Life beyond Addiction – One Woman’s Experience

At the age of 14 I was anorexic, after that I substituted that disease for another – bulimia, which continued till my late 30’s. At 16 I turned to heroin to try and drown out the terrible emptiness I felt inside, and in the ensuing years I tried any drug that was available to me, alcohol, cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana, morphine, mogodons, valium, even cough medicine with codeine in it (when nothing else was available). I did stints on methadone trying to get off the drugs that I knew were slowly killing me. Always to no avail, so my self-destructive ways continued. For a brief time I even resorted to prostitution to support my drug habit, sleeping with any drug dealer that was interested.

By my mid twenties I was married and had 2 children and they were being raised in this unhealthy lifestyle.

In my late 20’s I substituted drugs for the New Age crusade thinking that this would give me the inner-connection I was looking for. I trained in Crystal Healing, Astrology, Psycho-Somatic Therapy, Psychodrama, Chinese Massage, Chinese Medicine and Yoga and trained under a so-called Sharman for ten years. Again, to no avail so I was back drinking, smoking and taking ecstasy.

At 44 I was still feeling the same emptiness, I was depressed and disillusioned with life and working as a massage therapist and energy healer and thought nothing of the fact that I was treating clients whilst I was depressed and using drugs and alcohol.

I was then introduced to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and in a one-day workshop with Universal Medicine that inner-connection I had been searching for all those years happened. This was a true miracle, I re-connected with me, I felt myself come home to me, and I will never forget that moment. For the first time in my life I felt re-connected to myself and empowered.

I continued to attend all the Healing courses that taught me about Energetic Integrity and Energetic Responsibility and the difference between prana and fire, which none of the other modalities that I had trained in had. Through this new understanding and this ever-deepening re-connection with myself, I chose with great ease to give up drinking, smoking, and drug taking. Many of the people I knew from those days have died of drug overdoses or from their body breaking down from too much abuse. Many others are still ‘recovering addicts’ — while they abstain from the drug or the drink they still seem to have a daily battle with addiction. In contrast, drugs and alcohol never cross my mind, it is like those days happened to another person. One may ask, how is it that at 54, I am healthier in my body than most who have never lived the debauched lifestyle I did? When my earlier life comes up in conversation, people have been floored as they see how amazing and successful my life is now.

Just after I had begun Universal Medicine workshops, one of my daughters who was in her 20’s and had been drinking and taking drugs since she was 13 had a psychotic breakdown. She had one session with Serge, who supported her to re-connect and she was herself again. Another true miracle. I personally feel I would have needed to have her institutionalised had she not seen Serge. Today she does not drink, nor take drugs – all from her own choices and having been inspired by seeing the incredible changes in my lifestyle. She, who once was a party animal, now runs her own very successful business. Whilst my eldest daughter is not interested and does not attend any Universal Medicine workshops, my relationship with her is better than ever. The damage that I caused in those earlier years of parenting has gone a long way to being healed through the deeper responsibility and love I am now able to be with her.

My once self destructive and miserable life has now changed to me feeling inspired and joy-full every single day. Many of my friends and family members were so inspired by the change in me and my lifestyle that they started coming to see Serge Benhayon and attend the Universal Medicine workshops and now their lives have also changed enormously.

I now live love daily to the best of my ability, thus inspiring others to re-connect with themselves and live with love if they so chose to.

I am eternally grateful to Serge for his consistent point of reflection that shows that it is possible to live in Love, Joy and Harmony every single day.

By Anonymous

146 thoughts on “Life beyond Addiction – One Woman’s Experience

  1. I understand that feeling of coming home, as this is how I felt when I first met Serge Benhayon in 2014. My life has never been the same in that, the emptiness and searching ferociously outside of myself has stopped. It is far from perfect but to know the very things we look outside of ourselves are within each and everyone of us.

    I love everything Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine brings to us and I continue to love life as it unfolds. There is another meaning to life that I hadn’t seen before or understood. There is more to life than what we see with our eyes…

  2. The choices we make in life are constant reflections to others – be this our family or friends or people we do not know. And the choices we make, be they so called ‘good’ or so called ‘bad’ have an impact on others whether we like it or not. This is worth considering, as everything we do and say is on some level clocked by another. This is often a responsibility we do not like to admit that we all hold.

    1. That was not in my radar, regarding the choices we make having an impact on others. This is saying be responsible for everything and anything. Do your bit, and let others do their bit – simple.

  3. A life beyond addictions is a life when one does not need to battle with the cravings anymore – for the addiction is gone not when one stops the substance abuse, but rather when one no longer feels like having the substance. This is the true power we can step into that requires a personal choice to do so and embrace life and the loving responsibilities that we are here to embrace.

  4. Wow – this is an incredibly powerful sharing. Your past choices have clearly been abusive but what is amazing in this is the complete turn around that you have done with your life. This in itself is deeply inspiring and even if someone has not made the same poor past choices, it shows that no matter what choices we have made, there is always a way to turn things around and return to who we are.

  5. So true, I have experienced the same thing many times by restoring my connection to myself with the Gentle Breath Meditation, or by practicing the gentle breath technique during my day. It’s actually quite amazing that something so simple can do so much, it’s so much more than feeling physically better, it reconnects us to our true state of being, the soul.

  6. “This was a true miracle, I re-connected with me, I felt myself come home to me, and I will never forget that moment. For the first time in my life I felt re-connected to myself and empowered.” It shows it is possible no matter what our circumstances to return to a natural way of being and to let go of behaviours like addiction, self abuse and the abuse of others. Your story also shows that these things, like addiction, can only happen when we are first in separation from our true essence. It says to me that the foundation of true physical and mental wellbeing starts with our state of being, and that there is an essence within us, like the essence we can see so clearly in babies, that is pure, free of imposition, loving, joyful and just gorgeous – just as you are now Anon.

  7. Anon you are a walking talking poster Lady for the teachings and presentations of Universal Medicine. Of what can be, by making different choices and clearing out past hurts which lead to those choices being made in the first place.

  8. That is miraculous, after all the searching and anguish, ‘in a one-day workshop with Universal Medicine that inner-connection I had been searching for all those years happened. This was a true miracle, I re-connected with me, I felt myself come home to me, and I will never forget that moment.’

  9. It’s interesting that we tend to not discern the practitioner we go to see, we know we have an issue and we just want it fixed so we can get on with our life. I went to see practitioners in the past who I felt were depressed, probably using alcohol, into extreme sports etc., to get by in life just the same way as me. I realise now, this was because I didn’t want to get called out by the way I was living. I reckon the practitioners couldn’t call me out as we were living a similar experience and so nothing changes.

  10. Addiction is such an interesting subject. It is so sticky and we just cannot get enough of whatever we are addicted to, and we may not even be enjoying/liking what we are addicted to, and we can get a sense that it may actually not about the thing that we think we are addicted to, becoming an addict is not primary, something happens before that for us to have ourselves being taken by that energy.

    1. Well said Fumiyo, in essence an addiction is simply a symptom of another underlying issue.

  11. We live in a world where we believe that what we do is what makes us and that our past determines our future. What you show here is that in every moment we can make new choices and that we are not dependent on our past choices. If we make a loving step now and then the next step too, and the next, and the next, we are laying a path that is not restricted by our past and lets us live the future.

  12. Its amazing to read a miracle, that one day event with Serge and Universal Medicine finally re-establishing the connection with yourself and providing the true step forwards. Beautiful to read.

  13. Anonymous your story is a miracle, you are a miracle and the proof that once we connect to our own essence there is nothing we cannot turn around.

  14. Powerful statement made: ‘I am now a practitioner of the Esoteric Healing modalities and live love daily to the best of my ability, thus inspiring others to re-connect with themselves and live with love if they so chose to.’
    A complete turn around from a life of abuse to one now full of care & love. Profound. I love that.

    1. This blog is a gorgeous example of what a difference Serge Benhayon’s support can make to anothers life if they choose to accept the support.

  15. We get caught up in looking for the answer from outside ourselves and the more we don’t find the answer the more extreme behaviours we turn to in order to dull that empty feeling. That was until Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine came along and showed us that all we are looking for we already have, we only need to look from within and reconnect to the love that we are.

  16. The feeling of coming home is not just finding a profound place of respite that is unwavering in it solidness. It also allows us to see clearly for the first time ever, how lost we were and to what extent we were shooting in the dark. Yet, the beauty totally overshadows any oops remarks or any feeling of regret.

    1. Spot on Rik, it is like take the blue pill in the Matrix – once you know the truth there is no turning back.

  17. It got to show us that when we heal the root cause of our addiction, truly understanding and healing it all the way – the need for such addiction/behavior ends.. That’s why often we can ‘fall’ back in the addiction, simply because we have not resolved, only tried to stop our physical action, which is not enough in a world that exist out of energy first.

  18. There is nothing outside of us that could fill what already resides within us. Only a living reflection of this fact, can remind us what we know we can live too.

  19. Once you learn about and accept the importance of energetic integrity and energetic responsibility it cannot but change and transform your whole understanding about human life.

  20. Each time I read this the potential for others who have chosen drugs or alcohol to cope in life is theee to be felt. Very clearly, this article puts into perspective the fact that we all are making choices, constantly, and it is this that our lives are formed from

  21. You bust so many ‘accepted truths’ in this blog, the biggest one that once an addict always an addict, not true and your experience clearly shows this … if we are given the opportunity to be ourselves and supported in that connection we have the space to drop those things which do not support us. One of the huge things Universal Medicine offers all is the idea that you are not broken, that we are all whole and that we may have chosen ways and methods which are not us, but underneath all of this we are whole … this has been a huge support in my own healing and that of you and many others, to see and understand that no matter where people are, they have in them everything and they have the capacity to heal no matter what. It’s so beautiful to hear of your transformation, it is a miracle, thank you for sharing you and your story.

  22. This is an incredible transformation and am without speech actually – because it is so big, where you come from and now able to actually truly have love for yourself – almost makes me roll down tears of joy. Simply because when we allow the true support in we are being offered heaven. As the Esoteric Healing modalities offer. Thank you so much…

  23. Be it at 18, 27, 44 or 60 years old, we can stop self abusing ourselves and re-found our values in life. It may take a few years to feel solid, but we are all completely worthy of love no matter what our previous choices may have been.

  24. Amazing, you are living evidence that we are always enough and everything inside intact and never tainted by our outer escapades. Truly a story worth sharing on the front page of every newspaper!

  25. This is such an amazing story showing us all that no matter what we may have done in the past, it is always possible for us to choose to start living what we are in true essence. You are such an inspiration, Anonymous. So amazing you made that choice and have been staying with it, and now sharing with the world the glory of who you are.

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