My Wife attends Universal Medicine Courses

by Alan Johnston

My partner Josephine began her engagement with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine quietly and simply some eighteen months before me. Previously we had been together in a long association with a paradigm that very specifically focused on man and woman and their relating.

To say I was initially sceptical about Serge’s written material and what he was saying would be an understatement. I couldn’t stand the books – ‘incomprehensible jargon’ – and Serge’s unshakeable certainty was quite inflammatory to me.

What enabled me to get through this was the burgeoning reflection of love that I was receiving just by being around Josephine and her gentle engagement with the work.

I began by attending some Esoteric Medicine evenings, having sessions with Kate Greenaway and then Caroline Raphael and when I had my first direct exchange with Serge Benhayon, my heart just ‘cracked’ and I sobbed in recognition of what – I now can say – real love feels like. Equal, unwavering, not wanting anything for itself.

If I had not come to this opening and self recognition, as we both have, we would not be together today, as nothing else had allowed us to begin to address the imprints and issues which were keeping us separate from ourselves and each other.

120 thoughts on “My Wife attends Universal Medicine Courses

  1. “Equal, unwavering, not wanting anything for itself.” A beautiful and very clear definition of what true love is. Thank you Alan.

  2. To have a reflection in my life of what is possible inspires me no end… there is nothing in life that we are given that we cannot overcome as what is offered is simply the next step to master in our evolution.

  3. For me it is the opposite to your experience Alan.
    “Serge’s unshakeable certainty was quite inflammatory to me.”
    For me Serge’s unshakeable certainty in what he knows to be true is a balm for my soul. Here at last is someone who has the road map back home. Which is not this plane of life but far greater and grander planes of life. To me we can use the word ‘hell’ to describe our current way of life here on Earth.

    1. Absolutely Gill. It is wonderful to read how Alan was willing to remain open to what Josephine was embracing and whats more have the willingness to share it here in this blog. And what an inspirational couple these two are and continue to be for everyone.

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