Suppression – The Behaviour of Abuse

I came to the loving understanding at the age of 63 that I was using suppression to abuse my body without any consideration of how sacred the body is, and how it truly works.

Suppression was a behaviour that I would go to when I felt defeated and crushed and it seemed the way to avoid not wanting to deal with situations every time I felt overwhelmed and could not cope with life.

At a young age I could feel everything. But I never knew that the body I lived in was sensitive, fragile, delicate and that it has the wisdom of knowing, the power of healing and bringing all that is needed from a place within me that is divine and full of love.

Growing up as a child, teenager and adult, I was in the illusion that everything outside of me was more important than my inner wellbeing. I found I was always making choices to keep myself constantly busy in the ‘doing.’ This behaviour was deeply ingrained in my body and it originated from being told that “time was not to be wasted.”

I was lost in the drive of achieving with no consideration to the body and what this truly meant for my wellbeing and how I was living. I used outcomes and recognition to receive acceptance from others. On the surface it looked like I was a super woman, nothing was a problem that I couldn’t handle, but within I could feel the anxiety building up through the aches and pains in my physical body – there was a deep tiredness and exhaustion. The truth was I was using suppression to mask all that I was feeling; I was putting a lid on everything that I felt, concealing the judgment of self and others by playing the victim game.

What I did not realise is this behaviour was abusing my body by not allowing the self to be honest and express what was truly going on deep within. 

It wasn’t until I met Serge Benhayon at one of the Universal Medicine workshop presentations that I realised how sacred my body is: the way Serge moves in every step and the quality of the tone of his voice allowed me to connect to my own truth. It was through his reflection of the appreciation of his delicateness and tenderness that I came to the clarity of how important my body is.

Through Serge Benhayon’s teachings and presentations of the true Livingness I have come to learn that the body is a vehicle of expression and with that learning to love everything and every part of my body – after all it is my greatest teacher. With allowing myself the space to stop and surrender, comes a loving understanding of accepting and trusting what my body brings to each and every moment, connecting from a quality of stillness – the wisdom that we all hold within.

Life is full of opportunities when I truly honour my body and what it brings without suppressing any feelings. What I love is when I don’t indulge in any of these old patterns or behaviours and instead use them as my friends of learning and letting go, for deep down they are not who I truly am but a part of creation that I created by not wanting to feel truth in its completeness.

My body – the vehicle of expression is no longer used for needs or achievements but to reflect the sacredness, beauty and grace from within in God’s divine love and light.

I am now choosing to listen to how I feel in my body, treating it with respect, commitment, taking responsibility and honouring the truth that it reveals. Accepting the loving relationship between Soul and my body, as we work together as one.

By Kathy Avram, Melbourne, Loving all that life brings in the learning of every opportunity and living the purpose of serving humanity that comes from deep within a forever student

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700 thoughts on “Suppression – The Behaviour of Abuse

  1. “The truth was I was using suppression to mask all that I was feeling”. I recently saw myself on a video and could see in my face the years of tolerating what was going on and not speaking up and expressing what I felt. My whole face felt suppressed and I could see it was generational in that other family members did that also. I could see the years of strain on my face, it has opened me to exploring this and beginning to trust to say what I feel because the body is reflecting the suppression of my truth.

  2. Life is amazing and content when I listen to how my body feels and act on such. All the stress and tension comes from suppressing and ignoring it.

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