A Personal Perspective – Serge Benhayon the Man I Know

by T.S, Coraki, Australia

My family and I have been personal friends of Serge Benhayon and his family for several years, I was shocked that the papers were writing about the same man I know, in such derogatory and defamatory ways; it is utterly absurd.

I remember the first time I walked into the Benhayon household, I was overwhelmed with the simplicity in which the family lived. I knew if Serge chose he could live a very vast and expansive lifestyle materially and yet what I was confronted with was the complete opposite. I walked into a small three-bedroom home that served the six members of the family that lived there at that time. Over the years I have been astonished at the harmony in which the family operate from on a daily basis, in such a small space with so many people, it is truly amazing to experience. Serge had transformed his garage downstairs to serve as a clinic for Universal Medicine and in later years added onto the house a study, which was also purpose built for Universal Medicine.

From every angle the way the family lived was and still is very modest. Serge has a very successful business, but in spite the obvious allures, the simplicity remains. Behind the scenes he supports chemo patients during their therapy at the hospital – free of charge, whilst sponsoring/assisting many others with services and courses they may otherwise not be able to afford. And the list goes on and on.

We all know we can eventually see the cracks in the armour of our friends when they try to present something to be more than it actually is; well, I have known the Benhayons for a long time and there are no cracks showing. Why? Because what you see is what you get, there are no misleading shiny appearances put on to fool you, rather you feel warmly held by a family who is very down to earth and full of fun.

This takes me to my next point. Over the years I have watched the family go about their daily lives, with such a high level of both consistency and dedication that it has brought myself, several times, to look at the way in which I live, which has inspired many welcome changes in my own personal life.

Lastly I wanted to rebuff the none-sense allegations that Serge Benhayon is a manipulator of women. Serge was the first man I met who I did not feel less than in the presence of and who did not see me as a potential woman who could service his needs, rather he saw me for who I truly am and the genuine-ness of this could deeply be felt right to the core of my being. Of his marriage I can say thatif all relationships in the world had even a smidgen of the love, support, dedication and truth that their relationship has, we would live in a very different world. Miranda, Serge Benhayon’s wife, is not a woman who could be taken advantage of as she knows herself fully. Now there is a woman we ought to look to and feel inspired by. Serge is 100% committed to Miranda and their relationship; actually it was their relationship that inspired my partner and I to marry, as before we could see how true this commitment could be between two people, we did not see the point in marriage.

All that I have stated above is consistently confirmed with every occasion I spend time with the family or its individual members, they are truly a joy to have in my life.

118 thoughts on “A Personal Perspective – Serge Benhayon the Man I Know

  1. I’m at a very interesting stage in my life mid 60’s learning what it is to be living with what I would call true family rather than carry old ideas, ideals and pictures into my next life. I have been given an opportunity to re-imprint the lies I bought into and then sold out to. This has been possible because of what Serge Benhayon shares with the world, we all have a choice to make changes to the way we live or not. I’m personally so thankful I made a decision to take on board the advice, make the changes and reap the benefits offered to me. This is in no way in judgment of how I was raised because I now know my parents didn’t know any different as they did not have the reflection of a true way of living as presented by Serge Benhayon.

  2. When first meeting a person, like dating for example, they present a certain person to you. More time together and changes start to occur, standards slide or previously hidden sides come to light. I’ve not experienced that in the 9 years I’ve known the Benhayon’s.

  3. Serge Benhayon has restored my faith in men, when I first met him I disliked men intensely I hated their arrogance and their disgusting behaviour towards women. Over the 13 years I have known him he has always been so completely open and transparent and it is this way of living that has supported me to understand that men are hurting too they are under this ridiculous pressure to perform, to be the bread winner of the family, not to show any emotion, to big it up to their friends when actually they don’t want to we /society have turned men into performing monkeys. So no wonder they react if I was a man I would react too. Serge Benhayon has shown the world that we do not have to live this way any more you could say that at last we have been given a choice and he lives this other choice so clearly there is no doubt and now I know many men who have changed and have allowed themselves to become gentle and sensitive which is their natural behaviour we all know it is because boys when they are little reflect this, unfortunately as they grow older it gets crushed by our current way of living.

  4. Our personal, first hand experience forms our truth. Media has a huge responsibility in relaying the truth for those who cannot have their own personal experience. It is a crime when they forgo this responsibility and abuse their position of power.

  5. When we understanding the meaning of True Love then there is no question that what is presented by Serge Benhayon is providing a foundation for us all to deepen our Love.

  6. And we should treasure the truth felt and experience. And let those who wish to lie lie. For love and truth is what holds us, lies of evil do not. Stand in the wholeness of your truth.

  7. We tend to relate the word know (as I know) to a few different things that usually exclude the word vibration. Our knowledge is vibrationally conditioned and even if we say we are ‘open minded’ we are ‘vibrationally locked’.

    1. Eduardo What you have written feels so true to me, I can honestly say that I’m just starting to understand just how vibrationally locked we all are. It’s as though there is an energy that purposely blocks us from feeling the vibration of the universe by enticingly distracting us to use it’s energy instead which purposely locks us out of heaven.

  8. This is the man that I have come to know, respect and love too. There is no show, which is incredibly rare in life, but also it is deeply inspiring to remember that we too can live our lives this way.

  9. Thank you T.S. for sharing your experience with Serge Benhayon and his family. I love it – to read how he truly lived and not the lies coming from the media . . . that shows us very well how they investigate – really they do not do a great job!

    1. The media have these last six months or so, exposed themselves completely to the world. We have all been witness to their fake news, their cut and paste editing without investigating or even questioning the source that’s giving them the information, what sources are they tapping into? The media have been exposed as being mere puppets used by an energy they haven’t stopped to discern. Thankfully the public are at last waking up to the truth, that you cannot believe a word that they say.

  10. Serge and the Benhayon family inspire me in not only the way they are present with themselves, but with each other and all others. You can feel the absolute commitment to supporting each other constantly being aware of each other with purpose in mind and body to be all that they are.

    1. There is a way they support each other which, as a society, we have deeply missed. There is care and an understanding that this care for each other is founded on our care for ourselves.

    2. I agree with you Rik, I feel that Serge Benhayon and his family are reflecting to the world ‘true family’ Where there is not an ounce of abuse in any of their actions towards themselves or all others. This way of living is so alien to us we have forgotten what ‘true family’ means, and so it is a timely reminder for all of us.

  11. This article is written almost 5 1/2 years ago and Serge Benhayon is still consistent in what he offers and keeps deepening his love for every human being. What you see is what you get and yet you get so much more love from this man than any of us can fathom.

  12. Thank you for sharing your experience, when I first met Serge Benhayon it was as if a whole wall disappeared when we spoke, I felt no need to protect myself, as here stood a man who spoke with no judgment and I could feel the level of integrity and love he held me in during our conversation, that meeting changed my life as I know he too has changed the lives of many others, and I will always be thankful for having met Serge Benhayon and his family.

    1. Sally, I am learning about judgement and how we use judgement to stall our evolution, as we do not want to look at what is before us and understand the deeper meaning of what is being presented so that we can grow from these experiences. I’m really starting to understand that life is like being at school as there is so much to understand and grow from. Serge Benhayon has opened up my understanding of this way of life as to be honest I had closed myself down because I felt that our current way of education works in complete opposition to what we should really be learning and understanding about life.

  13. So often people put on a show, they have a public face and a private face. With the Benhayon family they are consistent across all areas of life with their love and integrity, it is all one life and not compartmentalised. They are showing the world that living this way 24/7 is not just possible but that it’s natural for us to do so. This is not something they try to do but a true expression and reflection of who we all are.

  14. Thank you for sharing your personal experience of the Benhayons. I obviously don’t know them at the level you do, but what I can feel from observing them is they are all so brilliant at being themselves and what we are seeing and experiencing as the amazing family that they are is the resultant symbiosis of that. It is an organic harmony.

  15. I have witnessed many times and been the recipient of Serge Benhayon’s generosity and understanding. This man never stops giving and yet never at the expense or detriment of himself and his own health which is super rare in my opinion. This is one of the keys to his consistency and ongoing commitment over the years.

  16. TS it’s very beautiful that you were inspired by Serge and Miranda’s marriage to marry your partner. Honestly, we need inspirational couples as love is something we would all dearly like to live but we often fall back on ideals, stereotypes, and cliches etc, and though there is love there it never reaches the full potential it could. That is not a criticism as there is much for us all to learn, and mostly the reflections and examples of couples we may have grown up with were not that inspiring. Serge lives such a fullness of love with all that every facet of his life offers an inspiring reflection for humanity.

  17. It has been my experience also that Serge Benhayon is the complete opposite to a manipulator of women, in fact he is a great advocate and supporter of women and has presented many times on the true equality of women in society and how beautiful and precious they really are and how much they are to be cherished, adored and treated with the deepest respect, decency and love.

  18. Anyone who professionally or personally knows Miranda Benhayon will also know the level of love, harmony, power and truth this woman expresses with… it makes no sense then to say that Serge Benhayon manipulates or has any rein over women.

  19. And today nothing has changed, with every word of this testimonial holding true. Anyone who is truly willing and open to meeting Serge Benhayon will come to know that this is a man that lives love to the ultimate with an integrity that is out of this world, representing and inspiring a way of living that is possible for us all.

  20. ‘What you see is what you get’ and with the Benhayons what you see and what you get is love.

  21. Anyone who actually knows Serge Benhayon or has spent any time with him observing how he lives and how he is with people would find the press stories absurd and ridiculous.

    1. I would like to add the word “poisonous” to your description of the media’s stories, as they are meant to poison people against Serge and the work he is offering humanity.

      1. Melinda it is interesting to observe the level of poison directed at Serge Benhayon and his family all because he has made the observation that we in truth live very far away from the love we all crave. Serge and his family live this love so deeply it brings up all those undealt with issues that we have not wanted to deal with.

  22. Serge Benhayon and his family are such an inspiration to all, and even behind closed doors, this can be felt and is divine to behold. I can confirm all that you say, that has been my experience of the Benhayons too.

  23. Thank you T.S. your lived experience and deep appreciation of the Benhayon family is beautiful to read – it is truly refreshing to hear of your personal experience with this amazing family and the simplicity and integrity with how they live both their private and personal life.

  24. Thank you for sharing this T.S. It is so easy in this world to fall for what the press is printing, so to have personal accounts that share what is truly going on is of great value and something we very much need.

  25. Thank you T.S. The Benhayon family are very inspiring to me in all areas of their lives. They know how to work, love, be in relationships, be parents, be religious the true meaning, celebrate and dance – almost everything. But what inspires me the most is their simple living.

  26. The Benhayons are true role models how to live in this world with love and integrity. Instead of attacking them it would be wise to study them as they bring us many answers to what has been missing in this world for too long and that there is another way to be in life than we have made life to be.

    1. Wisely said Esther – the extra-ordinary is ordinarily being lived by the Benhayons with everyday life being about everyone and not just themselves. It is a wasted opportunity to attack or mis-represent these lives as many have and will continue to benefit from their reflection.

  27. Before meeting Serge Benhayon, I was given up in life in more ways that most of us would care to fathom. I realise now, I’d accepted this as ‘normal’, though the feeling within that I wasn’t truly living remained, always tangible, and never leaving me.
    Since meeting Serge Benhayon, the aspects of life from which I have reclaimed myself from this ‘giving-upness’ are manifold and continue to this day. It simply cannot be put into words, just how profound it is to meet and know someone who lives and breathes a level of integrity and consistent commitment to humanity such as Serge Benhayon. If we truly choose to see but a glimpse of what this man actually represents for us all, our lives are irrevocably changed – for we ourselves are called to be all of who we are, that no other is held back by our own lack of lived greatness.

    1. Victoria, I too had given up on life and was just ticking the boxes as we all do. Like you meeting Serge Benhayon has changed my life slowly over the years, I have taken my time to listen and try things out for myself. Everything Serge Benhayon has presented over the years has been proven to work not just for me but many other people. If we were to understand fully what he represents we would all sit up and listen.

  28. Beautifully said T.S. I absolutely second your words here of being deeply inspired by Serge and Miranda Benhayon, and the Benhayon family. Here is a family with the deepest commitment to life and humanity that I know, who inspire me 24/7 to live in such a humble and yet fully purposeful, committed and loving way. There is no ‘rah-rah’ (whatsoever – none of it) and any insinuation or allegation that here are people whose interests are purely self-serving is so far off the mark that it is beyond ridiculous.

  29. TS, your personal experience with the Benhayon family is at the core of all Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine present. Live love and harmony and let it be seen, this alone allows the space for others to choose the same.

  30. I could say the same, that the reason me and my husband got married was because we were so inspired by Serge and Miranda Benhayon and their dedication and commitment to their relationship, which is outstanding as is the rest of the family and their conduct.

  31. It is gorgeous to have friends that through their dedication and consistency, have inspired you to look at the way in which you live and make choices based on the inspiration and the love you have allowed yourself to be embraced by.

  32. This is what I also respect and love about Serge Benhayon, he is just a very simple and lovely gentleman. He presents extraordinary things in his workshops, yet holds all equally. The presence of love felt when you talk to him is life changing. He is inspiring so many people in so many ways, yet he is always this simple, lovely gentleman.

  33. To have a whole family living with such integrity and love as the Benhayons is a true gift to have and a role model we desperately need in this world of pretence and superficiality.

    1. Very true Esther, and it’s the consistency of the Benhayon family that stands out. In life there is often an on and off switch, politicians saying all the right things to the media then being recorded in private saying very deplorable things, or sports people being presented and held as heroes, yet at home they perpetrate domestic violence, etc. Life has become about selling images instead of living love and integrity, and supporting our fellow man in true service and brotherhood. It is such a blessing to see the real thing as lived by the Benhayon family.

  34. I was pondering on your note of what goes on ‘behind the scenes’. Usually this is where the cracks are – the lifestyle behaviours, fractured relationships of stresses at work. On the contrary, when you scratch beneath the surface with Serge all you get is more gold, more examples of the love that he is and how he expresses it. Things he does not talk about, but quietly gets on with – like the sponsorship of so many in their studies, innumerable projects he is working on, or e-mail support for the thousands of people who have been inspired by him.

    1. So true Simon, the deeper you dig the more gold you find with Serge Benhayon, there are no rotten eggs just more amazingness to discover – a true philanthropist and so much more.

  35. I love the dance in the Benhayon house…. every evening it was the same: a meal for the whole family cooked and served in the once tiny kitchen but instead of everyone getting in the way, bumping and banging into each other, there was always space, awareness or others, and a joy in working closely together. Just a small microcosm of the way they live in every aspect of life.

  36. And perhaps this is why there has been so much attack on the Benhayon family and so many absolute lies written about them – because they actually bring a truth to life that exposes all the less-than-truth that so many have settled for, and then must control to prevent from being exposed.

  37. I can only one hundred percent agree with you in everyway – this has been my experience also, with the whole family. They are a true inspiration of how we can live, even though the world has little of true harmony, it is reflected here for all to see and feel for themselves. And from this reflection we can see that it is indeed possible to live in true equalness and genuine connection with all – despite what the world might try to show us differently.

    1. Thankyou Annie, and as you say despite the lack of harmony in the world we ourselves are not bound by it, we can choose to live loving, harmonious lives in service to all and do so very powerfully (as the Benhayon family does). How the world is and how we can choose to be are very different things.

  38. There you have it – eye witness and ‘straight from the horses mouth’, so to speak – The Benhayon’s are a very normal and down to earth family who work and live to serve and support healing to those who are ready. Where’s the harm in that? Answer – there is none.

  39. Thanks for this insight in the life of Serge Benhayon. It just shows even more the absolute consistency he is living with. His life is a great source of inspiration to me as well. And even so, his life and the way he is living seems doable for me as well. That is what he is saying: I am not special, you are also The One. So no Guru’ ism here. It just takes a lot of work and loving dedication to undo all the layers that I am not. Serge shows what happens if we choose to do so.

  40. Wow T.S. I love what you have shared in your awesome blog as for me it is the best thing ever to be inspired by the way another is living. It is because they (the Benhayons) are living what they are talking and how could something like that not be inspiring as it showed me very clearly that it is possible to live like this.

  41. A relationship that inspires another relationship to be more…That’s rare and worth talking about!

  42. What I love about people sharing their experiences of Serge and his family, is that it’s all documented here online. If anyone had any seeds of doubt, carefully planted by those who choose not to look at their stuff, they can turn to any one of the several blogs out there and simply have a read about another fellow ordinary person and their experience with Universal Medicine, and all they’ll find is nothing but appreciation for all that has been on offer.

  43. There is a theme here which I feel is so important… because of the love and care that I see Serge live with his family, it inspires me to look at the relationships with my own. This highlights pockets where we don’t see eye to eye, where there is friction or we are ignoring a dynamic that is going on between us and therefore presents an opportunity. We can be more of ourselves, feel more, love more through the constant work on ourselves and our relationships.. simply bringing more love out.. nothing more.

  44. Excellent summation T.S. After eleven years of having associations with Serge Benhayon and his whole extended family, they have never wavered in their consistency of loving relationships with everyone equally.

  45. Thank you for sharing this, the Benhayon family is a inspiration for everyone, living the true family life.

  46. Serge Benhayon and his family live their everyday lives in harmony and service to humanity offering a role model of brotherhood that could change the world and bring us all back to evolution of the true love we all come from.

  47. “…Over the years I have watched the family go about their daily lives, with such a high level of both consistency and dedication that it has brought myself, several times, to look at the way in which I live, which has inspired many welcome changes in my own personal life.” I feel very blessed to have such a reflection as Serge Benhayon – and all his family – show. Their consistency in love and truth is so inspiring – something I have never experienced before in my life.

  48. Serge Benhayon and his family are a constant inspiration for everybody. A role model family who deeply love and cares for themselves and humanity that is unseen in this world. A family that shows everybody that it is our responsibility to live from love and that life is not about comfort, but serving. A family that shows the way in its simplicity and is therefore quite confronting for all those who do not want to live embracing responsibility.

    1. Yes Rachel, I totally agree. I have learnt so much about living a life in harmonious relationship with others and recognising the part I play in terms of the whole of humanity from the Benhayon family. They are an anchor point for me to remind myself when I start to get into drama and chaos that I do have the choice to live a different way.

    2. A great comment rachelandras, including “A family that shows everybody that it is our responsibility to live from love and that life is not about comfort, but serving.” This really exposes how we can make life about what we want out of it individually, yet by doing so we also short change ourselves considerably because we live separated to the love we naturally are in essence. We delude ourselves that comfort is serving us, but it’s not. Comfort is an emptiness and a very poor substitute for the love we naturally are.

  49. Thank you for your sharing TS…I too find the Benhayon family, and the way they live, truly inspiring – the love, joy and harmony that is always there; the truth and integrity that is offered, consistently to all equally, is incredible, and such an awesome gift for us if we choose to live this inspiration also.

  50. Thank you for sharing your experience of serge and the Benhayon family. I couldn’t agree more. Especially how inspiring Serge and Miranda’s marriage. If I didn’t have them for role models I would not look to get married.

  51. I couldn’t agree more with what you have presented here, there is not much I can add! Serge Benhayon is am amazing man and he lives in a truly inspirational way, the kind of inspiration that it’s impossible to thank someone enough for. And Miranda Benhayon is also a remarkable and incredibly beautiful person, and without doubt someone who inspires me to not deny my strength and beauty as a women. I agree with comments above, it is laughable that anyone should spread lies about her being taken advantage of, the woman I see walks every single step she takes not allowing any form of abuse.

  52. I always had the belief that no matter what there will always be dynamics in a family, especially when you start to add extended family into that. What I have learnt from the Benhayon’s is that there can be love within a family that is consistent. That ‘family’ doesn’t include the right to say or do what you want to those closest to you because they are always supposed to be there for you, no matter what. To see a family who doesn’t have arguments, dynamics, issues etc is pretty incredible and shows that this is actually normal.

  53. I completely agree T.S. This echoes my experience of Serge Benhayon and the Benhayon family. They live a simple loving life that is inspiring to those around them. As you say, the reason you don’t see any cracks in the facade is because there is no facade – nothing put on for show – the Benhayons are the real deal.

  54. I have often been of the habit to dismiss complete garbage that I may hear, knowing that it in no way reflects what I know to be true. This I realise is not as true as I can be, as to not take every opportunity to express what I know is true, I am in effect allowing that untruth to be. This is one of the innumerable truths I have reconnected to throughout all I have experienced of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine presentations. Thank you T.S. for allowing the space here for me to be reminded of this.

  55. I agree T.S, Serge Benhayon is an absolute gentleman who has always treated me as an absolute equal, way beyond the roles of men and women, but as so much more than I imagined myself to be. There is divinity in humanity and Serge is reflecting this. But unlike as it is in institutionalised religion, it’s for women equally.

  56. All you say, I also know to be true.
    Today people advertise the charities they donate to and all their ‘good deeds’, to get recognition and promote themselves or their businesses. As you share, Serge Benhayon provides support to cancer patients free of charge, as well as assisting many other people – none of this is every done for self-promotion, so is not widely known. There is no one else I know who is so generous with their time and is always giving back to humanity. Should the press with to do a real investigation, this would be an inspirational story for all.

  57. Personal experiences are so much more reliable than what you read or hear about in the media and it is my consistent observation that the Benhayon extended family all definitely live from a truth and integrity that is totally inspiring and totally dedicated to humanity full stop.

    1. It is true Suse, every member of the family offers inspiration and care. From afar you can see and be inspired by their self awareness and dedicated approach to life, in personal contact they offer all that they are to help what ever you may be asking for. Their delicate way allows us all to be who we are, where ever we are at in our own lives and feel supported.

  58. I second that! The Benhayon family are so genuine, so respectful and considerate and live in such a harmonious way. I have been there to witness it when I stayed with Benhayon family. I felt very welcomed, supported and very safe. I couldn’t have asked for anything more, they all live who they are which inspires me to live who I am.

  59. You can only react to what is here written, if you do not have anything similar to what they have, and you are not choosing for yourself. I subscribe to every word.

  60. What a beautiful insight into the reality of the way the Benhayon family chooses to live showing us that there is a way of doing so that is truthful.

  61. Thank you TS for your insights into the Benhayon family, they are indeed a joy to behold , and what you see is what you get , a depth of love, honesty, commitment, and integrity with each other, and all they come into contact with, rarely seen in this world.

  62. Thank you for sharing your insights into this beautiful family, I am forever inspired by the way in which they live. It is awesome to know that you felt inspired to marry your partner after seeing the love shared between Miranda and Serge Benhayon, they are a true testament to living in loving way, beginning with loving yourself first.

  63. Thank you T.S. for sharing your experiences with the Benhayon family. They are living true brotherhood on earth and give us the reflection of the possibility of this. How different would the world be if all families in the world would live like this!

    We would live in a world where truth and harmony would be the norm and where everything we need is available in abundance while at the same time will need less resources from the earth because of the love that feeds us from within instead that we have to fill ourselves with stuff from the outside.

  64. We are all blessed to have the Benhayon family reflect how it is possible to live in joy and harmony as a family and with humanity.

  65. I agree from my own observations of the Benhayons it is remarkable but also very genuine and normal for them to live a life that is so simple, consistent, playful and real. They have inspired me also just by the way they live.

  66. That is amazing how you have seen Serge and Miranda’s relationship and that inspired you and your husband to marry. I find that very sweet as marriage is, what Michael Benhayon once said to me, ‘Is declaring your love for one another’. So it’s very beautiful that you wanted to do that after seeing the love in Serge and Miranda’s relationship.

  67. Thank you T.S. I was also deeply inspired by Serge Benhayon and his family – how could I not be inspired – impossible because if I am in contact with them I can feel in every second that they live what they are talking about – so no chance to see and feel it differently.

  68. Your genuine love and appreciation for Serge Benhayon and his family and everything that they embody and consistently offer everyone they meet, is deeply felt. I too feel blessed to know this family and the inspiration they are, so thank you for sharing this, it was truly an honour to read.

  69. Serge Benhayon and his family life deeply inspire me. He shows me that there is another way that people can be with and love each other in a supportive family environment. This is so far from what I experienced growing up – but instead of recoiling in jealousy I observe them and make deeper more loving commitment to myself and my existing relationships and it feels so beautiful, I feel so blessed with the people and the amount of love in my life.

    1. Totally – we are one billion percent blessed to have this reflection of love, and I am thankful every single day to know these people that always inspire me to deepen my love with myself and others.

  70. Thank you TS for sharing your personal experiences of Serge Benhayon and his family. I, too, have now known them for many years and I completely concur with everything you say. He and his family are living inspirations and role models for all aspects of life from the personal to the public.

  71. Thank you TS. I have known the Benhayon family for about 8 years now and I totally agree with everything you say. Their consistency and dedication to love and integrity for everyone is second to none and is what inspires me. They are exactly the same wherever they are and what you see is what you get. With the Benhayons you get something that is very rare these days…The Truth.

  72. Serge Benhayon’s family relationship inspires me too, T.S. It has allowed me to see the ways in which I was not honouring myself in relationships, and the amount of love and expansion that can be possible when two people are truly committed to themselves and each other.

  73. Thank you T.S. for sharing and spelling out the Truth. I have known Serge and Miranda Benhayon for 9 years and I know how simple they live because I am dedicated and committed to living the same everyday to the best of my ability.
    What you see is what you get and they are no different in their personal life. It is same, same everyday and it is their enormous love for humanity – the people, you and me, all of us Equally that eventually got me to trust others and open up my heart, deal with my stuff and now support others, which is what I do for a job with amazing results – consistently.
    This has come because the Benhayon family have shown me that it is possible to live another way and not accept the abuse that I thought was normal.
    Miranda Benhayon is my friend and I know her well. She is real and a role model for me and many many other women. She cannot ever be manipulated, she is far too clear for that and I deeply appreciate our friendship which comes with humour and deep honesty.

  74. This blog reveals the depth of the love with which the Benhayon’s live. They live in harmony with each other and with humanity. They are a true and loving inspiration for all. Thank you for this blog T.S.

  75. Actually my comment is in relation to Zofia’s comment. She talks of “total transparency” in the household. This rang huge for me. It feels like a massive ingredient towards a harmonious series of relationships. And it is something that I feel I need examine deeply. For the big stuff, I can easily claim transparency. On much, I am certainly very open and honest. But once you start to dig a bit deeper… maybe not? And interestingly, I find that it is the sometimes the tiniest moments of non-transparency, that can hide some big stuff. It’s a good word. Transparency. A very practical, tangible, graphic word. I like it. Thanks Zofia.

    1. Great comment Otto, and it really exposes how the world imposes messages that to be exactly as we are (warts and all) is somehow wrong, and to brush that aside and instead present an image of ourselves. It take a huge amount of pressure off ourselves to just be transparent – to let others see us exactly as we are moment to moment, no polished, shiny image needed, just 100% authentically ourselves.

  76. Thanks T.S. for confirming what many of us know to be true. I too have personally experienced the simplicity, normalcy and absolute regard for one another and any other in their midst that the Benhayons live on a daily basis. I too have been around them for a long time and have never known anything but this and I too am constantly inspired by the quality of their relationships with each other and with the many others they are in contact with.
    It is a sad state indeed that some cannot see this for what it is in a world becoming increasingly devoid of any true care and dedication to one another let alone the many others around them.
    I too have known Miranda for over 10 years and she is exactly as you say, a woman who knows herself fully and would never tolerate even a whiff of indiscretion. To suggest there has been impropriety on the part of Serge or Miranda could not be further from the truth, nor could this truth have been hidden from the likes of you or me and many others close to them for all this time.
    It is easy from afar to cast stones with implications and innuendo, but the truth is repeated over and over and unwaveringly by those like you who are close enough to know first hand so thanks for your expression.
    That truth I also stand firmly in.

  77. The main thread that resonates with me here in what you say is the bit you about ‘what-you-see-is-what-you-get’ – which is spot on… there is nothing at all that is hidden with Serge and/or his family – from my own experience it is a normal household where together everyone lives/works/cooks/cleans/does household chores/eats etc normally just like any other household – there is no family hierarchy or favouritism towards any family member who are treated in the exact same way as a visitor who might also be staying with them is. The main ingredient of this ‘receipe’ (apart from love) is total transparency and as such the way in which Serge and his family live and also work/do business gives new meaning to it all, and so presents massive opportunity in which to be inspired to have that same simplicity, flow and love within our own families/partners/businesses etc i.e – it is not that that way of living/being is assigned solely for Serge and his family; or that they are special or better; there is no grading system – anyone can have what they have so long as the commitment to love is made and maintained every single day. To this I am deeply inspired by Serge and his family.

  78. I agree with all that you have said. It’s amazing how many people the Benhayon’s can fit into such a small and simple house – I’ve known them to have up to 9 or 10 people living in there at once, some family members and other close friends who they open their home to, for months at a time. It’s interesting though that the house can seem bigger then what it actually is, because of how the family live in there, in a way where no one gets in anyone’s way and everything seems to run so smoothly. I feel people look at the house and see a massive mansion, or have ridiculous thoughts that Serge spends thousands of UniMed $ on himself and lots of material belongings and expensive holidays – if looked a little deeper it is seen that 99% of any travel is work related. In that I have observed Serge for over 7 years, to work approximately 48+ weekends out of the year, and possibly have a couple of weekends break for him and his family. In truth I feel the the expansiveness of what people are seeing is nothing to do with a big house or heaps of belongings but in fact what they are feeling is how the people are living inside, the expansiveness of what they are living and claiming in their lives. It’s unfortunate that people can’t comprehend that this is possible and therefore turn it into something else.

  79. You capture the absolute dedication and integrity of the Benhayon family well.
    They are a true inspiration to us all in many respects – an unwavering dedication to love and to people, down to earth and humble yet grand and glorious. To witness the grace, simplicity and flow of their family dynamics and how equally committed they are to all people and to life itself is truly beautiful and an important reminder to us all of what is possible to create if we make it so.

  80. Thank you T S, your post so concisely confirms the truth of Serge, Miranda and his family. The modesty, the continual support for people who need it, the 100% commitment to Love. Your description of Serge when you first met him as a man “who did not see me as a potential woman who could service his needs, rather he saw me for who I truly am” exactly echos how I felt on first meeting him and how genuine and amazing it is to feel this from a man. You have also summed up Miranda very well when you say she ” is not a woman who could be taken advantage of as she knows herself fully”. Anyone who has met Miranda can feel this instantly, she is a very loving and inspiring lady. As you say, usually cracks appear when people try to paper over the things that don’t work in their life, I know they did in my life. This is what is so inspiring about the Benhayons – there is no attempting to be perfect or to hide the imperfections, just a genuine 100% commitment to live a loving, harmonious and simple life and it has inspired hundreds of other people to have a go themselves. Its not challenge free, but it is worth every ounce of effort.

  81. Thank you for sharing this. I myself can fully confirm all is said. As myself is one of the people who got so much support and love from Serge and his family. Also or especially in times when I could not afford having a session or taking part in a workshop.
    The simplicity Serge and his family live is radiant. It is consistant. And growing every year I meet them. It is truely inspiring. In a world which almost does not allow things to be simple.

  82. The intimate account of Serge and his family here is lovely. A simple account of a remarkable family. I for one do not know any other person, let alone a whole family that shows to absolutely everyone a consistency in who they are, integrity, playfulness, love, support, patience, understanding, harmony, truthfulness, a genuine concern for how the world is presenting itself today and a readiness to show anyone that we can live a different way. I have been inspired by the whole family and it is a joy to see them all a couple of times a year; as consistent as ever, vital, joyful and always loving.

  83. Thank you TS for sharing your personal experience.
    I can confirm everything that you say in that I have personally seen the simple and harmonious way that Serge and his family live.
    I know many, many stories where Serge does not charge for this or that, he is fully available to everyone who has a genuine question and is amazingly generous in ways that are unfathomable.
    The media accusations are as you say utterly absurd and say much more about the editors and writers than they do about any member of the Benhayon family.
    As for Miranda, I agree it is laughable to suggest that she could be in any way taken advantage of. She presents with a tremendous serenity and yet is clearly an extremely powerful women who as you say knows exactly who she is.
    I personally have received a great deal of love and generosity from the Benhayon family and that inspires me in turn to live in such a way with everyone else. It is an energy and way of being that I can share at the supermarket, on the telephone, at the airport, at home… wherever I am and with whomever I meet.

  84. I appreciate how you have shared the simplicity with which the Benhayons live their lives. while consistently living with harmony. It makes a mockery of needing more ‘stuff’ to create happiness.
    My partner Sue and I lived together for for 7 years and didn’t see a need to get married (we had both been there before). However, like yourself, we were inspired by Serge and Miranda’s loving commitment and as a result we got married one year, one month and one week ago. Fully committing is awesome!

  85. Thank you T.S. What I have clearly noticed over the past 2 years since my association with Serge and his family is the consistent way they ‘are’ in everything they do which has been most noticeable in the past few months during the media hype. Despite everything that is going on in their personal (& professional) lives, they present themselves in the same consistent loving manner that they always have, never presenting less than who they truly are. It is truly and absolutely inspiring to have this family as a model and an example of loving relationships, and what it is to live in a loving way, and I am continually inspired to develop this same consistency in my own life.

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