Travel Suitcase – What to Pack?

Holidays are a great opportunity to relax and unwind, but the thought of packing a suitcase often left me feeling the complete opposite. Over the years I’ve noticed how I had built a level of anxiousness over what to pack and this left me feeling overwhelmed or burdened by the task.

A number of questions would rattle me, including:

  • How much do I pack?
  • What is the weather going to be like?
  • Have I packed enough warm and cooler clothing?
  • What if I can’t buy the same things in the place that I am visiting?
  • What if I pack too much and the luggage exceeds the weight allowance at the airport?
  • What will I wear to make me ‘fit in’ with the other people I am travelling with?
  • What if I choose the wrong clothes and they won’t have my size to purchase more?
  • Do I have enough toiletries and do I pack extra for others that may forget?

With time, I noticed that I had become accustomed to feeling this way and noticed how much this overwhelm would start to consume me weeks before I was heading off.

In many situations I would start to plan outfits in my head and organise mini “to do lists” to make sure everything was packed and that I didn’t miss a thing. This even affected my sleep and I would often dream I was at the airport catching a flight and had either forgotten to pack or, even worse, left my passport at home.

This changed when I recently became inspired by the work presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine on appreciation being the key ingredient in building a solid foundation upon which to base all aspects of my life. I knew that I had developed a solid foundation that supported me in my day, but I was missing the glue that held this all together – APPRECIATION!

Over the past month I have worked on developing an appreciation of the smallest parts of my foundation; from the quality of the time I take to moisturise my hands each day, to drinking water regularly to keep myself hydrated. I realised that my suitcase packing is a simple task that can be done as part of my day, no different to my morning routine that included showering, dressing and eating.

As I planned for a recent trip, I stopped and asked myself a few questions before I even attempted to place the first item in the suitcase:

How much do I really need to support me on this trip?

  • Am I choosing clothes that I feel to wear – or what I think others would like to see me wear?
  • Am I appreciating the care and detail I take into packing?
  • Can I ring a travel buddy and ask if we can share items such as hairdryers etc., to avoid doubling up?
  • Is the trip about ‘impressing’ others or ‘just being me’ with others?
  • Is what is in the suitcase coming from my own choice to feel what is needed to support me?

What I discovered with the packing process this time was:

  • As I packed each garment I appreciated how great this felt on my body.
  • I chose shoes that were not based on how well they matched my outfit, but on how comfortable they felt on my feet.
  • I selected clothes that I knew from experience kept me warm in winter and cooler in the summer months.
  • I packed toiletries that I use each day, so this was already part of my foundation.
  • I packed colours that I felt to wear, not what I thought would suit the places I was travelling to.

What seemed to be a hard and overwhelming task became so simple when I chose to appreciate myself even more and simply placed these items in my suitcase.

Building a foundation of appreciation has been the way in which I have chosen to heal a lot of the anxiousness, not only in packing a suitcase, but in many other aspects of my life. The feeling of it being a burden, the list writing and the worry about not getting things right are no longer part of my daily routine.

Learning to live from my foundation of appreciation and bringing this to my work, chores and all the other areas of my life has removed the anxiousness and given me more space to enjoy the opportunities that are on offer.

With this appreciation, anything is possible as it reminds me that anytime I may wobble or have self-doubt, I can return to the simplicity of the foundations I have laid down.

With deep thanks and appreciation to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, for showing me there is another way to live that supports us all to build more of who we are, and remove the overwhelm and anxiousness that can be fed to us when we choose not to appreciate our inner knowingness.

By Anonymous

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737 thoughts on “Travel Suitcase – What to Pack?

  1. My modus operandi for packing for long trips was always to put it off probably until the last two hours or so… Bizarre but true… Now I love careful and considered packing and really taking my time.

  2. Nearly 30 years ago I took a cycle trip with friends where we only took for a weekend what went in a saddle bag and the weather was warm in France over those days. That too was a great way to appreciate the friendships in that simplicity and the things that really mattered. Nowadays I like to remind myself of those things as well as take a little more with me, but I am less anxious. The teachings of Serge Benhayon have made a huge difference to me too in this regard.

  3. Appreciation is such an important foundation. I learned to appreciate myself, what I had, what I am inside moreover and the simple truths of life on that trip in so many ways.

  4. On one occasion I traveled my suitcase did not arrive until 3 days later, a message in itself I recon. So I only had what a carefully took in my travel bag, toothbrush, moisturiser, clean knickers, shorts and T shirt and my swim suit basically. These items looked so sparse in my room! However I learned to love minimalism, no make up, and just being myself without baggage. When my suitcase came it felt so unnecessary to have some much.

  5. I am sure that lots of people can relate to this blog, I certainly can. For me it was also about perfectionism, as I hated not having got it right if I later wanted things I had not brought with me yet so easily could have. anxiousness, yes, sure, around the whole matter of travel especially alone or somewhere I had not been before.

  6. The excessive baggage I have carried around in life has been exposed by what has been presented by Serge Benhayon. By simply paring my baggage down this never worked because I still had the underlying issue for why I was carrying the baggage in the first place. What I now choose after 12 years of being a Student of The Livingness is to keep life simple and nominate the excessive ways with an understanding that it was never me, only the energy I was aligning to. Choosing to appreciate my responsibility to live in a way that confirms me so that I can rid myself of my excessive baggage is still a work in progress!

  7. A beautiful blog bring simplicity to something that can be very stressful and overwhelming such as packing a suitcase and all this can become if we allow it to. The appreciation shared for oneself and the foundation from this is the key and very revealing and something to take notice of for myself thank you.

  8. Simplicity, comfort and self nurturing is the key to packing for holidays and so many other things in my life these days. I’m on my first real holiday in years at the moment and I’m travelling so light it’s almost ridiculous.

  9. I had to pack for travelling again recently. I have even less in my suitcase than the last time even though I am away for a slightly longer period. When I unpacked I noticed I was short one dress and one pair of trousers. There was a moment where I panicked slightly and thought I may have to buy clothes, but then I realised I do have enough appropriate clothes to last me. This is just a lesson that I need a lot less than I think when away from home, and the feeling of traveling light is very freeing.

  10. Working on appreciation brings into stark relief the myriad ways we try to bring ourselves down, to not appreciate – to sabotage – and the many negative sequelae that arise from this. – appreciation also brings us to a greater acceptance and confirmation – opening the portal to the deeper awareness and understanding of who we truly are.

  11. Those foundations are absolutely key as you say and it is essential to appreciate how you got there, the commitment to yourself in the process and when we make it about honouring and celebrating us. We then feel steady and no anxiousness can take over us unless we doubt who we are and what we bring.

  12. I am about to start packing my suitcase and i could start to feel the anxiety creeping in. Going back to basics keeping it simple and supporting myself.

  13. I realise how much we try and carry with us all of the time from this blog. I am like this in many ways even though I no longer carry the obvious suitcases of things around there is still a detail to what I carry. In other words it feels the same to me even though it may no longer look the same. It’s like there are layers to this and while you can at times easily unpacked the larger obvious things, its the detail where the next part lies. I can see the hold I have over others thinking I am better in comparison etc but this has no understanding for what the next part is for me. The next part is in the detail, the fine print if you look at it like that. So much has opened up in the detail.

  14. Appreciation is the glue that holds everything together and is the integrity that forms the nourishing foundations for us to build our lives upon.

  15. You touch on something profound here, that we do indeed hold a deep wisdom in our bodies – that knows what is needed in any given moment. but if we succumb to the mental thoughts, the raciness, anxiousness etc we have instantly lost that connection and therefore the wisdom that is there for us in every instance.

  16. Beautiful sharing Anon. I have found when packing with appreciation the quality and care felt in the packing is completely different from when I have packed without appreciation and with the panic, stress and anxiety instead. Cannot emphasise enough how important appreciation is both in this part and in all other areas of our lives.

  17. “Building a foundation of appreciation has been the way in which I have chosen to heal a lot of the anxiousness”- thank you for the great reminder as anxiousness has been a problem in the past.
    I can relate to you feeling anxious about what to pack, needing to “get it right”,” fit in” with the fashion where I am travelling to or “need “to impress my friends or relatives. However, nowadays when I make it about my needs, and I pack clothes with conscious presence and make it fun, I don’t find it difficult at all.

  18. I used to take forever packing going through all the same sort of mental stuff that you describe and as a result I used to really dislike packing, but in the last few years this has changed and packing has become a simple flow and in that flow there is pleasure.

  19. Just before coming to this article I was watching a video of people having fun at work, making their job light and playful yet really efficient. I can relate to creating worry about many things and packing for holidays or going away is certainly one of them, but why not make it fun instead, thats what I was feeling, after all I will end up at the same point regardless but with much less stress and worry and who know what having fun will bring to my day, but it certainly makes the tasks feel easier.

  20. “I packed toiletries that I use each day, so this was already part of my foundation.” This line made me giggle a bit as it reminded me of when I have packed and I would find myself packing things from my bathroom that I hardly EVER use at home and all of a sudden I think there will be a need to use it when I am away. It shows when the anxiety of being un-prepared can take us over. Great blog, thank you.

  21. You write that “Building a foundation of appreciation has been the way in which I have chosen to heal a lot of the anxiousness”, Great reminder that we are not victims of anxiousness, we either choose to keep creating it or we don’t by how we live and are with ourselves.

  22. Building a foundation of appreciation is something that we could all do and then something that holds us in good stead whenever we feel we are going into overwhelm. It is a great support.

  23. “What seemed to be a hard and overwhelming task became so simple when I chose to appreciate myself even more and simply placed these items in my suitcase.”
    Appreciating ourselves is key to life and something I constantly need reminding of.

  24. I can feel how when I used to pack it highlighted how I was not prepared, my foundation in life was not strong, when it came to fitting what I needed in a bag I couldn’t do it, I felt overwhelmed… procrastination came into it. On reflection I can see that being more engaged, aware and responsible in general life has enabled me to build a foundation that is prepared. I don’t checkout as I once did and I am more able to know what is required, needed, for the purpose of a certain situation. Great to be aware of these markers and appreciate them in our life, it supports our foundation.

  25. Reflecting on how I used to pack, it was last minute with an unwillingness to feel into what would support me and so, I over packed, a just in case size suitcase that was heavy and cumbersome. I was not willing to commit to feeling what was required. I didn’t have clarity. The last trip I made for the weekend, I fitted my things into half a suitcase that we carried on board as hand luggage. It is not about taking less in particular, there was a time I travelled through many seasons and I needed to prepare for that, however I can feel that because I have more clarity, I am more able to feel what is required and this is expressed in how I pack, with more care and more responsibility.

  26. What I noticed about the different lists in this blog is that the first one felt very much an intellectual mind list of possibilities and predictions and ‘maybes’ and ‘what ifs’. It was very much projected into the future. The second list with more appreciation was much more in the present moment rather than the future and was much more in the body rather than in the mind. This is an important distinction that we can apply to every moment of every day.

  27. Packing a suitcase is like preparing for your next incarnation. It can be done in angst and given up or in full appreciation of what has been and is going to unfold.

  28. No matter what we do or where we are, if we are in appreciation of ourselves we live in the glory of our being and any doubt, struggle or lack of self worth is not there as that does not belong to us in truth.

  29. How our journey is also shows us so much about us, did we get delayed, was we rushed, did we get impatient and blame others? Reflecting on why our journey went as it did always will provide valuable insight into how we are living as we ultimately create everything that is before us.

  30. When we bring presence and gentleness to everything we do, including packing our suitcase, the task at hand gets done with ease and joy, and in this flow we move easily onto what needs doing next.

  31. I giggle every time I go to pack a case since reading your blog! I have always enjoyed packing and only now am I starting to not over pack. This last trip was just right, I enjoyed everything I wore and realised how much more relaxed that felt. Less choice and yet everything was perfect for the moment and how I felt at the time.

  32. I hate packing simply because of the pictures that float in and out of my head from a range of accumulated ideals and beliefs as I’m doing it – and guaranteed to weigh me in as feeling less than good enough by the end of it. So it’s great to get your reminder about the role appreciation plays here – and everywhere – in establishing some strong foundations that create a solid platform of self-belief for us to fall back on in those times when we lose our certainty.

  33. “I packed toiletries that I use each day, so this was already part of my foundation.” So packing our suitcase is then just an extension of how we live on a daily basis only that it needs to fit into one luggage.

  34. I would say that this example of packing for a holiday could easily be applied to many other tasks or projects that we do. I can recognise the over-analysation and anxiety and intellectualisation of stressing over how I am going to get something done and it needing to be a certain way, rather than simply surrendering and allowing myself to feel what to do.

  35. Brilliant way of turning a task that can be laborious and a chore, to something that is fun and simple. THis application of appreciation to turn things round can be applied to so many areas of life.

  36. Ahh it is wonderful returning to this blog. I have been such an avid list writer all my life with the propensity to get bogged down with the nitty gritty. I love the simplicity you have introduced here with stopping, appreciating yourself and letting that define what is required.

  37. If you are traveling to Vietnam for a #Universal Medicine Retreat in Hoi An then travel extremely light because you can buy a complete wardrobe with the appreciation of all the clothes having been made specifically for you.

    1. Great tip, Greg. I have been to a few Universal Medicine Retreats in Vietnam over the years and my packing style has changed a lot. The first year I turned up with a small back pack that would fit as hand luggage to last me 2 months! Last year I took two suitcases on wheels for 2 weeks -I can appreciate how the way I prepare and supporting myself has developed a lot. The way I had the clothes made changed a lot too but that’s another thing to appreciate ; )

  38. ‘With this appreciation, anything is possible as it reminds me that anytime I may wobble or have self-doubt, I can return to the simplicity of the foundations I have laid down.’ – So true Anonymous

  39. Anonymous – What an opportunity this blog offers – I am deeply inspired to experiment and change my previous way of packing, having always taken far more than is needed for those ‘just in case’ possibilities.

  40. The question ‘what to pack ‘ reminds me of the question ‘what is truly needed’ in this or for this situation. It is a question which symbolically asks me what I want to take as luggage with me and to select wisely. I ask myself do I select as wisely concerning the luggage of the thoughts I choose or the emotions I allow, as this is also luggage I have to carry in my head and in my body.

  41. Keeping things super simple seems to be the way to go and supports me. For example and as I’ve said, if I’m going away I stop and feel actually what I will wear and use. I reflect back on past trips and see how I have been and consistently I usually wear very little of what I take. So yes I take extra clothes but don’t go over the top and try and pack my whole wardrobe. As I’ve said keep it simple.

  42. There is a fine line between being very prepared in a loving and supportive way and being anxious and preparing from the anxiousness.

  43. It is true isn’t it… Appreciating that under sung extraordinary experience that so many people feel is not important, makes so many things possible…

  44. ” appreciating the inner knowing”. Our inner knowing is our guiding light, which can be so taken for granted, but in appreciating we acknowledge the wisdom, love and support we receive moment by moment. Moving with this appreciation sets our foundation, to live in the expansion this inner knowing offers.

  45. OMG, so true. I went from being a pro-pack-stinator, packing at the last minute, to stressing about backing five minutes after booking the flights! I’ve recently learned a few things: my wife and I are a logistics/operations packing team – together we get the job done. I put all of this burden on myself about time and thus the anxiety you mention. Secondly, I realised that so often we stress about what goes into the bag and as a result, overpack. We now underpack and wash clothes on our trip, often finding we still don’t wear all of our clothes. I really like the questions you ask yourself when preparing. And how easy preparing for a trip can be if we do appreciate ourselves and in my case, work together.

  46. Appreciation is more then just a word, it’s an action and if it’s truly done can change any situation or relationship. I have recently change the face of a relationship in a matter of hours from simply dedicating to true appreciation. Don’t believe me, you’re welcome to road test it yourself.

  47. Anonymous, this blog and all comments has brought a new awareness to packing! I am preparing for trip and feel solid and confident to travel with the smallest suitcase I have ever travelled with to date. It feels very freeing and there is none of the usual concern about it.

    1. The confidence in our packing is the confidence we have to bring ourselves first and what is in the suitcase second.

  48. We can so easily bring our appreciation to others and what they do for us or how they inspire us, but what is needed more is true appreciation of ourselves and the quality we do bring to the smallest of moments in our day. I love your blog because you have highlighted not only this importance but just how supportive and building it is to have such support in our lives. How much do we all deserve appreciation? and who better to begin to build it for us than ourselves. It’s like you say, a foundation is then built for us to rest upon and especially to fall back on as our lives are consistently flowing and bringing new challenges and learnings our way.

  49. Overpacking out of fear of not having what you need is no different to not packing enough and feeling unprepared. It’s different ends of the same spectrum which is based on not feeling what is needed, and packing out of fear – too much or too little.

  50. Returning to simplicity and appreciation, when we wobble, is certainly the way to go Anonymous. Your blog is a beautiful reminder of this;
    “With this appreciation, anything is possible as it reminds me that anytime I may wobble or have self-doubt, I can return to the simplicity of the foundations I have laid down”.

  51. Appreciation allows simplicity into our lives as there is nothing to do in order to impress others but simply just being and in that alignment we know exactly what’s needed.

  52. I have also found that appreciation is a wonderful foundation for everyday life, whether we travel or go to work. Appreciation provides a warmth and solidness in the body that does not give the anxiousness that might otherwise try to take a hold any room.

  53. Putting the care into the packing provides a lovely foundation for the time away. Similarly putting the care into unpacking provides a lovely foundation for our time settling in at home.

  54. Packing what I feel to choose and wear keeps it all very simple, rather than thinking about how others may feel about what I wear.

  55. I have to admit that un-packing my suitcase has always been less relished than packing it! But I’ve found that when I bring focus and purpose to unpacking it, to bring an order to my room and a completion to my trip, rather than letting the process drag out, it feels amazing!

  56. These days, when I have to travel, the most important thing I pack is me. I try to ensure that no matter where I go or what I need to do, that I take me too. That I don’t lose myself in the preparation to leave or when arriving at the destination. I take the steadiness and calm of my life with me, when I am able to do this, it does not really matter what I forget to pack or the clothes I take.

  57. I love the conscious presence and focus in this – and taking this to every part of our day e.g. what we have in our hand bag, or take to the shops and so on so that we take care of the most practical of details.

  58. I feel it is much to do with movement. Building a foundation by appreciating how we approach and complete everyday tasks establishes a rhythm in our lives that can move effortlessly and smoothly into the packing so that it is just part of the day. As we build our own inner rhythm our outer rhythm of life becomes consistent. We then truly appreciate the Divine Wisdom within, and move with it.

  59. Packing to go away can be an analogy, to taking one thing at a time and appreciating that one thing as we do it. As with the writer, any apprehension around packing disappeared for me when I approached the task very simply getting out the suit case opening a draw and choosing from my body the first thing I felt to take. Folding it, placing it in the case, and so on item by item, where there remains a space to appreciate the choice of clothing and the activity of packing to be equal to any other activity. Living life like this is beautiful and simple and can deal with plans that need to be made as if opening the draw, looking at it and choosing it from our body.

  60. There is a whole industry around how to pack a suitcase, and gadgets galore to buy to support the whole process. Which makes me wonder how confronted we feel by the reflection of our whole life foreseeable life fitted into a container.

  61. I used to have a lot of anxiousness when packing to go away. I tried to allay this anxiousness by being more organized, but no matter how early I started there always seemed to be a rush at the last minute to get it finished. I somehow created the stress which was inevitably linked with going away. I realize now that this started in the days when we went away for family holidays and my mum would get very edgy and snap at us kids especially when we took our favourite things out of the suitcase she had just packed. We felt disturbed by the fact that they were taken away from us – not fully understanding that we’d have them again when we arrived at our destination.

  62. Anon, your last sentence struck me as worth noting: “the overwhelm and anxiousness [that] can be fed to us when we choose not to appreciate our inner knowingness.” In my experience it is just as if I am being fed these feelings and if I allow them in I get swamped by them and believe they are mine. This does not happen so much now that I am appreciating myself more and trusting my ‘inner knowingness’

  63. Appreciation of all the little things I do in the day to support myself wow! That is a great thing to do.

  64. But I just need to pack my favourite woolen socks, or my favourite book or my favourite eye pillow! Sometimes this is actually a very supportive thing to do – but when we pack extra out of fear, then it is another story – a story about excess luggage that weighs us down. The key is to decipher what we pack and why – and have fun with it!

    1. Your comment Henrietta Chang reminds me of the busy lines in airport terminals where we see so many people carrying huge luggage trolleys and like me ponder on how much do I really need to take with me.

  65. Staying present is the key here. It is so easy to get caught up in the ‘idea’ of a holiday, and all the things that you ‘may’ do while you are away, and therefore what you ‘may’ need. Whereas if you just put in your case what you feel is needed, you will have everything that you need while you are away. It is a very simple approach and one that I could learn alot from ; ).

  66. Thank you Anonymous, upon re-reading your blog this morning it has gone a long way in supporting me with my own wobbles and inconsistencies, and realising that I can walk away from something when I am feeling anxious and bring myself back to my foundation of appreciation, and realising that I can’t do everything at once, and that there is no perfection is a wonderful, honest way to live my life.

  67. Appreciation is so important. When I clock myself going into self-doubt, comparison etc I am learning to turn up the appreciation dial. Reminding myself that self-doubt and its unhelpful associates are not who I am, although it sometimes feels like it.

  68. Choosing clothes that I feel to wear, rather than what I need to wear in order to fit in and be accepted by the group has been a massive journey of learning about self love. Especially how the love that I give to myself is in the details of life. This, I have come to discover, is a deeply healing way to live.

  69. Appreciation is the antidote to anxiousness, the two can’t co exist. In fact appreciation is the antidote to so many negative states of being, because once we are feeling appreciation then it’s naturally expanded state does not support negative feelings such as criticism, judgement, comparison, self loathing etc. Appreciation is pure balm for the soul.

  70. Anonymous, having just re read your article I really do feel that it’s a very important piece of writing. What you are describing so well is that appreciation, which for many people is a very foreign concept and for others it is confused with thanking people, is actually a fundamental component in all aspects of our life, if we want things to go well. As you have demonstrated so beautifully, we need to both understand and employ appreciation in our lives.

  71. I love the attention to detail of awareness and honesty that was brought to such a seemingly minor task here and what a difference it made!

  72. “What if I pack too much and the luggage exceeds the weight allowance at the airport?” this use to be one of my worries all the time, as I would pack more than I needed, just incase. But in truth I would come back with half the cloths not touched. Now my packing is so light, I only pack the bear minimum, just what i know i will definitely wear.

  73. Being on holiday at the moment it is fun to pack very lightly and well, carefully and lovingly. It’s super supportive.

  74. Choices made of love or from ideals, beliefs or pictures are totally different. If made from love, it’s like planning ahead lovingly. And what it comes to use whatever is chosen, there’s a joy in the confirmation of the love chosen. Rather then the emptiness confirming the emptiness in whatever way this comes out.

  75. It feels great to have that with you what is choosen with care and felt what is true to take with us. It is a honoring towards ourselves and that is what we get reflected during our holiday when we touch the things we brought with us on a daily basis.

  76. I am on holidays now and have found a very simple way to take out the anxiousness around packing. I started two days before just by putting some essentials for my suitcase in the corner. When the moment came to actually pack, all was there and I knew I had not forgotten anything. Ha, ha, I almost got anxious for not believing it was that simple! 🙂

  77. My anxiety levels compared with how they used to be have dropped phenomenally so, but interestingly I can still feel the subtle threads of this emotion feeding my body constantly. Sometimes it can be so subtle that I ignore it completely because it feels normal. It is the sensation that makes me crave food when I am not hungry and the one that makes being at rest with myself difficult. Clocking the anxiety and taking note of it supports me to make changes.

  78. For me the overwhelm and followed overload of packing comes from a feeling of not being enough and needing certain things to be complete or to have support, etc. And yes it is important to pack to be supported, but without relying on the support, but as a support of me being enough and something I rely on.

  79. I can feel the delay I have done in my life with certain things, and it feels like the anxiousness also comes from the build up of the delay. It is noticeable that as I build more rhythm in my life that the planning comes more easily and then there is less last minute feeling of disorganisation. The questions you pose are very relevant for me to feel thank you, are we trying to impress when we choose specific clothes? We bring the energy of ourselves, wherever we go, whatever we wear.

  80. With a greater knowing, awareness, understanding and appreciation of ourselves comes a simplicity that we bring to the things that we do, including packing, for in that moment everything is known to us.

  81. Sometimes when we pack and prepare for a trip we can engage TOO much in the holiday, and forget that we are still living here, at home, where we are right now. I know in the past there have been instances where for weeks leading up to a holiday I became very excited and dedicated all my time to researching the location, activities, weather and so forth. Supportive planning is one thing, but it’s important we are still present in everything that we do BEFORE we go away.

  82. Curious to see how I pack my suitcase this morning for a four week stay away from home. Since reading this blog these messages remain with me: ‘I am enough’ ‘keep it simple’ ‘only pack what truly support me’. Last but not least, the quality I’m in when I pack the case matters most.

  83. Packing for a trip is one of those simple tasks which can take on a life of complication all on it’s own which leads to unnecessary anxiety – especially as going over the list several times and packing for every eventuality is exhausting. From what you written here Anonymous, you have this one sussed.

  84. “With this appreciation, anything is possible as it reminds me that anytime I may wobble or have self-doubt, I can return to the simplicity of the foundations I have laid down”. That is definitely something to appreciate, to know that every choice and every true appreciation gives us another layer of support in that foundation.

    1. I’ve found the same rosannabianchini. The foundation we establish is the solid footing we stand on when we are met with challenging obstacles that can send us off track. Our foundations are paramount in keeping us focussed on what we bring and the level of appreciation we have build over time.

  85. I am beginning to have an understanding what Anonymous says here about building a foundation of appreciation to heal the anxiousness. Becoming more aware of when and how the anxiousness creeps in is supporting me. Appreciating myself helps me to let it go and although I am beginning to allow and accept it into my life, I am inspired to deepen my relationship with it by being more consistent so that I have a stronger foundation of appreciation in my day.

  86. I too can very much relate to the anxiousness felt when packing a suitcase to go away. I used to get so anxious and uncomfortable that I would procrastinate from doing it for as long as I could. Today when I feel to pack I don’t delay and do it in my own time with the love and care needed. The result being that I feel so much better when I do listen and act on the impulse.

  87. I can certainly relate to the anxiousness of going away somewhere and needing to pack and make sure that I have everything that I need. There is a certain practicality that needs to be respected with certain things that just do need to be packed, but then there is also making sure that you have the things that support you with your expression or packing those things that may not be absolutely essential, yet are so important as you feel not quite fully supported without them. It is not that one is incomplete without these non-essential items, but it is wonderful to honour the little details of our every day.
    Over the last 6 months, I have been doing more travel than I normally do and so I have had the opportunity to refine my packing each time. And each time there is less worry or anxiousness in the process. It is something that is still a learning curve for me though as I can easily overpack and over prepare. But I am also enjoying the newly adopted simplicity and reduced load.

    1. Simplicity in life generally and with packing does feel light. I have over prepared a lot and can feel cumbersome and there has been an aspect of anxiety that has gone along with it. I am appreciating that everyday self care and honouring how I feel and expressing more has supported all aspects of my life. Allowing me to to be prepared as required and not respond with anxiety in situations.

  88. Appreciation is the key to far more than our suitcase – bring it to every moment and discover the Joy of life.

    1. Well said Deborah, and to add to it you do not need to go away to enjoy life either. By making everyday and moment enjoyable life effectively becomes like a holiday in the sense of being able to enjoy yourself. It is like when you go to work you can either have fun and enjoy it or make it into a struggle being only there for the pay check – its a choice and I know which one I would far rather make!

  89. “What seemed to be a hard and overwhelming task became so simple when I chose to appreciate myself even more.”This l can relate to so many things.

    1. Me too Irena. For me when I had no appreciation of myself I had such an investment in things on the outside delivering a settled or relief feeling to me. For example I would make things complicated about what to wear because I was using the clothes to deliver me a fake confidence. But now I appreciate my inner beauty and dress to support and let that shine out now.

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