No Reason to Fight

What if life did not have to be a struggle, but could instead flow in a harmonious way without the usual fight for survival against all the things we feel are not right in the world?

I recently came to the above conclusion after what felt like lifetimes of fighting all those aspects of society that seemed corrupt, cruel and abusive in any way and trying to save everyone that I felt was calling out for help. Having always been the one to be in reaction to things like parents yelling at their kids in the grocery store or calling out a manager at work for speaking in an abusive and disrespectful way, I took it upon myself to be the ‘warrior of truth.’ It felt like it was my responsibility to save other people from the cruelty of the world and fix all their problems as if they were my responsibility.

It was this approach of taking on the role of the defender of those I felt were not able or willing to stand up to abuse (especially from authority figures) that resulted in living a rollercoaster of emotional reactions and in the end, a massive amount of exhaustion in my body and a feeling of fighting a never-ending battle, like walking on an endless treadmill but going nowhere.

This obviously became disheartening when it seemed that no matter how many times I went to human resources or called out the corruption, manipulation, lies and abusive behaviours I had seen and personally experienced in all the jobs I have had, nothing really seemed to change insofar as company policy or from those personally responsible for the abuse. After witnessing time and again nothing being done to address these issues by management or in personal relationships, there was a tendency for me to withdraw from both those work situations and from the people I felt were rejecting me or what I was offering in the way of the truth and what was needed to help bring more love and harmony there.

I feel that many people who are very sensitive can probably relate to many of the situations I have previously mentioned. But what I have found is just how much I was using this divine sensitivity in an unsupportive way. For instance, taking on other people’s problems and the burden of their own issues as if they were my own was coming from a judgement that they were not capable of handling the situation on their own and learning/healing what was being offered to address based on their past history.

I now realise how this is both dishonouring of them and myself: when I was walking around with both my own issues and the weight of other’s on my shoulders, it brought on a feeling of overwhelm, as if it was understandably too much to handle. So in a way I was using emotional reactions (getting upset, complaining, gossiping, calling things out, etc.) to avoid simply using that great sensitivity I had to energetically read the situation that was presenting itself, thereby gaining more awareness that enabled me to have more compassion and understanding for the person perpetrating the abuse.

When I held them in the knowingness that we are all equal at the level of our souls and have all had various life events and hurts that may have been the underlying cause for their harmful actions, it allowed me to let go of my need to change them based on the pictures and expectations I had created coming into the situation about what a harmonious job/relationship should look like.

This also relates to how much I have not been in so much reaction to the massive level of corruption that occurs on a global scale with corporate greed, politics, industrial-military complexes, domestic abuse, war, slavery, etc. Although we should never accept any of these things as ‘the norm’ or ‘it will always be that way,’ I feel that a certain level of acceptance that it is temporarily that way can be healthy as long as we allow ourselves to feel how much we know this is not our true way of being. This can once again lead to more understanding and maintain a love of people without giving up on them or judging them, which ironically is actually solidifying a notion that they are nothing more than lesser beings and will never change – both of which are not true and counter to what we really want to see in the world!

I also realised that running away from situations and withdrawing when I felt what I was offering was not being accepted will never solve anything and is a disservice as I am then not trusting others to come to their own understanding in their own time and space, and also not offering the reflection of love and truth that I hold naturally within me.

On a deeper level, there was an aspect of me just trying to fix things that I felt were wrong with the world in order to not feel the pain and suffering that I was so sensitive to. But holding others in a lesser state as if they can’t handle certain life challenges based on their own past and karma is not honouring at the least and can be a way for them to stay the victim and never evolve at the worst when someone else comes in to ‘save the day’. They simply live up (or down in this case) to the expectations and labelling imposed upon them.

Although I am in the fledgling stage of all these developments, I have recently experienced a flow and harmony at work that was previously unattained, with greater communication, understanding and appreciation all around, and working in a way with my team and managers that feels like true brotherhood, even if there are lies and other manipulations occurring on other levels, which I now express concern about in a way that does not trigger further reactions. I feel it is this willingness to go deeper with our relationships with greater understanding – simply living in a loving and deeply caring way for ourselves and in our work and families – that will then inspire others to make similar life choices: the pressure and weight of the world seems to have lifted from my shoulders because of it.

Finally ‘putting down the sword,’ I am no longer fighting the world, but simply being me to my fullest within it. And that is enough!

By Michael Goodhart, Aircraft Technician, B.A. Psychology, Lover of Nature and being playful with life, North Carolina, USA

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180 thoughts on “No Reason to Fight

  1. Thank you Michael, as most people still fight the internal fire that resides within us all equally, so being open to our Soul and the more love and harmony we can use by our will through alignment to reacquaint ourselves with our inner-most / essences / Soul, the sooner this internal fight is put to rest.

  2. I also appreciate and relate to this statement, ‘so in a way I was using emotional reactions (getting upset, complaining, gossiping, calling things out, etc.) to avoid simply using that great sensitivity I had to energetically read the situation that was presenting itself, thereby gaining more awareness that enabled me to have more compassion and understanding for the person perpetrating the abuse’.

    Abuse comes from all angles, it is quite rife and sometimes subtle too. It will only takes one to not allow that abuse filtering down to others. And that one is the one that is the settled one, who through their sensitivity can observe the games at play, un-phased or un-touched by its intentional calamities. Now that is a healthy work environment.

  3. I feel that we can all relate to this sentence
    “I feel that many people who are very sensitive can probably relate to many of the situations I have previously mentioned. But what I have found is just how much I was using this divine sensitivity in an unsupportive way.”
    We are all naturally sensitive but this part of us has been bludgeoned from a very young age for some reason it seems that society isn’t interested and doesn’t want someone in the magnificence of their sensitivity. To me it is one of our most delicate attributes that we can sense everything around us and beyond. It’s like being superman without the tights and cape.

    1. Mary I laughed when I read about superman without the tights and cape. Work plays a major role in our lives. I’m unable to comprehend at times how people can’t or won’t work, I think I could go mad not being around people. Being stuck at home for nearly five days due to an illness was great on the one hand, as I was able to work from home. But on the other hand, I missed being around people, irrespective of their personalities. In one respect it allowed me to settle into another level of clearing my body had to offer, in preparation for what was on offer next.

      Would you see this as an opportunity that more was on offer?…

      1. I don’t believe Shushila that we are ever alone, Just because you were at home for a week doesn’t mean you were not interacting with the rest of the world. Humanity felt your every movement. I personally believe it is a lie we have fallen for that we think we are alone when actually we are constantly in touch with billions of people.

  4. Michael it is great to read this blog at a time where I’ve been on holiday for 4 wks. It has allowed me to deepen in my relationship with myself.

    This statement stood out to me the most today, “avoid simply using that great sensitivity I had to energetically read the situation that was presenting itself, thereby gaining more awareness that enabled me to have more compassion and understanding for the person perpetrating the abuse”. I allow the sensitivity to get in the way instead of observing what is playing out and allowing it to be ‘water off a ducks back’. Like the movie without getting involved in the parlava of it all.

    We are continually learning and it will be great to read many of the workplace related blogs to bring more understanding but space for others to come to their understanding in their own time, whenever that is. But also to not take anything personally as they are often stuck in what is driving them too.

    1. Shushila you offer great advise about bringing understanding to the work place that we should not take anything personally as people are often stuck in what’s driving them. When we are stuck we cannot see that we are stuck, until someone comes along and offers a different way of looking and integrating with the world. Serge Benhayon is one such person that has offered humanity a different choice to the current model we have all invested in.

  5. I needed to read this blog, as I’m experiencing some interesting dynamics occurring in my work place. On the surface it appears all good and flowing but the under current is the bullying, manipulation and the anxiety amongst many of us to perform, is unseen and unchallenged. And yet this is classed as a work environment, accepted as being the norm. Bullying is unaccepted, and policies and legislation exist to support people and yet it’s rife everywhere.

    Michael the key is to “finally ‘putting down the sword,’ and ‘simply being me to the fullest within it’, is simply it.

    We don’t need to pretend to be someone else, we just need to be us in everything we do. Let what ever is occurring, occur, we can but reflect there is another way and in that we can see the joy of life more.

    1. Reading this statement makes me realise how far I’ve come. From being disliked and continually snitched about, to asking me to join them for lunches. I have more to go, in that, to have no investment in anything and trusting that I am being well looked after and supported all the time, no matter how it appears through the eyes of a beholder.

    2. Shushila, it’s the same situation where I work too, as you say
      “On the surface it appears all good and flowing but the under current is the bullying, manipulation and the anxiety amongst many of us to perform, is unseen and unchallenged.”
      The pressure to sell no matter what state the world economy is in, produces an anxiety that even if we do bring in sales, it is never enough, and the sales team are showing the stress of this by falling ill. and yet on the surface the company exudes a caring role.

  6. Super powerful observation here: “there was an aspect of me just trying to fix things that I felt were wrong with the world in order to not feel the pain and suffering that I was so sensitive to.” – it is about is learning to be OK with things not being OK outside of us.

    1. Henrietta Chang I am only just getting to grips with the idea of learning to be OK with things not being OK outside of us. And not try to fix situations or people but just allow everything to take it’s course as there is a reason for everything and we cannot go wrong because we are held by the absolute love of the universe.

    2. That is the right and the wrong we live in this world with. What is right and what is wrong? Who is right and who is wrong? The world runs with these ideals and beliefs and we can also project these impositions upon others too.
      Sometimes we have to allow the merry go round to continue as long as we don’t go round with it too. Just be that by stander…

      1. It feels to me Shushila that what you are saying is to live in the eye of the storm that there is a way to live without getting caught up in the maelstrom we call life.I have discovered for myself that its actually not worth hanging onto life because there is nothing in life that is worth hanging on to, as it is so corrupted and vile.

    3. Yes, to not get involved and try to sort out everything that is wrong in the world, rather a learning, ‘ to be OK with things not being OK outside of us.’

  7. One of the most valuable things I have come to understandis what Michael shared in this blog – and it is the fact that when we step in to take over or ‘help’ another when it is uncalled for, this actually is very dis-empowering for them, and causes huge overwhelm for us.

  8. It is like we have to accept that this is what we are seeing when we see the corruption in the world. It is not that we need to accept the corruption per se, but that we simply are to accept that that is where our world is currently at. This alone can make a big difference in how we handle things from here on forwards.

    1. We seem to want to go about life the hard way as though we are hard wired to only see life as a struggle. I know this is how I have viewed life, if it’s not a struggle then there is something the matter and I will invent a struggle for the familiarity of struggling. Universal Medicine teaches us that there is a different way to live without the struggle but in harmony with ourselves and all others, such an enjoyable way to be.

  9. “… taking on other people’s problems and the burden of their own issues as if they were my own was coming from a judgement that they were not capable of handling the situation on their own and learning/healing what was being offered to address based on their past history.“ Thanks Michael, this whole blog is so helpful for me, and what I feel you are sharing here is about respectful boundaries, as even if we ourselves have overcome a similar situation to what another person is going through it may not be supportive to ‘help’ them. The whole concept of helping is something I am looking at because often it’s not true at all for me to take the action I am with the other person, but more about an ideal or consciousness of helping or doing good, which gets in the way of making a true response that is actually loving for myself and the other person.

    1. I have also realised that it is a kind of arrogance to think I can ‘help’ them, and that they are unable to ‘help’ themselves. It is so much more loving to give them space.

  10. Michael I could really resonate with this blog, on reading it I could feel just how much I was in reaction to life, I hate this set up we call life, as it’s not living it’s existing in a dog eat dog world. I have slowly come to the realisation that I don’t have to live this way I have a choice to live differently and I thank all my lucky stars that I met Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine who via their support gave me the courage to make the changes needed. Life is so very different when you are not in reaction to it. There is a flow to life and when we are in its flow we are in rhythm with the universe so that magic becomes a normal part of the day.

  11. What you have shared Michael is gold for relationships, and also for honouring what we feel and sense is true and in speaking up when needed, without imposing on others. We can react and want to jump in and rescue/help the situation (I have done oodles of that), or get involved to point fingers, judge, be righteous, and so on, or withdraw and give up – none of which is truly evolutionary. The point here is we can feel what is true or untrue, and the key is in learning how to respond with love, truth, understanding and detachment..

  12. Why is life a struggle? In 2019 there was less than 8% of the world’s population in extreme poverty a mere 600 million, with 70% of that in Africa. Could you survive on a $1.90 a day? Comparison is a struggle of our own making, and we are willingly choosing to be Sisyphus, rolling the rock up the hill.

  13. Taking on other peoples battles doesn’t help them, it weighs you down and prevents them from being responsible. Taking responsibility for ourselves, not butting into another’s business, helps others see that if we can do it, so can they.

    1. I have learnt that taking on other people stuff as you say Leigh doesn’t support them at all. Be caring yes, but jumping into their dilemmas means that now there are two people in the mess and no one reflecting a different way to be.

  14. When we are truly settled with ourselves it is impossible to fight anyone for all we feel is God’s oneness.

    1. Anonymous I adore this sentence when we reconnect back to God’s oneness that is all there is there is nothing more to want we are replete.

  15. What is being shown to me is just how much I fight not only myself but fight for survival against what feels like a tsunami that is coming because we are not taking care of ourselves or the world and that we are calling in a huge catastrophe to clean up the mess we are living in. Humanity seems completely oblivious to the mess that we have created and is seemingly determined to make even more mess in the time they have left to make it.

  16. Being the hero and getting involved with other people’s lessons that they have to learn to personally overcome is seen as a good thing to aspire to. Look at all the superhero films to name a small fraction of this. But it doesn’t get us anywhere. Being ourselves and dealing with our stuff shows others that they can do the same.

    1. Superbly well said Leigh – we can actually be superheros by setting the example of supporting others by dealing with our stuff and learning to observe, a bit like Clark Kent: we are there and we see it all and only if it is appropriate do we step in to act.

  17. One of our problems as a world wide society is that we have in built belief that life has to struggle. Strange but true that many of us fight the ease in which life could be.

    1. SLC I totally agree with you when it comes to an in-built belief that life has to be a struggle. I still find it hard to believe that actually life is so easy and such fun. My life has changed so much since I started to attend the presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. These teachings show humanity that there is a different, more joyful way to live and be at ease with oneself. That life does not have to be a struggle.

  18. Another one bites the dust when I react as I am just as lost in the emotions as anyone else involved. Reading this blog makes me reflect on a recent situation where I saw victims and perpetrators. I really love the understanding that you have of everyone here. No matter what the actions are, we are all the same. We all have hurts and experiences that enable us to behave in harmful ways, but that is not the truth. There is no bad guy, or good guy with this understanding.
    I find that the more I heal past hurts, the more empowered I am not to react and to see veryone as equal.

    1. I am developing an understanding that when we react to a situation we are using an emotional energy and this energy is used as a fuel by the astral plane so for me it feels as though we need to live life in as little reaction as possible so that we starve the astral plane of the energy they feed off for their existence.

  19. Letting go of fighting and embracing the love we all are is huge. It takes away the struggles and angst between people. The more I see life as energy 1st the less I find myself reacting to what people have said as see it as an energy passing through them and not them. So it depersonalises it and then I can get an understanding of it, otherwise I react, feel hurt and blame others and the world.

  20. There is a part of us that likes a good fight, whether it is with our neighbour our partner or with ourselves. This part of us loves the drama and stimulation. Learning to catch this part – the sprit and instead surrender to our soul is what true evolution is about.

    1. Annoymous It seems to me as though there are 3 aspects to us, the soul, the spirit and the body. The spirit is the wayward aspect that needs to be brought back into union with the soul as it was in the separation that produces the agony that it feels and continues to feel until it reunites with the soul once again. When we align our bodies to our soul then our soul can work with our bodies to create an environment so that the spirit gets squeezed and so returns back to the soul. Only then will we find true settlement.

  21. I could really relate when you mentioned the ‘…pictures and expectations I had created coming into the situation about what a harmonious job/relationship should look like’. This is something I working on myself at present. I love how you share letting go of these pictures and expectations and the true foundations you have now established. Thank you.

  22. “What if life did not have to be a struggle, but could instead flow in a harmonious way without the usual fight for survival against all the things we feel are not right in the world?” This question is dear to my heart as I have tried and struggled for much of my life. More recently I have aligned and allowed more. There is now more flow and simplicity. How blessed am i to have rediscovered the Ageless Wisdom teachings.

    1. Absolutely sueq2012, finding the Ageless Wisdom teaching again in this life has been the most important aspect of my life. I was struggling with life having withdrawn as a way of coping to just get through life as best I could. Since re-discovering the Ageless Wisdom teachings I have, like thousands of other people, turned my life around so that there is a settlement which allows joy to bubble up within me, something I haven’t felt for many years, so that life is worth living again.

  23. I was in a very remarkable and playful conversation yesterday talking about our place in life and I sat back in my chair with such an all over sense that there is no struggle – that being ourselves, in full and openly is all that we need to ‘do’ and that from this position we are then ready for whatever is called for next. It is like a massive letting go of all the struggle and trying and waking up to the ease of acceptance, letting go and responsiveness.

  24. Fighting is so exhausting, no wonder there is so much illness and disease in the world because we make life so much more complicated and stressful then it needs to be.

    1. I discovered that a dept has a really complicated accounting system, it just didn’t make any sense to me. But it does to the people who work in the dept as it gives them a sense of control. May be that is what we are all attempting to do control ourselves and our lives by inventing complicated systems. In the complication we can lose our sense who we are in truth.

  25. In this world there is so much that is harsh and not full of love, it’s understandable if it makes us upset – but to kick, punch and push back is not just an error or careless reaction, but a concerted tactic that allows us to avoid the yuckiness we otherwise sense.

  26. Absolute Gold. This is an article for all to read, so much is shared and in intimacy with the reader that I am sure many could relate to and find revelations within on being and living a different way. No doing, no fighting, no drive, no anger or resentment is ever needed.

  27. This morning I have read your blog differently, I feel more sensitive to the impact of feeling responsible for righting the wrongs of the world. What you share offers less judgement about what the world should be like and more responsibility about what we contribute to that pool of reality.

  28. A much needed read today. Especially the part about withdrawing if what I am bringing is not understood or accepted. It doesn’t get me or anyone else anywhere, they stay in whatever they are in and I leave myself to go be this smaller, withdrawn, sulky version. No one grows or learns anything.

    1. Very true Leigh and it is something I have done many a times myself and all that happens is everything stays the same only to repeat but slowly getting seemingly more intense each time until I eventually say enough is enough.

    1. Steve that’s a great question, I was out with some friends recently and two sisters in the group were constantly bickering with each other, I just allowed them to get on with it, because intervening would not have supported either person. However, it really irritated one of the group and I feel it was because they wanted the bickering to stop because it was upsetting them. Is it possible we want things to go our way because then we get what we want, which is a rather selfish and individualistic way of looking at the world

  29. I used to want to fix others – so arrogant and judgemental thinking I knew what was best and it was easy! It was such a distraction from me dealing with my stuff. The beauty is that when I deal with my stuff I get an understanding of what’s at play that supports me to understand what’s going on for another and perhaps be of service.

  30. Michael I love what you are sharing I had a huge understanding of myself recently I was with a group of people and we were having a swimming session. I had just swam having listened to someone criticise my swim stroke this was part of the exercise. I volunteered that I didn’t get upset by the negative comments. However it was pointed out to me that I was in the mind set of I’ll show that person I can swim and so was in a fight! Then it came to me that as a child I was always fighting with my dad we were always at logger heads. He passed over in 1971 but I was still in the fight nothing had changed in the intervening years. This is why I feel the teachings of Universal Medicine are so powerful as I had been shown something I had been hanging onto without knowing for 60 years! And this fighting against the world has had a huge negative affect on all my relationships. Thanks to the swim session I can finally let go I don’t have to fight to prove myself or my worth, I am amazing just being me.

    1. Wow Mary – this is such a huge realisation. Swim sessions feel so powerful in that they show us what we do in everyday life – often without realising our habitual patterns. We then have a choice to do something about them and let them go.

  31. Learning how to observe life rather than react to it is an ongoing process for many of us. By observing more I have noticed how abusive we are towards each other seemingly all the time. Just listening to how people talk to each other is fascinating because there is no love or deep regard in our words. I have noticed that couples speak to each other through their children… What! But it’s true go into a place where there are parents with their children and listen to the interactions within the family dynamics and you will hear parents talking to each through their children. Surely this must put a huge strain on the children playing go between the parents? I wonder how they feel about it.

  32. Taking on other peoples battles and living in a constant state of defence mode is a way of living that does not serve anyone but the self, and is based on the security of self. If we trace back to why and how this came to be our way of living it’s easy to see how this all comes about but what we don’t realise is the impact this way of living is having on our hearts and our capacity to love and be loved. At the end of the day, the price is very high.

  33. Bringing understanding and care into my relationship with myself first is totally changing all my relationships as it deconstructs judgement. Judgement is a hard and unkind thing that labels things good and bad, right or wrong, leaving no space for understanding, learning and moving on. It is very beautiful to have moments free of it – to meet myself and others free of the harsh judge.

  34. I can relate to this. To fight, try to control so I don’t have to feel the pain of what we have created and call more or less ‘normal reality’. And learning the art of accepting without giving up, observe sans withdrawal, love without sympathy. Specially the observing I found very supportive. To not run away but see, receive and become aware of what is going on, but not react on it gives me a space that offers as well a understanding and healing. Often situations turn around than. It is like the space than I supported has an offer for everyone in it. Its magical. And a very sweet new ‘normal’ for me.

    1. Sandra Schneider, Space is the interconnectivity of God so giving people and ourselves space is connecting back to God so it makes sense that space is very magical.

  35. I had not considered living down to expectations but that is really very power-full to consider. We have a choice to subscribe to those expectation or not, just as we have a responsibility if we are constructing those expectations or not.

  36. Michael I understand some of what you are saying that we have got caught up in time, time is man made if we go to space then we know that time doesn’t exist and therefore everything that we are in resistance and reaction to will not exists because it cannot exist in space. To me it’s like blowing bubbles we see the bubbles and then they pop. I feel we are living in the bubble of man made time which will pop and everything will return to space.

  37. It’s a huge change you have experienced Michael, and great to share it here so we can all benefit from the wisdom you have gained. We definitely all know what’s true and what’s not true in life, but emotions can come in when we make it wrong or right, good or bad. What you have shared here is that it’s possible to see and know it all, but still hold people as the love they innately are, and ourselves, to see the bigger picture of what is playing out with understanding, and speak up but without investments or judgement.

  38. I am learning to observe and not react to what has been presented because in reaction we enjoin the energy.
    I know this to be true because I have just reacted to a certain situation at work and can feel the poisonous energy already disturbing my body, it feels unsettling. So I have a choice to berate myself or just let everything go because at the end of the day what matters most is my relationship with me and my body. The hook that was within me has finally been undone, where I would go into my mind and replay the scenario over again with what I could have said should have said. That desire for the internal dialog has at last been quelled.

    1. I know that one Mary, getting caught by a situation at work and feeling unsettled. It is true, what matters most is our relationship with ourselves and our bodies because no interference is worth letting that deteriorate.

    2. Being aware we’ve hooked into a supposed ‘wrong’ and attached to it is an important first step in letting it go. As you say Mary, it is poisonous if we don’t. Berating ourselves for getting it ‘wrong’ doesn’t help either. Nothing is ever wrong – simply an offering and we have a choice to learn from it or not.

    3. Being able to be in the world and not of it is a constant unfolding. Sometimes we hold true to ourselves and other times, caught unawares we lose it. Important to see a reaction for what it is, an offering for us to deepen, understand and continue to bring love to what is before us.

    4. That is awesome to read Mary, how you have quelled the internal dialogue, and fully accepted that, ‘at the end of the day what matters most is my relationship with me and my body.’ Inspiring.

  39. “I feel it is this willingness to go deeper with our relationships with greater understanding – simply living in a loving and deeply caring way for ourselves and in our work and families – that will then inspire others to make similar life choices”. There’s a beautiful sense of settlement here. When we know who we are and our responsibility in whatever community we find ourselves, there is no fight, simply a way of being that welcomes and embraces others as a reflection of ourselves.

  40. Obedience to anything other than God, leaves us at the mercy of our senses and emotions and creates an ‘us and them’. Until we move in the absolute knowing we are all part of One unified source, the call to fight will be a constant source of disturbance.

    1. Kehinde2012 what you have shared is beautiful to have an obedience to God, such that we can say to ourselves how would God deal with this situation? To me he/she would not react but just observe that there is a greater movement within the universe than the futility of what is happening on earth we make it all about the me, I, my etc,. We are so busy thinking life is all about being individual that we miss out on the deeper qualities of being connected to each other. If we could feel this connection then we would be much more understanding and therefor care for each other in ways we have yet to explore. As you say while we are not the unified source in our constant disturbance we fight and abuse each other. At some point surely we must get sick and tired of this abusive behaviour to want to let it go? How many more thousands of years do we want to carry on in such an ill way?

  41. We can be propelled into confrontation and fight mode when the unexpected happens and we’re not offered what we want, Remembering to pause first and reflect on the situation before moving, connects us to the bigger picture and perhaps the true way is to surrender to God’s will, not our own.

    1. Yes Kehinde, someone or something can push our buttons and before we know it we are in reaction. So remembering to pause and reflect is a great reminder, not easy to start with but with practice observation changes everything.

      1. What a great reminder, to pause before responding in situations that trigger us into emotional reaction. I’d like to also add that if we approach these situations in a way that accepts the possibility that these things are coming up for us because there is either a lesson to be learned or something to heal so we can expand in our awareness and understanding of life, then it can put a whole other spin on things, looking at what may seem to be a dilemma and turning into an opportunity for growth.

  42. Until we’re able to walk as the divine beings we are innately and relate to others in their divinity, the pull to fight and find fault will always be there.

  43. To resist settlement is to invite anything that distracts us away from truth and creates mega-ripples of our own making.

  44. I have come to realise that when we fight a battle for another we take away their opportunity to make and live change in their own lives. It is far more loving to support others to see how much we can change our outcomes when we recognise where we are waiting for someone to come and save us.

  45. Reblogged this on and commented:
    What if life did not have to be a struggle, but could instead flow in a harmonious way without the usual fight for survival against all the things we feel are not right in the world?

    1. When we fight ourselves, we are not the only loser. As you have said, Michelle, when we choose not to fight ourselves, we walk in joy, and it is a reflection to everyone we meet.

    2. Inner turmoil feeds conflict in our outer world and bringing inner balance to our bodies foundational to moving with flow, not fight. Reacting to people and situations is a sure fire way to know we’ve lost that inner balance and our way. With awareness we simply bring ourselves back and learn from it.

      1. In knowing that our natural state of being is stillness then anything that moves away from this feeling is a marker for how far we have have chosen to reject it. Being honest about it helps with the process of taking responsibility for our choices and our hurts.

      2. I agree Michelle. Recognising movements that indicate a move away from stillness is a key part of this. The question is how willing are we to remove the obstacle or road block once we sense its presence?

  46. I love your last line of laying down the sword. I could feel a physical response in my body and became aware that I too have been carrying a sword and fighting the world rather than focusing on me and how I was living and what I was contributing. Sword down, head up, count me in!

    1. Lucy I was also fighting the world trying to make things better, this is such a waste of energy. Coming back to my body has been the greatest gift I could give to myself because in the reconnection it can be felt that there is no reason to fight. It stops the energy that I have been using in its tracks because there is no where for it to go as it cannot circulate around disturbing other people to react to me so that they fight back. If no-one is fighting then surely we would feel the immense beauty of the stillness which is hidden by all the motion and emotion of the energy to fight. If all we feel is the disturbance how can we possible feel stillness which is our natural state of being.

  47. The feeling that others cannot see or feel what we see and feel is what separates us and often leads to the tension and judgement we walk around with. When you step back and consider each of us as being as aware as the other and that it is a choice to not be aware for various reasons that make perfect sense to them, then it offers greater understanding and somewhat eases the tension.

  48. Society champions fighters, it loves the under dog and applauds the fighters that become victorious. The ‘Aussie Battler’ is the working class hero who fights but what society is doing is glorifying a way of being that is not natural, needed or necessary. Fighting does not open us up to the evolution that is at hand in fact it actively closes us down to it.

  49. It has helped me to understand that I have sought out the fight; that I have enjoyed what I have got from it. When I am this honest I get to see the madness of it and have a true choice to lay down my weapons.

  50. When we fight for truth, we separate from it. Truth just needs to be lived and observed. The rest comes by itself.

    1. Amparo reading your words is such a confirmation to stop fighting, just live and observe and as you say the rest will come.

  51. Fighting anything at all provides more of the energetic fuel needed to feed whatever it is that we are fighting. We are literally keeping whatever it is alive that we are wanting to put an end to by fighting it. Any kind of fight comes from the pranic consciousness. The best way to shut something down is to bring fire to it, fire being the consciousness of God.

  52. The biggest fight known to man is the constant fight between the truth and the what is not truth, it’s a constant battle and one that is interestingly has already been won by truth and yet one that continues regardless.

  53. Having had a week whereby I thoroughly took on saving the world I can say I was completely exhausted and stressed and did not offer a reflection of there being more to us than meets the eye.

    This has been an ongoing reaction since I was a child. The judgement inherent in this feels pretty awful. What I’m appreciating now is how we are all equally powerful and how crazy it is I try to impose what I know to be true on others. Firstly there is a part of everyone that knows truth but is choosing otherwise for whatever reason. To get into battle will offer nothing other than battle.

    Secondly, if I’m honest I want to impose change because I can’t stand the pain of what I see, how I feel and am affected. It is painful seeing the state of the world but accepting we are powerful beings and are choosing this allows me to live my responsibility of showing a life of harmony is possible.

    1. I agree Karin it is painful, extremely painful to see and feel the state of the world, and more painful is the fact that we are all contributors to the horror show we call life. We are the enablers that allow life to carry on and even get worse.

  54. The magnificent changes that can occur when we open up to having true, honest, respectful and caring relationships with ourselves and therefore everyone, cannot be underestimated. What is going on for you at work Michael is one such miracle.

  55. ‘What if life did not have to be a struggle, but could instead flow in a harmonious way without the usual fight for survival against all the things we feel are not right in the world?’ To many, if not most, the struggle of life has been embodied as normal and just how it is. But is it possible that we simply create our issues and then enjoy holding on to them, being addicted to the drama?

  56. I can so relate to the ‘sword’ you were carrying for so long Michael, as I carried one too. Unfortunately, the impact on me and my well-being suffered immensely and of course there was the impact on those I tried to do battle for – they were hindered in their evolution as I was judging them for not being able to figure out what was challenging them. Life is very different, much simpler and lighter without that sword, and if it ever tries to make its presence felt, I clock it and remove it very quickly.

  57. Just pondering on why on earth do we actually make life such a struggle? It is so ridiculous that we do!

  58. There is this underlying sense that we have to fight for survival but what if this was actually another trap/ illusion/ lie that we have fallen for? What if we are tapping into a consciousness that makes us feel insecure/ unsettled and this is what we spend our entire lives fighting. But what if this was an illusion? If we were to stop and consider our situation, here we are hurtling round and round in space on a planet that is held in space. So what is holding us all as we spin round and round in space? We could say that something greater than anything we can possibly imagine has got our backs that we are taken care of. So why do we then want to feel insecure when actually we are all very secure? What’s the pay off?

  59. ‘Finally ‘putting down the sword,’ I am no longer fighting the world, but simply being me to my fullest within it. And that is enough! It certainly is Michael, and when we release the load, and become lighter, people feel and respond to the difference in us. We offer so much more by simply being ourselves in our fullness.

    1. I can feel the lightness and sparkle on offer when we do not burden ourselves with the concerns and choices of others. And one by one we could clear up the drama and mess. This is a very different approach to the ardent activist that is struggling to right the world.

    2. Because ‘simply being ourselves’ when we are truly being ourselves means that we aren’t in actual fact just being us but that the Heavens are coming through us. Heaven is quite literally on our side.

  60. How many of us are taught that we should be the leaders & fight the world to bring about changes. Historical figures are glorified in their battles, the winners are looked-upon and the losers looked down-upon. It’s just a perception we hold, that perhaps we just need to break out of.

  61. There are other kinds of fights also. We fight to hang on to something or someone long after the relationship has ended. This fight to keep an identity formed round a relationship, becomes a struggle and sheer hell, if we let it. Letting go of any agenda opens the way for new possibilities to enter, including ending relationships that no longer serve us or another.

  62. Taking on things of other people is indeed imposing and sort of saying: ‘You can’t do this yourself so I will’. True change will happen when we all will stand up against what is not true, and more so, when we all start living in a way that is true. So indeed as you shared it is not possible and will not ever work if we try to do things for other in that way as they need to be inspired, willing to do this for themselves.

  63. When we experience an amazing day of flow and harmony, it becomes our new marker, our new standard of what can be lived. This is very valuable for it allows us the space to grow and gives us true direction.

  64. When I feel things have gotten difficult, I know I am off track in terms of having made things difficult. Simplicity is the way of the Soul, whilst complexity is the way of the spirit.

  65. ‘Letting go of everything’ seems to go against everything that we’ve been taught but I am feeling more and more that this is what’s needed. To let go of the whole stinking lot because 99% of everything is a lie, a dirty rotten stinking lie.

  66. Fighting battles for other people and being a ‘crusader’ of any kind can easily be a way that we bolster our identity whilst under the cover of supporting another. To pull the pin on being a ‘warrior for truth/crusader for animals/fighter for human rights/environmental activist’ can often mean pulling the plug on our ‘assumed identity’ which is not what most of us are prepared to do.

  67. Seeing wrong ‘doings’ can trigger a response to get involved or to run in the opposite direction, neither allow us to bring a solid, loving reflection to what is there. The fact that we are aware of what is truly going on means it is there for us to read as the healing may be within ourselves first and not for what appears to be taking place outside of us.

      1. As always how we respond to what is taking place out there, reflects how we are with ourselves.

  68. ‘After witnessing time and again nothing being done to address these issues by management or in personal relationships, there was a tendency for me to withdraw from both those work situations and from the people I felt were rejecting me or what I was offering in the way of the truth and what was needed to help bring more love and harmony there’, Michael I have been in and also witnessed countless times at work a ‘given up’ attitude that comes from people feeling ‘what’s the point’ and the ‘what’s the point’ attitude comes in for so many different reasons. But the ‘I’m just going to come in, do my job and leave’ attitude doesn’t offer others a reflection of what is true and it is the reflection of what is true that has the ability to kick start the same in another person and therefore if we really want to change the massive inertia that sits around everywhere then it’s about not buying into that ‘I’m only one person, I can’t make a difference’ myth and do what’s there to be done in the highest vibration possible.

  69. Is it possible that we are so sensitive we hate to feel the pain and the suffering of humanity so we withdraw because it all becomes too much. We close down from within, so is it possible that all these mind diseases we are experiencing is because we cannot express our sensitivity in a way that is honoured and cherished by our society? But here the catch, we have made society what it is today so therefore it is possible to change it but we have to change ourselves first by fully accepting we are very sensitive human- beings. Once we can fully admit this then change will happen naturally.

    1. Yes – until we can accept our sensitivity and honour it we will not support ourselves or each other out of the mess we are in. This has to be the first step in acknowledging how unloving our choices are and the damaging impact they have on us each and every day.

    2. To start to realise the wisdom and strength of our sensitivity is super important. And yes to build the acceptance and then honouring of our innate sensitivity into our societies.

  70. Really profound. I realised that “drive to fix the world” was very strong for me too, Was it seeking recognition in a hidden way or the martyrdom? Or something else without true love. Great depth of understanding gained Michael.

  71. We can feel embattled in any area of life. Whenever we want something done and it becomes a struggle, and protracted, we’re in fight mode. To pause, step back and let things unfold, brings flow back into our lives.

    1. So true Kehinde – the push, the drive, the strive is all about a battle and many of us have been conditioned to think something needs to be an effort to be worth while.

  72. Self righteousness is the same poison as the one we seek to eliminate in others. From a position of Oneness and love, we learn to be with and accept those whose ways differ from our own

  73. “…… simply living in a loving and deeply caring way for ourselves and in our work and families – that will then inspire others to make similar life choices:…..” It is the reflection of how one lives one’s life that is the greatest form of inspiration that leads to change.

    1. ‘It is the reflection of how one lives one’s life that is the greatest form of inspiration that leads to change’
      Beautifully expressed Jonathon and places responsibility right back where it belongs, with ourselves.

      1. Yes, it is only when we first take responsibility for ourselves will true change occur in the world.

  74. All forms of fight bring a hardness and a tension into the body, which in turn makes it harder for the light of the soul to come through and it is the light of the soul that will bring God back into our living way. And it is by bringing God back into our living way that we will be able to eradicate all forms of harm, harassment, bullying, torture and injustice, therefore fight will not support true change but that’s not to say that we can’t stand up for truth but simply that we need to maintain our ergetic quality when we do.

  75. When we give ourselves permission to really see the world as it is, it is not a pretty picture and when we are wanting things to be a different way and the very real picture does not gel with the picture we would like it to be like, then we can often go into withdrawal or intense drive to fix things. But as Michael has shared, what if it is not about remedying this, but rather it is about us observing and understanding this deeper and in the process dropping our expectations and pictures of how things ‘should’ be. From this we might just get more clarity of what is indeed needed as action, if any action is needed other than our first and foremost responsibility to reflect who we are, divinely so.

    1. I love what you share here about the pictures and therefore the expectations of how things should be. Let’s step out of our comfort zone, smash those pictures and feel the weight of the world drop from our shoulders, then we will feel our grandness and how we are all equal contributors to the greater whole and what an honour and privilege it is to walk the simplicity of Love in our day to day.

  76. It is a classic scenario when time after time our efforts appear to not have any results, we then give up, withdraw or get depressed in stead of reading and understanding the situation and realising that when we are in fix it mode, we cannot truly see what is happening around us. I love what you have shared her Michael for it is something I too can relate to very much so in my life.

    1. We can only go into ‘fix it mode’ by first labelling something as being ‘broken’ but who’s to say that something is necessarily broken. In fact as everything in our lives is perfectly engineered for us then I would venture as far as saying that nothing in our lives is ever truly broken and that everything is there to offer us our next point of evolution.

    2. You have raised a very interesting point here Henrietta, regarding how we can give up, withdraw or become depressed when we feel that all our efforts are not getting any results. However, I can see how when we resort to these measures out of reaction, we fail to see that change in the world many times occurs in the smallest of increments-ex. – you see someone at work who looks like they are upset about something and you take the time to connect with them and allow them to express what is bothering them, or when someone is bullying you, you stay calm and centred without emotionally reacting, and simply claim to them what you can feel is not true or loving, thereby offering them a reflection of where they are at and a choice to change their behaviour or renounce it. Now, none of these events is going to make headline news as a ‘world-changer’ , but they are powerful in their own right and moving us in the right direction towards a more unified, loving and harmonious society.

  77. I love how an amazing relisation that deepens our understanding about life, the world and beyond always brings us right back to the very basic simplicity of our everyday choice.

  78. Michael this is a great topic to have a discussion with society
    As it is disheartening to see the lies, corruption, and abusive behaviours as our normal everyday lives and know this is not how we are meant to behave towards each other and it hurts us to witness this day in day out. And this is when we can ask the broader question to society why do we behave towards each other in this way? Why do we shout and scream at our kids, husbands, brothers, sisters, friends and work colleagues? Why are we so nasty and spiteful towards each other? Have we ever stopped to consider where this abusive energy is coming from and why it is such second nature to us to use it? We as a society need to ask these questions and be able to sensible answer them and until we have this type of conversation it will take a long time to make any positive changes.

  79. How we express to others is super important as if it is coming from a reaction then more likely than not it is going to trigger another reaction in that person and nothing can be resolved, understood, gained or healed from this.

    1. Spot on Vicky, one reaction leads to another like a stack of dominoes. It is only when we can hold steady that the tumbling ceases.

  80. An Esoteric Practitioner once asked me ‘Whoever said work was fair?’ and this statement alone brought things into perspective. Fighting against the system is futile and only adds to the original foundation from what it’s built upon because we are often fighting in an emotional state and like the author has stated not allowing others to come to their own responsibility.

    1. Julie, this is a powerful statement, and I recall lamenting about life as a teenager and coming to the same conclusion that ‘whoever said life was fair’ – I It is not about life being fair or not fair, it is about life being lived as a truth.

    2. There is divine timing in everything but we so love to try and hurry everything along, the biggest example being that we want (and at times demand) that others be where they are not. The image of a dog being aggressively yanked along by its collar and lead comes to mind.

      1. So true Alexis. Allowing others the time – and the space – to come to their own realisations… – one I still struggle with. However imposing our views on others leads to reactions from them – and serves no-one.

  81. I can relate to a life lived wearing battle fatigues and carrying banners. It’s exhausting constantly reacting to life ‘out there’, then finding out it gets us nowhere and nothing really changes. Only when we turn our attention inwards do things really start to change, working on ourselves we begin to work with life, not against it.

    1. Yes that sense of giving up when we clock that nothing we do is making a difference, when actually there is a picture of what that difference is supposed to look like! There is no understanding or allowing for energy and what impulses our ‘making a difference’. Considering the quality we bring to life has had the biggest ‘kapow’ effect and that is because I have stopped presuming that people need me!!!!!

  82. Life is simple. It is we that make it complicated. Change begins within, with ourselves, and from there others are inspired, healed or not. They are not our primary responsibility, we are.

  83. Thank you Michael, we all come out fighting against the corruption but as you have inspiringly shared hold our Love that’s is “our fullest within” gets noticed and the changes are automatic as who can resist True Love when it is simply lived without imposition.

    1. As corny as it sounds (and I do acknowledge that it does sound incredibly corny), love is the answer to everything, it really is. We don’t need to work out or strategise how we’re going to sort everything out, we just need to return to being the love that we already are and let love do the rest. Simple. Because love is an intelligence beyond anything that we can fathom, we don’t need to hammer away for the answers from our tiny human brains when we can step to the side and let the dazzling brilliance of the Universal Mind take over.

      1. Absolutely Alexis, True Love can deliver us from so much and the starting foundation for Love is developed by us relearning to be self-loving!

  84. I used to play that role too – I called it my Saviour Behaviour. I was exhausted all the time. I eventually realised that it was very insensitive to jump in and try to fix other people’s situations, thereby stealing the opportunity for them to take responsibility. But no one could have told me that. I had to discover it for myself, just as you have.

    1. Yes, because Saviour Behaviour can be seen as so good and incredibly helpful because most often you will work above and beyond the call and also perhaps for free! Just the term saviour sounds patronising in the sense that it takes away to power the other person had to be the change they wanted in their own lives.

  85. ‘Finally ‘putting down the sword,’ I am no longer fighting the world, but simply being me to my fullest within it. And that is enough!’ Being our fullest within the world is the only way to mitigate against the density of it, because if we are not we are only contributing to it.

  86. ‘It felt like it was my responsibility to save other people from the cruelty of the world and fix all their problems as if they were my responsibility.’ Whilst none of the corruption and cruelty is acceptable, most often when we go into reaction over it and then want to take action, we are missing the fact that we are trying to protect our own hurts first and foremost.

  87. You being your fullest is most definitely enough. Michael I can really relate with what you have shared here. Trying to ‘save’ another nether helps the other person or ourselves. This does not mean do nothing. From my experience it means build a body (not weight training!) but through letting go of all we are not to one that is aligned to love and truth to the best of our ability and forever deepening and in doing this miracles happen we are not even aware of.

  88. ‘What if life didn’t have to be a struggle but could instead flow in a harmonious way…..’ Being one who has lived – and often still does live in such a way I read your words that you are ‘putting down the sword’ as an inspiration. Thankyou Michael.

    1. When we’re holding the sword of injustice tightly in our hands our bodies are hard and braced. They are contracted and held and therefore not able to allow the light of the soul to flow easily through. Surrendering ourselves to what is happening does not meaning either giving in or giving up but what it does do is it allows the body to do what it is designed to do, which is to be an open vessel for the light of the soul to come through, which means that we have the ‘Big Guns’ of Heaven on our side.

  89. I can recognize those moments of reaction and wanting to ‘save’ people, either from others or from themselves. Ouch. A total dishonouring of where they are at in their own life’s journey. Learning to observe and read the situation brings compassion rather than sympathy and allows them to ask for support if needed and to deal with situations in a way that is appropriate for them.

  90. Our current society does not allow us to be the sensitive beings we naturally are, this gets squashed at a very early age when we replace sensitivity with hardness and toughen ourselves against the world. Since 1999 Serge Benhayon has simply presented a different way to live one where we reclaim back our sensitivity and also our fragility so that we can reflect this back out to the world that has not allowed this for eons. I find that people are noticing that there is something different being offered and now there is at least a choice whereas before 1999 in this life time there was no choice.

  91. I can relate to fighting others fights or protecting others from things (or so I assumed) but it never works. People have their challenges and their own lessons as I do. I’d never learn anything in school if someone else constantly did my homework. The school of life is no different.

    1. Absolutely Leigh, this is so relatable to us all I feel, so our absoluteness to being obedient to the School-of-understanding-life (Soul) paves the way for our Soul-full-essences.

    2. Well said, by protecting people from their responsibility we set them up to constantly wait for a saviour to do the next step for them which leads to not feeling equipped to dealing with what is ahead. It is much more sensible to offer skills that are useful in life and taking responsibility is a very important first step.

  92. Allowing others space to take responsibility for their own choices is equal to appreciating others for allowing us space to take responsibility for our own choices.

    1. We don’t need to micro manage anybody else God’s got it all in the bag, every little detail is taken care of, he’s all over the detail. And this is something that I’m coming to know and therefore live more and more, which is in stark contrast to my previous uptight micro managing and controlling ways.

    2. This is so true Mary. I’ve had a situation around me of late where I have had to give the person space and detach from wanting them to get it and out of the blue they have resolved the situation themselves.

    3. By offering others the space to find their own way back to soul we are honouring them as they can equally make the choice change. To do anything less than respecting their right to choose we are disempowering them.

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