Every Move Matters

As I was sitting here in a local café with the intention of doing some writing and not really having anything coming to me, a young gentleman walked up and stopped at the table I was sitting at and said, “It’s really great to be able to work from home, isn’t it?” – as I later found out he actually works as a business analyst remotely from home. After briefly sharing how I actually work night shift as an aircraft technician and was just doing some writing here at the café, we embarked on a beautiful discussion that ranged in topics from living in service instead of for self-gain and developing true purpose in our daily work, to his goal of early retirement/financial freedom and growing a non-profit company that would build schools around the world and what it means to live in a way that puts people first.

Even the concept of reincarnation and working in this life to set up future generations of kids that live in a caring, loving way was discussed. In essence, we were able to deeply connect with each other and share intimate aspects of each other’s lives within the span of 5 minutes, learning from each other’s experiences and offering different perspectives that may even challenge the other person’s belief systems, while honouring each other openly without judgement – a truly exquisite conversation that I shared with him really made my day.

We exchanged phone numbers and agreed to stay in touch and meet up again sometime soon. And so I sit here feeling incredibly appreciative and inspired by a young man who was so open that he could literally stop in his tracks and follow his impulse to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger, and then express with such honesty and without the usual protection or guard and competition that most men tend to engage in, especially early on in their relationships.

Another thing that this reflected to me was that my new friend felt comfortable enough to engage in this spontaneous, deep conversation because even though I was just sitting there relatively motionless, I was in a ‘movement’ of energy that emanated an openness that held others as equals with understanding and with a sensitivity that was ready to meet another person with that same level of connection without hesitation.

So, in a sense, I was receiving from this beautiful man a reflection of the quality that I was holding myself in. Wow, I am just letting that one sink in, with deep appreciation.

And this brings us to the whole point of this piece, that is, that every little movement that we make during the day can have a profound effect on others, from stopping in our busy day to connect with someone we feel drawn to, or to simply hold others in the same level of care and love that we hold ourselves. This holding can then lead to a positive feedback situation, where we get reflected back to us in the form of life experiences and relationships the reality that we hold for ourselves to be true. So, if we think we are not good enough or only deserve abusive relationships and suffering/hardships, etc. due to low self-worth and past emotional hurts, then that is the reality that will come to fruition. But in the end, we are so much more than those hurts and on the level of our soul we maintain an untouchable and unbreakable love that can surpass even the most intense levels of abuse and suffering that we currently find on the planet. We just have to surrender to the knowingness that this is indeed the truth.

I have recently found just how profound it can be to allow myself to feel that Divine connection with my soul, and am beginning to notice how it has a ripple effect on others. This has brought a whole new level of responsibility to my life as I am seeing how the way and quality in which I talk to people, how I move my body with gentleness or not justwhile at work and home, and even how I hold myself while I walk, all is communicating the level of love and openness I am to all the people I am in relationship with– and even to Nature, as I have seen this reflected back to me via beautiful and unique encounters with animals.

So if I go to work and start throwing my tools around in anger or frustration, that sends a signal to others to back off and will limit our ability to be open and connect deeply in Brotherhood while we work together. Alternatively, if I walk in the front door of work and am maintaining an openness and elongated posture in my body that is both gentle and claimed in the tender and sensitive qualities that I bring to others, this offers others an opportunity to engage with me more easily and perhaps appreciate and inspire the same innate qualities within themselves.

What I have noticed lately is just how much other people notice all the little idiosyncrasies of movement that we express to them, and even the most subtle touch on someone’s shoulder in support or the slightest word of appreciation and encouragement can actually change someone’s life in a positive way forever. And having that sweet gentleman come up to me in this café today truly feels like a message from Heaven, reminding me of the amazing power we have to transform the world by our simple daily movements with no need to protest, fight, or complain about all the corruption. It’s just about the simple way in which we move and hold our bodies.

By Michael Goodhart, Aircraft Technician, B.A. Psychology, Lover of Nature and being playful with life, North Carolina, USA

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95 thoughts on “Every Move Matters

  1. “we are so much more than those hurts and on the level of our soul we maintain an untouchable and unbreakable love that can surpass even the most intense levels of abuse and suffering that we currently find on the planet. We just have to surrender to the knowingness that this is indeed the truth.” Thank you Michael, wise words indeed, and what I feel from this is when we are in our unbreakable and untouchable love we are complete, so from there we naturally connect to purpose and to serve, so that others can know they are that same love.

  2. Transformational indeed as we become more transparent, which is open up and being willing to expose every aspect of our lives that has held us back from our Souls, Essences, Inner-most-hearts or Esoteric (all one in the same) so as we connect more to our Souls we heal those issues from the past and others become familiar the joy and harmony that is natural there for everyone to feel as you have shared Michael people simply connect.

  3. “… to simply hold others in the same level of care and love that we hold ourselves.” I had the most lovely experience of this today, where I could feel quite disturbing energies in a person, energies I have felt in myself that I have learnt come into our bodies from not being about to live from our essence. This time my focus was on the person and their essence even though it wasn’t able to be felt strongly, and despite the disturbances and the hurt the person was experiencing all that mattered to me was holding her in love and stabilising the whole situation, not being distracted or unsettled by what energy was there that wasn’t from love. People so genuinely need a loving presence that has already been through the healing so they too can access it through us, and feel supported to come back to their true selves – and it doesn’t need to be a healing clinic situation, just being out in the world interacting and connecting is enough. Thanks Michael, everything you have shared of your experience is very precious.

  4. ‘Every move matters’, yes, yes it does because there is no movement that is outside of the All. We are all contained within the All and the Everything and we are either moving within the natural rhythm of life or we are kicking out against it and therefore everything within the All feels it.

  5. The ripple effect we have on others can be profound – if connected with our soul, as you say. However we are, others can pick up on our energy, be it harmonious or reactionary. We know when people are in a bad mood and avoid any confrontation, without them having to say a word. How deep is our responsibility then, if just by being ourselves we can have either a beautiful or a deleterious effect on others.

  6. Beautiful to read Michael, reminding me too how we ‘ have the amazing power to transform the world by our simple daily movements…..’. When we are deeply connected with our own body, others feel that too. Love how you made a new friend by simply sitting there writing – emanating being you.

  7. Sounds like one pretty awesome conversation was shared between you ✨ It makes such a difference when we are open to our environment and not closed down where such discussions and explorations can be shared and happen. A great reminder to myself ❤️

  8. Gorgeous Michael – the glowing way you share this experience is a pleasure to read. We moan so much about illness and inexplicable disease, but what you share is the crucial key because how we move and way we live has a complete impact on our every cell – and this world.

  9. ‘In essence, we were able to deeply connect with each other and share intimate aspects of each other’s lives within the span of 5 minutes, learning from each other’s experiences and offering different perspectives that may even challenge the other person’s belief systems, while honouring each other openly without judgement –’ The gorgeousness of truly connecting to someone in space rather than time allows for a download of it all in an instant – infinite sharing and connection in moments.

  10. What I notice is that if I am present and connected in a moment I can respond to these opportunities that are endlessly being offered – whether that is a beautiful chat, learning from what I see around me, heeding a signal from my body…

  11. I was shown how energy works recently by being in a movement of openness I wrote an email to a client just asking them to confirm to me that they didn’t want to go ahead with a project because then I wouldn’t need to bother them again.
    I got the most gorgeous open hearted email back, it was a lovely email to receive but then my email was equally lovely too. So of course I would get this response. If we are open hearted with people they love it because not many people can be like this so it is deeply felt and obviously appreciated.

  12. I live what you’ve shared here Michael and the beauty in how you’ve expressed it. When you speak of those idiosyncrasies of how we move and how others notice them you remind us all that we are all very aware and see and feel what is going on around us. And we matter, each of us, our every move matters and so those simple moves we make in how we are in our day, the way we care for ourselves and those around us that’s what brings change and isn’t that amazing.

  13. One of the things that inspires me from this article is that it is in a moment that the world can change. The interaction between two people, like this one, says yes to us connecting and opening up to each other, showing us the magic of being unguarded and uncomplicated with each other, and there is no need to try and fathom the ripple effects of this conversation – although certainly enjoy that we all got to share the inspiration too.

  14. Michael your cafe experience reflects the quality you emanate and this is what the world needs – more open cafe conversations that span life and beyond.

  15. Yes I have definitely experienced this, how we move is communicating more than the words we are saying. I know I can tell anyone with my movements to back off and this can be in the smallest movements of just turning my shoulders away from the other person, moving my eyes in a certain way and so on. This usually is not a conscious ‘I am going to tell them to back off’ kind of telling them because it comes from how I feel inside that then results in my communication to others.

    1. Very wise observations Lieke. Another thing that I noticed along these lines is how when we consistently stay open with our bodies to people and allow our light out, people notice this and then come to almost expect or rely on us to hold this posture. I realised this a couple months ago when I had gone to work really not feeling ‘myself’ and was working through an issue that I had let throw me off a bit. The moment I first walked past one of the guys on my crew, he stopped me and said “Hey man, are you alright? You don’t look yourself today.” To which I replied, your right, I don’t feel like myself today and explained to him why I felt ‘out’. This was great of him to even ask the question as it gave me the opportunity to reflect on what got me to that point, and also showed me how our reflection of our true self to others makes a difference.

      1. This shows me that we are picking up energy all the time – the fact that you were stopped by your work colleague to check out if you were okay shows he is reading your energy and it was off. How else (with no verbal communication) did he know you were out of sorts with yourself?

      2. And how lovely you were – open and honest, sharing how and why you felt that way. This transparency enables others to be open too, rather than shrugging off feeling less than well. Dare I say, especially more amazing as you were both men!

  16. ‘a truly exquisite conversation that I shared with him really made my day.’ It just goes to show how much we can inspire and lift one another especially when we make it about people first.

  17. What I am taking away from your experience Michael is the power of stillness, the moment that was the ‘before’ moment that opened the way for connection and expansion. Truly divine and yet so so simple.

  18. “So if I go to work and start throwing my tools around in anger or frustration, that sends a signal to others to back off” yes, just as banging your fingers on your keyboard or stomping your way to the photocopier! Our movements are clocked and felt by everyone!

  19. The magnificence and simplicity of heaven all in one. Thank you Michael. The exquisite depth I feel when I connect with someone, the access that gives us to the vastness and beauty of heaven and that these moments happen because we move our bodies in a way that says ‘yes’ to other people. So simple and so magnificent. World changing actually.

    1. Beautiful Matilda ” these moments happen because we move our bodies in a way that says ‘yes’ to other people’ Just had a conversation about how we put roadblocks in the way of evolution. Moving in a way that says ‘no’ to other people is one such block. Why choose harmfulness when we can access the “vastness and beauty of heaven’?

  20. Every move does matter I’m starting to realise that it is the smallest of details in our movements that have the greatest effect. Such as how we hold a cup, pour water from a jug, open a door, these movements that we make automatically has a profound effect on energy. There is a theory called ‘The Butterfly Effect’ it is a theory that a butterfly flapping its wings in one part of the world can cause devastating consequences in another part. Or, more easily said how smallest of movement can shape the future of the whole world.

    1. Yes, if we are willing to be aware of the impact of our butterfly wings we will simply live more responsibly. No-one loses, everyone wins. Therefore we have to ask why we do not want to bring this level of awareness, moreover, why do we actively shut down those who reflect this level of responsibility.

  21. I love what your sharing reveals here Michael and it is that there are no boundaries at all between people really. That when we stay gently connected with ourselves, we are indeed connected to everyone.

  22. How we are in our day can certainly be felt by those around us – if we are open then this will allow space for others to come to that openness, whereas if we are shut down in our movements the same will constellate for others to not be ‘invited’ into the space.

  23. Curious to note that even when not seemingly in motion, we are and our inner quality emits out and is felt by others.

  24. ‘ I was in a ‘movement’ of energy that emanated an openness that held others as equals with understanding and with a sensitivity that was ready to meet another person with that same level of connection without hesitation.’ your words so wonderfully capture what it is when we meet with a stranger who is not a ‘stranger’ but another spark of God. Deep down we know that we are all connected and yet for many years I simply puzzled on this while I was still too busy protecting myself rather than letting the world in.

    1. Yes, to meet people with an openness means we are prepared to meet them in full with no ounce of judgement. It is so rare to be met like this but that does not mean it never happens or that we are unable to do it ourselves and be the change we want to see.

  25. Michael you are on a roll with these blogs – love it! And this blog reminds me too that movement is key to shift the energy that can cause us to be stagnant or caught in thoughts that do not serve.

    1. Everything is a movement or the product of a movement and every movement is either in harmony with God’s movement or it’s not. When you break everything down to it’s energetic origin everything is actually very black and white, it either came from the truth of God or it didn’t and there is no in between.

  26. Every move matters. I concur. We could also say that every connection/relationship matters as well even the ones with people at a bus stop 🤗❤️

    1. Bus stops, bus and train journeys are to be cherished. Every interaction divinely constellated to advance ourselves and another.

    2. So true Vicky – for when we allow ourselves to be in our natural connection to another person, who ever they are, we are equally connected to eveyone else.

    1. Yes and this fact wakes me up to the potential in every moment, not in a hectic way but in a ‘wowzers there is so much on offer’ way, realising the opportunities to learn and grow are endless.

    2. Absolutely Steve, evolution is always on offer which goes to show how doggedly we resist it’s pull because most of us tramp over the same old ground over and over again. Similar patterns of behaviour, similar conversations, similar lives lived over and over again. And even when we do think that we’re ‘breaking out’ and doing something new, often whatever it is that we fancy as being new is still engineered by exactly the same energy as our old patterns of behaviour. It is only by switching the impulsing energy that we’re offered the potential of something that is truly evolutionary.

    1. And this black and white truth is what I come back to time and time again. Is what I am thinking/saying/ doing impulsed by God or not and if it’s not then to the best of my ability out it goes.

  27. We completely underestimate the power we have as beings and the energetic impact or influence we have on our surroundings whether that be other people or nature and the planet itself.

    1. Do we underestimate it? or do we know exactly what impact it will have and the fury that will be received as a result and therefore purposefully engage to underestimate and distract so we don’t have to move that level of responsibility and ripple effect?

  28. ‘Even the concept of reincarnation and working in this life to set up future generations of kids that live in a caring, loving way was discussed.’ To me, the foundation of the change we want to see.

  29. Michael you were sharing that you had been on the night shift as an Aircraft technician and was just doing some writing at the café. This feels huge to me because I know quite a few people including someone very close to me that are Aircraft mechanics. I would say being on any night shift is tough as the body has to adjust to a way of living which is against its natural rhythm. Not so long ago one Aircraft mechanic I know told me they fell asleep at the wheel of their car going home after night shift and ‘wrote off’ their car, thankfully the mechanic was okay apart from shock and bruises. I was intrigued with what you had written because I don’t feel that you are particularly tired and I wondered if you live in a way that supports you to work a night shift and may be you could write another blog about this aspect of your work so that we can all benefit from your experiences.

    1. Well, you are kind of reading my mind here Mary, as your concept for a blog about how to work night shift, or any shift for that matter and be able to be at work with true vitality (not the usual caffeine or sugar fuelled type) was on my list of ones to write about. Even though we are working out of our body’s normal rhythm during shift work, I have noticed there is a way to do it by deeply listening to what our bodies need in the form of rest, sleep, and moving in a super gentle way, and not holding back my expression, so when the shift is over, I go home feeling like the day is complete and I can then drift into my sleep much better. But what I hear from many of the other people I work with is that they sometimes don’t even go to bed for up to 5 or 6 hours after they get home! No wonder the caffeine and sugar intake is through the roof the next day to make it through the shift…barely.

      1. I love your writing Michael as it feels when reading, the reader gets to really be with you, it is very open and intimate in how you write. I can’t wait to read this other blog you are taking of. Fascinating to hear about your job as well ✨

      2. Many years ago I worked night shift as a student nurse, seven nights of twelve hours each once every four weeks. No way could I have gone to a cafe to write……. ! I’d go back to my flat and sometimes fall asleep in the bath – horrible to wake up in cold water. I too would love to hear how you prepare and live in your job working nightshift as an aircraft technician.

  30. This is such a lovely blog reminding us of the fact that ‘everything is everything’ and nothing is too small to be beneath notice since every detail has a ripple effect that keeps going ad infinitum..

  31. Every move is contained within the body of God, there is no-thing that can be outside of His realm and so what it all boils down to is whether or not we’re moving within His body in a way that is in keeping with Him or whether we’re moving discordantly and bringing disharmony to the being that He is,

    1. They can have such a profound effect in the exposure of the harsher movements we may be habitually making. If someone walks by and is super delicate or touches me in a way that is super delicate and I have been used to being hard, it can be a beautiful reflection for the potential of a different way.

      1. When we become super sensitive ourselves, we are more discerning of quality in another. Recently the different quality of two health practitioners was apparent. One, in his delicacy left me feeling inspired, held and supported. The other brusque in manner, left me feeling discombobulated. Both examples reflected the impact of movement on others: heal or harm. Important for us to take super care and bring delicacy in the quality of our own movements.

  32. It’s all about expression isn’t Michael, the expression of your true being, our soul, in our every movement and thought to the best of our ability. And, the appreciation is there for us to clock and become aware of in our day to day living, which brings more purpose and inspiration to be soulful.

    1. Spot on Melinda, our reflection and expression is everything and so powerful. Another thing that I have just recently come to realise with the help of some close friends is how allowing ourselves to see all the things in the world that we know are not our True Way-(the greed, corruption, sexual abuse, bullying, war, giving up on life, torture, self-harming and things like drug and alcohol use, etc.) and instead of getting in reaction and frustration to it, we use the rot that we have observed as another way to fuel our purpose in doing what is within our power to rid the world of it. And this all simply starts with how we live and hold ourselves and others in an equal love and understanding, thereby providing to others the refection of another way.

      1. This is really beautiful Michael, thank you for your comment, it’s an all encompassing responsibility to be aware of both the magic of soul and God and all that is not true, yet the response is the same – love and purpose. I found this very inspiring as a new foundation “we use the rot that we have observed as another way to fuel our purpose in doing what is within our power to rid the world of it.” Thank you!

  33. Thank you for sharing this Michael. It’s true that we pick up on peoples quality all the time. Being sensitive helps me to do my job as well as I do. Also, my clients pick up on how I am as well.

    1. And in accepting that we do feel everything that is going on around us we open up to a whole new intelligence that is so much wiser than what we currently consider intelligence to be.

  34. What a beautiful blog you have written Michael reminding us all how to be in this world we live in. I felt truth in your words.

  35. Michael incredible isn’t it that we can have an intimate indepth conversation with a stranger whilst others of us can spend a lifetime with another person and never exchange anything other than small talk. But whoever it is that we’re choosing to be life will reflect us back to ourselves, without comment or judgement.

      1. Agreed Andrew. I can remember taking my son away for a weekend of camping, I had it in my head that I needed to spend more time with him and was comparing myself to other families who went away a lot together. To be honest the weekend wasn’t great and my son and I didn’t have the closeness that I was hoping for. In recent years I have been applying something that an esoteric healing practitioner said to me, with great effect. She said that it’s the quality that counts and not the quantity of time spent together and as a result my relationship with my son has deepened and become really quite beautiful.

  36. Yesterday I share a meal with an exquisite young man in his late thirties. As we spoke, I became aware of his quality, he was model of beingness, unusual in many young men, something he brought others, both men and women, but probably unaware of. I appreciated and shared my observations with him. It’s important when we sense true depth and quality in another to share this with them.

  37. Beautiful to appreciate that the quality of energy you were in called in the attention of this open and gorgeous young man. Yes indeed a blessing. Important to note how each movement we make has a ‘profound effect on others’: Even sitting still is a movement in itself.

  38. Michael you are reminding all of us what happens is the extra-ordinary, that can be an ordinary but an exquisite part of our lives. How refreshing that you met someone who could feel that they could open up to you and just be themselves. That this man could have a meaning-full conversation because he could feel that you were harmless and not in self protection. This shows me that we read energy all the time we just don’t allow ourselves the appreciation of just how much we read and instinctively know.

    1. As I start my day today having read this article and some of the comments I make an active and committed choice to be open to all that comes my way – moments with people, responsibility for the quality of my movements and absolute willingness to learn – so I am super looking forward to the day.

  39. Michael this piece of writing is beautiful because you are expressing the magic of God and what naturally happens when we are in the flow of the universe.

    1. A brick house is still built one brick at a time, with every move and the accurate placing of each brick being pivotal to the strength and integrity of the whole structure. We just need to focus on the quality of laying each brick!

  40. This is beautiful. I am so glad to be reading this while waiting at bank and be reminded that I am a vehicle and my every move matters.

  41. So often we look to the big things to bring in change, be that a change in government, new laws or an uprising and although those things might indeed be needed it is our everyday Livingness that will be the nuts and bolts of the change that we all unconsciously ache for.

    1. Very true Alexis. I can see how the entertainment industry and media industries have contributed to this view by highlighting and glorifying, where everyone seems to be trying to out-do the other in almost a competitive way to show the rest of the world how they have done some incredibly ‘altruistic’ to save some village in a third world country or take on some megalithic pharmaceutical company, for example, in an effort that actually ends up feeling kind of self-entered and a ‘feel-good’ gesture more than a truly compassionate action.

  42. I love the title of this blog ‘Every Move Matters’ it certainly does. Awesome to here of your relationship and conversation with this person as well ❤️

  43. Thank you Michael, being open to conversation in every relationship definitely delivers so much Joy as this is felt from the simple interchange you had in your 5 minute discussion with your new found friend and I can’t wait to hear from you about how your next discussions goes when you two next decide to meet.

  44. Changing the world is not about going out there and doing the actions of saving another as we are so often fooled to believe. I love what you have shared here Michael: “reminding me of the amazing power we have to transform the world by our simple daily movements with no need to protest, fight, or complain about all the corruption. It’s just about the simple way in which we move and hold our bodies.”

  45. Staying open in the heart and open to others is not a head thing where we need to convince ourselves to do so. Rather it is a body thing, and can only come from our movements as you have so aptly shared in your blog Michael. When we move with a gentleness, and then deepen these movements into tenderness then we are beginning to express the essence of who we are which does so deeply hold another and self in a space where we feel safe and deeply cared for – this sets the ‘scene’ so to speak for intimacy in whatever way that then presents itself, such as a meaningful conversation, a walk together, some time with the other sharing who we are with no hiding.

    1. Such a great point Henrietta that it can’t be from our head but from our whole body to really let people in. I still go into a mental resolve at times and forget how much is up to how my body is, and what it can allow to be expressed through as a vessel for my being.

  46. Michael – thank you for your heart-felt sharing – when we encounter situations and are willing to see and read more about them, it opens us up to learning and growing and confirmation of our grandness in more ways than we realise.

  47. Thank you Michael, the reminder that our movements matter. If we chose to live in a way that was aware of the impact of our movements right down to the movement that comes from our words and thoughts, we would get an inkling of the responsibility we have with what we put out to others and how we contribute to the world we live in.

    1. It brings such importance and value to being present, which supports our ability to feel how our body is and if we are open and gentle, and aware and sensitive to our environment and the people around us.

  48. There is an appreciation on offer for you Michael to feel how you had moved before meeting the young man offered him the opportunity to feel above to start the conversation. So we learn that situations can be set up, helpful or less helpful, all by our movements.

    1. Excellent point Gill. Nothing just happens out of coincidence, but is in fact an outplay of all the other ways we have carried ourselves leading up to that movement. So I agree totally that this is something to really appreciate when we have moments like the one I had in the cafe’, since our openness and lack of protection is like hanging a sign up that says ‘It’s Ok, you can do the same, I won’t judge you’ and then this loving expression can inspire others when that person opens up in kind.

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