The Real Meaning of Healing

by Rowena Stewart, England

When I first met Serge Benhayon, I felt tired, frumpy and fat. At the time I considered myself to be a life-long student, practitioner and teacher of kinesiology, and ran a very successful kinesiology clinic with my partner. However, we were also both overweight, consumed too much alcohol, chocolate and coffee, worked too hard and argued a lot. Added to this I was pre-diabetic, had endometriosis, suffered from migraines, depression, had a slipped disc and underlying exhaustion. In short, I wasn’t very well.

I had, like plenty of other people in the world, a professional persona and a private one, and at times they were greatly at odds with one another. I knew that drinking alcohol wasn’t a great thing to do and would often vow to cut down on my intake, but every Friday night my partner and I would slump exhausted onto the sofa and out would come the wine and chocolate. It felt like a treat at the end of a long week.

In April 2006 a friend and colleague invited us to join a workshop given by a “very interesting man”. He shared a few pieces of intriguing information that seemed radically at odds with our current philosophies. We were interested in discovering more and signed up to go on a Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 1 course.

As the course unfolded there appeared to be a few fundamental points that create the platform for true healing. On the basis that everything in the world is made of energy, there are in fact two types of energy: one is the energy of love, and the other is an energy that is not love. We were introduced to a beautifully simple breathing technique that enabled us to connect with the energy of love within us, and then taken through some practical exercises that allowed us to feel the tangible difference between these two energies. It was like choosing between a warm bath and a cold shower. This was very new to me, but from now on I was suddenly very sure about which energy I wanted to start choosing.

The second point built on the first. If everything is energy, then there is no magic boundary between the professional persona and the private one. I realised that, like it or not, everything that I did privately had been joining in with my professional work. It didn’t matter how qualified I might be, all those emotional dumping, wine swigging, chocolate scoffing, coffee guzzling little moments had been accompanying me into my clinic room and mingling with my healing sessions. Oh my God, why hasn’t someone said this before?

The next profound point was that in every other healing modality, alternative and orthodox, the focus is always on the client and their body. As practitioners, we never pay attention to what is happening in our own bodies, and hence are not caring for ourselves as we might. If we are serious about healing, then we need to be focussing on connecting to love and creating a loving way of life, so that when we step into the clinic room we bring with us all the love we have been living. Healing is about love first and foremost, not knowledge or formulae, and if we truly want to heal, then we truly need to immerse ourselves in love first!

During the course, the firm focus was on connecting to and feeling a delicious and divine energy of love in our own bodies, and to stay with it using the breathing technique. Using this as the fundamental principle we paired up and began some guided ‘hands on’ sessions. We put our hands on the other person’s body, all the while focussing on our breath and letting the other person’s body get on with the healing. As I lay on the couch, memories of past traumas, of which there have been many, began evaporating out of my body. Ten years of kinesiology had never done that.

The morning after the course we both had a healing session with Serge Benhayon, and this time I could fully appreciate and feel all of the truth of what he had spent the last two days presenting. Serge was simply the most astute, honourable and trustworthy man I have ever had the privilege to meet, and this session the most direct healing I had ever experienced. Serge simply felt astonishingly transparent. It was very evident, (and still is today) that there were no dual personas with this man; he walked his talk in every conceivable way possible. We never spoke about alcohol or drinking in my session – just focussed on my depression. However, from that day forward, wine, no matter how splendid the vintage or grape, just smells of vinegar and is rather off-putting. Going teetotal is one of the most natural things I have ever done.

In over 26 years of combined experience in the field of alternative medicine, neither my partner nor I had ever been introduced to such an easy way to discern energy, or such a commonsense approach to health and healing. When we attended this course, it was with the firm expectation of going home with some brand new tools under our belt to offer our clients. What we ended up with was a completely new healing paradigm and an awful lot of questions. It was very evident to us that whatever we had spent the last ten years plus doing, it wasn’t healing – and subsequently put into question all of our long held business plans. Over the ensuing months we began to cut our ties with kinesiology and transform not only our working practice but also our day-to-day living, and six years on we are very different people enjoying a very different relationship.

The task of building a ‘body of love’ with which to work soon became a path of just naturally discovering what supported me and us and what didn’t. I began to feel that all the things I had considered to be ‘treats’ – staying up late to watch a movie, coffee with cream, ice cream, cakes and chocolate – in fact made me really ill. Compared to this delicious warm energy I could feel inside me, I began to know what the word ‘treat’ really meant. It is a ‘treat’ to feel well, and so I continued the process of finding out what heals me and what harms me and the beauty of it is, it’s my call… not some imposed dictate. All Serge had done and continues to do to this day, is gracefully reflect how to love ourselves. One of the main things he encourages us to do is feel for ourselves. If we discern the world on an energetic basis first and trust our own feelings, we can never be fooled.

Over six years my blood sugar level has returned to normal and I have lost weight without trying, in fact I feel like I have got a slow puncture. My endometriosis has almost entirely cleared up and my periods are becoming, wait for it, joyful! My slipped disc slipped back and my migraines are now mi-gones. That ever so constant and underlying depression and exhaustion vanished, and my relationship with my beautiful husband is playful, honest, supportive and yes, loving. Learning to love and nurture myself is still a process of trial and error, but now I am a lifelong student of Me and my day-to-day living. There is no qualification at the end, and by its very nature this journey will always be on-going.

I stepped back from treating. I have issues to heal and I was pretending to be the perfect practitioner – never a good thing – particularly as it is an impossibility. I had to learn to make loving choices just for me, not because I was an esoteric practitioner. Throughout the entire process all I have ever experienced is love and support from Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine team. Love after all is not about what I do, what I know or pertain to be. Love is who I am and that applies to every one of us in equal measure. I know now that healing comes from me choosing love and permeates everything I do. It does not come from affirmations, tapping points, the latest modality or prescribed formulas. Healing is about taking responsibility for the choice of energy behind my behaviour, thoughts and emotions, nurturing my body and living each day with grace, ready and willing to do whatever is required.

Thank you Serge Benhayon, for so solidly and consistently reflecting with such loving regard for all humanity, that there is a true way to live on this planet – a way full of grace, tenderness and harmony – a way that makes the ordinary life extraordinary to live.

151 thoughts on “The Real Meaning of Healing

  1. ‘The next profound point was that in every other healing modality, alternative and orthodox, the focus is always on the client and their body.’ Great point Rowena, because we have to ask if we as clients are discerning enough to realise that what every practitioner does in their own time is energetically passed to us, we have to either allow our body space to deal with it, or it stays in the body until it gets cleared, or eventually comes out as some form of illness.

  2. Beautiful to read your transformation and how lovingly you honoured yourself by restoring the natural flow of love and self-care within your own body, a great realisation of the true responsibility you have to yourself and clients.

  3. Rowena I very much love what you say about healing…”I know now that healing comes from me choosing love and permeates everything I do. It does not come from affirmations, tapping points, the latest modality or prescribed formulas.” I know I have been caught up in various healing modalities having the so called latests techniques. Being caught up in the ‘modality is healing’ way of thinking, leaves us constantly searching for more though. That was me. Looking for more that would add to my practice. What was missing was my connection to me and the acknowledgment of how I was choosing to live and the influence this has on my own life.

  4. It is truly important to really understand the depth of what the Word healing truly means. It is about re-introducing a higher level of vibration into a body that been operating in a ‘lower frequency’, as a result of which is truly disordered inside.

  5. It is now 12 years since we attended that first healing course with Serge Benhayon and the healing still continues and the appreciation of Serge and what he presents deepens with every day.

  6. Great summary of the life changing changes that Sacred Esoteric Healing offers us – and as you say, no magic formulas, no special potions, no spells; just plain and simple common sense when it comes to lifestyle choices and the wherewithal to be honest and take responsibility for our choices in life.

  7. We can’t be hard on ourselves in building a body of love. As Love is already us, anything other than love cannot bring us to love. And building a body Love comes from this Love deepening naturally rather than enforcing.

  8. This is a brilliant sharing and exposes so much of what healing is not by claiming exactly what healing and quality of energy is. Rowena you blow me away by the changes you have made in such a simple and loving way… it was beautiful to read. I had studied kinesiology and reiki and had not once heard about how I live in all areas of my life are with me always. This should be the very first thing learnt with any form of healing.

  9. The purpose of building a body of love is not for our self or personal life being better but it can have these results, but it is because only through a body of love can love be lived unreservedly in reflection for this pretty sick world of ours to feel the that there is without doubt another way.

  10. Treats can make us dependent on an external source of reward that will have us constantly looking outside of ourselves instead of building the confirmation of our qualities and thus intrinsic value from within.

  11. I really love how you talk about building a body of love. It feels so clear to me that that is not about trying to attain something we do not have, but it is about listening to and adhere to what is natural and innate to us so that that essence, what is true, come to the forefront and not masked or buried by what does not belong.

  12. This is really an extraordinary blog, your whole way of viewing the world, viewing healing, and your way of life changed. Kudos for honouring the truth you felt and deconstructing your life and career to honour this – amazing. The quality of love you now live means your clinic is every moment of everyday everywhere, as you are now sharing your love with the whole of humanity – surely the most healing thing we can each experience from another.

  13. Like you got your insight about healing and was ready to be honest about it you knew you had to let go of alot.
    And this counts for all people who are ready to be honest about there parts in life where they keep lies.
    And the good thing is that when we wake up about certain areas in our life all life gets a new level of awareness.

  14. It’s amazing to consider how many modalities make it all about the client, and for the practitioner it’s look and be professional but beyond that, nothing in how the practitioner lives and is, is considered a part of it. And yet it is, and this in fact applies to all work, all situations … we vainly cling to the idea that we can have our own private idahos’ but this is not true and there is a responsibility for all of us here to consider in all we do, have we chose the energy of love or not?

  15. Your blog is like a case study Rowena – a study of the power of choosing to be love in your life. Awesome, thank you, for choosing to be love is what truly makes a difference in our lives.

  16. Healing is all about energy and understands that we are first energetic beings and physical beings second. All illness and disease are energy and healing is simply the removal of the energy causing them. This removal of energy is not done by the practitioner, but rather the practitioner assists the client to heal themselves.

    1. It’s such a powerful discernment and exposes many therapies, the needs of the practitioner to be ‘the healer’, and for the client to need to have it all done for them. Yes we can be supported but the basis for healing comes from our equality as souls and the free will we have to heal and take responsibility for ourselves or not.

  17. “Oh my God, why hasn’t someone said this before?” But have we said it to ourselves? If you visit a GP who is overweight and smokes, will you listen to advice that you should lose weight and stop smoking? And with Serge Benhayon it is the truth of the way he lives in every moment that we feel and inspires us to come to this same truth.

  18. Rowena, everyone working in healing should read this, it’s not something that’s given consideration that healing is to live it yourself first and that what you live is always with you, and not left at your clinic door. I love this line ‘Healing is about taking responsibility for the choice of energy behind my behaviour, thoughts and emotions, nurturing my body and living each day with grace, ready and willing to do whatever is required.’ That’s it in a nutshell, and I really appreciate your honesty here, thank you.

  19. I do know that too, that lovely warm feeling inside from me connecting to love instead of the not love I used to live for a long time. Once I felt this love and registered in my body I will not accept anything less, only looking for ways of healing to allow that connection to that love to deepen and in that I can say that I have made this my way of living.

  20. I love how you have turned around your health and life, what Serge Benhayon presents makes so much sense, and yes more love is needed both for self and the world, ‘we need to be focusing on connecting to love and creating a loving way of life, so that when we step into the clinic room we bring with us all the love we have been living.’

  21. Reconnecting to who we are, love, and living in that connection feels amazing, ‘ Love is who I am and that applies to every one of us in equal measure.’

  22. There is nothing more joyfull than connecting to the love we are inside. Knowing and understanding life from the principals of The way of the livingness is a true joy.

    1. Hi Benkt, and the joy you are talking about is not to compare with happiness, it is more profound and felt in the body as a vibrancy inside while the body is in stillness. When we compare this with happiness that is more external and brings excitement to the body instead I can say I prefer to have joy and let happiness aside.

  23. It was so lovely to come back to your beautiful blog today Rowena, such a great reminder of how far I too have come since my first ever workshop with Serge Benhayon 12 years ago. And I too had so many “Oh my God, why hasn’t someone said this before?” moments as Serge began to present that day, and I am still having them as he continues to present the Ageless Wisdom to the world. I have come to realise though that I have always had this wisdom deep within me, I just didn’t have the ‘key’ to open this door. When Serge presented me with this ‘key’ I grabbed it with both hands with the knowing that this is what I had been seeking outside of myself for so very long.

  24. the power of reflection is amazing – in what Serge Benhayon so consistently reflects and now so many others like you also, no words even needed as your reflection says it all.

  25. “We were introduced to a beautifully simple breathing technique that enabled us to connect with the energy of love within us”. This tool changed my life instantly. Knowing where your at via this connection is the most beautiful thing that shows not only you what you need to work on but others too. Absolute honesty reflects the love of life – “a way that makes the ordinary life extraordinary to live.”

  26. “I realised that, like it or not, everything that I did privately had been joining in with my professional work.” It’s a hard pill to swallow knowing your professionalism is a product of who you are in your personal life too. Integrity cannot be turned off and on. Good and nice can be and I feel it is just a cover up from where you are not living integrity in your private life.

  27. There are some extraordinary changes in health listed on this blog. Things that were considered normal and some considered a part of life all null and void from choosing love first. Is this as simple as it is? Here is part of the evidence and there are many others to make up a whole catalogue of healing from people making this simple yet significant change to their life and life style. You would think from a blog so significant like this one you would see people knocking the door down to know how it was done but there isn’t. It begs the question then do we truly want change or do we just want an easy fix that gives us permission to keep going down the same track? Change like the detail in this blog is not possible but a certainty when you choose love truly over and above all else.

  28. this is an amazing illustration of how normalised so many harmful things have become in our daily lives – as you working as a health care practitioner was not considering anything wrong with consuming alcohol, caffeine, chocolate and sugar just for a start, even when your body was clearly showing signs of strain. It goes to show how society as a whole has been (willingly) indoctrinated or lulled into a false normal… and the results are a society that is crumbling under chronic ill health conditions and obesity and a government that is being crushed by the cost of its health services. It is well time to reconsider what is true Healing and what is possible for all of us to live if we so choose.

  29. To rekindle that gorgeous feeling of love in our bodies, to bring that as a focus into everything we do and everything we are… such a simple technique yet so all encompassing and enriching. To be re-introduced to that is a gift from heaven.

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