David Millikan: Wow!!…What a cracking start to my first ever Universal Medicine presentation!

by Craig Robinson, Director of Ozskills Careers College, Geelong, Victoria, Australia

I want to thank Universal Medicine for the weekend’s adventure that I experienced in Lennox Head (12th October 2012).

After much thought, I decided to attend some Universal Medicine workshops with my girlfriend to gain insight into her world; it is such a unique part of her life that I would like to learn more about it for myself. We went first to the Friday night discussion where I was warmly greeted and asked to fill in the required forms and pay the prescribed fees ($5 only) …No different to any of the other seminars I’ve attended over my life.

Serge Benhayon, the presenter, came on stage and announced that he had been having a discussion over the past month with a prominent Uniting Church Minister (a self-proclaimed cult expert), as it had become apparent that some sources were painting Serge in the light of a cult leader. The banter was easygoing between them, with the Minister being introduced as David Millikan; it was stated that they had had quite detailed discussions relating to Millikan’s belief that Serge’s group was not a cult.

In an instant this bloke’s attitude changed: as soon as he had the group’s attention he went into a massive speech, specifically claiming that the student body was brainwashed and they had no idea. He rattled off heaps of gibberish about supposedly related stuff: quite simply he was the rudest Minister I had ever heard, not allowing anyone who could understand him to answer his quite bizarre questions.

Wow!! …What a cracking start to my first night as a newbie to the Universal Medicine presentations. I had very little idea what to expect, but I presumed that the weekend at a minimum would allow me an insight into my lady’s way of life. To be honest, I was startled at the aggression that was shown towards the audience by Millikan. It was obvious that these guys were being set up, this was a media stunt: on cue there were all these people running around with cameras and Millikan was delivering a prepared speech, a monologue. The way I saw it, this guy was awesome – a master of deception. Serge appeared to be totally caught off-guard; he stood there stunned and took a while to shake off the ‘sucker punch’. I had to give the first round to Millikan, he had created the perfect surprise: obviously he had abused the friendship that his new friend had honoured him with, and used all his guile to get a story… As it turned out he was in the pay of a well-known television station, and simply put, he wanted to create a sensational story.

I wasn’t surprised; I had a very similar experience with the ABC and other major media outlets a couple of months ago and recognised it for what it unfortunately was… A plan executed with commando-like precision, people in the background filming with complete disregard for all present… What can I say? …I was truly intrigued – what had this young lass got me into?

Here is what she got me into: a weekend of exceptional discussion on life, love and understanding of myself, and the provision of some tools that I had learnt many years ago, but because of my expectations of life, I had forgotten how to remember to love myself first. I was shown some very simple techniques and how to use them, and I got to meet some wonderful people who showed me nothing but genuine human kindness.

I would say it was like going to mass on Sunday, only this time I understood what the bloke on the stage was talking about, and more importantly, I felt that it made sense.

So instead of just attending a presentation, Friday’s events intrigued me enough to attend all that Universal Medicine offered over the entire weekend.

I even did the workshop on Relationships with my girlfriend and learned a ton about myself!

Serge Benhayon at no time claimed he was anything but a person with life experience, there to offer that experience, and that he had no formal qualification. I’ve been in the training industry for 25 years, and you would be hard pressed to find a better public speaker or presenter: simply astounding, thank you.

I, for one, will be returning for another weekend of personal discovery.

Just a short note in addition; at no time was I accosted to purchase anything, nor were there any sales pitches towards Universal Medicine’s beliefs or products. This was certainly refreshing, as I have attended many seminars where the main purpose is revenue generation and conversion.

Thanks again for a wonderful time. Cheers.

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  1. The truth of Universal Medicine will be in it lineage, those who walk the steps they know to be truth. These can not and will no be destroyed, because once you know truth in your body, it lights up your Soul and yes we can chose to ignore it or stall it but it is there and will return. Serge Benhayon speaks truth and simple sense. Any lies about him being inappropriate say more about the media, people with misguided agendas than the actual reality of attending his workshops. he is a man of decency and honour.

  2. I so remember how Serge responded because I always observe how Serge behaves in all situations. Serge is inspiring how he responds. He is the most intelligent man I know — intelligent in regard to he knows the constructs of life and is an inspiration in relationships. I observed how Serge felt with his trust betrayed. I am touched how Serge places relationships before anything else.

  3. Craig thank you for sharing your experience with everyone I was particularly stuck by these words
    “Here is what she got me into: a weekend of exceptional discussion on life, love and understanding of myself, and the provision of some tools that I had learnt many years ago, but because of my expectations of life, I had forgotten how to remember to love myself first. I was shown some very simple techniques and how to use them, and I got to meet some wonderful people who showed me nothing but genuine human kindness.”
    I don’t feel I’m in a so called ‘cult’ I see Serge Benhayon twice a year when I attend the presentations and workshops these have supported me to grow and understand my self and others which have then supported me in my everyday life with family, friends and work colleagues. I’m very much ‘out’ there in society. I so enjoy discussing life, health, religion, science and universality and have learnt more from these presentations and workshops than anything that I was taught at school.

  4. Appointed church minister, self-proclaimed cult expert, and skilled in deception and bullying. The truth of a person is not necessarily what appears in his/her business card

  5. I was not there that night but from all accounts it had a big impact on the crowd. It sounded like David Millikan fancied himself as some kind of saviour, hoping to break the spell that he claimed Serge Benhayon has cast over people. In my experience Serge Benhayon has been the complete opposite of a cult leader. I have never felt so free to be me, to make my choices and know that I am responsible for the outcome.

  6. Powerful showing us that truth is the remaining call, and can’t be blown of course, as it is , even when it is being attacked. Untarnished. This is how I feel about God, Universal Medicine, Us. In essence we remain true. So the more we come back to our essence, the more we will find that we are everything that is true. No deception there possible. Therefore when in deception, we are not in connection to our inner heart.

  7. It’s quite eye-opening to see the extent that people will go to to create and sell a sensational story, spinning lies about people with no care for the truth…

  8. What is so beautifully highlighted here is the fact that the truth, regardless of how hard we try to corrupt it, will always prevail through our lived experiences and reflection. The Way of The Livingness is all about living the truth of who we are, as such to those who are open to exploring who we are in essence, to live with greater love in our lives, will feel the truth of all that is presented and on offer.

  9. What Millikan may believe regarding Universal Medicine being a cult is totally irrelevant given that the truth is that it is not. Not only it is not, it is a truly high point in the associational world and the world cannot thank it enough for that.

  10. Thank you Craig for sharing your experience that night when David Millikan accosted the presentation with his outrageous behaviour. It was great you were able to see through the lies and continued and enjoyed the presentations given by Serge that weekend.

  11. Beautiful to read how you were not put off by the outrageous remarks David Millikan made during your first experience of Universal Medicine, it was lovely to read that his attempt of journalistic sensationalism was so transparent that you could see Millikan for the game he was playing.

  12. It’s rather shocking to read that you weren’t surprised at the abhorrent behaviour by David Millikan and his crew because you already had an experience similar to that. Since when has it become so common for the media to abuse the public in order to get a story they want? Just because it happens often enough must not normalize any kind of abuse.

  13. When you say that you were not accosted to buy anything I would like to add that every participant that evening was also offered a refund of their $5 – someone actually came around and went from seat to seat. Some people said yes and some said no – no difference, no judgment, no sweat.

  14. The level of deception that David Millikan went to is a testament, I say, to the lack of integrity that his church or himself live by.

  15. How gorgeous is it – to hear the appreciation being expressed for that which Serge has consistently brought. And that even when attack is done, and one meets for the first time that man and community that is being attacked, they see through all the lies – clearly shows us that truth is much stronger than any form of attack can maintain.

  16. Great you have put pen to paper so to speak and have given such an honest account of what sounds like a completely planned and abusive attack on Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and Universal Medicine students. Simply appalling and shocking. All you have said I know is to be true with regards to Serge Benhayon. I have been attending Universal Medicine events held and presented by Serge Benhayon for over 10 years now and with all my heart I can say I feel absolutely blessed to know him and to have attended so many events over so many years. Serge is a truly genuine, deeply caring, deeply respectful person and that is just the baseline of who he is and what he lives each day, Serge actually brings and is so much more than just this.

  17. What David Millikan has done towards Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine student community, has been done many times before in history: use a friendship, betray a friend and trying to take down an entire group of people in the wake.
    This time around we say: No, this will not happen. We expose what happened, stand straight and move on. Thanks Craig for this insight view on that night.

  18. Corruption and deception was displayed by this Minister Millikan on the evening you discuss in this blog, I wonder if he has forgotten how to remember to love himself, like he clearly has people?

  19. None of David’s Millikan’s behavior on that evening reflects a genuine care and concern for a group of potentially brainwashed vulnerable people. The truth is Universal Medicine students are far from that.
    His behavior was predatory and self serving.

  20. Refreshing to read Craig Robinson. There is certainly a distinct difference in the presentation of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine than the force of David Millikan’s agenda driven outcry. Serge holds you in love knowing you are that before any emotion.
    I was compassionate towards Serge when I felt him respond to being betrayed by David. He said we had built a relationship that was not what he was showing on stage. If Serge was aware David was going to do that he would of not allowed it. That is not what Universal Medicine presentations are about, and that is exactly why I attend.

  21. I agree Craig – David Millikan is a Master of deception who abused his power with all who were present that evening. It was great you were able to see so clearly through this manipulated attempt by the Media to create a sensationalist story based on pure lies.

  22. It says so much for Serge Benhayon that given that he was clearly taken advantage of and lied to by David Millikan as to his intention of talking at the presentation that night, it has in no way affected the way he is in relationship with everyone. It hasn’t affected the trust that he has with people and his love of people and clearly has not carried that hurt from that evening. This is huge and something that we can learn an enormous amount from.

  23. How refreshing to read an account of an event that was obviously orchestrated for drama and sensationalism that is matter of fact and confirms exactly how I have experienced Serge’s presentations.

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