s experience is that it is always worth looking underneath for the essence – not getting distracted by what my eyes first see.

Thank you to Serge Benhayon for the inspiration to constantly read what I meet in life and thank you to Felix for so gently opening this walnut and thus revealing the treasure within.

 By Michael Kremer, Personal Assistant, Buchholz, Germany

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1,043 thoughts on “Love in a Nutshell

  1. “….it is always worth looking underneath for the essence – not getting distracted by what my eyes first see.” So true. In the same way, we should not ‘judge a book by its cover’, when the exterior is peeled away and the true essence is revealed, we cannot fail to see the treasure that lies within.

  2. There is a seed in every relationship that we have, whether that is an intimate one, friends, family… all are there with the potential for something. So do we develop, nurture, test and grow that, or hold back, protect, withdraw and so it does not get the nutrients it needs to grow strong and true?

  3. Now more than any other time in my life I’m seeing how our outer shell might be of different sizes and thicknesses but our essence no matter how much we think we hide it away, is untouched and forever burning bright just the same as every single other person in the world.

  4. I find nature contains such wonders. When you take time to consider the magic of a walnut growing inside the hard shell and the intricate nature of its grooves that is so similar to a human brain or the magic of a baby growing in a woman’s body which takes detail and design to a whole different level, both are such miracles really, miracles right before our eyes. We have simply taken them for granted.

  5. Not getting distracted by what our eyes see first.. so true. If we limit ourselves to what our eyes see, we miss out on experiencing the depth, beauty and majesty of the whole, through allowing ourselves to feel and love deeply.

  6. I love this – beneath a hard exterior shell may not be all it seems…. and could within every person be this resounding beauty, that may only be temporarily masked by a harder shell.

  7. Within the hard protective shell of our own nut kernel there is the essence of love that we know is waiting for us to open up to.

  8. When we open our eyes life can be full of ‘just so’ events. Some can be as clear as in this blog, some require more awareness but they are very often there.

  9. I love this, the magic of God showing us on a far deeper level how we are all interconnected and come from an essence of love no matter how hard we try to conceal it, it is always there with us.

  10. This is a gorgeous sharing Michael, thank you for the reminder that behind every tough and hard exterior we are all made of the same divine essence.

  11. When we have worked through our own protection, our hard shell, it becomes more simple to look underneath the hard shell of another to feel their essence, like you say to not get distracted by what our eyes see first because then going in reaction is very easy, feel one’s essence and we see the energy of love in all of us.

  12. there is such divine symbology in nature – a walnut being one of them. Often we distinguish each other just from the physical but it is so key to not forget the essence of who we are.

  13. I love this, so simple yet deeply profound if we yet choose to see the grandness of who we are and how interconnected we are. The magic of symbology is so powerful and inspiring, opening our eyes to seeing and feeling what is there to be read.

  14. I love the title of this blog as it reminds me of how love and thus God is in the detail. WE may think of love as this big earthquake that happens between people but it is a state of being, a quality in energy that is on offer all around us all of the time.

  15. It also shows that it does not matter that they are old, the love is still there. In other words however long we have not loved, it does not matter for it is forever there waiting untouched and ready to grow into all parts of our day where we can express love.

  16. Love is deeply nurturing and like the walnut seed, a magnificent tree can grow from it’. What a lovely metaphor. The potential is within us, it is only up to us to open up and ‘soil’ ourselves to the love can come out igniting other ‘wallnut’ hearts. I just get a big smile on my face just visualizing this – if we were to all crack our nuts and open up, what a forest of Love.

  17. “Not getting distracted by what our eyes first see”. We can so easily make judgements and decisions based on what we perceive with eyes, we learnt to trust them over what we feel, and this has been the down fall of man for many thousands of years.

    1. Well said Alison. I find that my ears can also be deceived, in fact all the senses are prey to this. I feel more committed now to staying aware and supporting my body to read what is truly going on rather than rely on these 5 senses that have been markers to the truth, which is not really the truth, for so long.

  18. Indeed love is always there, and the more we are willing to surrender and connect to it, the more it becomes part of our everyday. When we try and control love it is no longer us accessing the quality of it that can pass through us but trying to make it our own. But love is never individual – it is always about multiple relationships including the one we have with ourselves.

  19. Symbology in nature is always there to support and confirm us, if we are willing to see and read its language. And thus, the walnut seed is indeed a splendid example of the expression that from small things big things can grow.

  20. A beautiful example of the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. If we judged the walnut from its outer appearance we might not even feel to open it and in doing so miss out on enjoying the delight inside. And it is exactly the same with judging others before we allow them to open up to us and to share who they truly are.

  21. When you place your hand on someone’s heart and do some healing, it is one of the most beautiful experiences to feel when the person starts letting you in and what appeared to be a concrete wall, turns into tenderness and the heart ceases to be a distant, buried thing, to become very alive.

    1. This is so true, there is with virtually everyone a hard wall of protection around the heart that we ignore even though it is leading us to ill health. Sacred Esoteric Healing is an amazing modality for healing this protection that would otherwise be harming us lifelong.

  22. There is so much to observe in nature and around us, the world is talking to us all the time if we are open to listening to it. So much communication but how much of that do we really pay attention to?

    1. It suits us to dismiss what is there to support and guide us back and we are much the poorer if not outright destitute for it. Symbology, in its true and unadulterated meaning, as the Magic of God in nature that it is, is there for us as a confirmation of our divine origins.

  23. We look different to the world and see every human being with different eyes if we consider that ‘inside everything, love is the essence. An essence that will always be preserved and can be revealed, no matter how thick the shell might seem.’ Of course everyone is on their own path of return and choose their speed, but deep down we are all exactly the same. We are all love, we all come from God and we are part of the universe.

  24. Most of us have our own version of protection, even if we don’t know we have it, and with the work of Serge Benhayon and the Ageless Wisdom we can first become aware, and then let go of that protection.

    1. well said Heather, most of may not realise the extend of their protection as part of it has become the norm within society. To imagine living free of any form of protection, open and in our fullness, is something that did not come to life for me until I met Serge Benhayon.

  25. Yes beautiful. Indeed everything what happens in life could be read, as it is presented to us for the sake of evolution. Doesn’t that make life beautiful, and beautiful doesn’t mean easy or not confronting.

  26. Yes, and sometimes a thick shell gets formed precisely because it feels the delicateness and preciousness of what’s inside in contrast to what it is being surrounded by, and then it starts to feel like the shell, thinks it is the shell and forgets what was inside. Such an irony.

  27. I was reflecting on your words about what grows from the seed, that we may take the seed of love we are in essence wherever we go, and we may not realise what may grow from that in terms of it’s ripple effects and our ability to inspire others.

  28. We are absolutely each so beautiful, no matter what the outer shell we have constructed to hide ourselves away looks like.

  29. A beautiful reminder of the messages always being received from nature for us to appreciate deeply.
    “The amazingly beautiful heart-shaped nut – sitting so well-preserved in its shell – for me was a symbol that inside everything, love is the essence. An essence that will always be preserved and can be revealed, no matter how thick the shell might seem”.

  30. Great blog. In a nutshell, human life is much more simpler than we think it is when we let go of all the emotional entanglements that drive us to distraction and allow the warmth of love and purpose to flow.

  31. Life is so rich, it is continually gifting us although we often we run around oblivious to its offerings. I am reminded to stay connected to my body and pay more attention in the moment so as not to miss these magic and inspiring messages.

  32. “a symbol that inside everything, love is the essence” we were made by love and we come from love it his our very essence beneath the tough shell exterior.

  33. “a symbol that inside everything, love is the essence” Symbolism in nature is a constant reminder from God of all the love that He is and that we are also.

  34. Love is always there, and it is up to each and every one of us who have started to build the inner connection and to know where love lives to reflect this back into the world, so that more and more people have the possibility and the opportunity of knowing who they are and thus the tide is turned

    1. One of the beliefs we have is that we can be hurt if we love, and it’s true we can experience hurts in life but our love remains untouched. We cannot hurt or damage the love we have inside in our essence.

    2. A beautiful call to action – who would not want to love more? But do we consider that this way of living has such a big impact on so many other people and not just see it from a personal perspective?

  35. There isn’t a shell big enough or strong enough to contain Love. Love cannot be contained just abundantly expressed.

    1. Richard it must take so much energy to hide the power and brilliance of our love behind a protective shell or other facade. Holding back something so mighty that is meant to be expressed and a part of our true nature must take an enormous effort.

      1. Is it possible that this is why there is so much exhaustion in humanity – and so much demand for stimulation?

  36. It is beautiful how the magic of nature can playfully reflect so much to us and just as lovely is when it is seen and appreciated in full and what is offered and confirmed to us through each reflection.

    1. Yes the magic of nature is very playful and is truly magical in all the reflections it provides and how the details of each reflection is exactly what is needed in that moment for the person receiving it. The last time I looked at a walnut it reminded me of a brain not a heart!

  37. “Love is deeply nurturing and like the walnut seed, a magnificent tree can grow from it” Yes Love is what we grow on best. Better than anything else.

  38. And just like a walnut not allowed to be let out of its shell and grow, we all miss out when we hold ourselves back and do not express our love.

  39. If we prepare the soil … love can go to paraphrase what you so beautifully offer here Micheal. This is no limit to love other than how much we’re willing to nurture it, and no matter what it’s always there, a seed waiting to grow and thrive.

  40. ” The amazingly beautiful heart-shaped nut – sitting so well-preserved in its shell – for me was a symbol that inside everything, love is the essence. ”
    This for sure this is true and the same applies to all people for truth at their true essence, there is nothing but the love of the source of their essence.

  41. I love coming back to this gorgeous blog. It reminds me of how loving it is to be open to every person we meet regardless of what they look like, because we are all in essence exactly the same.

    1. There is a beautiful equality and unity there that transcends all physical appearances when we relate to each other by our essence.

  42. Nature is always reflecting, confirming and bringing understanding to who we are and that the divine is housed within us all, if we just, stop and feel vis the connection to the vehicles we are housed within.

  43. We, every single one of us, are a template of God, of love, of real life itself, and through our connection to our Soul our connection to our multi-dimensionality can be bought to life. Such is our purpose for being here to together expand God’s love, the love we innately are with every move we make, through our daily living.

    1. Love this Eduardo, as it relates beautifully to how we are here in this plane of life, as the living symbols of God, through which our connection to our love within, to our Soul, our Godliness is lived.

  44. Michael we could also use this analogy for human-beings
    Not one tree will look exactly like the other, and yet they all are the same; differing a little in their growing habit, their genetics and the external appearance and the flavour of their fruit, but all are walnuts. They all have the same cycle of life and in their essence, stem from one seed.
    From the external appearance of human-beings you would think we were all different, but in essence we are all the same, one day we will come to this realisation and work together for the benefit of the all and not in the separation that we all currently live with.

  45. We are so often distracted by the outer shell of something or someone and instantly make a judgement but in doing so we are possibly in danger of missing out on the beauty that lies behind the facade, the shell of protection. Within each and every one of us lie a well of love, a well that never runs dry in spite of all we do to hide it, to protect it and in some cases deny it is actually there.

    1. It’s so true Ingrid and a great comment, we judge the shell and miss the essence of love in the person. Comparing the walnut story to how we judge does now seem quite ludicrous – the heart of who we are is not the shell we construct. I reckon staying steady in our essence of love means loving people for who they truly are, that’s how we love in a world where people and their behaviours have moved very far from their essence.

  46. I have just moved house and have been going shopping in the local shopping centre and supermarkets. The staff in the shops have mostly felt beautifully open and very helpful, yet many of the shoppers have been carrying a quite hard shell. The difference in the the experience of these two way of walking around and relating is quite striking. The openness is such a blessing to be around. The hardness is a great reminder to me to keep me observing and not judging.

  47. This shows what we are able to read and reflect on even from the simplest thing. Who knew there was so much in one nut and yet here we have a deep and personal reflection that is for us all. Why do I wait for the signposts I want in life to read like this? When in fact this could be my everyday, my every moment and far from hard work this quality of reflection and detail will support me not to carry the load of life of my shoulders which then weighs me down and takes me out of rhyme.

  48. Our cycles in life constantly show us that life is not linear, that it is round and spinning, hence we can embrace all that is coming around and to us or reject another round until we embrace and see that which is love and that which is not. Eitherhow rejecting our cycles is not changing the fact that we go round and round until we move up to another next cylce.. Profoundly so. We are shown love in many ways in all cycles.

  49. As the only movement of the universe is expanding the love that all is and is the all, everything that is in line with that order can give a reflection of love, even at the most unexpected or seemingly impossible places.

    1. Extremely true and beautifully said and we only need open our eyes to it all and yet at most we are asleep and upset that we have no support. What you are speaking of plays out or ‘reflects’ at all corners of the world all the time and yet we can walk in the world thinking it’s not so. How strong are our pictures or should I say how blinding are our pictures, once we have walked then because at any moment we can see the truth of life or the truth full stop. Nothing has the power over this love because as you say, “love that all is and is the all”.

  50. Oh yes, the hard shell that can have so many faces. Only when we open up we all get to see the treasure everyone equally carries deep within and how amazing that nature through symbolism helps us to do so.

  51. Thank you for the reminder that under the hard shell exterior, that love is there. And is always there. In each and everyone one of us.

    1. I agree and yet we relate or live the “hard shell exterior” more at this point then the “love”. While it makes no sense and causes all manner of pain and hardship we still live it? Shows us the power of living something over and over, a rhyme if you like. Once you live it you become it and so to turn this ‘mess’ around all we need do is live the truth, live the love everywhere and that is what will be.

  52. “Love in a Nutshell” – a great title because of its simplicity. When we deal with our hurts then what remains is love because we are love, we come from love and love never goes away, even if we cannot connect to it due to hurts that are unresolved.

  53. I always remember the truth when someone first told me that when we cut open a person, we all bleed the same colour and we will not find any of the worlds labels etched onto their heart – inside we are all equally the same and within us all is a love that if expressed can unite us all

  54. Wise advice to look beyond the obvious and superficial to see what the eyes cannot. It brings the opportunity for less judgment or dismissiveness towards those with a tough shell who are simply protecting themselves from a repeat of a deep hurt from the past. My experience of walnuts when recently cracked is that the nut itself is beautifully sweet and tender to the taste. Well worth the initial perseverance.

  55. What a great analogy, a hard exterior can keep hidden a beautiful essence, never appropriate to judge by what is initially presented.

  56. How can you judge anything or anyone by an exterior when you’ve never made an effort to look inside it, find out more or build a deeper relationship with someone?

  57. A great analogy delivered with deep appreciation and love. There is much we are able to learn and expand from with the many reflections around us when we feel and discern everything that is there to be seen.

  58. Gorgeous to read Michael, it brings tears to my eyes when i feel the preciousness of every single person whatever the shell they have placed around them portrays for they are love in the deepest part of their beings because they come from love first and foremost .

  59. “The hard shell around it might sometimes not appeal to us at first, but what I have learned from yesterday’s experience is that it is always worth looking underneath for the essence – not getting distracted by what my eyes first see.” I absolutely love how much we can learn about observing and reading life. The offerings for evolution are constant, it’s up to us whether we choose to see and accept them or not.

  60. Sure is Michael, just waiting to come out and love, ‘We sometimes hide this love underneath a thick shell of hurts and protection, but this love inside is always there.’

  61. Even though walnuts have a very hard shell, the meat inside tastes delicious. I also really love the smooth shell when I touch it. It takes more time to crack the shells to get to the meat, but this is the only way to taste the meat fresh. No matter how hard our shell is, our meat is the same and it is the same delicious and precious. Having a hard shell comes from how smooth and sensitive and delicate we really are.

  62. We may sometimes build these hard shells or layers of protection throughout our lives but the beauty is found in the peeling back of these layers and revealing the very essence that then connects us all. Our heart then has the opportunity to celebrate and reflect in all its honest glory.

  63. Thank you Michael… like with everything in our life, we need to learn to feel before we visually want to see. When we feel – we can not hide what is seen, if we do not want to feel we create an illusion of what we want to see.

  64. Love can always be preserved… These are beautiful words as they relate to a solid commitment that brings about true evolution for all of mankind – the return back to soul.

  65. It matters not the mode of encasement or how old or young the nut may be… for Love is endlessly at each of our core and is never weathered by the outer choices we make. Love is forever calling us to return to express the magnificence we each are.

  66. Yes,this is so beautiful in its simplicity and unexpectedness. Life cannot but remind us of the beauty within if we only take in what is around us in every moment! Thank you for sharing this inspiring blog Michael!

  67. As I read the title of this blog “Love in a Nutshell” I got a feeling of how HUGE Love is and how it could never be contained in a nutshell whereas the mind which actually look like a walnut could be!

  68. I have often found the wonder of how something so magnificent as a flower or a tree can grow from a tiny seed. So much of what we depend on comes from these tiny things. Do we appreciate the power of the small details? Just because they are small does not mean they are without great potential just like us all.

  69. I was certainly a hard nut to crack when it came to the ways I interacted with others before attending Universal Medicine events but once we choose to connect back to our essence we have the opportunity to make different choices and dismantle the layers of protection we have built up over many years which allows our essence to shine forth wherever we are

  70. What a beautiful reflection you were offered by God Michael and you chose to take it deeper and appreciate what was on offer to you and now you share it with others for them to deepen their understanding. Truly an amazing gift for us all, thank you.

  71. Reading your blog really touched me this morning, and it was a perfect reminder that love is always there, no matter how thick the shell covering it might be.

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