Letter to the Courier Mail: Misrepresentation of Universal Medicine and Denigration of Women

by Victoria Carter, Pottsville Beach, NSW  Australia

To editor-in-chief of News Qld, David Fagan & the editor of the Courier Mail, Michael Crutcher

Re: “New age ‘medicine’ of Serge Benhayon leaves trail of broken families”

I’m sure you have by now received countless responses regarding the scale of irresponsible journalism inherent in this article, let alone the sheer fabrications. Your writers, Josh Robertson & Liam Walsh, should they have set out to do any true research in the first place, would have found that allegations such as “cult” couldn’t be further from the actual truth. Clearly this ‘piece’ has one agenda only – to fill a ‘sensationalist’ quota in your publication, and intentionally or not, to continue a smear campaign initiated against Universal Medicine (UniMed) in recent times.

In late July certain publications sought to ‘brand’ Serge Benhayon as a ‘cult leader’, and the organisation he founded, Universal Medicine, as a ‘cult’. This was nothing short of irresponsible journalism, lacking any true ethics and integrity, for surely to brandish about such a word carries with it a great responsibility? Some publications – many having also adopted the convenience of ‘copy & paste’ journalism – did publish apologies &/or removed their articles from online editions when they started getting the true story. And yet, after all of this has occurred, not only is the word “cult” in the opening line of this article (deliberately seeking to bias anyone who reads further…), but your paper has actually “branded” the pictures that accompany this story – in bold, red ink no less – “The Leader”, “The Follower” and “The Headquarters”! What your journalists have clearly not done in their seeking of such an ‘angle’, is investigate the true story. And this is by no means difficult to find. Universal Medicine has always had an ‘open door policy’ (hardly cult-like…), and since July, in this openness, has released many press statements on its website: www.universalmedicine.com.au. In addition, several student/attendee-initiated blog sites have been set up – such was the response, shock and utter disbelief among many who have found nothing but absolute integrity, inspiration and support from their freely chosen involvement with UniMed, or indeed with any associated practitioners. A good start here would be the following site, dedicated in particular to addressing the absolute misrepresentations in the media: www.wordsonsergebenhayon.com

(Look at the scale and quality of the responses here, and you’ll surely start asking questions about the possibility of a smear campaign…)

Surely also there is a true story as to why such respected medical practitioners as your article refers to, do refer patients to Universal Medicine trained practitioners for additional support? Surely the intelligent, highly qualified and dedicated dentist Dr Rachel Hall deserves to have her true care for her patients and humanity deeply understood and written about, rather than this inspiring and awesome woman being ‘conveniently’ dismissed via branding her a “follower” (to suit your sensationalism). How absolutely demeaning. Rachel, in her absolute dedication, her service to her patients, and the love in her family – should be your ‘double spread’ headline.

And so it is not only Rachel, but myself and hundreds of the most intelligent, truly caring and amazing women I have had the absolute pleasure of meeting through my own involvement with UniMed, that are insulted. And I must say, these are women who continue to astound and inspire me with the love and care they are bringing to their own lives, and to all those around them – be they family, colleagues, friends, clients… I’d like to ask your writers, in the hour that you spent with Rachel Hall, did you feel she was under a “Svengali-type hold” of Serge Benhayon?? (I can’t imagine Rachel, or indeed any of these women, ever appearing under anyone’s such hold!) I’d like to ask your writers how they can PRINT something that can say Esoteric Breast Massage cream is used to ‘deter bad energy’ (what a joke!) – when it’s a beautifully nurturing cream women can use themselves to support a tender, loving connection with their own body.

And I’d like to ask your writers, HOW ON EARTH they can print something SO DEEPLY INSULTING TO WOMEN in the statement regarding women ‘not allowing their partners to touch them without permission’ – as if this is a bad thing! You are responsible for allowing this to be printed in your publication – in this current day!  Wow!   Exactly whose ‘property’ is my body, I wonder? How can your publication so blatantly print something that so dishonours a woman’s right to consensual intimacy – in these current times? Surely the media can offer a ‘better service’ than this, and seek to expose such misogyny, rather than perpetuate it. Clearly the Finkelstein inquiry’s findings that the media is by and large accountable to no one, and that the Australian Press Council code is only adhered to ‘when it suits’, are demonstrated here. A governing body for the media, with true integrity and authority, is clearly needed.

To bring some personal perspective here, I’d like to share with you some of my own experience with Esoteric Breast Massage. It is a therapy practised with the highest level of ethics, respect and integrity by women, for women. Through this therapy, and indeed through much deepening of awareness overall I have gained from my involvement with Universal Medicine, I have come to know just how precious my own body is, and of the compromises I willingly allowed in the past, in regards to my body. My husband and I – together – have learnt to respect each other so much more deeply, and indeed deepen our level of true intimacy, such that there are no demands, no compromises, and surely NEVER any such expectation that my body, nor his, is there to be ‘touched without permission’. This ‘permission’ needn’t necessarily be spoken, for it is in the main now felt, though verbal communication has been an integral part of bringing us to this point. Surely this is beautiful and ‘healthy’, and surely we are one ‘relationship story’ that has only benefitted from the inspiration we have gained from UniMed. And I note here that no one ever ‘told’ us what to do – we simply found that we were able to give voice to, and honour, what had never truly felt right.  Hence, the irresponsible statements in your article about women also insult men such as my husband who would never touch me without such a permission – men who indeed are very much ‘their own men’ and who do attend Universal Medicine presentations (and in significant numbers, and of their own free choice!).

What I share here only touches the surface of why we attend Uni Med’s presentations, courses and sessions. For we have found that Serge Benhayon speaks words we feel we already know, but that are so little confirmed in our society – words about loving ourselves, and knowing we are indeed ‘worth it’, words about ‘why’ indeed we may not truly love and look after ourselves, and which consider where ‘all this lack of love’ has led us to in the bigger picture as humanity (just refer to Jane Keep’s letter for the stats).

Is it just possible that these words, these modalities, this man and organisation, and indeed many people now such as the highly dedicated practitioners at UniMed Brisbane, and such as Dr Rachel Hall – are actually making a true difference in people’s lives? Is it possible that the medical professionals referring patients to such modalities do so because they know there is another level of care and support here, that in their busy practices they may not have the time to provide? Is it possible that herein exists not a ‘cult’, but a group of people who are not ‘blind followers’ and self-focussed in an exclusive way, but realise the true differences that can be made to all those around us when we start to love and care for ourselves once again? And that there is indeed a great responsibility in everything that we express, and in every choice we make?

There are so many more true, investigative questions to be asked here, and so many amazing stories that can be told. If publications such as yours held any true care and concern for humanity, i.e. they held ‘people’ in as valued a way as I know Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine do, as indeed I and so many others are ever-inspired to do also, then an article such as this could not be printed.

And so I call for a level of ethics and integrity in the media that I’m sure you all do know, and yet may have given up on acting upon. You are indeed capable of stepping up the game. You are indeed in powerful positions to make a true difference in the world yourselves. Perhaps a commensurate apology, i.e. at least a ‘double spread’ on at least pp.6-7 of your publication is a start? Perhaps someone out there can surprise the findings of the Finkelstein inquiry, and actually respect the Australian Press Council’s code on such matters of blatant mistruths being told. And perhaps someone in your industry will look at some of the amazing and true stories that are waiting to be told – and speak to the people so ready to share them. You could fill ‘lifestyle’, ‘health & wellbeing’, and ‘women & men’s sections’ in your publication for years to come, and also, just perhaps, find some true journalistic stories of great merit, such as exactly where Serge Benhayon invests the money Universal Medicine earns from its very reasonably priced courses and services.

399 thoughts on “Letter to the Courier Mail: Misrepresentation of Universal Medicine and Denigration of Women

  1. I believe the denigration of Women is endemic in our society. As an example someone recently wanted to tell me what some friends had got up to at a very famous university. He jokingly told me they founded a club that was for men only and the people that joined this elitist club held the philosophy that dealt with the ethics of pleasure for men. So women were seen as a plaything, something to pick up and put down when boredom set in. So basically they were abused. I asked that the person stop telling me this as I found it very offensive and degrading to woman and they were shocked by my request. Which showed me how some men think nothing of being abusive towards women as though its a natural part of life. But where does this come from? Why is it that beautiful, sensitive boys are allowed or encouraged to grow up with such negative attitudes towards women?

  2. This is a much needed article that expresses the truth in a world where so much untruth unfortunately still abounds.

  3. 6 years on and very little has changed. Not only do we see a press that continues to not investigate the true story and therefore print the truth, those who consume and then believe such media are feeding this. What this also reveals is that anyone at all can be treated in such a way for any reason. So long as it serve the purpose of bringing more readership and viewers.

  4. Blindness is not just a physical condition. You can be energetically blind without the physical aspect. Our vibration sets a limit of how much and how far we can see what is in front of us and put two and two together. Energetic blindness is self generated. Since these people can actually use their eyes, their arrogance is supreme since they will fight that they can see and so, that what they see is the truth and nothing but the truth, even if the truth they cannot see because this is what they have chosen. So, arguing with them is to no avail.

  5. It feels like bully journalism has grown from the schoolyard bully that now has found a broader audience. They now get to hide behind their irresponsible words by using printed and electronic means. Could they be, the people that were bullied and now are just out for there cowardly throwing rocks over the fence?

  6. One could write a dedicated book on the wisdom and teachings of Serge Benhayon and no matter how many volumes we could deliver the Love that Serge has shared would not be explored enough.

  7. Meeting other women through the work of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon has been one of the great experiences of my life. These women don’t pretend to be perfect, but boy are they sweet, honest, openly loving and devoid of nastiness and backbiting. They are a downright a delight to have as friends.

  8. The denigration of women in tabloids and newspapers had become so common place I’m not sure anyone blinks an eyelid, I’m sure this is indiciative of how our standards as a society have slipped and it’s definitely time we correct this and restore absolute respect back into our communities – including in our newspapers and how we treat members of our society who are prepared to dedicate their whole life to making a difference – like Serge Benhayon.

  9. 6 years later and Josh Robertson strikes again! https://www.universalmedicine.news/lies-of-riley-josh-robertson-journo No longer with the tabloid paper the Courier Mail, his emergence this time was under the polished veneer of being an ABC ‘investigative journalist’ with the same old tired story about the ‘big bad Universal Medicine cult’. He even went to the Universal Medicine clinic and filmed clients entering and leaving the premises (I was one of them) and then used this footage without their permission, hoping to make a story out of it, which true to form he did. So on May 2nd 2018, his angle of this entirely fabricated tale was again given oxygen via the airtime the ABC afforded him to try this trick once again with his newly adorned ‘reputable news’ reporter rags on. However it was clearly a case of ‘same mud different bucket’ with the same old references to the Universal Medicine ‘headquarters’ when he was referring to the clinic that is always open to the public (but not to pushy journalists looking for a scoop).

    But what is interesting to note here is that there is still a demand for this sensationalism and these neatly packaged lies that are sold to us as ‘news’ because we the hungry public still want to feed off all this offers us by way of not asking us to go anywhere near the truth of who we are. No, it would seem that the depth of the love, majesty and beauty we all in-truth are, will not be traded for our comfortable nests that keep us ‘safe’ and ‘warm’, that is – blind to the truth of what really goes on. One day we as a society will change, but judging by this situation, this change is still a long way off.

  10. For as long as we accept gutter press, we will be served it. And let us not forget it is we who demand the exact portions we are fed in this banquet of lies, for we have lived so long consuming sub standards that we have forgotten what the taste of truth feels like upon our tongues because we have starved ourselves of this, the very essence of us, for so long. Is this not the greatest tragedy of our human race – that we no longer discern truth from lies and thus are complacent to the true evil that abounds when we stay shackled in our comfortable nests blinded by all that we seek to keep us ‘safe and secure’?

    1. There is a feeling that bully journalism is not dissimilar to propaganda and our history is full of the results of unchecked slander of any group of people for whatever reason. Freedom of speech ends when we do not call out our governments to draw the line on expression when it is harmful or hateful towards others.

  11. Being portrayed as an unintelligent lemming is an insult, particularly when the people portraying me that way have not even enough intelligence to find out the real story.

    1. I agree Heather, and I think such awful misrepresentation says more about the person saying it than the person or people it’s being said about.

  12. I agree Fiona, I am now far more discerning when I read news articles, I look for a balanced view, if an article is one sided it makes you wonder what the other side of the story is and where is the truth in the story.

  13. It is interesting when we live or begin to live a life from true love and the impact it has in society and those around us. No doubt it can stir others and can make them feel very uncomfortable so much so that the only way for them to them feel better is to seek revenge. On the other hand there are those that do say yes such as myself and many, many others that are touched deeply by what is presented because we know and sense truth and choose to be inspired.

  14. Seeing the way that Universal Medicine has been used as fodder for sensationalist ‘news’ pieces, being lied about to generate a story purely to grab readers attention, has opened my eyes more to the level of corruption in our media and has made me more discerning of just what it is that I am reading in the news and not to jump to conclusions from what has been presented as it may well just be the opinion or fabrication of the author and not the truth…

  15. New age medicine is just a false way of framing what Serge Benhayon presents. It is not an innocent way of presenting it to the public. It seeks a result: to make sure that people will run away from it. This false way of framing it is part of a political agenda where the ‘good boys’ are not what they appear to be.

  16. Journalists hold the power to brand an organisation or individual and thereby influence public perception. This is a responsibility that does not seem to be taken seriously and income through sensationalism seems to be the norm. This industry needs to have a look at itself and we the public need to look at what we are asking for in the press, as it is a demand-supply relationship.

  17. As a society we jump very quickly to dismissing anything that is not the norm, but the norm is known by perhaps the last 10 or at best 20 years. The norm is limited to what we see and know with our eyes. The norm is what that cultural or religious race agrees on. But simply change countries, or even religion and the norm is completely different. Universal Medicine are not the norm, and in that they offer a completely different way of experiencing life. One that I personally have benefited greatly from.

  18. The level of care and commitment to themselves and the communities they live and work with continue to inspire others to find a true way of being and living in the world. There is a true story of fact to be written with no fiction required to make it amazing.

  19. I second this Victoria, ‘I call for a level of ethics and integrity in the media that I’m sure you all do know, and yet may have given up on acting upon.’ Bring back integrity and truth.

  20. I would have to agree. Esoteric Breast Massage has reminded me of how gently I can and deserve to be touched. This has changed the way I am with my whole body. Instead of quickly scrubbing myself in the shower or slapping on some face cream, I now do this with lots of care. Once you have felt this preciousness, you are not willing to compromise, nor should you have to.

  21. “The Finkelstein inquiry’s findings that the media is by and large accountable to no one, and that the Australian Press Council code is only adhered to ‘when it suits’ “. Having so much power without accountability or responsibility to the public, makes the media a great weapon for those who would seek to bring down Universal Medicine. In every era there have been men and women brave enough to stand out from the pack and speak a truth that most are not ready to hear. Nailing to the cross, burning at a stake are a thing of the past, so the jealous, the reactive and the empty torture by lies and slander delivered by a corrupt media.

  22. Thanks for writing this letter Victoria, with not living in Australia my finger is not always on the pulse (something I should ask myself why not maybe) with what is going on especially ill articles that are written regarding Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine but as you clearly state here the whole ethos of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine is about unity, relationships and family (as in in truth humanity is all one family .. this I wholeheartedly know to be true). This indeed is irresponsible journalism. As to making a mockery of women giving their consent in a relationship this is not something to be laughed about but especially with regards to the abuse we currently have in the world something we should take very seriously and have many discussions about.

  23. In this world of busyness, sexting, tinder, false eye lashes, and tattoos, the Esoteric Breast Massage cream stands out as a product that brings lightness and tenderness to a woman. Its about time someone offered true care for women.

  24. There is a strong thread here of not only denigration of an establishment that in no way deserves it, but of women in general. And there is a long history of that. The media is simply a modern day version of the witch trials of old.

  25. Again another detailed well-written blog by a student of Universal Medicine covering the information and truth to answer questions, and also insite more — to empower people to make better choices. It’s a reflection on Universal Medicine. A lesson for the media and journalists alike. And I wonder, how many follow-up stories were actually instigated or did the journalists and media personnel just return to their ways – a sign it is not easy to change. That’s why Universal Medicine is that anecdote to change because truth is painful to face.

  26. ‘Rebalance’ indeed Samantha and all commenters here. And exposure – deep exposure of a media that would prefer to callously relay falsity over the integrity and truth we deserve.
    Evidenced by countless stories of lives transformed in ways that are simply not being seen across our societies elsewhere – true and lasting change, connection to purpose and meaningfulness in life, a sustainability of joy in one’s daily experience…
    Geez, if I read in the newspapers what’s going on here with students of Universal Medicine, I’d be saying “I’ll have what she’s having” thanks very much! How is this possible? It’s potent, and so deeply needed in the chaotic and disturbed world of our times.

  27. So many Amazing true stories of people changing their lives, health and well-being and vitality well – being abundant, chronic illness being healed, lives being turned around….where is this magic occurring ….? All over the world, due to that fact that people are waking up to the power of CHOICE….and INSPIRATION….? Buckets of it, Universal Medicine, worth writing a true article about.Speaking up on an blog like this is essential, rebalance.

  28. I agree that denigrating women is not acceptable, yet it creeps into so many aspects of our society and how women are typically depicted in the media is unflattering to say the least. In this so called age of empowerment, we still are given a lot of disrespect and not many women speak out about it. It is time this changed.

  29. The denigration of women has sadly seeped into our society and been perpetuated largely by the media and if not, certainly not condemned as it should be… and so today it is considered somewhat normal and an undercurrent that few are prepared to speak out about. Thank you for speaking up…. women deserve more than the messages that are being allowed to permeate our lives.

  30. Brilliantly written Victoria, great call – “Surely the media can offer a ‘better service’ than this, and seek to expose such misogyny, rather than perpetuate it.”

  31. Indeed in these current time we need to make space for women to be women. They have been “head hunted” for long enough. Why? Maybe because they bring a stillness and a grace if they are allowed to just be themselves and that seems to be a threat to some or many. So great call Victoria, in so many cases, instances and structurally-wise contexts are women denigrated and pushed down to keep quiet or wanted to “stay in their place” but it’s time to set women free to be themselves because we need it. We need that graceful reflection here on earth desperately so.

  32. The stories of Universal Medicine, and the success of the healing therapies that they offer could fill volumes of books. These stories are true stories that will inspire the world.

  33. i do enjoy seeing how many people are speaking up and categorically setting the record straight. These journalists have missed the scoop of the century, and this is because the public are content with sensationalism and gossip, and not in truly addressing or appreciating what Universal Medicine (UM) is offering the world. For those who chose it, UM is the best organisation ever, its principals are simple and life changing and accessible for anyone, from any walk of life. Lets pray a true journalist comes along and reports the truth, the public have the right to hear about this.

  34. Hear hear Victoria – this is a blog I missed reading at the time – and I am so blessed to read this today. The message is no less in power, and I too stand by you in all that you have shared as Truth.Thank you for speaking up on behalf of us all as women, and as men, for re-estabishing the respect that was attempted to be obliterated for all of us as women, but also for Rachel Hall, a renown and deeply caring woman and dentist.

  35. It is beyond words extraordinary that a newspaper can imply that women don’t get to decide when or who touches their body. Extraordinary in a really bad way.

  36. A stunning letter Victoria… addressing many of the misrepresentations and outright lies perpetuated by these Courier Mail publications. It is interesting to feel also, now nearly 4 years on, that little that was expressed so eloquently and fully, such as this piece of writing, has become common truth. It does make me wonder what it will take for the populace to rise up in unison to say no more.

  37. Thankyou Victoria for sharing your letter, as a woman who chooses to attend Universal Medicine presentations, workshops and their clinic I wholeheartedly agree with all you have shared. This line really stood out for me about the media “Some publications – many having also adopted the convenience of ‘copy & paste’ journalism – did publish apologies &/or removed their articles from online editions when they started getting the true story.” It’s amazing that the media are not thoroughly checking they have the true story in the first place, that is what journalists are trained to do.

  38. What you write here, Victoria, is proven to be true. Since you wrote this letter there have been countless stories about wellbeing, women’s and men’s health, stories about miracles that happen on a day to day basis in students of Universal Medicine’s lifes. And we are just starting.

  39. To misrepresent the modality of EBM by skewing it with personal and suggestive opinion is a catastrophe towards the modality as it is towards women’s health.

    1. Yes Johannebrown17, to misrepresent and malign the EBM modality is a travesty and one we must not allow to dominate. Thank goodness for initiatives such as the new Foundational Breast Care site... bringing the truth of breasts and the EBM not only into the foreground for all men and women to access, but also holding nothing back in terms of the true purpose and role of a woman’s breasts.

  40. “And so I call for a level of ethics and integrity in the media that I’m sure you all do know, and yet may have given up on acting upon. You are indeed capable of stepping up the game. You are indeed in powerful positions to make a true difference in the world yourselves.” Good call Victoria. One day the truth will out and apologies will be forthcoming. Society is beginning to wake up and no longer accepting cyber abuse – which will be silenced eventually.

    1. There is a lot of groundwork to be done meanwhile, isn’t there sueq2012… And yes, these editors and their scribes were fully called to account. What effect did it have? Who knows in the face of such off-the-scale arrogance that printed this in the first place… Yet this does not daunt the commitment to truth and integrity that every one of us deserves to have, and express, and have restored with our media also.

  41. So true the modality of the EBM reconnects a women with how precious she truly is. I know I have found this challenging, supportive and expanding as it has allowed me to feel more of who I am underneath the protection and habits I have been carrying around for so many years. An awesome modality, that people can attempt to degrade by ‘smutty’ and ‘derogatory’ comments but this will never take a way the true quaility integrity and purpose of this modality for women, by women.

    1. It is a modality that is supportive for women beyond measure davidsonsamantha. To so misrepresent and seek to debase it is to seek to suppress women in the most heinous and deliberate way. What these so-called journalists put in print – and got away with doing – is criminal in my opinion.

  42. Many people in the world are unwilling to stand up for what is true.
    Many are comfortable in their own lives and don’t care about what happens to their neighbour, unless there is a legal obligation. Neighbour is referring to anyone on this planet.

    We can’t keep hiding our heads in our little patch in the world, we are all here to work together to create a life we all deserve to live.

    If I were to ever answer the question to the meaning of life the answer would be people.

    1. Words of absolute truth Luke Yokota. The media onslaught that occurred (and can still ‘flare’) of misrepresentation and mistruths targeting Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine certainly has taught me a lot, and opened my eyes to what you share here. For I well knew the endemic corruption and lies that could be brazenly published by our media – we all know… But it was not until it came with personal repercussions and in complete opposition to the actual truth of the matter, that I finally sat back and realised that we all have a part to play in this. Sitting back only allows the rot to fester and spread.
      There is much, much work yet to do. And I agree, making everything about people – and that each and every one of us matters – is where we truly need to go. We have been so deeply given up on this.

  43. I can feel your loving strength, power and complete dedication to the truth throughout your letter Victoria – absolute love in expression highlighting the corrupt, irresponsible and downright tacky culture that pervades journalism today.

  44. Thank you Victoria, for calling these journalists – and all others – to clear account here. It really does have to be looked at, for the ridiculousness it is, when Universal Medicine can be painted in such a light and on the next page a sports star who bashes someone on the field is glorified the very next week. It makes NO sense.
    Here we have a man (Serge Benhayon), that is dedicated to love for all humanity, and re-establishing a way of being that is truly harmonious – and there is surprise or derision that there is a large number of people that decide to learn from him… what sense does this make? The answer is none. If we want to truly evolve as humanity then someone needs to take the lead, and we all have the opportunity to feel that this leadership is equally in us. Our brothers need us to live with more love to be inspired, and this is exactly what Serge is showing us.

    1. Well said Amelia. And true inspiration and responsible leadership is what the media article here referred to lacks at every turn – it offers the complete opposite.
      This could only ‘make sense’ as you say, in the hearts of those intent on crushing the truth – or at the very least having so little care for it as to create whatever falsities they like, in order to fulfil what so many aspects of our current media juggernauts run upon: ill-founded sensationalist trash and lies, that have completely left true care and responsibility in journalism – for people – out of the equation.
      There simply cannot be enough stating of how destructive such behaviour actually is for our societies.

  45. It is a therapy practised with the highest level of ethics, respect and integrity by women, for women. Hear, Hear Victoria! This level of integrity is not known commonly in our World and would assume that is why they have denigrated the modality, through ignorance and lack of understanding. The modality itself is life changing and I would HIGHLY recommend it to all women young or old, sick or ‘healthy’, small or big etc… Its transformational.

    1. I’m not one to cry ‘misogynist’ with regularity or abandon Donna. But the statement about women ‘not allowing their partners to touch them without permission’ defies all sane notions of equality and responsibility in media. The slurs on women here feel to hold deliberate intent – to diminish and nullify the authority of voice of any woman who does know the truth here, such as yourself Donna, and the women who were interviewed prior to this story’s publication (and completely misrepresented, if represented at all).
      Absolutely disgraceful.
      And I agree, the modality of Esoteric Breast Massage has been life changing for me also – it is no small thing to ill-represent.

  46. How about the true story in this, as you have exposed, the media do not always wish to write the true story …”Surely also there is a true story as to why such respected medical practitioners as your article refers to, do refer patients to Universal Medicine trained practitioners for additional support?” There are many amazing reclamation of health and well being true stories involving Universal Medicine and the modalities that it shares and they would support the public so much to know about them.

    1. Absolutely Samantha. We appear to have a media that is not conducive to the reality of miracles – yet with our work here, this can and will inevitably change. The state of the media is our own construct, we have allowed it to be as it is, haven’t we…

  47. Thanks Victoria for speaking out on behalf of Universal Medicine and those associated with it. It’s clear that, as some time has passed since those reports were published, that the media has no interest in putting together a story using responsible, ethical and truthful journalism to correct the lies that have been told originally. I am grateful that there are many students who have have taken a stand and written letters to the media and/or published blogs such as this one to help rebalance the situation somewhat. This, combined with the fact that the student body has grown over the years, is testimony to the fact that people can feel the truth for themselves behind the words presented via Universal Medicine.

    1. Agreed gilesch. The thing is, anyone can write to a paper, an editor, a publisher, a journalist… I had never done so before outrageous misinformation such as the Courier Mail published went to press. Every voice counts, including here on this blog – for we are reclaiming what has been held back for so long – and hence the stench we so commonly find ourselves standing in!

  48. Why is it ok for women to be portrayed in this manner yet if it was happening to men it would certainly be presented in a different manner. It’s so simple to degrade a woman as unknowing or naive to the ways of the world this has been happening for 1000,s of years. Yet if history tells us women have also been the ones to make change and stand tall for the rights of all. Thats right for all not for just themselves.

    1. True Gail. There would be an outrage if men were so blatantly demeaned. A conniving ploy to silence and make irrelevant many voices that can and do speak for all – well said.

  49. ​I feel that some day a lot of journalists will be angry with themselves because they missed the chance to report about the amazing philosophical, healing, science and religious organisation that is Universal Medicine, a symbol and a livingness of a new era for humanity. AND there are also journalists and newspapers – so-called ‘responsible’ persons and organisations – who will have to face the fact that they tried to bring what I know to be a true gift of God down. Maybe they will even go down in history for this irresponsible reporting (or non-reporting) – like others before. Sooner or later we all have to take responsibility for our actions, or inaction.

    1. I love what you’ve written Sandra. It is a collective movement – a choice really – to take responsibility as you’ve said, and no longer live with the blinkered eyes we once did (I know I did – though I still knew what was going on).
      The state of play can change, as more and more of us emerge from what seems like centuries of defeatism.

  50. The fact that many women attend Universal Medicine events is actually a testament to the man that Serge Benhayon is. There is not one ounce of anything that could remotely harm a woman in his body, which is a lot more than a lot of men in this day and age. Many men, such as your husband Victoria, and many others I know have embraced living a life from their gorgeous tenderness and grace as inspired by Serge. Being around these men feels deeply honouring, and deeply sacred which is in stark contrast to a lot of experiences I have had with men over my life span. Having this relationship with these men is deeply healing, and allows me to feel more of the sacredness I am as a woman, which is not something society at large supports, but so sorely needs. Together we as men and women can support each other to go deeper with our tenderness, and this is a beautiful process to see unfold.

    1. Beautifully described Amelia. Our media should be celebrating remarkable changes such as this that have occurred in relationships and interplay between men and women – rather than propping up invented accusations (with no substance) of a few completely off-beam cyber-bullies who appear to get off on their lies having some influence and/or impact. Such behaviour is seriously not ok.

  51. This letter has a lot of power through its truth and heart-felt expression of love. A reminder to all of the power behind embracing the truth in all we say and do throughout every part of our lives. Thank you Victoria.

    1. It is indeed the very responsibility we all have Joshua, I agree. To embrace and live truth, to the best of our ability. It requires a consistent focus, and ever-openness to there being yet deeper layers to reveal, that we may come to know an absoluteness of truth.
      I certainly make no claim to live this 100%, but feel the call to such a dedicated way – inspired beyond measure by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  52. Fantastic letter, Victoria – written with such truth, authority and love.

  53. When you sidestep truth, the only story you end up with is a lie. Thankyou Victoria for telling it like it is and being a clear example of how easy it is to deliver truth when you have made the choice to live it.

    1. Beautifully said Liane. Truth has to be lived first before one can express it. When we live without truth we only end up with lies and this goes for all areas of our lives.

  54. Victoria you have absolutely nailed it with all you have shared. There is a true and life changing story to be told by the many people who have completely transformed their lives with support of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine including myself.

  55. Could it be that there are no journalists… yet, that can feel what the real story is? Could they all be that numb that, Aliens from Mars living next door in Sidney and Universal Medicine is a cult deploys the same investigative research to each… none. Writing rubbish may temporarily slow the magnetic pull but will never stop it. In the end the only thing that will erode away are the distractions.

  56. What is disturbing about this is how many other newspapers picked up the story without verifying it, and while some apologised, others blatantly disregarded the many letters and responses outlining the facts. In some cases media outlets may be so sold-out that they choose to print lies even when they understand it’s not the truth. They may be so far from integrity and decency that they fully intend to harm others salaciously for grubby money. This is complete irresponsibility and disrespect to the public.

    1. I wasn’t aware Melinda that many other newspapers picked up the story too. It shows how things get bastardised. It only takes one person to not deliver the truth of something as it is for that to happen. Anyone that then picks it up thereafter, if they don’t discern and enquire as to whether it is true or not we’ve lost the original pure essence of whatever was delivered. In our modern age of the Internet we are called to bring more attention to this as not everything that we read is the truth.

    1. That is most surely will Kathryn. And I know I for one, can feel the immensity of what is ahead, as we don’t hold back on truth. In standing in and by the truth, the divinity I know as who I am is only but strengthened in its very foundation in my everyday – a far greater knowing and absolute Joy to live, than any resistant or critical voices that may seek to hinder the truth we all deserve to know and live by.

  57. Powerful stuff Victoria, the truth in what you express cannot be denied and your voice speaks volumes. It is time the media looks deeper into the way it continually chooses to misrepresent the truth, for whose benefit I may ask. What gain comes from bending the truth? My feeling is it exposes the way such journalists are choosing to live, but could the gift of presenting the truth as it is actually lead to greater health, vitality and more joy for such newspapers readers? I think so. Perhaps it is time we give people within society the benefit of the doubt, that they themselves may be able to decide and feel for themselves what is true, rather than offering the alternative journalistic spin of lies.

    1. You are correct Jade. Readerships – people – do indeed know better. And yet, we continue to buy and support such media that does a great injustice to the word ‘media’ and those in the journalistic professions who do stand in integrity and sincere concern for all.

  58. Thank you Victoria for a very clearly written article, exposing the utter dishonesty behind what had been written about Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine, practitioners and students. All the suffering that has been created through these articles could have been avoided by ethical journalism. If the true story had been told who knows how many people would have read it and been inspired to look into Universal Medicine further for themselves.

  59. Thank you Victoria for a great article, it feel like you have covered all the bases with truth.

  60. Thank you Victoria for the care you have taken in your heartfelt letter to the Courier Mail. You have called them all to account on so many valid points that they would do well to give much consideration to from the outright lies and deliberate sensationalism in the manner of writing to the shockingly misogynistic denigration of women. One day the true story will be told and humanity will feel the benefit and appreciate the power of dedicated journalists writing with integrity.

  61. As it is the media’s game is to participate in campaigns of misinformation then I wholeheartedly thank you for standing up against such an injustice and exposing such a truly appalling article for what it is, whilst delivering so powerfully the truth that we all only ever deserve to read. Thank you.

  62. We all have the power to choose all the time. We can do the right choice or the wrong one.
    What is the right choice? It is choosing something that brings a great reflection and evolution and, therefore, that cannot leave anyone worse off.
    What is a wrong choice? One that harms.
    When a journalist and a newspaper choose to harm they commit a brutal exercise of irresponsibility that has to be called out. So, thank you Victoria for having done so in such an eloquent way.

    1. Thank you Eduardo, I agree that Victoria’s writing here is a testimony to the strength of speaking up and speaking the truth. I was always one that stayed silent and hoping that someone else would do it (speak up). More and more I am feeling how important it is for me to speak up and say the truth as I become aware of the ripple effect staying silent has on others. By staying silent it confirms that secrets and lies are OK, which they are not.

      1. That is exactly what I have done also Shevonsimon, stay silent and waited for someone else to speak up, while I strongly felt that it is not right what has been said or published. For to long I have kept myself silenced and we only have to look around in our societies to see what this has brought to us.

      2. Powerfully said Shevon and nvanhaastrecht. Our holding back on the truth only serves to fuel those who would and could so wilfully disregard it. Every one of us is responsible for the media we have today, the subterfuge of our politicians, and the systems that do not support us in the ways that they rightly should – including those regulatory bodies which purport to stand as a watchdog for our media (which are by and large themselves severely lacking, and pawns of a corrupt system).

  63. The sorry state of journalism is a reflection of our lack of expression. Our silence contributes to the ever increasing sensationalism of the mass media but as a student body we have the capacity to drown the lies by speaking the truth.

  64. Yes Victoria, Josh Robertson interviewed Penny Scheenhouwer and myself just days before this article went to print and was given all the facts. He knew there was no cult headquarters, that we were an independant business to Universal Medicine Goonellabah, and that we operated there as self-employed tenants, no different to any other tenancy arrangement. This was all made VERY clear to him. And yet he wrote the exact opposite. So yes, his story was clearly already written, and he had no care for the truth, only a sensational story.

    1. Wow Jenny I never knew that. Thank you for sharing. A clear example of the damaging affects of how when we’ve made our minds up about something or someone we will narrowly focus on what will confirm that view, rather than staying open to the truth of what’s happened. In this case with Josh Robertson and Liam Walsh saying that they gave a narrow focus isn’t even correct, they just lied. That is even more hurtful.

    2. What does this all say about the state of our journalism today? If there a papers that are more willing to print lies whilst knowing the truth…

      1. Perhaps it’s because en-masse we haven’t asked for the Truth and so have been satisfied with and accepting of the watered down versions and lies. With Victoria’s letter and more of us standing up and saying ‘No this is not right’ and ‘We want to read Truth’ things can start to change. As consumers and readers we hold a lot of power.

      2. Absolutely Shevon – it is true and exposing to feel how much I have allowed lies to be printed but I also love the fact that it is all in our own hands because that gives the power back to us all to make a change.

  65. I loved reading your letter Victoria, your passion, sense of natural justice and commitment shining through in every word. I was so moved to be privy to the beautiful unfolding of your initmate relationship which is founded on true relating and deep respect for one another. These and so many more exquisite life principles are offered by Serge Benhayon in his presentations.

    1. Thank-you Jennifer. Such healing, and the discovery of what true relationships can actually be, cannot be held back, nor reserved just for ourselves. Your words are deeply appreciated, as is the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and the unequalled difference it has made in the real, everyday aspects of the lives of so very many.

  66. Spot on Victoria. Spoken with such truth for all of humanity as we all suffer when we have a divisive and corrupt media. We need to ponder on why people are screaming out for more drama from the media instead of being presented with amazing truths, health and well being knowledge. The distraction of the drama only deflects looking at our own lives, albeit very fleeting. Calling the media out like this is the beginning of the end for this kind of journalism.

    1. The ‘beginning of the end for this kind of journalism’ – love it Tracy, and I feel the power in your every word here. The calling to account will continue.

  67. Watch out any reporter or media authority that DARES to publish lies about Universal Medicine. Thank you Victoria, loved this letter.

    1. Thank-you Harry. It’s a no-brainer to call out such utter irresponsibility that keeps large sectors of the media in the gutter. There is no true service to the readership in such tripe (but I’m insulting ‘tripe’ now…), only the abhorrent fuelling of a feeding frenzy of sensationalist stimulation, that seeks to keep ‘the many’ distracted away from dealing with their own lives, and just perhaps getting in touch with the gloriousness of our true nature.
      Any one of us who know the truth can write such a letter.

  68. I have the impression that the journalists who wrote this article actually care nought for its truthfulness. I wonder if they were pushed for time, didn’t have a story to print, didn’t give a toss of whether this one was truth or not, just needed a bit of sensational headlines to get the story out and get the dollars in the door? Might seem like small fry and not a big deal to them, but one day, possibly in a quiet moment the truth and depth of what a disgusting act this was will dawn, and the understanding of the ill thought out decision will become apparent. Only then will the possibility of revisiting their murky past be possible… In the meantime those who have had the great privilege of attending a Universal Medicine workshop or healing session know what rot, lies and fiction the article was …

    1. Well said Heather. Yes we can’t get away from any of our actions no matter how seemingly ‘small’. The ripple effect of publishing that article in the Courier Mail has been huge, as I feel it defames the reputation of a highly reputable organisation (Universal Medicine) and people (those associated with Universal Medicine). Thank goodness those many of us who have had direct contact with Universal Medicine have chosen to speak up and out, reveal the facts and say what IS true.

    2. Yes agreed Heather. And I personally would not hesitate to lean in the direction of calling to account the deliberateness of such irresponsibility in journalism – the sheer scale of the facts misrepresented, and relevant sources actually interviewed (the facts they shared being blatantly omitted), points to deliberate intention indeed. This is not callousness, but something I personally can describe as no less than criminal.

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