Choose Love – it Really is that Simple

by Jane Torvaney

What Universal Medicine has given me are tools to help me connect to more of the love that I am. These tools do not involve worshipping Serge Benhayon, any member of his family, or any other practitioner linked to Universal Medicine. They are simple, practical and effective ways of living a life which is more honest and more loving in every way.

In fact, these tools have allowed me not just to see all the love that I am, but all the love everyone else is equally. So how could I worship another?

To be more loving with ourselves is something to celebrate. Thank you, Serge Benhayon for sharing your love so that I, by reflection, am now unfolding all the love that I am. And yes, maybe I might inspire others to choose love for themselves too.

It really is that simple.

71 thoughts on “Choose Love – it Really is that Simple

  1. It is strongly unifying to know ourselves by our essence (of which love is a part), because once we know ourselves by that we also know everyone else as that as well, despite how others may be living or treating themselves or others. There is an equality that is felt from knowing all human beings by their essence, it transcends skin colour, culture, race, religion, gender, ability, sexuality…. everything we define others by falls away. When we can all eventually live this together, it’s true brotherhood on earth.

  2. The beauty of simplicity is that it summarizes and makes available what goes beyond words and time

  3. We are so blessed to have Serge Benhayon in our lives and his constant reflection of love, ‘To be more loving with ourselves is something to celebrate. Thank you, Serge Benhayon for sharing your love so that I, by reflection, am now unfolding all the love that I am.’ Lovely Jane.

  4. Too be honest Jane I didn’t find it that simple as I had made my life a web of complications. But by being honest with myself and using the support of all the Universal Medicine modalities on offer along with seeing the UM practitioners, I have unpicked my complicated life made as a distraction to stop me from feeling what was really going on. There were certain things I wanted to hang onto as you would a security blanket but eventually I felt confident to let go and then it is simple.

  5. The beautiful simplicity of choosing to love ourselves first and learning how we can support ourselves through simple choices that support our body and its natural flow.

  6. We have made love so complicated while it is so simple, and as you share, we can choose it in every moment and forever.

  7. To feel inspired to explore and come to know the truth and depth of who we are, and be guided by this inner-quality to live more lovingly and Soulfully in our lives is a Godsend and precisely what this world is in dire need of today.

  8. Jane what you have shared is amazing because love is a universal way of feeling our connection not only to ourselves but everyone equally, so as we love one that love has to expand to others.

  9. True love is simple because it is all that we are when we realise that all the issues and worries that cloud our mind are creations of our own making.

  10. Serge Benhayon has never wanted anyone to give their power away to him, worship him or treat him like a guru – quite the opposite in fact as he constantly reflects and presents on equality and the oneness we all in truth are from.

  11. “In fact, these tools have allowed me not just to see all the love that I am, but all the love everyone else is equally. So how could I worship another?” Exactly Jane. As we deepen our love for ourselves the more we feel the equality between us all. No-one more or less than anyone else. Universal Medicine presents and inspires equality, which for myself, I can honestly say I feel more and more every day.

  12. When you start to know and truly love yourself- it is as you say- you see everyone as equal to this.
    It is this that Serge Benhayon teaches and when you truly live this- there is no hero worshiping of another as you feel we are all equal and all have the choice to live our truth.

  13. Beautiful… Universal Medicine taught me first what love actually was… to understand it as a state of being first, constant and untainted, was the greatest revelation of my life. The tools presented to support connecting and deepening how much we allow to be felt and expressed are life-changing to say the very least.

  14. “To be more loving with ourselves is something to celebrate.” Yes, being aware that we can make choices to love ourselves is worth the Gold to celebrate! Everything I grew up with never taught me this – how to love thy self .. it is absolute divine ancient wisdom. Again to note – this wisdom is not in any institution, program, family, school, place, religion that I grew up in and with. Have we lost our way, because it would not be called ancient if it was not always there!

  15. It is indeed that simple, I very much agree, and it is not to bother anybody but a choice for oneself and with possible inspiration for another.

  16. Love is very simple, however we have removed ourselves so far from it that we don’t even know anymore how love feels like in our bodies and have replaced it with an emotion that is anything but love.

  17. I find the act of worshipping to be quite disempowering for you are looking to another to guide you or give you the answers. Where as inspiration is a truly beautiful thing…. for once you know and feel you are more than what you have been choosing, you are empowered to know that your life is a direct result of those choices so that your next step forward will only ever be based on you and what you feel, and never due to another.

  18. You could say that Universal Medicine has found or re-found I’m not sure what is the right term but they are showing what we have all forgotten as a humanity. We have all been searching for truth for millennia but there seems to be something we are all missing because we do not live as harmoniously as we would like to. For me Universal Medicine shows how there is a true way of living and also how to live that on a daily basis.

    1. Well said Ester and absolutely agree and feel this little nugget is worth a repeat; truth lays in simplicity as it brings me into my body whereas complication brings me into my head.

  19. Super simple Jane and very beautiful. We’re all connected and in being inspired by another to live more love we can then inspire another to do the same and so it continues – this is how we build love in the world.

  20. Love is simple. For a long time I did not understand that loving myself was a worthwhile thing and I lived a life of ignoring my body until there was a problem and then patching it up. There is no love in this, only function. I thought I was putting everyone else first but now that I feel some of the depth of love that is possible when I love myself first, I realise that what I thought of as love was just a shadow. We are all equal in this and the more I feel this, the more I let go of judgement about other’s choices and really come from my heart.

  21. Very inspiring Jane as are the presentations by Serge Benhayon, which have proved to me beyond any doubt what love is, and that love is what I had always been looking for. The simple teaching about love has provided so much clarity to all problems, so much so that I and thousands of others, have shared being reawakened to the truth about love. The reality is that Serge Benhayon never tells any one what to do, the truth only ever shares and we make a choice to reconnect to love!

  22. You do inspire me Jane, to choose more love for myself and to not worship another instead. The equality you are talking about can only be felt if we can love ourselves first, otherwise we are lost in our individual self in disconnection from this common source we call love and we all originate from.

  23. Serge Benhayon is the humblest of men who shares the truth in the simplest way, and as the Students who listen to him evolve the greater the depth of wisdom that is presented. Thank you Jane.
    For more about Serge Benhayon go to;

  24. Serge Benhayon has taught me the meaning of love, true love. A love that we are all seeking but looking in the wrong place when it is there within our own inner-heart simply waiting for us to feel it.

  25. Inspiration is like dominos, it can all start with one to knock them all over.

    So of course if we are inspired and live by that inspiration we will inspire another naturally.

  26. There is love and there is everything else. Easy and simple. What are we avoiding when we complicate this?

  27. The tools and techniques that have been presented by Serge Benhayon are very supportive to dealing with the demands of work and life in general. Choosing love is one activity that affects many different aspects of life.

  28. How can we not love ourselves? It seems quite ridiculous to actually not take care and nurture ourselves and live in a way that is abusive. We tend to miss the little signs and symptoms that are the clues leading us back to love.

  29. Absolutely agree, it is all about making it about love, that simple. But why do we struggle so much with just making it about love? Because we are looking at life from the wrong dimension, we look at the what is not instead of the what is; we make life first about human interactions and their failures instead of making it first about energy and through this bringing an understanding towards everybody and not defining them by the what is not, but by the what is. Life becomes huge when we start to change our perspective and then love is the only way.

  30. That is the ripple effect Jane of choosing love for ourselves, the reflection we give offers and supports others to see that they are this love too, and they can accept that truth or not, as we all have free will to choose differently or not.

  31. The title of your blog: ‘Choose Love – it Really is that Simple’ says it all. This is what life is about. Connecting back to the love we are and where we come from, offering this to others and see this in everyone.

  32. Jane, the simplicity of what you share is how simple it really is. Choose to be who we naturally are – love. Thank you Serge Benhayon and now so many others for being a reflection to me of it really being that simple.

    1. It is absolutely as simple as returning to the love that we are, we all see and feel it in a new born child and that look and feeling returns thanks to the reflection of love from Serge Benhayon.

  33. Hi Jane, it is that simple, and that is all that is going on! Great to read your blog, I feel that because people are living in such a loveless way they are lashing out in reaction to this simple reflection of love that Serge offers and inspires (as witnessed in the media). In my experience the thing people react to strongest is the presence of love. This is the thing they are working hardest to fight away so they don’t feel all the hurt around their own experiences with love, and the hurt of not being loving with themselves and others. The simple way that you have written about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon is absolutely the truth, its my experience also.

  34. Choosing Love is the same yet quite different for everyone. It really does build and feed you back the quality of these choices in the most beautiful and magical ways.

  35. True beauty and simplicity in your words Jane, we all have an opportunity to choose the love we are. Love it!

  36. Very great and simple blog, it’s just the reflection of Serge Benhayon that supports us to come back to a way of living that is with full responsibility for what we do and for the love that we are.

  37. Great blog Jane! You are totally spot on, if the name of the game is being able to register and connect with the love we all are equally, worshiping someone (e.g., Serge Benhayon) is totally out of the picture.

  38. Profound insights shared so simply, on the power of reflection and love. A lovely reminder at the start of my day, thank you Jane.

  39. Truth so simply expressed. Serge Benhayon presents to everyone the fact that we have all the tools we could ever need to live in a more natural way and that we all have the innate ability to use such tools. In a world were we are taught from very young that we must gain something or bring something in from the outside to achieve and be successful, the presentations from Universal Medicine are simply inspiring and self-empowering and a constant reminder should I ever slip and forget that it is all within me and my power to change my life in every moment.

  40. The way I have been experiencing Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon’s presentations is to be like a gigantic, shiny, sparkly mirror. Every time I ‘walk pass it’ I see something that I need to adjust on me; could be a button on my jeans, or my hair, sleeve jacket… And just as the mirror does NOT talk to me (just the other way round: mirror mirror on the wall… ha ha ha), neither do Universal Medicine practitioners tell me what to do. Simple. Reflection can be tremendously inspirational if we but allow.

    1. Great point draganabrown and worth repeating “Reflection can be tremendously inspiration if we but allow” – Hear! Hear!

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