Presenters? I’ve Seen A Few – But Only One Has Offered Something Real

by Gail Fuller, Byron Bay, Australia, Justice of the Peace; Director, Byron Coastal Real Estate

What a relief it is to come to Universal Medicine, an organisation that presents simple, commonsense information that actually supports you as a human being in all sectors of your life. Over the years I have attended numerous corporate management conferences, corporate health talks, new-age presentations and motivational speeches with some of the best speakers from around the world. There is one thing they all have in common: they excite, motivate and rev you up, but do not offer any long-term, practical tools of substance you can implement in your life. You normally go home with a book by the author that you never read. You do not see anything physically that is, in essence, an example of it working. They speak ‘at’ you, as though you are lacking or less; and if you just ‘do THIS or THAT, you will be great’ and (of course) rich in 12 months – just like them. Never do they consider that the way you live your life, and the associations that you keep, have an effect on the outcome of these actions.

It is like writing motivational words on a blackboard each day and reading them, hoping that something dramatic will change, when actually all you are doing is reading words on a blackboard and not changing the way you live.

Another example is people designing homes using ancient principles to attract wealth into their lives – they follow the book’s instructions, place the symbol, mirror or rock in the wealth sector of their home, and pray that their finances will mysteriously change – all the while never looking at or taking responsibility for the money they are spending. If it worked, we would all be millionaires.

We constantly give our power away looking for an easy solution, a quick fix from another, and then blame them when it does not work out. We create our own destiny, and it is hard at times to get honest with ourselves about what we have been up to and are trying to get away with.

So what’s different about Universal Medicine? Firstly, the organisation is run professionally and is very simple and easy to interact with. They present the fact that only you can make change for you, only you can choose what you allow in your life, only you can take responsibility for what has happened in your life as you have grown up and lived it. Your actions and intentions make change, not dreams.

What does it present? It presents a way of living that supports you in making truer choices on a practical level. Yes, it presents eating healthy food and undertaking healthy exercise levels, and looking after your body, heart and mind and relationships with others.

It reflects an understanding of life. It presents that you need a healthy body to support you, and if you continue to bludgeon it with alcohol, drugs, poor food and emotional turmoil, then of course it will break down. Any intelligent person would not expect a different result.

At what point did we decide for ourselves that going to work, paying taxes and bringing up our children deserves a reward of abuse, instead of love and appreciation for the great life we are living and inspiring the next generation to grow into?

What’s wrong with being sensible, with ourselves and others, and becoming aware of the impact we have on the planet and other human beings? Some might say it’s boring, but hey, you certainly stand out in the crowd in a positive way when you do.

It’s one of life’s great privileges to know and listen to Serge Benhayon and the wisdom he imparts for all. He is but a custodian of simple common sense, beautifully expressed and felt in every meeting.

Of all the presenters I have seen (and know personally) on the financial and well-being/health circuits, he is the only one who demonstrates the highest levels of consistency, support, ethics and integrity; his business and staff offer the same. As far as I’m concerned, Serge Benhayon is unique – he holds a torch in the darkness for all humanity.

114 thoughts on “Presenters? I’ve Seen A Few – But Only One Has Offered Something Real

  1. For me, Serge Benhayon totally changed what it means to present. ‘Presenting’ used to mean delivering a talk on some specific subject and as long as the person was eloquent, charismatic, knowledgeable, funny, articulate etc. that’s what I was paying my money for – so I thought. It’s much more than just words, and to commend a large group of people comes with responsibility, and with Serge Benhayon I get a feeling that it is not just a job stint on stage, it is a life lived being shared.

    1. This is so true… And what we are seeing is so far beyond sincerity… People can sincerely believe and present on things that have no foundation of truth… What sets Serge Benhayon apart is the resonance of truth that is in his words that is a tuning fork for humanity

  2. Anyone who has ever been to a motivational or spiritual talk will relate to your opening paragraphs – great sum up!

  3. Yes indeed… And there are whole constructs of presentations about how to be a powerful presenter that have thought that reverse engineering from someone who is naturally intuitive and then teaching that is a technique can actually bring the true presence… Nothing is further from the truth.

  4. I loved your paragraph on motivational speakers, and I was feeling into the reasons why they are so often successful, not because of what they present but because we are all looking for something, there is an emptiness in our lives and we are looking for a way to fix it. When I first met Serge Benhayon and starting going to his presentations I realised he knew all about this empty feeling, and through reconnecting to my essence I have reconnected to my true self, and yes Serge Benhayon presents the truth, and nothing less.

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