Love in a Nutshell

After dinner we decided to have some walnuts that, although dating from last year’s harvest and looking dull on the outside, still tasted magnificent. One of them split exactly in half and what we saw brought joy-full laughter and a deeper understanding to our dinner table.

The amazingly beautiful heart-shaped nut – sitting so well-preserved in its shell – for me was a symbol that inside everything, love is the essence. An essence that will always be preserved and can be revealed, no matter how thick the shell might seem.

Love is deeply nurturing and like the walnut seed, a magnificent tree can grow from it: tall, strong, deeply rooted, prepared to withstand any winds and magnifying the love from this little walnut seed by bringing forth hundreds of walnuts, all of which have the potential to grow into magnificent trees.

Not one tree will look exactly like the other, and yet they all are the same; differing a little in their growing habit, their genetics and the external appearance and the flavour of their fruit, but all are walnuts. They all have the same cycle of life and in their essence, stem from one seed.

This reminded me a lot of love, which is our essence. We sometimes hide this love underneath a thick shell of hurts and protection, but this love inside is always there.

If we prepare the soil, it can root and let us grow into more than we ever thought would be possible.

There is such an incredible potential in this small seed of love. The hard shell around it might sometimes not appeal to us at first, but what I have learned from yesterday’s experience is that it is always worth looking underneath for the essence – not getting distracted by what my eyes first see.

Thank you to Serge Benhayon for the inspiration to constantly read what I meet in life and thank you to Felix for so gently opening this walnut and thus revealing the treasure within.

 By Michael Kremer, Personal Assistant, Buchholz, Germany

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888 thoughts on “Love in a Nutshell

  1. It is all so simple! We have spent so much energy indulging in the complexities of life. Time to come back . . . in a nutshell.

  2. To bethink oneself of the essentials, ie is our inner essence and receiving one´s impulses from there is living an esoteric life. Nothing can be simpler as there is none complexity in our essence that is love. So either we are impulsed by love or not-love, we are either living esoterically or are impulsed from stimuli outside of ourselves, which means we bring something inside that doesn´t belong to our true making and thus is disharmonious. Nature is reflecting the whole science in its simplicity for us to re-know and live.

  3. “This reminded me a lot of love, which is our essence. We sometimes hide this love underneath a thick shell of hurts and protection, but this love inside is always there.” Yes we all have the essence within us, we are all born with it, if we let go of the protect and hurts it is there for us and all to feel.

  4. Life is constantly reflecting back to us our choices. The symbology in nature is very powerful, but only if we choose to notice it. How beautiful that you chose to stop and take note Michael and then see what was being presented. It really is very simple.

  5. Thank you, For writing this down so beautifully, our essence is love. That is all that is to it, it is all we crave for so when we choose to open the nut, we get served by this beauty.

  6. I speak from experience, my shell was thick, (at least it felt like it) I called myself a car, hard on the outside, soft on the inside….”An essence that will always be preserved and can be revealed, no matter how thick the shell might seem.” And yet now, I am soft and open inside and out to a great degree and I fear life less and protect myself less…so how does that work…? I realised the protection does not work, if we cut ourselves off, to try not to be hurt, we do so from all, hurt and love, observation is the key that has unlocked my openness, no more taking it all on, but observing life and appreciating the love that is often presented for us to feel. (Inside and Out)

  7. Such beautiful,and insightful analogy here. I am so glad you are able to express that no matter how hard and closed off someone might seem to be, they still have the same beauty within, that just wants to be met and connected with. The key in life is to know that everyone has this beauty within, regardless of how they behave externally.

  8. It seems to make sense to protect the fragile seed with a hard shell so it does not get hurt. But just when the seed stays as it is it needs protection. Let it grow and unfold and it becomes a big, great tree which has its fragile parts but also it deep and solid roots. So the key is to unfold, let grow, expand.

  9. Thank you for the reminder that we are all love, it is our essence. And what I got from today, is that we can nurture that love and letting it unfold and expand.

  10. Holding onto hurts voids another from experiencing the true nature of the love that we are, it is only through letting go of the hard protective shell that we can truly let love in and let love out as that is the innate right for all.

  11. It is definitely worth not only cracking our shell wide open but letting go of it altogether.
    The true substance and gold is within awaiting us to let ‘us’ out in full.

  12. Everyone has a tender inside even if they have a tough shell on the outside, and just feeling this in another and allowing them just to be sometimes allows them to let go of some or all of the shell to reveal their gorgeous essence.

  13. We can hide within the brittle protection of our shell but the love within cannot live to its full potential until we crack the protective shell and allow our love to grow and share our beauty and inner love with all.

  14. What a beautiful analogy and sharing on love deeply touching the essence of who we are in a nut shell. Thank you Felix walnuts will never be the same again and the heart is always there.

  15. “If we prepare the soil, it can root and let us grow” – Absolutely – life takes a lot of preparation and dedication and hard work to make it truly loving and to enable us to move forward, preparation is absolutely key.

  16. I love this analogy and the beautiful feeling that came from you opening up the walnut; I was able to feel the essence of the love that you described so clearly. And I too have come to know that it “is always worth looking underneath for the essence – not getting distracted by what my eyes first see.”. The hardened shell may tell a story but it is not the true story, that story lies within.

  17. Another observation about walnuts is that they look like a little brain. If we put this with your analogy Michael then the message we receive is that great intelligence is accessed when we let the (Christ) heart impulse the (Buddhic) mind. Through this process we have access to what we have lived in separation to for so long – the vastness of God’s love, the Universal Intelligence that we belong to.

  18. Thank you Michael, for sharing what is so true and a reality of the messages of God, we might at times deny (miss to see, by virtue of our lack of appreciation and connection).. So it is so beautiful we arise to a point where this natural example shows us our way home.. Just like a walnut tree.

  19. And it’s the vastness of God’s love when activated within ourselves and then chosen in a relationship that then brings forth some amazing feats. This morning I was tugged to look at the couples category and this article came up to read. I felt the inspiration and joy of what a couple committed to evolving, to having love as their absolute foundation can then bring: love that is for everyone equally, and constant inspiration to be more, share more of who we all truly are.

  20. How glorious it is to get so much understanding and meaning from one tiny moment. It really goes to show how symbols speak volumes.

  21. A beautiful analogy Michael, the love of our essence is revealed on opening and discarding the hard protective outer layer.

  22. Just thinking about the hard shell of a walnut yet the heart within – shows that no matter how hard we try to protect ourselves or put on an outer layer our heart within never leaves us, no matter what!

    1. That is a great reminder James, whatever we are experiencing in real life because of the situations we are in, that inner core remains and will never waiver from us and will be a place to go where we can connect with the real essence of us, the core of our existence.

  23. It’s so true Michael, despite not one walnut tree looking exactly like another they are all in essence the same. The details may differ of their ‘growing habit, their genetics and the external appearance and the flavour of their fruit, but all are walnuts’. We human beings are no different.

  24. Yesterday, because of having to teach Shakespeare, I was looking up ‘The Doctrine of Signatures’ to refresh myself on the Renaissance theory that a plant (fruit, berry, vegetable, bean) that resembled the shape of an organ could be used to cure that organ. The walnut of course looked very brain-like in its shape and so was thought of as a cure for brain disease. I love how you have transformed the ‘brain’ nut into the ‘heart’ nut Michael, showing that the true knowing and intelligence cannot operate unless it comes for the inner-heart.

  25. Nature is so beautiful and in that continuous reflecting to us what love is and how it works out in its many appearances. So much to learn from nature…

  26. The shell of protection and hardness can slowly melt away as we choose to connect with the love we are, and then begin to know we are all the same.

  27. I had never really thought about trees in that way, that they are all the same trees but all express themselves in their own way as each tree never looks the same. But their essence is the same. Just like us humans.

  28. Indeed Michael, the love in a smile can change everything. If we are prepared to see, there are messages of love everywhere.

  29. To continue on adding strength to our shell really is nuts to me. We are sweet and so yummy inside why on earth is this something we continue to hide? Your words are like poetry to me Michael reminding me that sometimes we need to be cracked open to appreciate the natural beauty that is in you and me.

    1. I love your comment Joseph, I agree it certainly is nuts to keep our shell for protection and safety. Cracking my protective shell open is what I am working on. Crazy to have carried it for so long when all that is inside all of us is pure joy and beauty.

  30. A sweet post full of meaning. A lot of the time we are oblivious to the treasure we hold within because we are busy distracting ourselves from things we don’t want to feel but if we choose gentleness and stillness the conditions are just right for cracking that hard shell open.

  31. ‘Love is deeply nurturing and like the walnut seed, a magnificent tree can grow from it: tall, strong, deeply rooted, prepared to withstand any winds and magnifying the love from this little walnut seed by bringing forth hundreds of walnuts, all of which have the potential to grow into magnificent trees.’ Just reading this powerful and beautiful description of nature and feeling the miracle of nature (which is natural not really ‘miraculous’) and the growth of these magnificent trees from a tiny seed, is something so full of wonder.

  32. A stunning reminder to always look through the outer to the truth within… too many of us hide behind sometimes the ugliest of protections but the inside is always the same.

  33. Nature offers us such truth and wisdom constantly and when we choose to stop and enjoy the fruits of it’s teachings, we too can grow and prosper just like the seed into a large, bountiful tree.

  34. That is so important Michael, that we do not let the eye fool us as to what lies beneath a tough or hardened exterior. To feel and see the essence of another is one of the most deeply beautiful experiences we can ever have – the beauty of it, and the revelation that we are all the same, is worth everything.

  35. “If we prepare the soil, it can root and let us grow”, so true when we nurture and prepare the love within it will grow and emerge out being a beautiful inspiration and reflection for others.

  36. Beautiful to read this blog again and appreciating how nurturing, strong and powerful love is. Apply love to anything and it will always grow, from the tiniest seed or nut to our own body love is our nutrition.

  37. I find it fascinating that a little seed can give birth to a ginormous tree with many other little seeds, and so goes the cycle. To me, we can’t deny the intelligence of this planet, how it works and what keeps it all alive. There is so much magic going on that reflects the more we are from. The more being the universe and its spacious intelligence.

  38. Beautiful – no matter how hard the exterior might be, there is always love inside. And if you think walnuts have a hard shell, wait until you try to crack a macadamia nut! You just about need a hammer, a nutcracker will definitely not do the job. And yet, on the inside there is a yummy kernel; creamy and rich when mature, crisp and a bit like a coconut when very fresh. Nature provides amazing reflections all the time.

  39. I was writing about Shakespeare’s play The Tempest the other day and the ship smashed against the rocks in the storm was compared to a nutshell being cracked. This would lead to a real transformation and regeneration for the characters who chose to raise their awareness. I thought of your blog of course Michael! The seeming disaster (at one level) of the cracking or smashing can lead to the discovery of something truly priceless.

    1. I love the analogy Lyndy. Oh how we so often want to hold on to and protect that hard shell as if our all is dependent on it, yet when there is a crack and we finally start to let go, we invariably find that the inner tenderness that is revealed is all the love and beauty we have ever wanted.

  40. I love this love in a nutshell! No matter if life looks ugly on the outside beneath that is love and if we live from this knowing and have a relationship with the love that is in another then they are given a very clear opportunity to drop hurts and come back to love.

  41. Removing the picture of love being about that one special person, or reserved only for family is one of the necessary steps to experiencing love in its full glory.

  42. I agree it is a huge inspiration be open to read what life presents to us, there is a richness and deeper appreciation that comes from this as well as a deeper understanding, beautiful.

  43. A beautiful example of how the love we are within remains true, steady and eternally waiting for us to embrace it and let it out, regardless of how far we have chosen to walked away from it. For as soon as we choose love we return to living the potential of all we truly are.

  44. Awesome Michael, you explained life in a nut shell. Under every shell is the potential for incredible growth back to the divine grace we all are.

  45. It is very beautiful for us to touch upon our love, we can be opened in a myriad of ways by different people, but we have to have said yes to re-connecting with this depth and truth of who we are.

  46. Reading this analogy again – the seed is very symbolic of our choices. How often do we make choices based on what we want life to look like rather than simply moving with what we sense and feel and being open to an outcome to evolve from there? Looking at a seed, even if you know what species it is, you cannot tell what the tree will look like, but it has everything in it to make the choice to be, like us.

  47. A very tender analogy that shows us that there is a love that we all carry within us that never leaves, but often we choose to leave it by surrounding it with a ‘hard shell’ just like the walnut. But we have a choice in every moment to break through this protective shell and re-connect to our essence, our true love, and begin to truly live once again.

  48. What a great line Michael, “it is always worth looking underneath for the essence – not getting distracted by what my eyes first see.” How true this is for all human beings.

    1. It is wise to know with our whole body and not restrict our sight to two eyes that see what they want to see and filter life through perceptions and past experiences.

  49. A simple love story, getting to the heart of the matter – everything we ever want is within just awaiting our breath to give flames to the fire.

  50. I have felt this for myself and witnessed it in so many others who have chosen The Way of The Livingness. There is a beauty, a power and a infinite love. Very gorgeous.

  51. Every reflection bar none is a wondrous gesture of the universe offering us wisdom, infinite learning and a lit path home (to the grandness that we are).

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