The Absolute Truth about Serge Benhayon – There are no Lies to Sniff Out

I entered the noble profession of teaching the year man landed on the moon. The numerous primary aged students I have encountered in my 45 plus years of teaching since would more than vouch for my ability to smell a rat a mile off and sense a whiff of a lie if they ever dared to attempt to pull the wool over my eyes. I am nobody’s fool, so when I read the arrant nonsense written by newsprint journalists or watch a conglomeration of lies presented via the TV media about Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and all who have chosen to be associated with this religion, I have been wondering what the world is coming to.

Headshot of Serge Benhayon standing alonside a brick paved wall
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

What I have recently realised is, it’s not about what the world is coming to at all. As the corruption and degradation of decency and fair play is outed, the quality of what the world has been allowed to become is incrementally being revealed to us all. We are having our eyes opened to what humanity has allowed to flourish without calling a halt. We are finally having the cornucopia of endless lies we have all been accepting as fact brought to light.

No aspect of life is free of this, ranging from the obvious political, commercial, religious convenient truths, to the less obvious aspects of our system of education and social service that do not, in truth, support each and every one equitably or with love. The quality in which human beings currently live their lives is the outfall of all of the above and more. We don’t like acknowledging, let alone accepting, we have no one to blame but ourselves for the state of world affairs we find ourselves living in.

This, then, is the background that the media has reported on Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and all who, with their innate love of humanity, know there is another way to be in this world. Serge Benhayon has been presenting the tenets of The Way of The Livingness, a deeply holding religion, since 1999. Anyone seeking  to know the man and what he represents has access to all presentations, as the welcome mat is out for anyone who chooses to attend. Numerous testimonials and blogs written by students of The Way of The Livingness, plus YouTube and Soundcloud recordings etc. are available via the web. Glorious expression of the Ageless Wisdom is available in an ever-increasing number of books. All stand as testament to Serge Benhayon, Truth and the great Love for Humanity he holds.

Conversely, some in the media have chosen to align with the lies that have been written by a cabal of persons who, for some reason known only to them, have taken exception to a group of citizens who have been supported by the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom – as presented for the world this time around by Serge Benhayon – to live love and harmlessness with all, to the best of their ability.

You might well ask why I know what this small group has written is lies. As outlined above, my life experience and all that I am knows when I am in the presence of untruth. Not once have I ever had cause to doubt the Truth and Love in what Serge Benhayon has written or said since I met him via Universal Medicine in 2005.

Because of Serge Benhayon’s living and sharing The Way of The Livingness, I have had my eyes opened to the even greater potential I held within to bring to my teaching and connection with my fellow human beings, no matter their age; to the fact that it is by only deeply caring and valuing myself and my well-being that I am able to deeply care and value all who I come in contact with during the day.

The Way of The Livingness

I now enjoy being me and appreciating all the possibilities life holds. My body may be ageing, but the light of my Soul shines out ever brighter as I live more fully the truth of my essence, who I am and where I come from, thanks to the Truth of the Ageless Wisdom Serge Benhayon continues to present.

Over the years in my experience, there’s not been a rat to smell or a whiff of a lie in what Serge Benhayon via Universal Medicine has offered. I have joyously accepted the opportunity of embracing the teachings of The Way of The Livingness, so I now stand more solidly in the quality of Love and Truth that I and every person innately holds within and know, to my bones, there’s no better way to feel or live life.

By Judith Atack

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626 thoughts on “The Absolute Truth about Serge Benhayon – There are no Lies to Sniff Out

  1. A wonderment to be understood and lived is the presentation by Serge Benhayon and by aligning to our Soul the questions fade as our wisdom expands.

  2. My family would all agree that I was a wayward child and a very emotional disturbed young adult that sort of got through life after a nervous breakdown by having sessions with a psychiatrist for over 20 + years once a week, sometimes twice a week when things were really bad every day for short periods of time. My psychiatrist became my prop in life. Meeting Serge Benhayon was the day that things started to shift very subtle at first; it has been a slow process of return back to me as there was a lot of protection and distrust to discard. Serge Benhayon gave me the possibility of something different that made so much sense I just wish I had access to this different way of life when I was young.
    I am living proof that life can be completely turned around and my family who have watched my progress from the side lines are my champions they marvel at the turn around they have heard all the negativity that surrounds Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine but it doesn’t make any sense to them at all because they see in me the living proof of literally a before and after living experience. They can feel that there is a sense of profoundness to my life that they cannot match in theirs. Some of my family is changing because they see the benefits and some are as they always were and that is brilliant because there is no coercing from me to get them to change and no resistance from them to adopt the changes I have made.

  3. As babies we are able to also smell a lie a mile away, so how is it that by the time we get to school we have lost the plot and try every which way to pull the wool over the teachers eyes so to speak? and all with the look of a sweet innocent child? So what has happened to lose our way could it be as parents and custodians of raising a child we shut down their essences / Souls and they have learnt to conform to the lies we have all lived and not the Truth of our Soul!

    1. I would say yes Greg we have learnt to conform to the lies we have swallowed we seem to have lost our power of discernment or are so given up that we despair of ever finding our soul again or we go on a quest to find it not realizing that our soul resides within us always it is after all who we are in truth.

  4. Thanks Judith for the sharing, I loved what you wrote about The Way of the Livingness being about a life of love and harmlessness, it’s such a beautiful way to live because its deeply considerate of every human being, animal, and nature, and places us in the context of the whole universe. Like yourself it’s brought out of me such an incredible awareness of who I am and the potential that then offers to the world. Before that I have to say I was crushed by life, living a shell of my true self, I have been resurrected and there’s more to come – life with soul is love and joy.

  5. I feel what you say is true
    ‘As the corruption and degradation of decency and fair play is outed, the quality of what the world has been allowed to become is incrementally being revealed to us all. We are having our eyes opened to what humanity has allowed to flourish without calling a halt. We are finally having the cornucopia of endless lies we have all been accepting as fact brought to light.’
    We have all had a part to play in the corruption that is now being exposed, as much as we have collectively tried through the centuries to bury the truth, the truth will always out because by the very nature that it is the truth. The truth is such a powerful energy that it cannot be corrupted.

  6. Say what they want, but time will tell who’s truthful and who’s not. So far in my 9 years of knowing Serge Benhayon I have only seen a consistent and growing level of strength and love in him and in the students who choose to hang around, listen and apply what is shared.

  7. I look forward to the day when all is seen for what it truly is and those who walk around, righteously throwing mud, will see that the mud is and has always has been, on them. There is only so long a lie can last before it finds its natural place amongst the dust. In the mean time, those who know, get on with it, truly living their lives and giving back to all of us.

  8. This is the true story the world needs to here. Serge Benhayon is beautiful soul who teachings are quite literally from heaven and beyond.

  9. Everything I love in this man is also within me too.
    Serge Benhayon reminds us what is true and the multidimensionality of life.

    1. I agree anonymous it is not the flesh of the man, it is what is lived within his body that resonates with us all and the truth is felt. That there is a multidimensional way of life that we are currently not living. Humanity has been given a clear choice to live within the immenseness of our soul or not.
      I have realised there is nowhere to run and nowhere to go as we are going round and round in circles around the Sun so that humanity will at some point turn around and re trace their steps back to the one soul they separated from many eons ago.

  10. ‘As the corruption and degradation of decency and fair play is outed, the quality of what the world has been allowed to become is incrementally being revealed to us all.’ For generations many have been using that very well worn question ‘what is the world coming to?’ – well I feel that we have arrived at what it has come to and pretty it isn’t.. How much longer to we blame everyone around us for what it has come to and start to take responsibility for how we contribute to it on a daily basis?

  11. The world will change when more and more people are inspired and respond to the call of truth as presented through the Ageless Wisdom by Serge Benhayon.

  12. Every one is in some kind of cycle, even the media is, and when we all are presented with the truth we can either embrace and go with it, or react and then withdraw, fight, or try to demolish it. The truth will keep coming back around, presenting itself over and over by virtue of cycles, it’s therefore up to us to accept it and return to the same truth within ourselves, or keep fighting ourselves and reacting to those that present the mirror.

    1. Melinda what you say feels very real Humanity has been presented with a alternative way of living and there is a quiet revolution occurring and of course the old guard will react and resists but as we are not going anywhere except round and round in the many overlapping cycles we will all come to the one truth in the end.

  13. Love this Judith, I stand by everything you say, Serge Benhayon is amazing and a total inspiration of how to live real values of love, truth and joy.

  14. On the one hand we can say it is a great sadness that we have become so accustomed to lies and deviation in our societies (here yes we are talking about the media and this is simply an outer representation of well-established and accepted corruption). On the other hand it makes very clear that we have a choice: to quietly and blindly continue to collude with this framework or to firmly and clearly see and expose it for what it is and live in a way that supports the decency, integrity, collaboration and truth that is our natural way. The Way of the Livingness is this.

  15. Corruption is finally being exposed for what it is in many areas of life, the law being one of many. When you have witnessed someone living their truth over many years and know their integrity in all areas of life, to see that love of truth being questioned makes me seriously wonder where the attackers are coming from. I know who I trust.

  16. ‘…to the less obvious aspects of our system of education and social service that do not, in truth, support each and every one equitably or with love.’

    Having worked in both, despite the best of intentions of staff, I can certainly say this is my experience of both. While we refuse to see how broken they are we will continue to bring in solution after solution and look to them to save the day. I know I’ve tried to cling onto the good rather than witness it slowly grinding to a desperate break down.

    1. I know how hard this is … to want to desperately change something, a system, and try solution after solution but my understanding now is we have to let things grind down and break if they need to in order to truly heal as solutions only cover this up for a while but do not deal with the energetic root of what is really going on and that is where we need to get to .. the true energetic root of the cause.

      1. Such a good point Vicky. There is no point in trying to save something that is corrupt at its core. Allowing things to fall apart before they can be rebuilt in a different energy can be a hard one to accept.

  17. Judith what you live can be clearly felt. It astounds me that people who choose to live lovingly with both integrity and responsibility to the best of their ability get attacked both in words and energetically and not just once but consistently so. There is no hiding for the lies now. Lets up the love.

  18. I totally agree with what you have shared with humanity Judith. We do know the truth as it is felt in our bodies we can shut it down and pretend it doesn’t exist but on a sub conscious level we do know. And I wonder if it is the person that rejects the truth the loudest actually feels the truth the strongest but lives so far from it that they have to defend the indefensible?

    1. Yes, feeling what is true from our bodies. Since I started doing this when I came to Universal Medicine, I have learned so much. The mind thinks it is the master but can lead us into a merry dance if we follow it unwisely. Listening to my body’s messages has alerted me to many areas of life that need my attention.

  19. There have been witch hunts throughout history as there have been those people who stood out against the crowd as different. I feel we haven’t really moved on from this way of living. Yes our surroundings have changed we live in centrally heated houses and drive cars but the consciousness we live under hasn’t changed.

    1. This is the kind of conversation starter that will bring about change; an exploration of our willingness to be honest about our human condition and an enquiry about our intelligence and advancement.

    2. Even when the legacy of those killed for standing out carries on, we don’t hold the great teachers as equals, and we change the message literally killing their work as well.

  20. This is something I have been feeling more over the last few days. What is my being aligned to. How important is truth to me because if I say very am I living this within every cell of my being consistently.

  21. What is really going on here? The media circus and the ramifications of it is just people avoiding truth, because the love that is on offer is too much, too close and too tender. What do you do if that starts to touch you and you feel the call of the responsibility it comes with? You crucify the one living that level of love. What a waste – for I can tell you -start to live it and it’s amazing what happens.

  22. No lies or subterfuge here, only absolute truth and love. Serge Benhayon rocks, as does anyone who is prepared to live for the all everyday 24/7.

  23. There are no lies to sniff out, but certain sectors of the media care not about such details, and why should they if the goal is to meet the demand for the lies that are sold?

  24. People have for a long time now liked to spread lies, they enjoy the gossip and the sensationalism, and with all known world teachers there have been people so jealous they can not contain their fury and have to create lies. Thing is with Serge Benhayon and with any of us connected to our soul, we know in truth lies can not touch us.

    1. It is interesting to be open to seeing, and then honest about, our repeated pattern of behaviour when it comes to world teachers and the presentation of truth about our human condition. We are very keen to safeguard the comfort of our existence rather than be shown the truth about our collusion with a set up that is not evolutionary.

  25. If you’re in the dark and you stand closer to the light you start to see what’s been allowed to grow in the dark. Learn to turn your own light on and those in the dark have less space to freely roam. Teach others how to turn on their own lights and now you upset the apple cart. Those that protect the darkness are who attack the light.

  26. The truth is so strong, lies don’t affect truth and Serge Benhayon is truth, lives it and walks it in this world.

  27. “I now enjoy being me and appreciating all the possibilities life holds. My body may be ageing, but the light of my Soul shines out ever brighter” Gorgeous Judith, Serge Benhayon is an amazing man reawakening many to the love and divinity they already hold within.

  28. “Not once have I ever had cause to doubt the Truth and Love in what Serge Benhayon has written or said since I met him via Universal Medicine in 2005.” This is the same for me too, I may not always understand fully what is being presented but, in these moments all I have to do is allow it to unfold and everything is revealed. The veil of illusion through the lies we have accepted as truth sometimes takes a little while to lift, but what I do know more than anything in this world that what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine present is the absolute truth and the more I stay with this the more the lies are revealed.

  29. The lies which there are plenty of to sniff out, are from those in reaction to the call for greater truth, consideration of all others, accountability and responsibility everything about Serge Benhayon reminds us of.

    I have not come across anyone with more love, integrity, transparency and honouring of people ever. These values are dear to my heart and I am forever learning more about them from this deeply loving, wise, dedicated and humble man.

  30. The way that society is set up to want to see drama rather than truth is exactly how things have played out here. It’s pretty horrific to see that the media are just playing ball with the drama and the readers are agreeing without question

  31. As history has shown over and over again, when someone lives and stands for truth and makes love their every way and does not hold back, they will not be popular and they will be attacked left right and centre for what they live and present. Why is it that we can’t deal with being presented this level of love and truth? Because it shows us very clearly what we have chosen and continue to choose.

    1. And it exposes the current world model we have lived with, invested in and worked hard on is actually not serving us at.

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