My Lovely Shoulders

by Jade Pattrick, Grandmother and Sales Assistant, Byron Bay, NSW

It was my on-going, debilitating shoulder pain that got me to Serge Benhayon’s books, presentations and workshops three years ago. I still have shoulder pain. However, I am now thanking my lovely shoulders because they have taught me to start paying attention to my body.

Since being involved with Universal Medicine I have noticed some wonderful changes, such as:

  • Less and less I experience the tremendous ups and downs that I used to
  • I now no longer need a man to make me feel like I’m enough
  • I feel more calm
  • I am kinder to myself and others
  • I no longer drink alcohol because I’m now listening to my body
  • I eat the best I ever have
  • I don’t have a million distractions going on
  • I am learning to speak up
  • I am learning to simply be me… And the list goes on.

I feel like I learn something new about myself (and others) every day, which inspires me to keep healing – not just for myself, but for all of us.

One more well person on the planet has to be good for everyone.

98 thoughts on “My Lovely Shoulders

  1. Jade I currently I’m going through something with my shoulders that is perturbing me and I can feel the burden I’ve taken on that doesn’t belong to me.

    When we pay attention to our bodies and in particularly the area that is speaking the most, then we can attend to it. When it comes to our bodies and if we put it down it is about everything in life, then everything matters in how and the way we live.

    As we explore and expose more, more can be healed and then more is revealed unto us. The body is a marker of truth, it will never lie. It is what we do when it speaks, is the key.

  2. On the surface when we are ill or in pain it looks like something terrible is happening, something we don’t want… but is it? Obviously we don’t feel great in illness but what I’m learning is there is a much greater healing on offer, a chance to stop and truly assess my life, to look at how I am living, at where I am not being loving with myself and others, a chance to listen to what I know and feel instead of overriding it. Being unwell is actually a great opportunity to heal on many levels and allow a transformation to take place if I am willing to be honest, reflective, and to make changes.

    1. Melinda great point, it is a stop moment when an illness appears to review our lives and see the deeper truth being revealed then just the functionality. The healing is not instantaneous it requires the right support and willingness to heal too. It takes many factors to healing, the person, the energy, the responsibility, and the list could go on, as long as there is a willingness then there is a way, and an outcome we don’t always expect too.

  3. The body communicates to us constantly – through shoulder pain, through stomach cramps, through fatigue etc – how much we listen and heed these messages has a big impact on the outcome. In the end this is our learning: to listen to the body and its messages and then live in a way that truly heals the body. Sometimes we get it ‘right’ other times we get it ‘wrong’ but it is not really ‘wrong’ if we learn from it and then do what truly supports.

  4. My life too used to be full of ups and downs and now it is far more evened out and I feel so much more settled within myself to handle all that is happening around me. This to is thanks to the one man (Serge Benhayon) and how he has inspired me so deeply over the years.

  5. Funny how we seek healing for one thing and then we get so much more than we bargained for and our life transforms in wonderful ways! Thanks for your sharing Jade!

  6. “I feel like I learn something new about myself (and others) every day, which inspires me to keep healing – not just for myself, but for all of us.” Life becomes a very rich place when we live from our soul, everyday there are things to learn, to realise, let go of, embrace, and understand about everybody. Love and wisdom – a truly amazing foundation for life.

  7. I agree. When we can take everything as learning, it removes seriousness and struggle, and brings joy and appreciation instead.

  8. No longer needing the old ways of following what others are saying but starting to listen to our bodies places us in a position where we can unravel those nagging ills and eliminate them when we get to the root cause. So not only do we benefit from the teachings this life time but we take this expanded level of awareness into our next incarnation without those nagging ills.

  9. The body is a wonderful marker of truth, the truth of how we are living, Beautiful Jade to bring the loving truth to your body so that it can heal.

  10. That is a big one that I will forever be appreciative to Serge Benhayon for, the fact that our bodies and it’s messages like illness and disease as well as feeling light, and warm are all markers to direct my life. From following this lead rather than my mind life becomes more and more amazing.

  11. Thank you for sharing Jade, I too lately have been having shoulder pain, it certainly is a way the body gets our attention, an opportunity to go deeper and with tenderness bring healing to our bodies. “One more well person on the planet has to be good for everyone.”

  12. “One more well person on the planet has to be good for everyone.” I agree, and the list you have compiled is only a part of what has changed for you. Universal Medicine inspires true change and the effect on everyone is tremendous.

  13. I have had painful shoulders for some years now, and if I just focused on ‘fixing’ them, as in they are broken or not enough then I would miss out on all the things they have shown me of how I am living and relating to myself and others.

  14. ‘I feel like I learn something new about myself (and others) every day, which inspires me to keep healing – not just for myself, but for all of us’. Beautifully said Jade.

  15. I really love that healing is not just about removal of symptoms. There’s so much we can learn and heal when we pay attention to what the body is communicating us. And “One more well person on the planet has to be good for everyone” – definitely. Showing others there’s a way of being that is more joyful and vital is a reflection much needed.

  16. It is very beautiful to feel the incredible enrichment that is not only possible but can be lived consistently. And empowering it is to realise that this enrichment comes not from another person or from what we do but rather from developing a relationship with our body and being, through which the quality of our essence within is brought to life. In knowing who we are, we are aware of who we are not. For who we are in essence, our Soul, never leaves us, and living in connection to this loving quality is what brings the consistency and enrichment to the lives we live.

  17. Indeed it does! For every person that realises just how important they are here on our planet, thousands more get that reflection, and like ripples in the water, the energy spreads out and reminds everyone you’re in contact with that they are already everything and deserve to take care of themselves.

  18. It is a revelation when we realise that the physical aches we carry around with us are nothing compared to the emotional burdens that have caused us greater pain.

  19. Often we may think an ache or pain is a nuisance but they are very loving messages our body is sending us to bring our attention to it and it is a way to communicate to us to be more loving with our body. Can you imagine if we couldn’t feel any physical pain, how much faster would our body deteriorate? Without our ability to feel physical pain we would damage our body at a rapid rate when we do physical exercise or work. So, I would say our ability to feel both physically and energetically is highly important.

  20. “I feel like I learn something new about myself (and others) every day, which inspires me to keep healing – not just for myself, but for all of us.” Life takes on another dimension through connection to our own inner-stillness. The state of our homes, neighborhoods and towns may well be the result of our quality in connection.

  21. This is gorgeous Jade – the changes you have made are extraordinary and remind us of the power of love and how it supports us to truly heal. One more person choosing this allows so many around you as well to be inspired by your loving choices.

  22. Awesome Jade, your list of wonderful changes are like mine. I too have made massive changes to how I live, since I was introduced to Universal Medicine, not because anyone told me to but because I have been deeply, deeply inspired. I met people at Universal Medicine events emanate such vibrant, healthy, joyful and loving way and I wanted to learn to live this way too.

  23. It’s not very often that we here someone thanking there body because of what it has brought them. It can be difficult to see outside the pain that we are in whether physical or emotional pain. But when we do we see so much more that has been at our fingertips the whole time. You are correct…the whole world benefits when we are truly well within. I know I also thank Serge Benhayon for learning to understand what this truly means.

  24. Yes Jade, one more well person on the planet is an absolute miracle in the face of the onslaught of disease and ill health that humanity has created. Great work. The life you lead sounds wonderful.

  25. An amazing sharing of a relationship with oneself that has been transformed – clearly in no small measure by Serge Benhayon. Every point you’ve shared here Jade is absolute gold – every point no small thing in this world where we are, as a rule, punishing and harming ourselves so greatly with the substances we consume and many habits that do not actually support a vital and joyful quality of well-being.
    That so many have experienced transformations such as this, and in a sustained and ongoingly deepening way in their lives, through association with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine is amazing beyond measure, and deserving of extensive study. One can’t help but be lit up in reading a blog such as this, in the face of ever more alarming statistics (i.e. people) facing illness, disease and distress in their lives.
    Well done you, and what an inspiration you must be to those who know you Jade!

  26. Definitely Jade, and one more healthy person reflecting another way to live to others. If I get angry or am hard on myself or start pushing myself, my left shoulder shows me right away and I get a sharp pain in it.

  27. Thank you Jade. Your list of wonderful changes sounds like mine. Your blog reminds me to appreciate these life changing choices I have made that has dramatically improve the way I work, my relationships with people and everything else in life. Serge Benhayon and people at Universal Medicine are continuously inspiring me every day to simply be who I am, to live expressing love and truth consistently to the best of my ability and to appreciate who we all are, a son of God, naturally divine, precious and deeply loving.

  28. When we stop trying to find solutions and just allow ourselves to stop and reconnect as is taught by Universal Medicine, a whole other world opens up to us and with it a very different approach to ourselves, our bodies and life.

  29. To experience just one of the changes or lessons you have listed is sometimes one more than many get to experience in a lifetime… yet to experience all is truly remarkable. There is no doubt that what Universal Medicine offers and inspires in others is beyond incredible.

  30. Every day we have the opportunity to learn, grow and heal, but do we truly appreciate and maximize on this fact and our potential?

  31. Absolutely Jade! The more well people I see and know the more I’m inspired to continue my life journey with self responsibility and care. Having awareness of our body where it’s causing us pain is a vital key to helping us understand what’s going on, if we want to find out of course.

    1. Well said Elodie. By listening and being aware of our body, this supports us to make more loving choices which then supports us to heal. This healing process has a ripple effect and it is amazing how it works, and inspires more and more people to also heal.

  32. “One more well person on the planet has to be good for everyone.” Jade that is so true and how lovely would it be if more people could see it like you have so beautiful described.

  33. A gorgeous sharing Jade. Every extra well person we have on the planet makes an enormous difference because they inspire and/or affect all those they come in contact with.

  34. I could with every bullet point alone say: ‘that is absolutely amazing to change that!’ and you are not living that one point but all of them at once… That is even more amazing and an answer to many peoples woes.

    1. Very true Lieke. For me the fact that I now floss my teeth every day is a miracle as it is something that I always found impossible to do in the past. The more we appreciate the turnarounds in our lives the more miracles multiply. Thank you for sharing your list with us Jade. I loved reading about the changes you have made.

  35. Serge Benhayon presents the understanding that when we have a pain in our body it is not something ‘wrong’ but a message from our body that the way we have been living is not true. Conventional medicine is there to support us in dealing with the problem but it is our responsibility to play our part in making different choices in the way we live that were the underlying cause of the problem in the first place.

  36. ‘One more well person on the planet has to be good for everyone’. Well said, in an era where we’ve skewed the meaning of being well to mean ‘not being ill’ rather than being vital, fit, healthy, with bags of energy, great skin, shiny eyes, that sort of thing. Being truly well can be an inspiration to others to live in a way that truly supports their body, their health and their wellbeing – and that absolutely has to be good for everyone.

  37. “One more well person on the planet has to be good for everyone.” Absolutely Jade. With the ever increasing rates of illness and disease it would seem that Universal Medicine students are getting healthier – not iller! …..

  38. Brilliant Jade, I love the list of changes you have noticed since attending Universal Medicine presentations and workshops. Your list is very similar to mine. I am now appreciating everyday how amazing life is since my introduction to Universal Medicine. I have been extremely inspired to take responsibility and make more and more loving choices. Very empowering realisation that our choices are super important as they not only impact on us but others too.

  39. Absolutely Jade, all walks of life benefit from what is presented and lived by Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine students. For me I now take responsibility for my own health and well-being, which includes regular checkups with my GP.

  40. Jade I love hearing all the changes you have made since attending Universal Medicine presentations, simple and practical self-love principles that truly work that benefit not only yourself but everyone around you as well.

  41. It’s a pity that so many of us, including me, wait until the pain is not bearable anymore before we listen to our bodies. I’m really glad that I met Serge Benhayon and got introduced to Universal Medicine, which for me is a way of living that is really aware of the body and listens to any tension I’d feel, so I don’t have to undergo physical pain anymore.

  42. Our bodies show us so much when we stop and take notice, not just of the pain that’s there but how to live well with ourselves, others and the universe. Considering how many people come into contact with that one living well person, setting an example for the hundreds if not thousands they meet the more ones the merrier!

  43. It is amazing the huge turnaround in the quality of our lives if we embrace even the smallest amount of self-love from not having been self-loving in any way. Huge!

  44. Thank you for sharing the changes you have experienced Jade. No matter, who or what led us to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine there can be no doubt it is something to be ever deeply grateful for.

    1. Yes, I love that too. It always feels so much more expansive and amazing to include everyone. Naturally we are all deeply connected, hence when we do include everyone we can feel absolutely amazing. It confirms to me that when we choose to exclude, disconnect and be separate from each other, this goes against our natural make up and can create tense, hardness and misery in our body and in our lives. So, by simply choosing to open our hearts and follow our natural way to connect is innately within us all.

  45. “I feel like I learn something new about myself (and others) every day, which inspires me to keep healing – not just for myself, but for all of us.” – Beautifully expressed Jade and the power of true healing and how it supports and inspires everyone around us.

  46. Sometimes it makes me smile when I notice some aches and pains in my body and I find myself having to adjust how I do things, it’s like somehow my body finds a way to communicate with me even if I don’t hear it first. Our bodies really are lovely.

  47. This is a great example of learning something very important from pain, and the outcome when we take care of ourselves, the list of changes are amazing, and am sure feel amazing.

  48. ‘I feel like I learn something new about myself (and others) every day, which inspires me to keep healing – not just for myself, but for all of us.’ Thank you for sharing Jade and I too feel that I now have the openness to be constantly learning about myself and that this benefits not just me but everyone.

    1. Accepting yourself as a student of life which is exactly what the foundations of Universal Medicines teachings are, allows us to see and receive our everyday life as a continual learning experience so that just like you shared Jade, ‘I feel like I learn something new about myself (and others) every day, which inspires me to keep healing – not just for myself, but for all of us’. I too love living this way so thankyou Jade for your blog reminding me of this fact.

  49. Well said! I love the last sentence that you have used, it feels very true to me that one person can really make a difference… like a ripple effect, one person is one drop of water in a large pond I imagine is our world… and that ripple spreads the whole pond.

  50. Thank you Jade, I loved reading your blog, so simple, “one more well person on the planet has to be good for everyone”, great.

  51. One more well person on the planet has to be good for everyone. This is gold and a clear reason why we should be well hence taking deeply care of ourselves.

  52. Wonderful turnaround in how you are feeling Jade, and such changes are an inspiration to others.

  53. I still have shoulder pain. However, I am now thanking my lovely shoulders because they have taught me to start paying attention to my body. A blessing in disguise it would seem Jade!

  54. It is gorgeous how you appreciate something that hurts you on a physical level recognising that the pain offers you so much more than discomfort. Your awareness of your body and commitment to healing is beautiful, and the profound list of changes you have chosen/experienced is an amazing testament to that and subsequently an inspiration to many.

  55. Awesome Jade, what an amazing change and I love how everyday there is more to learn – as we all return to the truth we are!

    1. I agree Jade, I love this blog. It is so simple and very relatable. Your comment is also an awesome reminder for me to appreciate that everyday is a blessing giving us the opportunity to continuously learn and expand.

  56. ‘One more well person on the planet has to be good for everyone.’ I absolutely agree. However not only is it good, but your joy and well-being is an inspiration. Thank you Jade.

    1. Absolutely when more people take responsibility for their own healing, this becomes an inspiration to others, and humanity can then see that there is another way to live. Thank you Jade and Carola.

  57. Simple and lovely post. I love the line about the ‘one more well person on the planet has to be good for everyone’ too.

  58. Indeed some wonderful changes you note here Jade most of which I can also relate too. And may the discoveries continue!

  59. That sure is a great list of turnarounds you are enjoying in your life, Jade, since you started attending Universal Medicine presentations and workshops presented by Serge Benhayon.

  60. This is such a good list. In particular I relate to the ‘speaking up’ one. It has been incredible for me to see, since participating in the courses at Universal Medicine, how much I actually resented myself for not speaking up – in fact I continually misrepresented myself to the world (not a good attorney to have employed!) and then resented the world and myself. Having seen and felt this I am now speaking up in a way I would never have thought possible and it feels so freeing. Thanks Jade for expressing what is happening for you.

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