“Can I Have That Guy’s (Serge Benhayon’s) Phone Number ?”

It was late 1999. My life had undergone major changes in the previous two years. My husband had died. Following his death, I had sold the business that we had started and run together for a decade. The business had been on the main street of town, making us very much a part of a small community. I just had to get up and go to work, and the world came through my front door. It was a wonderful segment in my life. And it was over. I was feeling displaced. I was menopausal. I was depressed. But I figured I had good reason to be so I wasn’t looking to fix it. I was just dragging myself around.

My daughter told me that she thought I should go see this guy who had come into her workplace. I don’t follow everyone’s suggestions, I assure you, but I do most often follow my daughter’s. And so I went. I arrived at his home sceptical, determined to keep my secrets close to my vest so as not to give this guy anything to work with – (he wouldn’t pull one over on me), and I was more than slightly irritated that I had to go through the motions of acting like I wanted to be “fixed” when I really didn’t care if I was or not.

An hour later, I walked out amazed – amazed that I could feel so totally different. My whole being was lighter, my body, my mind and my heart. What had happened? We had exchanged a few words, my contribution being that I was depressed, his contribution, almost entirely, a gentle laying on of hands. It was nothing short of a miracle. A couple of hours later, I was walking down the street in Byron Bay when a friend came up to me and said: “Wow! What’s happened to you? You look totally different”. My response, at that point, may have been, “I don’t know. I went and saw this guy named Serge (Benhayon) in Alstonville”. This scenario was to repeat itself many times over the next few weeks, usually resulting in my friends asking me for his phone number.

Eventually I started getting calls from people I didn’t actually know, but they were friends of a friend and had heard, “could I give them his phone number?” It was after a woman from Sydney called (who I had never met) and asked for his number that I called Serge to find out if it was ok to keep giving out his number. After all, he was running a tennis school, did he really have time for all these people? He said the lady from Sydney had already called him for an appointment. He seemed almost as surprised as I was about everyone asking for his number but he graciously said yes, to give out his number if it was asked for.

Over the next year or so, I would periodically go and see Serge for a ‘tune-up’. I doubt that I ever ‘recommended’ that anyone go to see Serge. I didn’t have to. They were clamouring to get his number. During this time, I didn’t really understand what was happening. I just knew an appointment with Serge Benhayon was life-changing in a very positive way.

Eventually, Serge started offering courses. The first one was called ‘Ki Energy’ and was held at the Ballina RSL. My daughter and I attended; there were maybe 20 participants. I still didn’t feel like I really ‘understood’ what was happening –  it defied logic, as I knew it – meaning something I could understand with my mind. And I didn’t have the confidence to think this was something I could do outside of the supervision of Serge Benhayon’s weekend workshop demonstrations. Contrary to what he was teaching, I was sure he was an extraordinary healer and that only he could perform these miracle healings. I never tried practising what I learned in a workshop – I only went because I was trying to figure out what Serge was doing.

Fast forward to 2003. There was a most unfortunate ‘incident’ in my life that left me deeply traumatised. I’m not trying to be secretive but what happened isn’t really relevant to the point of this sharing; the point is that I was suffering from post-traumatic stress. I was so distressed that it took me a couple of months to finally get myself to an appointment with Serge – again, it was at my daughter’s insistence that I went. That’s how messed up I was, I didn’t even think to go to Serge. Or maybe I was embarrassed to be such a mess after all he had done for me?

As anyone who knows Serge Benhayon would guess, I had another miracle healing. Well, almost. I definitely walked out of his clinic rooms a totally different person than when I walked in, but within a couple of weeks I was back. I told him that while I was greatly, enormously improved, I wasn’t back to the old me. I wasn’t the person I was before the incident. He gave me another esoteric healing. Again, I was greatly improved – but two weeks later I was back. (This was when you could still see Serge regularly, on fairly short notice – those days are long gone.)  When I went for the third session, I said, “I’m still not the old me. It is like there is scar tissue in me from the incident and I just can’t quite get on with things. I know you can fix this. Why aren’t you fixing it?”.

Serge said to me, “If I fix you completely, you will be forever running back here to get fixed up. And if not to me, you will be running off to some healer to try and make it better. It’s time for you to ‘get’ that you are the one who is responsible for healing yourself.” Whoa! This was devastating news! What? You mean I have to take responsibility for my own wellbeing? It was so much easier to just pay someone to do it for me.

Hard as it was to believe that this was true, Serge Benhayon had never lied to me. He had told me many things about myself that I didn’t think I knew at the time, yet when he told me, I knew instantly that it was true. He had never shown me anything but love and compassion; he always met me with understanding and with care. I had never felt judged no matter how many times I went or what my complaint was. So, I had to take on board what he was telling me. It was my responsibility to get well and stay well.

Thus began a deep relationship with myself that I had never had. I was 52 years old. I started to embrace the fact that the way I lived my life was the best medicine I could apply. I had a lot of beliefs and ideals that I had accumulated over a lifetime – I started to work with these first. I didn’t even consider dietary changes or any changes to my body. Being a very cerebral person, I wanted to start with what was going on in my head… listening to my body would come some years later.

I only saw Serge on rare occasions after these sessions in 2003. Even though I now accepted my responsibility, I still fell off the tracks once in a while. I last saw Serge, for a private session, in early 2009. That was one of those sessions that was as revelatory as the 2003 session, and a matter for another blog. I have attended almost all talks and lectures given by Serge and the majority of the Australian workshops and courses.

I have never felt as healthy as I do today. So why do I keep attending? Because, I learn something new, every time. I learn about why the world is so chaotic. I learn that I’m not the only one who thinks the world is wacky. I learn about how to deepen the relationship with myself. I learn how to live me in a world that wants me to conform to mass consciousness.

I will be forever giving thanks for the privilege of knowing Serge Benhayon and his family, and for the good fortune of living in Northern NSW where I can have sessions from practitioners who have trained at Universal Medicine, and where I can participate in courses and workshops offered by Universal Medicine. And, if for some unforeseen reason, any of that changes, well, I will still be giving thanks because I have learned how to be my own teacher, my own best friend. I have learned how to love myself and that’s something I didn’t learn from my parents or at school, or at church.  It took Serge to teach me that.

by Gayle Cue, Bangalow NSW Australia

350 thoughts on ““Can I Have That Guy’s (Serge Benhayon’s) Phone Number ?”

  1. Gayle, I loved reading this blog, I loved how the responsibility had to kick in at some point. It felt as though you took the responsibility but there was still a point you got to where more responsibility was needed to be bought in. It kind of feels that it gets refined and refined, so everything in your life cannot be left with irresponsibility attached to it.

    There is much for humanity to ponder over with responsibility then….

  2. What you are sharing here Gayle is very important
    “Serge said to me, “If I fix you completely, you will be forever running back here to get fixed up. And if not to me, you will be running off to some healer to try and make it better. It’s time for you to ‘get’ that you are the one who is responsible for healing yourself.” Whoa! This was devastating news! What? You mean I have to take responsibility for my own wellbeing? It was so much easier to just pay someone to do it for me.”
    Because this is what the majority of us want someone to fix the problem so that we can carry on as before without having to take any responsibility. And there are from my own experience practitioners out there that do not say this but are quite happy to take the repeat business. It can become a cycle based on need. The need of the patient to get ‘fixed’ and the need of the practitioner for repeat business this is not a healthy relationship by any means.

    1. There’s a lot of fixing going on in the world and it just isn’t about our health either. Its in everything and anything, machinery, projects, IT and the list could go on. I’m currently involved in a project and it was already set up to fail and break, as the foundations weren’t built with integrity. In the meantime the people involved are thrown around like rag dolls. So in this scenario we are responsible to maintain our integrity and responsibility to ourselves first and fore most, then the rest will either follow or not…

  3. I feel the same as that last red paragraph. I keep coming back because I am constantly learning something new, even if it’s been presented multiple times there is always deeper levels to understand in life.

  4. The amazing thing about Serge Benhayon’s workshops is that they are all different and present new aspects or layers of understanding, so no matter how many times you go there is always a deeper learning that is available for all.

  5. Word of mouth is one of the best forms of advertising for any business – but what you have shared here Gayle is word of ‘body’ – your body spoke so loud that people saw and felt this and hence wanted to know more! So cool!

  6. Amazing sharing Gayle, and one that shows that when we truly seek a healing from deep within, we do have access to those who can truly support us with the process.

  7. Esoteric healing is absolutely incredible, I have experienced deep, deep healing from these modalities.

    If the world wanted to know the real truth then they would understand the great gift of healing that comes from Esoteric Modalities.

  8. Thanks Gayle for sharing your story, I always enjoy reading it. It’s highlighted to me how we all need support, but the greatest support is that which empowers us to support ourselves – Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine deliver this beautifully.

  9. Great to hear that you are feeling super healthy, and are choosing to live in a way that honours your body, ‘Thus began a deep relationship with myself that I had never had. I was 52 years old. I started to embrace the fact that the way I lived my life was the best medicine I could apply.’

  10. This blog gave me goosebumps wow the power of Serge is immense, and all the time he is reflecting to us that we too are that power.

    1. Spot on Sam – Serge never sees himself as greater than another, but he does know that we are all equally powerful and hence knows his role is to remind us of this and to know we can live it.

  11. Thank you, Gayle. Your sharing made me really appreciate the fact that I encountered Universal Medicine and met Serge Benhayon, too, even if I don’t even live in the same country. It is really pretty cool that I came upon this whole thing.

  12. First you learn that there is healing, that you can get healing, then you learn the harder how to heal yourself. It sounds pretty perfect.

    1. No more being a victim, we are responsible for our choices, and our life,’ ‘It’s time for you to ‘get’ that you are the one who is responsible for healing yourself.” Whoa! This was devastating news! What? You mean I have to take responsibility for my own wellbeing? It was so much easier to just pay someone to do it for me.’

      1. Absolutely Lorraine, as we appreciate we are more than just this human body we start to understand the energy that we can connect to and we are responsible for that connection and our healing from not being connected to our divine essences.

  13. We are not that good at taking responsibility for ourselves it is seemingly always easier to blame other people and play the victim. Taking back responsibility for all our actions is the life jacket that is offered as we get tossed around in the stormy sea of life.

  14. No excuses we are responsible for our own wellbeing and engaging in our own healing with the support of traditional and complementary medicine.

  15. ‘I have learned how to be my own teacher, my own best friend. I have learned how to love myself and that’s something I didn’t learn from my parents or at school, or at church. It took Serge to teach me that.’ True Gayle. Serge Benhayon reflects what Love truly is.

  16. Serge Benhayon offers us a reflection of what it is to live as a universal man. No wonder you wanted his phone number Gayle.

  17. Awesome to hear your journey Gayle and it was Serge that taught me also how to love myself, to be open to listen and feel what is being communicated and discern what feels true and what doesn’t. To live a life that has so much value, richness, vitality and joy in it comes back to the fact that Serge shares the lived expression of love to its absolute maximum, which is deeply inspiring.

  18. ‘I started to embrace the fact that the way I lived my life was the best medicine I could apply.’ So beautifully said Gayle. There is nothing more precious than the gift we have been given by Serge Benhayon who has shown us how we can choose to live our lives, so that we can bring all of who we are to all of what we do that is for everyone and not just ourselves.

  19. This has been such a gorgeous read, Gayle, as I am at the stage now where I am feeling in myself the fundamentally awesome changes others saw in you. My body feels filled with beauty, awe and grace as the healing and clearing that I have been allowing to take place make space for the unbridled love that I had kept stifled and suppressed to flourish.

  20. I had reacquainted with a friend I had not seen for years and he looked fantastic. He was not fazed by the chaos going on around him; he was very settled within himself. So alive and full of vitality and caring for people. The difference between when I had seen him last and this time was astounding, I had to ask what have you been doing? What have you been eating and where can I get some? I kept pestering him with questions and it slowly became clear that If we are willing to take responsibility for our actions tremendous healing is there. That was 2006 and my friend and I have both continued to grow and heal and expand with the support of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  21. Thank you for sharing Gayle.
    Serge Benhayon is without a shadow of a doubt the world’s healer. What he teaches us about self-responsibility is really taking it to a whole new level.
    We don’t like to feel the consequences of our choices; we want to shy away from them, blame someone else, and numb our bodies from feeling the truth. When we do this of course nothing changes and we go on to repeat the same thing usually more extreme and more ridiculous. The only way to break out of the pattern is to feel the consequences in full and with absolute honesty, to not blame others but to look at our own actions and understand why we chose them. You have to really love yourself through this process because being honest is very exposing but it is also very healing and liberating – it is the best medicine.

  22. Thanks for sharing your experiences Gayle. I had the same experiences where people really noticed how different I was after being at a course lighter, happier. I remember one time meeting a friend I saw almost annually for birthdays and she said you look younger than you did last year what are you doing so I passed on the Esoteric practitioner in London I was seeing. It’s undeniable the change to your particles after healing sessions or courses it is amazing.

    1. Interestingly I found that people stop commenting once you feel sustainably better. Is it mainly temporary improvements that are being commented on?

  23. This sharing highlights the integrity of Serge Benhayon and how his honesty has benefited you much more than a few sessions could have provided. Like you I attend the courses and workshops because I learn so much. Its life education at its best.

    1. Nailed it Jennifer – it is life education at its best! And Serge’s integrity is also accompanied by his consistency in how he is – no matter when or where you always get him as who he is and nothing less – this builds trust and allows you to feel what is indeed possibly consistently so.

  24. The best advertisement for Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine is us just being ourselves as we walk around. We don’t have to promote him or actively suggest others to go and do a course when everyone can see and feel the difference in us.

  25. How refreshing it is to read that it is our responsibility to heal ourselves and to keep ourselves well. This is unheard of in this day and age where we want the doctor or healer to fix us.

    1. Yes to do yourself out of work! To not want the security of regular clientele is unheard of. It does show the deepth of integrity and love Serge is all about.

  26. What a gorgeous story of your journey Gayle returning to healing yourself with the support of Serge Benhayon. It is really inspiring how he taught you to be responsible for your own future.

  27. ‘Whoa! This was devastating news! What? You mean I have to take responsibility for my own wellbeing? It was so much easier to just pay someone to do it for me.’ I guess Gayle that you now have a completely different view and we would say ‘the great news is I can make choices for my own health and wellbeing and love to pay for the inspiration I get from Serge Benhayon and other practitioners of Universal Medicine through sessions, workshops, courses, books and retreats.

  28. At times it is in the simplicity what Serge Benhayon is presenting that is causing the great disturbance in us as we are so used the creation of complexity in our lives as a way to deal with it. How can something simple being presented by Serge being the answer to all the ‘problems’ in life we are facing is often we run away with. But at the end, when we can be truly honest, we all come to the conclusion that with this complexity we have created all the issues in our lives, be it on relationship level or in the physical, the way we live is always at its foundation.

  29. It is big news when we are told or become aware that we are our own healers and responsible for our own well-being, but as you say Gayle, it also comes with a responsibility, a responsibly we have long, long ran away from.

  30. Gayle, I am deeply moved reading your story. Not only hearing your experience with Serge Benhayon, which may I add is very similar to most others I know who have met or know Serge well, but of your own unfolding journey. You are a gorgeous woman with an enormous heart and so much wisdom, always open to seeing what’s next. That is deeply inspiring….keep leading the way.

  31. “I have learned how to be my own teacher, my own best friend”. Now isn’t this the best and most valuable lesson ever? A lesson that has changed my life too. It took a while to accept being totally responsible for my life, but now I do in every single way, and it’s not a burden to do so but incredibly joyful and very empowering.

  32. I just spent the weekend at Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 1 and can relate to the amazement that such simple and short healing sessions can leave you feeling so light, open and joyful – feeling like the real you minus the wears of life. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have transformed so many people’s lives, empowering them with healing modalities that free the body to let out who we really are. For that (and many other things) I am in eternal appreciation.

    1. ‘For that I am in eternal appreciation.’ What an offering, to be able to live life with such grace and awareness. In a world where life seems to be intensifying on a regular basis, to come across a man whose teachings are so extraordinary that they bring the ordinary back to us is miraculous indeed.

  33. When we find someone who is trustworthy and great at what they do it is easy to recommend them to others, who then have to discern for themselves whether that person is right for them or not. This applies in all aspects of life, be it the butcher, the mechanic, the hairdresser etc. Serge Benhayon is an exceptional healing practitioner so it is no wonder what you felt seeing him Gayle.

  34. The basis of the Universal Medicine therapies, is that we are the masters of our own healing through our connection to the inner heart. They are empowering and effective modalities.

  35. I absolutely love these revelations “I had never felt judged no matter how many times I went or what my complaint was. So, I had to take on board what he was telling me. It was my responsibility to get well and stay well.” This is inspiring. To experience not being judged alone is a very healing experience. You naturally respond with an openness. I am still learning to not judge others and allow them the space to feel for themselves what is true and not true. Thank God for Serge Benhayon, and I also thank you Serge for being here this time round.

  36. Gayle I always enjoy reading this, it’s such an honest story. One of the things that stood out was Serge’s humility, even though he is bringing through such great support for so many people he was still surprised to find out so many people wanted his number. I can also relate to the idea that others fix us, it’s prolific in the spiritual healing domain and also medical patients believe our bodies are for others to take responsibility for. It’s a better way to be responsible for ourselves but also receive all the medical and complementary to medicine support on offer in full – a team effort.

  37. I love how you write Gayle, I was totally engaged reading your story. And moved to tears a couple of times, especially on this part – “thus began a deep relationship with myself that I had never had”. I love how Serge Benhayon is inspiring people all around the world to do this. I know he has for me and it has been life-changing and most importantly life-sustaining. And I mean that it becomes a life-long sustainable change and also that living this way sustains you, it supports you to be steady like nothing else I have ever experienced.

    1. Absolutely, Rachel. Who else in the world of ‘healing’ before Serge Benhahon (and since) would be so loving and truthful with a client knowing those very words have the potential to empower a client to take responsibility for their own healing thus leaving their services virtually obsolete? These words alone reflect the all Serge lives and presents on a daily basis.

  38. “I learn how to live me in a world that wants me to conform to mass consciousness.” That and so much more I have learned from presentations by Serge Benhayon as well without getting one healing session from him personally. It was not needed as his presentations are so full on – you get always everything from him – so that you can heal yourself if you want through changing some of your wonderful and comfortable life style choices . . .

  39. I love the innocence and joy in seeing someone do well and then rather than going into any comparison about it to actually ask people what they are doing that is supporting them. There is a real beauty in that.

  40. Being fixed is something many of us look for from a practitioner, but in truth it is taking our own power away to not understand that we have a huge part to play in our own healing. Learning how to heal with support is the key to true long term, sustainable healing and health.

  41. I was so grateful when my Sister told me about Serge Benhayon, it was without question that I wanted to meet this man, she didn’t tell me that much at all about what or who he was, just simple a man that was worth checking out. There was so many obstacle on the day trying to get there, tubes delayed then suddenly stopped working… got there in the end with a black cab and it was worth every second getting there.

  42. Thank you Gayle for this beautiful account of the sincere support you have received from Serge Benhayon, inspiring how you have deepened the relationship that you have with yourself and all of life.

  43. Every person who takes responsibility for themselves is deepening the love for them and others. Being far from UM and Serge, I wanted to be close to get all these services too, but without needing him to say it directly to me I got the message that my life it is up to me.

  44. When we see someone’s life transform for the better then it makes sense that we find out what they are doing. It is no wonder then Gayle that you asked for Serge Benhayon’s phone number.

  45. The gift that Serge Benhayon offers is the gift of reflection because what can be seen in him is a man deeply connected with his soul. The inspiration then is that he is no different than anyone else so we all can have that same level of connection with our soul.

  46. When we finally come to the place where we absolutely know that it is us who is responsible for our own healing life can’t help but change. And like yours changed Gayle, so did mine, and every day I deeply appreciate this simple but powerful lesson presented by Serge Benhayon, one of many he has offered selflessly to humanity since 1999.

  47. ‘ It’s time for you to ‘get’ that you are the one who is responsible for healing yourself.” Only when we take on board this empowering responsibility can we truly heal from within.

  48. I love reading this Gayle as your honesty comes through very clearly with the way you write. Over the years I have seen the attendees of the courses here in the UK grow and without any advertising from Serge or Universal Medicine.

  49. It is no wonder Serge Benhayon’s client list grew exponentially through word of mouth alone. As this blog shows, you don’t even need to talk about it, as people can see and feel the difference.

  50. Gayle I adore the way you write and express, it’s a real treat reading your blogs especially about your transformation over the years: “… because I have learned how to be my own teacher, my own best friend. I have learned how to love myself and that’s something I didn’t learn from my parents or at school, or at church. It took Serge to teach me that” – it’s the same for me too, I did not know what real love was until coming to Universal Medicine. Over the past ten years, learning to love, to be my own counsel and draw from my innate well of wisdom, is learning to live and to really truly enjoy life. I would not have it any other way. Why would I? Love is everything.

  51. Thank you Gayle, it’s always great to read your story. I’ve met quite a few new age and spiritual healers in my time and they always believe they do the healing for the client. It’s a definite dynamic that the client goes for help and to be fixed, feels the healer has knowledge or gifts they don’t, and the healer fixes the client. Such a healing can never be true though unless it supports the client to reconnect to their essence and soul and begin to live from that place. The new age and spiritual healing dynamic also highlights the lack of equality, that one is considered to have a kind of power and the other is not. Serge’s sessions are always about a reconnection to our essence and soul and the equality we each hold, and the healing we can bring to ourselves. It’s very empowering, practical, and it is not mysterious.

  52. Yes, responsible for healing ourselves, I Love the empowerment of understanding that we can choose this path, to heal all that is in the way of us being all we are. Great to have awesome support, but it us that chooses it and us that live it ourselves.

  53. Great blog Gayle, I loved the part where you wrote ‘Thus began a deep relationship with myself that I had never had.’ It is when we start this relationship that we realise that we have a responsibility to ourselves.

  54. I like this part with Serge Benhayon talking about you re-discovering your own healing potential. How gracious to be so upfront and honest with you, to not need to fix you, to allow you the space to feel your own power. There is a great lesson in this for everyone in all situations.

  55. Serge Benhayon is always supporting us to be who we are and empowering us making sure we do not give our power away to him. His biggest gift is not the healing of an issue or illness his biggest gift is the healing of the separation of our divine selves.

  56. Brilliant Gayle, you illustrate beautifully how healing is our job, via the choices we make and how we move. There is no actual end to this process of returning. There’s always a deeper point of Love we can go to when we say yes to truth.

  57. We can all feel when we meet someone or hear about someone who can genuinely support us. The question then become do we listen to our body and follow up on what we feel and know.

  58. What an awesome gift of healing in itself – to be given the keys to your own healing process and empowered in this way is revelatory and in my opinion sets Serge Benhayon apart from many other healers I have known.

  59. An amazing sharing Gayle, I love your straightforward and down to earth way in how you approach it all, to find a way that works for you, starting with your head and then your body, and to have met someone who showed that you heal yourself and to have taken that on board, is very inspiring. And I was struck by what you said, how we’re constantly being asked in the world to be part of a mass consciousness, so very true, and not something we discuss or consider enough.

  60. ““If I fix you completely, you will be forever running back here to get fixed up” So true, Serge Benhayon knows that healing has to come from within, no-one can heal us as such it has to be our own choice.

    1. I loved that line and it just highlights Serge Benhayon’s integrity. He would have also seen that this would have been of no benefit to Gayle whatsoever. Nothing but love in action.

  61. Gayle, I have a far greater understanding of myself since knowing Serge Benhayon all my life it has been suggested that I’m the one that is out of kilter with the rest of the world, the ‘Back sheep’ of the family. I am at last starting to develop a relationship with myself and this has helped me to understand the ideals and beliefs that I have absorbed without discerning the truth of them come from this mass consciousness you write about that keeps us all living a lesser life.

  62. I will never forget the first time meeting Serge Benhayon, like we were old friends that we catching up since along time, that familiarity was so strong. The moment he started talking it was like I knew it, my body was saying yes and I found myself nodding along.

  63. ‘I have learned how to be my own teacher, my own best friend. I have learned how to love myself…’ Very beautiful Gayle.

  64. It is wonderful to be reminded that I too wanted to be fixed at some point in my life. It helps me to have understanding and patience for where another is at and not be judgemental of them.

  65. The quality of a practitioner that supports you to know who you really are, and take responsibility for yourself is something extremely rare and special in this world. Serge Benhayon is such a man.

  66. Your sentence that ‘I started to believe that the way I lived my life was the best medicine I could apply’ rings so true Gayle. Knowing that we can choose to make a difference to our health and well-being is so empowering.

  67. It asks for a huge amount of humbleness to not fix someone but share with them that they are able to heal themselves and that is what is important to (re)learn. This shows the ultimate integrity Serge Benhayon holds and works with, because he could easily have made a lot of money out of fixing everyone.

  68. It is so empowering to take responsibility and ownership for our own well-being. It literally brings the power we so often give away to others, back to us, so we can make choices in life that are not only for us but for the all.

  69. Very awesome Gayle. I can’t say that when I first met Serge Benhayon that I consciously knew how much my life was going to change. Not one single aspect of my life has remained the same and it’s amazing how I now choose to live compared to how I used to.

  70. We certainly are our own healers Gayle and Serge Benhayon inspires many to live a life from responsibility, love and truth and that is the best medicine anyone can truly offer.

  71. The proof is in the pudding so a saying goes, and this is a fine example of word of mouth from people that know you, saw a difference and then wanted a piece of it too. In the whole time I have known Serge Benhayon he has never self-promoted or advertised. Every person that I have met has come to him from being inspired by someone they have met and where they could see some changes.

  72. A rare thing that a practitioner not only recommends that we become our own teacher and healer, in other words take responsibility, and rarer still that they actually deeply and intimately know what they are talking about and can give the practical assistance to follow through with such a suggestion.

    1. Yes there is nothing more joyful than reconnecting to our true selves for in that connection we meet everyone else.

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