Love Does Not Impose

by Nicola Lessing, Tweed, NSW, Australia

One of the things I have been learning over the last years is the magic of not imposing.

Many people talk about their experience of first meeting Serge Benhayon and how transformational that was. They express how they re-connected to themselves, and talk about the love that Serge is.

It struck me that in reading all of these blogs, someone who had not met Serge might imagine that he has some sort of imposing presence.

Strangely enough, the opposite is the case. Serge Benhayon is the one person who can walk up right behind me and I do not feel him coming. If you saw him in a room full of people or in a supermarket, he looks like an ordinary bloke.

At events he is often the person filling up the water containers, picking up rubbish, putting out the chairs – doing whatever is needed.

In fact, it is the very absence of any imposing energy that is so extraordinary. Normally, we all impose on each other whether we realise it or not. We usually want something from another person, or even ourselves; whether it be a response, recognition, for them or us to ‘get it’ or behave in a different way, or whatever.

None of these things come into play with Serge.

150 thoughts on “Love Does Not Impose

  1. Amazing Nicola, beautifully shared, and may I add that when we are allowing of our-selves to deepen their is a Deep-Humble-Appreciate-Ness of the Life we can all share as a Living-ness of our essences. As our reflection is the greatest form of communication.

  2. I was once asked if Serge has a lot of charisma. The question was a little loaded to be honest – but rather than respond as I was ‘expected to’, I felt the truth of the matter. ‘No, he doesn’t’ I said. And that is true. Serge does not use charisma to persuade anyone of anything. He offers those who are willing to hear him, his understanding of what is true. But there is absolutely no imposition, no attempt to convince or persuade. Whether what he says is accepted or not, is entirely the choice of the listener.

    1. So True Richard, the deep humble-ness that is simply felt by everyone Serge Benhayon meets and this is an amazing power that will be understood one day for the Truth of what reflecting Love is!!

  3. I love the fact that we can just do whatever is needed. Mind you, this is not something being accepted in life. Life is all about recognition—if you are this level or role you can or cannot do certain things…it is really quite absurd. It is like as are asked to not be ourselves because of who the world thinks we are, so the world can be more comfortable and not evolve. If someone appears out of the norm—such as Serge or a mother who doesn’t impose, a teacher who doesn’t dump his/her emotions on the students, someone who can accept and not judge etc, these people stand out and reacted against when we do not feel and appreciate what the absolute gold they are reflecting for us on offer.

    1. I am realising that when we react, we generally react to the images we have created in our heads rather than what is truly before us. if we knew the truth of who or what is before us there is nothing to react to.

  4. Love-holds-us all as equals and does set boundaries with the understanding that Loving discipline with an awareness that the ramifications or consequences of not living with the Love that is our-essence.

  5. Serge’s love is a beholding love, one that holds us in equalness with not one once of any imposition whatever, we are held by love and in the love we truly are and come from.

  6. We come to see that love is lived in our body and that first and foremost it comes from our movements. We can feel that it is never in the way we look or make ourselves to be.. As we can be oh so normal, but truly living an absolute gloriously love filled life. Based on movement, not any outer appearance. That to me is the greatest joy — alchemy, a movement that is way more grand than our eyes can see or clock.

  7. In allowing another to be in the space of where they are in life is an honouring of the flow of the universe.

  8. I’ve often watched Serge Benhayon and have observed his quiet unassuming way in the way he moves. He does not need acceptance or recognition which is what many of us look for as he knows to the very particles of his body who he is.

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