By Kirsten Roslyn, A Woman, Mother & fellow Human Being

On Friday 12th October 2012 I attended what was supposed to be a presentation on Esoteric Medicine being delivered by Serge Benhayon of Universal Medicine: instead I witnessed first hand an ambush by David Millikan, who by his own admission had been sent by a TV station. David had misled and blatantly lied to Mr. Benhayon for the sole purpose of manufacturing dramatised footage to be used in conjunction with, what I soon came to see, would be the fabrication of a story of lies and mistruths about Serge Benhayon and  Universal Medicine.

David Millikan not only misled Serge Benhayon to obtain an invite onto the stage (after turning up unannounced), but when he first walked on stage he also deliberately misled everyone in attendance to believe that he was there to hear what we had to say. But it soon became very clear that was not the reason he was there; the reality was that he came solely to try to incite us into re-action in an attempt to bolster the false allegations he made, not just against Serge Benhayon, but also against all of us who were there, including children. To put it more simply, his agenda was to get any ‘sensational’ footage that could be filmed by the ‘sleepers’ who had been planted in the audience, armed with video cameras.

When Mr. Benhayon was introducing David Millikan he first told us that we had an unexpected guest with us, who was David; and that he was a Uniting Church Minister and an expert in cults who was writing a book, and was interested in Universal Medicine. Mr. Benhayon also explained that David had said that he had some questions he would like to ask the student body. My first thought was “how great is that?”… we are all finally going to get a chance to share the truth and put an end to all the lies and allegations made against Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine: but that was not to be the case.

Instead what unfolded was a disgraceful act of bullying, not just against Serge Benhayon, but against every man, woman and child in attendance that night. David Millikan raised his voice, pointed his finger whilst referring to us all as mindless, brainwashed followers… and that anything we would have to say should be discounted.

I sat there confused and in shock as I could not believe my ears, my body started shaking: I felt like my basic rights as a human being had been violated. I mean to say, by what right did/does David Millikan and his camera crew have to act in such a way, and with such contempt of human decency… by what right? This act of aggression is absolutely unacceptable behaviour and must never be repeated. The media can no longer be allowed to get away with these types of disgraceful and disgusting actions without being held accountable.

Enough is Enough.

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  1. This act was an insult to not only the group who were in attendance but also all of the decent people in humanity who are searching for the Truth and the light of their Soul! So as history has shown us the ones who are True searchers are shut down to keep everyone else in the dark.

  2. There’s various ways of dismissing people and one of them is to present them as brainless sheep, led by someone, and so therefore not worth listening to, but it’s a very deliberate ploy to silence those who might be presenting something different which others don’t want to hear, and it betrays the agenda at play, that you may express so long as you do not challenge or be perceived to challenge the status quo.

  3. There is now a war of words and the Truth will always be challenged as the Truth always has been, so those who are now standing up to the share Their Lived Truth are standing on a foundation of Love that even the most blatant attacks will never shake our Livingness!

  4. Yes Kirsten, enough is indeed enough and this exposes so clearly the sleeping monster we’ve allowed in our midst, and indeed fed also, our media, and asks of us what do we support, for our media, deeply corrupt as it is, is feeding a demand and that demand is coming from us as a humanity.

  5. It was an ambush indeed Kirsten. I wasn’t present that night but what you described highlights how intrusive, abusive and accusing David Millikan’s behaviour was towards Serge Benhayon and the audience. From what I have read, it feels to me to be a deliberate and calculated ambush aimed to debase the people present and also the people associated with Universal Medicine. To me, this kind of behaviour is totally not acceptable anywhere, on or off stage.

  6. What happened that night was a perfect presentation of Esoteric Medicine and confirmed the teachings of Universal Medicine and how energy works and who truly holds the upper hand.

  7. The media are often reported for using bullying tactics to get the stories they want, however nothing seems to change, it feels time that there is a change in how the media present themselves, and that they should be held accountable.

  8. Interestingly, the actions of Serge Benhayon in this are clearly not those of a controlling cult leader but rather of someone who is fully open and transparent with nothing to hide. Mr Millikans actions, abhorrent as they were, proved something that night. Universal Medicine is not a cult.

  9. Even though the events described here occurred some years ago, the dastardliness of the ambush remains. Regardless of time that has past, David Milikan and the film crew he brought with him are still responsible for their behaviour and deceitfulness that night.

  10. A clear demonstration of the lengths that the sceptics will go to deny the truth – even to themselves.

    1. Hear, hear Mary, this is a classic example of someone avoiding truth and going to all lengths to attack truth. The result of this kind of behaviour as displayed by David Millikan will only lead to disharmony, exhaustion, resentment and emptiness. and it adds to the harm and mess our world is currently in.

  11. I agree your basic rights as a human being were violated by what happened in this ambush, it was manipulative and frightening for anyone there to experience.

  12. It was a disgraceful cowardly bullying act which left me in shock, confused and doubting myself due to the lack of accountability and justice I was put through. Shame on David Millikan and the media.

  13. One can see how sections of the media can target any group they please and do the same/similar thing because they don’t ‘fit with their norm’ – what ever that may be.Trial by media indeed.

  14. It is such a shame that events and situations like this have to happen in order for us to stand up and do something about it. I recognise this in my own life too and while I am beginning to speak up against abuse there is always something to look at and address within me that requires a greater love for self.

  15. Kirsten it is shocking to hear such a thing like this can even happen. What was this guy thinking when he came on stage, no consideration of children in the audience? Media should not be allowed to do such and should be exposed when they do.

  16. The problem I have found with people who believe they are experts is that they are tunnel visioned to only see what their pre-conceived beliefs allow them to… they are unable to see the truth even when it is staring them in the face as they are unwilling to have their beliefs challenged in any form in fear of the foundation they have built themselves then being at risk of crumbling.

  17. This ambush and violation of basic human rights by David Millikan and his crew for the sake of sensationalised journalism feels manipulative, and was intimidating and frightening for so many of those witnessing David’s behaviour.

  18. “David had misled and blatantly lied to Mr. Benhayon for the sole purpose of manufacturing dramatised footage to be used in conjunction with, what I soon came to see, would be the fabrication of a story of lies and mistruths about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. ” And so it has continued. The media seem to have no appetite for truth or integrity.

  19. I agree …”This act of aggression is absolutely unacceptable behaviour and must never be repeated. The media can no longer be allowed to get away with these types of disgraceful and disgusting actions without being held accountable.

    ” Enough is Enough.” How can this be allowed to continue in a country where freedom of speech is advocated? There’s only one word to describe this act – Hypocrisy!

  20. What does it to our own and to everyone else’s bodies, when we lie? Nothing less than being smashed by a huge rock. Even though I might not be bleeding, the bruise and the bleeding underneath will be there – on both sides.

  21. It is as if the media are doing everything in their power to not let people hear the true story – what are they trying to hide?

  22. Thank you for writing this Kirsten – Wow! I’m shocked. Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon are so decent and above board. I trust Serge and many of the practitioners with my life, as they would do nothing to harm anyone. I love hearing the wisdom that Serge speaks with as I always feel at ease and have a feeling of ‘Yes that’s it!’ He puts words and experience to things in life that makes so much sense. To read how we all were violated that night is totally unacceptable especially towards a man (Serge Benhayon) and an organisation (Universal Medicine) who care so much about people. This type of behaviour including the deception is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE and has to STOP.

  23. Why do people like David Millikan and his associate journalists have to make everything so dramatic and fake to incite and create pure bias and sensationalism just for a story? The intimidating and manipulative way that this gang conducted themselves that night was just as you shared Kirsten, an ambush and a complete violation of our basic human rights.

  24. Thanks, Kirsten, for this striking picture. I have been accepting abuse in the past and learned from and with Serge Benhayon to put an end to that. Beautiful to go through this as a group and may this be an all-encompassing process.

  25. I can only imagine the great opportunity that David Millikan missed out on that night. Here is a person interested in so called cults. If you are so clearly believing that you are with one, as an expert on the field, wouldn’t you like to talk to this people to then be able to report on what you saw and heard? I would have done that very clearly. This opportunity does not take place just every day. No so-called ‘cult’ would be open to it. The fact that Universal Medicine and the Student Body found this cool is very revealing of the fact that Universal Medicine has no point in common with a ‘cult’ and Serge Benhayon with a ‘guru’.

  26. Thank you Kirsten, this behaviour is an insult to the freedom of speech we have as our democratic right , I totally agree enough is enough.

  27. I absolutely agree Kristen, it was appalling and should never be allowed. Thank you for standing up to call them to account.

  28. Wow, this is truly shocking. What gives any person the right to think they can come in to and behave abusively at anyone at any sort of presentation. This is not a representation of a man of god, this behaviour is representative of a man who seems to have his own interests in mind and feels he can call anything that doesn’t fit into his beliefs a ‘cult’ to serve this.

  29. I agree with you Kirsten, the behaviour of David Millikan and his camera crew was totally unacceptable, and amounted to nothing less, than bullying and aggressive behaviour…. Not what I would have expected from a Uniting Church Minister.

  30. Thank you Kirsten for sharing your feelings of violation after a totally unprovoked ambush of people gathering to hear Serge Benhayon share practical ways for us all to live in a more harmonious way with each other and the planet. I echo your ‘Enough is Enough’.

  31. Thank you Kirsten for your account of what happened on that night. This was despicable on many levels not least of which was the premeditation of the nights events. David Millikan claimed to be a Uniting Church Minister but observing his actions, I am hard pushed to see how any church would condone his behaviour. And yes, this kind of ‘cheap thrill’ reporting is totally unacceptable and those responsible should be held to account.

  32. Thank you Kirsten for sharing how you felt that night when David Millikan ambushed a private presentation and lied to get on stage for a TV station. I agree with you that the media need to be held accountable for their ‘disgraceful and disgusting actions’ that must not be repeated.
    Each time I read about what happened from different people who were in attendance, I feel that those like myself not in attendance are also affected. Why? because Millikan labelled Universal Medicine a cult which it clearly is Not. I am no fool and I certainly have not been brain-washed. In fact Universal Medicine are the total opposite to what a cult is. This is the irony and the media would have a real true story if it was willing to interview the people.
    A quick account of all the types of people who are associated with Universal Medicine would confirm that they come from all over the world, different nationalities and occupations. I have met an incredible global family who are choosing to take Responsibility for the choices they make and this is something David Millikan could benefit from learning.

    1. Brilliantly said Bina-there is so much to be gained from the studies presented by Serge Benhayon at Universal Medicine. It needs to continue to be shared with the world and will be because it is Truth and offers a truer way to live our lives.

  33. Each time I read another account of the same evening I get shivers, and I too, although on the other side of the planet, feel the violation that all who attended must have endured. It is not right. Some years ago (before I came into Unimed work) a friend asked me to be a part of one of those ‘interventions’ with our close and very dear friend because of his drug problem (which was vehemently denied at the time) I refused, not because I did not love that friend enough (on the contrary – it truly pained me to watch the damaging choices) but because I never believed that confronting anybody in such manner would be decent. Instead I expressed my love for that person and said that if there was anything that I could do to help,to just ask. For me it was about love but also respect for people’s choices.

  34. Thank YOU Kirsten for this account of the unacceptable behaviour of the media. It brings to light how much people have been affected

  35. I absolutely agree, Kirsten. Thank-you for expressing your experience, and that the behaviour of this man (& crew) was distressing to many, many people. It has also caused ongoing trauma and repercussions since Oct 12th…
    I also have felt deeply the violation of our fundamental human right to attend such a presentation – a presentation on the theme of Esoteric Medicine, which touches upon so many areas of our life and living, bringing real and tangible ‘love’ back into the equation for us to consider.
    The strongest feeling I will always remember from that evening is the sense of deep violation, and distress caused by the ‘ambush’, in the entire room. How Mr Millikan can remain a minister of the Uniting Church – a church which includes in its basic tenets that the dignity of all, particularly in regard to human rights, must always be respected – is beyond me.

  36. My body started shaking too from the shock of the barrage of verbal abuse that suddenly came from David. That, along with the women that had been hiding amongst the crowd that popped up and started filming us, including children, with no permission I find totally unacceptable too. I agree he needs to be held accountable for ambushing a gathering of people minding their own business and looking forward to a presentation by Serge Benhayon.
    Mary-Louise Myers

  37. Well said Kirsten this type of abuse would not be allowed in our schools, clubs, and places of work so why should it be acceptable for the media to act in this way without any recourse. I agree Enough is Enough!

    1. Absolutely, it is incredible how public gatherings of peaceful people can be ambushed without any legal consequences for the media.

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