What I have Learned from Universal Medicine

by Nicole Randolph

You may wonder what have I received as a result of being open to what Serge Benhayon presents and offers as a healer and example of love in motion.

The answer is – CHOICE.

I can now make the choice to recognise and feel the truth in my heart and  build a momentum of self love, when the willingness to commit and choose love is greater than the desire to self harm and seek distraction and numbing.

I can make the choice to be discerning with what I do and energetically allow in with greater awareness. Feeling the effects in my body with how I choose to live and conduct myself in everyday life. This has lead to a deeper understanding of responsibility, one that cannot be denied without consequence.

I can make the choice to feel the knowing in my heart. A knowing that flows in my veins and cradles me in the truth of what we are returning to. A knowing that recognises the connection between us all and allows love to express without judgment. When I allow, I allow love to return and fill the space where emptiness and despair would otherwise linger and colour my daily interactions with seeking and need.

I can now make the choice to be open and feel the appreciation in my heart, for I have had the opportunity to be inspired by a man who lives, breathes and teaches love.

And thus I can now make the choice to remember who I am and feel why I am here, allowing the impulse of the soul to be my guide from within.

Alternatively, I can choose a life of numbness and seeking outside of myself in an attempt to fulfil the ever aching longing for true love. The choice is mine, not Serge Benhayon’s, not the practitioners’ at Universal Medicine. The choice is mine, always has been and always will be.

The gift has been in understanding that I have the choice and the awareness of what I am choosing!!

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  1. We are constantly given choices in every moment and those choices have consequences and it is often the consequences of those choices that we try to ignore. Often we ignore something and say ‘Phew I got away with that’ only to find that it comes around in a slightly different format and the lesson is there to learn from again or not.

  2. “the willingness to commit and choose love is greater than the desire to self harm and seek distraction and numbing.” What a great place to come to in our lives when this is true for us, even to just know there is a different choice is gold, especially as our normal in life currently is disregard and self neglect.

  3. My body has always been the one super reliable honest barometer that has shown me the quality of my choices and it has continuously proven to me the existence of energy and how to discern the quality of energy.

  4. The moment I realised that I could choose how I breathe was a game changer for in that moment I realised that at any moment in time, regardless of what was occurring around me, I was the one who could choose the quality of energy that I was connected to and therefore the quality of my life.

  5. The choices you describe here – we don’t get taught that these are the choices that are available to us, yet they are basically, actually, our birth-right.

  6. Until we are presented with a visual and tangible example of a way of living that does not subscribe to the tension that we have taken as our normal, we can be fooled into believing there is no other way. Yet there is, and it is far more loving, caring and simple than the one where the tension is normal.

  7. Thanks NIcole. It’s a joy reading your blog and ascertain how deeply personal is everyone’s experience of meeting Serge and at the same time there is so much in common, which is pure love confirmed in every encounter… the same love that we all are

  8. Thank you Nicole for the beautiful reminder today that I am responsible for all my choices, and how making more loving choices supports me and others throughout the day.

  9. Knowing that we have choices that can deliver much more for us is life changing. Knowing how to prepare to maximize the power of our choices is even greater. Universal Medicine delivers on both like no one does on Earth.

  10. Yes I can only agree that being aware of having a choice is a wonderful and great gift and if people are living this gift this is the greatest inspiration ever!!!!

  11. Owning it. That’s awesome! Others can merely present an opportunity, but it is only ourselves, no one else who can make choices for the betterment of our health and lives.

  12. The trick to human life is to always be aware that in any given moment we have a choice to either align with love and truth or not – it is that simple.

    1. Yes and our movements will determine how much we not only feel that we have a choice, but also the quality of the movements thereafter available to us. It is a cascade effect!

  13. I agree – being aware that we are making choices restores responsibility/power back to us. It replaces the powerlessness and irresponsibility of thinking that we are victims of circumstances.

  14. This can really turn life on it’s head, knowing you have the choice to see or to have things like they are. Is this the single most empowering thing you could be supported to see? I mean I walked through life bouncing from here to there at times and being really impacted and yet all along I was also the one actively in the drivers seat. While it doesn’t make sense at times it also makes absolute sense and I have since seen that there is more and more to life you see when you open up to this fact. When can be trapped in life and only work with what we physically see or we can allow ourselves some space, cut ourselves some slack and give what is already being said some more room to come out. This is most of what I have been supported to do, given more time and space to actually explore deeper and deeper what I am already hearing.

  15. There is no greater gift than knowing what it feels like in your body to be connected to you. That is what Serge Benhayon has offered literally thousands of people through the Gentle Breath Meditation.

  16. Yes knowing that everything is a choice really knocks the blame game on the head.

  17. Yes, I completely agree Choice and Awareness are two huge components of the liberation I have received through the teachings and living example of Serge Benhayon. Another major one for me is Confirmation – confirmation of the Truth I have always known and with that comes Permission – permission to be me in full.

  18. With Universal Medicine I have learned the true meaning of love and that I am love – and I love it.

    1. I agree and that is a lot to love and it is forever expanding added to which we are ALL love at essence even if not always expressing who we truly are!

  19. What a great gift choice is for you and everyone, ‘I can now make the choice to remember who I am and feel why I am here, allowing the impulse of the soul to be my guide from within.’

  20. Serge Benhayon presents the fact that we all have the choice to be all the love that we are.

  21. “I can now make the choice to be open and feel the appreciation in my heart, for I have had the opportunity to be inspired by a man who lives, breathes and teaches love.” What a most glorious way to describe the inspiration of Serge Benhayon.

  22. I love the simple and practical wisdom that Universal Medicine presents especially around our ability to always choose no matter what – learning to live this is a game changer as it empowers you and brings a level of responsibility and freedom that doesn’t allow the room for any blame.

    1. Yes, I too have appreciated that. I cannot blame anyone or anything for what happens, I can only bring understanding and look at what my part in it was.

  23. It’s quite funny really that we get so caught up in the dramas and emotions of life that we can completely forget we have a choice in everything. We may not be able to change what needs to be done, or anything else that is outside of our body, but we have an absolute choice as to how we respond or react to whatever that may be. I’ve been getting very stressed at work recently and today reminded myself that this is my choice. I do not have to react to what is going on around me and coming at me by being anxious, stressed, depressed etc. In fact, what good does that do anyone? So I have been choosing to stay in my body instead today and it’s quite extraordinary how different I feel this evening as a result.

  24. Nicole it’s very true, we have a choice in every moment. The important thing that I am learning is to accept that I am learning and that if I do make a choice that is not so good, see it for what is is without giving myself a hard time and then realise all I need to do is make another choice.

  25. “The choice is mine, always has been and always will be”. This is so true, it is our choice our choice alone to what we choose, we can choose to be more love or not. We are responsible for our choices.

  26. It is so true Nicole, it is always important to be aware that everything we do has a consequence and a ripple effect that is fully felt by others.

  27. I couldn’t agree more, the key is in knowing you have a choice and sometimes we need someone who doesn’t live in a particular way to let others know there is another way. It has happened for eons and Serge Benhayon has definitely shown that to me. “When the willingness to commit and choose love is greater than the desire to self harm and seek distraction and numbing.” who would have thought this choice would not have been the most natural, the most normal choice.

  28. Although I have always known I had the power to choose, it wasn’t really until appreciating the transformational power of making each choice a loving one, that I recognised the healing possibilities that Universal Medicine presented based on connecting to our love first and founding everything from it. A remarkable and empowering gift indeed.

  29. What Serge Benhayon and meanwhile many others offer is to observe someone who lives and reflects love with everything that they do. This gives us the opportunity to feel and experience something that we otherwise have forgotten can be part of our lives and we can then make a choice whether we want to implement that to our own lives or not.

  30. So true! The choice is mine! And life, my relationships do reflect those choices. I can choose to become aware of it – or I choose to deny. Choices. We are so much more powerful than we think we are and claim to be.

  31. Thank you Nicole for a truly beautiful blog expressing the truth so simply with the simple fact that we have a choice in every moment.

  32. Nicole that sentence got me: “The gift has been in understanding that I have the choice and the awareness of what I am choosing!!” There is nothing to add, only to swallow the truth you have presented.

  33. Great to read your blog again Nicole, and what a great line this is “The gift has been in understanding that I have the choice and the awareness of what I am choosing!!” This is a true gift offered by Universal Medicine, the clarity we can develop and sense of self empowerment to be aware of all of our choices and their consequences.

  34. “The gift has been in understanding that I have the choice and the awareness of what I am choosing!!” This is most beautifully and succinctly said, the gift is to know that we always have a choice.

  35. Choice is certainly a great gift, particularly as it comes, if you’re up for it, with a bonus – Responsibility. The two work well together. When you take full responsibility for your choices – by taking responsibility for you and your impact on others in the choice you’re making – then the choices you take are more often loving ones rather than harming ones.

  36. ‘Choice’, I too have come to fully understand the power of our choices since being introduced to Universal Medicine Nicole. This amazing gift of understanding that we certainly have a choice in everything we choose has been deeply empowering for me and like you shared being aware of what we choose is also deeply empowering. This puts blaming others and irresponsibility for our life/choices out of the window and into the trash bin.

  37. Wow Nicole, I love your blog. It is inspiring and so beautiful to read. The power of our choices is always entirely up to us to embrace.

  38. “I can now make the choice to be open and feel the appreciation in my heart, for I have had the opportunity to be inspired by a man who lives, breathes and teaches love.” This sentence resonates deeply with me. I also know that I have been inspired to live in a more loving way with myself and others and I now have a responsibility to live love as I can no longer claim ‘I didn’t know’.

  39. On re-reading this, I’m reminded of the importance of responsibility for our choices and in that, how all our choices have consequences – even the good ones.

  40. Simply beautiful and beautifully simple. Choice is everything – and we are in the driving seat.

  41. Indeed it is always our choice to be what ever we choose to be.
    In this point we often blame ourselves in bad situations however what if we put more emphasis on self appreciation when things went well rather then leaning on self bashing?

  42. “I allow love to return and fill the space where emptiness and despair would otherwise linger and colour my daily interactions with seeking and need.”
    Now that is an inspiring choice.

  43. Thank you Nicole for sharing this great piece of inspiration. Your words: “The choice is mine, always has been and always will be.” is a great truth and one of deep responsibility and the back to who we truly are.

  44. Very simple but true, we are all where we are at based on our past choices and at any given time we have the ability to change our predicament. It all comes down to the choices we make

  45. Nicole your blog has simply ‘nailed it’ in my eyes and given me a refresher in the simplicity of the blueprint for living my life. Wonderful, thank you!

  46. Beautiful and simple Nicole, Universal Medicine has always presented that in each moment we have a choice, this has been very empowering and supported me to be responsible in all areas of my life. Am I making choices today that are supporting and loving to myself and others or am I making choices that numb me and hold myself and others back? Thanks for the beautiful reminder –
    “And thus I can now make the choice to remember who I am and feel why I am here, allowing the impulse of the soul to be my guide from within.”

    1. Great comment Anna, I too feel the same. This gorgeous blog certainly is a beautiful reminder for us and to appreciate the power of our choices.

  47. Great blog Nicole. I can feel the truth of your statement about choice and I see that it also means we then take responsibility for those choices.

  48. Nicole, simply and perfectly expressed, so often I felt there was only one way to go, until I met Serge at one of the Universal Medicine presentations, at which he presented that we have choices. This has changed my life, knowing and feeling how each choice leads onto the next.

  49. Absolute gold, the whole way through. I particularly resonated with “build a momentum of self love, when the willingness to commit and choose love is greater than the desire to self harm and seek distraction and numbing.” Yes, this can be our choice.

    1. Yes I agree Michelle, the words and love expressed in this blog is simply divine. The part you’ve highlighted is so inspiring.

  50. Nicole I really love what you have shared here as I agree choice is what is offered by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. Today my choice is to live from what’s in my heart not my head.

  51. I decided to read your blog again Nicole because there was something niggling in me. What I came to was how much I don’t want to take responsibility for my choices and the level of comfort that is there for me to lean into when viewing myself as a victim. This blog for me is powerful because of the simplicity. It’s given me a great opportunity to just focus on this one part of life and truly feel what’s under there.

    1. Dear Nicole, I love your blog; it’s simplicity and truth is so disarming. What can one say to that? The truth is, thanks to the level of integrity and absolute truth in which Serge Benhayon presents the Ancient Wisdom, I clearly have a choice; to choose that level of truth and integrity for myself and my life, or choosing to numb myself and with that avoid seeing and feeling what is there for me to see and feel.

  52. Nicole your dedication to love is really inspiring. I can really feel your commitment. I love your presentation of the word choice. It’s so simple isn’t it? The word “choice” reminds me of my freedom. Knowing I always have a choice means I’m truly free. There is no one to blame and no need to be hard on myself – just choose again and feel the quality of energy each choice brings. Brilliant reminder, thank you Nicole.

  53. It is as simple as offering a choice and knowing we are the ones who can choose for ourselves. Awesome!

  54. Beautifully said Nicole. Simple and direct. This is where it all starts, with awareness of the fact we are all always making a choice in every moment, the onus lies with us to choose lovingly or not.

  55. This is so true Nicole, choice is such an important thing, and to know that we always have a choice in every moment can completely turn any life around. No matter how set it seems, there is always a way to bring more love in.

  56. Since being a UM student I have learnt to be more loving, caring, Making the right choices about my life. If it had not been for Serge Benhayon, I would probably be on the slippery slope, not knowing which way to turn in my life.
    Thank you Serge for showing me the way to more fulfilment in my life.

  57. Thank you Nicole, this is so true. Because of Serge Benhayon’s reflection we can choose to take responsibility for our lives and not pretend that we are victims of life – we all have the choice.

  58. Thank you Nicole for your great blog. So true that the choice is our own, we can be guided and supported in our choices but ultimately it is our own decision to make that choice or not. Serge Benhayon is most certainly the most amazing example to us all.

  59. Thank you Nicole – very beautiful sharing of a truth that belongs to all humanity. The ‘Choice’ is ours.

  60. I used to think I was making good/smart choices in life, and it was just a series of one booby prize after another. The changes I thought I was making never really changed anything. Through teachings presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, the energetic truth and responsibility came into the equation. Then the real change started. What a gift, indeed.

  61. The bitter pill is that we do have a choice, and within a split second responsibility for everything comes to your awareness, if you allow so. I have the feeling that this is why some may not like what Serge Benhayon presents.

  62. I love the simplicity and the power in forever making a choice in each moment. I choose to connect or just repeat the same behaviour again. So much and everything that is needed is in that continual choice to align to my Soul.

  63. What a beautiful and powerful expression Nicole – thank you. I felt inspired as I read your words as I could feel the depth of your commitment to love, truth and the awareness this brings. You have beautifully expressed what I also choose to feel; ‘the knowing in my heart’ and ‘allowing the impulse of the soul to be my guide’.

  64. Nicole what you have written is beautiful! I have begun to see the choices in my life, in each moment, more clearly. It has changed my world and empowered me to take responsibility. Thank you for sharing.

  65. Beautifully expressed Nicole and spot on. For me, choice is probably the biggest thing I have taken away from the Presentations of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. With the awareness of having a choice in everything we do comes a word that can change the world…Responsibility.

  66. Thank you Nicole for this beauty-full blog – I really enjoyed reading it and it once again it confirmed for me that in everything that I do, think or feel – I have a choice – and behind that choice is the knowing that I have a responsibility to choose wisely – either the energy that is going to take me further away from my true self – or the energy that is going to strengthen the divine connection within.

  67. I love your amazing revelation Nicole,
    ‘The gift has been in understanding that I have the choice and the awareness of what I am choosing!!’
    It really is that simple that the choice has always been in our own hands, we just needed to accept self-responsibility.

  68. This reminded me that before studying with Universal Medicine, that living life in numbness was my default pattern, and because it was so common in the world around me, the choice to live differently did not really occur to me. Being presented with another way, and feeling the difference has opened me up, and as you say, given me the opportunity to choose differently.

  69. This is very true and is one of the main things I also have learned through studying with Universal Medicine. I am now aware of of the choices before me to lead a life building more and more love or the choices that lead away from this. This has been a very empowering experience for me.

  70. Simple strong blog Nicole, it’s really about seeing we have a choice and that our choices have consequences. Something I learn each day.

  71. Nicole. Loved your blog, and as you state, we do have a CHOICE, on taking responsibility for how we lead our life, for the good of all humanity.

  72. I love this blog because it reminded me that I am free to choose and that in the past I was just going along with everyone else, too scared to go against the mould. Now I make my own choices and that it is, ok to do that. Thank you Nicole.

  73. Your blog is a lovely reminder of the importance of taking full responsibility for all of our choices, and all that occurs, as a result of these choice. Thank you Nicole.

  74. ‘The gift has been in understanding that I have the choice and the awareness of what I am choosing!!’ Thank you Nicole, this is such a timely reminder for me today.

    1. Very true even the choice not to choose is a choice – everything is a choice and every choice has consequences.

  75. Thank you for your beautiful expression of loving words, I still am amazed at the beauty I feel within at times, before Universal Medicine I did not even contemplate life could be so enjoyable as a daily activity.

  76. A lovely example of how what we choose affects the quality of our life. Everything IS a choice – and this was the craziest realisation for me to begin to understand… that even with the ‘any-one-thing’ that we might find ourselves suffering over, has been our OWN choice that got us there, and keeps us there. As you say Jane, that’s very empowering!

  77. A timely reminder that it is I who chooses in every moment of each day for myself and that that choice can harm or heal. It is that simple.

    1. So true Sally and it is that level of responsibility , consistency and commitment that I for one are a work in progress.

  78. A true choice of individual responsibility so beautifully expressed – thank you Nicole – a joy to read this!

  79. “The gift has been in understanding that I have the choice and the awareness of what I am choosing”.
    The above is my experience too and sums it up perfectly for me.

    1. Exactly Nicola, I can say the exact same thing. Thanks to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I now have a clear choice and an awareness of where my choices come from.

      1. Nicole has expressed so much so beautifully here, hasn’t she Greg…
        If I were to highlight one line, it would be “I have had the opportunity to be inspired by a man who lives, breathes and teaches love.”
        Meeting Serge Benhayon and choosing to listen to his teachings and feel the absolute depth of his love for all, and the unshakeable foundation of this love, integrity and tireless dedication, has been the greatest inspiration of my life – a complete life changer, and in the way Nicole describes. For I have met, and continue to meet all that I am, and express this in deeper ways every day. If we had 1000 people of the quality of Serge Benhayon in this world, we would dissolve aeons of strife, misery and unwellness in but a few generations, undoubtedly so.

      2. haha… Thank-you and yes Greg. Just to add to the amazingness of Serge Benhayon, he is also the best (and exceedingly most true) musical director I have worked with in my whole life. Working with him in this way is the music school I always longed for – an absolute Joy, bringing the true power of music to all, with music that is written, played and sung, for all.

    1. Yes, they are beautiful words. Maybe they could be an inspiration for a song from you, Victoria?

      1. Many songs already inspired, and no doubt more to come along exactly these lines… 🙂 The man who has arisen to live as a fully claimed Son of God offers endless, magnificent inspiration – speaking of not only Serge Benhayon, but all those who walk this earth with such radiance.

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