Family Member’s Observations of a Universal Medicine Practitioner

by Sheila Colwell (Shu) and Jack Ellis

Jack and I want to share some observations about a member of our family, Jenny Ellis, who is a practitioner working at Universal Medicine Brisbane.

Jen is Jack’s daughter and my dear friend, and we have been witness to the changes in her life and in our relationship since 2006 when we moved here to Brisbane from the US. Contrary to the ridiculous and malicious nonsense spread about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine by some people out there, our experience is of a wonderful and growing closeness with Jen, this lovely member of our family, and increased love and truth in all our relationships.

A bit of history: Jack felt drawn to return to Australia in 2006 and he felt strongly that we should come to Brisbane. This was the perfect choice for both of us although I did not have the clarity to know it then!

Jack had a stroke soon after we moved here and our life together changed overnight. Jen was there for us the whole journey post-stroke, and she remains supportive without any judgment or preaching or prodding for either of us to make different choices.

Jack had always been very proud of his lovely daughter, and he loved her independence and her courage in exploring the healing modalities. Since Jen began to work within Universal Medicine, I have seen how their father-daughter relationship has changed from ‘at arms length’ to such a close, gentle, funny and kind closeness. When they are together Jack smiles and laughs and (to be honest) clowns around like a little boy. His speech may not be fluent anymore, but BOY can he communicate his love these days!

I am now a beginning student of the livingness (Jack is not) so I have read and listened to podcasts, attended events and had sessions with a number of Universal Medicine practitioners. My experience is that these people have all gently and kindly helped me to bring myself (my real innermost Self) back into life.

As a result, Jack’s and my relationship is stronger than ever in the 18 years we have been a couple. Our romantic dream was to be “in love” forever, but instead I sense that we are living in love together for the first time (without any aspirations to perfection – he still messes up the sink when he shaves!).

One other family relationship has been transformed since I have started on my student path: the relationship with my mother was troubled and (for me) anguished all my life. For 50 years it seemed that we could not speak to each other without me coming away angry, hurt and distressed.

Now, we speak for an hour every Sunday via Facetime and I cannot express how happy and kind and silly and joyous our chats have become. I feel closer to my large family than ever before, and this is despite nine thousand miles of distance physically between us.

So, again, our experience as family members of a Universal Medicine practitioner runs completely contrary to the lies being spread by what are in my opinion, a morally bankrupt media and some very unhappy people.

Jack and I feel grateful, lucky and happy to be part of Jenny Ellis’s life, family and by extension, the Universal Medicine community.

132 thoughts on “Family Member’s Observations of a Universal Medicine Practitioner

  1. The media can sell one story to the masses, whilst the truth remains concealed by them, but even with that they are unable to hide the truth completely for people are not stupid and when someone really wants to know the truth there is no fooling them that can happen! For anyone who has lived the truth and knows it well, there is no fooling and no doubts that can come in – only a standing by the truth and knowing that those who seek it in truth, will find it.

  2. Life has strange and unexpected turns for us, but when we hold an openness to what unfolds and are willing to be flexible and work with the situation rather than against it, it means that the way we experience things is different and there is generally less stress and more enjoyment, appreciation and love that is allowed to blossom. Sheila your experience shares this so beautifully and many of us have similar or different experiences that we too can share and how we have handled them – it is time we all got the pen out and allowed it to flow.

  3. Amazing to read this Sheila and thank you so much for your sharing – your appreciation and joy in life and all that is on offer is palpable!

  4. Thank you for sharing your personal experiences of family life with Jenny to me this sums up the beauty of Universal Medicine
    ‘When they are together Jack smiles and laughs and (to be honest) clowns around like a little boy. His speech may not be fluent anymore, but BOY can he communicate his love these days!”
    It’s really is all about communicating love, I feel we hold back on love for fear of rejection and being hurt. I also feel this is a carry over from our childhood when we were full of love and it was rejected by our families. I feel that letting everyone see our true essence love is one of the hardest things to do; to let go and just allow everyone to see how precious and fragile we truly are. But once you let go there is such a wealth of holding that can be felt it’s worth all the hard work of learning to trust oneself again.

  5. Thank you for sharing your beautiful experiences Sheila, it is lovely to have the truth presented with real life examples of how Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine’s support has such a gorgeous impact on many people.

  6. The Esoteric way of life is very simple, it’s living love, so naturally relationships become more loving.

  7. “Contrary to the ridiculous and malicious nonsense spread about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine by some people out there, our experience is of a wonderful and growing closeness with Jen, this lovely member of our family, and increased love and truth in all our relationships.” So beautiful to read this testimonial of one gorgeous practitioner.

  8. This is a real story of an immense value the world should know about. We are stuck in patterns of relationships that do not truly suit us (that harm us) and here we have real examples of how relationships can be turned around and how amazingly helpful are Universal Medicine’s teachings to do so.

  9. To live in a place where we are able to proliferate such rubbish is insane, and thus I also agree, “the lies being spread by what are in my opinion, a morally bankrupt media and some very unhappy people,” needs to be addressed. And as we stand up for the Truth one day the lies will be revealed the in-just-est that is being pursued by the media will be exposed.

  10. Thank you Sheila that was such a lovely and touching blog to read. Had me reflecting on how much my relationship with my sister and everyone for that matter has deepened since I have been with Universal Medicine.

    1. Ditto!!! Nicola, finding that every relationship ‘has deepened’ because of the deeper understand we get from Universal Medicine and the presentations by Serge Benhayon and this is coming from the open-ness and transparency that we can share in the most Loving way.

      1. My relationship with myself has deepened and that is reflected in my relationship with all others. The more I love and accept myself the more I love and accept everyone – so simple!

  11. What I love in the way of livingness is that it only needs your own living and experience in it not more to change and that is exactly what you have shared Sheila – wonderful.

  12. You cannot deny the many many worldwide accounts and lived way the of the students of The Way of The Livingness. The real evidence is alive and available to all the see in the faces of these people, the greatly improved vitality, health and well-being they consistently live with and their natural love of sharing honest and heart felt relationships.

    1. Well said Carola, there is a lived way that does not hide the truth and does not apologise for the truth, and lives with the utmost love and deep care for all.

  13. Lived experience is the proof and truth, not ideals, beliefs and gossip. Thank you Sheila for sharing yours.

    1. It sure is and more value needs to be placed on anecdotal evidence, as the lived experiences of the transformations in people’s lives and what inspired and was the cause of such change is a real and true account. Our bodies cannot lie and true vibrancy lived cannot be faked.

  14. A beautiful sharing Sheila, I can feel your appreciation for the changes in your life and how all your relationships have evolved and are more loving and enjoyable. What I love is that all this came about by one person, Jenny Ellis reflecting to you something different, not in words or by preaching but by living in a way that was true for her and this in turn became true for you and Jack.

  15. Gorgeous Shelia. It is incredibly beautiful when we acknowledge and express our appreciation towards another when we can see and accept the changes in them. We allow ourselves to be inspired and it is through being inspired we evolve.

  16. Thank you Sheila for sharing your inspiring and loving story which highlights beautifully the ripple effect that benefits many when one chooses to reconnect to their innermost truth.

  17. When you study the Livingness through your own experience, you open new doors and you also re-open doors that were closed before because you realise how non-sense that was.

  18. The Benhayon family have shown me what love is, how it comes from our own connection from within, and when we reconnect to the love that we are things can change enormously.

    1. I too have experienced that in reconnecting to love things do change enormously and I can highly recommend it. Since I have experienced that, I would never ever want to live any other way ever again.

      1. Not only would I never, ever want to live any other way again and not only is it mega awesome to reconnect to love, it is also an experience of unlimited expansion. There seems to be no limit to the love that is available once we make that choice and live in a way that allows it.

  19. It shows that it only takes one person to make true changes and this then can inspire others to do the same, to totally transform the quality of relationships.

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