A Favourite Recipe for Simplicity

by Helen Simkins , Tourist Attraction Manager, North Coast NSW

My life, these days, is simple… and on the whole, full of joy. I look forward to each day (the weekdays too – not just the weekend). I enjoy my job. I love being with people – ALL people (yes, even the difficult ones)… and most of all I love being me.

I have found that simplicity is not a thing to be longed for, and not impossible to build in this modern world: it is something that I have learned to create for myself within the apparent mess of the world through reconnecting to a way of living that is totally natural (even though at first a little unfamiliar).

I have discovered that creating simplicity makes life truly successful. The Universal Medicine clinic and Serge Benhayon presented this to me as a possibility: I recognised the truth of it and have established it as a way of life, based on this principle that feels so great that I want to share it with you.

By removing many of the complications that I used to accept as a normal part of life there is now an ease to my daily living which brings joy and freedom. I don’t pretend that life is always easy – life and society are definitely filled with a constant activity and can come with the complication of much human drama, an indisputable fact…

BUT, and this is a huge but (one that is worthy of beginning a sentence with), I have discovered that I can create a space within me and around me that lessens or even removes the pressure of all that stuff (yes, TRUE).

The space that I create in this way is what is now filled with joy.

At first it was hard for me to believe it could be possible; well, actually that was hard to get my head around for quite a while and I must admit that the process of mastering this recipe isn’t always easy, but let me tell you it IS WORTH IT!

There are basic ingredients that make up the recipe of simplicity. They can seem quite hard to access – but keep at it because once you get hold of them you never, ever need to search for them again, I can assure you. Here are the essential ingredients and the method. Big note here – the quality of the ingredients is super important.


  1. COMMITMENT to love, and to your true self
  2. RESPONSIBILITY – the key ingredient – can’t create simplicity without this one
  3. HONESTY – essential, & by the way it is with yourself first, not with everyone else – that comes after you master it with you
  4. CHOICES  – basically everything begins with a choice, & be assured you are making choices with every breath that you take


  1. GENTLENESS  – like the way a baby breathes or holding a butterfly without damaging it; you get the picture
  2. LOVING DISCIPLINES – without ensuring the quality of the ingredients this can seem impossible, so experiment with what they truly are
  3. ESTABLISH A RHYTHM – a consistency of the above
  4. LET GO – of all that is no longer congruent with your life… believe me, you will know what that is if you use honesty
  5. Season the whole dish with your own personal touches and play-fullness
  6. In this recipe no perfection is required; if you slip-up just go back a step and begin again with love

Once you build this dish, enjoy letting the harmony flow and you may be surprised at how much it inspires others to do the same.

A favourite recipe… make it your own & share it!

215 thoughts on “A Favourite Recipe for Simplicity

  1. Helen, I love your recipe. Thanks for sharing it! There are a few ingredients you named that I have put away for some time, and I look forward to living these more consistently and enjoying more and more how simple life can be.

  2. Thank you for an awesome blog, after leaving behind years of complication -your recipe for simplicity is a beautiful reminder!

  3. I love your playful recipe, Helen. Great reminder to keep things light and what supports with that. I have found simplicity at first to be very scary, like I had an attachment or identification with complications and working hard for things. That made me worth more. And now I melt in simplicity and love the simple flow of things.

    1. I so know what you mean Monika – “…I melt in simplicity and love the simple flow of things.” Polar opposite to walking and working in complication and excitement. Most of us see running around in a heightened state of anxiety as normal, however, deep within we all feel what simplicity offers us and everyone we are with.

  4. Your blog made me smile. After many years of making it complicated I am now bringing simplicity to my life, I love the ease that comes with it and as you say, with it life is fun and enjoyable. Great to have the ingredients written out, a recipe for keeps. Thank you Helen.

  5. I love this Helen, so simple and playful and also doesn’t miss the point that we have the choice as to whether our lives are simple or not – it’s not a ready made meal we can pick up but something we have to make ourselves from scratch!

  6. This recipe sounds delicious! I have those ingredients… sometimes I don’t put them back where they belong, but then they are always there when I look for them.

  7. Helen, thank you for sharing your recipe on life. When we build a quality of being with ourselves and our body we are able to bring a natural simplicity and harmony to the way we live.

  8. Dear Helen,
    As I am a person that often gets lost in thoughts about problems and issues that have to be solved in the future, I deeply felt during reading your blog, that if I stay with your recipe, the issues will resolve themselves or not even emerge because I will be supported by the hierarchy then and live my true being much more.
    I missed expression in your recipe, perhaps we can add it 🙂

    with much love

  9. Thanks for the basic recipe Helen. The thing about a good basic recipe is that the cook can always experiment with it – something different each day. Today when cooking it up, I gently stirred in a dash of acceptance (of other’s choices) and it was exactly what I needed for today.

    1. Yes exactly, Gayle. You have given me some inspiration for how I may configure this awesome recipe so that it is tailor made for my purposes. I have a feeling that what I need to stir in today is some ‘stillness’ along with some extra care with ‘choices’ and an extra dollop of ‘gentleness’ as I can already feel myself getting caught up in the momentum of what needs to be done in what I expect to be a busy day.

    2. Classic Gayle! And I threw in some surrender too today, and with that, discovered a kookaburra’s nest in my backyard tree 🙂 What sheer joy it is to hear them laugh and themselves be surrender to the world around them.

  10. This is really beautiful sharing of the joy and space of simplicity I love it. It is so inspiring and I really understand what you mean and the space achieved with simplifying life in all the little things that really does make a difference and our choices in every moment.Thank you and all the comments confirm this lovingly also.

  11. Helen you are an inspiration and a woman who knows herself and knows what she is talking about. I am often inspired by you, I love your no-nonsense and straight forward approach to life so I’m taking notes from what you have shared.

    1. ‘no-nonsense and straight forward approach to life.’ that’s what I love about this blog, plus all that comon sense that is naturally there.

  12. The best recipe I have ever seen and one worth cooking everyday. Thank you Helen for joy-fully spelling out the simplicity, the space and the quality ingredients needed – I am feeling inspired to cook!

  13. Helen thank you for sharing your recipe, it is definitely a recipe to share with everyone, as simplicity is so much easier to live with than complication.

  14. I love the play-fullness of your recipe for life Helen, we no longer need to accept complication as a normal part of life. Through simplicity we can feel the joy of being in our natural rhythm and the more we feel this the more space we open up for ourselves.

  15. I just love re-reading this recipe. I agree – the world could be messy, but simplicity is a choice available to us.

  16. Thank you Helen for sharing your favourite recipe. The quality with which we choose and use the ingredients has a direct effect on the method and the outcome. Building a simplicity with our rhythm allows a natural flow and harmony in our being.

  17. I enjoyed tasting your recipe Helen. When we keep the ingredients of life simple and choose to let go of our created complications then it easier to be aware of when we are allowing an ingredient in that will spoil the dish.

  18. I love your simple recipe Helen! It is not always easy to adhere to it but it is like cooking, the more often you do it and practice mixing the ingredients together, the easier it gets.

  19. What a great recipe for simplicity Helen; a lovely timely reminder to allow life to flow by following your recipe;
    “Once you build this dish, enjoy letting the harmony flow and you may be surprised at how much it inspires others to do the same”.

  20. I love this blog Helen. There is a realness in your writing- you are well aware of the chaos that the world can be in and the intensity that can be in life, but you choose to live life in a way that creates the space to not be caught up in it, but to really live in it. One of the ingredients that my eyes were particularly hovering over was honesty – and that it is something you do with yourself before being able to be it with others. Makes a lot of common sense, as does the whole of this blog. Thank you.

  21. One of my favourite steps is “LET GO – of all that is no longer congruent with your life”. This is so freeing and life changing. An important point is that we can’t do this step without bringing the other ingredients, because if we are letting go of things in our life that we no longer feel fit then we need to replace them with something else. Ideally this is not distraction, numbing, checking out or keeping busy. We can remove what is not loving in our life and replace it with love, joy, steadiness, confidence, tenderness, honesty and anything else we choose to develop.

  22. A recipe for living a simple and joyful life that can be not only cherished but used daily. . .I LOVE IT. Thank you Helen, I also love your playfulness.

  23. Thank you for this most delicious recipe Helen. I especially love the point you make about slipping up. The way we handle our slip ups is the most important part of all, as there is no end result or place we need to get to when making this dish. In fact I have found that my slip ups are a wonderful opportunity to find out exactly what I need to let go of.

  24. Helen love you lecker recipe – thank you for sharing it. I am sure there will be soon more trying it as it is the best invitation ever: “A favourite recipe… make it your own & share it!

  25. Helen love it, great recipe, simple steps and great reminder how we can playfully connect to ourselves with those beautiful steps.

  26. Hi Helen I just love the beautiful simplicity of your recipe “Once you build this dish, enjoy letting the harmony flow and you may be surprised at how much it inspires others to do the same”.

  27. The thing I love about this ‘recipe’ is that there is no drama in it. If we slip up – and we all slip up occasionally – we just go back to love and ‘start cooking’ again. No need to beat ourselves up for making a mistake – just learn from it and begin again.

  28. A delight to read and to be reminded of the power of simplicity… and the ability to choose a quality that supports you to walk away from what gets in the way of living the joy that is possible.

  29. The ingredient that stands out for me today is Choices bringing about a greater awareness that every choice I make is either made with presence or not and that every choice I make is either loving towards myself and others or it is not.

  30. Such a depth of lived wisdom contained in such a light presentation 🙂 Thank-you Helen Simkins.
    Reading this today, I am particularly taken by your words: “LET GO – of all that is no longer congruent with your life…”
    If I am truly willing to do this, things do indeed become simple. The complication and hardship comes in when I cling onto that which I feel I ‘should’ do (out of some sense of ‘measuring up’ to externally-fed standards), and/or refuse to allow the simplicity and clarity be appreciated when I actually HAVE let go – and let go of so much, that the Joy within is burgeoning to be lived in full.

  31. Amazing! Some of the greatest moments of my life have come from moving simplicity, and the gift was that I had pure joy, when there was no trying involved. Human life does have a lot of seeming complexity and drama but in essence when simplicity is lived I wonder how that could be an eternal quality.

  32. This is a favourite recipe of mine Helen. Simplicity is a dish of great delicacy and the more we allow ourselves to live it, the more we realise that while we may have become programmed along the way to live in chaos and confusion, our original template and thus our divine design is very, very simple. In order to arise out of this collective mess we are all buried in, we need only feel the love that we are and live it. Thankyou for reminding us of the essential ingredients of life.

  33. I love this line ‘HONESTY – essential, & by the way it is with yourself first, not with everyone else – that comes after you master it with you’. I had a practitioner recently explain to me that many women can feel their sensitivity but when it comes to expressing it they don’t stay with how they truly feel and instead can go into the emotion of it and express from there. This was a light bulb moment for me as I didn’t think I was someone who was manipulative but when I heard it this way I realised I am rarely honest with myself about how I really feel.

  34. Your recipe sounds interesting Helen, it feels like establishing a sound relationship with ourselves, especially in focus to the quality we are with ourselves and appreciating ourselves no matter what, and from there we will be shown more of how life is true.

  35. Even though all ingredients are important, equally so, it was the commitment: “COMMITMENT – to love, and to be your true self” that stood out for me. We can want to live in a certain way but commitment is key to really getting it working.

  36. Oh my your recipe is so yummy, love it, and written by a lady who lives it; this recipe is the best I have ever read!

  37. This is the first time to read this super delightful blog, and I have loved to read your recipe Helen and all the key ingredients to living simply and humbly, deepening and allowing more love into our lives with simplicity and clarity and order, as these 3 come all in the same package.

  38. beautiful to read your recipe for a simple life a life full of love, and the point that stands our for me right now is that it doesn’t need to be perfect we can slip it is only our responsibility to get back up and enjoy our own connection to the brim, that we keep making the loving choice more consistently.

  39. “I have discovered that creating simplicity makes life truly successful.” – Helen your way of writing and sharing this is in itself simplicity and simply inspiring! It is true that there is chaos and complications around us that abound, but it is also for us not to take this on board and to allow ourselves the space to not feel overwhelmed nor pressured by these things and THIS is what makes the difference! A wonderful reminder for me today – and always great to connect to what you have to share – thank you Helen!

  40. A great recipe Helen, one I love to partake and share. Rereading your blog is a beautiful reminder to keep my livingness simple, thank you.

  41. Love this Helen, that is ‘the’ recipe for life. One that we should have on billboards and teach in schools. I wish that I had that stated to me in my formative years. Love it love it love it!!!

  42. I just had to read this blog again, I so love what you shared here Helen, and yes to this, ‘By removing many of the complications that I used to accept as a normal part of life there is now an ease to my daily living which brings joy and freedom.’

  43. I love your recipe Helen and the fact that there is no perfection in it, just a commitment to live in a way that is more loving.

  44. I think we are brought up with the idea that life has to be difficult and a struggle. When things are going smoothly we question it and sometimes create the complication we are used to, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Rather than trying to control and change others I too ‘have discovered that I can create a space within me and around me that lessens or even removes the pressure of all that stuff.’

  45. “I have discovered that creating simplicity makes life truly successful.” So often we create complications that keep us away from the simplicity and stillness of being who we truly are.

  46. Thank you Helen. This is a recipe that I am going to post on my fridge as it is a winner and one I feel I will never tire from.

  47. What a recipe to come across today, love it Helen! Simplicity allows us to stay true to ourselves, it is the antidote to mayhem and complication and eradicates exhaustion because it doesn’t drain you when you take a bite of this recipe!

    1. Love it Aimee, why is it that we on the whole prefer not committing, being irresponsible, being dishonest to ourselves and never looking and questioning the choices we make until we arrive at a big stop such as cancer?

  48. Love this recipe Helen. With a willingness to establish simplicity in our lives we discover true fulfillment is possible, guided by our connection to ourselves. We have to date, created a world of complication where we think we are defined by the world that surrounds us. However, in truth the world within is what will always truly define who we are. Thank you for reminding us of the power of simplicity and that we all have access to these essential ingredients for living a life of simplicity that truly fulfills.

  49. Imagine how different the world would be if everyone awoke and actually looked forward to their day… Seems simple, yes, but the majority of humanity are just coasting, struggling, surviving and basically existing in function and not in the Joy that is on offer through working and being part of society.

  50. Gorgeous Helen. You can see why the world is in such a mess when you look at the ingredients needed to make the space for the joy to expand. Commitment, responsibility, honesty and looking at our choices! Most of us don’t like any even considering one of these let alone putting all four together to make some magic. BUT it is what we badly need to do.

  51. Thank you Helen for your playful and simple sharing here. I love how you have tried and tested this recipe for yourself and hence you have lived what you are saying, very inspirational!

  52. I get a feeling how I might get stuck on collecting ingredients forever wondering whether I have got the right ones, how the dish would look like when it is complete, going backwards and forwards, not realizing that I would never find out until I start putting them together, that simplicity cannot come from complexity.

  53. Funny I was just sharing with someone today how simple and ordered my life is. Simplicity certainly rocks and is a solid foundation for daily miracles!

  54. Too many of us spend our weekdays willing the weekends or days off to come – so any recipe that supports another to enjoy 7 days a week is something definitely worth sharing.

  55. I have just found this blog to read for the first time and I am left feeling warm and smiling…. I love the ingredients and methods you described for simplicity – my own focus at the moment is on the first ingredient: Commitment to love and to my true self…the other ingredients I am already playing with…

  56. ‘LET GO – of all that is no longer congruent with your life’. This is important to do. I am at the moment doing a stock take and a review on where I am and in particular, looking at my job and can feel it no longer supports me and my rhythm. I am at the moment making changes that feel more in line with my future.

  57. Simplicity is something we can create for ourselves if we hold that intention, we know what changes to make, bringing us back to living more naturally in our rhythms and in which the body greatly appreciates.

  58. ‘and most of all I love being me’.Gorgeous to read and feel, for you do not often hear people talk this way about themselves, because we are always in comparison and jealousy especially us women, and we always think the grass is greener on the other side…. I took a moment to read the first para again and realised that I too also love being me…. just to express this feels amazing!

  59. Ill being is generously shared with others no questions asked. Yet, we tend not to be so generous with our wellbeing. That is why we have to be able to deeply appreciate those who generously share it with others.

  60. This whole blog reminded me that life is very simple and uncomplicated, when we just keep letting go and keep focusing on staying gentle, responsible, loving and honest.
    Thanks Helen.

  61. Letting go is something I am more aware of at the moment and it’s so vital for creating space within my body and my life. Without that space I am hanging onto something and feeling a sense of agitation, instead of following the natural flow of accepting, letting go, and moving on

  62. Making space in my life by using your ingredients and method Helen brings a simplicity to life, because the dramas and complications that used to fill the space are no longer there and the space opens up for simplicity and joy to flourish. I have not mastered all the ingredients and the method all of the time, so that simplicity has a natural flow and is always there, but the contrast is now so obvious that it is not long before I am back to making life simple

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