Life is Truly Magical

Do you see life as something that is truly glorious, amazing, incredible and full of magic; a life that you would want to come back and live time and time again?

Waking up each morning in true appreciation of the mist in the valleys, the birds chirping, being in awe of the rays beaming through the clouds from the sun, or in the remaining glow of the last full moon. Feeling the freshness of the morning air on your skin and brushing across your nose as you open that first door or window of your home.

Do you allow yourself to feel the lightness in your body before you begin your day that allows you to feel what is needed to truly support you to continue feeling the glory that each day and each moment can bring?

Knowing that in each moment you have a choice to choose you, to make choices that lovingly support you to appreciate life, to see the roses amongst the thorns, to build a relationship with your body that allows you to live in a way that leaves you feeling vital at the end of each day.

Then to look forward to putting yourself to bed so you can get up and do it all again tomorrow. A bit far fetched you may say: well at one point in my life I would have agreed with you, arguing this was impossible and ‘airy fairy’.

I rarely was able to see the roses amongst the thorns; there were glimpses, but not for long and I certainly was not able to appreciate the full bloom from start to end. Now after many years working on my own self-appreciation, learning to love and accept myself, I can now truly appreciate life and all that comes with it, thorns and all.

My focus now is no longer on the thorns but instead on the roses; the beauty, scent, aroma, gentleness and delicateness that surround me every day – that same quality I feel around me is also within.

This beautiful quality that has taken me a long time to connect to, is one that I now choose for myself as a way of life.

A life that now has a flow and a consistency where the complication still presents itself, only now I am able to observe it, deal with what gets presented and move onto what is next.

In the past the complication used to absorb me; it would consume my day at times, even making it difficult to sleep, playing on my conscience for as long as I would allow it to.

By making the choice to stop my mind from running my body, and by not allowing my thoughts to take over what I was feeling, I began to feel differently.

Observing how with the simplest of choices life began to shift, the complication became less, and the magic of God began to take over: with every thorn came a rose, and after a while the roses overtook the thorns, a beautiful reminder of how life could be if I continued to choose me, to choose love.

Knowing there will always be thorns but also that there is so much more… by appreciating me and everything around me, the beauty began to outweigh the darkness I had once felt and lived with.

After many years and the support of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, I have learnt to take responsibility for my choices, the way I live and to appreciate myself, to love the woman I am, to know I am not perfect and nor do I need to be, that life is not meant to be hard, that it is not meant to be complicated, that life is truly amazing, beautiful and full of magic.

By Nicole Serafin, 44yrs, Woman, Wife, Mother, Hairdresser, Tintenbar, NSW

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762 thoughts on “Life is Truly Magical

  1. Life is truly magical feels so very expansive than life is full of struggle my old belief system which only and ever generated complication and struggle. Having much more of an understanding of life and of myself, (having cleared and healed many old hurts), there has been many times that life has been simple, flowing and magical.. and indeed many more times that I have missed.

  2. It is in the allowing, of feeling the all, that we meet the grandness, the magnificence, the beauty, the magic of what is by design around us. What I can feel when I read your words Nicole is how I have chosen to contract away from the all, not wanting to feel the ugliness I see around, and missing out on the beauty at the same time – and that was my choice.

  3. I saw a saying that struck me the other day. It said, ‘you could bemoan the fact that a rose bush has thorns or celebrate the fact that thorn bushes have roses.’ It’s about where we choose to focus our energies and I can see how you have changed your focus Nicole and as result you are seeing the beauty and magic in life.

  4. I was very good at focusing on the negative things for a long time or if I was waiting on a test result from school or the doctor i would always go to the extreme negative, which I find very interesting and shows where my values rested. I have found how much I value and stop to appreciate my movements and choices today also helps me see that many of the choices I made when I was young were all leading me back to who I innately am and that is a pretty powerful appreciation unto itself. Life definitely is magical and our choices are a big part of that.

  5. Feeling the fire (heat within my heart) that wants to come out more when we speak about appreciation and that we are in fact part of the magic in life, very much so, that at times it can seem too glorious for us to accept it.. But it is for us to do so, and when we do, we will outweigh any darkness around (we might have chosen before, but no longer choose).

    1. Thank you Danna, this was perfect for me to read today. There is a realisation there that the issues, problems and darkness you refer to are part of the comfort, the irresponsibility to not claim and live the glory of me.

  6. Your blog really drew me today because I can feel how I’ve made life hard again, mostly because I am not letting the beauty of my being be central to my life, alongside the appreciation of myself.

  7. “My focus now is no longer on the thorns but instead on the roses.” I love this Nicole. When we appreciate what truly is around us thee is so much on offer. A glass half full or a glass full – to twist the old adage….

    1. Yes, this article has helped me to be aware of how I am naturally focusing more on the beauty around me now, ‘the beauty, scent, aroma, gentleness and delicateness that surround me every day – that same quality I feel around me is also within.’

  8. ‘Observing how with the simplest of choices life began to shift, the complication became less, and the magic of God began to take over’ It just that, to see and feel the simplicity and appreciate even the smallest changes or things that occur and be open to the magic of God surrounding us to support in life.

  9. Thank you for the reminder that life is not complicated or hard. Should I require understanding I am asked to read and feel the energy at play, something I can now these days easily do.

  10. One of the most important choices we can keep choosing to make, ‘Knowing that in each moment you have a choice to choose you’.

  11. I can totally relate to what you have shared Nicole. I have had a life of doom and gloom which created a lot of anxiety in my day. It has been a long process to clock and then stop what is not of love in my thinking but the reward has been nothing short of divine.

  12. “My focus now is no longer on the thorns but instead on the roses” Me too. For a long time I thought the day would never come when I would see the roses were more than the thorns. But it has and it’s a miracle.

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