Universal Medicine Re-introduces Self-love

by Jenny McGee

Before attending Serge Benhayon’s talks and Universal Medicine courses I had been single for a very long time, eight years in all!!! I had retreated from the world of men for fear of getting hurt again. As a result of Serge’s presentations on a way of living that are all about self-care, honouring myself as a woman and letting others in, I felt confident enough to go back out there in the dating world. I have been together now with a beautiful gentle man for 18 months and feel very cherished and loved.

I know that the love I feel from him is only a reflection of the love and appreciation I have for myself. My partner does not attend the talks or the healing workshops but does seem to appreciate going out with someone who lives in a harmonious manner, does not play head or emotional games and is mostly playful. Contrary to the news articles that falsely state that Serge Benhayon has broken up relationships, he and his presentations have never told me what to do about relationships, sex or what to eat. Instead I have learnt how to feel and trust for myself what is right or true for me. Not only has my ability to relate to a partner changed for the better, my relationships with my clients, colleagues, friends and family members have way more integrity and true depth. Serge Benhayon’s presentations have helped me to connect to myself in a true way where I can let others in without taking on their emotional issues.

I have chosen a truer way of living and relating to others as inspired by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

99 thoughts on “Universal Medicine Re-introduces Self-love

  1. “I know that the love I feel from him is only a reflection of the love and appreciation I have for myself.” I love that as it mean that no one is selling themselves out and that is something what is not very common in this world.

  2. Before I found Universal Medicine I had retreated from life and felt very withdrawn, I had tried a number of ways to help myself but it wasn’t until I began studying the Sacred Esoteric Healing courses and using the Gentle Breath Meditation that things began to resolve for me. Now when I tell people I used to be a recluse they can’t believe it. This is the truth of what Universal Medicine offers.

  3. What Serge does so well is to provide tools, things such as body awareness, conscious presence, Esoteric Yoga, The Gentle Breath Meditation, etc. The tools have supported me to reconnect to my essence and to my body and then live in a more self honouring and self caring way.

  4. Serge Benhayon has helped support me, and my relationship with myself, this in turn supports all my other relationships.

  5. All of my relationships are better also because of the support of Universal Medicine. Part of that has been healing the hurts I have carried, and understanding how I have held myself in protection as a way to prevent hurtful situations repeating, and as a reaction to prior situations. I’m still in the process of letting all that go, but what feels amazing is to be able to love and accept people in the level of openness I currently do, and to realise it’s only the beginning.

  6. So many of us retreat from the world, or at least hold ourselves back, for fear of getting hurt and we all have our own stories to tell, but really, when we start to loving ourselves – and we usually don’t get told about this and the opposite is far more common – it starts opening up the door for our sweet home-coming. Things start to change and we feel different about ourselves and others, but interestingly, very normal about that ‘newness’ which is actually very natural and innate to us.

  7. What I love about Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine is that the presentations never ask us to make changes they present things as they are, and we are left to feel things for ourselves. Afterwards we sometimes ask ourselves a question that we ponder on for a long time to uncover our own honesty and truth and from there we start to make changes to our choices which ultimately change the way we live.

  8. Our intimate relationships are related to our awareness. As we increase it, some relationships may no longer hold true to us, but new ones are. So, we can take pictures of the former and declare that what our awareness brings up is the culprit. Alternatively, we can also praise it because it has helped us to move forward and be ready for partners that are more in sync with our level of awareness.

  9. “I have learnt how to feel and trust for myself what is right or true for me.” This is possibly the part that rocks the boat. Have we as women played along with an arrangement for so long that as we step out of it, it causes quite an upset?

  10. Letting others in without taking on their emotional issues lays the foundation for a healthy relationship both with ourselves and all others equally.

  11. What Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon present is about love – which shakes and exposes the false love we have previously fallen for, including a so-called relationship which in fact is just an arrangement. When love is re-introduced into our way of being, loveless behaviour is no longer allowed and needs to be let go for there to be love.

    1. I completely agree with that, Fumiyo. When we know what true love is, we are able to bring it to our life, taking self-loving choices. This creates a clear marker and after experiencing love, it’s natural to not want anything below that.

  12. Short, sweet and very matter a fact this article is. It’s amazing when you slightly dig into something that has been told to you or something you have read that it turns out most of what you read or heard wasn’t even true. In fact it was the opposite of the facts. Here we have a living example of what is ‘going on’ with Universal Medicine, no smoke screen, no mirrors and nothing up anyones sleeves just cold hard facts, well it seems a lot warmer then that. A very touching article and story of how someone has changed they way they are, taken responsibility for themselves and how that has then changed the world around them significantly. It is almost like there are those that deliberately don’t want us all to know this, that we can actually be in this world and live in this way, where everything is a reflection and you can actual live free.

  13. There is a simplicity in what Serge presents but also great power to transform our lives if were to choose those first steps of self-love – as they can reveal to us the deeper levels of love we naturally are. And the more we live true to ourselves, the more the world gets to feel the truth of us all.

  14. Universal Medicine teachings never dictate, what is presented is always held as something for us to discern for ourselves. In my case, I too have felt them to be an incredible support and inspiration in my life which has enriched my relationship with myself and others beyond imaginings.

  15. Taking on the emotional issues of others only further adds to the burdens that we already carry – which in turn weighs us down all the more.

  16. Lovely to hear about your truer way of living and relating to others in this blog, ‘Serge Benhayon’s presentations have helped me to connect to myself in a true way where I can let others in without taking on their emotional issues.’

  17. “I know that the love I feel from him is only a reflection of the love and appreciation I have for myself. ” We have yet still to learn and understand how much self-love is the key to any relationship. Thank you for sharing this key in its simplicity Jenny.

  18. Building a relationship with yourself can be quite confronting for those around you as it exposes the lack there of in others and how we are mostly settling for less.

  19. Serge Benhayon is such an inspiration, imagine how our world would be if we had lots of people with the same amazing qualities reflecting everywhere.

    1. Thank you Lorraine, what a beautiful world we will have with people everywhere reflecting love, joy, truth, and all the beauty of God. It’s all there ready for us equally, we just have to say ‘yes’.

  20. Serge Benhayon consistently reflects and presents to everyone a way to live that is truly loving, joyful and supports our relationships to deepen and grow.

  21. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine support us to live in a loving way, it does not tell us what to do and not to do. I have leant to self love and create a deeper relationship with myself, which has supported me in deepening my relationships with my husband, family and friends.

  22. Retreating from the shadow of hurt may be a reflex to protect ourselves but unfortunately will not change anything nor bless us with the joy of love that deep down we all desire.

  23. Since knowing Serge Benhayon my relationship with myself keeps on deepening.. this has offered me to have intimate and more in depth and open relationships with others. It’s not the usual same chitchat that essentially everyone is caught up in.

  24. I love this bit about relationships and how they have changed since bringing some of the teachings from Universal medicine into your life “does not play head or emotional games and is mostly playful”. It is very refreshing to be that way in a relationship.

  25. It is an extraordinary gift to come to a place where you can feel and trust for yourself what is true for you and to live your life in accordance with that and no other…. to deepen your relationships from the love you offer yourself first is a testament to the power of this and is something to be inspired, not questioned.

  26. A beautiful sharing Jenny – how you resurrected yourself and committed back to life and relationships. So many of us give up because we got hurt and feel like nobody hears or sees us. It is quite extraordinary to read about the inspiration people get from attending Universal Medicine events and meeting Serge Benhayon, a true willingness to turn ones life around, which is quite remarkable and rare to find in our world today.

  27. All my relationships have changed as well Jenny since I am attending workshops from Universal Medicine. Especially my relationship with myself is so much deeper . . . to meet Serge Benhayon was the best thing ever.

  28. There is such a beauty in what you have shared Jenny. When we live a life of self love, life itself begins to shift and we become more open to people and who they are and are more open to receiving the same love in return.

  29. Universal Medicine is a true support in living a life in a more loving way than I ever could have imagened before meeting Serge benhayon. It is showing us that we are love and are worth to care and love ourselves, which only improves relationships.

  30. This is a great testament to the fact that the irrefutable truth about the success of any relationship – its magic ingredient – is in the dedication to loving ourselves first and foremost – and doing so consistently.

  31. Universal Medicine is a solid organisation that I know I can always turn to that upholds enormous amount of integrity, love and care which I can gather inspiration from whenever I feel life seems to difficult to handle.

  32. It’s weird to think someone accusing anyone of being dictatorial when the very subject is simply to self-care and self-love – which can only be a personal choice, and nobody can possibly coerce it onto another.

    1. Great point Fumiyo. This dictatorial behavior says a lot about the person and their way to life. How can anyone criticize Serge Benhayon for promoting self-care and love? Nobody can and this is why the media is making up lies, because there is nothing wrong as he presents only truth.

      1. Great point rachelandras and Fumiyo. Promoting self-love and self-care and therefore self-responsibility leaves nothing real to object to, objectively speaking. Why isn’t every one at least open to hearing more on this? Why is it so unbelievable that the media can make a sensational story out of it. Just shows where we’re at as a humanity, which is sad, because it is stories of lack of self-love and care and responsibility that hit our headlines. What do we get from that? Distraction from our own lack of self-love and care and responsibility.

  33. Thank you Jenny, Serge Benhayon has only ever shared that as a humanity we are all equal brothers, and that we can all get on with each another no matter who that person is!

  34. Jenny I too can say “Serge Benhayon’s presentations have helped me to connect to myself in a true way where I can let others in without taking on their emotional issues.” Once I met Serge Benhayon, I truly understood what self care, self love and self nurturing is, prior to that they where just words. Having incorporated these in my life, my life has completely changed, my health is the best ever, I have so much energy in my body and I am living a joyful life with beautiful relationships with my family, friends and work life.

  35. I agree Jenny – if we trust ourselves and are connected to and honouring of ourselves in each moment as it presents itself then we have nothing to fear from another.

  36. Thank you Jenny, how stress-free is the truth to feel? For some it is obviously very easy as is presented from the blogs and comments from students of the Livingness.

  37. Thanks for sharing Jenny, what Serge Benhayon presents is practical, real and above all else its natural

  38. This has been true for me too Jenny, I’m more open in my relationships now, before Universal Medicine the only way I could cope with all the hurt was to shut myself off from people. Now I’m very committed to sorting out my own issues, loving myself and committing to whatever learning is there in relationships. I have less reaction and more understanding, patience and willingness to sort through relationship issues. I’m also more able to bring all of me to my relationships, to speak honestly, and be more loving. In my experience Universal Medicine is very dedicated to supporting healthy relationships – including the one we have with ourselves. Well written, thank you.

  39. I have been on a real learning curve since attending my first Universal Medicine presentation several years ago. What has been truly wonderful is to understand that I am naturally tender and precious and that from this position of self acceptance and love, I have been able to deepen my relationships with others.

  40. Great point Jenny, taking on another’s emotional issues was something that most people did unconsciously throughout their day until Serge Benhayon presented how to truly observe and not absorb and to not take on another’s issues.

  41. Beautiful Jenny, this also reflects my own life since choosing to bring more self-love into how I live. It has an amazing impact on the way you see and relate to others and brings a much greater level of understanding, true care and nurturing towards not only yourself but others.

  42. My relationships have deepened too since choosing to love and nurture myself more, thank you Serge Benhayon.

  43. Love and truth so beautifully expressed – I completely endorse what your saying Jenny and can confirm first hand that my relationships since meeting Serge Benhayon have evolved and grown stronger and continue to do so in a very positive way.

    1. I second that Michael/dad, our relationship since meeting Serge Benhayon has developed hugely and is now much more open and loving then it was before and is continuing to develop and deepen the more loving we are with ourselves and with each other.

    2. Same here, Michael and Jenny, all my relationships have evolved and grown stronger since meeting Serge Benhayon. And I literally mean with everyone, not only my children, family or friends, also my ex-partner, people in shops and at work. And this is a continuous process of deepening.

  44. Thankyou Jenny for sharing so simply that you can live as lovingly and harmoniously as you do. We all have that choice.

    1. But what is so totally fascinating about what everyone has to share is that we didn’t know there was a choice until we met Serge Benhayon and by attending the workshops and presentations we realised there was a choice to make. By extracting ourselves from the treadmill of life we can breathe our own breath again.

  45. Your simple story about sorting out your life is one of many proving the complete lies that have been published in the press about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. In the past I have always given up on relationships because I blamed the other person for not loving me enough. My current relationship is far from perfect, but I am always willing to look at my part to play in any issues that come up, and the more I appreciate myself and make loving choices for myself, the more this quality is bought to the relationship. I have only been able to get over my stubbornness, accept responsibility and turn things around with the support of Universal Medicine, so I am another case showing that they improve relationships rather than destroy them.

  46. Since being inspired by Serge Benhayon to apply self-love, the relationships that at one time were based on need are now so much freer without the expectation and attachment. We all bloom like flowers when we are given the environment that supports us and allows us to be fully ourselves. We can then truly shine in the world.

  47. Yes it’s the same for me, I have more love and connection with my family and now my
    husband and his family then ever before. Before I discovered how to connect more intimately and caringly with myself I was very hard and shut down and had nothing to do with my family. Now we see each other regularly, go on holidays together and genuinely and lovingly enjoy each other’s company. Thank you universal medicine for inspiring me to feel how I can bring love to my family!

    1. And me three….I now live my life so much full of life and love than I ever had before. I was also so so hard and shut down for so long and even though I appeared to be open and connected – now I am beginning to know what life is like when you are truly open and connected – I realised I was way off base before. I love connecting truly with people now. It is way cool.

      1. I had the same experience Sarah, where I’ve thought I was not too far off from being open and connected to later down the track get a taste of truly being open to recognising I was way off also.

  48. A beautiful reminder Jenny of how a deeper more loving connection with self is reflected back to us in the connections we develop with others.

  49. I am still always learning Jenny, and if it wasn’t for Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and the amazing inspiration they continuously provide I too would have much less quality within my relationships also. xx

  50. Serge Benhayon teaches that self-love is only a step below love. Not that one is against the other. So, there cannot be any blaming to Serge for relationship break ups. Having said this, a relationship is very difficult when one of the partners does not even consider self-loving choices.

  51. Like you Jenny I have found my life change so much since I have begun to make opportunities to self-love. It is not until we learn who we truly are and accept that fully that we can begin to build relationships with others that honour and respect both ourselves and the other person. As I let go of the ‘need’ for love then living life in a loving way becomes simpler.

    1. Beautiful Susan. When we appreciate the love of who we truly are this opens the doors of the heart to feel the same love within others so that as we build a loving relationship with ourselves we cannot but share this love with others.

  52. Great to read this one Jenny – I’ve recently signed up on a dating website just to get myself out there in the world as opposed to keeping all the good stuff that I am to myself. Opening up to people feels more and more safe and actually lots more fun and healthy.

  53. My testimony for Universal Medicine is, that I lived many years of unharmonious partnerships and after putting into practice, what I learned with Serge Benhayon, the most heavenly partnership opened up for me and is unwaveringly harmonious since then. Of course, this reflects back into all my relationships.

  54. The true depth of your relationships today is a beautiful testament to the deeper connection you have developed with yourself. Such a simple yet gorgeous sharing, thank you.

  55. ‘Serge Benhayon’s presentations have helped me to connect to myself in a true way where I can let others in without taking on their emotional issues.’

    Reflecting on this and how it contrasts with the way in which romance and love is portrayed it occurred to me that the ‘soaps’ would cease, the script writers would have no story lines!

  56. What a beautiful story Jenny and a testament of how when we develop and build a loving relationship with ourselves it is only natural that we are then able to develop and build loving relationships with all those we meet. Thank you for bringing this truth to us all through your gorgeous unfolding.

  57. Very inspirational Jenny. I too was shut down from the possibility of a relationship when I began to attend presentations by Serge Benhayon some years ago, but more importantly I discovered that I was actually shut down from me. So how could I truly love someone else if I didn’t love me? Over the last few years, as a result of the common sense presentations and wisdom shared by Serge, my relationship with myself has blossomed beyond anything I thought possible. I am not in a relationship with anyone at present, and have not actively put myself out into the dating world, but I know that I am open and ready to let love in, and that feels amazing.

  58. Jenny I loved your short and sweet sharing on how self-love enables us to be more loving and accept more love in all our relationships. Universal Medicine focuses on self love and from there to developing and building strong, loving relationships with all people in our lives – it is ridiculous to suggest otherwise.

    1. Absolutely Jo, I have learnt so much about what true relationship is about through the presentations of Serge Benhayon. Serge and the Benhayon family demonstrate and openly share how they are building their relationships to be more harmonious and loving.

  59. This too is my experience, I was inspired by Universal medicine and a presentation by Serge Benhayon to also go back into the dating world. I met my partner 5 years ago, and I can say without question that Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine helped me to let go of my hurt around relationships, and to let the wonderful partner I share my life with today in.

    1. Awesome, Jade you so clearly communicate how addressing our hurts allows us to let others in and allows the possibility of truer relationships.

  60. What Universal Medicine presents; suggestions on a way of living and making choices that truly support, are actually very simple and are based on common sense. They are in no way outrageous or weird but something we all already know, and it’s just so beautiful to hear and feel the Livingness that Serge Benhayon shares with us when he’s on stage. The suggestion that Serge is in any way abusive or controlling is totally ridiculous. My own relationship has completely turned around by following simple, self-loving principles. What a blessing it has been!

  61. Here here! This really deserves to be celebrated Jenny! I was single for 12 years before I began attending Universal Medicine and have found that my relationships with men have truly blossomed since I began attending presentations and workshops facilitated by Serge Benhayon and I have no doubt this will continue. When I entered a relationship a couple of years ago I felt it was miraculous. I was far more understanding and more willing to take responsibility for my own actions than I had been in relationships in the past. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine offer nothing but true support for relationships of all kinds.

    1. I agree Leonne my understanding of my need to be responsible for what I bring to all my relationships has deepened by attending the presentations and workshops facilitated by Serge Benayon. It seems like it is less about whether you are in relationship or not now but about the quality you bring or stand for in your relationships.

  62. Reading your blog Jenny, I was reminded that so often we take our hurts and use them as an excuse to shut ourselves away – hoping that this will protect us. Instead it shuts us off from the beauty of life. Its lovely to hear how you have opened up again to life following Serge Benhayon’s presentations, and as a result have more love in your life.

    1. Yes Simon I could really relate how staying in protection and keeping others out, has definitely shut me off from the beauty in life and also from letting love in and feeling how this is also my true essence.

  63. Absolutely Jenny ‘I have learnt how to feel and trust for myself what is right or true for me’ I can really relate to this and it has had a huge and positive impact on all my relationships. I will be forever grateful for Serge Benhayon’s simple and clear presentations that offer everyone who attends them a choice to return to self-love, and offers practical steps about how this can be done. Thank you for sharing your experience and redressing the balance.

    1. Yes Helen since writing this blog a little over two years ago, it is much clearer to me that the choice is only about self-love, building love and daring to share that with others and not about whether I am in relationship with an intimate partner.

  64. Jenny I also started to trust the world again after coming to Universal Medicine, you write very honestly in that you retreated for fear of getting hurt again. This can play out in so many areas of our life where we don’t be who we are simply to avoid getting “hurt”. What I’ve learnt is not being who I am hurts me more than anything else.

    1. Very true David, the retreating and withdrawal hurt me very deeply and really was not real protection at all. What a silly game we sometimes play with ourselves and others thinking we have it all sorted out.

      1. Retreating is not real protection at all, as you say it is just a silly mind game. Thank you for the reminder that being love protects us from feeling hurt from not being love far better than running away from the love we feel hurt about leaving in the first place(now that does sound silly)!

  65. Self love, self care and honouring ourselves have been so missing from humanity, and finally we are been shown that they can be an integral part of our lives, and what a difference they make when we do start to include them. Why was this way never the ‘norm’ before?

    1. I agree Lorraine; maybe it seems or seemed too simple, and we overlook how we are, in essence, love- and can live from that rather from our hurts which need constant protecting.

  66. Jenny, great sharing! Serge’s presentations have been an inspiration to connect to self love; when one understands self love their life changes, becoming more harmonious. One looks at the way one eats, what they eat, whether it supports the body and how it feels in the body. Same goes for rest and sleep. Taking all of this into consideration is all about self love.

  67. To ever point a finger at anyone or anything outside ourselves for a relationship break up is nothing but plain silly and unintelligent.

    Great comment Brooke – some real fire in there. 🙂

  68. Awesome comments Brooke (and I loved your article Jenny). It was great to see Brooke how the facts (the actual loving changes you have made in your life) are unshakable to anything else people may be challenged by (including the distorted picture being portrayed by the media). Thank you to both of you for sharing your experiences.

  69. Wow where do I begin…

    After reading the articles last week I felt absolutely appalled and disgusted and while the 7 news report about Serge Benhayon and Universal medicine was not a complete demolition Job Channel 7 could have done a lot better. 

    After watching the Channel 7 news report about Serge and Universal Medicine last night at a friend’s house, I arrived home and my mum met me at the door, and told me that my sister had seen the news report and had been calling her non stop about how I am being “brained washed” and how I am in a “cult”. I simply asked my mum about how she felt about this and her response to it all was amazing (bear in mind that my family have not always had an open mind about this and I was expecting to get the third degree from her as well).

    She expressed to me that anyone who saw the way it was presented would think that it was a “cult” but told me that whatever I was doing is making a huge difference in my life and to keep doing it. As she feels that Universal Medicine is the “best thing” that could have possibly happened to me, and that each and everyone of us know the real truth.

    As far as I am concerned Serge is the most amazing person who you will ever meet and simply does not deserve to be accused or railroaded. I personally have had enough of the false accusations being made against him, his family and Universal Medicine and I feel that it is now time to do more and express our love more then ever before. It is for us all to express ourselves in our full essence. Keep posting and make your voice heard and make everything you do about love. 

    An amazing and loving man wrote “if you do not choose to see truth, truth will make you see it”. (S.B) 

    For in the end love always wins and everything that is false will be exposed. Enough is enough. No single person alone can put a stop to this we need to do it together so we all can finally put a stop to this nonsense.

    1. This is wonderfully expressed Brooke, it is cool that your Mum was able to see through the lies and distortions presented by the media about Universal Medicine being a cult, and all because of what you presented in that how you live was way stronger than these lies.

      1. Thank you Jenny and Stephen, I agree, even though there has been a 1000 + blogs by the students of the Livingness presenting truth, the media is no closer to an understanding of integrity! Could it be that a 1000 + letters to the politicians may bring a change? Especially with Joe Hockey’s recent win against the media, over online abuse!

    2. I realised, Brooke, after reading your comment, that I chose to ignore seeing hearing and feeling the truth for a very long time and it was my body that made me sit up and acknowledge the way I had been living was not self-loving and was abusive. So yes, in the end, love always wins…

    3. Hi Brooke, I agree with you completely, my loved ones feel the same, their message is “whatever I am doing keep doing it!”

    4. Wow, 3+ years on and the false accusations and bullying tactics against Serge and anyone who stands up with him continue … Brooke I wholeheartedly agree that the opportunity to grow as a person that Serge presents offers anyone is amazing. That your mother could clearly see that change in you is a testament to your dedication to yourself and the inspiring quality of what Serge Benhayon lives and represents – our future potential.

    5. The impact of such irresponsible reporting is far and wide reaching – so unfortunate that many people who have worked hard to deal with potentially life threatening situations are then subjected to the third degree. Let’s hope through articles such as yours people can see the lack of integrity in some journalism practises.

    6. I love your blog, Jenny. It expresses so simply and directly the huge beneficial change that the inspiration of Serge Benhayon and all he presents has on those who explore what he presents. Whilst the confirmation from your mother, Brooke, is testament to the fact that the proof of the truth lies in the lived evidence and not in the allegations, which are in fact lies, against Serge and Universal Medicine.

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