A Favourite Recipe for Simplicity

by Helen Simkins , Tourist Attraction Manager, North Coast NSW

My life, these days, is simple… and on the whole, full of joy. I look forward to each day (the weekdays too – not just the weekend). I enjoy my job. I love being with people – ALL people (yes, even the difficult ones)… and most of all I love being me.

I have found that simplicity is not a thing to be longed for, and not impossible to build in this modern world: it is something that I have learned to create for myself within the apparent mess of the world through reconnecting to a way of living that is totally natural (even though at first a little unfamiliar).

I have discovered that creating simplicity makes life truly successful. The Universal Medicine clinic and Serge Benhayon presented this to me as a possibility: I recognised the truth of it and have established it as a way of life, based on this principle that feels so great that I want to share it with you.

By removing many of the complications that I used to accept as a normal part of life there is now an ease to my daily living which brings joy and freedom. I don’t pretend that life is always easy – life and society are definitely filled with a constant activity and can come with the complication of much human drama, an indisputable fact…

BUT, and this is a huge but (one that is worthy of beginning a sentence with), I have discovered that I can create a space within me and around me that lessens or even removes the pressure of all that stuff (yes, TRUE).

The space that I create in this way is what is now filled with joy.

At first it was hard for me to believe it could be possible; well, actually that was hard to get my head around for quite a while and I must admit that the process of mastering this recipe isn’t always easy, but let me tell you it IS WORTH IT!

There are basic ingredients that make up the recipe of simplicity. They can seem quite hard to access – but keep at it because once you get hold of them you never, ever need to search for them again, I can assure you. Here are the essential ingredients and the method. Big note here – the quality of the ingredients is super important.


  1. COMMITMENT to love, and to your true self
  2. RESPONSIBILITY – the key ingredient – can’t create simplicity without this one
  3. HONESTY – essential, & by the way it is with yourself first, not with everyone else – that comes after you master it with you
  4. CHOICES  – basically everything begins with a choice, & be assured you are making choices with every breath that you take


  1. GENTLENESS  – like the way a baby breathes or holding a butterfly without damaging it; you get the picture
  2. LOVING DISCIPLINES – without ensuring the quality of the ingredients this can seem impossible, so experiment with what they truly are
  3. ESTABLISH A RHYTHM – a consistency of the above
  4. LET GO – of all that is no longer congruent with your life… believe me, you will know what that is if you use honesty
  5. Season the whole dish with your own personal touches and play-fullness
  6. In this recipe no perfection is required; if you slip-up just go back a step and begin again with love

Once you build this dish, enjoy letting the harmony flow and you may be surprised at how much it inspires others to do the same.

A favourite recipe… make it your own & share it!

235 thoughts on “A Favourite Recipe for Simplicity

  1. Helen I love this simplicity of this blog and how they seem ‘quite hard to access’, but the commitment and consistency seems to be the key. We are so used to dramas in our lives and then, we either get jack of it or something makes us stop, that we have no choice but to look within for support.

    We learn a new way to live, develop new rhythms, new foundations, new many things and then the penny drops. This is the WAY and the preferred way to be, then we can wake up and smell that life is not all it is made out to be, there is more…

  2. I like the simplicity of keeping things and life simple, I absolutely LOVE the ingredients. If we all apply these to our daily life, I ponder on how everyone will be around each other and what the world be like too.
    The one ingredient that stood out for me the most is ‘responsibility’, I have observed this seldom occurs. Many are quick to blame another but they seldom look at their part in the mess.

    I personally may not have perfected the ingredients however, I take more and more responsibility in how I am in my everyday life and committed to it. So there’s a start, the other two ingredients are not too far behind either.

    Life is presented in such a way, it’s how you are in it, that is the key to keeping it simple – do you react or do you respond to it?

    1. Life present us two options, complications or simplicity. Complications is that pretzel. Simplicity is that water that still flows past, over and/or around those big bolders, and in that, the current in exactly the same, in the stream of life.

    1. Lorraine the ingredients and method can be applied to all and it only requires us to make a start, and the rest will flow and follow.

  3. I love this Helen, it’s a great foundation for life. Commitment to love and to honouring our true selves does bring simplicity, we only have to look at situations where we compromise on how we feel to see how complication then plays out.

  4. Helen I love the humour and spunk you have written this blog with, and as it is I love cooking so this makes for an amazing recipe that I will certainly use more frequently now! SIMPLY delicious!

  5. Helen this should be a quote that is framed and placed up on a wall: “I have discovered that creating simplicity makes life truly successful.” – A gorgeous reminder of how life can be simple and successful.

  6. Simplicity, and space, in our lives are most welcome, and even more beautiful when they are filled with joy as you share in this post Helen.

  7. A recipe for simplicity – I love how simple that is, and when something is presented so simple, it really exposes that complexity is merely a choice and we could actually turn anything into complexity just for the sake of avoiding simplicity, and we do.

  8. You shared with us so beautifully great wisdom of how we are in command of the quality of life we live and what we share with the world purely by the quality of energy or vibration we align to. Point one is the foundation of everything that follows thereafter. Our willingness to connect to love, to the light of our Soul, and being dedicated to honouring this connection is what governs that quality of our livingness, our experiences in life and the quality of truth we live ourselves and with others.

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