The Absolute Truth about Serge Benhayon – There are no Lies to Sniff Out

I entered the noble profession of teaching the year man landed on the moon. The numerous primary aged students I have encountered in my 45 plus years of teaching since would more than vouch for my ability to smell a rat a mile off and sense a whiff of a lie if they ever dared to attempt to pull the wool over my eyes. I am nobody’s fool, so when I read the arrant nonsense written by newsprint journalists or watch a conglomeration of lies presented via the TV media about Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and all who have chosen to be associated with this religion, I have been wondering what the world is coming to.

Headshot of Serge Benhayon standing alonside a brick paved wall
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

What I have recently realised is, it’s not about what the world is coming to at all. As the corruption and degradation of decency and fair play is outed, the quality of what the world has been allowed to become is incrementally being revealed to us all. We are having our eyes opened to what humanity has allowed to flourish without calling a halt. We are finally having the cornucopia of endless lies we have all been accepting as fact brought to light.

No aspect of life is free of this, ranging from the obvious political, commercial, religious convenient truths, to the less obvious aspects of our system of education and social service that do not, in truth, support each and every one equitably or with love. The quality in which human beings currently live their lives is the outfall of all of the above and more. We don’t like acknowledging, let alone accepting, we have no one to blame but ourselves for the state of world affairs we find ourselves living in.

This, then, is the background that the media has reported on Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and all who, with their innate love of humanity, know there is another way to be in this world. Serge Benhayon has been presenting the tenets of The Way of The Livingness, a deeply holding religion, since 1999. Anyone seeking  to know the man and what he represents has access to all presentations, as the welcome mat is out for anyone who chooses to attend. Numerous testimonials and blogs written by students of The Way of The Livingness, plus YouTube and Soundcloud recordings etc. are available via the web. Glorious expression of the Ageless Wisdom is available in an ever-increasing number of books. All stand as testament to Serge Benhayon, Truth and the great Love for Humanity he holds.

Conversely, some in the media have chosen to align with the lies that have been written by a cabal of persons who, for some reason known only to them, have taken exception to a group of citizens who have been supported by the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom – as presented for the world this time around by Serge Benhayon – to live love and harmlessness with all, to the best of their ability.

You might well ask why I know what this small group has written is lies. As outlined above, my life experience and all that I am knows when I am in the presence of untruth. Not once have I ever had cause to doubt the Truth and Love in what Serge Benhayon has written or said since I met him via Universal Medicine in 2005.

Because of Serge Benhayon’s living and sharing The Way of The Livingness, I have had my eyes opened to the even greater potential I held within to bring to my teaching and connection with my fellow human beings, no matter their age; to the fact that it is by only deeply caring and valuing myself and my well-being that I am able to deeply care and value all who I come in contact with during the day.

The Way of The Livingness

I now enjoy being me and appreciating all the possibilities life holds. My body may be ageing, but the light of my Soul shines out ever brighter as I live more fully the truth of my essence, who I am and where I come from, thanks to the Truth of the Ageless Wisdom Serge Benhayon continues to present.

Over the years in my experience, there’s not been a rat to smell or a whiff of a lie in what Serge Benhayon via Universal Medicine has offered. I have joyously accepted the opportunity of embracing the teachings of The Way of The Livingness, so I now stand more solidly in the quality of Love and Truth that I and every person innately holds within and know, to my bones, there’s no better way to feel or live life.

By Judith Atack

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201 thoughts on “The Absolute Truth about Serge Benhayon – There are no Lies to Sniff Out

  1. Every corner of life that is not true will be exposed in this era of light and love, it may take 100s of years before we are willing to see it but we will eventually and we will have to act.

  2. We can get lazy and choose not to recognise the truth, but the truth will stand and will speak for itself, it can not be corrupted. Serge Benhayon is a man with honesty, honourable intentions and a vast catalogue of work spanning writing, presentations, as a practitioner and if that is investigated even a little, it shines a light on this man and his integrity. There is nothing to uncover, it is there for all to see, if we are willing.

  3. “Because of Serge Benhayon’s living and sharing The Way of The Livingness, I have had my eyes opened to the even greater potential I held within”. Serge has shown us what it looks like to live transparently, not only that nothing is hidden, but that we get to see what such relationship to one’s innermost and dedication to humanity looks like.

  4. I absolutely do not doubt your ability to sniff a rat a mile off with 45 years teaching and running schools Judy. Interacting daily with large numbers of children and adults, and being astute when it comes to intention, is a prerequisite to your profession and one that is honed all the while, your point delivered here with true authority.

  5. Here, here Judith, I completely agree. I first met Serge Benhayon in 2005 as well and I have never had cause to doubt him, his truth and his integrity in all the many occasions I have listened, discerningly to his presentations and workshops here either. I have spent the last 30 years working one on one with people everyday and I too can smell a rat a mile off, and there are none around him in my ample experience.

  6. What Serge Benhayon (re)presents is first and foremost lived through his body and so it can be seen and sensed way before any words are spoken. It is for this reason that all that know Serge personally, whether as a student or in the community will not fall for the ridiculous lies that are being spread by certain media.

  7. Even from the most dark places a light can be recognized so if one chooses to turn their head and persist in their only being darkness this is a very personal choice. Serge Benhayon has consistently offered us the light that guides us back to who we innately and divinely are. It has always been and still is a very personal choice if we want to see it, and to what extend, or not.

  8. Thank you Judith for sharing the solid account of Universal Medicine. I can say there are so many people who also feel the deep love that is offered and the truth about what is delivered.

  9. What Serge Behanyon is presenting, living and teaching is not what is common in society, so in that way it is easy to attack that from the point of view what society sees as common, thus normal. The question is: what society is living is that the normal way, or is this a way that is very far from the truth that could be lived by each and every one of us, as lived by students of The Way of the Livingness, not in perfection but in huge contrast to what is lived in society.

  10. This is such a profound statement: “My body may be ageing, but the light of my Soul shines out ever brighter as I live more fully the truth of my essence, who I am and where I come from”. The acknowledgment at the end that this is due to the “Truth of the Ageless Wisdom Serge Benhayon continues to present” ought to have people queueing up to find out more. ….The fact that we don’t have that, shows how given up and burnt by the false lies most of humanity is that when offered exactly what deep down we all crave there is a hesitation.

    The whole of humanity so needs the unwavering reflection provided by Soul-led individuals such as Serge Benhayon, so that people start to trust one another and their own heart once again.

  11. It is a very awesome thing to know someone like Serge Benhayon, a man whose integrity is second to none. We can all live like this but it requires us to be very truthful about our lives and deal with what we have accepted that is not true.

  12. I know Universal Medicine teachings have supported thousands of people to develop and grow in understanding about their lives, and anyone who does not agree can walk away and not listen. I have heard Serge Benhayon say that many times. But are there any lies to be sniffed out? No way.

  13. Being open and honest in our relationships and never stopping learning helps us all to grow together, we can be such a support to each other when we don’t judge but know we are all equal on the same path and can evolve together.

  14. If something is for me, I look into it, feel it out, maybe research it. If it’s not for me, I let it go. In today’s world, people hide behind a facade to troll or bully, manipulate or blackmail all for their own agenda. It seems such a waste of energy and expense.

  15. Yes, Judith. When I am in the presence of Serge Benhayon there is not one cell in my body that feels disturbed, but on the contrary I can feel myself expand and melt with a sense of home-coming, in feeling the depth of love and absolute honouring I am held in.

  16. To me it’s a bit like that fairy story about the emperor and his news clothes, how the emperor is hoodwinked by crooks to believe he is wearing very fine magnificent clothes when he is not wearing any clothes at all, but in his pride and arrogance he goes along with the blatant lie. The emperor rides out amongst his people and the crowds gather but no one says anything at all, everyone is hushed. Then a child asks the question as they always do
    ” Why isn’t the emperor wearing any clothes?”
    The spell is broken and the emperor looks rather foolish sitting on his horse without any clothes. He realises that his arrogance and pride have led him astray.
    Serge Benhayon is that child, he is saying to the world what’s going on, wake up you have all been hoodwinked. And in our arrogance and pride we don’t want to admit we have chosen to be led astray.

  17. What I find really amazing is that pick 99.9% of the population and it would be easy to dig up lies but when we look at Serge Behayon and his life, there is nothing to hide no lies just inspiration.

  18. In these words, you speak so loudly for me Judith. “My body may be ageing, but the light of my Soul shines out ever brighter as I live more fully the truth of my essence, who I am and where I come from, thanks to the Truth of the Ageless Wisdom Serge Benhayon continues to present.” And I am sure that our souls will be shining brightly for a very long time to come.

  19. When the Truth shakes us out of our comfort, we will do anything to not feel the discomfort in our bodies; even to the point of making up outlandish lies. Anything to make that person go away and leave us alone. After all, how dare a man named Serge Benhayon reflects to the whole world that they are living less than the love they naturally are.

  20. ‘I have joyously accepted the opportunity of embracing the teachings of The Way of The Livingness, so I now stand more solidly in the quality of Love and Truth that I and every person innately holds within and know, to my bones, there’s no better way to feel or live life’. Me too, Judy. Thank you for claiming it. It is time to claim what is true and what is not. When we avoid taking responsibility we can react and blame others for exposing our unloving choices. Why do we fear being challenged to be all that we innately are? We need to raise our standards and denounce the emotional reactions, dishonesty and sensationalism that plague our society in every sphere: political, educational, religious, cultural and social. Let us feel how harmful to us all this current way of living is and choose to be truly honest about what needs to change.

  21. The expanse of what is a lie in our current way of life is hard to comprehend when our very existence of being on this planet was seeded in a lie. We are deeply loved in the fact that there is also a reflection of truth to support us to return in nature and when we do we have everything provided by our connection to our Soul.

  22. Fabulous Judith. The only scent from Serge Benhayon, is the scent of heaven, and that is also equally from where he has been sent.

  23. It is now 12 years since I first met Serge Benhayon and never once in that time have I ever experienced anything untoward from, only deep loving support, amazing wisdom and remarkable steadfastness in the face of extreme abuse from the cyber trolls and the media.

  24. The caliber of Serge Benhayon’s audience who attend the Universal Medicine events confirm the integrity of all that Serge presents. This includes CEOs of corporate companies, Surgeons, Doctors, Solicitors, Physiotherapists and many others who are gainfully employed in a range of professions. To me this confirms the integrity of the presentations that empower us to connect to our life’s purpose. Nothing that I have investigated in life prior to meeting Universal Medicine has ever had this effect on people, to commit wholeheartedly to life, people and love in full appreciation of the unique gifts and talents we bring to the world. If there were any hint of the slightest wrong doing by Serge Benhayon, it would most definitely have been noticed by now but there has never been one iota of evidence to support the lies that a minority have decided to fabricate.

  25. What is the part we play in the corruption and degradation of the world? Where have politeness and manners’ gone? How many people really know the person that lives next to you? Could it be that our falseness of being nice to others is just a way of hiding from the world? What if we all lived in glass houses and respected ourselves and others openly again.

  26. It makes me wonder sometimes what sort of a person/persons have to be like or how sad their lives must be to have to create total fabrications about others and try and make their lives miserable like their own.

  27. Just to play with words here, the Ageless Wisdom is for everyone at every age as we are ageless beings as well even while we are occupying a temporal body (and then another, and another…).

  28. There are no lies to sniff out when it comes to Serge Benhayon – he is one of the most honest and transparent people that I know of. Of course you can invent lies and twist facts and take things out of context and make a sensationalist story – but what does that say about your level of integrity, respect and care for self and others?

  29. Thank you Judith for this awesome testament and how you know “to my bones, there’s no better way to feel or live life.” No further explanations needed – you have felt this and claimed it as you know this is the Truth, and that, this in your body offers the greatest settlement. I too can say that when I first encountered the teachings of Serge Benhayon, I knew to the deepest part of myself that this was the Truth, and I endevour to live this every day. Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon have shown me there is a way to be in this would of ours that supports our natural and innermost expression, and this is worth so much more than buckets of Gold.

  30. Your experience reflects my own Judith – never have I met such a man as Serge Benhayon who lives his life with nothing less than integrity, Love, Truth and Joy in every single moment and movement.

  31. It is a very salient point that we align to a ‘version’ of truth when it matches our very hurt, need or sense of emptiness that we has not been dealt with.

  32. I wholeheartedly and absolutely agree ‘Over the years in my experience, there’s not been a rat to smell or a whiff of a lie in what Serge Benhayon via Universal Medicine has offered’. However there has been very much a rat to smell with regards to the media in how they have portrayed Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine … in fact a whole heap of rats and a whole heap of lies. As others have shared in the comments here it is great you have expressed from your knowing and not from a guessing or gossiping.

  33. The absoluteness of your lived experience Judith is so very inspiring to feel – when we present our truth, what we know we have felt and lived in our bodies, it comes with our authority of knowing and cannot be denied.

  34. Thank you Judith. I know you and I know that you are not one to be fooled by the lies that are kept in seemingly endless circulation by the many who feed this pool of ill consciousness by their own comfort seeking ways. We have all been immersed in this pool and thus we have all played ball with such lies. Therefore, it is up to each of us to extract ourselves out of the mud so that we can more clearly see and feel the pristine well of truth that lives and breathes deep within us all.

  35. Truth has a certain quality to it – an unmistakable tone and texture that when lived, will alert you the moment something enters the equation that does not match this beauty and this warmth. It is up to each of us to fine tune our awareness and access to this quality of our Soul so that the lies we are immersed in get revealed for the poison they are.

  36. Well said Judith. When the truth is known from a lived experience in the body it is very easy to see the lies people tell. It also gives us an opportunity to decide how much we value what has brought this change to our lives. Serge Benhayon has offered so many of us a fresh start to bring more love into our lives and I will forever be honouring of that opportunity.

  37. I know you Judy to be very wise to what is going on and that Serge Benhayon and Universal medicine has been grossly mis-represented by the media.
    They cannot fault someone with such enormous integrity all they can do is omit the truth and take a few snippets out of context in an attempt at sensation.
    The love and care for humanity from the Benhayon family is astounding as is the level of dedication and integrity. The real story is the enormous amount of love that has been offered to humanity and those that have accepted it have turned their lives around and now glowing with vitality.
    Thank you Judy for setting the record straight and adding your testimony to the volume of truth we don’t find in the media at present.

  38. It is a sad state of humanity when we have to explain why we know people we spend time with are not lying. It’s like when there is one murderer and we don’t trust anyone anymore, here it is some people telling lies and we feel like we all have to explain and defend what we know is truth.

  39. If we have excesses, real or created by lies, we can stay comfortable in doing what we do as the excess will prevent our own behaviours to not be exposed. If we have the really bad then the less bad can be deemed as good.

    1. And a part of that is being willing and open enough to consider that we have been wrong, that we have made a mistake and that things aren’t as we had ‘thought’ they are, but, something else entirely.

    2. Developing clairsentience – the ability to feel and understand what one feels – is the greatest gift we can give ourselves.

    3. Yes, we choose to numb ourselves with entertainment, internet & social media, extreme sports, indulging in food, alcohol or other drugs, the list goes on… to the extent that we no longer are able to feel the truth of what is really going on.

  40. Harm and harmless, these are words that we need to really consider and take seriously, so Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine….absolutely harmless. Not one hair on my head has been harmed in any course I have attended, the exact opposite has occurred. Every day we are harmed through laziness, giving upness, anger, reluctance, blame, lack of responsibility, jealous, ourselves, because we do not love and care for each other as we could. And Universal Medicine, without doubt is harmless, there is no evidence and there will none that it has been abusive in anyway. When the hot air and smoke what will be found is a solid business doing a great job, but significantly without harming anyone.

    1. I completely agree that Universal Medicine has consistently reduced the harm that is occurring in our world and societies through its presentations and teachings and not done anyone any harm whatsoever.

    2. It is interesting and shocking how easily we can twist things in our mind and convince ourselves of a story to remain comfortable because we are not ready or do not want to say yes to love. We feel an enormous hurt as a result, in saying no to love, as we are rejecting the love that we already are, we may feel very angry. However – in truth we are very knowingly and divisively avoiding taking responsibility for the way we are living and an easy option to deflect from feeling our hurt, is to make accusations and blame the source of love for being the catalyst that prompted us to feel this way.

    3. Beautifully expressed and absolutely true ‘so Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine….absolutely harmless. Not one hair on my head has been harmed in any course I have attended, the exact opposite has occurred’. My question is why is attention being given by the media to someone who is harmless saying they are harming and all the focus is away from what IS harming! Interesting isnt it. Like the media … completely harming yet is a spotlight on them? The energy that is harming is pointing a finger at harmless energy saying that the harmless energy is harming!!!

  41. ‘I now stand more solidly in the quality of Love and Truth that I and every person innately holds within and know, to my bones, there’s no better way to feel or live life.’ – Judith, I am 100% with you – there is no better way to feel or live life. Thanks to Universal Medicine there are many of us who have turned our lives around from misery, lostness or perhaps just a feeling of indifference or confusion to one in harmony and joy.

  42. You can not feed someone who is steady and loving of themselves and others, salacious newspaper articles, the next big thing, or fast food, they may nibble and dapple, as life is not about perfection, but the more solid you grow the less you need distraction and a way of checking out. So is there big business in having solid steady people living in the world, the answer is no. The systems we have are corrupt and rely on us being needy, exhausted and desperate for entertainment of any sort. This is why an organisation that offers simple, profound support to heal ourselves from within has been targeted. The rat is not Universal Medicine, it is the organisations and so called evidence based sceptics who without conscience lie and sell stories with no factual base.

    1. There is definitely a vested interest at play here. As you share, what Universal Medicine offer is an opportunity to reclaim your truth under the marketing of life. It is a responsible and accountable way of living. This should be studied and championed not lied about and vilified – that is simply ignorance and a resistance to taking responsibility for what is contributed to the world we live in.

    2. And these organisations and sceptics are only shooting themselves in the foot for we are all very aware of the inconsistencies in which these lies and stories come, constantly changing views, tactics and opinions according to whim… whereas the defining thing about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon is the foundation of consistent solid commitment to truth – always – which cannot be shaken, denied or dismissed.

  43. Expressed with authority from a knowing, not a guessing or gossiping, no need for sensationalism, convicting or anyone even listening, but stating what you live, who you are and know to be true – that´s what it means to take a stand.

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