Soaring On A Trampoline

by Lee Green, Perth, Australia

Have you ever watched a person on a trampoline, reaching as they bounce into the sky? Observing the freedom and joy that they get from just being in the air for a period of time, knowing they will be steady, and that the next bounce will be the same, consistently powering them back up?

Then there are others who are more apprehensive and bounce a little lower, as if they want to stay near the ground, afraid to jump up and fly too high. The bounces are dependent on all manner of factors: height, weight, strength, balance, fear or no fear. It could be said that to soar effortlessly, a lot of choices have to come into harmony.

What if we looked around and everyone had their own trampoline, the same trampoline, and were in every way bouncing as best as they could to the height they felt was right for them? Could we see clearly those ’flying’ and those not? Absolutely.

The playful analogy used here describes life: we all start from the very same place, our own trampoline equal in every way to the next person’s and the next.

Is it possible that the trampoline represents the love that we come from and forever will be?

A lot of us across the planet can barely jump up, afraid of what it might bring. I used to be one of those people; now I feel I am stronger, more aware and confident in how I hold myself in the world. I know of many others who are also bouncing higher, more confidently on their trampoline.

How come more people are allowing themselves to bounce? Could it be that the choices we make every day affect our weight, our confidence, our inner strength, our knowing, commitment and our ability to love and trust?

I have been observing Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine team for some years now, and initially used to be quite jealous and very much afraid of the height they were at. I could not possibly get that high … could I? Serge and the UniMed team have always presented ‘equalness’ and this is fundamental; we are all capable of the same leaps. But until someone comes along to show us otherwise, we just may not know it yet.

Someone has to jump high first so we all get to see what is possible.

Slowly I have allowed myself to work on the many issues and beliefs that have dominated and prevented me from jumping in all of my glory, as high or as low as I want… the key being that it’s me choosing it, me doing it, and only me.

Most days I feel pretty steady on my trampoline, others I recognise that there is a bit to let go of so that I can feel me being freer, more loving.

The team at Universal Medicine has been an inspiration to many lives across the world. The appreciation runs deep, as they have shown that to soar is not to leave another on the ground, but to show by example what is possible when loving choices are the only choices. We can all fly higher if we choose to honour those choices in every moment of our every day.

111 thoughts on “Soaring On A Trampoline

  1. Lee I love the analogy you have referred to. I resonated with the person who doesn’t like bouncing that high. I like my feet to be on the ground. I also saw it from the perspective of getting off on doing things the body is not designed to do. Just like the roller coaster rides, there is absolutely no fun in those rides that turn everything inside, up side down, and all over the place, the thought of it makes me want to puke.

    Everything can be seen in many ways then one. Serge Benhayon and his family are unique. I have never come across a family who are so loving of all equally, no matter who you are and I absolutely love that about them and so do many others who have met them for who they truly are too. They could be on a trampoline or a roller coaster ride and they will still love us in the same way if their feet were on the ground. One rock solid family that have walked this planet – what a reflection they bring to others…

  2. While getting everyone on a trampoline would make it very obvious it’s amazing what can be understood by observing and feeling the energy people move and live in.

  3. Since 1999 the world has been shown another way to live and that loving choices are really the only choices if we want to evolve and get ourselves out of this hell hole we have manufactured for ourselves. This choice is literally ours to make.

  4. Spot on Elizabeth – Lee’s analogy makes it easy for anyone to relate to this fact of constant evolution in life.

  5. If we know and can jump high it is our responsibility to do so in order to remind all others of what they too can do. If we hide the fact that we too can jump high, then we are telling everyone around that nothing more is.

  6. The power of reflection is undeniable – when you get to see another jumping high, this is when you get reminded of what is possible for us all.

    1. The power of reflection does two things to a person. They either be inspired and respond or they react and retract, and throw what ever they want without a care in the world of how it’s affecting the other person. Responsibility is key here…

  7. It is absolutely true that others may be jealous of the love someone lives, but we are all equally given the same opportunities and people can choose to be jealous or inspired – their choice.

  8. And they continue to be so, more and more, ‘The team at Universal Medicine has been an inspiration to many lives across the world.’

  9. Some see people soaring high and get inspired and want to have a go, and others go ‘That’s dangerous’ and try to stop them and ban the trampoline so that no one else can join – but what they do not realise is that they are already standing on the same trampoline.

  10. Amazing Lee, and adding to what you have shared about putting the bounce back into life while our feet have never left the ground, putting the wow! back in our day by the appreciation each bouncy step brings and how there is a deeper awareness of our Loving choices you have to appreciate that. With the Livingness of this Love there is a Deep-Humble-Appreciative-Ness of life, which is innate within us all.

    1. Thanks Greg, you made me laugh, love the pun “putting the bounce back into life” and it’s also true what you have shared. Love is the pizazz, vitality, the spunk, and the spark of life.

  11. The trampoline shows how movement feeds itself and builds on the previous one, as well as how we relate to consciousness, do we move in a way that does not disrupt it? Do we learn ‘to fly’ in a way that allows us to be at one with them? Or do we find it hard to move harmonically with them and find them impenetrable and thick?

  12. When love is our desired end there are no limits to how high we can jump. only by our own choices that are not love are we hindered.

    1. Thank you Jill, this could be a bumper sticker! Beautiful wisdom about our responsibility and self empowerment “only by our own choices that are not love are we hindered.”

  13. What I always loved about jumping on a trampoline was the spaciousness as you flew. I was also very aware that my quality of flight was dependent on my quality of bounce – and the steadiness of my landing was completely key to this. If I wobbled as I landed I wobbled in the air, if I held by balance I soared with that same quality. This is a great blog reminding of us to always come back to ourselves before we initiate our next step.

  14. Great analogy of how we either jump up higher or do little short jumps making sure we don’t get seen for long. Physically I never really liked jumping on a trampoline, there would be a little anxious scared feeling inside as I would jump up and how it was going to feel when I came back down… quite interesting now when I consider how I was living then.

    1. Like the tall poppy syndrome, Aimee – some of us are scared to be seen so we jump just that little bit lower than what we can so as to ‘fit in’ and not be noticed as being different.

  15. This is a brilliant analogy. I can feel how I used to believe that my trampoline was somehow defective and there was no way I could bounce at all and didn’t even try playing with it. Claiming that my trampoline was broken and not joining others was my identity. I just sulked while missing out on the fun and joy others were exuberating in. It was unfamiliar and scary to even stand on the trampoline to begin with, but the more I stand on it the more I can trust that its not broken. It’s just a matter of practice and having fun while I am at it.

  16. It does seem that we in society today champion seemingly ‘great’ feats that focus on what we do, our physical bodies and the physical world. Imagine if we were inspired by how we are with ourselves and all, or to live with greater connection to our love, our Soul and each other? There is a great potential we have yet to tap into as a humanity that reflects the true power we are capable of living together, through which we can as a civilization soar to far greater heights.

  17. When we feel the rhythm and flow of the bounce we know the love and support of the foundation is there for us in the spring of every step.

  18. It’s true we all have the same capabilities, but it’s a big like we have super-hero powers and we’re all pretending that we don’t, but it only takes one person to show the whole world their superpowers for everyone else to begin to express theirs too.

  19. Thanks Lee. Self care, self love and self appreciation allows us the soar to great heights on any trampoline.

  20. Serge Benhayon inspires us by his livingness, and so we choose to live a more loving and purposeful life, ‘Someone has to jump high first so we all get to see what is possible.’ Absolutely, and then it is our choice, ‘ what is possible when loving choices are the only choices. We can all fly higher if we choose to honour those choices in every moment of our every day.’ Very true Lee.

  21. It is a choice how high we want to jump. I know how much I get put off by the tension. I presume there is something wrong when in fact there is just another height to jump to. It is an exhilarating choice to accept it and take the leap …

    1. So true Jennifer, as it is through true inspiration that we are able to truly grow together as a one humanity, knowing that the greatness of one is a reflection of the greatness of us all.

  22. We are all role models and what we need to keep in mind is that inspiration is what really evolves us not competition.

  23. The thing is, once we actually sense the ‘height’ or we might say, ‘fullness’ that another is living at, we are offered a truly grand opportunity to be inspired at the deepest level. Most especially with Serge Benhayon and the Benhayon family, I see many living in a fullness of who they are and their dedication to all humanity, that blows me away… and in truly feeling this and the quality of reflection offered, I can’t but know that the same capacity is actually innately within us all, myself included.

  24. A beautiful analogy Lee Green. Yes, I agree – it is the foundation of love that buoys us in life, to be all that we truly are, and know without a doubt that it is God’s love upon which our wings can soar.
    I’m up for the exploration of this with you brother!

  25. “they have shown that to soar is not to leave another on the ground, but to show by example what is possible when loving choices are the only choices.” And how perfectly described using a trampoline as an analogy. Genius!

  26. I just love the picture you created of humanity all with their own trampolines to highlight where we are at in our ability to live to our potential. This is so powerful and a gorgeous reminder of the joy and freedom that is possible when we don’t hold back but bounce with everything we have.

  27. Jumping higher allows you to not only see more but to also observe the world around you from different angles. I say we all should be aiming to jump higher and inspiring others to do the same.

  28. I love your playful analogy Lee as it is easy to understand. I special like this quote from your: “Someone has to jump high first so we all get to see what is possible.” This is such a good reflection of how we function – most of us need a role model to see what is possible. So for me this question came up: Where did we stay as a society where most of us needs such a reflection to change their lives?

  29. This is a very playful yet powerful analogy Lee – do we choose to cap ourselves and play small or do we choose to be all that we are and soar? Thank you, this is a beautiful and timely sharing for me to read. I’ll be taking this with me into my day.

  30. I love the visual this blog conjures up. When I look out at the world I see many people flat out exhausted on their trampolines, unable to muster a single bounce. Some days I am one of those people… however, more and more I am inspired by the people around me that have the vitality and strength to bounce. We need others to show us what is possible and this shows how destructive a force jealousy is as in jealousy we attack the thing we need most of all.

    1. Thank you Leonne, wise words “this shows how destructive a force jealousy is as in jealousy we attack the thing we need most of all.” It also shows the insidious intent behind the creation of jealousy as something that attacks and can disrupt evolution and our return back to soul.

  31. When we say ‘yes’ and bounce from a foundation of true love we do not know what we are saying yes to and where this may take us but as we return to the foundation of love for the next step we feel the rhythm of love in our body that gives us true purpose to be open to whatever love offers.

  32. Jumping up, soaring high, reaching new heights – pun intended. It is all what life is about is it not. if we are not letting ourselves soar in life, are we not truly living or at least not living to the full potential we know we can do. How does this impact on our health and wellbeing? Perhaps our issues as humanity are all from not soaring to the potential we know we can living the love we truly are

  33. A lovely, simple analogy of what is possible when we choose to bounce ever higher. What’s great about the trampoline is that there doesn’t have to be any competition or comparison because our jump height is all to do with personal choice, given we can all jump and soar equally. I love your ending – ‘to soar is not to leave another on the ground, but to show by example what is possible when loving choices are the only choices. We can all fly higher if we choose to honour those choices in every moment of our every day.’ So a clear message – it’s all about choice – and ours alone.

  34. Great blog Lee. “Someone has to jump high first so we all get to see what is possible.” yes, and Serge Benhayon and his family reflect back and inspire us that we can jump high too – if we make different choices.

  35. What I like about this picture is, the bounce-back is stronger the higher I allow myself to soar. It takes less and less effort to make a movement and at a certain point it is only about how I hold my body in order to use the movement that is there anyway.

  36. This is a beautiful blog Lee and I love the playful, relatable way you have shared it. I particularly love your comment ‘ that to soar is not to leave another on the ground, but to show by example what is possible when loving choices are the only choices. We can all fly higher if we choose to honour those choices in every moment of our every day.’

  37. The key to feeling free and safe to jump higher and higher is to know and trust your trampoline will support you. Knowing you have a strong foundation from which to bounce off one feels free to fly and the sky is no longer the limit.

  38. I was drawn to this blog by its title, I have experienced that sensation of freedom and steadiness on a trampoline and for a few moments I felt free. I also have had a dream some time ago of being in some sand dunes, and without a trampoline, I bounced with grace, confidence and lightness up over the dunes towards the sea and the horizon, it was as if with each step I could reach high into the sky and come gently back down again. I felt joyful when I experienced this dream, it felt incredible to be that joyful and light in my body. I now relate to these two experiences in a different way now than I might have 10 years ago, joy was something I did not feel in every day life, every day life felt heavy, serious and tricky. I can relate to this analogy, concerning the choice to be free of what holds us down, what makes us dense, heavy not sure sure footed. I have a quality of lightness, joyfulness and appreciation within my daily life now that feels often like I am ‘soaring’ or perhaps in the flow of life but not being knocked or submerged by what I encounter but instead observing it more frequently and living in appreciation of the divinity that is all around us.

  39. Love-ly analogy Lee. The image that comes to me is of Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine team jumping high with open arms and playful faces beckoning us to let go of our fear and apprehension, to surrender to love and join them flying at the same height!

    1. Beautiful to read this Andrew Mooney – it is exactly as it is – Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine team are so open and free they show us the way back to the Love we truly are.

  40. Great analogy Lee! This part particularly stood out for me today: “…to soar is not to leave another on the ground”. This is key to true equality, to never leave anyone behind, but to make sure that others will see me flying, so they can then make the choice themselves to take a bigger jump.

  41. I like this analogy Lee. Thanks to people like Serge Benhayon who are bouncing at great heights it allows us all to know that we can do this too and will be fully supported in the process.

  42. I love your disclosure of the jealousy we all feel when we see a person leaping uninhibited in their own life. The reason I love it is that you have called it out for what it is: the fact that we know our innate capability, that it is no less than any other…we have just denied it and fooled ourselves into thinking that we cannot soar. Yet soaring is what we are here to do.

  43. ” The appreciation runs deep, as they have shown that to soar is not to leave another on the ground, but to show by example what is possible when loving choices are the only choices. ” – Beautifully expressed Lee, when we reflect a life lived with joy and love we inspire others to also make this choice.

  44. I choose to fly higher in love (just so long as I don’t actually have to jump on a trampoline) – I love your analogy Lee!

  45. I love this analogy Lee. Regardless of our experiences with our trampoline, to continue with your analogy, I feel innately we all love to bounce, and soar high, its whether we allow ourselves to go there or not. Its true it all comes down to choice, stay ‘safe’ and close to the ground, or trust and take a bounce, it just takes one before we come down again for the next, before sometimes without even realising, you’re reaching heights you previously may have felt you never would.

  46. Thank you Lee, I love this playful analogy and I am so grateful for the inspiring example of Serge Benhayon and others that demonstrate that ‘to soar is not to leave another on the ground, but to show by example what is possible when loving choices are the only choices.’

  47. Great blog, Lee. Serge surely treats us all as his equals and has no doubt what so ever of how high we can jump. It is us that cap ourselves. Serge is showing the way in the way he lives and is with himself and others.

  48. So beautiful to witness the courageous ones that show us we have nothing to be afraid of, that it is possible to let all that love out and live in the glory of who we truly are.

  49. I love this analogy, it’s a great example of how we can shine, by letting go of everything that holds us back and allowing more confidence, trust, commitment to life and a willingness to bounce high in front of everyone. When I think of myself on a trampoline I can be a little over excited and bounce all over the place, and be a bit tentative, so working on bringing a steadiness and consistency is important for me.

    1. Love this Laura Hoy – consistency is something I have not mastered (yet) either. And we have to stay steady and true in all of our choices and commit to being consistency so that all others can be inspired by the truth they can feel and see.

  50. I totally loved your analogy of life Lee and totally agree, someone always needs to jump higher first to inspire us all to do the same. Absolutely awesome blog thankyou.

  51. Great Analogy Lee. It’s easy to see in some parts of my life I can bounce really high and other parts I might bounce a little lower if a bit of doubt or fear comes into my life. I am always inspired by seeing others that can continue bouncing as if they are flying.

  52. Thank you Lee for a great post, I will be jumping higher,” the key being, that it is me choosing it, me doing it, and only me”.

  53. “we are all capable of the same leaps. But until someone comes along to show us otherwise, we just may not know it yet.” I was struck by this sentence, and by your admission about how there is a pang of jealousy looking at those soaring up, buoyed by their choices and their confidence in those choices. Me too, but I can also quite clearly see that these high flyers are living examples of how it can be when living with love, and that calls me to giving it more of a go so I can join them.

  54. High soaring Lee I love your awesome blog – the following words got me: “Is it possible that the trampoline represents the love that we come from and forever will be?” I easily forget the love I come from but your joyful analogy helped to reconnect immediately – wunderbar – I have to admit that usually I am a very high joyful soar.

  55. Lee, I love how you have delivered a very simple message and truth: It is our own choice in how much we jump out of our comfort zones, to jump a little, and stay in the familiar, to jump higher and test the waters or to chose the unfamilar and truly soar; we chose, we decide, we create our lives with every single choice we make. For sure we can all fly higher when we chose love, self love….. self love is the magic ingrediënt that has helped me soar on my trampoline….. a super deligthful blog to read this morning, thank you Lee.

    1. I agree jacqmcfadden04 it is a very profound message Lee has delivered so simply. Ultimately it is our choice how high we choose to ‘bounce’ and how ‘free’ we feel. We can either appreciate and be inspired by those bouncing higher than us, those who are leading the way making more loving choices or we can compare, go into jealously and think the world and everything is against us! The choice is ours we can choose love or struggle.

  56. What an awesome analogy for life Lee, I love it…. and such a beautifully written article. You are most definitely soaring high and showing others that they can do that too. Awesome.

  57. Beautiful confirming analogy of how we can all soar if we choose to. I especially love how you wrote that this soaring is always in equal ness – never to leave another behind – just beautiful.

  58. Love the analogy Lee. I am constantly inspired by Serge Benhayon and what he presents is possible for us all equally. Through this inspiration I have become aware that I too can fly and am learning that when I am connected to my essence and I accept this and bring it out, there are no limits to how high I can fly. That it is all up to me and the choices I make to honor this.

  59. Beautiful Lee, so simple but so right, we need an inspiration to see we can jump that high and now we are able to catch ourselves and get back up if we fall.

  60. I love this blog Lee and absolutely agree that the team at Universal Medicine are an absolute inspiration of what is possible through consistently making choices that support that strong and steady joyful bounce on the trampoline.

  61. I came across this blog and just love it! Thank you, Lee, for your playful analogy of a trampoline representing the love we all are. Your sentence ‘Someone has to jump high first so we all get to see what is possible’ is deeply inspiring.

  62. Completely love this bouncing blog! I share your appreciation of those who have dared to jump with their own presence, and in fact I am in appreciation of anyone who makes even one self-loving choice a day – gradually our unified body of love grows and the surety is there for all to feel. And of course I really love how you magically combine ‘bouncing’ with ‘flying’ – thanks Lee.

  63. This is really a fabulous analogy that I look forward to using as a measure for myself during the day. Funny thing is, I was just at a gymnastics play center with my daughter the other week, and was jumping gleefully so high on the trampoline that I caught the eye of the person monitoring the kids who quickly came over to me and said “Excuse me sir, but I can’t let any adults play on the equipment.” At least I got my jumps in!

  64. I absolutely really LOVE this/your analogy Lee, makes me want to get on a trampoline right now! I can remember myself years ago as a child loving bouncing on a trampoline seeing how high I could go – would be interesting to see how I got on now! Yes we are so innocent and fearless as children but sadly as we get older, caution and cynicism kick in to create fear into adulthood, and not only this but also competition and jealousy arises when we see another ‘jumping higher’ (than ourselves)…
    “Someone has to jump high first so we all get to see what is possible” – spot on! and thank goodness someone has actually not held back and done so to inspire us – in the exact same way as your article has inspired me.Thank-you for this wonderful and creative post Lee.

  65. Thank you Lee, what an amazing and clearly expressed analogy. Once I didn’t even want to go near my trampoline! 🙂 but with the freedom and the light warm breeze you feel beneath your own wings you find love, trust and confidence was there all along.

  66. I LOVE this, Lee. What an awesome way to describe the way our choices shape how ‘bouncy’ and joyous we feel about our lives. Very playful too. Here’s to bouncing whole heartedly and without fear on the trampoline of life!

  67. Lee what a beautiful analogy, I think for me I needed to repair my trampoline first before I had the courage to take take those few cautious bounces. But it’s amazing how soon you gain confidence in yourself and can let your body feel free to do what it knows to be true.

  68. Thank you Lee, a simple, yet powerful analogy is the trampoline you have shared here. I’m inspired to tone up my pelvic floor and keep going higher!!

  69. Love the analogy Lee. I remember many years ago when on a trampoline, a wonderful feeling of weightlessness at the top of the bounce (I see a parallel).
    Mmmm… it even opens the possibility of eventually discarding travelling by plane.

  70. Lee, I love your analogies! I too was one of the many who was afraid to jump high… then I met that “Someone” who “has to jump high first so we all get to see what is possible” and I have never looked back! My jumps were tentative at first, slowly and steadily becoming more confident as I practiced what was reflected. Now I am so joyfully aware that I too am soaring beyond where I could have ever imagined. I join you in your deep appreciation of Serge Benhayon and the team at Universal Medicine and in so doing I appreciate that I too am one who is an equal inspiration in my own unique way. How wonder-full is that? “Loving choices are the only choices”… I’m with you all the way.

  71. Beautiful article Lee – great analogy! And from the height of my own bounce, there’s a smile and a wave as you bounce ever higher on your own trampoline. What fun!

  72. Beautiful Lee – thank you. I love the analogy of the trampoline – that we all have that same foundation of love equally so – to choose to sore from or not. Its a wonderful way to let us feel that we do have people / role models in our lives who inspire us to be more of our own love and that we strengthen our love by choosing to be that in our day to day lives.

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