A Student’s Story: Blending Conventional Medicine and Universal Medicine

I am aware of the allegations against Universal Medicine (UniMed) and quite frankly I am in absolute disbelief as my personal experience has been quite the opposite of all that is being said.

I first came across Universal Medicine and the work of Serge Benhayon eight years ago. At that time I had been through several life threatening illnesses and was suffering undiagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder after the Thredbo landslide which occurred across the road from where I was then living. I knew that there had to be another way to live that was more loving and joy-full, and that I was so far away from that despite all my worldly successes and the thrills of my recreational sports.

My Medical Conditions

To expand a little on my conditions: I experienced relatively little illness until I reached 50 when I was diagnosed with cancer, and underwent a radical hysterectomy and had the lymph nodes in my right groin removed as they were matted with cancer. I was told that I had a 25% chance of living for more than 2 years even after undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Having served on a university council for many years I was used to reading research documents, so I studied all that I could find on cancer and came to understand it on the physiological level (refer Otto Warburg’s research, which was largely ignored despite Warburg being awarded a Nobel prize in 1931 for his research). I changed many aspects of my life-style and have been cancer free ever since.

Four years later I collapsed with tachycardia while skiing in Italy and was diagnosed with sick sinus syndrome. Shortly after returning home to Thredbo, the village experienced a landslide and I was at the site soon after it happened. I lost 17 friends in one night. A few months later my heart deteriorated and I had a pace maker fitted.

The following year I collapsed again and this time was clinically dead for over 10 minutes. I was hospitalised, my pacemaker was removed and replaced with a pacemaker / defibrillator.

During this time I was also dealing with a number of family issues including the death of both parents, a family member becoming a paraplegic as the result of an accident, a family member with drug addiction, another with a gambling addiction, a husband who wrote off two cars in the space of 2 years, and a major fire on our 240-acre property. Needless to say, this all left me a little traumatised!

Three years later I was hospitalised in Canada with Strep C blood infection (streptococcus dysgalactiae equisimilis) and was in the intensive care ward for ten days and close to death for most of that time. I was also diagnosed with infective endocarditis and polyseptic arthritis. The doctors advised that I may not walk again as my left knee had been badly infected, and that I had vegetations on my mitral valve. After a 12-week hospitalisation I was allowed to travel home in a wheel chair (and a plane).

In 2004 I had surgery to replace my mitral valve and the echocardiogram also showed a moderate to severe tricuspid regurgitation. In the following years I had several hospitalisations with atrial flutter which were corrected by cardioversion and for which I later had an ablation. In 2011 I was hospitalised for 4 days with mycoplasma pneumonia from which I made a rapid recovery.

When in 2005 I heard of a lecture that mentioned ‘heart’ in the title I was understandably drawn to attend. Everything that was said at the workshop made sense to me. Here at last was someone who was not afraid to say truth. I have been attending Universal Medicine events ever since and my life has changed dramatically for the better, thanks both to the support I have received from Serge and the UniMed practitioners and my own commitment to living in a way that is more loving and heart-connected.

My experience of Universal Medicine:

1. The first consistent message I heard from Serge’s lectures was to always discern everything that he said and to feel for myself if it were true. We were shown a way of doing this by connecting to our heart. As I had been reading research from the HeartMath Institute in California just before I discovered Universal Medicine, and I had heard about the heart’s capacity to think, I was very open to hearing that the heart may also have a ‘brain’ which we can connect to.

2. Secondly, in eight years of hearing Serge Benhayon present, I have never heard Serge tell anyone what to do including what to eat or drink and there are many students world-wide who will stand up and say the same thing. His consistent message has always been to feel for ourselves.After researching cancer, I became very aware of the effects that coffee and alcohol had in my body and I minimised them in my diet until even a little of either was felt as a reaction and I cut them out completely. After my valve replacement I monitored my body regularly and became aware that I was having a reaction to gluten and dairy. I cut these from my diet long before Serge made any mention of them. So when Serge suggested that we become more aware of what we ingest I had already experienced exactly what he was saying.

Further to the above and in relation to the recent allegations in the press against Universal medicine, I have become increasingly surprised at the number of people at UniMed events who re-interpreted what is being said depending on where they are at and what they want to hear. This re-interpretation is then magnified even further away from the truth by family members or partners who often feel uncomfortable when a person in the family starts to adopt a more loving lifestyle. It is often easier for the person to justify the changes in their life by saying, “Serge said…”, when in fact it was not at all what Serge said!

3. From hearing Serge present I now have a new respect for doctors! After having read all I could on cancer, I developed a healthy disrespect for conventional medicine. I was disgusted at the useful research that was disregarded in treatment if there were no money in it for the pharmaceutical companies. Hence I was quite surprised when I heard Serge say that he was pro-medicine, a message he has repeated many times and which I have personally experienced on several occasions.

For example, in April this year I had a mild stroke at a Universal Medicine event and immediately went to ask Serge about it. As it happened, Serge was standing next to a GP who was also attending the event. Serge’s first action was to ask the GP to give me a check-over. The GP advised that I go to hospital and Serge agreed. I have found Serge to be very pro medicine. There are many people from all sides of the medical profession who attend UniMed events and who can attest to Serge’s support for what they do.

4. I have never heard Serge say that UniMed modalities are ‘superior’ to western medicine. UniMed modalities are presented as being complementary with conventional medicine. For example, there are certain techniques which can support people going through chemotherapy.

For a number of years Serge has been treating severely sick patients free of charge to support them in whatever conventional treatment they are receiving which includes providing free accommodation. I myself have experienced Serge’s support and generosity with the latest being late last year. After I was hospitalised with pneumonia, Serge made time to see me the morning after I left hospital and gave me a session to help clear my lungs, free of charge. My recovery was rapid, thanks to the medical doctors and Serge.

5. I have never heard Serge Benhayon advise “no exercise”. This sounds like a re-interpretation of his message about being gentle with one’s body and feeling into what it is loving for the body to do. Walking every day is highly recommended, as is swimming.

I was in such disregard that I took up paragliding at 50 and injured my back. I also crewed in a Sydney-Hobart yacht race in the late 60s where the conditions were so harsh that I wore a safety harness so as not to be washed overboard, carried a knife in case of emergencies, spent part of the time managing sea-sickness / diarrhoea, and finished it off with celebrating our safe arrival in Hobart with a rum and coke – being gentle with myself was not only welcome in this context, but sound advice.

While I still exercise and earlier this year skied black runs in Canada, I am now more aware to listen to my body and only do what is needed rather than pushing to the stage were the body suffers. As a result my body is recovering from past abuse. Next year I turn 70, but I feel fitter, healthier and happier now than I did when I was 50. I live more lovingly with myself and with others. There is now more harmony in my marriage (I was married for the first time at 61!) and I am surrounded by loving friends. Every day is a new joy!

by Anne McRitchie (Barnes)

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  1. Anne I’ve met you and had no incline the health issues that you’ve experienced. Wow! I also hadn’t realised your biological age and for your age, you look amazing despite what life has thrown at you.

    Everything you have shared about Serge Benhayon, I could not but be your cheerleader behind it. Not because I could be brain washed, but because I’ve experienced it first hand too. I have never been told what to do by anyone associated with Serge Benhayon or Universal Medicine. I am simply presented and the rest is entirely up to me – it is that simple…

  2. Conventional medicine/Western Medicine is a blessing to us indeed. How much it has developed and grown in the last 10-15 years let alone the last 20-30 years is amazing. And like wise we cannot forget that the origins of western medicine has its roots in natural and complementary medicines. Thus both have the capacity to work together and both have their place in health and healing.

    1. Hear, here Henrietta. There is no mumbo jumbo in complementary medicine. It’s when a practitioner that is against modern medicine, causes the issues and then all complementary medicines are labelled. 

There’s space for more then one type of healing…

  3. Anne, I have just re-read your blog and am blown away by all the things you have experienced health wise and how you have handled these challenges – so beautiful to know and have confirmed the importance of conventional and complementary medicines to support us through such times!

  4. If anyone ever doubted that a union between Esoteric and Conventional medicine they only need to read this blog.

  5. Anne after reading your story the issues with my health didn’t seem so big at all, you have been through a tremendous amount. All the support Universal Medicine and Serge offer would have felt heaven sent after experiencing so much trauma and so many health conditions, they are truly an incredible organisation. Great to read how well you feel now, ‘well’ meaning not just physically but also the joy within.

  6. I watched a documentary on surgeons a couple of weeks ago, the respect I have for these people is out of this world. For many, their care is so deep you can see it in their eyes, they perform miracles every day, in consultations and in surgery.

    1. There are so many amazing people in western medicine, decent people who genuinely care about others and bring their skills and life experiences to support those they care for. I am a big fan of nurses who do so much for patients, they work with doctors and other professionals as part of a team to ensure those they care for get the best support. The doctors and specialists I have worked with also are amazing human beings, I have been very blessed to witness their dedication, their genuine care for people, and the way they bring understanding to me of my health and how my life impacts on my body. There is a lot to appreciate about the people working in western medicine!

  7. What Serge Benhayon shares does make sense, he expresses the truth at every opportunity, which I love, though some find challenging, ‘my life has changed dramatically for the better, thanks both to the support I have received from Serge and the UniMed practitioners and my own commitment to living in a way that is more loving and heart-connected.’

  8. The proof is in the pudding. Someone with such a difficult medical history, embraces Universal Medicine as a way of living and starts enjoying herself as never before says a lot regarding the benefits of it.

  9. It is incredible how resilient the human body is and how willing it is to support you when you make some changes to support yourself. I keep seeing what an opportunity illness is to learn a new, kinder way to treat yourself. Unfortunately most of us still don’t get it!

  10. When I was evolved in spiritual things I slowly on got resistance to western Medicine. I was in an illusion what true healing is.
    When i start to study with Serge Benhayon I start to understand how arrogant I was. Western Medicine can be very important as part of the healing. And very needed to settle the symptoms.

  11. Anne, you should have died already a couple of times, yet every time I see you you look more vital and smile more than the time before. You and Universal Medicine must be onto something….

  12. Serge Benhayon his genuine and his love and care for people is out of this world. The support he offers not only for students but also their family is invaluable. When a close relative of mine had to go to the hospital last year Serge supported her energetically which made her visit less stressful and her recovery very quick.

  13. Anne you are living proof that by making changes to your day to day living being more loving and supportive to ourselves can change both how we feel about ourselves and how healthy we feel too.

  14. Universal Medicine and beliefs do not mix well. There is nothing to believe in about it. It is a different game altogether. That is why is so natural to be in disbelief when someone tries to make people believe something about it (that on top is not true). Only the manipulating game brings us into dis-belief.

  15. To be aware of the impact speaking truth has on others is certainly having an impact on me and boy when another aligns to truth from wobbling which is what happened to me the other day after expressing what I felt to express I had a greater awareness of my purpose in the world and what a difference it makes every time I speak truth.

  16. Your life story is fascinating Anne and it is an amazing testimony to the work that Serge Benahyon presents to consider where you are today and the level of work, commitment and dedication that you have to life.

  17. The reinterpretation of any word or teaching can create a version that can change the whole original meaning of it and thus we must always be respectful of and aware of this fact.

  18. It’s interesting how we say ‘so-and-so said…’ to back up and justify our choice and/or view, and this happens quite often when we adopt a new thing but not yet fully embraced as our own lived experience. I guess it’s part of learning but we need to be aware how that lack of responsibility might backfire on ourselves as well as those whose name we borrow and how that is actually a type of scapegoating.

  19. Your experience with Universal Medicine is gorgeous to read about, and how loving this organisation truly is, we are all blessed that such an organisation exists.

  20. Serge Benhayon presents the lived wisdom in his body, it is up to us to discern and feel the truth within our hearts for what is needed in our evolution back to soul and discard our contracts with individualism and limited beliefs about what is actually true medicine and healing in our lives

  21. True Anne, we have always been advised by Serge to ‘ discern everything that he said and to feel for myself if it were true,’ this is also great to bring into all of our life.

  22. I also had cut out alcohol, gluten and dairy from my diet due to an illness before I came across Serge Benhayon. I found Serge Benhayon’s presentations confirming. He didn’t tell me what to eat or what not to eat as I had already begun in my own life to feel and discern the food and drink that supported me and my body. I found hearing Serge’s wisdom reassuring and incredibly supportive because what he said especially about alcohol I knew and understood but no-one had ever confirmed my knowing, the fact that people change because of an energy entering their body.

    1. ‘I found Serge Benhayon presentations confirming.’ He tells the truth, because truth is what resonates within us when we hear it and so, is a confirmation of what we already know.

  23. the understanding that the heart has its own intrinsic nervous system and intelligence really should be taught in all health care 101 courses because it has the potential to realign the way all healthcare practitioners diagnose and treat right from the start.

  24. Wow Anne, many dis-eases and disharmony shown in your body over your life especially the latter half. Miraculous you are in good health today and all the more to take note of not only the first disharmony in your body but all of them. Your experiences reveal just how delicate the body is and how sacred it is to self-nurture in life while been a busy person. As you say “.. my own commitment to living in a way that is more loving and heart-connected.” Thus is the wisdom of what the body offers when you are heart-connected and self-nurturing. Your blog is a beautiful rendition of working with your body while you work.

  25. Wow Anne, I saw you recently on stage with your newly published book about aging and you looked so beautiful! To read about the ordeal you went through in your latter life, it is almost unbelievable that you came out as alive and radiant as you are today. Universal Medicine is the source for many miracles indeed!

  26. It is extraordinary after all your illnesses and accidents that you find yourself today feeling healthier than a 50 year old at 71. You are living proof of the power of living what Universal Medicine presents.

  27. So many experiences Anne! 2 point I feel to expand on. Your first of always discern everything. This is a very important point and one that I did not take that much notice of prior to Universal Medicine. I know I did things, ate things and said and thought things to please others, gain attention, to appease etc….the list goes on. Why would I not want to feel everything and determine for myself whether something felt true or not?

    The other point that stood our was Serge Benhayon visiting you after you were discharged from hospital and giving you a session without charge. This is not an isolated offering as I know of many who share that same story. Such amazing generosity by someone who is very successful in their business.

  28. Wow what a testimonial Anne – you could write a book about your life. What could or should also be written about is the level of service Serge provides for his clients and everyone else. That is quite remarkable.

  29. Yes me too Anne, it has been since attending presentations by Serge Benhayon that I have regained a healthy respect for the medical profession whereas beforehand I would avoid doctors and hospitals at all cost to the point of having four home births so as to avoid going to hospital to have a baby.

  30. Thank you Anne for sharing your story and your experiences of Universal Medicine. I also was surprised to hear how pro medicine Serge Benhayon is, but it all makes sense as it’s a solid part of self care, which Serge is a world leader on. I also changed my views of medicine and take much better care of myself and my health, now seeing my doctor more regularly, and listening to my body and adjusting my choices based on what my body communicates to me. I am also reaping the benefits of the Universal Medicine presentations by having the best level of self worth I’ve ever experienced, and rapidly improving health and wellbeing on all levels.

  31. This is a great testament to the way of living as presented by Serge Benhayon that you are now living with greater vitality at 70 than you were at 50 supported as you have been as well by conventional medicine.

  32. The inteligence of the heart is so more advanced and expansive than that of the mind, and Im so glad that this is starting to be recognised by conventional medicine

  33. This is an amazing story Anne. The brain in the heart study is really fascinating and makes so much sense. You are a miracle with all that you have come through to feel more alive now at 70 years of age, a great testament to the power of self-loving choices working alongside conventional and complementary medicines.

  34. Listening to what I feel in my heart rather than the dogma in my mind has changed my relationship with myself and with everyone I meet. The mind is so quick to misinterpret what is heard and to make judgements but when I stop and feel from my heart I can know the truth.

  35. Thank you, Anne. I find it truly extraordinary that a woman is able to say “next year I turn 70, but I feel fitter, healthier and happier now than I did when I was 50” – this is the complete opposite of what we see in the world in general where we associate getting old as degenerating in every way. It’s beautiful to feel how much you appreciate your self and your life.

  36. I have seen Anne change her life dramatically and over the years deepen her self-care and respect her body more and more each day. Her blue eyes now shine so brightly and are full of life which is unusual to see in an ageing body.

  37. It’s so true that Serge Benhayon has never told anyone what to do. When I first started to attend Universal Medicine presentations, I was hungry for him to tell me what to do; to get a step by step guide to ‘fix’ things in my life. The reality is that he did present a way to live our lives through feeling energy, deciding for ourselves what was right for us and then making adjustments as necessary. I was initially frustrated because this was not specific enough for my liking ie there was no short term magic solution being presented and I was being asked to do the ‘heavy lifting’ if things were to change. In reality what was happening is that I was looking outside of myself for answers and wanting someone else to take the responsibility and to do most of the work: ie to basically stay in my comfort zone but achieve a more loving outcome. How ridiculously arrogant I was being! But still I persisted because underneath everything there was no denying what I was being presented with held genuine truth. Bit by bit changes have been happening and my way of life is becoming more joyful and harmonious each and every day, thanks to the support of Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and Esoteric Practitioners.

  38. Anne this is not only a powerful testimonial of what Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon offer and present, but an amazing confirmation for us all to feel and trust what our bodies are communicating with us. You are an amazing example of living and trusting what is true for your body and the massive turnaround you have made in your health and wellbeing through the support you have received by combining the presentations of Universal Medicine and conventional medicine. It definitely feels that this is the way of the future and those such as yourself and the many others who have connected with Universal Medicine are blessed to be living that future now.

  39. Anne what you have shared here is a beautiful testimonial to the integrity of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and quality of care, wisdom and support its presentations and modalities gives with us all. Most of all I love how you shared that ‘I am now more aware to listen to my body and only do what is needed rather than pushing to the stage where the body suffers. As a result my body is recovering from past abuse. Next year I turn 70, but I feel fitter, healthier and happier now than I did when I was 50’!!! (I just had to add those exclamation marks)! How awesome is that and what an amazing inspiration to us all you are.

  40. What an amazing and inspiring blog, Anne. Your life has been full of experiences that have slowly led you back to being all that you are – an awesome woman. I know that the path that I trod to get where I am today has been made difficult by my own determination to do things my way – and this I realise now is the hard way. Now slowly I am treading the path back to connect to the gentle and self-loving me that is letting go of some of the hardness that I have brought in to cope with life but was not the innate woman that I truly am.

  41. Anne, given your health background, there is no doubt a clear authority when you speak about where Serge Benhayon stands regarding conventional medicine and how he truly support ill people. I could not but notice the same vitality you describe at age 70 in your writing. Beautiful and a clear sign of the well-being of those that have opted to be associated with Universal Medicine.

  42. Very interesting sharing Anne – I find the heart’s ability to think the most interesting part. For me feeling is the heart in activity in everyday life and everything seems very simple when that is applied whereas when I think too much nothing seems simple.

    1. That there are studies considering the wisdom of our heart and body as a whole will undoubtedly be very interesting for our future understanding of true health and wellbeing.

  43. Another one of many life changing stories of the power of developing a deep and loving relationship with ourself to heal unloving or unnatural behaviors to support our medical health care. Also highlighting that Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and the student body are pro medicine!

  44. Thank you for sharing your extraordinary journey and your appreciation for the loving support your have been unwaveringly offered by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. It is a beautiful testament to the choices you have since made to your life, that everyday is a joy for you.

  45. Thank you for sharing your story, Anne. I also came to Universal Medicine and the teachings of Serge Benhayon with little respect for Western Medicine, but what I have heard presented makes absolute sense. It starts with taking care and responsibility for your own body, if any medical condition occurs, visit your doctor and have a treatment / surgery as required. Thereafter receive complementary support to truly heal. There would not be as many Medical Doctors attending Universal Medicine events as there are if Serge Benhayon was anti-medicine.

    1. Yes Carmin, “There would not be as many Medical Doctors attending Universal Medicine events as there are if Serge Benhayon was anti-medicine”, and may I add that these doctors are not only highly regarded in their own profession but they bring a very deep level of care to all patients in their charge, as I have experienced first hand with at least 2 of these doctors.

  46. The brain in the heart is the brain, I am lovingly learning to listen to. I would agree entirely with what you say about the presentations by Universal Medicine being reinterpreted by some. Often we will hear what we want to hear disregarding what was actually said. Much of what I have heard presented by Serge Benhayon has been a confirmation of something I have felt already, this was certainly true of my experience of eating gluten and dairy, while I can also really feel the benefit of making exercise more gentle. Thanks for your comprehensive writing Anne.

    1. Yes Stephen, you speak for most if not all students when you say ‘Much of what I have heard presented by Serge Benhayon has been a confirmation of something I have felt already’. In truth, all that is presented by Serge Benhayon is already known by everyone if only they allow themselves to re-connect to their inner-most and from there listen to their body, which speaks loudly once we are open to listening.

    2. Thank you Anne and Stephen. What Serge Benhayon presents makes total sense and if not reinterpreted it holds deep felt values and life changing benefits. When we listen to our body and heart, the very clear message is felt that certain substances and actions no longer feel true in our body.

  47. That is quite an anthology of medical conditions Anne, but I was struck that there was no victim, no blame in what you were writing. An acceptance of past choices, and a willingness to be open to support (both from the medical profession and Serge Benhayon) has obviously worked wonders, if not miracles!

  48. Anne great to read your story and what an amazing living testimonial you are, something that many people can be inspired by. What it also shows is that whilst many may “give up” on the doctors, by working together with the medical profession amazing things happen.

  49. Thank you Anne for sharing your amazing journey back to true health and your complete refutation of the allegations made against Universal Medicine. People hear what they want to hear and many find, for example, the thought of changing their diet very challenging so choose to misinterpret rather than feel into the truth of what is being presented. For me learning to self care is a work in progress but I have never felt so much joy as I learn to look after myself in a loving manner which reflects out to everyone I come into contact with. Humanity needs answers to our current ever burgeoning illness and disease epidemic and Universal Medicine presents simple tools to support anyone to make changes that support all round health.

    1. Like you Helen, since meeting Serge Benhayon, ‘learning to self care is a work in progress but I have never felt so much joy as I learn to look after myself in a loving manner which reflects out to everyone I come into contact with’. This is an ongoing process for us all, a process I would not have entertained had I not met Serge Benhayon and started to attend his presentations. As you say, ‘humanity needs answers to our current ever burgeoning illness and disease epidemic and Universal Medicine presents simple tools to support anyone to make changes that support all round health’. The media would truly serve were they to report on the ‘simple tools’ presented by Universal Medicine instead of the allegations and lies they continue to report.

  50. It would appear that most of the people reporting false allegations about Universal Medicine haven’t actually attended an event. It’s great to have on record your personal experiences of attending workshops presented by Serge Benhayon. 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

  51. Anne, how lovely to hear you say that now every day is a joy, despite the huge amount of physical and emotional trauma that happened along the way. My experience of the positive loving choices you talk about is that when I make these for myself on a consistent basis, it does indeed bring more loveliness and joy to other relationships in my life

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