Let’s Get Back to a True Democracy

by Michael Goodhart, Vermont, U.S.

The recent actions of the Australian media, and namely David Millikan, when he orchestrated a military-style surprise attack with a well-known major news station on the Esoteric Medicine presentation by Serge Benhayon on Oct. 12th, struck me as a scene out of the history books – where many groups of people all over the world were persecuted for pursuing their own spiritual or religious beliefs (such as Catholics attacking Muslims during the Crusades, or the same rounding up and elimination of the Cathars).

One would think that in the year 2012, people would be allowed to gather together peacefully under their own free will without the potential threat of such a coordinated effort to slander and condemn both the presenter (Serge Benhayon), and all the attending students (Serge himself has always considered himself the forever student, too): this after Mr. Millikan had agreed to simply ask the student body some questions about their experiences with Universal Medicine. Obviously that did not happen, and he deviously changed the program into one of vicious, unfounded accusations, while numerous planted ‘agents’ of his and the TV station he works for started filming in the audience and attempted to storm the building without permission on any account.

This is plain and simple abuse of a group of people who are merely offering a more loving way of living in the world, while always maintaining that it is up to the individual to make the changes they feel to in order to live in a way that is more aligned to our true inner selves (our inner hearts). I do not see how that gives anyone the right or excuse to perform such an egregious act.

Let’s get back to the basics of a true democracy here, where the tenets of “Live and Let Live” are at the forefront of our approach to allowing people the right to follow their own path without having to be concerned about the type of persecution that should have been eradicated from our society hundreds of years ago. Perhaps we haven’t really progressed at all, and history is repeating itself once again.

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  1. When we were dulling ourselves with foods and drugs naught would persuade us that the world is corrupt and dictated to by a media who seemingly have an agenda to hide the truth! The understanding that we are all feeling beings starts after we learn how to be at-least gentle and to not partake in substances than numb the body. History is full of examples where being loving in what we do makes a world of difference and the media like the status quo as they are invested in the numbness that is so prevalent in society. So which comes first, the numbness or the investment? Me think-eth, that we are addicted to investments, thus trying to make this human life work with all its trappings.

  2. The message is clear: even if you think you are safe, trust me, you are not. This is an old energy; a very horrible one. This energy is alive and well and not by chance it is still enshrined by ‘religious’ people that would still love to treat us as it was taught in ‘The Malleus Maleficarum’ if they could get away with it.

  3. Perhaps our society hasn’t progressed but if that is the case I am stepping up to be the change I want to see in the world. Live and let live. If you don’t like what you hear, read or see then walk away. Don’t harm something that you can simply walk away from, that is simply petulant behaviour because you can’t control.

  4. If only we would stand up for the true evil in the world in our everyday life and not by pointing our fingers towards others but by working on our own integrity and deep sense of love and equality.

  5. In the face of all our advancing technology where we seem to praise ourselves for what we call ‘evolving’, if we are to honestly look ‘deeper’ (and not much) at the state of our well-being and welfare as a humanity, what we would truly observe tells a very different story. To add to this, that through our honesty we come to see that the level of abuse in our relationship with ourselves and others is still rife in our communities and the world today is our responsibility, is not an easy pill to swallow. However, what is offered through Universal Medicine and The Way of The Livingness, is that there is a way that we can begin to bring greater love, respect, and honor to the way we live for ourselves, as such feeling and knowing what is abusive and what is not, and whereby living in connection to this truth and love is what guides us to live with greater truth and love with others. In knowing what love truly is, we then can truly live love.

  6. Revealing truth just requires to hold it in your heart and express from there. Massive coordinating efforts or military-like operations will never get you there.

  7. When we ‘Live and let live’ we are accepting others’ choices, and when we don’t like their choices it is usually driven by jealousy or a lack of understanding.

  8. We may like to think that we as a species graduated from the Dark Ages into democracy, but if we still think we can say and do whatever we like and annihilate those whose choices we do not agree with, we obviously haven’t.

    1. Yes, very true Fumiyo. Through all the facade and glitter of our advancing technology, it is honesty that reveals that what is underneath is the same evil running the show. Same loveless movements only different bodies.

    2. Yes, so very true Fumiyo, very well brought to the point. We might call it democracy but this doesn’t mean that we truly live it. We have to be very careful how we use words and more so for what we use them, because when we misuse them in their true meaning we are not only fooling ourselves but bury us deeper and deeper into an unknown and far away from the truth.

  9. The dates have changed as has the outer appearance of how life looks like, but the issues of mankind are the same for thousands of years. When will we truly learn, heal and change for good?

  10. Strange thing that those who insist on freedom of speech and free reign of journalism don´t apply their own principles as in ‘live and let live’ with others.

  11. What I find particularly disturbing is the way the media attack was calculated behind a deceptive friendliness, when all along it was a prearranged and very nasty ambush. Over the ages we have seen priests, ministers and other representatives of God commit horrendous acts of barbarity and cruelty on others, and this feels no different. It’s such a distortion of the true power of God (which is love) to harm others and use God as a licence to do so. This is why I love Serge Benhayon and all he represents – unwavering love and integrity. He needs no title to represent God because it’s all there in the way he lives and cares for others. He is an extraordinary and beautiful person.

  12. Regardless of any intentional discrimination, untrue statements or innuendo David Milikan did not alter the knowing of I have of what life is like when I live from my inner most. Nothing can shake that because once you have lived that, it is forever a way of living you will never turn your back on.

  13. ‘Live and let live’ Serge Benhayon presents the Ageless Wisdom which encompasses living with no imposition or judgement on or of others and to live in equalness with all.

  14. Why have we accepted this form of abuse, what is going on in our society that people behave like this, especially towards a way of living that humanity are actually seeking, ‘This is plain and simple abuse of a group of people who are merely offering a more loving way of living in the world, while always maintaining that it is up to the individual to make the changes they feel to in order to live in a way that is more aligned to our true inner selves (our inner hearts).’

  15. Well said Michael. Unfortunately it has become obvious that people the world over are settling for extremely low standards when it comes to corruption, media and politics. The consensus seems to be “as long as I am looked after then I’m happy”. People only seem to care about the state of things when they are directly affected but many do not realise that they are already been hugely affected by the lies they have allowed.

  16. I like the idea of eradicating persecution. What’s the purpose of it? Who makes someone forceful and imposing over another and others? Where does this unequal act come from? It is not love. It mostly comes from institutionalised religions … how long do we allow this same horrific story to repeat itself .. the ‘buck’ stops here.

  17. Your writing is absolute worth for print. A view on the world’s affairs written with clarity and bearing all in mind. Something we need back in our news and media.

  18. “Live and Let Live” is at the heart of The Way of the Livingness. Everyone is held in absolute and equal love, regardless of their choices and beliefs. After all, we are all equal.

  19. “Live and Let Live” is a powerful statement that should be very much a apart of our democracies. Unfortunately it’s live and let live only if you look like me, act like me, speak the same language as me and have the same beliefs as me. While this may not be espoused by democratic governments those, it is by various members of the community, thinking that our way is the only way. What is not being seen in these situations is that it’s only the outside layer that may be different, for we are all no different at all. Drill down to what we all want in life and it is the same. We all want to be loved and to love.

  20. To act in an extremely abusive and disrespectful manner to an innocent party shows me there is more at play than what meets the eye and it does make me ponder on the events that has taken place in the past and my part in all of it.

  21. Persecution in any form should not be allowed regardless of the belief. One can only hope that one day it will only be a word for the history books rather than a technique used by those who’s arrogance in their own beliefs and need to control others consumes them.

  22. We might as a society / race, call into question everything we have been presented by our media as truth – having witnessed the complete set up this programme was based upon. It has certainly served me in the sense that I am much more aware of the real agenda behind such ‘shows’ and that there is no attempt to serve truth at all. It is true to say that in fact the opposite is the case – and this is an example of the media serving nothing but a pure lie, and creating a falsehood that is about viewing figures, advertising and hence attracting numbers to their channel and feeding the popular desire for sensation rather than truth.

    1. I felt pretty naive until the persecution of Serge Benhayon and other Students of Universal Medicine by some individuals and certain journalists and media organisations. But my eyes have been well and truly opened by their actions, for I know Serge and am myself a Student of Unimed, so I know for an absolute fact that what they are presenting as ‘news’ and ‘facts’ are in fact absolute lies.

  23. Thank you Michael for spelling out what we all feel “live and let live ” in the democratic way of life.

  24. “Let’s get back to the basics of a true democracy here, where the tenets of “Live and Let Live” are at the forefront of our approach to allowing people the right to follow their own path without having to be concerned about the type of persecution that should have been eradicated from our society hundreds of years ago. Perhaps we haven’t really progressed at all, and history is repeating itself once again.” I agree Michael. Live and let live – also love and let love. When was it ever wrong for a group to gather together with the intention to listen to a presentation – out of their own free will? I and many others have gained so much from the amazing presentations by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine practitioners, also fellow students. There was no integrity on the part of Millikan that evening.

  25. What David Millikan did is insidious and disgusting. He gained the trust of Serge Benhayon and then proceeded to betray him. Universal Medicine and all those involved have nothing to hide and David Millikan was provided with a platform to ask all the questions he wanted in an open forum however he abused this opportunity instead choosing to manufacture a story where there isn’t one for the sake of sensationalism.

  26. Great points, and I would say by bringing a group of people with cameras to defame another i.e. reputation execution. Has the same intent of harming someone as it was in the dark ages.

  27. Great point Michael. When abusive behaviour like this still occurs on an innocent group of people, one wonders have we really evolved and learnt from past mistakes?

  28. What stood out for me in this piece of writing, was the ‘live and let live’ part as those words have recently come to me in regards to how I am with my family. I can feel the responsibility we each have in applying those words in all areas of our lives, as collectively – we make up the society in which atrocities like what was the ambush by David Millikan can happen.

  29. So true Michael. Most are horrified that the crusades could occur as well as present day ethnic cleansing wars – it is hard to believe that people can be persecuted because of their religion or way of life. Yet the media persecute on a daily basis and, although no lives are lost in modern day Australia, it is done with as much disregard and intolerance of others.

    1. You make a good point here Carmin. It’s true that no lives were lost in David Millikan’s and the media’s attack on Universal Medicine students. But it’s nonetheless done under the same type of intent as in centuries past and that is to ‘wipe out’ those who don’t share the dominant cultural and/or religious beliefs at the time.

  30. Michael this calls into question the very fact of have we truly evolved? What has really changed if we are acting in the same way today as we were many hundreds of years ago? A wise point that is well worth considering as we champion progress yet clearly through truth, harmony and even common decency out the window. Perhaps that’s why what Universal Medicine presents is so different because it’s showing a true way of living and evolving amongst a battlefield of lies.

  31. The fact that something like this may happen in a ‘free country’ and in 2012 is very telling . Is it only an ‘Australian’ phenomenon? Or is it revealing of something bigger about humanity?

  32. Thank you Michael for your article, history does repeat itself over and over. I know in my life, I have repeated past behaviours over and over again and wondered why I got the same results. Not until meeting Serge and Universal Medicine, did I come to know the love that truly resides within me and the choice to live that love. David Millikan and others of their group have lost a wonderful opportunity to change their lives and be the love they are.

  33. Great points you make here, it is time for this type of abuse to be called out and for everyone to be able to feel, attend and live the life they choose without being labelled a “cult”.

  34. Our true progression in history should most definitely be in question after the events of that night… it was a sharp reminder as to the depths that people will sink when their beliefs and interpretations of events have them consumed by and thus acting in their own righteous ignorance. The total indifference they displayed to the abuse they were prepared to inflict on the undeserving, as if in their minds it was somehow justified, was very disturbing indeed.

  35. Yes it feels like history repeating itself and clearly demonstrating that we have not made the progress we often pride ourselves on and have certainly lost sight of true democracy. Thank you for exposing this so clearly Michael.

  36. What you have raised is very interesting Michael. Does this behaviour not expose exactly what you said – Perhaps we haven’t really progressed at all, and history is repeating itself once again. Religions through out history and more so human beings themselves, have always fiercely protected their way of controlling others under the guise of religion or government. Anyone who refused to bow to their way was immediately persecuted and often killed. While it was not as extreme with David Millikan against Serge Benhayon and the students of Universal medicine, it was in fact the very same energy repeating itself in a way that is more in line with current times. Lies and persecution from a minister of religion in cohorts with a media outlet. Not that is a story!

  37. I do agree, history is repeating itself. How is it possible that we live in a so called free world and with democracy at hand an yet there is nothing in David Millikan’s behaviour demonstrating it but instead pure ‘I know what is right and I know what is wrong and I will make you see no matter what’.

  38. Top blog Michael and yes it appears that nothing has changed over the centuries. Whilst there are people in this world who make their beliefs, their ideals and their way of life more important than their consideration for anyone else we will always have others behaving as David Millikan has.

  39. Quite right Michael, acting in this way as David Millikan did is completely against everything modern society is championed on. It’s certainly time for a true democracy.

  40. Excellent blog Michael Goodhart, and in the 21st century how can we allow and accept this, and call ourselves a modern western civilised society? David Millikan hijacked a presentation by lying to get on stage, and then takes over all for a few minutes airtime on TV. Whatever story was taken that night for TV sensationalism cannot and will not ever leave the viewer feeling the Truth because the ‘story’ is baseless. However, this comment and hundreds of others like it about this event confirms what really happened and presents real truth.
    The general public want real stories. Serge Benhayon is a man with incredible integrity and certainly teaches the path to true inner freedom – that is something well worth talking about.

  41. Hi Michael, the behaviour of Mr Millikan was downright disgraceful. It is not acceptance on any level. History is indeed repeating itself. Like you say, we have got to get back to a true democracy.

  42. Thank you Michael!! very well said, history repeating itself- what happened to the ‘most advanced species” in the meantime??? not much it seems… at what point will we start to learn about acceptance and gentleness?

    1. I think that’s a great question Penny. How have we allowed this kind of abusive behaviour to be normal especially in relation to how the media goes about getting ‘a story’?

  43. Thank you Michael, having being there that night,it was hard to tell whether we were in 2012 in a free democracy at all. There was no respect shown by David Millikan or his tv crew at all.

  44. Absolutely, Michael – thank-you. From the States, you have accurately assessed not only the events of Oct 12, but also the deeply disrespectful and harming intent behind them. We are not standing for such an act – not now, and not ever again.
    Myself & many others stand with you, in that “offering a more loving way of living in the world” is something to be celebrated, and never so vilified, judged, lied about & ‘paraded’ by utterly irresponsible, sensationalism-seeking & contriving (i.e. desperate) media.
    May we all stand tall, and yet ever-humble, in being “forever students” of our own hearts, students of love. There is no ‘crime’, no ‘cult’.. only the deepest joy in once again re-connecting to who we truly are, & learning to ‘make love real’ in our daily living.

    1. Beautifully said, Victoria – there is no crime committed here, no cult to follow, just people gathering together opening up to a more loving way. Thanks too, Michael – for clarifying the essential wrongs, for although democracy is far from perfect it is at least allowing of freedom of thought and expression; something that David Millikan and his crew did not appear to action themselves, for this freedom comes with responsibility not a licence to abuse. He was offered goodwill and he chose to retaliate with manipulative and harmful intent….over two years on now, I wonder how his actions that night have affected him?
      As a student who wasn’t there that evening, I can only attest to feeling that the work of Universal Medicine continues on in its steady and unwavering commitment to bringing humanity another, more genuine way of living together – one that is loving, not attacking.
      Surely we have been there – done that, enough times throughout our history?

  45. Good point Michael. When we look back through history and observe what is happening in the world today, it’s worth considering what the persecutors’ motives were or what they were attempting to gain. Two that come to mind are: a threat to their belief systems; and a loss of power. In the David Millikan case, these both appear to fit. I’m with you Michael – “Live and Let Live”.

  46. Thanks Michael, a reminder that unfortunately history repeats itself….and WE being a global collective let this happen…..lets draw a line in the sand and say ENOUGH…NO more…..

  47. You have raised some very powerful points, Michael, and it really does seem that the wheel of history has turned for a repeat of lessons humanity still hasn’t learned. Once again persecution of people, who just want to get on with their lives in as harmless a way as possible, has reared its ugly head.

  48. We, in so called Western Civilised Society (whatever that means) love waving this little word ‘democracy’ as a flag to how we have evolved and how different we are to the parts of the world where democracy is not a household name, where people are not allowed to make choices that they desire and to freely express. But then we get an example like David Millikan and we realise how much that little “D” word is just that – a word!

    1. I agree Dragana. How we move and how we live tells in truth about our foundations and intentions – not the words we may use, the arguments we can put or even the laws we have written. All ‘just’ words. But in our actions we will be seen and it is what counts.
      For example : In Germany are some politicians from the CSU who are speaking in the moment about people called ‘refugees’ like a plague we have to get rid of – and the C in CSU stands for Christianity. …Words – just words.

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