Humanity’s Current Course needs to Change

by Neil Gamble

In the past four years I have come upon the teachings of Serge Benhayon and attended his retreats and workshops. I have read his substantial philosophical works and listened to his podcasts. Over that time I have adopted Serge’s suggestion to track my own feelings and have, as a result, made changes to my lifestyle that initially seemed alien and contrary to common practice but that have gradually made such sense and had a significant and positive impact on my life.

His teachings have had a profoundly positive effect on pretty well everything that I do – my work, my friendships and my relationships with my family. In my experience I can also say that these changes brought about by Serge’s teachings are brick building processes towards a much happier and healthier life in general; a never ending process of increased awareness and improved wellbeing.

I am now retired from executive roles; I have been CEO of internationally publicly listed companies for most of the past twenty years. I have been a registered member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ACA) up to my retirement from that institution this year. My role as CEO was primarily one of leadership of large teams of people.

I now look back at the corporate world with a much clearer understanding and see so many businesses driven by executives that, without the benefit of these teachings, have little understanding of well being for themselves and their related communities. There is corporate irresponsibility on a massive scale. Serge Benhayon’s teachings would profoundly change the thinking and behaviour of the corporate world that would lead to much more responsive and responsible business models.

I have come to understand that you are what you eat, you are what you think/ say and you are whatever energies you choose to let in. It is clear the energies of the business world are largely based on the wrong philosophies.

Leading the dysfunctional list of corporates is the food and beverage industry which plays a major part in conning humanity to eat and drink rubbish; hence the enormous increase in modern lifestyle illnesses.

In general the directors and officers of industry have a lot to be accounted for, often involving insidious behaviour as they reach out for profits at the expense of the well being of staff, customers, communities and themselves. There is little in business’s key performance indicators that promote healthy lifestyle choices.

It comes down to a new education system. We should train ourselves to experiment with lifestyle choices, to listen to the messages from the body and thereby to make the much needed changes. It should not be an education so heavily weighted on knowledge and sciences but rather one that also teaches people to really choose how they want to live. It is not what we do that matters – it is who we really are.

The world has been deceived by the “glamour and illusion” that needlessly drives people to strive for self recognition. Our mostly irresponsible media help to embed these inappropriate behaviours.

Serge Benhayon’s teachings expose and then answer these big questions posed here and many more. His highest level of ethics and exemplary living are certainly worth considering.

I recommend Serge Benhayon’s books and I am certain that the reader will ask, as I do “How did these works come into being? Is it possible for one man, with so many other non book writing teaching tasks, to produce these substantial works in so few years? How was this possible? Perhaps there is more at work here than men usually considers? Perhaps there is a bigger than conventional philosophical view.”

There are more books to follow the six currently published works.

I believe that humanity’s current course needs to be changed to incorporate the Universal Medicine teachings and practices. It is worth it.

195 thoughts on “Humanity’s Current Course needs to Change

  1. I totally agree with you Neil when you say
    ‘There is little in business’s key performance indicators that promote healthy lifestyle choices.’

    The big corporations mouth ‘caring’ platitudes but all they care about is profit at the expense of their work force. I have discovered for myself that you can say the most caring well meaning words but if it doesn’t come with a livingness to back it up the words are empty and empty words can be felt by everyone. Whether they want to actually registrar the impact of those empty words are another matter, most people don’t because it is to painful to feel that someone or their work place colleagues don’t really care so we ignore the pain. We are very sensitive human – beings and it hurts to feel such insensitivity so we put up walls of self protection as we live in a very insensitive and brutal world which is having such a negative impact that we are again choosing to ignore. How much worse it has to get before we cannot ignore what’s truly going on is anyone’s guess

  2. “I have come to understand that you are what you eat, you are what you think/ say and you are whatever energies you choose to let in.” This is a great line Neil because it takes responsibility and care for ourselves (and therefore others) to a new level beyond just food and exercise to the quality that we speak in, and what we allow to come through us as thoughts.

  3. How good is any living, how rich and advanced it might be, if we are not truly content with ourself and settled in our bodies.

  4. I agree – Serge Benhayon’s books are out of this world and not only it seems like an impossible feat considering how much he does aside book writing, but the wisdom offered in these books are not new and we can all recognise them even if that may not be what we are currently living, clearly indicating Serge is not the ‘owner’ of the information – it reawakens the relationship we have long forgone.

  5. I am also convinced that the business world woud benefit very much of the teachings of Serge Benhayon. They are certainly not common, people might resist, but if you look into them more deeply, perhaps even apply them in your own life, they do make sense. To put it stronger: they have the potential to change the disastrous course of humanity.

  6. The whole world would benefit from adopting the Universal Medicine teachings for sure but as always theres never a want or need from Universal Medicine for people to ‘get it’. There is always a respectful approach to the fact that everyone has free will and this respect is inviting and refreshing rather than the forceful approach of demanding or expecting another to ‘get it’.

  7. Business is the world of profits, but what do we choose to profit from? What are the insights we take on and the ways to carry our business? Who benefits from our way of conducting our businesses? Is well-being a foundation we stand on? Is well-being a foundation of our business? Do our products bring benefits to everybody? Are our insights and inspirations the best we can aspire to? Universal Medicine offers amazing insights and inspirations business could profit from to the benefit of everybody.

    1. We really need to redefine the word “profit” and how and where we apply it so that it’s truly for the benefit of everyone equally.

  8. Goodness there is so much in this blog that shakes the ground we walk on! Your observation about the vested businesses in the food industry is a great example of profits before people and shows the colluding that happens to ensure we stay in the mess we are in because we then need the pharmaceutical companies to support us! If you take a step back and see how the industries all interrelate and how many of them put profits over people it is no wonder we are where we are and we will remain there until such time as we say we cannot play the game any longer. I do not see that in the near future.

  9. Everything that Serge shares is so common sense I’ve wondered to myself how I didn’t come to these conclusions myself. And, it’s all easily applicable to each person, in their own way based on their own body and what feels true for them.

  10. ‘It is not what we do that matters – it is who we really are.’ Being focused in who we really are instead of the result, brings another quality to our life and consequently to all what we do.

  11. Yes to re-educating ourselves. We have made everything about the outcome, the gain, the personal recognition that we have lost any connection to how we truly feel and how we truly are and thus to that what truly matters, to live in deep respect and honour to ourselves and everybody else.

  12. The books written by Serge Benhayon have definitely opened me up to ask many questions, and each time I read a paragraph or phrase I get to understand so much more, these books need to be in every library so humanity has a chance to stumble across them, and when they do their lives will be changed forever.

  13. You wrote this 6 years ago, Serge Benhayon has been presenting since 1999, before Serge throughout history the great teachers have also presented the Ageless Wisdom and we all carry this knowing in our inner hearts and yet still so few live it. I wonder how many more years and how much more suffering it will take before humanity is ready to live the love and truth we all are at essence rather than the opposite!

    1. Yes, 6 years ago and nothing has change, either in the world or in what Serge presents! Serge is the most consistent man I have even known, he just keeps deepening our understanding of the same simple truth.

  14. What you and Serge Behanyon write makes so very much sense it is really quite shocking that the common living reality is so very different to the simple truths that are on offer and are in fact who we all truly are.

  15. “There is corporate irresponsibility on a massive scale” here here. We place profits over people and the outcome is a mental and physical health crisis we are struggling to understand and support. Responsibility is not a rude or dangerous word, in fact I am not entirely sure how anyone gets to run a business without understanding the social responsibility that goes with that privilege.

  16. “It comes down to a new education system. We should train ourselves to experiment with lifestyle choices, to listen to the messages from the body and thereby to make the much needed changes.” Absolutely through feeling and listening to our body, we are able to use it as a marker and our choices can all be felt and experimenting with our choices allows us to truly feel what supports us and what does not.

  17. I was listening to one of The Way of The Livingness audios today as presented by Serge Benhayon and guest speakers and he mentions that the future of man kind is in men living their natural tenderness and woman living their natural delicacy. Imagine that despite the glamours of a materially advanced future it comes back to the utter simplicity of who we all truly are. The answers have been there all along few have taken the time to listen to their wisdom.

    1. What’s the point of technological and material advancements when we feel terrible on the inside by not being who we truly are? We can see the realities of this in current society with high rates of abuse, self abuse, suicide, illness and disease, and general malaise.

  18. If it is the experience of many who have tried out things that were alien to our existences and we all can feel the huge difference they make, what is this telling us regarding the healthiness of what does not seem alien to us?

  19. “I have come to understand that you are what you eat, you are what you think/ say and you are whatever energies you choose to let in.” Yes, something that will change your life forever when understood, adhered to and applied.

  20. “We should train ourselves to experiment with lifestyle choices, to listen to the messages from the body and thereby to make the much needed changes.” That is a wonderful idea Neil – nobody would lose if they give it a try as so many other possibilities did not work in the long run.

  21. When we put profits before people, we all lose, no matter the financial gain for some. Humanity has much to gain as a whole by putting people first in the sense that we make business about connecting with each other instead of competing against each other. From there the true wealth will flow.

    1. Yes we have made the word ‘wealth’ mean money and yet it’s not only this by definition. The more we keep living something the more the focus becomes on ‘it’ being that one thing. In other words we control our perception of things directly from the way we are and live anything for long enough and then ‘it’ is all that we see there is. We can use ‘people before profits’ but if we don’t live this in our world then we will see before our eyes another reality created and this is how it’s always been in this world. What is happening before us is a direct result of the way we are and have lived. If we don’t like what we are seeing or what is happening, then the answer would be to simply live another way. This articles brings forward to us this ‘other way’.

    2. This is so true, but when will business admit this, ‘When we put profits before people, we all lose, no matter the financial gain for some. Humanity has much to gain as a whole by putting people first in the sense that we make business about connecting with each other’.

  22. Great blog, Neil. It is surprising the irresponsible manner in which many industries conduct business. In the industry I am working in at the moment, I am beginning to feel a muffled cry for change. I am in the fortunate position of working for a small company in a niche market where we work with corporate companies globally. My MD is very open, and is a trailblazer for change. He has been very supportive, and a bit curious even, in what I am bringing to the company. I am so appreciative for this opportunity, and the way that establishing strong, supportive and collaborative relationships with these corporate customers is an integral part of my job. Change is coming.

  23. I absolutely concur Neil, what is offered by Universal Medicine is a different way and as a world we badly need it. If you look around you see everything being about function, getting things done, but not about the quality of how it is done or indeed how if affects those doing the doing or even receiving that doing. There is so much more to life than we currently allow, and looking beyond our current limits is long overdue.

  24. It only takes one person to show a different way as Serge Benyhayon has done and now so many are choosing and living healthier life styles because we are all equal in the power of choice – and my choice has been to listen to my body and to be true to myself, and in doing so my life has become so much simpler.

  25. It’s interesting, we don’t look enough at life and go, wow, how things are today, it’s a mess, it’s not working something has to change, instead we keep driving home the same systems and same way of educating instead of bringing an entirely fresh perspective. If someone does do this, they are often ridiculed yet it is ridiculous to continue to do and become more entrenched in the very things that have led to this mess in the first place.

    1. Yes and I am sure some great people who have been given credit for bringing about true change have said that through history. The same energy and thinking that created the problem cannot fix the problem!!!

    1. I agree and the approach isn’t even “people first”, it’s all dedicated to people. It’s not that you give it over to others but more see it all in how it truly cares and supports people and then each person that interacts with you is held as the most important point at that moment as all that comes next comes complete or not from that point.

  26. One of the things I am starting to appreciate about change is that as you say Neil it is brick by brick. It’s like we get the revelation and strength to initiate a change and then we build each brick upon those new foundations until it becomes impenetrable to our old ways.

    1. Love how you elaborate on and sum up Neil’s brick by brick analogy, Suse. ‘…then we build each brick upon those new foundations until it becomes impenetrable to our old ways.’ Super empowering.

  27. Humanity’s current course needs to change – absolutely. I agree, and I don’t know if there’s anyone in the world who would actually disagree. But what many of us don’t realise, or choose not to see, is that to change the world we need to change ourselves.

  28. I have had a business for a number of years and it was run before I met Serge Benhayon and obviously after. I have learnt a lot from being in the retail industry, one few sole operators now venture into. How I have been able to support myself with the support of Serge Benhayon has knocked on into now my businesses. Many don’t last like I have been able to, let alone expand like I have been able to and now many are copying the business we do. It’s not that that is the focus but the key has been that I am the business, not that I carry it on my shoulders but whatever is going on for me, how I am, my thoughts, how I live are all alive within the business. It’s been and continues to be a great relationship between myself and the business, always using it as a reflection for what is going on with me. Prior to Serge Benhayon I was shown that business was just something you did and now I know it’s much much more then that, it’s always living and always expanding and while the doors may close at the end of the day the way I am and then the way this impacts the business never sleeps.

    1. Exactly, Ray Karam. ‘..whatever is going on for me, how I am, my thoughts, how I live are all alive within the business.’ All of the way we live is alive in the business in whatever form that business takes. We have the choice on a moment to moment basis to allow that ‘alive’ to be truly alive, shining and serving, or not.

      1. We currently have a way of being that divides our life up into parts, this is work, here is home, this is my family, these are my friends etc and we tend to then live this way. We have an attitude to work and others to the rest, the many faces we take to the world. This is exhausting in itself in you having to ‘be’ this way or that and then almost results in you resenting facing that part in the end. What has been introduced and as we are saying is one life, that all is all and so no face for this and face for that it’s all one face. The approach or dedication held is that whatever and however you are in one part affects and flows on into the other. I guess it’s like just opening a business for a few hours each day at different times in the day that changes every week, it’s hard to remember and gets everyone else confused. Open 24 hours, 7 days and people trust that and what’s more there is no need for you to concern what you are doing next, you know exactly where you are standing.

  29. How crazy it is that what we currently view as ‘normal’ is so far from what is actually our true way of being, to the point that when we are presented with the truth it seems foreign, way out, extreme, radical and far-fetched. Have we rambled that far away from sensing, knowing and feeling truth, from living who we are, and understanding our purpose for all being here together that it is unrecognisable to us when we come across it? If not truth, what is the quality of energy that we are being led by, and does this confirm who we are and support us to live in our true power? As you have pointed out Neil the climate we have created is not working, does not support our health and well-being, us living in a more harmonious way or working together as a humanity. Yet over the past few years I have witnessed how a group of people’s lives have transformed, my own included, through applying The Ageless Wisdom Teachings as presented by Serge Benhayon. What is inspiring is these changes are not only enduring, but tremendously improving the quality of life, that is visibly lived with greater connection, truth, love, vitality and a dedication to Brotherhood.

  30. Neil it is so true that many if not most businesses are more about profit than the wellbeing of their staff and customers. It all seems back to front when you consider that your staff are your primary asset and your business will not thrive without customers.

  31. This is a strong statement Neil . . . “I believe that humanity’s current course needs to be changed to incorporate the Universal Medicine teachings and practices.” . . . The way humanity is going it won’t be long before we will all be brought to our knees and then, and perhaps only then, will we, as a people, be ready to begin to take responsibility for what we have created . . . the war that is going on within our own bodies and a world that reflects this state of being.

  32. Neil, what you and Serge Benhayon present makes so much sense it is just weird that we as a collective don’t listen. For example surely anyone can see that our education is not giving young people life skills. What is the point of knowing that the Battle of Hastings (as I learned at school) was in 1066 if you don’t know how to look after yourself and are unemployable as so many are?

    1. It will be interesting and for many absolutely devastating to see just how far gone we have to go before we listen to the answers that are so freely and lovingly available to us all? How many bankrupt countries, wrecked bodies and wars inside and outside the home will it take?

      1. Yes, sadly the honesty only comes when it gets so bad we have no choice but to start again. Until that point we try to fix things and make it look right without actually getting to the nuts and bolts of it all.

  33. Thank you for sharing your experience Neil. Serge Benhayon most definitely is a voice of reason is a very chaotic world. If someone reads even a page of one of Serge’s books and lives inspired by the wisdom that is shared they would completely turn their life around. If Directors of corporations considered the true consequences that their actions had on themselves (let alone all the people that are harmed by their decisions) the business world would become unrecognisable in the best possible way.

  34. I used to think choosing to take better care of myself, eating well and so forth was strictly personal matter and would not have been able to see it any other way – but really, the same principle can be equally applied to communities large and small as well for there to be true change. We may see various kinds of problems in various scales in the world but they all point to the same thing – either we choose love, or not.

  35. To take responsibility for the way I choose to live makes absolute sense to me even though I forget sometimes! Yet this has not always been the case as I blamed anyone and everyone for everything before I came across Universal Medicine. Attending Universal Medicine confirmed that getting recognised for what I did left me feeling empty yet connecting to myself through my inner heart was a different ball game inspiring me to connect to a stillness and feeling content within my own body. The journey of discarding that which is not me to live who I truly am (love) is a journey I have chosen, a journey that doesn’t happen overnight but a journey I am truly grateful for without it there would be no purpose to my life.

  36. I echo this Neil, ‘I believe that humanity’s current course needs to be changed to incorporate the Universal Medicine teachings and practices.’ The world is a mess and what we are presently doing is not working, what Universal Medicine offers I believe is the answer.

  37. “I believe that humanity’s current course needs to be changed to incorporate the Universal Medicine teachings and practices. It is worth it.” I completely agree with you Neil, 100%. What a different, loving and supportive society we would have.

  38. Humanity – and that means all of us – are offered inspiration by the presentations and teachings of Serge Benhayon and the Ageless Wisdom to bring integrity, responsibility and true love back to the world in the way we live.

  39. Well said Neil and I agree the way humanity is living is just barely ticking the boxes, many have given-up on what it is to live a life with true love, vitality and joy. That’s why Serge Benhayon’s teachings are so powerful and key to thousands of people choosing to live a different way that allows for true change in all areas of your life.

  40. At the moment we can clearly look at the business world in general and see it is for the most part self-serving at the expense of the wellbeing of staff. The teachings of Universal Medicine aside for a moment, it is simply plain common sense to put the wellbeing of the people who make the ‘machine’ run smoothly as first and foremost on the agenda, instead of what seems to be so often the case that they, we, are seen as disposable and therefore not worth taking care of. The way this will change is by bringing the level of care that is missing to ourselves, to put ourselves first and foremost, to not accept abuse and to live with love and integrity. We should not underestimate the power our reflection has if we choose to live this way.

  41. Neil, you certainly are a man who has a authoritative voice on the matters you talk about. I agree, I am the same in the industry I work in. The way I work is much simpler and it is about working together for the benefit of all and not just a minority. This change has been due to my reawakened awareness through the teachings of Serge Benhayon.

  42. When the management of any business or the corporate world places ‘profits at the expense of the wellbeing of staff, customers, communities and themselves’ it erodes the integrity of all that they do.

  43. The term responsibility should not be reduced to meaning paying the bills, or what happens when you become an adult. Responsibility is us choosing energy, it’s every choice we make and how we choose to express, like you’ve said Neil, ‘…you are whatever energies you choose to let in.’

  44. When we make it our focus to make money, gain reputation and build prestige we make our life about ourselves and it will be in separation to what is needed by people. Only when we focus our business endeavours on what is needed for humanity will we be truly successful on a world scale and create a business model that will work for all people on this planet and not just in the favour and to the benefit of a few.

  45. The business world would benefit so much from putting people before profits. Industries may change, but as a human race we would be more loving, caring and honest.

  46. The highest level of ethics and exemplary living are most definitely worth considering, as are the countless lives transformed by those who have been inspired to live by them. The media can choose to report whatever irresponsibility they wish but each person still remains as living proof of the power of what Universal Medicine presents.

  47. The current course has changed already. Every little choice counts and everyone who does make this choice, to take responsibility again and start to life a life of integrity makes a difference.

  48. I agree Neil we need to listen to the messages from the body in order to make the much needed changes to our lives. Our bodies are our ‘go to’ authority on everything. When we listen to our bodies we bring a consistency and balance to our lives; a responsibility that is reflected in everything we do.

  49. Thank you Neil for sharing your experience in the corporate world, it is today rife with greed and corruption, I thought that one time where being a respectable company meant that people came first, and that a certain profit margin was deemed acceptable it seems that the greed is not just with the higher ups in the company but also from the shareholders who have bought into this greed. What a different world we would see if people were put first before profits.

  50. One of the most valuable things I have ever learnt from Serge Benhayon and the esoteric teachings is to not value any part of our lives as either greater or lesser than another part, for they are all equal parts of a grand whole, equally grand in themselves if we bring all who we are into all that we do.

    1. Yay . . . I love this comment Liane. What you have delivered here gives no room for anything other than the Truth to enter. You have in a single sentence shut the door on evil. Well done! What an inspiration!

    2. I agree and it’s value is that we already knew it and for a long time walked past this very fact and created other ways of being around it leaving it appearing more difficult to see. Now walking back to this very fact of how naturally we are is very freeing and less exhausting. Serge Benhayon makes sense of the parts we have created which then allows you to see clearly and settle back to “all equal parts of a grand whole” again.

      1. It is simply the path of ‘the part’ learning to not live a-part from the whole it is a part of 🙂

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