Hold on, let me just do a Quick Spell Check – Conforming or Confirming our True Expression?

Have you ever noticed that every time you go to write an email, send a letter or complete a work task, how conditioned we have become to do a quick spell check – or our computers are ready to provide us with an array of blue, red and green underlines to highlight what doesn’t conform to the writing standards?

I do see the benefits as we may be focussed on getting our expression down and we can overlook or mis-spell words, but in recent months I have noticed that when I am editing my own or other people’s writing that the true expression that confirms what that person feels to write may not always fit the norm.

Have we been conditioned to think it’s the only way when the depth of our expression is felt in a far greater way when the sentences may look like they are too long, a comma may not be put in the position that it’s expected BUT the expression leaves us pondering for days and leaves us feeling the depth of truth in the words?

There is this underlying feel that we can often conform to the beliefs of how to write, rather than staying true and confirming what we write.

How often are we writing from the depths of our connection with another and expressing this for all? Or are we writing to conform to the standards that yes, tick the boxes, but offer little more?

Accepted Expression vs Accelerated Flow

Having read several of Serge Benhayon’s books over the years, I often felt myself go back and read a sentence time and time again as I had been so conditioned into judging it was too long, difficult to read or was missing the commas that I was taught to identify as being in the right spots. Learning to let go of these standards and connecting to the flow and volume offered, I have become aware that words hold an energetic expression way beyond all the spelling rules and grammatical workings.

“Truth in word: This is the first key to true understanding.” (1)

Serge’s books offer the choice to be read from the body and to let go of the conditioning of the mind. An opportunity to feel the deep impact the words are having on healing the body, rather than feeding the body more knowledge in the way we are accustomed to.

From this I got to feel and read that Serge Benhayon does not write from an accepted expression but offers the volume of accelerated flow in each sentence and the abundance of healing in each word, sentence, paragraph and chapter.

As a keen writer and with writing being one of the major aspects of my profession, I have come to realise that yes, the spell check and sentence structure is a major component of how we are able to transfer a message from one person to another, however, the depth of how we write may not fit that norm, yet will be offering a far greater level of sharing that supports humanity and all to read, learn and evolve – and this is worth it I say!

Inspired by the readings and books of Serge Benhayon. Writing that holds the gift of true healing and brotherhood for all.

By Anonymous


  • Serge Benhayon (2006). The Way It Is. 1st ed. Byron Bay, N.S.W.: UniMed Publishing, p.319.

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341 thoughts on “Hold on, let me just do a Quick Spell Check – Conforming or Confirming our True Expression?

  1. Until reading this I had not appreciated how subtly conditioning and reductionist the grammar correct tool is if one is not discerning in its use.

  2. Doesn’t the world try to correct us all the time for what is acceptable and the norm? When we stop and feel what is true in our body, there is never a need to seek confirmation outside from outside of us!

  3. Caught as a student and later on a teacher in the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ way to write things, it is fresh air (not without some resistance 😳) to let go of ‘expression suffocating’ rules.

  4. Indeed there is expression that unlocks the constraints of our ideals and beliefs and brings us back to the truth of who we are.

  5. Its very interesting that we think in order to deliver something of ourselves that we need to prepare a speech or learn some lines, whereas in truth when we speak from our true connection to who we are, what we express is nothing less than simple words of divine wisdom.

  6. Perhaps in due time when energetic awareness becomes a normal part of our everyday living, that we not only do a spell check, but we also do an energetic quality check before we submit any form of writing, be it email or letter.

    1. This would be amazing Johanne, and I love your comment. Our education and employment system emphasis on checking grammar and spelling errors but leave out the most important check, the energetic quality check.

  7. Reading Serge’s books is a deeply body based experience when we allow it to be, for me this is like showering my body in an energy that feels like truth, honesty and expansion of what I already know and recognise within me.

  8. If we are willing to run a spell check, at the very least we should be able to check also the quality and energy we’re speaking in. If this isn’t right, it’s important we stop, connect and then start again.

    1. I agree Joseph, beautifully expressed. I find when I am running on an energy that wants to be right, I find it is very difficult to stop, connect and start again because, at that moment, the energy I am in doesn’t care about connection, it just wants to be right. I realise the key is to not choose that energy in the first place, instead I can choose to be open and willing to connect first before I express or move in any way.

  9. The ‘best’ writing or most academically accurate text may be the least relatable for humanity. Not all of our structures and measures of intelligence or quality of literature are accurate in terms of being supportive and accessible.

  10. The books that are written by Serge Benhayon I have found have to be re-read four or five times to get to the depth of understanding needed to move on to the next page. As the true wisdom that is imparted is breaking down the barriers that have held back the truth, so rereading deepens our understanding.

  11. ‘Serge’s books offer the choice to be read from the body and to let go of the conditioning of the mind.’ – A major challenge to the human mind, that forever either seeks to be stimulated or be in control.

  12. I don’t limit this to spell check however. I would say that in life when talking to people there is sometime an uneasiness due to a conformation taking place with my expression.

  13. I like Serge’s books, and the manner they are been written, there is power in these words. The created rules of writing do not work in what is on offer to humanity!

  14. If there was a button or app that censored us every time we expressed something untrue – what a quiet world this place would suddenly be – and beautiful too – for so much of what we share is just heavy and from our head.

  15. “Serge’s books offer the choice to be read from the body and to let go of the conditioning of the mind. An opportunity to feel the deep impact the words are having on healing the body, rather than feeding the body more knowledge in the way we are accustomed to.” Beautifully confirming and supporting how we feel and so different and expansive to acknowledge the truth of our bodies and the confirmation of this.

  16. I love to write each time from a deeper level, to bring more than before. Not busy how the world Will like it, just deliver .

  17. I reckon if we are not constantly confirming and connecting to ourselves and expressing from that connection outwards then we are automatically conforming to something else that is not us.

    1. Our true expression will never fit the norm or be able to follow the rules. We are the pieces of a puzzle that make us one. We express from our body’s and our contestation with others that have no rules!

  18. Every now and then I catch myself expressing in my uniqueness and now I am starting to appreciate it as such, it might not be the same for someone else but that ‘s just fine for I am me and you are you.

  19. The meaning of words has always interested me – however since reading the books written by Serge Benhayon I am understanding that words have a value and quality way beyond what we find in any dictionary. The Ageless Wisdom brings with it a Universal understanding of life way beyond what we have been taught at school, and deeply enriches our lives and our comprehension so that life truly makes sense.

  20. Yes, I too have learned that ‘words hold an energetic expression way beyond all the spelling rules and grammatical workings’, thanks to Serge Benhayon, who has delivered to us a way of living that is not reduced by man-made mental constructs and rules.

  21. When we express in truth we will always find the words that are needed, and sometimes it may not be words that are needed at all.

  22. I used to notice it when I used to draw and paint: at times I would get obsessed about trying to get what I had put on paper more perfect or more right according to some standard or another – invariably I would pile strokes and colours on and ended up with something that did not resemble the purity, vibrance and essence of the original. I am sure the same happens with what we communicate in words too.

  23. The books of Serge Benhayon certainly have inspired me to write differently, to just let something come out as it is energetically meant to be. And that doesn’t always fit the rules of grammar. It is liberating to write out of that box!

  24. How can we speak truth and or get to any truth when we are even robbed of a language that knows how to express truth? Bastardizing language by the deliberate imposition of mental constructs is the most effective tool to estrange one to their inner known truth and thus separate us from one another.

  25. There is nothing wrong with grammar or the words not fitting the norm. Sometimes when reading a purple book, a sentence like this makes me stop to go back and read what I would have glossed over. There is already enough glossing over and checking out going on in the world!

    1. I agree Fiona. The long sentences in the book and the different use of grammar and words make me re-read a sentence maybe a few times over to get to the true meaning. What also fascinates me is every time I read a purple book anew there is a deeper meaning I receive each time.

  26. Most of my life I have been one of those who have made special effort to get things ‘right’, have taken pride in doing so and have judged others when they have made errors in spelling and the such.
    But this blog has got me to reflect on the insignificance of these minor errors in context of the actual expression. We don’t go around insisting that everyone has the same accent when they speak, thank goodness, as long as we can understand what they are communicating. Ironic that we have been focusing more on learning about rules and regulations than the quality of what we are actually expressing.

  27. ‘…words hold an energetic expression way beyond all the spelling rules and grammatical workings.’ This is a ‘freedom gate’ for the so many of us who are caught in ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ ways to write, punctuate, structure our sentences etc. A properly beautiful invitation to walk confidently through and let our relationship with the written word go to a whole new depth. Thank you.

  28. ‘Serge’s books offer the choice to be read from the body and to let go of the conditioning of the mind.’ I love the way Serge’s books break through constructs.

  29. I am kind of feeling the shackles come off with reading this blog, for often I am too concerned with the rules of writing instead of just letting the expression flow.

    1. Yes Kev, I am finding that too. Grammar was such a major part of English learning as I was growing up, both at school and at home, which I still find myself being bound by. I can feel that to be able to write by just letting the expression flow without that restriction must be very liberating.

  30. The norm can make us blind for the extraordinary, or we can even be disturbed by the extraordinary as it challenges the norm to be the only or true norm/standard.

  31. It is very true that the books of Serge Benhayon are written for the body and Soul to read, not the mind alone. The writings ignite an inner knowing as it is an expression from a quality that is innate in us all; the vibration of love in all its truth. When we express in this way, which is in fact what our normal truly is, we then offer and share the wisdom of love that is accessible and understandable by all, as all of us have a body and Soul which is designed to receive and express truth and love.

  32. Gosh as I read the heading again today that alone is very powerful in exposing just how much I have conformed my expression rather than confirmed myself in who I am and what I feel to express in my life for a long time, time for much more of the latter.

  33. When we get too strict with spelling or punctuation we can miss out on the true message that is been delivered.

    1. As someone that has struggled with many of the spelling rules, I’d agree with this as I get a sense of what is said not from the structure but from the essence of what the words mean.

  34. What is the purpose of our communication to be right and tick the boxes, or to express something amazing from the heart? Although it is useful to do a general spell-check or seeing that there are no glaring typos that obscure the sense of what is being expressed, I love it when people like Serge Benhayon are creative with the combination of words and grammar, in a way that actually adds and deepens the understanding and experience.

  35. I’m glad you’ve come to this realization through Serge Benhayon’s books. It is a huge step to see there’s no one way to do things and it deepens our understanding of ourselves and others and lessen judgement.

  36. ‘Conforming or Confirming our True Expression?’ Yes this can be felt in the written word, in our voice and in all areas of our expression. When one ‘reads’ with all of the senses and not the mind alone everything is revealed.

    1. Well said Victoria – there is a quality of energy behind everything for us to discern. One that represents and calls us to be at one with our Soul as such confirming us, or one that represents and asks us to conform to being less and accepting less than the divinity that we are here to live and express.

  37. The beauty is that you don’t have to be a keen or expert writer in order to put pen to paper, or start tapping away on a keyboard. We are all experts in different avenues of life, with stories and experiences to share. Putting these together makes a universal library.

  38. “Having read several of Serge Benhayon’s books over the years, I often felt myself go back and read a sentence time and time again ..” – yes, I love Serge’s books for this very reason as in they feel like new books because of the deeper levels the content touches within us the number of times we read a paragraph or book again.

  39. Words used in truth are like neurosurgery – always hitting the nerve of what needs to be expressed at any moment.

  40. We take words for granted. This is evident in how we can abuse with words, to ourselves and other, how we are curse and swear and shout. It obvious how much power words have because they are a vehicle with which our quality of self is transferred to others. So really, there is a big responsibility in word and how we use them.

  41. I love that someone or anyone is willing to break the rules as a means to communicate something that yes, is outside the norms of what is most people’s everyday experience… but equally is a more natural expression of what they are feeling. We need more things that break the paradigm we are living in because its not working and we need a fresh perspective.

  42. Serge Benhayon writes with volume just as he does everything else in his life allowing the volume of the soul to come through. From the way he walks, communicates, moves, writes etc etc it all holds the one same divine quality. Something that is not special to him but can be accessed and done equally by all. He just chooses and takes the level of responsibility needed to bring through the level that he does in full surrender to knowing who we all truly are. Many of us have experienced his teaching of walking with our true selves, walking with our volume in ‘walking therapies’ and others have experienced expressing from the body and expressing with our body in other available workshops. This is all accessible to all and something Serge has been sharing since 1999. Now many today express with true quality and produce such amazing albums, websites, blogs, business, daily work, walking etc from also connecting to the deepest natural part of our being – our soul.

  43. It is interesting that we are so fixated on rules etc when we should actually be holding quality of expression as paramount. How amazing would it be if our computers instead of underlining or highlighting the grammatical errors with colours and messages, that it was the quality or lack-there-of, of our expression in our writing was the thing our computers highlighted to us eg. Imagine if we were presented with such messages as:
    ‘You have typed with anger in the first sentence, please readdress this area in order to hold your energetic responsibility’
    ‘ in this paragraph there is a drop in the power you present compared to the rest of the writing,please readdress this to hold the power and quality delivered for the rest of humanity who reads this ‘
    ‘This entire email is crushing in nature and will deeply hurt the person you are sending it to and then they will carry that hurt around impacting everyone they meet, please readdress how you say what you want to say with more responsibility and consideration for everyone’

    1. Very revealing, and shows how much we are feeling and ‘reading’ in every moment. We are expressing 24/7 and the quality of our expression affects us all. What are we adding to the pool we all collectively swim in?

  44. Thanks Anonymous, You have raised very valid areas for us as a humanity to consider. As in many areas of life we have been conditioned to abide by rules, follow the considered ‘right’ way and adhere to the common norm but often these do not bring flow, harmony, surrender or truth to our lives. It’s important that quality comes first and the more that we debunk the constraints that keep us from quality of expression and movement being first in our lives, the more we are heading toward a truer way of living as a whole. And Serge Benhayon in writing and all areas of life has been forward stepping this and setting the trend.

  45. It is interesting how we have formulas and rules to do things correctly and make language and expression understandable. But have we considered that all expression cannot be reduced in this manner and retain its richness and fullness?

  46. A key word in the “Truth in words” is ‘reincarnation’ so from birth to death we have a “true understanding” of our true ‘responsibility’ in how we live, thus from our conception until our last breath when we pass-over is our incarnation. And that one incarnation has an effect on our next incarnation, so understanding what is Truly meant affects a great deal more than when we simply look at the word because “words hold an energetic expression way beyond all the spelling rules and grammatical workings.”

    For more on passing-over joy-fully, until our last breath see the video at;

  47. We can either conform and just live by the rules that life provides or we can allow ourselves to listen a bit deeper and go by the truth of our heart.

  48. Reading Serge Benhayon’s books is unlike any other book I have read, in fact they are the only books that I have enjoyed reading and have read fully. There is a quality to them that is unmistakably felt when reading, touching depths within.

    1. In life I have only been able to read very few books cover to cover. Some I read because I had to and some I read because I thought I should but the only books that I have enjoyed reading and that speak to my whole body and allow it to deeply surrender are the books written by Serge Benhayon. My body responds deeply to truth, multidimensionality and universality – and this is what his books hold, from the way he writes, where he places a comma, the words he uses, the topics he presents on and the configuration of his sentences and paragraphs.

  49. I was reading one of Serge Benhayon’s books last night and appreciated on a new level how every sentence contains a key to self-liberation.

  50. The way that we do not truly read the meaning of words and how we use them is disabling. We do not understand that if we do not fully embody the truth of what we say then we corrupt ourselves and others. This truth does not always fit the pictures we have concerning correct grammar and meaning.

  51. This reminds me of the way we often express when we speak which can have the same constrictive manner imposed upon it by our minds in absence of our wonderfully wise and ever knowing body.

    1. Very true. This is rampant in all areas on some level. Our world is set up, by our own collective hands to focus on the insignificant as being the significant in order to keep us distracted and away from what truly matters in life. The more we reimprint this all with truth one droplet at a time – we start turning the tides on the lived lies.

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