The Strength and Power of Connection

All of my life I have felt moments when my connection to me was so strong that it allowed me to make choices that were significant markers in my life.

Once I was offered drugs at a party when I was about 15. I clearly remember stopping and standing there and thinking that I don’t smoke so why would I want to smoke marijuana. It felt like I was being offered a moment to stop. It wasn’t just about having a smoke or taking drugs, it was far greater… it was about making a choice that would affect the rest of my life. I was never offered drugs again.

These moments that occur in our lives are like signposts along the way. We are given an opportunity to make choices that have the potential to change our lives forever.

By being aware of these moments and this connection in me, I was able to see things differently. I didn’t react to life in the usual way. There was a clarity in what I was seeing.

After my first marriage ended I remember one night having a glass of wine while watching TV and when one of my children went to the kitchen to get something I asked if they would get me another glass of wine. I distinctly remember in a flash seeing my life projected in front of me. I could choose to drink another glass of wine (drown my sorrows) or I could choose to stop. I called out to not get me another drink. This moment was so clear and I can feel the power in my choice, knowing deep down that what I felt was about far more than having another glass of wine.

Another time one of my children lied to me. At the time I knew that there was something much bigger at play here. I couldn’t express what it was that I was feeling, other then a deep knowing in me that told me I needed to be firm and so I grounded her for 6 months to stop what was going on. This was something that I would not have previously done but I knew deep down that what I was doing felt so loving.

A few weeks after the grounding I took her lunch to school as she had forgotten it. When I got there she was sitting in the lunch area on her own; I found out that she was sitting alone every day. I remember feeling upset that she was alone, but this did not make me want to change my mind. It felt like I was given another opportunity to stay committed to the choice that I had made. At the end of the 6 months I could feel a real difference in her; she was no longer following what others were choosing to do and was far more independent and had gained a strength and confidence in herself. She no longer felt driven by the opinions of others. To me this was a confirmation of choosing to trust my feelings.

One day as I was getting out of my car I had a feeling of a strength and power in my body. I looked down as I was walking – I remember looking at my shoes and what I was wearing and wondering what it was. I could feel something very different in the way I was walking, how I was stepping. Something felt very powerful, I felt a solid strength in my body, it was not anything on the outside, it was a feeling on the inside that felt different. I wondered what this feeling was and why it would come and go, and why it was not something that I felt all the time.

Years later I heard someone talking about a man called Serge Benhayon – in that moment I knew that I wanted to see him. I didn’t know why, but I knew that nothing was going to stop me.

Since then and through Serge’s teachings I have discovered that this powerful feeling that I have is my connection to me, the power-fullness that I have felt comes from stopping and reconnecting with myself. With every choice that I make I have the power to choose different paths in my life. I feel this is what I have felt in the moments that I have stopped and had a clear picture of how my life could be if I made a choice that was not a loving choice.

Serge Benhayon has shared The Gentle Breath Meditation™ as a way of reconnecting. With this conscious presence we can bring a quality to everything we do in our lives. I feel it was this quality that I felt as I got out of the car and connected to my body. With this connection I have learnt to love and care for myself and not leave me until last. This choice has allowed me to strengthen my awareness and connection so that now these moments are becoming a more consistent way of living with myself each day.

As a child I remember lying in the sun on our veranda with my eyes closed and feeling this beautiful feeling – a warmth in my body as the sun was shining on me. Years later when I remembered this moment I had a feeling that this was what everything came back to. I did not understand at the time but now I know that it was about returning to a love that was deep within me.

When I stop to connect to me, I am connecting to something that is far grander.

It is an absolute connection to everyone and everything beyond me. That is the glorious feeling inside me, my connection to the all.

By Denise Cavanough, BW (beauty-full woman), Living Expression, Brisbane

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551 thoughts on “The Strength and Power of Connection

  1. Beautiful Denise, your power and what it feels like to connect to our power, my power, is clearly tangible in your article. Imagine what our lives would look like if we chose to be in the connection of this power every single day, every single moment? What choices what would we make? How would we be around people? What would we do in work? What would we do with all the problems of the world?

  2. How completely different life will unfold if we consistently trust ourselves rather than keep overriding and ignore what we feel.

  3. A consistent thread throughout this great blog is that we all have within us an innate knowing of what is the Truth and what our body truly needs to support it lovingly. It’s just a matter of how much we listen to this inner voice, but as Denise has shown with her examples is how we are always offered these opportunities throughout our lives and even daily, I have noticed. Each one a chance to either evolve or delay the growing of our awareness and love in our lives.

  4. This is it for me, I have reconnected with me…my expression through the inspirational teachings of Serge Benhayon…”Since then and through Serge’s teachings I have discovered that this powerful feeling that I have is my connection to me, the power-fullness that I have felt comes from stopping and reconnecting with myself.” It powerful to reengage with our own expression, everything I have healed and regained a connection with has been through my choice to do so, empowering does not cover it, it is heaven sent…

  5. Love what you have shared. This has opened me to feel the first time I was offered drugs and that I accepted even though I thought it was silly and not right. I got lost for many years smoking marijuana and now understand how addictive and energetically abusive drugs are.

  6. It is clear to see that when we claim ourselves in our choices, there is nothing that can distract or compromise our movements.

  7. These moments of deep connection with ourselves support us to make wise and loving choices. The power and strength we feel from these choices are available to us constantly. What would it look like if we chose this consistently?

  8. When I take a look back through my life I also see these moments where I had a clear choice to go one way or the other. A lot of the time I took the other, but looking back without self criticism, this was where I was at at that time. The opportunity to make choices comes around again and again, each one with its own learning and consequences.

    1. Yes, it is also a choice to lament our past choices, which we cannot escape, or from observing without the critic we can bring understanding and learn. Each moment offers fresh choices and how we respond now is what creates our future experiences.

  9. Every moment we are given the opportunity to connect to the wisdom we hold within. As you have pointed out Denise there are times when these moments are so significant, providing a deep connection with our souls and with life. Thank you for sharing your experiences and wisdom.

  10. For many years, especially my teenage years, I avoided the connection with me, turning to substances to take me away and to falsely ‘connect’ with others. Over the years I have come to realise nothing beats that true connection to ourselves.

  11. Connection with ourselves is essential if we are to connect with others and the greater purpose of why we are here. Connection therefore is the gateway to truly knowing where we come from.

  12. I feel it is the connection with ourself we often avoid to not feel the truth of what we are living in. I can see this and feel it is all a choice. Connection brings us a deep awareness, sometimes just a fleeting moment, but when we choose to listen our lives are laid out for us.

  13. When those stop moments present it is like our soul is speaking directly to us. We then have a choice whether we want to listen or not.

  14. I have found The Gentle Breath Meditation, and the modalities presented by Serge Benhayon, supported me to begin to have those moments of clarity I would have otherwise skipped past. There’s nothing like Esoteric bodywork to provide a felt, ‘lived’ marker for another way of being.

  15. I too can remember distinctive stop moments in my life where a choice could have taken me in a very different direction to the one I chose. If we ‘stop’ and consider this, this happens all day every day in the smallest of ways to live more or less love.

  16. So beautiful reading this blog again today. It’s so very confirming of something we all universally feel – our deep inner knowing. We can often feel alone in life yet all along we have this powerful support from within ourselves, an internal compass lovingly guiding us. All we need to do is listen and trust. Very powerful sharing Denise and expressed very simply.

  17. I like the term ‘signpost’ you use here Denise. If I put it into two words – sign and post – it reminds me and deepens my understanding of how we make contracts by choosing which energy we align to, what I am saying YES to, what do I sign. And of course the contracts I sign have a huge effect on life. Brings to awareness which responsibility we have.

    1. Yes Sandra Schneider the directions we choose to take will depend on the previous movement and what ideals and beliefs we choose to carry along the way. The sign posts are clear yet we choose to make them unclear and bombard ourselves with a hundred and one excuses to bring in complication when the simplicity is there to appreciate.

  18. The moments when we connect are so very powerful, like brightly lit windows into a future that we can live now – depending on what choices we make. Your writing is very body centred and comes with utmost clarity and simplicity, a great offering for us all.

  19. The Gentle Breath Meditation as presented by Serge Benhayon is a powerful and very simple tool that anyone can use to support them to reconnect.

  20. It’s really simple, everything is about connection. We can go into our heads for hours, days, weeks or even years to find or look for the answer to something, when all this does is create complication.

  21. When we connect to our bodies as you share Denise, we do know by the feedback we are given from our bodies what is true for us or not. This connection is the gateway into our ever expansiveness. Life can be simple when we listen and take notice.

  22. My young friend, a boy of 13 years old was presented with a very similar situation the other week, where an older boy at a supposed supervised group for young men, offered him some white powder. He said no and the boy insisted, he again said no. That was a empowered point of choice for him in that moment because even though he actually didn’t know what he was being offered new it did not feel right and trusted that.

  23. “With every choice that I make I have the power to choose different paths in my life.” I agree Denise we have true strength and power from the quality of our connection with ourselves which enables us to make true choices from this same quality of presence and steady foundation.

  24. There have been so many moments in my life that I have had these same turning point moments and out of my complete disregard for myself and to my spirits delight I have chosen the wrong path, so this blog really does strongly clarify to me that it really is just a matter of choice and that is all it boils down to.

  25. “With every choice that I make I have the power to choose different paths in my life.” I love this. And in every moment we are presented a choice. Even if we mess up and make a mistake, a new choice is always presented.

  26. When we claim the level of support we are going to offer ourselves and what is right for us then this is all felt by others and sets a platform from which to move forward.

  27. If we are willing to look at the signposts, there are many of them. The question is are we willing to pay attention, to read what they offer, and develop in who we are with the opportunities given to us.

    1. True, we are constantly given the opportunity to choose a truly loving way of life over a life of disregard, stress and rushing.

  28. Many times in my life I have been presented with choices that would take me down one path or another. Because I lacked connection with my true self I repeatedly went with what was offered and did not even know I was being presented with a choice. It is different now. When I’m connected it is easier to discern between choices offered and more often than not I know from my body what to accept or reject.

  29. As a child I knew I was never alone as I easily felt a connection with something that was much grander than what was going on around me. As I reflect this connection never left me and although it was not as consistent as in my younger days there were profound moments especially in times of distress where I felt held and knew every thing would be ok.

  30. The Gentle Breath Meditation is the key to reconnect and get to know the true quality of who we are, it allows us to break away form the confines of the mind and embrace the stillness from our soul.

  31. “Something felt very powerful, I felt a solid strength in my body, it was not anything on the outside, it was a feeling on the inside that felt different. I wondered what this feeling was and why it would come and go, and why it was not something that I felt all the time.” Its amazing we all have these feelings at times in our life, and they are always there for us to feel if we choose. Meeting Serge Benhayon confirmed to me that these feelings at times are the real me – the me that connects to something far greater that what first meets the eye in the world around us.

  32. Hello Denise and a solid blog on presence and connection. I often get caught in trying to give someone the answer to what is going on or the direction they should head or what they should do next when what if all I need bring them is my presence. I don’t mean just be in front of them as another body but to bring a quality of presence that’s not trying to get them somewhere or give them an answer, all I am doing is providing or connecting to a true quality of presence. In this quality the reflection is that they know everything they need to know and I am not doing anything for them. I am simply watching there choice and not allowing my presence to waver. If I find myself giving answer or solutions or getting frustrated etc then I know my presence isn’t true. We are all equal and have access to everything all the time. If I am talking to someone in the ‘I know’ what you should do then I am not simply truly present with them and while things may go better they certainly aren’t true.

  33. What strikes me is how crystal clear and the detail of remembering of those moments when a choice is presented that can take you in one of two opposite directions… Makes me see just how 1) we are always being presented with choices to make and 2) the connection we have with our body and the knowing this brings is always there, it’s just how much of a relationship do we have with it in order to listen and take heed of its knowing.

    1. I feel the same way Ruth. It is indeed powerful to make the choice about connection rather than the outside options. Like, instead of looking at whether to eat a certain food or not, making the decision about connecting or not will then make the choice for us by virtue of the energy we have chosen to be aligned to. That’s why stop moments are so important. It’s like a stock take for what energy is running the body and a moment to re-evaluate before continuing on.

  34. The moments we connect to our inner knowing are divine and such a blessing; the choice is then ours as to how we respond. Thank you Denise for the beautiful confirmation.

    1. And it’s so gorgeous that we are each communicated these stop moments in life in just the way they need to happen for each of us to offer us a true choice. The beauty is the more we recognise that feeling of our divine communication and that we can choose to allow it to be there in every moment then we are able to feel these moments of connection and expansion more regularly.

  35. Connecting to the body and feeling the innateness of the quality that lies with in is the only way we, as a humanity, will begin to look at how we live, and how that impacts on our body. Beautiful article Denise.

  36. My greatest moment of knowing I was hearing truth was at my first presentation with Serge Benhayon. Although so much challenged what I believed, held to be true and lived my life by there was a connection that I could not deny that made me question everything. Within three months of further questioning I had no doubt what he presented was true in a way that I had previously not felt, the result of which I committed to totally change my whole way of being. It is the best decision I have ever made and have never looked back. When we have those moments of knowing and respond to them it is life enhancing.

  37. At this point I am reflecting on a choice I made just recently that totally override my inner knowing, and that I have to feel the pain of.

  38. “it was far greater… it was about making a choice that would affect the rest of my life.” We can see choices as just a choice and that that choice is only affecting that moment, or we can see how even the simplest choices can have huge impact on our whole life and also the lives of others. Life is about energy, so what we are saying yes or no to on a daily basis is a choice of energy and the more we choose the energy that supports and honours is the more easy this choice next time will be, as well for others seeing and feeling us making a truly loving choice over the disregard that is so clearly visible in society.

    1. Beautiful comment Lieke. It takes a conscious choice to make the choice initially but the impact on our lives is often huge! It makes the next choice a little easier, as if the first choice has left a space in its wake for the next one. A valuable reminder thank you.

  39. It is awesome how clearly you felt the option to not drink any wine, and to actually feel and face what is going on for you instead of simply ‘drowning’ your sorrows. I love how strong you were and so clearly able to see what the truth is.

  40. ‘As a child I remember lying in the sun on our veranda with my eyes closed and feeling this beautiful feeling – a warmth in my body as the sun was shining on me.’ I absolutely love the feeling of the sun warming my face with my eyes closed. It’s always a beautiful stop moment that reminds me of the grandness we are part of and that lays within each and everyone of us.

  41. What a gorgeous blog, remembering us all of the moments we connect with our essence and make the choices that bring true harmony to our life. It is so beautiful to feel the divine workings of our soul, we are woken up at the moments that matter most, the moments we get offered a distraction from who we truly are. It is in deepening the connection that we are making these moments more clear.

  42. Living life without connection to the true and Soulful quality of who we are leaves us empty for life to be run by overwhelm, stress, anxiety and control (to name a few). When we choose connection, the fullness of the Universe is with us in our everyday duties. Like you’ve described Denise, it’s a full body knowing and the mind cannot get in the way of that knowing.

  43. A great reminder of how throughout life, every day, every moment, we are being offered choices. And we always do choose… if we choose love, it comes back to us tenfold and more.

  44. Gorgeous Denise and so needed to be written down – our choices carry a lot of power or the opposite force, which truly shows us that when we listen to our inside, our feelings, we can only truly win but at times we have to set the mind aside. And we and our enviroment truly learns. Like these example show, super super important! Thank you for sharing this.

  45. I also was never tempted by drugs per say, and I remember saying to someone when they asked me why I was not attracted to drugs, that I did not like the thought of altering my state of mind, and was quite happy with the way I was.

  46. I realised I had no idea what true connection was (as much as I tried) until I started to connect to myself through my body and not go off someplace into my mind searching for it. It was there all along, connecting with my inner heart, thank you Serge Benhayon for showing us the way.

  47. There is nothing in this world more glorious than being connected with ourselves and therefore God/the universe. It is no wonder that we remember our times of deep connection. The more we join those moments of connection together to make our life just one life of connection the freer we will be.

  48. “It felt like I was given another opportunity to stay committed to the choice that I had made.” This is such a wonderful awareness to appreciate – I feel they come up often. Whether I accept them as a confirmation or a temptation/distraction from my truth that either supports and evolves or has me going around again.

  49. Having a rhythm that allows us to connect deeply with our bodies is super supportive as we can clearly identify whenever we get caught up in the doing, controlling and driving of life and instead choose the surrender that comes from that connection and stillness within as everything is then perfectly constellated for the good of all.

  50. So true Denise, that connection to ourselves is so solid. It is there waiting for us any time we choose to re-connect. It doesn’t walk away and feel hurt by us, ignore us as punishment – nope, it never leaves us but we seem to leave it. That was quite a humbling realisation for me.

  51. A clear testament of how very much we know and how powerful we are. There is a knowing deep within us that when tended to and cared for grows in solidness with every breath more.

  52. There is such a depth of connection that is possible for us all, and everyone definitely yearns for this connection, and yet it seems that humanity is hell-bent on heading in the opposite direction. It behoves anyone who knows this connection to live there life so fully that this connection is reflected to everyone.

  53. Getting to know ourselves by the quality of our connection allow us to the feel the oneness where we come from, where there is no division of any kind only the connection of the love that we are.

  54. Yes it’s with hindsight I know the choices I was offered and the direction it led me, clearly if I had a loving relationship with myself I would have not overrode the clear choices I was given that I knew to be true.

  55. “To me this was a confirmation of choosing to trust my feelings.” It is very powerful to trust one’s own feelings, as in the end we can only do what feels true to us, everything else is simply a calculation of the mind that gives us a thousand options and more.

  56. It reveals us that we in truth have more strength and power when we connect to our Soul, our inner-heart. And that by choosing this connection there is an openness and real fragility, that would have not appear to be felt when we are in disconnection to our Soul’s inner-heart.

    1. It’s beautiful to read your comment and to realise that we do all have a connection to our Soul and when we use the word it confirms that connection. For so long it seems as though we have all avoided that word and hence diminished our connection to our true self. It is awesome to feel the power within when we are connected to our soul as then there is no pretence just us truly being all of us – and it feels so simple and expansive as we unite with the Universe.

  57. I can relate to what you’ve shared Denise about a deeper knowing from your body… when I first heard Serge Benhayon’s name something in me knew I HAD to see him, nothing could have stopped me, even ridicule from someone close to me at the time. I can look back and see that even his name was speaking to something in me that was engaged instantly… and has remained so ever since. Life has never been the same again after following that original impulse, and I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for what I have now in my life as a result.

  58. What a beautiful blog to read today Denise, it has made me stop and ponder on the many defining choices that I too have made. One such choice was saying no to smoking. All my friends were smoking by 12 years old. They gave me a cigarette which I took home to try, I went to the bathroom, locked the door and took my first puff and started coughing immediately. In the very next moment that cigarette went down the toilet and I remember so clearly saying these are not for me.

  59. Denise this is great to read and appreciate what life can offer ourselves when we listen to the messages around us and within us. When we honour a deep knowing and it is unshakable. I have come to see how everything has a reason because there is always a message or a learning, and it is our choice on how open and responsive we are to this.

  60. Our mind wants to question every choice we make. We want to evaluate, judge and give reason, or try to make it right or wrong, but when we make it about love, and connect to our inner heart, there is a knowing that comes from our whole body, there is an absoluteness that just knows what is true and does not need to question or try to understand

  61. It is in trusting our body to make the choices that are true and serve us the opportunity to grow and evolve, our mind is in most ways based on its own creation and keeping that in shape not letting things come in that can change that, it is our decision to not listen to this and let our heart lead the way.

  62. This inner connection is huge and not just about what occurs inside “When I stop to connect to me, I am connecting to something that is far grander.”, we have access to a universal flow and wisdom through our inner connection, the outside will not offer us the answers we seek, our own understanding and experience of the universe will offer us so much more…

  63. The stop moments in life provide us a valuable opportunity to review the quality of our choices and if they are aligned to love or if they are taking us further way from love and therefore harming ourselves and others.

  64. I also find that if I lose that inner connection with me and therefore am not truly settled and still in my body, then the choices I make are not consistent or accurate, I get indecisive and make mistakes or errors that I would not make when I am connected.

  65. I love that in connection there are moments that occur that guide us through life, like never ending gifts, offering us a clarity to make a choice that is founded in love that as a result will offer a healing to ourselves or others when embraced.

  66. “…When I stop to connect to me, I am connecting to something that is far grander…” In a world that encourages constant motion, taking time to stop and feel a part of being connected to something far more grander is deeply healing.

  67. How wonderful to be able to catch ourselves in moments like these, when we feel our own power, our own sense of connection to ourselves. Now image feeling that all the time. The question is, what’s stopping us from doing just that?

  68. So true our connection gives us strength and power, it is felt as an absoluteness in our bodies. You like your examples there have been moments I did not waver but overall I chose to follow others, to please and for recognition. Learning the Gentle Breath Meditation was the start of choosing my connection more consistently and by every choice I make it becomes more natural and simple to do so and not to forget living life in such a way becomes joyful and simple too.

  69. It is incredible when we connect to ourselves, we also naturally connect to people, to the world and the universe. A beautiful expansion.

  70. For me connecting to myself, listening to the messages in my body and my feelings brings a lot of care and support not just for me but everyone. Whereas trying to work out how to be in life based on mental pictures, perfected scripts to people or assumptions is pretty miserable.

  71. I find your words are truly inspiring Denise – I have not always had that same strength of purpose and love that you describe and yet there are those moments when I have felt that deep connection within – where I have a sense of knowing of what is true. Since meeting Serge Benhayon I have gradually built a stronger sense of what is true – it’s still a work in progress but I am coming back to my true purpose more readily and steadily.

  72. When we connect we are whole as the choice to align our particles (cells) to a universal order is made. The universe is all connected, so are we. So the moment we tap into the universe (simply by connecting to our essence, our beingness) we are all of it again. The strength and power of connection.

  73. …’moments that occur in our lives are like signposts along the way. We are given an opportunity to make choices that have the potential to change our lives forever.’ We never know where these opportunities will take us, being aware, observing every moment.

  74. I really enjoyed reading about all your stop moments. It has made me reflect on some of mine where I have made a decision that I know I will not go back on. Then there are the other situations that keep coming around again and again because I have not yet said a definitive ‘no’ to them.

  75. True power is so very inspiring. In that moment that it is being expressed, the whole body is imbued with a quality, an essence that is simply divine.

  76. Years ago in a fleeting moment, I unmistakably felt the connection with all. Through my choice to be a student of The Way Of The Livingness I now feel this connection and know that it is actually the way to live life from. As I write this my heart warms, as does my body in absolute appreciation of what I have chosen.

  77. Every moment we are offered an opportunity to say yes or no to the love held within our bodies and the absolute simplicity found in this is amazingly beautiful to feel and be reminded of everyday. There is a lot to appreciate from our connection to our bodies and the choice to commit to the yes or no of living life from love.

  78. A lovely sharing Denise highlighting the importance of connecting to the quality of love we hold within and allowing this connection through the Gentle Breath Meditation to commit to building a true steadiness and inner strength in our whole way of being that impulses us to make far more loving choices in life.

  79. There are moments in life which keep coming around again, giving us the opportunity to choose differently, and if we are aware enough to recognise when those moments are being presented to us, we can make the most of what is on offer, and change something that has been running us for a very long time.

  80. That was gorgeous to read Denise. Stop moments that remind us that we have always been offered the gift of coming back to our light and love within

  81. Your blog reminds me Denise that each choice is simple and it sets up that next choice, and if we stop and truly feel that we can take real stock of what it is we’re choosing in each given moment, and understand more clearly and deeply that everything is linked, and that everything that is done has a ripple effect whether we want to acknowledge it or not, it’s there. And best of all when we do honour those stop moments we develop and build our honesty with and in us – we develop an authority and trust in us, and it’s not just us but that we’re a part of the bigger picture, a grandness that is all around us, and that everything we do impacts on us and on that grandness, both a glory and a responsibility.

  82. It is amazing when we feel that inner connection – as when we connect to our essence we only need to be and the trying becomes superfluous.

  83. I love the story you told of how you grounded your daughter for 6 months and that you did not back down from that decision. Consistency is so important for children and adults alike as it is a way of seeing love in action.

  84. Thanks Denise there is much wisdom in this blog, when I look back at my life I guess there have been moments like you had, like not smoking marijuana when I chose the wrong fork in the road and made a conscious decision to dull myself instead of truly feeling what is there to be felt. So all of this is a good reminder not to keep making bad decisions for myself and also to show consistency in the decisions I make concerning my daughter.

  85. I can relate to those many moments of clarity and offering to make a true choice – easy when it came to drugs for example, but there were also many other moments when offered the opportunity to stop an ill-behaviour, and even with the clarity and very clear communication of the harm is was doing to me and others, the choice was still defiance and resistance… so now I am learning the consequences of those choices and just how imprisoning they were as we must step back through and reimprint each of those false choices.

  86. Love how you shared about the simplicity of lying in the sun and feeling the beauty of life around and that warmth within. It is so true saying that we do make life about everything other than this connection, yet no matter what we have achieved in life the greatest achievement of all is the quality of connection we have within ourselves.

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