David Millikan: Digest This! ­(Part 2)

by Nina Stabey, BcHSci, Goonellabah, Australia

David Millikan has decided in his own head that Universal Medicine is a cult. I beg to differ…

In his own words Millikan says, “Cults have one thing in common… You have got to hold before a person some glittering prize, some hope of salvation or some hope of healing, some tangible hope such that they are prepared to make quite extraordinary sacrifices in terms of their own well-being.” (Conversations with Richard Fidler, ABC, 29 November 2006.)

Universal Medicine offers NO glittering prize, no promise of enlightenment, no levitation, no special treatment. Each individual has to choose to embark on a process of self-care. No one can do this for us!

Universal Medicine offers no guarantees, no outcomes, no fixes, no rose-coloured glasses. Choosing to self-care in a society that lives counter to this is not easy and is often challenging.

Universal Medicine makes NO claims about recovering from or curing any illness or disease. It simply shares that the way we live can be ‘good medicine’. We have to choose what is right for us… AND THEN ACTUALLY LIVE IT!!

Universal Medicine does not ask for individuals to sacrifice ANYTHING of their own well-being. Au contraire! Individuals are encouraged to develop and build their own well-being!

Universal Medicine offers CHOICES: those that either deplete the body or build the body. Each individual then decides how much, how often, and what kind of choices they want for themselves each and every day.

The accusations Millikan hurled at us on Friday night are blatantly untrue. Many of the student group have stopped smoking, drinking alcohol, over-eating comfort foods, taking drugs and participating in unloving sexual conduct… all in the process of developing self-care. Any doctor would congratulate us on making health supportive choices – but not Millikan!

The fact that many of the students have shed significant weight (and maintained it), are living fulfilling, community-oriented, joyful lives is to be encouraged and applauded – NOT CONDEMNED.

Get your facts straight, David Millikan.

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59 thoughts on “David Millikan: Digest This! ­(Part 2)

  1. So many the truths that are presented by Universal Medicine are turned upside down so we are not getting a true representation of the facts as they are presented and when one does consider the whole encompassing universality that is being shared then it becomes a stand-out Living-Truth that can not be refuted.

  2. In a so-called free society, where people may not be well, they have the right to think that associating with others may help them to increase their level of well-being. They also have the right to define what an improvement of their level of well-being looks like. Given this, it is not surprising that there are out there a host of very different options to join in, which offer a very different approach and understanding of what an improvement of your well-being is all about and of what does it take to get there. We know what we do, supply meets (our) demand. So-called cults are part of the landscape. They offer what they offer and what they offer matches what some people are asking for. What may sound like a not a too sound choice for some, for another may be a very sound one. This subject calls for understanding not judgement.

  3. You’ve stated it so well Nina, thank you. Universal Medicine offers support to those who want to make more loving choices, and that is something to be celebrated not condemned.

  4. I don’t feel David Millikan was ever interested in the facts, he had a self promoting agenda from the beginning. All we can really do is keep writing the truth because it’s obvious the media aren’t currently going to do that. What you have written about the facts of Universal Medicine in your blog has been my experience too, they are an amazing wellbeing organisation who are very effectively sharing with their patrons and students how the way we live our lives is a form of daily medicine. The changes I’ve been inspired to make by Universal Medicine to take better care of myself, including seeing my doctor more regularly, have certainly proven to me how true it is that the way we live is a form of medicine because of the positive impacts on my health and wellbeing.

  5. There are two thigs to consider. The first is the lenses through which we observe the world. They may be more or less accurate. Yet, there is a second issue, which is how much you try to fit what is out there in how you see the world and how much truly fits. We can try hard to accommodate an elephant in a Mini Cooper thinking that it is a dog, but… it will never fit in.

    1. It’s a dog eat dog world out there and much is to do with us want to emulate what we see on T.V. so we pull no punches when it comes to our family or life-styles and will do anything to fit it into the way we want life to be by turning a blind eye so we are not seeing the elephants in the room.

  6. ‘Each individual has to choose to embark on a process of self-care. No one can do this for us!’ Absolutely we are all responsible for ourselves and the choices we make, at no time has Universal Medicine tried to make our choices for us.

  7. My wellbeing would not be where it is today if I had not met Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. Me in my life has and is changing so much most of all my commitment to myself and to those around me and taking responsibility for my life as best I can. You only have to take a look at me compared to where I was before I came across Serge Benhayon and the proof is there right in front of your eyes that’s if you are honest enough and want to see it!

  8. It’s all so simple. Self responsibility is the key message. Something I’m not sure David Milliken is exercising.

  9. Choosing to live life based on love is exposing and triggers reaction for those who are choosing to live another way.

  10. Choosing to self-care in a world that lives counter to this is absolutely not easy and very often challenging and people’s loving choices should most definitely be encouraged and applauded not labeled and condemned. … to do otherwise seriously calls one’s motives into question.

  11. It’s amazing how self-loving and self-caring choices can really disturb the status quo and the lengths some will go to.

  12. Yes Nina – ask the people who actually live and breathe what Universal Medicine teaches – not those who look from the outside in and make uninformed judgments about the lives we live – what the truth is.

    1. So true Richard, as soon as we condemn, judge, critique, blame, react or become jealous our ability to stay in connection to our essences is diminished and we fall head over heals out of love and into the hands of evil.

  13. Nina,
    I am reading this article some years after it was written, yet the facts you expressed then, are still the very same facts today. Is this not an indication of the truth, honour and integrity that Serge Benhayon lives by?

  14. I love your list of true facts about Universal Medicine Nina. “Universal Medicine offers CHOICES: those that either deplete the body or build the body. Each individual then decides how much, how often, and what kind of choices they want for themselves each and every day.” How can this possibly be misconstrued as a cult?

  15. Well said Nina, David Millikan ignored all the facts in favour of presenting a sensationalist story that is completely devoid of any truth about Universal Medicine or Serge Benhayon.

  16. Serge Benhayon offers a choice and he literally does this. I feel in my body something that I mark as true freedom, it’s not only about understanding something intellectually and then not putting it into practice anyway. With Serge I feel the actual option in my cells to configure in a different way. Freedom is not something that is typical for cults, for all who still need proof that Universal Medicine a cult, that is simply a blatant lie.

  17. Nina, David Millikan obviously had his own agenda on that Friday evening from all accounts, and didn’t care what anyone else thought or felt nor how this disruption would harm those present. Thank you for sharing what occurred that evening Nina.

  18. Awesome Nina! The facts are so clear and it is so absolutely obvious that Universal Medicine promotes self responsibility and ultimate wellbeing that it is laughable that Millikan states that it is a cult based on his statement of a tangible hope that drives people to be “prepared to make quite extraordinary sacrifices in terms of their own well-being.”
    He has the choice to like what Universal Medicine offers or not, but it is quite rude to just make up lies that fit his agenda.

  19. Universal Medicine couldn’t be further from David Millikan’s definition of a cult (and he is a supposed expert on the topic). Thanks for sharing the facts, Nina.

  20. Very wise words Nina! The result of the choices students of Universal Medicine make are the problem Millikan decided he wanted to avoid feeling. Storming like a military command is much easier. Nothing to feel. It is about avoiding what is so obvious and in your face.

  21. The transformations students of the Way of the Livingness have made are glaringly obvious, to choose not to see this does not dull down the FACT, it merely sheds light upon those unwilling to take an honest look.

  22. Great facts Nina especially “Universal Medicine offers CHOICES: those that either deplete the body or build the body. Each individual then decides how much, how often, and what kind of choices they want for themselves each and every day”. Cults are notorious for controlling people’s lives – the exact opposite of what is freely offered by Universal Medicine.

  23. “Many of the students are living fulfilling, community-oriented, joyful lives” and not the insular, shut down, controlled existence that the term ‘cult’ conjures up. Get your facts straight Mr Millikan.

  24. Thanks Nina, for bringing truth and clarity to this. We only need to stop and feel the level of vitality we now enjoy in our bodies to show these are just false allegations coming from someone just after sensationalism and recognition.

  25. Spot on Nina, these are the facts that no-one can deny and thus is what David Millikan would have found if he had bothered to do any real research into Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon instead of the deceit and manipulation he used to garner some sensationalist film footage for the TV network he was working for.

  26. Well said Nina – I agree with what you have said. And any doctor or medical professional would applaud changes such as giving up smoking, drinking, overeating and stopping the huge amount of disrespect and disregard we show our bodies.

  27. Thank you Nina for stating the truth so clearly and putting the facts right – great to read.

  28. Yes get your facts right! It’s not difficult if you really want the facts… enjoyable read Nina.

  29. If by now (part 3) David Millikan had eaten all his words (and he should) from Friday 12th October, he’d be taken to an A&E for a gastric lavage – poisonous are his words!

  30. No room in this article to doubt or question the place Universal Medicine plays in many peoples lives. Thanks Nina for telling Millikan so blatantly to get his facts straight! He was so far from the truth Friday night that you almost had to laugh.

  31. I agree with all you have said. David Millikan certainly needs to get his facts straight.

  32. Absolutely no compromise in your words, Nina. I also “beg to differ” on Mr Millikan’s assessment of those attending UM presentations, courses & receiving treatments.
    Your words, “Choosing to self-care in a society that lives counter to this is not easy and is often challenging.” touched me deeply. MANY people have clearly made AMAZING & SIGNIFICANT CHANGES in their lives (it’s all here in the blogs), and this can surely be challenging at times, as we find our own way in deepening our choices to self-care. Also clearly in the blogs is how these choices are not only for those of us choosing to make a difference in our own ways of living, but MANY are touched, and similarly inspired in their own lives…
    EVERY step along the learning path of self-care and love deserves to be CELEBRATED. May we all find the celebration of what we’ve found within ourselves (clearly no ‘blind following’ here..) triumphant over the slander, behaviour & disrespect of people such as David Millikan, for the true difference being made is so very needed. THAT’S the facts, and thank-you for setting it straight Nina. Most awesome.

  33. Fantastic Nina – absolutely get the facts straight and stop trying to make out that UM is something it is not. Free choice has never been more clearly offered or demonstrated by UM and there are many who obviously could do with ‘taking a leaf out if its book’. Thank you for expressing with such loving power.

  34. Awesome… you have expressed how it was for me too, I have also given up alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, abusive relationships, junk food, sleeplessness and replaced this with self-care. I have also gone down 2 dress sizes and now feel comfortable in my body and feel healthier and younger then I did 10 years ago… does this not speak for itself.
    Mary-Louise Myers

  35. Thank you Nina, those you have experienced the changes in themselves know these facts are true from their own experience, nothing anyone says alters this fact.

  36. Nina’s degustation menu of truth as presented by Universal Medicine
    Best of all it’s there for all to choose to enjoy or not.
    Brings to mind the old sayings – ‘We are what we eat’ and ‘It’s all up to us’.

  37. Thank you for this. You really break it down and get to the heart of the matter! Clear and strong- really great!

  38. Thanks Nina for stating the facts about Universal Medicine. It seems these have gotten overlooked recently as they don’t support the untrue stories that a going around. I gave up alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and junk food as I developed more self-care and I know that my family, friends and GP thinks that is fantastic.

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