The Strength and Power of Connection

All of my life I have felt moments when my connection to me was so strong that it allowed me to make choices that were significant markers in my life.

Once I was offered drugs at a party when I was about 15. I clearly remember stopping and standing there and thinking that I don’t smoke so why would I want to smoke marijuana. It felt like I was being offered a moment to stop. It wasn’t just about having a smoke or taking drugs, it was far greater… it was about making a choice that would affect the rest of my life. I was never offered drugs again.

These moments that occur in our lives are like signposts along the way. We are given an opportunity to make choices that have the potential to change our lives forever.

By being aware of these moments and this connection in me, I was able to see things differently. I didn’t react to life in the usual way. There was a clarity in what I was seeing.

After my first marriage ended I remember one night having a glass of wine while watching TV and when one of my children went to the kitchen to get something I asked if they would get me another glass of wine. I distinctly remember in a flash seeing my life projected in front of me. I could choose to drink another glass of wine (drown my sorrows) or I could choose to stop. I called out to not get me another drink. This moment was so clear and I can feel the power in my choice, knowing deep down that what I felt was about far more than having another glass of wine.

Another time one of my children lied to me. At the time I knew that there was something much bigger at play here. I couldn’t express what it was that I was feeling, other then a deep knowing in me that told me I needed to be firm and so I grounded her for 6 months to stop what was going on. This was something that I would not have previously done but I knew deep down that what I was doing felt so loving.

A few weeks after the grounding I took her lunch to school as she had forgotten it. When I got there she was sitting in the lunch area on her own; I found out that she was sitting alone every day. I remember feeling upset that she was alone, but this did not make me want to change my mind. It felt like I was given another opportunity to stay committed to the choice that I had made. At the end of the 6 months I could feel a real difference in her; she was no longer following what others were choosing to do and was far more independent and had gained a strength and confidence in herself. She no longer felt driven by the opinions of others. To me this was a confirmation of choosing to trust my feelings.

One day as I was getting out of my car I had a feeling of a strength and power in my body. I looked down as I was walking – I remember looking at my shoes and what I was wearing and wondering what it was. I could feel something very different in the way I was walking, how I was stepping. Something felt very powerful, I felt a solid strength in my body, it was not anything on the outside, it was a feeling on the inside that felt different. I wondered what this feeling was and why it would come and go, and why it was not something that I felt all the time.

Years later I heard someone talking about a man called Serge Benhayon – in that moment I knew that I wanted to see him. I didn’t know why, but I knew that nothing was going to stop me.

Since then and through Serge’s teachings I have discovered that this powerful feeling that I have is my connection to me, the power-fullness that I have felt comes from stopping and reconnecting with myself. With every choice that I make I have the power to choose different paths in my life. I feel this is what I have felt in the moments that I have stopped and had a clear picture of how my life could be if I made a choice that was not a loving choice.

Serge Benhayon has shared The Gentle Breath Meditation™ as a way of reconnecting. With this conscious presence we can bring a quality to everything we do in our lives. I feel it was this quality that I felt as I got out of the car and connected to my body. With this connection I have learnt to love and care for myself and not leave me until last. This choice has allowed me to strengthen my awareness and connection so that now these moments are becoming a more consistent way of living with myself each day.

As a child I remember lying in the sun on our veranda with my eyes closed and feeling this beautiful feeling – a warmth in my body as the sun was shining on me. Years later when I remembered this moment I had a feeling that this was what everything came back to. I did not understand at the time but now I know that it was about returning to a love that was deep within me.

When I stop to connect to me, I am connecting to something that is far grander.

It is an absolute connection to everyone and everything beyond me. That is the glorious feeling inside me, my connection to the all.

By Denise Cavanough, BW (beauty-full woman), Living Expression, Brisbane

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587 thoughts on “The Strength and Power of Connection

  1. Thank you Denise, that is teaching us all how to be with feelings and trusting them, and especially when they are different as we would imagined them to be or look like. A powerful message to us all..

  2. “When I stop to connect to me, I am connecting to something that is far grander.” – This for me is what makes Esoteric Yoga so powerful, it brings something that is grander than human life into human life.

  3. We have a knowing deep within when we are offered that moment of clarity where we feel the power of our decision. There are no moments of hesitation – the doubt of past decisions is no longer with us and we can move forward and claim a truer and more loving way to live life.

  4. This is a beautiful contribution, written from the body and its lived experience. You make connection to self and the clarity and simplicity that ensue very tangibly real and relatable.

  5. What if we lived life consistently in connection to that which is innate to our beingness? things would be very different in the way that we would live from the wisdom of our bodies first in connection to the flow of the universe and we would also understand that the true purpose in life is to return and evolve back to the love and grandness which we came from and not identify with the limitations and struggles of the mind.

  6. Just like you Denise, the instant that I heard Serge Benhayon’s name mentioned I knew I had to meet him and like you I “didn’t know why, but I knew that nothing was going to stop me”. Everything did try to stop me but the deep and utter knowing that I was to meet this man was not able to be ignored and every day for the last 12 years I have celebrated the fact that I followed that huge impulse and made the choice to do so; the best choice ever!

    1. Beautifully and simply said Jennifer – We don’t have to try and be something or someone because we are everything we will ever be already, it’s just a matter of surrendering and allowing the beauty to of this wisdom to be expressed and lived.

  7. Connecting to the grandness of who we truly are is such a precious gift, a gift there for us whenever we choose to accept it. Thank you Denise for sharing your experiences and wisdom.

  8. And when we do bring that conscious presence to every part of our lives… Every part of us benefits, and then all around us benefit and the ripple effect goes on and on… Conscious presence, true conscious presence is actually service for humanity.

  9. Being connected and present throughout our day offers us the needed clarity to observe astutely and respond to life accordingly rather than be swept up in its torrent.

  10. The ultimate love is Karma – the opportunity to align to what is true this (and each) time around.

  11. ‘When I stop to connect to me, I am connecting to something that is far grander.’ Very true Denise and the more we embrace this the quality of our life expands enormously.

  12. When we connect we may tap into the depth of support that is constantly available to us, for we are at one with the flow and rhythm of life and open to the expansiveness of the Universe.

  13. Awesome ‘real life’ experiences and examples you give Denise. It is great and in fact essential to appreciate and acknowledge the time that we are connected and know absolutely that this is the true way.

  14. Thank you Denise for your powerful yet simple reflection of how important it is to following your feelings and listen to your heart. As a sentsitive vulnerable man today that is what I needed to read.

  15. Written from the authority of your lived experience – there is not much more powerful evidence than that, and that it is not in fact about going somewhere, trying to reach for something – it is about returning back to the truth within that we have always known.

  16. In deepening our awareness and connection with ourselves we are able to discern what feels true and what does not from how we are feeling in our body and in honouring that quality we are able to support ourselves to make more loving and caring choices knowing and trusting our true sensitivity from the strength of our connection.

  17. I agree with you the reconnection to ourselves is very powerful and I certainly hadn’t taken any notice of this other part of me that has been there waiting for me to reconnect to it until I met Serge Benhayon. With his support I have come to realise I was ignoring the best part of me.

  18. I think these moments are more common than we think, and its a question of whether I’m clear enough in myself to recognise it or slip into the default that has taken me thus far. The more aware I am, the more I realise that everything is a choice.

  19. You are indeed a beautiful woman (BW) Denise! I really enjoyed reading this again, it’s amazing to reflect back over my life and see the times I’ve trusted myself and what I knew to be true for me, and also reflect on why other times I did not. I also appreciated what you shared about your powerful walk, this is something I intend to feel into myself over the next few days and how walking in connection feels for me.

  20. Connection is always there, available to be chosen. So much clarity comes with it and any doubt is instantly dissolved

  21. How empowering this stop moment was Denise to say no to drugs. Our life can change in a moment from the choices we make to love and support our body or not.
    “It wasn’t just about having a smoke or taking drugs, it was far greater… it was about making a choice that would affect the rest of my life. I was never offered drugs again”.

  22. ‘When I stop to connect to me, I am connecting to something that is far grander.’ This statement says so much. We forget we are part of the all, that we are all connected, and so to connect to ourselves, means we connect to the universe.

  23. “It is an absolute connection to everyone and everything beyond me. That is the glorious feeling inside me, my connection to the all.” it is the grandness of our divine love that connect us to all humanity and beyond.

  24. I have been feeling recently the grandness you speak about Denise and it is the most amazing feeling in my body. I had completely forgotten that such grandness was within me just waiting for me to reconnect back to it once again.

  25. Bringing quality, and being aware of this quality, to everything we do is so important, ‘With this conscious presence we can bring a quality to everything we do in our lives.’

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