Family Member’s Observations of a Universal Medicine Practitioner

by Sheila Colwell (Shu) and Jack Ellis

Jack and I want to share some observations about a member of our family, Jenny Ellis, who is a practitioner working at Universal Medicine Brisbane.

Jen is Jack’s daughter and my dear friend, and we have been witness to the changes in her life and in our relationship since 2006 when we moved here to Brisbane from the US. Contrary to the ridiculous and malicious nonsense spread about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine by some people out there, our experience is of a wonderful and growing closeness with Jen, this lovely member of our family, and increased love and truth in all our relationships.

A bit of history: Jack felt drawn to return to Australia in 2006 and he felt strongly that we should come to Brisbane. This was the perfect choice for both of us although I did not have the clarity to know it then!

Jack had a stroke soon after we moved here and our life together changed overnight. Jen was there for us the whole journey post-stroke, and she remains supportive without any judgment or preaching or prodding for either of us to make different choices.

Jack had always been very proud of his lovely daughter, and he loved her independence and her courage in exploring the healing modalities. Since Jen began to work within Universal Medicine, I have seen how their father-daughter relationship has changed from ‘at arms length’ to such a close, gentle, funny and kind closeness. When they are together Jack smiles and laughs and (to be honest) clowns around like a little boy. His speech may not be fluent anymore, but BOY can he communicate his love these days!

I am now a beginning student of the livingness (Jack is not) so I have read and listened to podcasts, attended events and had sessions with a number of Universal Medicine practitioners. My experience is that these people have all gently and kindly helped me to bring myself (my real innermost Self) back into life.

As a result, Jack’s and my relationship is stronger than ever in the 18 years we have been a couple. Our romantic dream was to be “in love” forever, but instead I sense that we are living in love together for the first time (without any aspirations to perfection – he still messes up the sink when he shaves!).

One other family relationship has been transformed since I have started on my student path: the relationship with my mother was troubled and (for me) anguished all my life. For 50 years it seemed that we could not speak to each other without me coming away angry, hurt and distressed.

Now, we speak for an hour every Sunday via Facetime and I cannot express how happy and kind and silly and joyous our chats have become. I feel closer to my large family than ever before, and this is despite nine thousand miles of distance physically between us.

So, again, our experience as family members of a Universal Medicine practitioner runs completely contrary to the lies being spread by what are in my opinion, a morally bankrupt media and some very unhappy people.

Jack and I feel grateful, lucky and happy to be part of Jenny Ellis’s life, family and by extension, the Universal Medicine community.

104 thoughts on “Family Member’s Observations of a Universal Medicine Practitioner

  1. Hello Shu, thank you SO much for your writings….what a gorgeous experience for ALL involved! I agree….the media are ” morally bankrupt media and some very unhappy people”……enjoy (what i call ) “The Spice of Life” ..that is, when we choose to live with our loveliness!!

  2. The joy in the changes in your relationships with Jenny, your husband and your mother jumps off the page, Sheila. I also so know the joy increases beyond measure when one is supported to ‘bring myself (my real innermost Self) back into life.’
    Discovering Serge Benhayon and the opportunities that Universal Medicine presents was life changing for me too. I love the flow-on effect and how it enriches your relationships with those around you.

  3. Heartfelt thanks for sharing this. It reflects how I feel about my family relationships since attending courses and studying with universal medicine. There is more joy, humour and warmth all round. Very different to what the media has portrayed.

  4. I am touched by your sharing and can feel the tremendous growth, change and love that has and is developing within you, Jack, Jenny, your mother and consequently the relationships between you all. You clearly share with us as a living example, our potential to be in and build true connections which is in direct contrast to the misconstrued opinions expressed by media and disgruntled others. Yes, I prefer living example over empty sensational barrage any day. Thank you Sheila.

  5. Thanks for sharing your story Sheila and Jack. You have really encapsulated what Universal Medicine is all about. While the media, egged on by a handful of people, attempt to discredit something that challenges their views on how life should be lived, there are many thousands of people in our world who are indeed looking for a way of life that you have begun to discover as a result of one student’s love.

  6. Sheila, Thanks so much for sharing this very real and beautiful account of your life with your husband and Jenny and how, from feeling and observing Jenny’s being and way of life. you have chosen to re-connect to the love that you are. What an amazing turn around for you and your mother’s relationship!

  7. Thank you for sharing your story Sheila. It is great to hear some truth about how families are in fact enriched when we start loving ourselves. This has certainly been my experience with my family.

  8. Hi Sheila,

    So simply and beautifully shared ….like the simple choice to be love and see what happens when we do…its all encompassing….for not only you and your family but for all of us…and Jenny continues to be a gentle, loving and consistant role model for me as well…I too have felt the joy of the love Gabe and Annette (my sisters) have shared for themselves, for eachother and with our family..and like a ripple in the pond…we are all affected by this love…

    Thank you Sheila

    Love Chrissy

  9. Thank-you for sharing so openly and honestly, Sheila. It is a joy to hear of the relationships in your family – the love, and the healing that has occurred. Your writing feels to come from a deeply caring and tender heart – may you continue to nurture the beautiful woman you are, and bless all around you with such true compassion, love and understanding.

  10. Hi Sheila,
    Your article is so beautifully expressed and this is my experience too. Being a student of UM has totally changed the way I relate to my daughters. Where as before my relationship with them both was very estranged now it is a deeply loving one with both.I used to judge them for how they were living their lives now I accept and respect their choices and celebrate the beauty of each of them. When we are together we have fun together now instead of arguing about petty differences.
    Mary-Louise Myers

  11. Hi Sheila and Jack- I have only met Jenny on few occasions and even then we have only exchanged few words but her energy is absolutely amazing and the one that I for sure would want to be around – who wouldn’t?!
    Your writing of your experience of Jen (I trust she won’t mind me addressing her the same as you do) is heartfelt and it moved me very deeply. I have only learnt through Serge and Unimed to even begin to love without expectations and judgment of my son whatever his choices.

  12. Hi Sheila, thank you for this. I too am closer now to my immediate family than I have ever been thanks to me applying the teachings of Universal Medicine in my own life. My family can see that I am now living with more self regard and it rubs off on them.

  13. Thanks Shu. As part of this extended family I can attest to the beautiful (and playful) relationship you all have with each other and with us. I too have a much deeper connection with my family and my husband’s family and it is something that we all appreciate and enjoy. They too would agree wholeheartedly with your story.

  14. Thank you Sheila for sharing your experience, and I have to agree Jen is a gorgeous woman who just keeps deepening in her beauty…

  15. Hi Shu, thanks for expressing beautifully what I too know about Jenny Ellis – not as a family member, but as a friend of nearly 10 years standing, and as a client for what must be close to 6 years. She is of the utmost integrity and a constant source of inspiration.

  16. This article brought me to tears, I can feel the power of love expressed and how it has the ability to heal us all – a true testament to Jenny, yourself and Jack knowing that we are all indeed truly amazing beings capable of expressing so much more then how we have allowed ourselves and our relationships to be. Thank you for breaking the mould and for sharing this with us all.

  17. Beautiful and heart-full Shu thankyou so much. Jenny has been a great friend of mine for over 10 years and I know her family too – all you have shared is so true. Jenny’s love of herself and others has grown so much from her living the Universal Medicine presentations – she is a constant inspiration to me and to many others .
    Its also true that its a ” morally bankrupt media ” …. go girl !!!!

  18. A beautiful sharing of how family can become so much more, on many levels, when love is expressed and allowed within them. I really appreciate that I am also a part of a much larger family via my involvement with Universal Medicine.

  19. Well said Richard. The sense of ever-growing love in relationships seems, and in fact is, common to many who choose to stay inspired by Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon.

  20. Gorgeous sharing Sheila, I can feel how amazing your experience and the change in your relationship is as a result of the new choices you’ve made through inspiration from Jenny. It’s very beautiful to read and I was just smiling at your obvious joy in sharing with us all your developing and deepening relationships. Thank you, it just shows the power of how we can all inspire each other in simple ways, and it continues, you’ve inspired me – thank you.

  21. Rereading this blog nearly two and a half years later, I can say that all that you have expressed Shu has only grown and deepened more and that your relationships with myself and our entire extended family are the same. Loving, playful and so open. You and Jack are as much our family as our birth families are. And that is an absolute blessing to us all.

  22. Thank you for sharing Sheila. It is a very beautiful experience when we reconnect to that place within us all and express our love to others and ourselves without the need to judge, preach or save anyone. It allows us to build more joyful and loving relationships with others and you, Jack and Jenny, are a testimony to that.

  23. Lovely to hear that the love within your family and extended family has blossomed and brought you closer together, thanks to the gentle support of Universal Medicine.

  24. There is a lot of playfulness and fun in this blog – you can feel the joy, and the difference you are writing about in your relationships since moving back to Brisbane. Consequently it’s a ringing (and light) endorsement of how people’s lives and relationships have changed when coming to Universal Medicine.

  25. Thank you Sheila for this loving and joyful endorsement of Universal Medicine and the ripple effect upon relationships to the wider community from involvement with Universal Medicine.

  26. As I read this I had tears of joy well up as I could feel how you felt as your heart recognised true love from the way Jenny lived and then was inspired to choose to re-connect to this love for yourself. And now you have also reflected this love through your blog and the way you live – so beautiful, thank you Sheila. Indeed the ripple effect of Love is truly expansive as we can see though your experience. I too can appreciate how my relationships, with myself and others, have become far more loving and joyful since I chose to become a student of the Way of the Livingness.

  27. I can see that the light that Jenny Ellis reflects to her family, friends, etc., has been a wonderful support and inspiration to you all. Simply beautiful, thank you Shu for writing this.

  28. How inspiring Sheila, as is Jenny
    I was so taken with your words;
    “we are living in love together for the first time”
    How beautiful for you and Jack to live in love together

  29. This is a blog filled with love,honesty and appreciation, and which I have very much enjoyed reading. It is inspiring to note how a family member, living from their heart, can be a catalyst for change within the rest of the family.

  30. It is so beautiful that you have presented here your deep appreciation for Jen and her ever unfolding love in her relationships with you and Jack. In doing so you have also addressed the ridiculousness of the lies being spread about such a loving community and how gorgeous it is to be a part of it. Thank you for writing this, it was just a pleasure to read.

  31. It’s cool to read how from noticing the changes in another family member you were inspired to make your own choices and then how that affects how we are with others, such as with your mum.

  32. Thank you Sheila for sharing your experience. The media tanks run on empty and that can be felt in their written word. Your sharing on the other hand is full of lived experience and the love it sits in. Universal Medicine shares what is true about life and about the amazingness of all people. It supports and nurtures. This leaves the space for relationships to grow into their fullness, which is what you have observed. Great sharing.

  33. Thanks for your honest and very affirming article Sheila. It’s inspirational to read how living from the heart has had such positive influences on the relationships of family and extended family members.

  34. Wow Sheila and Jack, this was really beautiful to read and brought a tear to my eye. Written with such open appreciation and love for the experiences you have had with Jenny, with each other and now with the extended Universal Medicine family. It is uplifting when family members are able to see all the rubbish in the media and then look at their child and know without a shadow of a doubt that what has been printed is so very far from the truth. Jenny’s vitality, professionalism, depth and true beauty speaks volumes.

  35. Beautiful sharing Sheila and Jack, a true testament to the amazingness that is you, Jenny Ellis and the inspiration presented by Universal medicine and Serge Benhayon. A truly loving testament to being inspired by love and beginning to live a truer more real you. Thank you.

  36. Thank you Sheila and Jack for your inspirational story, how beautiful is the reflection, that our changed lives bring to our loved ones, and all people around us. We are indeed blessed by being part of Universal Medicine.

  37. Sheila, I can feel such love in what you have expressed here. Universal Medicine helps us to accept the love that we are and have always been.

  38. Sheila this is just so great to read and love what you share here about the truth behind real or true love: “As a result, Jack’s and my relationship is stronger than ever in the 18 years we have been a couple. Our romantic dream was to be “in love” forever, but instead I sense that we are living in love together for the first time”, what celebration here.

  39. This blog is a very real testimony of the power to generate beauty in relationships by those who embody the teachings that Universal Medicine present.

  40. Thanks for sharing. Its amazing to see people who are open to change in their life and are willing to accept true change when they see it. This has got to be one of the most humble traits, to see truth and recognise it as so. Thanks for sharing, your contribution is inspirational.

  41. Thankyou Shu. What a lovely testimonial to the joy that can be felt when we all commit to healing and being inspired by our relationships with others, and appreciating how they can continue to grow and expand and become even more beautiful.

  42. Thank you Shu and Jack for sharing how the introduction of Universal Medicine into your lives has brought true love into your lives and relationships. It is great and so needed that these messages are told and talked about.

  43. Thank you, Shu. I am deeply touched by your beautiful sharing. I can resonate with your joy in rebuilding a relationship with your mother. I still have my moment with my mother every now and then, but compared to what it was until a couple years ago there’s so much more willingness to understand from both of us.

  44. Thank you for sharing Shu and Jack. It’s gorgeous to read of the changes in your family’s relationships as the result of the presentations by Serge Benhayon. Nobody could read your account and deny that there’s something pretty amazing about Serge and Universal Medicine and all those making the choice to adopt this living way.

    1. Absolutely deborahmckay I agree what has been written is heartfelt and what has been written here is just the tip of the stories that are out there about the positive experiences people from all walks of life can share about Universal Medicine.

  45. Beautiful Shu & Jack! Universal medicine teaches about love, which in truth does not allow abuse (herein lies the media’s confusion and therefore distortion). I can also attest to improved family relationships as I have become more allowing of everyone to make their own choices in life.

  46. What an awesome testimonial about love and experiencing true relationships. I am not surprised about your experience with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. So many people, just like you two, experience the difference in students of The Way of the Livingness: family, friends, colleagues, neighbors ect.

  47. Shu, what you have described is a shining example of living the message that Universal Medicine offers everyone. There is no hidden agendas or expectations of perfectionism – just people going about their lives but in the steadiness and dedication to living a life based on love. When this is happening relationships change and it’s wonderful to see the way you and Jack have been able to encapsulate that in your relationship with each other, with Jenny and others generally.

  48. Awesome sharing. I love to read the stories of the ripple effect being a student of Universal Medicine has on those around and connected to us: near and far! This work has transformed my way of being with non-student members of my family also, and given these relationships the opportunity to really blossom! For that, I am eternally grateful.

  49. ‘ in love together..’ having also shared the similar romantic fantasy of “being in love” as the ultimate ‘win’ in life, I can now confirm for myself also, that living in love is my way too Sheila, thank you for sharing your experience.

  50. One can feel when reading this how real and heartwarming this family’s experiences are. It’s deeply touching, building trust that true family does exist. I imagine this story being told on morning TV right now. How many people would share this warmth instantly?

  51. A simple and true perspective of the reality of how Universal Medicine can unite families, bring harmony and connection, and provide a foundation for love and harmony in the world.

  52. I can vouch for the ripple effects Universal Medicine has on family members. The ability to express more fully and with more love unlocks blockages that for a long time seemed impenetrable. My heartfelt thanks to Universal Medicine for the changes that occurred in my life so far.

  53. “So, again, our experience as family members of a Universal Medicine practitioner runs completely contrary to the lies being spread by what are in my opinion, a morally bankrupt media and some very unhappy people.” Thankyou for sharing Sheila and Jack. So many families are becoming closer as a result of interactions with Universal Medicine students. Letting go of judgement ( to myself and others) and having no expectations has been a key part of my unfolding back to love.

  54. This is beautiful to read and feel. Serge Benhayon presents The Way of the Livingness that reconnects us to the love that we are that is then shared with close family and the wider family of humanity.

  55. A wonderful sharing of the changes in your family Sheila. So many of us can echo your experience or similar in our own families . This is the amazing result that Serge Benhayons’ Presentations and Love for humanity bring about by offering another way of being for us all.

  56. Thankyou Shu and Jack for sharing your lives. This is what has happened in my life as well, tremendously improved relationships, and my health and wellbeing also thanks to Universal Medicine. The interesting thing is as my self care and self love grows so does the harmony in my relationships. Working with Universal Medicine definitely has had a profound and positive effect on the quality of my relationships.

  57. Wow! This is such a loving blog. Thank you for sharing Sheila, this has really touched my heart. Anyone that reads the genuine love and appreciation you have expressed here could never doubt the quality of integrity that you have experienced and shared.

  58. Sheila, and Jack, it’s so lovely to hear the changes in your life and how you all are so much more loving with each other – simple yes, but actual miracles. I smiled when you talked of Jack being more loving now even while his speech might not be what it was, and this is amazing as for many after such an experience it is easy to shut down and get locked into themselves rather than express – it’s a testament to you all and your growing love and relationships that this is so.

  59. I loved reading about your experiences with Jenny Ellis and Universal Medicine Sheila. I first went to see Jenny as a client in 2010 and my experiences with her echo the experiences you share here. No push, prod or judgment, just love support and a lot of fun.

  60. Sheila that is really an open sharing about your experience with Universal Medicine and it is also very inspiring as what you have described is what you have lived and that is for me the way of the livingness.

  61. Beautiful to share Sheila and Jack, the depth of love that has developed between you, Jenny and your extended family such a joyful and honest and playful way of being with each other, thank you.

  62. Lovely to read about the blossoming up in your family relationships. I have the same experiences! The connection to my family has not just cleared out of some judgment but also deepen in acceptance, love and appreciation for each other since I am a student of The Way of The Livingness.

  63. What I love about this blog is that it expressed the real impact of living life from the innermost connection to our hearts. Shu has ‘put pen to paper’ but her words speak for many others whose lives have been transformed by the ripple effects of individuals who have chosen to live this way and accept responsibility for their own wellbeing, their own self-care and self-love. Who can say how far these ripples go? My guess is they travel way beyond the realms of our current perception and understanding.

  64. I honestly can’t read enough of beautiful testimonies such as this that without fail contradict everything the media has reported about Universal Medicine and those associated with it… showing they can lie as much as they want but the truth cannot be denied when given the opportunity to be told. A delight to read.

  65. Our relationships with everyone change when we begin to make self-loving choices. Some relationships become closer and more loving and others fall apart but whatever the outcome it is always for the best.

    1. Thank you Aimee, this is something to be aware of and to feel much appreciation for in the detail of our daily interactions.

  66. Hi Shu, this is my experience too in that all my relationships have become much closer and more loving since I started attending Universal Medicine events and sessions in 2004 and that continues. The more I love and grow with myself so too is that reflected elsewhere.

  67. Beautifully expressed Sheila. My relationships with everyone changed instantly after attending just one Universal Medicine workshop. I have more time for people. I honour how sensitive I am and how much love and understanding I now have for myself instead of the hard cynical nature I used to have. It is one of the greatest changes I have made and I feel one of the most important things needed for this world – bring love back to ourselves, then all our relationships.

  68. This is the truth of Universal Medicine and what has been offered, not what has been printed in sections of the media. We all want close, harmonious and loving relationships but there is much that we let get in the way of that. Once we remove that much then we can really begin to see the potential of what our relationships can be.

  69. This is a truly beautiful story of the simplicity and love that we can live. This is all that we need and who would not want this.

  70. Beautifully expressed Shu, my relationships with family have also deepened since attending Universal Medicine presentations and I have been inspired to be more loving in all areas of my life – I am forever grateful for the wisdom shared in these presentations.

  71. In every moment we can inspire another or not whichever the case may be but this is done not because we want to inspire another but because of the love lived towards ourselves. Through a steady, loving commitment towards ourselves we naturally offer inspiration to another; no imposing, preaching but simply a way of living called The Way of the Livingness.

    1. Yes Caroline – well said. It certainly brings a greater purpose and understanding to life when we realise that everything we do has an effect on everyone in this world.

  72. Reconnecting to the love within yourself allows you to reconnect to the equal love within another and so we feel what brings us together instead of focusing what keeps us apart.

  73. This is a very real and touching experience of love in action that cannot be denied. Thank you for your sharing Shu.

  74. These are always very touching and lovely stories to read when someone makes changes to their life that opens up relationships that were always there but not seen. They say if you want the truth of the story then you have to go to ground or go to the source to ask. These days you can pretty much write and say what you want about someone with no bearing as to whether it’s true or not. That’s why it’s important for us all to document our history, document the way things are, the truth on the ground and so in years to come people can have a sense of how it was. If we leave the current form of media to document our history then where would this leave us in generations to come? In fact you only have to look to now for an answer to that.

  75. This is without a doubt a powerful testament of how the truth of love can never be tainted. One can try to lie about love, and seek to conceal the truth, but the truth remains unshakable and absolute, witnessed, felt and seen as such through the way we live, the hearts that are touched and the lives that are re-ignited by this divine quality that represents us all. We have the right to deny it by our will, but realise that denying it will not change the truth, that love is who we are, and living in connection to who we are guided by our truth within, is what brings true enrichment and liberation to the lives we live and share.

  76. This is beautiful what you share and an inspiration that we can always deepen our relationships with each other no matter how we are related.

  77. Thankyou Shu, I have read this before and today I felt such a joy understanding all the changes to relationships you have experienced by direct and indirect support from Universal Medicine. I am also in the same boat, I have become more open and there is much more love in all of my relationships now, without the expectations and history of hurts getting in the way so much.

  78. ‘Our romantic dream was to be “in love” forever, but instead I sense that we are living in love together for the first time (without any aspirations to perfection – he still messes up the sink when he shaves!).’ Beautiful what you share here, how true love is your choice now and this brings an understanding in and to all our relationships.

  79. This is beautiful to read and I can attest to the true and loving changes too, that have taken place within my family since I have met Serge Benhayon and been introduced to the many healing modalities of Universal Medicine.

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