What Will $5 Buy In 2012?

by Gayle Cue, Practice Manager, Bangalow, NSW

Will $5 buy a pack of cigarettes? I don’t think so, although never having been a smoker, I can’t say for sure. Will $5 buy a schooner of beer at the local pub? Maybe; I haven’t been in a pub for several years and never did buy beer. Will $5 buy a glass of wine? Back a few years ago when I did enjoy a glass of wine, yes, I could buy one for $5, if I chose the “house” wine. Will $5 buy a cup of coffee?  Just. Will $5 buy a block of really yummy cheese? No, not anymore. Will $5 gain admittance to a concert, to a cinema, to a play? No.

Will $5 buy you an evening of information and entertainment in the company of good friends? YES, in the world that I live in, it does. On a Friday night, approximately eight times a year, I can attend a presentation by Serge Benhayon on Esoteric Medicine. The event is held in a public hall in Northern NSW, and is attended by anywhere from 150 to 300 people on average. Serge presents for approximately two hours on how to be self-loving as a precursor to being loving with all others. He shares what he has tried and found effective in improving his own life, his health, and his overall wellbeing. It is then up to each of us to decide if we want to follow his example, or at least experiment with these ideas.

Since trying for myself much of what is discussed, like eliminating alcohol, caffeine, dairy, and gluten, I can say that, at 61, I feel better than I have felt in all of my adult life. I have not taken a sick day at work in many years. I have an annual physical, complete with blood tests to check iron, B12, cholesterol levels etc. The last two years all my levels are within the normal range, after years of always having something too high or too low. I reckon my good health and joy in living my quiet little life are a direct result of my $5 investment in a Friday night Esoteric Medicine presentation where I’ve learned that how I live my life is the best medicine.

It’s very difficult to understand why anyone would object to people attending these lectures, or why the media would hound people making these choices. What is really going on here?

97 thoughts on “What Will $5 Buy In 2012?

  1. Gayle we are now in 2021, and $5 will hardly buy you anything anymore. Like you I haven’t been to a pub, smoked in years to even know the cost of these items that are useless for the body. But that’s okay to spend money on. Right?

    No doubt like many people around the world, we spend $1000 on improving our health and well-being, to only find that it is a temporary fix.

    From my perspective, it matters not what the monetary exchange is, but the lasting effects to one’s life, is far more important. And this is what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine offers. Every human has the choice to spend their money wherever they want, and we could all have an opinion on how it is spent.

    Every dollar/pound I have spent attending any of Serge Benhayon’s workshops have been worth every cent/penny and more. So that’s not okay. Right? So where’s the choice here?

  2. Your $5 investment didn’t stop at just having an evening of information and entertainment in the company of good friends – it could have, but it didn’t, it went further. This makes me realise that the value we get out of something is determined by what we do with that investment. We can put it on the mantelpiece and marvel at it every now and then, or we can make that something spectacular into our absolute normal standard and use it every single day.

    1. Fumiyo, totally agree. I would rather be in the company of loving, people, where alcohol does not rule us. I have had more fun being with these people, than wake up in the morning nursing a headache or regrets.

  3. It has become obvious that some people feel what they are doing is true and the righteous and good thing to do but in administering their brand of good, by wanting to restrict the rights of those whose first choice is to do no harm and then to let others get on with their life and in doing so they also treat everyone with decency and respect. At-least in the modern era our hearts are no-longer going to ripped out of our bodies for our religious WAYS.

  4. Great question why would people react to those who choose to live differently from them when they are not being asked to change themselves? What is going on here? And this in a so called democracy where people have right of assembly? It exposes our so called better, and the fact it may not be better at all.

    1. Yes, we live in a supposedly free world, as long as we are law abiding citizens, so why do a group of people who choose to listen to a man, Serge Benhayon, who shares profound wisdom, matter to a few people who’re not interested in the amazing wisdom Serge shares?

  5. Money well spent is such an investment and when we do not look for bang for our buck but are willing to and reverence with True Responsibility, what is being shared by these events is priceless, informative, unquestionably wisdom, always adding a deeper dimension to life and prophetic in nature.

  6. When you consider the gold that is offered in these presentations for having listened to them over audio from afar, I’ve changed my life and they’re worth every penny and for £5 too … it’s a bargain beyond anything considering what you receive in return, it’s the very best investment I’ve ever made.

  7. Perhaps it is way to good what you can get for the 5 Australian Dollars if you listen to the presentation held by Serge Benhayon! To get a healthy body is not everybody’s cup of tea. So, thank God that everybody can choose for themselves what they are going to do with their 5 Dollars.

  8. Wow only $5.00 that’s really cheap if you take a look at what some presenters charge especially in relation to the information given. The other thing I like about attending these presentations is that there is no Rah Rah so many times I have gone to presentations and the presenter seems to get people overly stimulated. Whereas, I have found over the many years of attending the course, workshops of Serge Benhayon he shares what he knows about life, health, the universe etc., and leaves it up to each person to make their own mind up. To me this is very refreshing as I don’t like being told what to do.

  9. It’s amazing what we can buy with money these days – from what we know to be harming to our body, to what could potentially be healing and evolving for our entire being – and the choice is ours. Where we choose to invest our money in clearly indicate what kind of life we would want for ourselves.

  10. Yep, agree, what is actually going on here for people to be objecting to others taking their life into their own hands and choosing to be self responsible instead of blaming the world for their woes. The esoteric medicine presentations are invaluable and purely based on common sense. It’s any wonder why it is not discussed daily in our society. We have really missed the point.

  11. Such a practical and sensible view from you Gayle. There is no better $5 spent than on an evening listening to Serge Benhayon present wisdom on how each of us can develop our own inner understanding of who we are.

  12. What is of true value in my life these days are those things that inspire me to grow, deepen my connection to my body and being to bring a greater quality of love, awareness and responsibility to the life I live, including my workplace and to the relationships I share. Through the presentations of Universal Medicine, I continually feel this inspiration. And what is truly remarkable to experience is, that this inspiration is felt long after the presentation has ended, as the value continues to unfold the more and more allowing me to connect to and be guided by a greater sense of truth within me.

  13. An investment that I appreciate enormously every time Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine present. It is phenomenal the support, wisdom, love and awareness we receive and share throughout these presentations that I can’t believe the cost is so minimal! These presentations have deepened and expanded tremendously since 2012, to now having many presenters on the day, live music, group work and much more.

  14. A $5 investment that flows back to you with compound interest of love, self-love, self-respect, wellbeing and a sense of purpose to live all that you are.

  15. A great point Gayle, what is going on here? ‘It’s very difficult to understand why anyone would object to people attending these lectures, or why the media would hound people making these choices. What is really going on here?’

    1. When we look at history the bigotry toward NEW religious groups and anyone who was willing to go against the tide and present the Truth were out-casts and vilified for their conviction.

  16. Awesome blog Gayle, the $5 investment offers you the greatest return on your money and the best thing is – it never devalues, the rewards just keep on coming.

  17. It says a lot for Serge Benhayon as a presenter and Universal Medicine as a business that people who wish to attend these presentations pay $5.00. This makes these presentations so accessible. As you say Gayle there is not a lot you can buy for $5.00. To be honest these presentations are actually priceless for what is actually received.

  18. A great investment I absolutely agree and how very fortunate that these presentations are available worldwide through webcasting. $5 incredibly well spent.

    1. Yes it is incredible Esther, thank God and Serge Benhayon and all who support to offer webcasting around the world! It feels like we are all sitting in the same space, even if some of us are in our living rooms.

  19. Best spent $5 ever. In a society where freedom of choice is supposed to be upheld as a basic human right, the fact that the media and some individuals are able to slander and interfere with this is, without consequence is beyond belief.

  20. This moment is to stop and appreciate the forever wonderful generosity of this man Serge Benhayon to charge only $5 for 2 hours of absolute ancient very accessible wisdom. It just goes to show where those people are at in truth to attack Universal Medicine and the students ..

  21. Gayle what a great investment, you have so much more about self care and your health that you have been able to put it into practice. You are your own living proof of the improvements you are experiencing in your own body. I too have been to many presentations by Serge Benhayon and can say it has supported me in my life and health.

  22. I can think of no greater investment of my $5 than to attend such a presentation. Indeed, I have attended many such presentations by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, and my life also has been profoundly changed as I’ve reflected deeply upon what’s been presented, and integrated into my own life a far deeper level of awareness as to the way I live than I ever used to hold previously.
    Amazing Gayle, that you feel better now that at other points in your life – I am the same: more vitality, energy, purpose and joy in life in my late forties, than I can ever remember feeling, and this only continues to deepen and be enriched. Wow, for how accessible these presentations are to so very many.

  23. Well put Gayle Cue. Why indeed does a presentation on what I would call true health – really living it from the essence of who we are within, out – attract such a flurry of unwarranted critique and false accusation, when the $5 we spend upon things that cause harm and ill-health to our physical bodies, remains ‘unchecked’?

  24. I very much agree, these are 5$ well spent. There is so much in life we spend money on that does not really support us. Any Universal Medicine event and or presentation by Serge Benhayon that I have experienced has given me only support, and manifold, to not only improve my life and vitality but to live my life with joy and purpose. I couldn’t ask for more. It has given me the reins back into my own hands, knowing that I have a choice in every moment to live life with the love we all deserve.

  25. It doesn’t make sense that anyone would object to people choosing to attend a presentation about taking responsibility for their health and well being, especially when the benefits of such, as you have experienced, are life changing. It’s not often than something that costs so little can have such a monumental affect for the betterment of self and others.

  26. Good question Gayle. Nearly 20 years ago I decided to change careers. I was earning good money – although did not appreciate it at the time. Much of my money went on nights out, excessive eating, entertainment etc. I still do not earn quite as much as I did then – but I am so much better off because of my lifestyle choices – based on the teachings and presentations of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. I no longer need to distract myself with entertainment, food, drink, nights out etc – because I am so much more loving with myself and when this as my foundation – such ‘entertainments’ and distractions are unnecessary.

  27. Gayle you spend 5 $ and save how much???? Did you add all the 5$ you mentioned in your amazing blog you are not spending anymore. For me that is really a good deal AND on top of it is your good health – my feeling is that are the best 5$ ever spend.

  28. Very good question Gayle. The presentations given by Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon and other members of the Benhayon family are priceless to me and yet the fee for these is always kept as low as possible so their are no barriers to entry for those that wish to attend. There have also been many instances where those who were genuinely unable to afford an entry fee were allowed to attend at no charge. The generosity and true care demonstrated by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine is second to none.

  29. Thank you Gayle. The true value of living life with a foundation of love is an investment in living who you truly are.

  30. A beautiful sharing Gayle, “I reckon my good health and joy in living my quiet little life are a direct result of my $5 investment in a Friday night Esoteric Medicine presentation where I’ve learned that how I live my life is the best medicine.” And so say I.

  31. Awesome blog Gayle – I agree the $5 paid to hear these presentations by Serge Benhayon is the greatest investment one could ever make.

  32. What a gorgeous blog Gayle – $5 doesn’t go far these days but as you say the small investment made to listening to Serge’s presentations surely gains in interest over the years in value to our health and wellbeing and you certainly wouldn’t get that sort of a payback anywhere else. A small investment in self-loving choices grows a vital body – as you share it is how we live our life that is the best medicine.

  33. Gayle, I totally agree. I have not been able to attend in person but have listened to the presentations you mention via audio for many years. When I consider how much I spent on vitamins and various other natural therapies, books, workshops and so on over the years with only temporary results, the price of my annual subscription is an absolute bargain. This is not just in monetary terms, but also in terms of the rise in my health and wellbeing as a direct result of changes I have made subsequent to what I have learned from listening to the presentations.

    1. This is beautiful to read gilesch. Incredible but not surprising to read that your life has changed drastically simply from listening to Serge’s presentations.

  34. $5 is a great investment in ourselves, really cheap at the price considering how much many of us have spent on poor health investments (alcohol, coffee, chocolate etc).

  35. You can buy 2 small tins of tuna for $5 but that is very small to the amount of what you can get at one of those presentations. An insight to a way of living that is truly harmonious, truly joyous… I think yes I would spend $5 on that!

  36. Loved your blog Gayle – Give me $5 of Serge Benhayon’s Presentations anytime over alcohol, caffeine, gluten, dairy, chocolate and the list goes on. I agree with Felix – it carries lifetimes of guarantee.

  37. $5 and I can spend the rest of the year pondering on what was presented, and putting it in practice takes even longer. Last but not least: The benefits last lifetimes.

  38. Well Gayle I couldn’t agree more! Since investing my money in Universal Medicine events I can only say that the good that has come back to me has been phenomenal. After spending a lot of money in the New Age and getting nothing back but short term hype, I’m finally settled in myself, my health has dramatically improved (and continues to) as have all my relationships. I’m always astonished also at how reasonably priced Universal Medicine Events are (and some are free!) especially with how deeply valuable that are and what my “returns” are.

  39. Good question Gayle Cue, what is really going on here? The presentations by Serge Benhayon have been of indescribable value for me, far more than the $5 they actually cost. But the value I give to it is because I try and experiment with what is presented an find a lot that makes sense to me and actually helps me to remember and acknowledge what I already know deep within. If you are not prepared to look at the misery humanity actually is living in you will not be interested at all in what Serge is presenting and therefore try to ridicule and fight it because you are challenged to look at the blinds you keep down towards what is actually there in front of you.

  40. $5 what an amazing life changing investment this has been. Thank you Gail for once again bringing the simplicity and truth of what Universal medicine present to the fore.

  41. Hi Gayle, $5 sounds great value for money when one considers the benefits can be life changing and on going.

  42. Thank you Gayle. With this great perspective you have highlighted that at the same price of a beer, wine or coffee and not even cigarettes you can also choose to attend lectures that present a way of taking responsibility for our health and well-being by making loving choices to honor who we are and look after ourselves. And for me the return of wealth from this latter investment is an abounding and ever-expanding experience of well-being.

  43. Well put, Gayle, isn’t improving our ‘well-being’ something we are all very interested in? Maybe part of the ‘problem’ is that this isn’t a quick fix. The teachings of Universal Medicine offer for us to take responsibility for how we are in life, for the choices we make which all have a direct affect on us and all those around us.
    Maybe deep down there is a reluctance to want to take responsibility.

  44. Thanks Gayle I couldn’t agree more that this is a priceless investment to learn ‘how I live my life is the best medicine.’ Being more responsible for the choices I make in my life has a positive impact on everyone I come into contact with so why attack those making positive choices – perhaps because it is too confronting for those not yet ready to look at their choices…

  45. What indeed is going on when people are attacked for simply making more loving choices in their lives?! These changes benefit everyone and no one is being told they need to do anything so why all the drama?

  46. What is really going on here is, that the majority of people are exposed in their way of existence by Universal Medicine’s way of living. They don’t feel ready for changes, so they attack.
    Love is the strongest Light. Sometimes it’s painful for the eyes to look straight into the Sun!

  47. In terms of value for money, its a no brainer. As you say Gayle, $5 does not get you much these days… maybe even a couple of bottles of water! Or the chance to experience some profound teaching and walk away with ideas and practical tips that can transform your quality of life.

  48. I started attending Universal Medicine presentations by Serge Benhayon in 2012 and remember how I used to think that I only had to pay $5 for the evening and what I got out of it was far more useful and healing than anything I’ve done over the previous 10 years, my life has changed since then and have deep gratitude for Serge for showing me the way.

  49. Great post Gayle Cue and what a great point about what 5 bucks can buy you in 2012. Well I too have had the benefits in the UK for £5 pounds and it sure is a wise investment.
    Like you I have not needed to take a day off sick from work in many years now and I feel my vitality levels are the best they have ever been in my adult life and I am 53.
    Serge Benhayon talks simple sense and the way he chooses to present information that is life changing at such low prices is really incredible and well worth studying.
    I know I am no longer a medical statistic and so I am not draining our NHS system anymore and this benefits not just me but my community, country and society in general as this is clear evidence that there is another way to live and it works.

  50. Cracking article Gayle! Not alot of money can get you nowhere fast. $5 spent to completely inspire you to make choices which not only support yourself, but which honour you too, sounds like a very wise and practical investment to me.

  51. I love this..it so shows how we can turn our lives around with such little monetary investment and also highlights the fact that for anyone to want to counter this is totally nonsensical.

  52. I agree Gayle for such a small amount of money, we get so much more in return if we care to listen. Change of lifestyle, quality of life, improvement of health and well-being, improved relationships, to only mention a few benefits. Now that is what I call value for money.

  53. I have spent hundreds on foods, hobbies, distractions – you name it, in the past. All with the same results of feeling flat and miserable – providing a momentary relief. My own investments into Universal Medicine (much less than what I would of spent on the combined foods/hobbies etc) have resulted in the quality of my life improving and it continues to every day. This is an investment that is truly beneficial.

  54. Total bargain, agreed, now where is a credible, honest, truthful and deeply inquisitive journalist when you need one to share the real experience of attending a Universal Medicine event and being a student of the Way of the Livingness.

  55. A great investment, seriously $5 for two hours. If you are in the area when Serge is presenting why not give it a try, all you have to loose is $5 and you may leave with something that just may have a huge impact on how you live each day?

  56. Yes Gayle, I smiled reading this, at the sensibility of what you have presented here; and this laughs in the face of the
    non-sensibility of what and how the media are trying to portray what it is we are taking part in. Their ‘story’ makes no sense.

  57. Great take on the deal of the century, Gayle. Before coming to these events by UniMed , I would have paid $100 dollars for a spiritual presentation and received 1/1000 of the valuable wisdom that has been shared by Serge Benhayon in these events.

  58. Attending these public presentation is the best investment I have ever made in my life – I couldn’t even put a price on it.
    What price do you put on health, joy and independence – certainly worth more than $5.
    It is a good question to wonder why certain members of the media are persecuting the presenter and public who attend? I also wonder where the true investigative journalists are and when they are going to start asking these questions?

  59. That’s superb value for $5 and I agree, Gayle, the inspiration you receive can be life changing. What you have found is beyond value when it come to one’s wellbeing and enjoyment of life.

  60. Well expressed Gayle, I too do not understand how there is so much media frenzy in objection to individuals wanting to choose a more loving and caring way of living for themselves there for naturally being more loving and caring of others. Is that not what we all want?
    Mary-Louise Myers

  61. Great article Gayle, I would be interesting to do the sums on what does $5 save… in terms of long term health and well being, visiting doctors, burdens on the health system etc and factor in that its is not just the 150-300 who attend in person but hundreds of others who benefit from these presentations around the world and pay nothing.

  62. Yes, a $5 dollar investment with many ripples…. and the return: feeling better about ones self, quality sleep, more energy… I could go on and on… if this were a pharmaceutical… they would herald it a massive breakthrough!!

    1. Absolutely Nina ‘if this were a pharmaceutical they would herald it a massive breakthrough’ so there is a lot more going on here than just journalists writing sensationalist nonsense.

  63. Great question Gayle. What is going on here? Serge Benhayon’s presentations are so simple and amazing and being able to hear them for only $5 is truly extraordinary. There is not one person in the world that would be excluded. Thank you for bringing attention to Universal Medicine’s inclusiveness, equality and availability to all.

  64. Yes Gayle exactly and well said… what IS going on here indeed! If that were truly investigated by an unbiased media, there would be a story worth telling for the benefit of society.

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