Is my Body the Microcosm of the Macrocosm that is the Universe?

As I have been connecting with greater depth and awareness to my body, I can feel the shifts and the changes – the delicate and powerful way that each moment impacts upon the next. This has been an ongoing relationship for me since my mid-forties and one that has been forever unfolding.

As human beings dwelling on this planet it does not seem to be unusual that we hit a point in our lives where everything comes to a stop – more often than not it is not a natural stop but more of a grinding halt where the body speaks loud and clear and we become aware of the abusive way we have been living and how long we have been ignoring the amazing blessing that our body is. Quite often it is a point where mentally we no longer feel able to cope with life.

I feel more and more that the way I treated my body was not supportive or loving to the point of abuse – I had regular migraines and was quite often constipated and this was more apparent at weekends or on holiday when I stopped the drive of daily life and when there was space for my body to make itself heard and when I took time to listen to my body. As I allowed my body to speak with greater clarity, I also realised that I was not the only one and in truth there were many like me. We seem to have an ‘ideal’ or ‘belief’ that no matter what, we must keep going – that to stop would be unthinkable as that might possibly offer us a moment of connection whereby we might feel a sense of the deep disregard.

What is it about us that we allow this continual and ongoing abuse – without which our soul would have greater freedom to access our body, whereby our body could surrender to a natural rhythm?

So if I was no different from many others, why did I not accept life the way it was – the ‘normal’ that seemed to be the way everyone lived in varying degrees? I felt this ‘something’ deep within that told me there was another way and at this point I wasn’t sure what. It was a murmuring as though I had a deep voice within that was offering me the truth, even when I wasn’t ready to hear it.

Gradually over the years this has all changed as I have unsubscribed from the patterns and behaviours that had been driving me and allowed my body to find its own way through the miasma of ideals and beliefs that seem to be threaded throughout our lives and are the hindrance to our natural way of being, and I feel this is a forever unfolding as I continue to evolve.

As I have refined and redefined my relationship with my body, I have expanded my understanding of myself – and more latterly of the Universe. I no longer feel separate from the Universe – it feels as though there is a constant conversation not only between my body and me but one that takes place and is ongoing between each of us and a greater wisdom as we learn and understand more and more that we are part of something magnificent, and yet at the same time a reality that reveals itself the deeper we connect.

Are we alone with these feelings or is there something greater and grander at work and far beyond our human imagination – and are we a part of this? Is there something calling us all back home? I have felt a connection to the Divine in varying degrees for all of my life, but now as I delve into my innermost I am beginning to understand that we are not alone on this planet but are an integral part of a relationship between our bodies (the microcosm) and the splendour that is forever reflected back to us by the Universe (the macrocosm). We are indeed an indelible part of the Magic of God – all those everyday occurrences that at times we discount until a moment comes where we no longer are able to doubt the true power that is passing through us all of the time and we can feel God calling us to return once more to who we truly are.

Through the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom as presented by Serge Benhayon, I have come to understand that each tiny movement has an impact on the whole that is our forever expanding Universe. This may seem astounding to some, but this has been my experience – that the more I opened up to this feeling, the more it made sense. I could feel how if I went into a room and was insensitive to my surroundings in the way I moved that there would be a ripple effect on others: somehow we all know deep down that our natural way is one of stillness and steadiness and yet we often feel pulled out by the drive and motivation that feeds a way of living that is both inharmonious and not living in unison with the world around us.

When we move with ourselves in harmony we can feel that this offers others a space to move likewise – they open up to the quality we have offered – or sometimes not. These moments of stillness can be quite unnerving to someone who is used to living in constant drive and without any moments to re-connect back to the natural rhythm of the body within.

The connection and relationship with my body has been enormously supported by having sessions with Esoteric Practitioners, who have each offered a different angle and approach to support me to change the old momentum that has been in my body for a very long time. I have always been offered a depth of honesty and love that until this point I had not knowingly experienced. Through building and surrendering to an innate sensitivity and deepening this relationship with my vehicle of expression I feel I am approaching the gateway to the soul – to be able to expand this relationship beyond my body and to connect to the sacredness within that we all hold in our essence.

I feel as though I am only touching the tip of the iceberg as I explore my understanding of myself and the Universe, and I am aware that having taken the first few tentative steps in this exploration that I no longer have the option to reverse this process – that the Laws of the Universe that govern our movements will unfold and expand as I become a participant whereby I become an equal partner – no more and no less – of the magnificent plan that is our undeniable future.

Surrendering my body to this inspiring and intimate relationship between it and the Universe allows me to feel the support and the continuous offering of evolution from the pulse that is calling us to return to a way of living that is indicative of the harmonious space that is always waiting for our return.

By Susan Lee, Retired and enjoying the Volunteer Work that I undertake – Being a Mentee and Digital Inclusion Volunteer at a Refuge Centre and working in a Charity Shop where I meet the local community, Norfolk, UK

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162 thoughts on “Is my Body the Microcosm of the Macrocosm that is the Universe?

  1. “What is it about us that we allow this continual and ongoing abuse – without which our soul would have greater freedom to access our body” And perhaps that is the name of the game, because when we stop the abuse, we open the door to our soul and a whole other way of life that requires us to be fully responsible for our emotional responses, thoughts, attitudes and actions, bringing a depth and purpose to life that our wayward behaviours have no place in at all.

  2. “I feel as though I am only touching the tip of the iceberg as I explore my understanding of myself and the Universe” So true Susan. There is so much more for us to re-discover about our selves and understand about the eternally expanding Universe we live in, life long learning.

  3. The universe is space, which is made up of gases and particles this to me is like a huge web of connective tissue. We are made up of the same particles of the universe that is an undeniable fact. So if we are made up of these particles we must be the same as the space in the universe, the universe is the body of God so therefore we are part of God which is why it has been termed in the past that we are the sons of God, actually we are ourselves Gods; we must be if you take this all the way to its conclusion. If we are made of the same particles as God then we are him and he is us.

  4. Opening myself up to the conversation that’s taking place between me and the universe is something from reading this I’m inspired to do. I’ve heard the expression not playing small and have shied away feeling oh that’s too much responsibility, but really it’s not. It’s simply being open, humble and letting the conversation with the universe be heard and felt; expressing from this point and not from the smallness of thinking it’s only about me and that I’ve got to come up with the goods rather than allowing being part of the wonders of the universe to be expressed through me.

  5. “As I have refined and redefined my relationship with my body, I have expanded my understanding of myself …” The most amazing gift offered to us by the work of Universal Medicine, palpable tools that enable us to re-connect to our body and inner wisdom and hence know our selves by the multitude of Universal qualities that flow through us.

  6. ” I no longer feel separate from the Universe” and when we do, we never again feel isolated or alone knowing our equal place and connection with it.

    1. Currently I feel incredibly held and supported by the Universe. I feel that there is an unspoken dialogue going on between us but not so much that I am separate to the universe, more that I am an integrated piece of itself being supported to move in a particular way. And that way feels like a continual reabsorbtion back into itself.

  7. Many people have those stop moments where they have an opportunity to reevaluate the life they are leading. Something shifts within us and suddenly the ‘normal’ way of life doesn’t feel so normal after all.
    Then we have a choice to listen to our inner voice or dismiss it and go deeper into ‘normal’
    This is called free will, I call it the game of snakes and ladders because that choice once made could be life changing or not.

  8. “I have come to understand that each tiny movement has an impact on the whole that is our forever expanding Universe.” Illustrating the immense responsibility we have in this world to take care of the quality of each ripple we make as they wash over everything in their path, people and all.

  9. So much is offered in these words ‘…this was more apparent at weekends or on holiday when I stopped the drive of daily life…’ if we are in a ‘drive’ like this in our daily life and it covers up so much introducing stop moments allows us the opportunity to be aware of our body and it’s ways of communicating to us once more.

    1. Drive feels like a locomotive train in my body and my body feels like it’s crushed under it’s mechanical wheels. It leaves my body aching, especially across the backs of my shoulders and up into my neck. I am practicing recognising when I go into drive or anxiety and to the best of my ability getting myself out. I have been using very gentle connective tissue movements to help me to reconnect back to a deeper and truer quality.

  10. The universe is so vast, almost beyond my comprehension. I saw a lovely picture of the sun, and smaller planets and then the tiniest one and we are a miniscule speck on that one, but we all make a difference and are connected to the whole.

  11. When we study the anatomy and physiology of a human cell we gain access to the most extraordinary microcosm of activity taking place within us that does not, thank goodness, rely on our conscious instruction to function, but responds instead to the deeper rhythms and intelligence of the Universe that quietly flows through us all day long.

  12. ‘It was a murmuring as though I had a deep voice within that was offering me the truth, even when I wasn’t ready to hear it.’ This resonates with me also Susan. I also felt that I was looking for the truth but only ever founds pieces of it until more recently.

  13. Choosing to surrender our bodies to an ever deepening relationship with the universe offers a glorious expansion if we are willing to go there.

    1. Having just started a new job and finding myself going through periods of going into anxiousness about keeping on top of the workload and sorting things out quickly I can feel how easy and normal it is for most of us to not experience the expansion that we actually are because we are in an almost permanent state of contraction. When you consider that emotions are also a form of contraction and how emotional most of us are, it easy to see why we are so oblivious to the deeper aspects of life. We choose to live in a way that keeps our bodies in contraction which is the very thing that limits our understanding and experience of life down to a thimble full of what amounts to false information.

  14. Has anyone had a random thought just pop into their heads as if from nowhere and then wonder where did that come from? The thing is we think that our thoughts are our own and no one has access to them but in reality, we all have access to everything because we are connected energetically. So, knowing this brings in a greater responsibility to what thoughts we entertain and what thoughts we say no to.

    1. So many people feel at the mercy of their thoughts but the truth is we are actually setting ourselves up to receive the thoughts that we do. And how we set our thoughts up is through our movements. Someone who is knelt on the pavement with their forehead on the ground asking for money will find it almost impossible to have thoughts that are full of self worth and positivity. Similarly someone who lives life with an elongated spine, relaxed muscles and an open chest will most likely not be plagued with self doubt and negative thoughts. How revelatory will this fact be when introduced into psychiatry, mental health, psychology and also just our everyday living way.

  15. When I connect to the fact that I’m not an isolated piece in the whole I live in, I can’t but feel the humbleness of being part of the Universe grandness, which holds me in equal harmony with others.

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