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by Marshall Chang

I would actually like to speak up to give a perspective of a husband who nearly lost his wife to Universal Medicine (UniMed). The story starts about five years ago. My wife and I have a beautiful healthy baby, we are paying off our home mortgage, we both are young professionals in our careers, and our life seems perfect viewed from the outside.

One day my wife started receiving Esoteric Breast Massages (EBMs) from a woman practitioner (there are no male Esoteric Breast Massage practitioners despite what the media has portrayed). This was a little shocking to me but I thought hey, we just moved to the Byron area, so it’s just part of the course. After a while my wife also starting attending workshops and talks by some guy named Serge Benhayon. She would come home and be really excited and tell me that ‘Serge said this and Serge said that’, and of course I started wondering who is this Serge guy that my wife is so impressed with?

As time went on, she started changing her diet and changing some of her habits, all because of what she had heard at the Universal Medicine events. None of this really challenged me directly so I just ignored it. But as time went on she starting talking to me about our relationship and how she wanted to change things in our relationship. Now it got personal. I had to see for myself how this Serge guy was brainwashing my wife. So I went to one of the talks and heard words like ‘entities’, ‘energy’, ‘esoteric’, ‘self-love’, ‘healing’, etc. My first reaction was wow, my wife is in a Byron Bay cult and it’s only a matter of time until she shaves her head and changes her name to Mookti or something.

Our relationship and marriage was on the rocks and it seemed like every time we spoke to each other it got really emotional and I was left feeling drained and hopeless. So I agreed to see a relationship counsellor with my wife. She suggested we see a UniMed relationship counsellor and at first I thought “no way, the counsellor will just take the side of my wife”. My wife insisted, so I agreed to give it one chance only, and if I even got a sniff of the counsellor taking my wife’s side we would find a different person.

What I experienced with the counsellor was very surprising. She was very real, didn’t use any wishy-washy, new age terminology, and didn’t take sides. In fact it felt like she was actually being a bit tougher on my wife! Of course I agreed to go back, and again the counsellor was professional, personable and straight to the point. She gave us some invaluable tools to help us communicate truthfully with each other when discussions got a bit heated and emotional. The counsellor presented ideas about relationships that I completely agreed with and helped my wife and I begin repairing our relationship. These ideas came from Universal Medicine and not only did I agree with them, but they helped my relationship with my wife! From there, things just got better and more weird …

About face’ is the military term for turning your direction of march 180 degrees. It took me another year or so after this to swallow my pride and preconceived ideas and ‘about face’ to where I was at before. I actually voluntarily went to another UniMed workshop without my wife’s prompting!

I have three science-related degrees and work as an environmental manager and planner, so you could say that I have a very rational and scientific mind. What I have come to realise is that most of society interprets science as ‘it isn’t true unless it is scientifically tested, peer reviewed, and published in a prestigious journal’. However, what I have come to realise is that science actually says ‘everything is a possibility unless it is proven false’. Science is like one of our senses, like our sense of smell. Our sense of smell can prove that odours exist but there are many things it cannot even detect much less prove. There are a vast number of things that are real and do exist, but science cannot prove or even detect them. This does not mean that I take everything on face value – on the contrary, I test their validity in my life and find what works and what doesn’t work. Things that don’t work for me I put in a ‘test again later’ bin and things that work I apply in my life. Things that I feel are just plain false, I ditch entirely.

I have been attending Universal Medicine events, talks, etc for about two years now and so far I have not come across a single false statement in what Serge Benhayon has presented. Much of what he presents goes quite against what society currently advocates which makes him unpopular with a lot of people. Initially I misinterpreted some of the things he said as being egotistical or just plain crazy, but as time went on, I incorporated bits and pieces of what he presented into my life and found that it helped me and my relationships in more ways than I can express.

There are still many things that Serge Benhayon presents that I cannot say are true at this point and statements that sound crazy, but not a single statement have I ever proved to be false or even inconsistent with what I have come to know as truth. As time goes by, more and more of the ideas that I had put in the ‘crazy bin’ have now been incorporated in my life. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that you were labelled crazy for believing the world was round instead of flat.

Serge presents with a consistency, dedication and realness (if that is a word) in a way that I have never experienced from any other person before. His entire family also exhibits these qualities and there is not a single inconsistency or lack of integrity in his or his family’s very public life. He never, not even once, has given advice or told people what to do. He simply relates what his truth is and what works in his life. It is up to you to take it or leave it or interpret it as you will.

So in short, I absolutely understand the perspective of the media and naysayers in making preconceived, uneducated and biased statements about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, because I was standing on that side of the fence two years ago. So I admit it, yes I accused my wife of being in a cult, yes I accused Serge of all sorts of nasty things, yes I labelled and prejudged people in an ignorant and biased way. What I realise now is that all of these things came from my investment in needing my wife to act in a certain way towards me. When she realised that these things were false, she stopped doing them and I blamed Serge. Things like not having sex with me or even sleeping in the same bed with me when I had ‘only’ one beer were very hard for me to fathom. Being an Australian male, I found it quite threatening when I was denied sex and beer. I felt very angry and threatened and needed someone to blame, namely Serge.

I have changed in the last two years to become and express more of who I truly am. Many of these things include how I choose to hang out with my friends and family. For instance, I don’t drink alcohol anymore. Besides trying to escape my life, why would I want to do something that takes me away from myself? I had friends that were kind of drinking buddies, and that’s what we did together. When I stopped drinking, this made our friendship a bit awkward. A lot of these things can push buttons for them and of course, they blame Serge. But that’s OK – after all, I did it too. Some of my friends have stopped contacting me but most of my friends I still hang out with in a much more real way. Instead of relying on drinking to be our means of relating, we are able to relate on so many more levels.

I can also say that over the last two years my relationship with my wife has turned into something that I never knew could exist between the two of us. We are so much more supportive, loving, caring and our relationship has so much more laughter as well. Sure, we have our rough spots still, but even during these times we are able to communicate with each other in such a more supportive, understanding and feeling way instead of blaming and being nasty to each other.

Two years ago, my definition of giving affection to my son would have been a pat on the back or a handshake. This was the example I had because this is how my father related and still relates to me. My relationship with my son has just blossomed into something beautiful now. I am so much more tender, caring and warm towards him than ever before and I have Serge and UniMed to thank for it.

As for all of the accusations against UniMed and Serge, it seems like enough has been said about how all of the negative publicity were the lies and misinterpretations of a few individuals. I don’t feel the need to defend Serge or UniMed – I just want people to know about my experience with UniMed, and to know that I can relate to a lot of the people who have issues with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, especially with couples where one person attends UniMed events and the other does not.

I suppose that the best way to summarise and relate everything I have said is: be open to any possibility no matter how crazy it might seem. If they feel right, try these possibilities in your life, even if they make others uncomfortable or society says it’s strange. And above all, listen more to your heart than your head – you might be surprised at what a difference it makes in your life and to those around you.

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  1. The thing that stands out with Universal Medicine is that never has it been presented that anyone has to blindly follow something or just believe something or have faith or hope in something because Serge or someone said so or it sounds good. All along Serge has presented the tools and techniques to raise the level of my energetic awareness so that I have been able to feel and discern energy more clearly which for me has become very tangible and real, no different to my other 5 senses. So there is no wishful thinking here or blind hope but a real scientific approach of testing and trialling and observation.

  2. I agree that it makes complete sense to take a truly scientific approach to life which means staying open to all possibilities, not just the ones that are physically proven yet, and also means not acting on blind hope and wishful thinking, but testing and trying everything out to see if it is true or not by unbiased observation of life.

  3. “And above all, listen more to your heart than your head – you might be surprised at what a difference it makes in your life and to those around you.” Something we cannot be reminded of often enough.

  4. I love how Marshal has described what I feel is him being a true scientist- running little experiments on his body and life by trying different concepts as suggested by Serge Benhayon, but also being skeptical in the true sense by not just relying on some faith or belief system to sway his viewpoint or understanding and actually seeing how these new experiment effect his life in a positive or negative way and then letting go of the behaviours that no longer serve him. Science has to be able to let go of old beliefs and ways of doing things that are shown to no longer be relevant or even true and stop acting like the Universe is static, but acknowledge that it is ever expanding in more than a physical way.

  5. Beautiful to read how your relationship with your son has changed, it is really important as children to feel loved and hugged, by letting go of your own protection you show that there is a strength as a man to being openly tender and loving.

  6. Yes, this work is very practical and we can get carried away in the beginning, noticing what is possible and getting impatient. A great blog.

  7. Being true to myself no doubt can make others feel uncomfortable but when made from love with not an ounce of self-doubt it can truly inspire in more ways than one and in ways that sometimes surprise me. The key for me is consistency in the connection to my inner heart and not to allow myself to drop no matter who they are that appear in my day to support my evolution.

  8. I love the realness of what is shared here and the message for us all ‘be open to any possibility no matter how crazy it might seem’ … be your own science experiment and see what works for you and your body.

  9. Scientific, peer-reviewed journals publish articles that are assumed to represent truth. But at the same time, any publication is subject to scrutiny because it is assumed from the start that it may not be true. And, it is true that scientifically testing something, peer reviewing and publishing it in a prestigious journal does not necessarily means that is true or that the truth revealed is the whole truth of the matter but just the tip of the iceberg.

  10. Are we willing to try something different if it feels right to us, no matter how uncomfortable for other people around us. How can we explore truth, or what it is to live right, if we are not willing to?

  11. Love this Marshall – it mirrors my own experience with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. A healthy level of doubt but with an openness and lack of judgement that allows new ways of living when I’m ready for it. Over time its transformed my life and, like you, more and more of the gold is incorporated into my way of living and then shared with others.

  12. Wow Marshall, thank you for sharing your experience and journey with such openness and honesty. You have shown us what it looks like to embrace responsibility and love instead of staying in blame, and this is deeply inspiring.

  13. We can spend our days accepting that what we do is considered normal in our society – or we can start to question if indeed there is another way. And yes that about face may cause an upheaval of sorts for both yourself and the people around you but, in what direction and same old status quo were you going in if you had not woken up to yourself.

  14. What I feel, hear and honour deeply is the humbleness present that allowed this change to happen, if one was to ‘dig their heals in’ none of the love, tenderness and grace that this article absolutely oozes of could have come to fruition.

  15. The fact that not that long ago it would have been heresy to proclaim that the earth is round and not a flat disc is a good reminder that what is deemed to be true might just be a convenient truth (in this case the earth being at the centre of the universe and the church the centre of the earth).

  16. As I was under the power of a guru 15 years ago I understand people being very wary of iT to be a cult etc. But also this idea of cult is used by people to have a reason to stay away from iT as we all know and feel what is offered. The love is huge and opening up to it reveals many feelings too what is less comfortabele to feel. So to give an organization the name of a cult is then more easy. The latest is what is the case here by a few strongly. But the thing is that one day we all Can not deny any longer as we return to the love we are And are from anyway.

  17. A real life perspective and you could say the same about anything. We seem to live in a world that currently jumps to conclusions before we have an experience of something ourselves, I know at times I still do it. What I am careful now with is when I am speaking or listening to someone that I am not taking the conversation away with me and pushing it at someone else. With the media currently setup like it is we seemed to be getting fed the sensationalised stories all the time, almost at a point where their frequency makes it seem like it’s a ‘normal’ thing to do. My advice to myself is don’t jump to something until you see it or hear it for yourself. Stories are a part of life and when there is people involved I like to find out the real facts for myself in place of just pushing sensationalism around.

  18. This is beautiful Marshall, thank you. I know for myself there were many times when I may not have fully understood something but stayed open to try to see how it worked. It helped to make it playful rather than a rule or serious. Often found they worked and supported me to expand way beyond what was previously normal, habitual and in essence harming

  19. Marshall I love this blog and the realness with which you share your story. And you offer a great example of how we can approach things to stay open and try them for ourselves and see; to let go of our pre-conceived ideas and who knows where it may go … a beautifully scientific approach and what true science is.

    1. So true Monica, this is an awesome example of…’a beautifully scientific approach and what true science is.’ This approach to science to me feels open, inquisitive and playful and very different to what I thought science was about when I was at school.

  20. Thank you for sharing your personal experience Marshall. I agree that we need to experience something ourselves before we dismiss it , we don’t know what priceless gem we may find there . Congratulations for your perseverance and the inspiration that you are.

  21. Awesome Marshall. Thank you for a refreshingly honest piece of writing that comes directly from your experience. It’s humbling to read how you navigated the possibilities that were being presented to you.

  22. Thanks Marshall, loved this blog and hearing about your experiences. What Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine present is sometimes challenging to hear – it goes against everything we’re taught to believe is true as we’re growing up – but as you share, what is presented is only ever food for thought – something to consider, never an imposition, and always one’s own choice. I know many people whose lives and health have improved as a result of the inspiration on offer.

  23. Thank you Marshall for sharing your experience. The head will always lead us astray if it is not inline with our heart but the heart knows what it feels, one cannot argue with the heart as the heart will never change . . . it feels what it feels . . . . only the mind can overrule the heart.

  24. ‘Listen to your heart more than your head’ – well said! For me, the testament of what works and what doesn’t work is well illustrated by the changes in your relationships. Making relationships about love and connection if far more fulfilling and true than the shallow ‘pat on the back’ that has sadly become far more normal.

    1. One thing my mother got right was “listen to your heart” – it took me decades to get it right and she herself got it wrong but eventually the outcome was worth the quest.

  25. “Most of society interprets science as ‘it isn’t true unless it is scientifically tested, peer reviewed, and published in a prestigious journal’. What I have re-discovered since attending Universal Medicine is that nothing is true unless it is true for everyone. It cannot be dissected or reduced, as truth is all encompassing and interconnected. The greatest barometer or piece of scientific equipment I have for truth is my body. It responds instantly to truth or not truth. It is a joy to feel empowered again to use my body to know what is true, rather than wait for a machine to be invented.

    1. ‘The greatest barometer or piece of scientific equipment I have for truth is my body.’ How common it is to overlook and take for granted this wonderful instrument that is our body. It is magnificent, a constant friend, companion a forever feedback machine on how we’re in relationship with it. To place more value on material possessions like homes and cars costs us true health and wellbeing.

  26. Awesome Marshal. Thank you for sharing your experience, as I can imagine this would support many people that perhaps were curious about Universal Medicine and what people who aren’t immediately attracted to it might feel about it.

  27. That’s quite an about-face Marshall, and as you say, it was not without relinquishing your pride at having taken the stance against Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. To think what would have happened had you not been prepared to be open, however small that window was at the time. It would have been a tragic loss of the potential of your relationship (in divorce!) that is clearly so much richer today for the choices you both made then.

  28. A very interesting and much revealing blog this is… Describing the many things were comments and even false allegations have been made about by indeed a few individuals who took their personal pain into reaction and made their fury into lies and spreading them in the public. which is very nasty. There is no love in that. Not for oneself and not for another. And so from this perspective it is very important to read the full blog and understand where those thoughts and accusations might come from and that seemingly some painful matters can lay on the surface for that person individually, which has nothing to do with another person, in this case Serge Benhayon… Who is a deep person with absolute Soul who cares about humanity and shows a true way – without any delay.

  29. Wow Marshall. Really in awe of what you have expressed here. You followed your body and your heart to the truth and then you acted on it. The joy of connecting to the truth and living it is evident in your amazing relationships. Those that deny the truth and spew lies and false accusations are creating a miserable life for themselves.

  30. I have never heard of the military definition of “About Face” but being Chinese, about face is all about not losing our pride, so we would keep the status quo of things and not change because we do not want to admit that we are wrong. Losing face is considered the worst that can happen, a blow to our confidence. So even when we know that something is not working, to keep face we would hold onto our wrongs. So, what is really so powerful about Face? Face is the superficial level, the physical part of being human. Holding onto face, is a resistance towards knowing that we are multi-dimensional.

  31. This is blog offers us a beautiful understanding of exactly how and why people can react to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine when someone introduces it to their relationship or family. With your scientific approach you were, ultimately, open-minded enough to go and investigate the matter for yourself. Sadly, there will be many who are not and will be far more comfortable enjoying blaming someone else for their relationship difficulties or breakdown.

  32. ‘Being an Australian male, I found it quite threatening when I was denied sex and beer.’ I love this Marshall. Not only is it very honest and raises a smile, it actually admits to and captures an ethos that is utterly abusive – that it’s more than normal to expect sex from your wife/girlfriend/partner, and under any conditions including under the influence of alcohol. Congratulations to your wife for staking new ground in your relationship, and to you for eventually understanding and embracing what was really at play.

  33. I appreciate how honest you are in this sharing Marshall, and listening to our heart instead of our head makes perfect sense.

  34. This article shows the power of the inspiration of seeing how another makes choices in life rather than the imposition of being ‘told’ what to do.

  35. What Marshall shares here is there for us all to gain understanding of how hurt and old patterns can actually hold ourselves and those that ‘poke’ those hurts to ransom. It takes a huge trust to be able to see past our personal hurts, something that many simply cannot do. Having this understanding supports and holds another until they are ready to begin to tentatively accept that what they are holding on to is actually a past that is no longer present.

  36. It is beautiful to feel the reality that you portray. The feeling of having your wife taken by a ‘cult’. But in the end seeing that love is the answer, knowing that taking things away triggered a reaction of protection of your comforts.

  37. With so many of humanity steadfastly holding onto ideals and beliefs, and no way being open to anything remotely different, it is so refreshing to read how you allowed yourself to feel the truth of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, followed by your “about face” and from there the beautiful developing of your relationship. So often our stubbornness will cement in us into a position that we refuse to budge from, but in the process we are possibly missing out on an opportunity to change our lives, in so many wonderful ways.

  38. Marshall, I have just re-read this blog and have to say that though you wrote it several years ago, there is still so much of it that still stands true today. It is like you wrote it in an ageless way – in the parts that you talked about science, and about how you felt your way though things, and how in the end you listened to your heart and not your head etc etc …
    There are many ways in which each person in a couple contributes either to a stagnancy or to a growth, and in being together it is always a learning, an opportunity for growth and evolution. I cannot thank Serge Benhayon, ourselves and the stars above enough for where our relationship stands today. We look back and recall with immense appreciation for how we were willing to work on ourselves and embrace change though it felt difficult at times, and we thought that was it, but then we allowed more to unfold to be where we are today, amazingly so, and yet, this is not it. There is so much more to unfold into, and it is a joy to tread this path with you each and every day as we deepen our understanding of life, love and our true purpose here.

    1. Thank you for sharing your love and your relationship with us all Henrietta and Marshall. Your story and love continues to inspire us all more each day.

  39. A very honest sharing Marshal and one that will continue to be informative for years to come! For someone who has questions about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine there couldn’t be a better place to read the truth than right here! Thank you for sharing your experiences !

  40. Marshal the quality and recall of this blog is just so awesome. When one person comes home from an event or some workshops and starts questioning things and can be very challenging and threatening! if we are willing to truly look and see what is true and what is not than an approach from the heart and not the head is indeed needed as you have summed up so beautifully.

  41. Thank you Marshall for sharing with such honesty. It is beautiful that Marshall’s wife stayed true to herself throughout by not turning away from Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. Sometimes we can allow ourselves to be led by our loved ones placing them before our own feelings but in most cases this doesn’t last. When we find truth as presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine there is no turning away as we know in our inner hearts it is the way.

  42. To have understanding for another when the choices they are making for themselves is not so loving is indeed absolute love. Sometimes this may not be easy and I find myself in reaction but is it worth it, the stress and harm I do to myself? Allowing another to make their own choices with no attachment or investment whatsoever is the way forward for me but it always comes down to the loving choices I am making for myself as to whether and how much I react or not.

  43. I love the practical and logical way you look at things and not let yourself out of the equation, in other words how you are willing to look at where you stand in the whole and the honesty you approach it with. This is very inspiring as it is encouraging to live life with honesty and openness.

  44. I love the honesty of this article. It really can be quite challenging when coming face to face with a way we live that is energetically harmful to ourselves and others. But for those who face it and honestly asses life, the results are way more beautiful than continuing on with the old way. “If they feel right try these possibilities in your life even if it makes others feel uncomfortable or society says it’s strange.”

  45. “Two years ago, my definition of giving affection to my son would have been a pat on the back or a handshake.” ….
    “I am so much more tender, caring and warm towards him than ever before and I have Serge and UniMed to thank for it.” That is so very touching and what the world is missing. A successful world is a loving world.

  46. It’s an ill-ness in this world that we have labelling, judgment, preconceived perceptions, gossip and images of how things are to be and, that we allow this to be our truth. Marshall presents about our own science in our body. Our own device of determining if it is true or not. A test-case to perform and feel what works and what does not. Food is a great example of this to feel in your body after each time you eat. Serge presents only after what he has tested also – he continually reads what is next in his evolution. So this is more than just science he is applying to life – a spherical approach through philosophy, science and religion. Thank you Marshall and thank you Serge Benhayon.

  47. Marshall, I just love, how after all the challenges that arose when your wife began to attend Universal Medicine events that you were still prepared to open your scientific mind to the possibility that there may just be something being offered for you to take a long look at. It is hard when one in a relationship begins to change, whether it is a marriage or simply a friendship. The one who is observing the changes in the other will more often than not be very challenged as they are probably feeling the foundation of the relationship being rocked quite severely so then begin to blame the other instead of standing back and feeling exactly what is going on. To be able to be prepared to listen and discuss, and not to react and blow things out of proportion, will offer the potential to learn from each other and then to expand the relationship together

  48. So many times just in my everyday experiences in life I am inspired to do an ‘about face’ and let go of a belief I had created about something that was incorrect, or an expectation or judgment I was trying to force on myself and/or others that I thought was true but isn’t. Fortunately, humble pie served with truth is not actually that tasteless.

  49. I am sure there are many stories similar to yours where someone has been challenged through feeling they should address aspects of their life due to the new choices their partner is making after attending a Universal Medicine presentation/practitioner, so it is gorgeous you shared yours like you have. I love that with the love and commitment you had in your relationship you remained open so that you could feel the truth rather than just react to the change.

  50. “And above all, listen more to your heart than your head – you might be surprised at what a difference it makes in your life and to those around you.” This sums it all up, really Marshall! Great to read your journey with Universal Medicine and how it did deepen and blossom the relationship with your amazing wife and friends. I had a smile when I read about the counsellor who was unexpectedly ‘actually being a bit tougher on your wife’ and I honor deeply your openness to experience instead of closing down. What a joy for the world this is….to listen to our hearts.

  51. Thank you Marshall, I particularly like your concluding paragraph. If we remain open and let our heart guide us we have a great chance to steer through life more clearly and freely.

  52. Remaining open and not reacting and automatically closing off is something I’m learning (especially when I’m feeling challenged), and being willing to simply see a new way. This has been really supportive because my old ways of seeing myself and the world felt absolute, yet they actually were kind of imprisoning. No one can truly force us to think, feel or act a certain way, it’s always our choice.

  53. What Serge delivers – absolute truth – can indeed push people’s buttons. But only if you’re unwilling to consider the truth of your own irresponsibility.

  54. Your account of Serge Benhayon stands as true today Marshall as it was over three years ago when this was written. Serge Benhayon’s consistent love, wisdom and dedication are unrelenting and growing despite vicious and false accusations being made against his name during this time. Most people would run for the hills if they came under this kind of attack whether the attack was true or false, to stand so steadily in the face of this goes to show the power of true love. By this, Serge Benhayon shows it is possible to stay standing in the face of evil and that it need not be a fight.

    1. I agree Deanne and I can only put this down to the fact that what he lives is so simple, so logical and so unimposing that to not live it because of what someone else says would be to deny what is true, it would be a poison. I find Serge Benhayon’s consistency inspirational.

  55. It seems all to convenient that we have reduced truth to what we can prove rather than what “…..science actually says ‘everything is a possibility unless it is proven false’.” How is this re-interpretation of science any different to the politicians, kings and priests that changed the religious laws to suit their greedy and power hungry agenda not so long ago?

  56. Wow Marshall what an honest and powerful blog. What you’ve shared is very inspiring and beautifully expressed. It is an awesome blog to read and I can feel it is written from your heart and an openness, simply brilliant.

  57. Listening to the ‘So-and-so said this’ and ‘So-and-so said that’ can be very off-putting because it is all second-hand and usually reinterpreted. Attending presentations by Serge Benhayon and experiencing Universal Medicine for yourself allows you to feel what it means for you and to make a choice of whether it makes sense. In the early days of being a student of Universal Medicine I found the presentations challenged many of my deeply ingrained ideals and beliefs but when I stopped to feel what was presented it all made sense and making the choice to give it a try has brought joy and light into my life and my relationships with everyone.

    1. Yes Mary what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine presents does make absolute sense and even when my body is saying ‘yes’ but I can also feel resistance it is only a matter of time before the resistance leaves as I surrender and let go of that which is not true, and what’s more the beauty in experimenting and ‘trying it out’ making changes in my life never ends.

  58. This is a really great article Marshall, a brilliant account of your experience of Universal Medicine, and what you have come to know as truth. The Benhayon family are very consistent in the way they live, a truly inspiring family and way of life we can all choose to live.

  59. A perfect testimonial antidote to those hate-campaign bandwagoners who have an axe to grind about the way life has turned out and have chosen to point the finger at Serge Benhayon instead of reflecting on where they might just have had a role to play in the outcome themselves.

  60. Summed up for me Marshall in the line “listen more to your heart than your head”…what I have experienced is that partial truth can come from and be felt by the head, but only full universal truth can be felt from, and by the heart.

    1. Beautifully said Angela, I agree and I also have experienced the same. I have found when I follow my head, I start to question so many things, I get confused and become easily influenced but when I follow my heart I can feel the truth in its absoluteness.

  61. ‘This does not mean that I take everything on face value – on the contrary, I test their validity in my life and find what works and what doesn’t work. Things that don’t work for me I put in a ‘test again later’ bin and things that work I apply in my life. Things that I feel are just plain false, I ditch entirely.’ I love the practical application in this Marshall. It feels beautifull organised and without reaction, instead allowing space for observation and understanding.

  62. I realise how my head is often so busy and I have often given it the final say and the results have not always been great, however the more and more that I practise listening to my body and to my heart, the more I learn about me and the results are sometimes well beyond what I could possibly imagine.
    It is not always easy though, as at times I am so caught up in my head that I don’t even realise that that is where I am operating from. I am caught in the doing, the rush, the push and the drive and forget the simple fact that I am not with me in my body first and foremost. Can you relate?
    Its a work in progress and when I stop and realise, and take just a few seconds to stop and feel, I often feel the raciness and I don’t want to feel it. But when I allow myself to feel it, instead of running away again, like a hamster on a wheel… then it is beautiful as it only takes a few minutes for my body to calm down, for the raciness to leave and for me to get out of the hamster wheel. The crazy thing is, I make the choice to get in the wheel in the first place, by letting myself be run by my mind.

    1. I can definitely relate Rosie, its crazy when I truly observe whats happening, its me making the choice to go running. There is so much to learn, which I feel is the beauty of living aware of energy and all that is going on.

    2. Yes Rosie, I can very much relate to the raciness, the busyness that I can go into to not feel and what I have noticed recently is that I can clock it but still I choose the raciness until it gets to the point I say ‘no more’ and I put a stop to it. It is then reflecting on what took me into the raciness. What I am becoming aware of is those clear moments where I make a choice to go one way or the other and if I choose to distract myself and go into my head it is a downward spiral if I do not catch the momentum.

  63. I found this blog through a facebook link and man am I glad that I did. Marshal, what can I say besides that you are an all round legend!
    Your style is so unpretentious and honest it’s like having fresh air wash over you after being stuck inside for weeks. I was in a similar situation as you and your wife but was not treated with the respect you have shown – I was regarded as “brain washed ”.
    Thank you for reminding me of the choices we all have and proving that Universal Medicine is not something that you get pushed into but rather a choice to look more deeply at yourself.

  64. Wow beautifully expressed Marshall. I have also experienced a period of not liking the work that Serge Benhayon presents the moment I went ‘about face’ is still very clear to me. It felt like an allowing myself to let go of my arrogance and actually express that what I felt about the work is that it is very true and something I would like to incorporate into my life too, which I did and I have had no doubt ever since.

  65. No one should be pushed to do anything. It doesn’t matter if the push is towards a lie or the truth both are wrong.

    Everyone has the right to come to their conclusion whenever they wish.

    We can deeply love another without sharing the same views.

  66. Marshall you have said it as it is for a lot of couples when first encountering Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. Its a time of true self reflection and honesty and some choose not to go there. It’s a testament to you Marshall that you could trust your heart in spite of your reference to your learned mind being the judge.

  67. I enjoyed reading this Marshall. Thank you. There is a real earthiness and simplicity to the way you write. .. It sounds like like your heart is much more open to others since coming across Universal Medicine. Its great to appreciate how this has impacted your relationship with your wife and son.

    1. It is so gorgeous to read how Marshall’s openness and willingness to embrace truth have lead him to build a loving, supportive and appreciative relationship with his family.

  68. Marshall, your sharing is so open, honest and all encompassing. I feel no judgement of anyone, those who agree or disagree with Universal Medicine, just a presentation of your experience and journey with it. And what struck me is if we approached life like this, just presenting what we feel and see with anything rather than defending an ideal or a line it would be so much more open – it provides a room for all of us to discuss and evolve. Thank you – reading this today allowed me to appreciate all sides and that is a gorgeous gift.

  69. Great sharing Marshall. I like how you share with us your personal experiences with Unimed and Serge Benhayon and especially your personal growth. We can grow endlessly, once we drop our pride and our attitude – I know it better.

  70. I really enjoyed reading your story Marshall, thank you. It makes good sense. And very useful insight for many to read, especially those with reservations or criticisms.

    Serge Benhayon doesn’t hold back what he sees and this can be a very uncomfortable reflection. I have found that the more I let go of and heal my hurts, the more I can feel the truth of what he presents.

  71. This is a story that many people would relate to Marshall, and thank you for being so honest and humble. It is great how you are able to admit that your reactions to Serge and Universal Medicine ‘came from my investment in needing my wife to act in a certain way towards me’ This shows how so much of what we see is filtered through our ideals and beliefs and can be misinterpreted as a truth for us.

  72. Wow, Marshall what an amazing piece of writing. Your openness and honesty is a great example of how integrity and responsibility can be lived. I love the understanding you bring towards everybody reacting to Universal Medicine and how lovingly you hold them offering them to just listen to their hearts. Very beautiful.

  73. Thank you for your candid sharing of your story. In many ways it’s not an easy and comfortable ride to face the truth and I guess that’s why so many aggressively resist it. But choosing love is the most powerful and healing choice one can make, which you did – just beautiful.

  74. I felt a wonderment when you said that science is like one of our senses – I felt a spark ignite and a keenness to return to being in life like I used to be many moons ago – as in … interested, curious, amazed, exploring, wondering about, working things out, finding out about things, learning, even more curious and more exploratory, etc, etc. Thank you for reminding me of my natural (scientific) self! To which I give permission to honour this and allow me to be like this again 🙂

    1. Yes I loved that also Marian, it lit a spark in me to understand and hear that, and that for science ‘everything is a possibility unless it is proven false’ – that opens out science in a whole other way. Thanks Marshall for showing me what science is and can truly be.

  75. I was nodding all the way through reading your experience Marshall but from the wife’s side and also very aware of how my husband may have felt with some of my demands early on. I look back now and see just how much of my ‘self’ I had in wanting to fix things in our relationship and how none of it came from Serge said or Universal Medicine but from me not wanting to see my side. Thank goodness like you, my husband came to a Universal Medicine event after I had been attending for 3 years and met Serge and listened to all that was presented. I remember him turning to me, and saying everything he said was true and so simple…. minus the flavour of my stuff I would add onto it. Now 5 years on, my relationship with myself has changed dramatically and so too our relationship together, by knowing ourselves more from a foundation of love instead of right and wrong.

  76. Marshall, thank you for your openness and honesty in sharing your experiences which I feel has wide relevance to many readers at one level or another. The fact that Serge Benhayon asks everyone to sift and sort information and to decide for themselves is very much valued by many students. People are then asked to take responsibility for their own choices. Not everyone likes this, but ultimately those who do continue to attend Universal Medicine workshops etc, have a much richer experience and the changes that they bring to their lives has a beautifully profound and lasting impact.

  77. What a real and gorgeous testimonial, Chang. I love how you share about your initial reservations and how you only experimented with what felt true for you at that time. You allowed yourself to make different choices according to your rhythm and this makes your writing very valuable.

  78. It is a beautiful tribute to your commitment to yourselves and to each other to read this Marshall. It is also beautiful to feel how you allow others to be.

  79. Marshall, I have just re-read your blog from almost 3 years ago – and I found myself in tears feeling much appreciation for the amazing man that you are! There are so many facets that you have explored in this blog and so much honesty and truth that you have brought to the table in this blog – no different to our relationship together, where you constantly bring your openness and your willingness to try things out, your honesty in whether something works or does not work, and above all your warmth and tenderness. I still find myself melting when I watch you with our son, how tender you are with him and how blessed we are to have you in our lives. Thank you for all that you have expressed, are expressing and will express yet in time to come – you are grand indeed.

    1. This is a beautiful and deeply loving comment Henrietta, I can feel the love and appreciation you have for each other and it is most gorgeous to read. Thank you for sharing this with us.

      1. Thank you Chan for saying this – I have found it to be an amazing experience to learn to express my love and appreciation towards another. Firstly when we express our love and appreciation of another it opens up appreciation and love for ourselves; secondly it confirms the other and they seem to light up more strongly so; and thirdly, when you express this for others to hear and see, it inspires others in a similar way! What a cascade of lovely events that I would never have foreseen to have happen! It is such a beautiful thing to open up and share from the heart – so getting comments like yours Chan, adds to the domino effect of lighting each other up – your comment confirms me, Chan and it becomes this endless loving spiral of supporting each other in a world that often does not want to play such a game! So we are game changers!

      2. You are absolutely gorgeous Henrietta! I love your comment, extremely wise and inspiring. It is so true and you’ve reminded me to continuously express my appreciation to myself and to others. This domino effects is simply magical, I am feeling it and loving every bit of this endless spiral of love and appreciation.

    2. That is true, staying practical and simple when our partner is very enthusiastic and freely choosing to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ is a great skill.

  80. I really enjoyed your real and fair comments about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. The fact that they were your initial feelings that were quite negative shows the reality of your experience. That you were willing to at least give the counselling a chance and were able to “about face” is full credit to you and your wisdom.

  81. Marshall, there is something about your blog that speaks to everyone on one level or another – to husbands, to wives, to intellectuals and anyone who is seeking something more in life. Your blog leads us back to the truth that being connected to ourselves is the way to live a full and loving life.

  82. Thankyou Marshall. I love the truth and honesty that you have shared in your blog and in particular your words ‘listen more to your heart than your head – you might be surprised at what a difference it makes in your life and to those around you’ are just pure gold.

  83. Thank you Marshall, your perspective offers something fresh in that you speak in such an honest way about your experience with Universal Medicine. I could so clearly connect to how hard it must be for those who have family members connected to Universal Medicine but who do not themselves attend. What you presented was that you felt into everything from your heart (feeling what felt true for you) and I feel that this is such a practical and honest way of being. It was real and practical and just made sense to me. This way of living reflects what Serge Benhayon presents as you feel for yourself and what feels true you apply and live. Simple really.

  84. Thank you for sharing your story in such a refreshingly honest and very real way – it’s great to hear of the process that you went through and how being open to possibility has led to a more open and loving way of being with yourself and your family.

  85. You could say its’ actually more important to question Serge Benhayon and what he presents and not to take any of it at face value, but to try for yourself, that way it is something practical that you know works for you and in your life and it becomes more real for you. It means you can speak about it in the way you have here, and not just a ‘Serge’ says this way.

    1. Laura, what you say is exactly the message I get from Serge Benhyon’s presentations – it’s what you observe and feel is truth for yourself, not what anyone else including Serge, says. As Marshall has discovered by living that way naturally, he has found that what Serge says is true. Pretty simple, really!

  86. Wow, what a beautiful sharing. I especially love your analogy of science being like our sense of smell – just because we can’t prove something (yet) it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. I love your logical and down-to-earth way of looking at what Serge Benhayon presents – trying and incorporating what feels right to you into your life, and putting other things in the ‘try later’ or ‘try again later’ box, rather than ridiculing new ideas.

    1. Carmin this is an important point: “…trying and incorporating what feels right to you into your life, and putting other things in the ‘try later’ or ‘try again later’ box, rather than ridiculing new ideas.” This is just good science. It’s amazing how many scientists don’t even do ‘good science’ when it comes to considering other ways of viewing and testing reality!

      1. Thank you Marshal, Laura and Dianne, yes this makes life so real and true, “when we feel for ourself” we do not need any explanations all we have to do is look at our life before and after, Serge Benhayon. A commitment to life and a loved Livingness supports all of us in the most practical and loving ways, no perfection just to the best of our ability!

    2. I also loved the ‘try later’ or ‘try again later’ boxes that Marshall shared! Imagine if more people tried this? My feeling is there would be a lot less criticism, judgement and fighting in the world.

  87. Marshall, what I love about your sharing is that you really have taken to listening to your own heart – which then allowed yourself to question and not be convinced blindly. Such a beautiful unfolding.

    1. Yes Marshall, It’s lovely how you were able to break free of copying your father’s parenting role and start to connect more tenderly with your son, and just as Serge Benhayon has inspired many men to accept their tenderness, if fathers like you treat their sons more gently the boys will not feel the need to act tough and engage in rough games and competitive sport and this will affect other boys that they mix with, and so the ripple effect will continue on.

    2. Yes, making a clear choice even when we start out being in reaction is one of the best life skills that I know.

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