Finding Me

by Sue Kira, Naturopath, Gold Coast, Queensland

Many people search the world to ‘find themselves’. How weird is that, when you can never leave yourself? … Or can you?

This morning I was showering and thinking about my day ahead and what I was going to wear and all sorts of things and I suddenly realised I was somewhere else, being transported all over the place by my mind. I was not ‘with me’.

And then my body told me: “Hey, don’t leave me. I’m part of you, we’re supposed to be in this together.” So I continued to shower and feel what was going on without distractions… the water on my skin, how my body felt… it was beautiful and calming and made a huge difference to how I felt overall.

We don’t ‘need’ to travel, seek a spiritual guru, or do another course or workshop to find ourselves – it’s with us right now. I wonder how often our bodies must shout out to us: “Look at me! What are you doing, silly dodo, I’m right here!” But we don’t listen.

I used to think that I had to meditate to get my mind to shut up, but found it was an on-going struggle.

I learned from Universal Medicine that the mind never shuts down, but we can bring it to a place of stillness by just sitting and feeling what we are doing, such as breathing. Or we can simply focus on what we are doing, without thinking about the past, future, ‘what if’ or other distractions. It’s called ‘conscious presence’.

I began to test what I had heard and gradually brought conscious presence into my life – and boy (or girl), what a difference it made.

Then Natalie Benhayon revealed to me during an Esoteric Ovary Massage session that while I had become more present, I could also do so with joy, as sometimes we can be too serious about what we do instead of being playful. Since then I have brought more joy into what I do and even have silly moments… which are so much fun.

Years ago I was out there ‘looking for myself’ and I had become a chameleon, changing to ‘fit in’ with others to be liked and loved. I had forgotten who I was. In the early days of meeting Serge Benhayon, he said to me, “Just be you”. But who was that?

I didn’t know who I was anymore because I had travelled extensively and tried many different modalities and workshops to ‘find myself’: yet all this had done was to take me further away from me. If I’d continued seeking answers in this way, I would have continued to live in confusion.

The process of finding myself and being with myself has been, and continues to be, a very gradual process. The healing workshops, presentations and support from Universal Medicine helped me let go of ‘who I’m not’ and allowed me to unravel who I am.

And I found me… the little girl who loves to be play-full and laugh out loud (LOL) and speak honestly about what I feel, rather than hiding or becoming a chameleon to fit in.

Perhaps I should have titled this article ‘Finding Memo’… much more fun!

136 thoughts on “Finding Me

  1. Sue it was great to read this again, as life passes you by, you realise there’s more of you that needs to come out. There are layers upon layers that become exposed without making this an arduous process. The innuendos, the subtleties etc are all there until you get to the core of you, the truth and loving you.

    And all along we thought we were that person that was covered in this thick coat, and all along it was an illusion that we thought we were a part of…What a trick!

  2. I totally understand the looking outside of ourselves, and spending unnecessary money that ‘me’ will turn up and say, ‘here I am’. It’s also so true that searching needs to begin from within.

    Not many people present that to us, whether gurus, teachers etc. They are busy taking us elsewhere instead.

    I’ve heard Serge Benhayon say, “Just be you” before and it is unravelling all that we are not that dominants us, to discover that it was always with and within us.

    If anything it is exhausting searching outside and if we are bought up from a young age, that everything we need is within us all, I feel humanity will be at a different place.

So it’s never too late, so start by being comfortable with you, have some fun…

    1. As the unreal you becomes more and more exposed, the real you comes through and it’s only a matter of time when the emphasis is on that truth, than someone else’s truth.

  3. “Perhaps I should have titled this article ‘Finding Memo’… much more fun!” – Sue this is so funny and totally nails how we need to bring in a lightheartedness and spontaneity to our every day.

    1. I found “Finding Memo…much more fun!”, funny and yet those words are so relevant to many of us. There’s more to this article that meets the eye/I.

  4. ‘Just be you’ is one of the most simple instructions, yet because we have not been ourselves for so long it can feel like the most difficult thing to do or be! How funny is that!? And yet when we connect and feel ourselves it is the most natural and easy thing to do or be. This can sometimes drive me crazy as I know what is needed but when I am not myself it feels near impossible to come back to me. And then, when I stop trying, when I let go of the control, and when I just drop all my barriers and allow the vulnerability to come in and be, then I feel myself coming home again.

  5. Sue, what a lovely and awesome reminder for me to not be too serious and to enjoy the moment with all that I can feel and be with. In fact so often when I am simply letting myself be and feel I can also allow such a bubbliness or playfullness to come up, and this is when I know I am really connected with myself versus a time when I think I am with myself but it feels a little heavy with the thoughts of what I am doing.

  6. When you really question it, the search to “find ourselves” is really strange, because we are inside of ourselves and yet we travel and seek help everywhere but within. I know for me what supported me to return to myself was The Gentle Breath Meditation which helped me to settle my body and reconnect to my essence again, and the Universal Medicine’s Sacred Esoteric Healing modalities which helped me clear all the hurt and trauma stored in my body which felt like it was covering up my essence – a bit like clouds over the sun.

  7. Bringing it back to just being with our body, not abandoning ourselves into our mind, and where that wants to take us, ‘ we can simply focus on what we are doing, without thinking about the past, future, ‘what if’ or other distractions. It’s called ‘conscious presence’.

  8. I love how your body spoke to you, ‘Hey, don’t leave me. I’m part of you, we’re supposed to be in this together.’

  9. “Just be you”. But who was that? – I love the honesty in this. Often we manufacture versions of ourselves to identify with and present, and pick one as the real one, and we perfect our acting to be ‘me’ and insist that is who we are, and we can stay there for a very long time.

  10. I love your lightheartedness Sue, thank you for sharing. What really can be felt in your words is that we never lose the lightness and naturalness of being of when we were children.

    1. Spot on Esther – the deepest parts of us, no matter how long they are hidden or buried, remain delightful and ready to sparkle at any moment.

  11. You can clearly leave yourself through your mind, you can be in two places at the same time, living two experiences and often place more importance on the experience that is not the present moment. The current state of physical and mental health is a good reality check for how that works.

    1. I agree, the thoughts we have of situations which are not our present moment can have an affect on our health because the body can be responding as if it’s happening, for example we can be placing our body into a stressful fight or flight state because of the scenarios playing out in our mind.

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