Love in a Nutshell

After dinner we decided to have some walnuts that, although dating from last year’s harvest and looking dull on the outside, still tasted magnificent. One of them split exactly in half and what we saw brought joy-full laughter and a deeper understanding to our dinner table.

The amazingly beautiful heart-shaped nut – sitting so well-preserved in its shell – for me was a symbol that inside everything, love is the essence. An essence that will always be preserved and can be revealed, no matter how thick the shell might seem.

Love is deeply nurturing and like the walnut seed, a magnificent tree can grow from it: tall, strong, deeply rooted, prepared to withstand any winds and magnifying the love from this little walnut seed by bringing forth hundreds of walnuts, all of which have the potential to grow into magnificent trees.

Not one tree will look exactly like the other, and yet they all are the same; differing a little in their growing habit, their genetics and the external appearance and the flavour of their fruit, but all are walnuts. They all have the same cycle of life and in their essence, stem from one seed.

This reminded me a lot of love, which is our essence. We sometimes hide this love underneath a thick shell of hurts and protection, but this love inside is always there.

If we prepare the soil, it can root and let us grow into more than we ever thought would be possible.

There is such an incredible potential in this small seed of love. The hard shell around it might sometimes not appeal to us at first, but what I have learned from yesterday’s experience is that it is always worth looking underneath for the essence – not getting distracted by what my eyes first see.

Thank you to Serge Benhayon for the inspiration to constantly read what I meet in life and thank you to Felix for so gently opening this walnut and thus revealing the treasure within.

 By Michael Kremer, Personal Assistant, Buchholz, Germany

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954 thoughts on “Love in a Nutshell

  1. Such a sweet example of how reading and appreciating what each moment presents us brings deep understanding and much joy.

  2. A beautiful analogy of the sweetness of our inner essence, no matter how much our exteriors are different, tough and protected.

  3. Reading your blog really touched me this morning, and it was a perfect reminder that love is always there, no matter how thick the shell covering it might be.

  4. What a beautiful reflection you were offered by God Michael and you chose to take it deeper and appreciate what was on offer to you and now you share it with others for them to deepen their understanding. Truly an amazing gift for us all, thank you.

  5. I was certainly a hard nut to crack when it came to the ways I interacted with others before attending Universal Medicine events but once we choose to connect back to our essence we have the opportunity to make different choices and dismantle the layers of protection we have built up over many years which allows our essence to shine forth wherever we are

  6. I have often found the wonder of how something so magnificent as a flower or a tree can grow from a tiny seed. So much of what we depend on comes from these tiny things. Do we appreciate the power of the small details? Just because they are small does not mean they are without great potential just like us all.

  7. As I read the title of this blog “Love in a Nutshell” I got a feeling of how HUGE Love is and how it could never be contained in a nutshell whereas the mind which actually look like a walnut could be!

  8. Yes,this is so beautiful in its simplicity and unexpectedness. Life cannot but remind us of the beauty within if we only take in what is around us in every moment! Thank you for sharing this inspiring blog Michael!

  9. It matters not the mode of encasement or how old or young the nut may be… for Love is endlessly at each of our core and is never weathered by the outer choices we make. Love is forever calling us to return to express the magnificence we each are.

  10. Love can always be preserved… These are beautiful words as they relate to a solid commitment that brings about true evolution for all of mankind – the return back to soul.

  11. Thank you Michael… like with everything in our life, we need to learn to feel before we visually want to see. When we feel – we can not hide what is seen, if we do not want to feel we create an illusion of what we want to see.

  12. We may sometimes build these hard shells or layers of protection throughout our lives but the beauty is found in the peeling back of these layers and revealing the very essence that then connects us all. Our heart then has the opportunity to celebrate and reflect in all its honest glory.

  13. Even though walnuts have a very hard shell, the meat inside tastes delicious. I also really love the smooth shell when I touch it. It takes more time to crack the shells to get to the meat, but this is the only way to taste the meat fresh. No matter how hard our shell is, our meat is the same and it is the same delicious and precious. Having a hard shell comes from how smooth and sensitive and delicate we really are.

  14. Sure is Michael, just waiting to come out and love, ‘We sometimes hide this love underneath a thick shell of hurts and protection, but this love inside is always there.’

  15. “The hard shell around it might sometimes not appeal to us at first, but what I have learned from yesterday’s experience is that it is always worth looking underneath for the essence – not getting distracted by what my eyes first see.” I absolutely love how much we can learn about observing and reading life. The offerings for evolution are constant, it’s up to us whether we choose to see and accept them or not.

  16. Gorgeous to read Michael, it brings tears to my eyes when i feel the preciousness of every single person whatever the shell they have placed around them portrays for they are love in the deepest part of their beings because they come from love first and foremost .

  17. A great analogy delivered with deep appreciation and love. There is much we are able to learn and expand from with the many reflections around us when we feel and discern everything that is there to be seen.

  18. How can you judge anything or anyone by an exterior when you’ve never made an effort to look inside it, find out more or build a deeper relationship with someone?

  19. What a great analogy, a hard exterior can keep hidden a beautiful essence, never appropriate to judge by what is initially presented.

  20. Wise advice to look beyond the obvious and superficial to see what the eyes cannot. It brings the opportunity for less judgment or dismissiveness towards those with a tough shell who are simply protecting themselves from a repeat of a deep hurt from the past. My experience of walnuts when recently cracked is that the nut itself is beautifully sweet and tender to the taste. Well worth the initial perseverance.

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