My Unfolding Path

In light of what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine present, I felt to share my story and the changes that I have made in my life since re-connecting with the esoteric.

On religion and philosophy

I was raised as a Christian and went to a private Christian high school – Christianity did not feel right to me as there where many contradictions and much behaviour that I witnessed by so called Christians that did not seem to fit. I knew that there was more to life than what I could see but did not have a good explanation for the way the world is. Christianity was all that I had been offered when I was younger and so I was a believer, while knowing it was not the full truth and did not fully explain what I saw and felt around me. Throughout the years I explored other religions and philosophies including Buddhism, Taoism, yoga, tantric philosophy, traditional Chinese Medicine and philosophy, psychology and some of what may be described as spiritual new age meditation. There seemed to be some parts of these different philosophies that made sense or felt right to me, but this was never more than a part, the whole did not make sense in its entirety. Further to this, the people involved in or presenting these various philosophies were not good role models, not people I felt that I would like to emulate or be associated with. The yoga instructor who had a great body and was highly flexible but did not feel or look healthy, he would work up a sweat just walking up the stairs of the yoga hall – how could this be when he appeared so fit? The tai chi instructor who said it’s all about energy and being calm while he was overweight and had road rage issues. The spiritual new age proponents who say all is love. I look around me and clearly I can see that all in the world is not love.

When I first met Serge Benhayon and attended Universal Medicine presentations I could immediately feel that this was different to what I had previously found. This man felt like he did not want anything from me, he felt like he was not trying to convince me of anything, he didn’t say that he had all the answers and that his way was the only or best way. What he did was to present what he has felt, learnt and discovered and then challenged me to discover this for myself. He encouraged me (and all other attendees) to test it out for myself and see if it felt different. He repeatedly said, “don’t take my word for it, feel it for yourself”. I remember being at a presentation when Serge had talked about entities (spirits, ghosts, non-physical beings etc) and someone put up their hand and said that they were not convinced; he replied that that was fine, his role was to present and not to try and convince anyone of anything but allow attendees to feel for themselves as to whether what was presented was true for them or not. I had never experienced this before. In my previous experience with similar situations, the presenter would always go on to re-explain or try to convince the sceptic, and came from the standpoint of what they were presenting was absolute, for all and had to be accepted. Serge also challenged us to show him a philosophy, approach or way of living that was greater than the joy he felt every day from living the way he does. Again, no other person involved in any of my previous experiences had been this open or offered this as a possibility.

On eating, diet and exercise

Before meeting Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I had some health issues where I realised I was reacting to certain foods, particularly gluten and dairy, and had not had these foods for years. My diet however was still not great. I still ate foods that, while not containing gluten and dairy, made me feel sick after eating them, or I ate too much. I would continue to eat these foods because they “tasted good” in my mouth, regardless of how they made me feel after eating them. I would then use exercise as a way to compensate for the amount I ate – if I ate too much during the week I would exercise more the following week. This allowed me to maintain a healthy weight without really looking at what and why I was eating the way I was. I would also use food for stimulation or to help me get through something I did not want to do, e.g. snacking while trying to study, write reports or do work.

I would also use exercise as a mechanism to change the way I felt about situations or actions. If I was upset or angry I would go for a long run and feel better by the end. If I had to work a night duty I would go for a long run to exhaust myself in the morning so I could sleep during the day to be awake for my night duty. I would also use exercise as a form of punishment, if I felt I had eaten too much, made a mistake at work or upset my partner I would take out the frustration on my body through exercise. This led me to being exhausted after exercise and never truly dealing with any of these issues, rather burying them in the physical pain and exhaustion of exercise.

Since discovering the esoteric philosophies and wisdom as presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine at the various courses and workshops I now pay much more attention to what I eat, how I eat it and importantly how I feel having eaten it in the way I have eaten it. I can feel whether I am eating because of boredom, or the need for stimulation, or so that I can avoid doing or feeling something I don’t want to. I have also discovered that I eat less now that I pay attention to how I feel when I eat and as such I no longer need to punish myself with exercise. Now I exercise more gently as a means of feeling my body express in movement. I feel how it feels to walk and move rather than pounding along the pavement to numb myself to what is going on. If I have issues with work, relationships, anger or food I try to feel out these issues and deal with them, and once sorted I can then exercise and feel the beauty of my body in movement rather than the harshness of punishing it for the indiscretions of the mind. I am not perfect in this, but after several years of this approach involving constant refinement and adjustment, I have not gained weight, I feel healthier and I feel my body is more capable to handle the daily stress and activities of life.

On relationships, love and sex 

I was blessed to have a beautiful loving wife and a relationship that was admired by our friends prior to experiencing Serge and the teachings of Universal Medicine. Indeed I had friends who had commented on the loving relationship that my wife and I had and how well they thought we were suited to each other. Our relationship was not perfect, we still argued at times, but we loved each other. Since discovering the esoteric both my wife and I have redefined our relationship, redefined what we consider love, and redefined sex and making love. My wife was the person who introduced me to Universal Medicine; however, our changing and unfolding relationship has been a mutual discovery as we find ways to deepen our connection with ourselves and each other. My wife never forced anything on me. She shared her discoveries with me as I did my discoveries with her. The love and connection that we have for each other and ourselves now makes our earlier relationship seem barren and empty. Sex, which used to be about pleasure and orgasm, is now about love and connection, and orgasm is the natural result of this connection, not a goal or achievement. The beauty of this connection is that it can exist with just a look, a simple gesture or touch as we pass in the hallway going about our busy days. We are not perfect with this and we still disagree on some things, but all aspects of our relationship have deepened since discovering the esoteric philosophies, and all during a period of our lives when we have two young children.

For me, in my life, my experience of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine has been a revelation. I have had the opportunity to experience and explore new concepts and ways of being that have made a real difference in the way I live my life, the way I treat my body and in the relationships that I have with my wife, colleagues and now my children. I have had the opportunity to feel for myself what works in supporting my life and will continue to unfold as the love that I am.

By Lee Poole, Clayfield, Australia

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  1. Lee this is a refreshing read. And everything you have shared, I can only agree. I have never felt imposed upon by Serge Benhayon. Everything comes from a lived and practical way. Yes energies are at play here and always, then this de-personalises everything.

    Whilst growing up, I have felt the impositions from my own religion. What I hated the most was any religious guru was often a man, and the venue will predominately be filled with women. I resented going because everything seemed a lie, I felt out of place. I’ve never felt this with Serge Benhayon, as he only treats us with equality. We have the same wisdom as him, it’s just polluted by ideals and beliefs but underneath we are from the same source and that is GOD…

  2. Serge Benhayon talks about relationships versus arrangements, and this allows us to really consider how much we are living, I mean truly living and expressing in a relationship, rather than holding back or acquiescing in a relationship so as not to rock the boat – after all relationships are about supporting us to grow and evolve which is about speaking truth and sharing how we feel at all times. This is something I too have learned to apply in my life more and more and as I do this, I get to feel how much more of this there is yet to live, hence how much more growth I am being afforded continuously.

    1. I agree Henrietta, we stay in relationships because of what the neighbours may think. When true relationships are more about growth and evolution. Often we don’t agree because we have pictures that are given to us from our younger days and no doubt past lives play a part in it too.

      That’s bringing understanding to one another…

  3. I absolutely love the fact that when Serge presents, there is no imposition, no part of him that seeks to convince, no part of him that needs the audience to adopt what he shares. He simply shares that which he knows is true and has helped him understand life in all its facets – many of them that would remain hidden and unknown if he was not sharing them with us all.

  4. A beautiful sharing Lee, and a testimony to the many amazing changes you have implemented into your life over the years, changes that are simple yet deeply transformative and available to all to be inspired by.

  5. I used to also overeat at times or indulge in foods like sweet desserts and then compensate by exercising more and eating less for a few days. I never really questioned why I over ate, it was something everyone did as well as indulge in some sweet or treat foods. Back then I wasn’t in touch with my sensitivity like I am now to what was going on around me, nor to how I was feeling, so it makes sense I was reaching for food to take the edge off life because I didn’t then know how to lovingly support myself to deal with what was going on for me. Having the support through Universal Medicine to understand myself has been pure gold because I can now make more loving and caring choices for myself and my body which is great for my health and overall well-being (the wellness of the inner me). I’m still learning but the understanding has given me the willingness to heal so I can bring more care to myself.

  6. It is important for me to feel what is true for myself, not to blindly follow another, ‘ I do not blindly “follow” what Serge presents, rather feel it for myself and see whether it is something I agree with or feel could work in my life.’

  7. This is a deeply honest portrayal of the unfolding nature of a life that is prepared to look and see how you are and how life is, and Universal Medicine is a great support to such an unfolding, presenting a way that says there is a way to live in life that allows us to live love and express the truth we feel and know. It’s a forever deepening as that love is never static but always expanding.

  8. The difference in perspective and understanding that the Esoteric Philosophies bring to love-making and sex is so much deeper, meaningful, enjoyable and above all truly loving.

  9. Like you, Lee, I explored many different approaches to life and found truths in most, if not all of them, but that “…the whole did not make sense in its entirety”. With the Ageless Wisdom as presented by Serge Benhayon and The Way of The Livingness the whole does make sense in its entirety.

    1. Well said – snippets of truth can be found in many philosophies and approaches, but nothing I have come across other than the Ageless Wisdom holds the entirety to make sense.

  10. Serge Benhayon has no attachment to whether people agree with what he presents or not, it’s like there’s absolute knowing that enables him to love everyone with no condition whatsoever, and probably more than they do themselves.

  11. Love the simple, honest and straightforward way you break this down Lee. To me, the divine should make things less complicated, it must look at how we live, and there is no question that it is all about our connection to the all around us.

  12. Thanks Lee, like yourself I searched through religion, different philosophies, and spirituality, etc, but I never found anything I felt truly represented the whole truth, not until I heard Serge Benhayon present. I felt the truth he spoke with and was also aware of his gentleness, and he wasn’t needy or trying to prove anything, in fact I felt left to be to feel what was true for myself which he asked everyone to do. I’ve also always appreciated the true equality Serge treats everyone with, which I have found is uncommon for women particularly to experience in anything that deals with religion.

  13. Its a testimony to the quality of teacher that Serge Benhayon is that he is not invested in convincing students of anything. He simply presents and thats it. But when he presents you receive all that he lives (as you do with any other teacher) and that’s the real difference as what he lives is nothing less than love.

  14. My experience of presentations by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have always been an encouragement to feel the truth for myself, I have been presented with the truth that has completely rocked me at times because I have felt deep within how far from the truth I have been living and it hurts to feel how I had allowed comfort to override what deep down I knew to be true, and that is when I decided to make changes to my life, not because anyone told me, but because I felt the truth for myself.

  15. In the same way, we have the freedom to associate with whoever we want and not to associate with whoever we do not wish, we can align to a narrative of the world that makes more sense to us because it explains more and also that feels truer in the body. No one has the right to encroach on our freedom to do so. Even if it is not ‘it’ for them.

  16. When the truth we feel within and is reflected to us is one and the same, the changes we can make in our life are just adjustments that confirm what we already know can support us.

  17. This is a great testimony to you Lee adhering to that wise piece of advice from Serge Benhayon . . . “don’t take my word for it, feel it for yourself” . . . as this is the only way we truly experience lasting change as it is not just a concept but a lived experience.

    1. That’s exactly it Kathleen about how we create lasting change for ourselves that it is “not just a concept but a lived experience”, we need to feel things for ourselves, our own honesty and truth, which is why I feel books and presentations I attended prior to Universal Medicine did not work for me because they were just information and a bit of hype at times. They lacked equality, and the presenters and authors were not truly living lives of love and joy. No matter how good something sounds if it’s not truth and offered without imposition it is not solid.

  18. The way we treat ourselves and our bodies makes such a huge difference to the way we are and live. Thankyou for sharing your story Lee.

  19. One of the many foundational gifts offered by Serge Benhayon is that all he presents invites me to be aware if I am unnecessarily complicating my life and how I can actually simplify living which opens up for so much more space to live me in full.

  20. Serge Benhayon presents that there is much much more to life than meets the eye. It is a revelation each time I hear him speak, and those revelations support me deepening in my understanding of the world and all that comes with it.

    1. The presentations speak directly to us, related to our every day and from a lived experience of the world. Its the benefit of having someone who is so real, who has been through the same issues, and has mastered them…. and therefore can show us the path because he has walked it himself.

  21. “I was a believer, while knowing it was not the full truth” – this is just so pertinent to the way of being many of us subscribe to. There’s a kind of given-up-ness in ever finding the truth that would make sense from every angle, but actually, that allows us a leeway for being irresponsible in that pocket, it offers a rather convenient posture, so it makes total sense that we feel uncomfortable, challenged and may even resist, reject and deny when such truth is presented through a way of living as it exposes the lies we have settled for while it is a proof that it is very possible and available. Your writing here also is such a sharing of lived truth.

  22. Universal Medicine has shown me the importance of reconnecting to myself, my true innate self and the divine nature of my essence. All else flows from this relationship with self. It is very simple but has at the same time changed every area of my life, because this relationship with self is the very foundation of all that I do. Thank you for sharing your ‘unfolding path’ here Lee. It is all very real and reflects the so very practical nature of what Serge Benhayon presents.

  23. I remember walking around everywhere looking for support to understand what was happening in my life and what was happening around me. I could never get out of the world an answer and instead something would work for a period and then again I would find myself ‘under’ or carrying the world on my shoulders. Life was impacting me left, right and centre and at times I literally found it hard to breath. I didn’t feel prepared for life or what was going on, I was shown parts of what I needed to do but a large part was missing. Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon offered that part, the how I live part. That if I take care in every step of life then this care will support me to understand the next step. I was trying to grab life with both hands and instead I needed to take care in how I touched it and from there life unfolds. Like everyone we all have the choice how we want to live, my choice is to live the way I now do.

  24. Thank you Lee and I agree Universal Medicine was the only philosophical teachings and presentations that I had ever come across that make sense in its entirety. Everything else fell short of the mark. The interesting thing is the profound changes that come to light when we listen to the impulses of the heart rather than the mind.

  25. Beautiful to read your unfolding path Lee and how when we are ready to express more of who we truly are, life delivers all that we need. When I was ready to do just this, I met Serge Benhayon and spent 10 days on his courses which gave me so much hope and inspiration that supported all the changes I made. 7 years later my health has improved as well as all my relationships.

  26. What is so refreshing about Serge Benhayon as a teacher/presenter is that he has zero investment in whether people get what he presents or not – I really noticed the absence of a kind of a hook, which also revealed how much I also had an investment as a student wanting to be convinced by someone/something that I could hold greater than me.

  27. It was such a blessing whenever Serge Benhayon spoke about entities. To talk about spirits, ghosts and other non-physical beings felt very natural and confirming about something I knew existed when I was child yet to my knowledge I don’t remember ever speaking about. Observing and acknowledging they exist supports me and my relationship with self and determines as to whether I get affected by them or not.

  28. So many people eat because they like the taste in their mouth, or as a reward, or to bury feelings, I can relate with what you share here. For me weight was not an issue because I exercised hard and regularly to the point of exhausting my body- but all of this was really just abusing my self and my body. Now I am more respectful and honouring of my body, ‘I now pay much more attention to what I eat, how I eat it and importantly how I feel having eaten it in the way I have eaten it. I can feel whether I am eating because of boredom, or the need for stimulation,’ being more aware is so important in our lives.

  29. I likewise experienced strange anomalies from various well known presenters in the spiritual and philosophical arena, to me how they were living was different to what they were saying, there was no congruence, I did not like this, and so my search continued until I came across Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  30. You describe beautifully how there is another way to be with ourselves than the usual way of simply coping with life. We have learned so many coping mechanisms that we do not see that we actually are allowed to feel and do not have to go into immediate reaction. We are very sensitive beings and the armour of function is a very hard one for us to carry.

  31. Serge Benhayon has never told me to do anything but he has been a constant inspiration to ponder on all the ideals and beliefs that I had taken on and to feel what is absolute truth. I have discovered and continue to discover the true meaning of love, harmony, stillness joy and truth.

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