Discovering The ‘Non-Diet’ Way Of Weight Loss

by JJ, Teacher, Australia

Back in my late 20’s, and after some very serious dieting, I experienced quite a few episodes of excruciating abdominal pain and raging fevers, so my doctor sent me off for medical investigations. These confirmed I had been having attacks of diverticulitis, but I was really taken aback when my doctor said he had also been checking to see if I had cancer.

Under the supervision of a dietitian and by feeling what agreed with my body, I stopped eating dairy and gluten. I also stopped using artificial sweeteners, which proved to be part of what had been aggravating my digestive system. The subsequent improvement in my health was a joy to feel… however, as the years rolled around and life happened, including marriage and the parenting of two sons, I continued to gain weight. It became glaringly obvious that there was more for me to notice about how I was choosing to live my life.

Around six years ago a friend introduced me to Serge Benhayon and I started attending Universal Medicine presentations. The missing pieces of the puzzle started to be revealed to me.

One of my greatest moments was when I realised I only needed to eat things that provide true nutrition for my body, and not have the gluten-free goodies and dairy-free chocolate etc., that I was still reaching for/eating. I realised I was using them to ‘sweeten the deal’ my life felt to me back then, to give me false energy to carry my weight around during the day, and to keep me from feeling emotions I had buried deep inside.

I have made many changes around food since then. Since I have connected more deeply with my own inner knowingness, I am better able to feel what certain foods are doing to me – whether they support my vitality, or drag me down into feeling bloated and lethargic.

Nowadays I am enjoying living with more vitality and energy, and my body has gradually dropped size and continues to drop the excess load it carried – all without my being on a diet.

How cool is that!

495 thoughts on “Discovering The ‘Non-Diet’ Way Of Weight Loss

  1. Interestingly the foods we often crave and the comfort we seek from them are the ones that poison us! Harsh perhaps, but when looked into probably true. I used to crave chocolate and sugar every day, and whilst staying slim my nervous system copped it. Hypoglycaemia took hold and my energy levels were like a roller coaster as were my mood swings. I couldn’t miss a meal otherwise I would feel faint. Giving up sugar and chocolate my body felt vital and well and I could miss a meal and still keep going. I was quite staggered by the change.

  2. ‘I am better able to feel what certain foods are doing to me – whether they support my vitality, or drag me down into feeling bloated and lethargic.’ In truth, we can probably all feel this, but whether we choose to listen to what we feel from our body and stop, or do we override and ignore our symptoms, is the question.

  3. The body knows exactly what to do when it is left to its own devices, and it is us and our mind that comes in and interferes with its wisdom. We don’t need to tell it what to do, but only need to listen.

  4. One of the greatest things I have done food wise is to leave coffee and tea behind. I had had long periods without coffee but not so many without tea…and over a period of time I was able to let that all go and just now drink herbal teas and I am really enjoying them. The coffee and tea kept me in a continual deep nervous tension that I did not realise was so strong until I had been free of these stimulants for a while. The inner calm and steadiness gradually gives way to a beautiful stillness and grace when we allow it.

  5. When we become honest about why we are eating foods it becomes much easier to look at the root cause rather than the band-aid. I know I was eating sugar recently because I was fighting the rest my body was asking for. So when I started to make things not so much about time, then I was able to rest more, not being anxious and not needing the sugar.

  6. When I listen to my body I realise I have access to wisdom I have never found in all the educational training I have had. And, this wisdom is accessible all the time, not something I have to memorise or look up in a book.

  7. Every ten years or so within the nutritionists society there has been a change or discovery that has suddenly surfaced so certain foods are no longer good for our diet? At one stage Doctors recommended cigarettes and alcohol then is the farcical story about sugar and fats, then we have the vegans and vegetarians who provide a dietary resume to save the planet. Maybe by listening to our bodies and not the institutions that can benefit from a dietary resume that on the surface seems to be trying to do a good service for us all but at the end of the day have a profit line and board of directors to answer to.

  8. Yes our whole view of food is often the thing that is keeping us from truly looking at our diet. As a society we have collectively accepted that treats are ok, even though we know we don’t need the sugars, sweets and rewards truly, that we need three meals a day, that it’s normal to not be able to do anything after we have eaten because it was to heavy, that we can overeat when it is Christmas or any party and so on. When we make a shift and look at it from the point of what does my body need and what feels great in it we can have a different approach and relationship with food.

    1. What we ‘think’ we need to eat – where does that come from? There is no sense in what we are told, no rhyme or reason for eating foods like sugar or drinks like cola and alcohol which poison us. It’s time for us all to wake up to the lies and obfuscations around food and drink.

  9. Weight Loss cannot be about fitting the picture of what the world demands us to look like – but a call from the body to discard what is not needed. I was thinking about that yesterday and how i can feel like I have a layer of fat in my body that no longer feels okay. It’s a bit heavy to carry, and feels like a layer of protection for my natural delicacy. But in that, I am actually blocking myself from feeling and expressing that delicacy so cakes and fatty foods don’t seem so appealing right now.

  10. Diets simply don’t work because everyone’s body is different and what suits one person does not suit another. We just need to come to a sensible understanding of how and why we use food in the way that we do.

  11. “One of my greatest moments was when I realised I only needed to eat things that provide true nutrition for my body,” this I will take into my day. It is so easy to just eat what one feels to eat even if it is in the ‘healthy range’ of foods, but in the end it comes back to what is really supporting and nourishing one’s body to be vital and fit for, and throughout, the day.

  12. Eating to nourish is the key. And paying more attention to the effects that food have on you so when you nourish you notice the effect and when you don’t eat to nourish, you can feel the difference. You become your own scientist so to speak, getting to research the truth of your body.

  13. And it’s not just what we eat but how or why we’re eating it – as in the food itself may be a supportive one for us but if we’re eating it because we don’t want to feel or deal with something in life or because we think it’s good for us rather than tuning in with what our body really needs in that moment then it can still naturally not go down well…

    1. I absolutely agree Fiona and it reminds me of the way that often children and old people are given sweets or cakes and pastries to placate them or divert their attention instead of the attention of love and care that will support them to deal with whatever it is that they are feeling and if needed, a food or drink that will also support their state of being.

  14. With nearly every diet failing to produce results, its no wonder that we end up giving up and turning back to the cakes and crumpets. When we approach life and food not to diet but to live a certain quality, vitality and vivaciousness then we start to see something that can provide sustained change in our body weight and shape.

    1. No amount of food can fill the void of not feeling connecting or met. When we look to others to fill this we are constantly playing the game of weight loss and weight gain. A roller coaster ride of ups and downs.

    2. A very simple and turn around way to approach our relationship with food, diet and our bodies. I have always found that ideas from my head set me up to fail. My body is much wiser and more understanding.

  15. Cutting out gluten/dairy/sugar/whatever the body feels doesn’t work is one part of the equation. But if there are other areas of life that we are taking in that aren’t supportive then that choice will trickle into our food choices eventually. Like constantly working and on the go = eventually meal times become eating crackers while walking around the house looking for my work bits. Food is just one part of life that is connected to all others.

  16. When we start to look at the relationship with ourselves, and how we truly relating; looking at things such as what upsets, hurts, reactions we are holding on to and why, then our relationship with food changes leaving the diet of and about self-love. A love that knows without perfection what foods support it to naturally be, and so the weight issue becomes a redundant feature. We are the size of our self-love quotient.

  17. Artificial sweeteners are not as harmless and beneficial as they are made out to be – firstly they aggravate the body which was never meant to ingest them and secondly they are a smoke screen behind which society can conveniently kid itself into believing that they support weight loss.

  18. I can feel with my weight being under weight, i need to have more awareness of how the food I am eating feels in my body, hence bringing more awareness and love to my body.

  19. Our food choices tell us a lot about what is going on within us. We use food for a lot of reasons and often it has nothing to do with hunger.

  20. The esoteric is the coolest or should I say the lightest i.e. living from the inner-most and having a connection to the body I am able to listen and understand what my body is always trying to tell me.

  21. Since becoming gluten and dairy free I have come to see the amount of unnecessary gluten and dairy that is in all sorts of things, even eye drops and a lot of medications! The horrible thing about this is that most people are not aware of it and hence are ingesting gluten and diary they don’t know they are having.

  22. One thing I have learnt, and continue to refine, from Universal Medicine is that everything is energy and the body responds or reacts to the energy IN food as well as the biological reactions we can see occurring. So gluten or not if we want to dull ourselves going for gluten free bread or bread-like substances it’s the doughy, dulling energy we are seeking that the body reacts to.

  23. When I gave up the gluten and dairy my IBS improved immensely, it did not matter to me that I was overweight because I knew that would sort itself out eventually, and it did. It took about four years of gradual weight reduction to reach my natural weight and to stabilise.

  24. This blog has prompted some very interesting, varied and wise comments. I love how we can use diet to mean anything we take in or on. What has been elaborated on here is how we live, our whole lifestyle, can either make us overweight or under weight and in finding our correct weight, so to speak, we need to tune in to ourselves and honour what we know is true and even if we make ‘mistakes’ we will have the opportunity always to change and experiment and mostly let our body find it’s own harmony.

  25. I too have discovered this ‘non-diet way of weight loss’, but like you I did not make the choice to become gluten, dairy and sugar free to lose weight, that was simply a very appreciated bonus. The reason I chose to eat in this new way was to heal my long-suffering body which had struggled to deal with these foods for most of my life. The results were life-changing as my quality of well-being sky-rocketed, as did my energy levels and my zest for life, so much so that I have never for one moment considered reintroducing them into my life.

  26. Haha I love your last line – it is very cool indeed that true vitality and wellbeing is possible no matter what our previous choices or patterns have been, our age, gender or career.

  27. I used to carry a lot of excess weight and it was for a long time a mystery to me as i was in general eating a lot less then those around me. I got to see that excess weight is not just about what we eat but also about prettying our sensitivity, taking on energy and holding back who we truly are.

    1. That is currently the understanding of my recent weight gain as well. We can eat healthy by what our minds and society deem is healthy but if our body reacts, bloats etc. then thats the true marker that defines our diet and ultimately our lifestyle.

  28. It is just as much of a journey to accept vitality in the body as it is to let go of what causes lethargy and bloatedness. Because to accept the huge depths of vitality that is in you and available all of the time, one has to begin to consider the magnitude of their true power, true authority and true love.

  29. The beauty about working with our bodies is that it is an ever refining journey as we become more aware of how very sensitive we and our bodies are and how much more there is to life when we allow ourselves to be aware and live with the flow that naturally impulses us to live in rhythm with the universe.

    1. I can very much relate to that – about how being aware of and working with our body is an ever refining process, there is always more to learn and unfold.

      1. Yes, there is always more to learn and unfold. There is not a boring second when we live in unison with our body.

  30. The only diet to ever put oneself on is the one that eliminates denigrating thoughts as if we are continually putting ourselves down we are poisoning ourself more than any food can.

  31. Awesome how you are checking in with how you feel with different foods, like it’s a continual evolution rather than a static end point.

  32. I have found that through checking in with my body to feel which foods support it and which do not, has resulted in me having more joy, harmony and vitality in my daily life.

  33. Very cool! I am still learning (or sometimes not learning 😶) with my diet. Ultimately I feel it is about how much do we truly love ourselves.

    1. The learning is part of there not being any perfection and still being aware that there is a responsibility we all hold in living with a body that supports us with the vitality that beams from within.

  34. Sometimes I give up a certain food because I hear from outside sources that it is not good for me but willpower doesn’t cut it. I end up overeating as a compensation for ‘being good’ and I over-snack on some foods that I really know are not good. I have been learning that when I crave a certain food such as sugar or carbohydrates, it signifies something big going on in my life that I really don’t want to feel. Exploring that helps me to not beat myself up for being a ‘bad girl’ and to recognise that my overeating is a symptom of an imbalance somewhere in my way of being that day or the days before. It could be a shift of energy, something I don’t want to deal with, it could be many different things – I need to read it and make different choices and Hey Presto! the craving goes away like magic.

    1. The revelation that we don’t just eat to nourish the body but to numb it, dull it and abuse it because we don’t want to feel what is going on for us or because we lack self-worth is an absolute gem. Even with this self-awareness I still often eat to numb or dull – simply eating to nourish is a hard one to crack. I even notice I can overeat when I am feeling amazing and can’t handle that! So each day for me is a reset and each day I observe my choices. I love Carmel’s comment to just read in that moment what is going on and commit to making a different choice, rather than saying yes to abuse saying yes to love!

  35. It is interesting to work backwards and explore why we seek stimulants such as coffee and sugary foods when we live in such a way that drains and exhausts us.

  36. It is an enormous weight lifted when we realise that we do not have to ‘be something’ and that we are already ‘all that we are’ but just need to give ourselves permission to feel and then express this exquisiteness. We could even go so far as to say that true weight loss begins the moment we drop this load we have carried for countless lives and return to our inner most self.

  37. It is very cool indeed. I dieted for about 20 years which varying degrees of success and failure and never really shifted what needed to be shifted (i.e. that 5-10 kilos I had been meaning to lose for years!). I started the process of having a very honest relationship with myself and my body, started to heal those buried emotions, and be much more loving and gentle and I lost over 15 kilos and have kept it off for about 6 years pretty effortlessly. No dieting. Very cool.

  38. It is interesting to observe that even when we only choose the ‘good’ healthy foods to eat it becomes apparent that the way we eat becomes equally important, i.e. eating to reward ourselves or sweeten our lives.

  39. I also stopped using artificial sweeteners, which proved to be part of what had been aggravating my digestive system. This is interesting because we use sweeteners as a substitute for sugar thinking they are better for us but as you show they were irritating your stomach. The truth is sugar causes all sorts of issues in the body and we do know this but we are happy to over ride this to get our sugar hit and reward.

  40. I never trusted diet/weight loss companies. I realised that these are companies which, if their services/products worked would no longer have a market to sell to.

  41. “Discovering The ‘Non-Diet’ Way Of Weight Loss” – JJ i love that your post highlights how this occurs and gets refined through simply developing a solid loving and sound relationship with oneself. The more i develop this (self) relationship, the relationship with food, what i eat and consume also changes too.

  42. ‘Nowadays I am enjoying living with more vitality and energy, and my body has gradually dropped size and continues to drop the excess load it carried – all without my being on a diet.How cool is that!’
    Very cool JJ!

  43. When we listen to our bodies we certainly know what the food we eat is doing to our bodies, when we choose to eat food that supports our body and our light our body just know how to gradually bring us back to what is our normal weight.

  44. We never have something wrong with us – but always are offered and opportunity to understand what’s true. Illness is one of the greatest forms of education we have. Thank you JJ.

  45. It’s a great learning experience to do experiments with food and see how not only what we eat but when, how and how much affects our body and also how we feel in our day.

  46. It is a revelation to most of the world that the foods we eat are not just about taste, or fat content, or calories, or even nutrition, but also about what our particular body needs to be able to hold the quality of who we are at our essence. There is an honouring of the essence within the body in the choice of the foods we eat.

  47. It can be very tempting to eat the ‘gluten-free goodies and dairy-free chocolate etc.’ We give up gluten and dairy, yet energetically they are the same, when we start eating what truly supports us the weight drops off until we are exactly how we are meant to be.

  48. What I’ve learnt recently is that what hurts is not letting who I truly am be the me I present to life. In my absence theres a void that has to be filled with emotions, reactions, dramas and food. All which take a toll on my body. Dealing with this void, filling it by letting myself out, no need for the extra food.

  49. I am hopeless at sticking to any dieting. I find it really easy to eat gluten free, dairy free but sugar is another area altogether. I think when we approach food by trying to control our weight or control what we are eating it can be challenging. What you are sharing is that you worked on your connection and through your relationship with you, you have developed deeper level of love that means you naturally shed weight over time. I am working on observing, like you have, why I am choosing certain foods and at what times I am reaching for them, in order to understand how I need to support myself more at these all times.

  50. Yes it is a constant refinement with food. What may have worked for us one day may be the cause of bloating the next.

  51. “Discovering The ‘Non-Diet’ Way Of Weight Loss” – I’ve seen people experience sudden weight loss when they quit a job that wasn’t quite right/true for them, or a boss that was toxic.. it’s amazing how much the body stores protection or its holds on to an energetic mass that once activated gets released out of the body, just like air leaving a blown up balloon.

  52. After many years of trying every diet imaginable I finally discovered that diets will never work until we figure out what causes us to eat what we eat in the first place. Most of the time we are not eating simply to nourish our bodies, we are eating to fill an emptiness, our exhaustion or our emotions. With the support of the presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I have finally come to understand my eating triggers and what food is truly nourishing for my body. As a result I now have better health and more vitality than ever with the added bonus of the gentle release of the excess weight I had been carrying for a long time; no dieting necessary just a deep caring for my body.

    1. It is so amazing to de-bunk diets… the fallacy and trap that they are, holding no authority when we actually come into relationship with our bodies and respond to what they show us truly support, sustain and nourish us. Thank you, Ingrid.

  53. Very Cool. There is still loads I need to change with diet and the way I eat but instead of going into ‘I need to do this mode’ it is to love me more as this change needs to come from an absolute claiming within and not from the mind. It was good to write this as I can feel I have not truly done this yet for myself.

  54. Connecting to our own ” inner compass,” and bodies feeling’s not only offers us a greater understanding for our choices but also helps us heal these behaviours and ways of being that no longer serve us too. How amazing our bodies are and when we listen and move in a way that supports them it’s fabulous to feel and see the differences made.

  55. What I have found is that my body just loves to have simple food because in truth that is all it needs. If we stopped eating out of a need for stimulation or to comfort ourselves our bodies would rejoice.

  56. Food is such a trigger for most of us yet it is never about the food per sec but about how well we are dealing with underlying hurts. The truth is however that we eventually have to deal with our hurts as no amount of trying to bury them with food works.

  57. Very cool JJ thank you. I have found that as I deepen my relationship with myself, into a more self-loving one, I no longer have the desire for certain foods. For example, I used to love chocolate and would eat it every day. But, the desire for it dropped away one day after I had worked on some hurts I had been holding within. This interesting thing is that the less I rely on my mouth and taste buds for something savoury or sweet, the more delicious I feel in my body – and it isn’t a short term pleasure either – more of an everyday deliciousness.

  58. I can feel this constant “trying” around my relationship with food – like, I shouldn’t be eating this or that, or how much and when etc. making it all about food when in fact how and what and how much I eat is because of the way I have been living. I love the innocence and simplicity in “I only needed to eat things that provide true nutrition for my body”. Just that is enough.

    1. Our body knows what foods will nourish and sustain it because it has particles that belong to God in the sense that they remain in rhythm with all the flow of the Universe. However, our mind (and the spirit behind it) knows exactly what foods to choose to override this innate capacity of our physicality (universal wisdom/Soul consciousness) and influence us to reach for foods that bludgeon this awareness.

  59. I too found that as I listened and became more aware of how my body felt, the way in which I then supported myself with food, exercise and how I went about my day changed. This not only showed me if I was truly hungry and what nourishment my body felt it needed but my weight shifted overtime too, showing me that our bodies are truly amazing and we can learn so much about who we are and how our vehicles of expression can be truly vital and full of life.

  60. Food and eating has moved so far away from being for actual hunger and for nourishment. We have supermarkets filled with processed foods and seem to have lost touch with our own body and what is supportive for it. Food has become a consoling friend, a form of comfort, a distraction and entertainment, a reward, and even a source of self abuse. Life can becomes very simple when we have the support to deal with what is hurting us, and can then listen to the body and respect it’s needs on what kinds of foods are healthy for us, and respond to when we truly need to eat to sustain ourselves. Having support for our buried emotions and hurts can be the key for re-establishing healthy eating patterns.

  61. JJ, I hear you about using food to bury emotions or indeed any unpleasant feeling. I’m starting to realise I’ve spent my life using food (and later more sophisticated means) to try and deal with all I feel – and not just difficult emotions, but what I’ve always been able sense around me, what I felt as a child, all of it. Today the task is all about developing the (non-food!) tools I need to be OK with what I feel.

  62. How do we expect to feel our divinity if we are constantly beating ourselves up about what we are eating, or all the negatives in life. Its abundantly clear to me that the simpler we make thing, the deeper we can feel and therefore the more access we have to the divinity that is lying at the core of each and every one of us.

  63. This blog made me think about my experience with diets as I was growing up. I don’t think I knew anything of them from my own home. But gradually I saw in society that dieting and diets were a normal part of life, especially for women. Wouldn’t it be much more supportive if we were encouraged to feel what we need to eat and be aware of what drives us to eat, such as needing a reward to sweeten life?

  64. Love the self-discovery JJ: “I am better able to feel what certain foods are doing to me – whether they support my vitality, or drag me down into feeling bloated and lethargic” – it really is as simple as that and honouring what response the body does give us.

  65. You have captured some of the fundamental reasons why we eat and it has nothing to do with hunger. Once we realise we are trying to avoid feeling something then it’s much easier to work through our food issues, rather than making it about the food.

    1. I agree Fiona, food choices are often s symptom of something else so to try to change the symptom with diets or will power etc, without healing the true underlying cause, can set us up in repetitive cycles of constant weight gain and diet or exercise related weight loss.

  66. When we begin to appreciate our bodies for the amazing job they do and for the commitment they have to homeostasis when we do all manner of things to upset the equilibrium and optimal functioning of all their parts we start to treat them better, to listen to what they need rather than just doing what we want and not taking them into consideration.

  67. Our body is a true marker for the effect that certain foods have on us or the way we ate it, if it was too much or not enough, how we cooked it, if it just wasn’t what we needed at that time…

  68. We look around the world for cures and fixes, put vast sums of money into ‘research’ to get some kind of clue, yet all the time if we just connect and surrender in ourselves everything adjusts and reconfigures as is needed. It really is as simple as that and applies to everything – thank you JJ for reminding me.

  69. When we are willing to be open to realising that our bodies directly reflect the way we are living, and eating, we will realise that food in it’s true form is for our sustenance, to sustain and nourish our bodies. Our bodies can never lie, and it is our bodies that guide us the best as to what it needs to support true vitality. We are far from living in this way and we have come to use food and an escape, medication, distraction, control and as a destination even. Shaping our bodies through diets does not reflect or sustain true vitality, that would otherwise naturally come over time through developing a foundation of our living in connection to our body and being, and allowing the truth therein to guide us.

  70. It is interesting how we are enticed to eat food that has no nutritional value for our body and then fret about having to drag this excess load around with us.

    1. It’s definitely worth appreciating the signs and signals we get from our body and the more we do so the more we become aware of them quicker…

  71. Food reflects the relationship we have with ourselves. I observe that I reach for something comforting when I feel my grandness and I am still getting used to feeling that, and life is continuously showing me more opportunities to feel that and to get used to it. I reach for extra food when I want confirmation about what I am feeling, but the truth is only the love within me can confirm me. So I am standing by myself patiently, no matter how many times I choose what is not love, I will keep coming back to myself.

  72. Thanks JJ. How easy it is to manipulate our life through what we ingest. We can grow so knowledgeable about food and use it to give us energy or calm us down. We assume control over our state of being but we miss the point because our body has it’s own wisdom. It already knows what we need for greatest health. Allowing ourselves to let go of all the learnedness and the advice that is coming to us from all angles and let our own sensitivity and connection to or body guide us is life changing and it is a beautiful way to get to know ourselves better, become more intimate with ourselves and appreciate ourselves deeply.

  73. “sweeten the deal” – this is such a prefect way of describing the intention behind why we reach for those extra goodies. The trick is to see this and instead of taking the goodie, stop and ask the question “hang on, there is nothing sweeter and cuter and more amazing than me, so how have i been moving that has ended up with me feeling the need to top that up?” If we can be this honest, then actually the cookie jar comes our friend as it is the most accurate and awesome alarm bell for us!

  74. Super-cool, JJ! I’ve made lots of changes too, with similar and positive results but have found recently I need go deeper in terms of addressing what makes me want to turn to food… the answer for me is not wanting to feel what’s going on around me. So that’s where I’m headed to next – appreciating my sensitivity and being at home with that.

  75. I was the queen of dieting – and was super disciplined in sticking to them. However, each diet I tried was in discord with my body – achieving results on one level, but going against what my body was asking for and so not successful on other levels – and this affected my state of being. Universal Medicine changed my entire approach to eating, and for the first time my body was given the freedom to choose what to eat – over the restrictions imposed by the mind and ‘diets’.

  76. I have tried to stop dairy and gluten many times before I was introduced to Universal Medicine, always because I thought it would help me loose weight and get the bikini perfect body I always longed for. However, after meeting one of the students of UM and having a conversation with her abut the actual effects of Dairy and Gluten on the body, not just on a physical level, but on our awareness I was truly inspired to just stop it. It didn’t feel like a battle, it didn’t feel like I was depriving myself of anything, it felt so simple and easy that I can honestly say that the thought of having dairy makes me sick at this stage of my journey to get to know the real me.

  77. I, like you, do not have dairy, gluten or wheat and also no caffeine or alcohol and haven’t for sometime but am now getting to feel how other foods dull my light to the point where I wake up feeling like I have a hangover! This is something I am finding we constantly have to refine as we are evolving.

  78. JJ, this is very cool. So many people would want to know how you could lose weight without dieting. The answer is so simple, self-love, self-nurture, self-care and truly listening to our body. No quick fix or pill can support us better than our own body and our loving choices. It always comes back to our willingness to take responsibility for all choices consistently.

  79. Yes it works much better to eat foods that truly nourishes our body instead of going on strict diets and regimes. I often noticed I want to snack because I don’t eat enough nourishing foods.

  80. It does make a lot of sense to let go of eating foods that no longer suit our body, sometimes we don’t want to let go of certain foods that are no longer supporting us. There is a level of acceptance we need to consider and take responsibility for.

  81. It makes great sense and stands to reason that how we eat is related to how we stomach ourselves, our lives and what is before us. To eat in order to support and nourish our body is completely at odds with eating for relief, out of nervous tension or reward and yet this is precisely what is asked for by our body and clearly works.

    1. Great comment Deborah. I notice how much of our society, advertisements and food industries promote food as a form of comfort and indulgence instead of emphasis on nourishing our body, to listen to our body and to not overeat. A lot of advertisements on TV I have previously seen openly promote how addictive their food products are and this is their often main selling point. How crazy is it that?

    2. There is even more to learn once we let go of the patterns of why we eat and take note of how we are with people in the day that fuel our movements towards or away from the fridge.

    3. The steadier I become the more stable and supportive my diet is. The more I get rocked, life starts to wobble then my diet goes haywire. Considering the high sugar/fat/carbs/caffeine diet that makes up the current bulk of society’s pantry that alone shows theres a dis-ease that we aren’t being as honest as we could be.

  82. Yesterday I was listening to people’s conversation as they reached for more and more chocolate. All of them said as they reached for the chocolate that they did not want to eat the chocolate but still ate it. What is it in us that knows that having chocolate is not the answer yet it appears that we become overrun with the need for it? There is a definite sense of wanted to be rewarded/comforted/consoled that comes with eating chocolate and there is also a feeling that it is used to give us energy (a false energy). If we know these things, does it not make sense to look further and do something about the exhaustion that is underlying the need for chocolate or the emptiness that is within that makes us want to be comforted? This would be truly taking responsibility for our health and wellbeing.

  83. I remember that I wanted to figure out why I was sometimes wanting to eat chocolate so much. So the first next time arriving with this need I sit down and asked myself why I wanted suddenly chocolate even one minute before I did not think about it, I checked what happened. Then I saw that I got a phone call just before and even the other was talking with ok words the whole conversation didn’t feel honoring to me. I took the energy in, the judgement what was coming in the conversation. Then `I wanted a sweetener to calm me down inside.
    This I noticed a few times and I gave myself the space to have the chocolate anyway. But the funny and beautiful thing was that when I nominated what happened I did not feel to eat it anymore.
    I do not eat chocolate anymore for ten years now.
    Still now I am working on other food issues like eating certain foods to not feel or eat to much to not feel. Which I start to nail to but sometimes I still choose to numb myself with food.

    1. Yes. It is a constant evolution from one food to another. But the key is to commit to that honesty that you showed with your chocolate eating. The answers are absolutely there, glaring us in the face and offering us amazing opportunities to learn so the question is do we have the responsibility to listen and then move in a different way?

  84. Developing a true relationship with food exposes the ways we used food for indulgence and to thwart our evolution by shutting down our awareness that we are all-knowing beings in sync with the universe, and that everything is there for us when we eat according to our light within in.

  85. I love what you experienced and shared here, it makes a lot of sense, ‘Nowadays I am enjoying living with more vitality and energy, and my body has gradually dropped size and continues to drop the excess load it carried – all without my being on a diet.’

  86. Food is used for so many things other than true nutrition. I was amazed at how much excess weight I lost by simply cutting out the things in my diet that did not feel right in my body. Gluten used to make me bloat and feel very sleepy, so starting with bread, I gradually cut that out. Then I experimented with dairy because I was always getting colds and suffered from bad hay fever. Those symptoms are now gone.

  87. Food is one of the oldest and most common ways of self medicating. We can uses it is many sophisticated ways to distract ourselves from feeling and dealing with tension in our bodies.

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