Discovering The ‘Non-Diet’ Way Of Weight Loss

by JJ, Teacher, Australia

Back in my late 20’s, and after some very serious dieting, I experienced quite a few episodes of excruciating abdominal pain and raging fevers, so my doctor sent me off for medical investigations. These confirmed I had been having attacks of diverticulitis, but I was really taken aback when my doctor said he had also been checking to see if I had cancer.

Under the supervision of a dietitian and by feeling what agreed with my body, I stopped eating dairy and gluten. I also stopped using artificial sweeteners, which proved to be part of what had been aggravating my digestive system. The subsequent improvement in my health was a joy to feel… however, as the years rolled around and life happened, including marriage and the parenting of two sons, I continued to gain weight. It became glaringly obvious that there was more for me to notice about how I was choosing to live my life.

Around six years ago a friend introduced me to Serge Benhayon and I started attending Universal Medicine presentations. The missing pieces of the puzzle started to be revealed to me.

One of my greatest moments was when I realised I only needed to eat things that provide true nutrition for my body, and not have the gluten-free goodies and dairy-free chocolate etc., that I was still reaching for/eating. I realised I was using them to ‘sweeten the deal’ my life felt to me back then, to give me false energy to carry my weight around during the day, and to keep me from feeling emotions I had buried deep inside.

I have made many changes around food since then. Since I have connected more deeply with my own inner knowingness, I am better able to feel what certain foods are doing to me – whether they support my vitality, or drag me down into feeling bloated and lethargic.

Nowadays I am enjoying living with more vitality and energy, and my body has gradually dropped size and continues to drop the excess load it carried – all without my being on a diet.

How cool is that!

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    1. So true Otto. There is no healing that can come from dieting as it is just a management technique, masking the real undealt with emotional issues underneath. Best diet is the the one of utter honesty from our body.

  1. I have never been on a diet, I did not like the control and denial needed to do it. I have also lost weight since getting more familiar with how my body feels rather than ignoring it. It has slipped off. What is interesting in this process is how much I realised it is how we ‘feel about ourselves that creates what we see in our bodies. Me still feels like me, in fact I feel more like me than I did 10 years ago and in a way I feel bigger, I take up more space, but more in an energetic way, but my body has become smaller. I don’t think I am large, but I don’t think I am small, I feel just right for me. Good in my own skin. The diet game people play is dangerous, it is endless because it will never work. We need to deal with how we feel about ourselves, reconnecting with who we are on the inside is the only way of really feeling good in our skin and through this our natural weight that feels good for us develops.

  2. One of the biggest changes in my body since beginning to honour how I feel in it, has been through the way my chest and shoulders feel and look, I can feel a shield of protection I once wore has been let go of and from this a delicate, tender, gentle and graceful woman has emerged. This isn’t to do with weight loss, but my body shape has changed, so expel often remark on it. All of my body shape has changed through being honest about how I feel in my body. Yes some weight has gone, but it is staggering how a choice to honour how I feel and self-care has deeply changed the way my body holds issues, emotions and energy. It is configured in a whole different way and it is still changing and will continue to.

  3. Everyday I reach for foods that ‘sweeten the deal’. It is a constant battle with my mind that tells me what to eat when my body says differently. I find that the key is to start to listen to my body all throughout the day, and to establish a relationship with my body that is not based on what I do wrong, but rather appreciating when times are great. It is however, a forever work in progress.

  4. For me a big part of the change in my food was besides the re-connecting with me again in stead of living ‘in the head’ I went to get support to deal with my un-dealt with hurts by going to an esoteric Health practitioner. There I release so many old hurts which supported me to react less and less towards all that life reflected to me.

  5. When we want to lose weight, we tend to only focus on food and the scales. But our main focus should be on the relationship we have with ourselves and how we are with ourselves. When we deepen our connection with ourselves and start to take better care of ourselves, our weight will change and our body will take its natural shape.

  6. Can you imagine if the whole world caught on to the concept that really we only need to eat for nutrition, whole industries would go out of business over night and life would become so much more simple.

    1. A big one to tackle samanthaengland but the example many are living is all that is needed and if the person/people are willing to make changes than the world has the opportunity to experience the vitality and livingness that is on offer.

  7. “One of my greatest moments was when I realised I only needed to eat things that provide true nutrition for my body, and not have the gluten-free goodies and dairy-free chocolate etc., that I was still reaching for/eating.” Yes gluten free or dairy free sugar free cookies, cakes etc actually do the same thing to the body. It is about the intention as you say, is it for nutrition, or is it to make life better, to soothe a feeling we do not like.. etc. The first will truly nurture the body and the second will be a extra weight to the body, sometimes literally!

  8. There has been much written about diet and weight loss which usually includes, what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat. Since the body requirements for foods to supports it, varies from individual to individual, it makes sense to check with our own body what it requires, rather than taking or seeking advice from a source outside ourselves. I have found that through eating what is supportive to my body, has allowed it to come to its own natural weight and shape.

  9. Yes the body seems to be able to sort itself out if we honour it and deeply care for it. Sometimes this can be putting weight on as well as taking weight off but it certainly always lets us see how we have been treating it and then when we are nurturing and nourishing it it shows us how much it appreciates this.

  10. Love this, so simple, no complications, which we have such a tendency to do. It is just about connection with self, feeling what is there to know within us and making loving food choices comes from there. Simple.

  11. It definitely seems to be the case that wishing to lose weight has a lot more to do with how we feel about ourselves than it does about creating a dietary regime. The close link between emotions and eating heavy creamy comfort foods is worth far more consideration than the calories of food or following a specific diet. Ultimately the guide of how it feels in our bodies and what feelings arise that make us reach for a food take us a long way towards greater wellbeing, the honesty we bring to this is all we really need. Lovely to read of your changes JJ.

  12. The word diet to me has always felt like something that has a shelf life, a life span, a start and end. Choosing what foods feel right in your body on the other hand and continuing to just them as you develop feel like a long term lifestyle choice. Diet for me reminds my of ‘trying not to drink alcohol’ it never works because there is still a relationship with the thing you are trying not to do, in the ‘trying not to’ you are relating, so even if we don’t drink for a year we are still drinkers for it is not truely renounced in the body.

  13. As we drop our attachment to images around food and drink and stop focusing with our eyes, instead feeling and listening to our body, we get the impulses that support our body to be naturally attuned to what supports us. Not just filling with foods loaded with ideals and beliefs that seem to equally fill and weigh us down, literally.

  14. It’s interesting that this life is all about distracting us away from what’s really going on and what bought us to the point of over eating in the first place. We don’t get asked the questions that would support true healing, instead offered quick cover ups, that do not have us come back to the original hurt to truly heal from there.

  15. The results of poor eating are much more than what is seen on the body as fat, they are a daily grind that spawns no end of issues including illnesses.

  16. The amount of time and money invested in diets that don’t work must be staggering. It is fantastic to hear your description of how the weight is just dropping off. Something for the nutritionists out there to investigate.

  17. Very cool indeed! I myself used to spend a fortune each week on sugar free, gluten free dairy free treats and loved raw cacao which I would buy in bulk. Yet over time it became obvious I was using them for a distraction to what was really going on. In dealing with why I want distraction I now do not find myself attracted or drawn to these foods.

  18. Absolutely cool JJ,it shows that we can only diet from the heart (connection to our body) and that living from our minds does not work. Listening to your body is key with dieting. And asking for help too. Like you have shared with us. Losing weight is not about diet only, even though it at times can result from that, it is about the relationship you have with your body instead of emotions. Thank you JJ for sharing this with us – and thank you Serge Benhayon for offering us another way.

  19. Very cool JJ. It’s amazing what happens when we listen to the body instead of the mind which opens us up to becoming aware of the reasons why we do what we do.

  20. “The non-diet way to weight loss.” What strikes me about this is what it exposes about all “diets”. All other diets ask you to do something, to give something up, to focus on something, to adopt a regime, etc. They are each giving you something outside of yourself to adapt in to. In essence you are giving your power to whatever that diet is. Asking the diet to fix you. Yet what this blog is sharing and the way to true health and vitality, the way to a naturally sized body is actually to start taking responsibility ourselves for our choices and to admit that our bodies know it all and that we have been over-riding them for so long. BUT, if we do that, then we might have to give up this, or that, or never go back, or not be allowed treats, rewards, a certain food-stuff….and we might even have to take responsibility in other areas of our lives…it may even be the tip of the iceberg to other changes. This is why I feel that diets are so popular. Because it is the classic, classic case of looking like we are making the right moves, yet still actually not taking true responsibility. A diet is a comfort blanket. “Look at me – I’m doing good here…..(but don’t look too closely)”

  21. There is so much here to celebrate and also understand there is a long way to go in our broader community around this topic. There is so much misinformation out there around loosing weight, what to do, how to do it. So these types of blogs and people saying it how it truly is, ie. that loosing weight has nothing to do with food and everything to do with our relationship with ourselves and body.

  22. There are more diets out there now than crispy chip packets that dot the snack section of the supermarket. There is clearly something not working here if we keep needing to re-invent the wheel on the same thing!

  23. J.J. indeed that is very cool . . . dieting is out now. The new way is “to feel what certain foods are doing to our bodies whether they support our vitality, or drag us down into feeling bloated and lethargic.” That feels much more healthier and responsible.

  24. As soon as I started to listen to my body and take action based on this feeling my whole life changed. I used to feel low, sluggish and depressed after eating gluten, when I honoured what my body was screaming at me my life changed for the better. Since then I am continuing to refine what I eat based on how it makes me feel.

    1. Imagine how many ways this applies Samantha to our life and not just to what we eat. How does it feel when we consume a hefty plate or greed? or have a bit sized snack of jealousy? Wow, this is the diet no magazine talks about – to live and eat and be Love. Thank you JJ for this blog.

  25. a great realisation, if we allow it is to eat what our body is truly calling for, and let go of what we have been taught food has to be.

  26. That’s awesome, I like that you mentioned how you ate treats to ‘sweeten the deal’ as that is how I use sweet too, like I deserve to have my life sweetened but if your life is sweet already then you don’t need anything to sweeten it up, so now I continue to fill my life with more of the richness of me and when I do, I don’t reach for the cookie jar, so to speak, and when I am without me, it is more difficult.

  27. It’s incredible the stories I have heard of people losing weight when they start to connect with themselves. It turns all the ideas we have around dieting completely on it’s head. Not only are these stories I’ve heard first and second hand…I’ve actually also witnessed it! It truly is incredible and yet completely believable as it makes so much sense that we are not designed to be overweight, but we are designed to love and appreciate ourselves.

  28. It is crazy isn’t it that it takes someone to point out something so simple as- just choosing to eat what nourishes the body- this shows us that we use food for much more than its purpose of helping us to stay alive.

  29. Making food choices that are more loving of the body is not just about being on a diet, it is about a lifestyle choice. When we make what we eat about that, it drops the whole story around our diet being a fad, or something we have to strive to keep up with.

  30. It’s great to mention the false energy component of food. I’ve been experimenting with eating less the last several months and have been astounded to see how much I’d been relying on food as an energy source rather than developing my own wellspring of vitality. It’s been very exposing to see what’s been propping me up – I’ve been using food no differently to stimulants such as caffeine or sugar (two items that haven’t been part of my life for many years). Big ouch!

  31. And just to comment too on the emotional aspects of food use – I too have also discovered how I’ve used food to feel good about life. One of the layers I’ve recently allowed myself to feel (there seems to be many!) is that my food use has been masking what I can only describe as a kind of flat feeling, a mild depressive state perhaps.There is much to unpack here for those of us who have been as addicted to food as any other drug.

  32. Very cool, it all comes back to the connection with ourselves and being really honest in the way different foods feel and affect our state of being. When we can get to this level of understanding its like we are half way there already, then with this awareness we have a choice to make. Do we keep doing what we know doesn’t work or do we make the choice to be loving with ourselves.

  33. Completely agree with what you’ve share here. I started cutting off gluten and dairy just to see what it feels, and for me to be able to feel how much they damage the body feels absolutely amazing!

  34. Eating in a way that responds to what the body is feeling it needs food wise compared to what the head feeds the body is transformational.

  35. That is the best “diet” I could recommend to anyone who wants to lose weight: really start listening to your body. Then the body will give you all the signals you need to adjust your pattern in a way that it supports to get to weight that is right for you.

  36. When are we going to wake up as a society and realise that there really isn’t any diet that you can follow. That loosing weight has nothing to do with food and everything to do with how we live. There is a way of life that many don’t want to take responsibility for, there are many who are also. So those who are choosing a life that isn’t about dieting, but being healthy and fostering loving choices in how they move, walk and talk, can reflect a different way.

  37. Having conversations with our bodies and exploring how different foods feel when we eat them has helped me uncover many things about how I care and nourish myself and where I can deepen my own relationship with food and my body. It’s a constant process of refinement and one I love exploring.

  38. Listening to the body is absolutely essential if we want to have any kind of real joy and success in life. If we refuse to listen and ignore our bodies messages we ultimately end up suffering. The responsibility lies with ourselves we can either eat to evolve or eat to sabotage.

  39. I wonder how much food is consumed every day in this country alone with people looking for a reward and wanting to sweeten to deal on life.

  40. It is so inspiring that you no longer hide what you are feeling and have lost weight through awareness rather than diet, allowing your body to guide you to feel what you are choosing, with remarkable results … very cool.

  41. Very cool JJ! Revealing stuff when it comes to the ‘treats’ that do us no good. This is why it doesn’t help to simply cut foods out, we will simply find a ‘free from’ replacement that causes the body the same issues.

  42. There is a multi-billion dollar industry around women in particular to supposedly lose weight, but it looks at body fat removal and not lifestyle changing, loving and accepting ourselves, and so it will never be enough….a cycle will occur when we begin to fill the emptiness we feel, the not enough, the nagging issues of doubt and dissatisfaction. How we eat, is a reflection of how we feel. Work on how we feel and so how we eat will reflect something else…..self love.

  43. The dieting game is a vicious one, and absolutely diabolical when coupled with low-to-no self-worth and the body image issues that go hand-in-hand with that. Trying to break the cycle of over-weight with diet – when approached via function alone – will never work. Understanding how and why we use food, and for what, is key.

  44. Dieting seems to feed the problem, or more aptly put, it starves it. But either way, the underlying and deeper problem is not being looked at. Dieting does not often come with self love and self love goes a long way when it comes to the body.

  45. It serves us well to truly feel what foods do or don’t support our body and apply that to our lives not just short term, as in a diet but actually find a way to eat that we can sustain and support ourselves with throughout our whole life.

  46. Food is a huge protective barrier. I am just realising how insidious and ever present is the potential to use food to hide and numb and not express. Food is so ingrained to what we call a normal part of life. Even when eating in a so-called ‘healthy’ way, I can easily fool myself about what to eat, or not.

  47. This is such a great line: ‘One of my greatest moments was when I realised I only needed to eat things that provide true nutrition for my body,’ if we only eat to provide nutrition for our body, our bodies feel so different, much lighter and less clogged up, the wrong foods literally weigh us down and cloud our judgement and our awareness of everything that’s going on around us. Eating correctly so that the food doesn’t impose on our bodies is definitely a science.

  48. I think this is brilliant JJ – that you made changes to what you were and are eating from a place of inner-connection, so doing what’s true for your body, not eating from emotions.

  49. I was so big on rewards, I deserve it, it is a celebration etc….concerning food. I still can get caught in it, to be honest, but I know it is a habit and something to look at, not my normal….I feel amazing when I eat nutritious food, this is what my body really needs to prosper…the stodgy, cosy comfort, filled up an emptiness…temporarily….it put on weight, but is not the answer, the answer is found within, reconnection with the stillness an love that lies within. That is why I have lost weight, reconnection with me.

  50. I have also found that we need to eat far less than what we think we do – food has become a huge compensation for all sorts of things we don’t want to feel or think we need to dull or ‘sweeten’ rather than the true nourishment it ought to be.

  51. This is a fascinating line – about using sweet foods to keep emotions buried inside. This rings true for me in how I feel when I reach for the ‘sweet stuff’, as it seems to satisfy a deeply seated need that I have to not only avoid feeling certain emotions, but also to not let them go.

  52. I’ve always found it remarkable how my body changes shape when I let go of things, ultimate proof that our body shape is not about simply what we eat but the energy we take on too.

  53. Our body’s ability to heal is quite extraordinary. I too went on extreme diets from about 13, then anorexia and bulimia for 20 years, let alone all the drugs and alcohol I indulged in. At 58 my health is better then it has ever been.

  54. Sometime in the future we will look back and wonder why we ate gluten and diary and why we allowed sugar to pervade everywhere. Life is certainly sweeter without those products.

  55. JJ that is really cool, when we eat what our bodies want instead of falling for the minds desires our whole life benefits, we become more alert, more energetic and more loving. Eating better is a win win for everyone.

  56. “The missing pieces of the puzzle started to be revealed to me.” Oh those missing puzzle pieces that I searched endlessly for over many years, obviously in all the wrong places! It was not until I came to my first workshop with Serge Benhayon that I realised that finally I was looking in the right place, in fact they had been right in front of me, actually within me, all the time.

  57. Bringing honesty about the relationship we have with food can be very exposing as we tend to use food to avoid awareness and the responsibility that comes with it and that is to reflect humanity a true way to live and treat our bodies.

    1. Well said Francisco, it is very much needed what you’ve shared. As I see a majority of people around me are feeling a bit lost and in confusion with regards to what they should and shouldn’t eat instead of listening to their body. I feel that no dieting program, book or expert knows our own body more intimately than we do in relation to food. All we have to do is learn to trust what we feel and listen to our body’s messages and it will lovingly guide us to restore harmony back to our body.

  58. Learning it is not about the food that you eat per se, but about the energy behind why you reached for that food in the first place.. Thus once we understand why we chose a particular food, either for true nourishment for the body, or to numb, stimulate or dull ourselves to not feel something – then we get to understand what is really running us, and what we can heal – so returning to us a greater freedom to make the true choice.

  59. Even good quality food when eaten for the wrong reasons can still affect us adversely. The key is to feel in every moment what is true, rather than rely on what worked yesterday, or what we’ve been told is good for us.

  60. This blog comes down to true diet, as it is not about loosing weight or getting rid of all that you are being told that is not good for you by a book, tv show or magazine. It is about feeling what your body needs and live accordingly. To determine if the need of that food is generally supportive or more what our mind wants. Interesting discovery and a true blessing for the body if we start acknowledging. Thank you JJ for sharing.

  61. Very cool JJ, our body naturally restores back to its natural size and weight when we eat to nourish our body and live in a way that truly loves and cares for it. This is why most dieting programs doesn’t work because it teaches us to ignore our body’s messages and to treat it in a disregarding way. You are showing us that we can live in a way that supports our health, our body and our vitality and not through dieting but through trusting what we feel within our body.

  62. JJ you have talked about the words “inner knowingness” and that is exactly it – reconnecting to what we know from the wisdom of the body, and how we feel, as a basis for making choices. This is what has been strengthened in me since coming to Universal Medicine and it feels amazing to be able to support myself the way I do now, without giving my power away to an outside authority.

  63. Yes JJ food is such a great example of how we are with life. We make the conversation all about calories and what is the nicest body shape when all the time the real dialogue we are having is with evolution and awareness. We smash our senses then complain about having a sweet tooth. We willfully misrepresent what’s taking place to avoid the energetic truth of life.

  64. Also …… can I add to this (as it has been more apparent to me this week than ever before) regarding the myth to how much food our body needs and that we have to eat every day or have to have a certain amount of meals a day. If we are really honest if most of us miss breakfast or skipped lunch by dinner time we feel we need to ‘make up for it’ possibly going into some kind of mild food frenzy (I can put my hands up to this one), but from experience I know this is actually the complete opposite as I can have a small amount of food during a day with lots of fluid or there have been days when I haven’t had any food (I recently had to do a 24 hour fast for tests) yet my body actually felt clearer, stronger and lighter to when I have had meals in the day. I am not saying don’t eat!! But just saying isn’t it interesting that we hold ideals or beliefs, especially around food, that are completely false particularly around the amount of food we ‘need’.

    1. Absolutely Vicky. Sometimes at work I am not able to eat when I would normally and the initial feeling of hunger goes and I find I have plenty of energy to carry me through and then appreciate it so much more when I do eat. I feel that our body can get into a routine and it automatically signals for food even though we are not really hungry. Discovering when I am truly hungry or not is something I am gradually learning.

  65. Very cool indeed. There is a move in healthcare towards ‘patient centred care’ and the main ingredient for me is summed up with this line – ‘”under the supervision of a dietitian and by feeling what agreed with my body”….that patients are given options from their healthcare providers, the space and resources to ponder about and then to see what feels right for their own bodies. True healthcare.

  66. It really is so cool to connect to our bodies and explore what makes us tick. How we move and then nourish ourselves from the direct conversations we have everyday can really make a dramatic difference to how we are in and with life. All it takes is time and space for us to stop, listen and observe why different reactions and or things come up in our bodies and how we can then make changes from there to lovingly support ourselves in our daily living.

  67. “Since I have connected more deeply with my own inner knowingness, I am better able to feel what certain foods are doing to me – whether they support my vitality, or drag me down into feeling bloated and lethargic. I agree JJ, this has changed how I view and understand food. By listening to my body I am more aware of the foods that make me feel tired bloated or racy and tense. I have also noticed how I can eat some foods at certain times of the day and not at other times. I can eat an apple in the morning but if I have one in the afternoon they really affect me. Our body knows exactly what foods work for us all we have to do is listen to the little messages it lovingly gives us.

  68. It’s actually really huge when we are prepared to see why we make the food choices we do and how we know exactly what to eat and when and how that choice can stop us from understanding why we ‘need’ to eat a particular food. What’s going on that I need to numb myself or make myself racey? If our conversations about food were more about this than ‘this or that is good for you’ the diet industry would completely change.

  69. Wow I think many people would like to know how you managed to return to your natural weight. But there is more to it than just the weight loss, it is you choosing to listen to your body and choosing to eat to nourish your body. Very cool that you are loving and honoring your body.

  70. There’s a lot of talk these days about diabetes epedemics and obesity levels going through the roof. In all of this it’s assumed that we eat because we have a sweet tooth – but is that the truth? As you share JJ what and how we eat what we eat seems to have a lot more to do with emotional state and our feelings. The thoughts that we allow might be a lot harder to digest than we realise.

  71. If everything is energy (which it is) – why do we believe that food is not a part of this? And therefore have ‘diets’ that do not consider energy first?

  72. It was great to read your blog this morning, having given up gluten and diary myself, I agree the body feels amazing, but I am aware that now and again I have replaced it with gluten free, dariy free choices, which in truth is still a similar energy and what I have become to understand is though it may feel lighter in the body, its still going to have the same effects of causing a low vitality and tiredness. So for me its now about refining further my diet, so I can feel my optimum vitality – a work in progress.

  73. I have been enjoying reading the commends written about diets that have been generated from this blog. The relationship that we have with food is an interesting one. In many ways the way that we eat and what we are eating is in fact killing us. No amount of dieting will help with this, as it requires us to look at why we eat what we eat, rather than just substitute one food for another. A lot of the time we eat to bring sweetness to our life that is otherwise not there or we eat because we are exhausted and drained and need something to “pick us up”. These things require us to make lifestyle changes and not just food changes.

  74. The truth here is we can either eat food that supports our body and thus the evolution back to the love that we are, by way of helping us to feel light and energised or, we can eat foods that ‘dense us up’, so to speak, and thus hold us back from pulling to where we would otherwise pull to, had we not created the roadblock in the first place. More and more, with thanks to the teachings of Universal Medicine, I am beginning to understand that we do not have a problem with food, we have a problem with evolution and awareness and thus seek the foods that will thwart our progress on this Path of Return, as odd as this may logically sound.

  75. The more I re-connected and have allowed my sweetness to be, I no longer need sweet things… I am so, so sweet I have no need to be sweeter. Very easy way to give up sweets.

  76. I have dieted most of my life and of course it very seldom works because I was never dealing with the under lying causes of why I was eating too much or gaining weight. I have thrown all the diets out of the window now and am healthier and fitter than ever by just connecting to my body and listening to what foods work for my body and what foods make my body heavy or tired.

  77. Dieting has helped me to loose weight in the past but it never got rid of the underlying self loathing that festering away in the background. That has taken a lot more responsibility than obsessing about what food is going into my body.

  78. To lose weight without ‘dieting’ by choosing what naturally feels good for the body really seems the way to go. I have never been overweight, but I have eaten to suppress my emotions and this is what I need to keep check on, even over eating the healthy stuff! (Whether its extra veggies or a slice of cake if the intention is to dull and not want to feel what has happened in the day the effect of bloating, lethargy and heaviness is the same.!)

  79. That is very cool JJ, even if we are successful in losing weight we may not have healed the self loathing that can sit and festers. The way you have done it by feeling what foods you want is a win win and helps us to deal with whats coming up rather then burying it.

  80. Gluten-free is not the be all and end all, albeit a very good start. I have also found that as long as I eat from the same intention, i.e. to sweeten my life or to bury issues and numb emotions, my body suffers, it needs to bloat and makes me feel heavy and awkward.

  81. I have shifted weight, so simply, exactly no diet involved, I never been on a diet, and I don’t have rules now, I just have begun to appreciate that self care and self love in incremental moments and commitments builds a foundation, where I do not want to, to such a degree over eat and consume food that hinders my connection with myself and God.

  82. Dieting definitely never worked for me. It was only ever a temporary measure, and so my weight went up and down quite drastically for years. Recently my body has naturally adjusted to a weight that feels right through making choices to eat what feels right rather than follow any rule book.

  83. The gluten free food industry is based on the idea that “you shouldn’t have to do without”, but the question is what is it we think we can’t do without? The bloating from too much bread, cereal and pasta, or the sluggishness, or maybe the excess weight. Gluten free can be about making different food choices like vegetables, protein and fruits. It doesn’t have to be about finding a substitute for what the body is saying was not a healthful way of eating.

  84. I was always on a diet growing up and food has been a major way of how i thought i got through life. Today I went swimming – how is this related? Well a way of living that doesn’t support me was revealed: i was glad to get to the other end of the pool. I was looking forward to doing my x amount of lengths and then relaxing after I’d achieved my tick box task if exercise for the day. I realised i was living a reward system, so work hard and then relax and reward which cones through food usually -but isn’t because my body doesn’t actually like it. So i started swimming and really being present. I actually enjoyed the lengths and felt great strength in my stroke when i committed to being present.

    So this reward thing, why do I feel I need a reward? Choosing to not be present in life invites what’s not me into my body. Life then becomes unpleasant and scary and we use this to confirm that it’s too much to really see all that is going on including this set up we’ve created. So these rewards are part of the set up. We pretend they compensate us in our choice to not be present and abandon ourselves. We lie and say we deserve them because the world is so awful yet we’ve done a good job today.

    So like my swimming i can say it’s too hard swimming so far and just hold my breath and continue and reward myself. Or i can feel the energy i am choosing to swim, be as present as I can and so not need a ‘reward’ for needing to make it up to myself for abandoning myself.

  85. When I notice that I am reaching for those sweet treats, I now stop to look at what am I not appreciating about what I naturally bring, before I do a thing.

  86. “I realised I only needed to eat things that provide true nutrition for my body” – we have such attachments to food and we are quite happy to knowingly abuse our body in order to have that treat, glass of wine, extra plateful…

  87. Waking up to the reality of food – and that we mostly consume it to (ultimately) avoid our responsibility to ourselves and others and not to mention humanity – is the most effective diet ever.

  88. I’ve been paying close attention to what I eat over the last year and for me it is clear JJ – food has relatively little to do with nutrition, and a lot more to do with how it sits in my body and affects my senses too. It seems that these senses that drive what I call hunger, are calling out not always to live and survive but to dull, deny and block. So the conversation has become for me about the quality I live, move and then eat. If I honour this, then it seems to be a great recipe for true ease and harmony in me.

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