The Six Stages of ‘Becoming Me’ (so far anyway): Part 1

by Joel L (Australia)

Across my life I have spent time ‘looking for something’. I could not always say what this ‘something’ was and this search has been sporadic, moving from being quite active to ignoring this topic altogether.

Over the past eight years, I have been coming closer to this ‘something’ than ever before. I am sure there is much more to discover, but this something was ME… the real me.

There have been at least six stages of becoming me, and here are the broad brush strokes:

1)     Realising there is more to life than just what we see:

I came to this early in life with parents that recognised life is not just about what can be seen; that there is also what can be felt on a subtler level (energetically). They showed me there was merit in understanding, or at the very least not being closed off to, this possibility.

Later in life I studied Natural Therapies, Homeopathy, Reiki, Remedial Therapies and a number of other modalities that all showed an appreciation for this energetic aspect of our being.

I had accepted that having found the concept of energy, this was the hidden part of the puzzle. However, the many and varied therapies I experienced promised so much, yet all I could find as a client and all I could offer as a practitioner was a momentary ‘wow’ or temporary relief. Regardless of this, people would keep coming to me for treatments (even doctors)… My own life was okay but I would not call it joyful – I still had big ups and downs, still felt a sense of struggle through my life.

The ‘something’ was not emerging from the work I was doing, regardless of how dedicated I was. Eventually, I stopped being a practitioner and went off to more traditional forms of employment.

2)     Realising that focusing on energy is only the beginning:

After a period of time, comfortable with my career, playing in a band with mates, involved in my kids’ school, I attended (reluctantly) a presentation by Universal Medicine and this guy named Serge Benhayon, who made the suggestion that if everything is energy, everything is because of energy.

It was intriguing to consider the possibility that the energy behind joy may not be the same energy behind anger: the energy behind my thinking I am not any good is not the same energy behind my feeling I am amazing… and so on.

While I said ‘yes’ to this concept almost immediately, I did not fully grasp how deeply true this is. It took me some time to play with this concept and to confirm to myself that maybe there was a different energy behind things. What was most interesting is that I did not end up with a list of different types of energy. There were only two – love, and everything else.

At one point it felt strange to consider why my other studies of energy and healing had felt so true but had not introduced me to such a simple yet profound concept… ‘it’ is not what you do but the energy you do it in – even when you’re dealing with energy!

The Gentle Breath Meditation taught by Universal Medicine, and their workshops, were important parts of this learning, as it gave me some practical tools I could take away and use to develop this awareness.

In the past the teachings were ‘everything is energy’, so just open yourself up to that energy. Now I realise there is a deeper choice.

3)     Realising I had a choice:

I began to take responsibility for my life at an energetic level: I chose to ‘feel’ how, or what I was eating, drinking and doing at any given time. Sometimes I would be convinced something was good for me but feel terrible after eating or drinking it. Over time I would test this out to see if the same thing happened.

Through this awareness, I had given myself true choice… to either choose things that are loving, or not. Diet no longer became a regime but a choice to be loving towards myself: exercise was no longer a ‘must do’ but a choice to be loving towards myself. Sometimes I made choices that were unloving (and I still do), but I had a clear point in my body to gauge this by. If I push myself at work to ‘get it done’, I can feel the drain of this, but in the past I would cover up that drain with coffee or sugar. Strangely, the more of these self-loving choices I made, the more I got done.

There are always more areas of my life I can bring more love to, but at the end of the day the ‘love’ I was feeling never said ‘do this or do that’, it just helped me feel the consequence of my choices. I began to realise this personal responsibility was not about removing myself from life and making myself so fragile I couldn’t interact with the world, but rather about how to be MORE of me in every moment.

I used the different esoteric modalities (Esoteric Healing, Chakra-puncture, Esoteric Massage etc.) to help me ‘clean up’ the mess of less supportive choices and build this personal responsibility.

This was when friends and family started to notice I was changing. Some were happy for me to learn this stuff – but not if it meant I would stop drinking alcohol etc. Some felt the change and wanted to know more, others drifted off. Either way, change, real change, was taking place.

What happens with stages 4, 5 and 6… stay tuned for part two.

Part 2: The Six Stages of ‘Becoming Me’ (so far anyway): Part 2

214 thoughts on “The Six Stages of ‘Becoming Me’ (so far anyway): Part 1

  1. Joel I understand about this ‘something’, it is something most people would resonate with as missing in their lives.

    This statement is so important, ‘it’ is not what you do but the energy you do it in’, was a great reminder that everything we do has to come from a place of integrity. Otherwise it’s going to have a ripple affect on people and something that can’t be seen but certainly felt. And when we come to this realisation, we may choose to work from a different place or continue as we are. It is that simple…

  2. This is GOLD: “‘it’ is not what you do but the energy you do it in – even when you’re dealing with energy!”

  3. I have always avoided knowing about energy I shut down this most important aspect of living when young as I was ridiculed for talking about energy and the way it affected everyone in my family. I would have reoccurring nightmares of gross energy prowling round the house and coming in through the front door. I have discovered ignoring energy is a false way of living because we are dominated by energy and there are only two sources. I spent most of my life trying to ignore the negative energy only to realise I was neck deep in it! I have at last come to the understanding that what energy we choose has an effect on all that we do ,say and think. That we don’t actually think but align to either negative energy or positive energy, this make complete sense because I became such a negative Nancy. I am now more aligned to the energy of my soul and can feel when I’m not in this energy because to be in negative energy now feels utterly ghastly in my body.

    1. Mary I understand about this negative Nancy and it makes me shudder at the thought, as it was my go to and still do from time to time. It can’t be healthy to live an imbalanced live, whether we sway predominately to the negative or we sway to the positive. I know the energy we need to sway to and that is the soul which is the source of truth, it is that simple.

  4. You have raised a very interesting point Elizabeth that all that we do affects not only ourselves but all others too. This asks us to raise the bar on our responsibility to ourselves and others something that we find difficult to do because we have not been taught even the basics of energy. And there is such a resistance that to talk about energy it’s as though your dabbling in witchcraft which not so long ago had consequences of being burnt at the stake, boiled in water or drowned in the village pond.

  5. I have noticed that if I get too engrossed in work and leave myself out of the equation then I start to get a sore throat and feel as though I’m going down with a cold. When I stop and bring myself back by reconnecting to me. I can feel how my body prefers this. I am absolutely fascinated by my body and how loudly it converses with me. In the past I always ignored the signals my body gave to me to my own detriment, now I’m all ears.

  6. Love never tells us what to do. But love always holds us to help us feel if what we did was loving or not – Joel you have such a way with words that offers inspiration and you have such a practicality in life that is a wonderful combination and gift for us all.

  7. Most conventional teachings of energy start and stop with “everything is energy” and they do not distinguish the two types of energy nor do they talk about the after effects in other words how everything is because of energy. This is the real game stopper should we choose to connect to this as Joel so beautifully has.

  8. Joel, I love how you have shared that to truly deeply understand this can take quite a while of study and learning to live with it as an understanding: “if everything is energy, everything is because of energy.”

  9. I accepted that there was a subtle energetic aspect to life long before I encountered Universal Medicine and was for 18 years prior that meeting a full-time complimentary health student and practitioner. However, It was not until I was presented by Serge Benhayon with the understanding that there are only 2 sources of energy, love or not love, that the contradictions in what I had previously learnt and taught was explained. Understanding and appreciating this completely changed my whole approach to healing and life in general.

  10. I love what you share in this blog Joel, simple truths like- Realising there is more to life than just what we see, and choosing to be MORE of ourselves in every moment.

  11. It is always important to feel and choose our quality of energy, and how our choices impact this, ‘I began to take responsibility for my life at an energetic level: I chose to ‘feel’ how, or what I was eating, drinking and doing at any given time.’

  12. I used the different esoteric modalities (Esoteric Healing, Chakra-puncture, Esoteric Massage etc.) to help me ‘clean up’ the mess of less supportive choices and build this personal responsibility.” I love this line, it highlights how in our essence there is nothing wrong with us, and where the damage to ourselves occurs is in our choices, choices made in disconnection to our essence.

    1. Melinda Knights What I have discovered for myself is that our choices can be so old that it is like being encased in them so that we have lost the connection to know there is a different choice on offer. Serge Benhayon and the Ageless Wisdom teachings not only suggest a different possibility to the choices we constantly make but also supply tools that chip away at the casing that we have built around ourselves, so that there is the possibility of making different choices. In making those different choices we come alive again.

      1. Mary I can relate, those old choices are like a well worn groove, we slot into it and don’t even realise it is not who we truly are, like a costume we continue to wear and forget to take off. I’ve found what can shake me out of that is a reflection of someone showing me there is a different way to be, not to copy ‘a way’, but an inner quality in another that ignited something in me I lost connection to, like joy or grace. This then highlights the behaviours or expressions that are not me as I reconnect to my essence again.

  13. “This personal responsibility was not about removing myself from life and making myself so fragile I couldn’t interact with the world, but rather about how to be MORE of me in every moment“ – this is a great point. Saying no to thugs is not about limiting or making our world small, it is about us being more of who we are.

  14. By knowing, appreciating and feeling that there are the two energies, love and not love, one can then begin the journey to establishing a life of love, which is to return home to our true way of being.

    1. Yes, we can discard and say ‘no’ to all that is not love, and say ‘yes’ to love, ‘What was most interesting is that I did not end up with a list of different types of energy. There were only two – love, and everything else.’

    1. Awareness is stage 1 of any change. Hence why we can be so good at bludgeoning our awareness with food, drinks, emotions etc. For we are in fact all deeply sensitive beings and it is this sensitivity that allows the awareness. Should we just allow space for this, life would take off in a different direction…one of love with loving choices.

    2. I agree Victoria Picone, I felt I had made some huge shifts in my understanding and then I was given another piece of the jigsaw of life and realised that on one level I had dealt with the feeling of worthlessness but that there was a deeper splinter of not feeling worthy to go and by just knowing it was there and feeling it, I was able to let it go. It had no hold over me it was like a wisp of mist and when I did let go I could feel my connection to God grow stronger. I do know God and no matter what happened to my physical body in past lives I now know it is impossible to break my connection to God.

  15. Why are we not taught about energy and how it affects us? This is really bizarre if we consider that everything we do is energy. It now makes complete sense to me to understand we are huge energy centers. And we give off energy all of the time, we can feel when someone feels angry, sad, happy etc.,
    and yet we dismiss this awareness of our surroundings, why? So what is it about us that we would rather dull ourselves down than to admit we are very aware and feel energy all the time?

  16. The testing process is a great math lesson – what plus what results in what? This is our truth, no-one else’s. We can then constantly refine the choices we make and the responsibility we take.

  17. We are constantly unpeeling the layers aren’t we?! There is so much wisdom inside us and it asks us to keep things really simple – even though this is 6 years old, we are still discovering layers of how we have walked away from that simple, internal wisdom.

  18. Real change cannot just be an individual process, but an individual process in which you locate yourself in life, understand what life is all about and start changing your movements so you increase the level of settlement within your own being.

  19. Energy underpins everything, yet in all my various studies no-one clearly states that there are different types of energy and that in fact there’s two forms of energy, love or not love and we need to clearly discern which one we are using, for without that level of clarity there is no true integrity and we are not taking responsibility for who we are and what we bring and that each of us has a love we bring and a love we can connect to which is who we innately are if we choose to connect to that. Before Universal Medicine I never had this understanding, without Universal Medicine I would not have made the deep changes which have utterly changed my life and how I am with myself, I now know in my body when a choice is love and when it is not, and I know what I’m choosing and can feel the consequence of both (no perfection here, but a knowing and understanding of what energy truly is and the choices we can make with it.)

  20. At first, realising that we are responsible for the energy we choose can be very challenging and can take time to come to terms with. Especially, when the whole of society says move this way, and we are so programmed to follow. What Serge Benhayon presents is a way out of the stupor we are in and an opportunity to feel true freedom.

    1. Julie I totally agree with you in regards to the stupor we are all living in. I saw this quite clearly the other day. Just watching people as they hung around waiting to go into a building. It was possible to witness the stupor everyone was in and how we gave ourselves over to this energy that has control over us. We are so controlled and yet we live in such a way that we seem to be unaware of it. It was like watching zombies in a horror film, but actually it was happening in real life. Serge Benhayon does offer a way out of the zombie way of life we have all accepted as life. However this false energy is so ingrained within us it will take a while to shift completely but it is starting to shift as we wake up and question the world we have contributed to around us.

  21. Having always felt that there was more to life, yet not realising or seeing how the ‘more’ could be lived, I gave up on seeking for the answers in the world as it was clearly reflecting everything that was contrary to the sense I had within. When I came across the presentations of Universal Medicine I instantly felt the re-awakening and confirmation of the deep sense I always had was true, and that the key to living this had always been there through connection to me and my body, the essence of who I am within. I now know that from this point of connection our awareness of what is and what is not true, and of love, becomes clearer and clearer as our choices which are reflected through our bodies reveal the quality of energy we are aligning to at any given moment. There is so much to explore through our connection to our Soul, and life lived from this connection seems only to enrichen and become more purposeful.

  22. Coming to the understanding that there are only two types of energy, love or not love, is so simple yet so profound.

      1. Yes, from the moment I felt, and therefore knew, the truth of this my life changed as to how I viewed life and made choices.

  23. It is instantly felt when some modalities introduce energy from the lack of truth and apply it for self-gain or manipulation. As there is no evolution, only the change of angle – with no love left only emptiness.

  24. Really interesting Joel how you have unfolded a path for yourself through exploring different things, being open to the fact that there is more to life than meets the eye and deepening your relationship to yourself along the way, evaluating choices that didn’t feel a part of the next step. You’ve beautifully expressed that it isn’t about ‘finding ourselves’ but the first step is accepting that we’re part of something very grand, and looking at what gets in the way of this grandness.

  25. It is such an important discovery to understand that we can choose which energy is running us in any moment and that not all energy out there is loving. That life does not just happen to us but we are in fact a big player in this with our choices. Thank you Joel for putting it so clearly.

  26. It’s so weird when we are not living from our innermost we can feel there is something missing but can all too easily get tricked that what is missing is outside of ourselves – and thus begins a futile and very ineffective search because we are searching for something in the wrong direction, outwards not inwards

  27. “Diet no longer became a regime but a choice to be loving towards myself: exercise was no longer a ‘must do’ but a choice to be loving towards myself”. Such a gorgeous simplicity. Before anything, we can simply choose to be loving towards ourselves first, then everything else gets taken care of.

  28. Joel, I got caught in the doing, and now from making everything about quality first I find I get so much more done than I did before, I now just love whatever it is that is presented for me to do next.

    1. Sally I got to feel what it is like to work or be in space recently I was blown away not just by how much got done but how time seemed to stand still. This for me was a glimpse that actually time is an illusion we get caught up in. If we were to choose space our bodies would not be in anxiousness and tension and the space that surrounds us just goes on and on expanding. How to live this as everyday life may not happen overnight but I now have a clear marker in my body of what it feels like.

  29. Oh, the joy of realising that ‘the what is not you’ and ‘the what is you’ and that there is another way!

    1. Kathleenbaldwin the greatest understanding is to understand that we are just a conduit for energy to pass through. What energy passes through depends on the energy we have said yes too. Understanding that there are only two energies and that they do not mix, which is something that has not been taught for a very long time and Serge Benhayon is bringing this ancient teaching back to the world again. If we took the time to stop and consider this monumental teaching surely it would be a very humbling moment to realise that without energy we cannot exist, but more importantly what energy have we been choosing?

  30. Big realisation when I realised that it was ok to make choices that did not fit in with everybody else and to go against the trend. Up until this point, it was as if I needed someones permission, but all along I only needed my own permission to make the changes.

  31. What a super cool blog… stage 1 is enough to change every aspect of life. There is more to the world than just what we see, and everyone knows that. The difference comes when you start seeing the world and life with that knowing that there is much more that what is seen.

  32. “‘it’ is not what you do but the energy you do it in – even when you’re dealing with energy!” This realisation offers a choice and a responsibility for every move you make.

  33. The realisation that we have a choice is an ice-breaker – one that cracks the casing of living in existence and allows us to live in livingness. In other words, knowing that we have the choice between the energy that runs through our body is extremely empowering and sets the tone for every detail of our life.

  34. The process of becoming more of who we are is a fascinating one. Sometimes, in this process, we take deviations and become less of ourselves as we grab on to the knowledge of what we think we know, or reinterpret what we’ve learned as rules. But this is the key to it all: there are no rules, only the will to intently listen to the body and honour its messages. The mind can make up all kinds of stories about which energy it thinks its choosing, so as to not have to take responsibility for behaviours, but the body always knows what kind of energy we’re running it with.

  35. This is huge Joel, being aware of what we are choosing, and so being able to choose things that are loving or that are not, instead of just thinking we are being loving, ‘Through this awareness, I had given myself true choice… to either choose things that are loving, or not.’

  36. It is very surprising with the modalities I have learnt in the past that never once was I warned about the fact that it is not what you do but the energy you do it in, especially since I practiced Acupuncture, an energy based therapy.

    1. How we do something lorrainewellman makes a huge difference as an example of something as simple as tying the laces of our trainers. Do we just tie them while thinking of a thousand other things that we have to do, or the argument we had with someone, or do we build that inner relationship and tie the laces being totally present with ourselves. How we tie our laces is a great marker for where we are with ourselves.

  37. “I began to take responsibility for my life at an energetic level: I chose to ‘feel’ how, or what I was eating, drinking and doing at any given time.” Super cool. Feeling versus thinking the practical difference between the 2 energies and type of choices that can be made. “Through this awareness, I had given myself true choice… to either choose things that are loving, or not.” – the power within a choice.

  38. “In the past the teachings were ‘everything is energy’, so just open yourself up to that energy.” That is scary and irresponsibly giving your power over to energy without discerning there is obviously an energy that is cunning, deceptive, corrupt, bias, untrustworthy … Universal Medicine teaches this principle to what energies there are and how to discern. I have come across no other organisation that does this.

    1. Rik I totally agree with you when you say
      ” Universal Medicine teaches this principle to what energies there are and how to discern. I have come across no other organisation that does this.”
      The huge plus to understanding energy is that we cannot be lied to because we can feel the energy that comes with the lie.

  39. Loving choices rather than must dos or have tos are sustainable. It’s very powerful to change your way of thinking in this way.

  40. Realising I had a choice in the way my life turned out was both the most rewarding and the most confronting. It meant I had to take action and it was all down to me, but with that there was a reluctance because I could no longer hide behind the comfortable excuses that it was other peoples fault, or it was just the way things were.

  41. One of the most powerful things I have learnt from Universal Medicine presentations is the truth about the 2 different types of energy available to us, knowing this and choosing to live with this awareness is a game changer that allows us to discern and understand so much about life.

  42. I can well relate to many years of searching, and then coming to something very different in meeting Serge Benhayon and the work of Universal Medicine. ‘Real change’ indeed began taking shape in the way I lived my life also, in a way that came from within. Yes, inspired by topics raised at presentations and workshops… but fundamentally, this change came about through having connected to a part of myself I came to realise I had long negated – the essential ‘spark’ of me, the part of me that has always known truth and will ever-know it. Thing was, before meeting Serge Benhayon, I had not come across anyone who walked, lived, breathed and embodied the truth of who we are.
    The power of another’s reflection, to inspire and reignite our own essential spark within, that IT may lead the way for us in our lives, is beyond compare…

  43. Joel one of the big things that stands out for me which Universal Medicine has shown me is that no matter what, whether I want to accept it or not, I have always had a choice. And with that knowing that nothing is ever before me that i am already equipped to deal with and so cannot use the excuse that was too hard or life is too hard etc,, we are here to learn to return back to the love we are – no less.

  44. “…..’it’ is not what you do but the energy you do it in …. ” Once this is accepted it changes completely how one perceives and understands the world as the cause of why something is the way it is different. This is a paradigm shift from the generally accepted viewpoint.

  45. A great and in-depth reminder that everything is energy. Making life just about the human aspect is a reduction of everything that is, no wonder life does not make sense for many, of course it doesn’t when energy is left out of the equation. Our thoughts, movements, emotions, reactions, feelings, responses, sensations… everything is a by-product of energy first. This is a huge key to navigating and observing life.

  46. There’s the understanding that everything is energy and then there’s the actual honouring and living of that in each moment. And that is very much what I am coming to understand now, and reading your description Joel, of the stages in this is a great reminder. It’s about stepping back and understanding that it’s energy at play always and the end bit the physical is the final part, for ourselves and what we see and feel in others. And with more deepening understanding of this I’m learning to make things less personal and it gives more space for me to actually see what is going on in life and there is so much more to it than the physical.

  47. I loved reading your blog Joel, realising we have a choice sounds simple, and it is, we can then begin to truly understand what taking responsibility is. Not so much in what we choose to do, but the source of energy we have re-connected to that brings the quality of love in all we do. Things do change, for what has not been true has nothing to fuel it.

  48. Joel, this blog is so simple and honest and delivers an understanding that many can greatly benefit from. The concept of actually responding to what we feel is the gift here. For we all feel what hurts and harms us, but knowing we can respond to these feelings and choose to care for ourselves with a deeply caring integrity is the beauty you offer.

  49. Me, the missing piece in the puzzle – who would have thought it? I have to say, it is very true in my experience too. Once I returned to the connection with myself, my life started to feel very different, more whole, more complete….more me.

  50. I love that through a series of awarenesses you have come to realize the power of taking responsibility for your choices and of being more of yourself in the world… with this as your foundation of how you move through life… any change can only be deeply positive.

    1. I agree Nicola – huge amounts of efforts go into resisting who we are and the awareness we have about life and each other. Dropping the game and re-learning to simply be is a beautiful reawakening.

      1. Isn’t it the most peculiar thing ever that we have to learn how to be and isn’t it absurd that we avoid being ourselves when we are all so super gorgeous at essence.

  51. I completely agree – I did try a few other ‘energy’ healing methods before Universal Medicine, and indeed there were some obvious blind spots that would have exposed themselves as questionable yet I didn’t see – like they all talked about everything being energy, yet there always were some things that were conveniently exempt from its ruling.

  52. I love how simply and relatable you share your experiences Joel, especially the part about energy and what is behind feeling and thinking a certain way. It also shows why family and friends around you react or not when you start to make loving changes, as it depends on what energy they are using to live their lives, The energy that feeds unloving choices is not going to allow you to see that they are unloving and will offer many substitutes or even reasons why they are ‘good’ for you. This exposes what energy is running many clinical trials, that promote substances that are harmful for our bodies, as being good for us.

  53. To understand that there are two types of energy to choose from is a quantum leap to live our life from, as without we are simply caught up in where life takes us, disempowered that there is actually a freedom to have.

  54. Number 1 – I agree Joel, there is definitely something more that is missing from our present understanding of the human body. The reality that there is both an energetic health and a physical health is that missing piece of the puzzle and only when we accept this we will get the true appreciation of the bigger picture and understanding of the root of all disease and illness.

  55. I agree Joel, to know that there is more to life and to consider the energetic aspect of life is a great start, but only when we learn to discern which type of energy runs our body can we actually start to make a choice for love to be the fuel in our life and nothing but love.

  56. I too was aware that there was something else, energy behind what we did, but I also did not discern that there were different types of energy – ‘Love and everything else’. Universal Medicine was the first to present this universal truth to me. With this awareness and understanding I can now see how we just become puppets to the ‘everything else’ energy when we just open ourselves up to energy the way in which many alternative and complementary therapies do. If we do not make a choice to choose Love, then our default is to choose ‘not love’, so when I was training as an aromatherapist many years ago, and through all of my explorations and searchings in all things spiritual, I thought I was doing ‘good’ by being aware of and using energy, but in fact what I was doing was calling in the ‘what is not love’ and further cementing myself and others into a world that is not aware that we have a choice.

  57. A great last line “Either way, change, real change, was taking place.” That for me sums up the differences between my years of exploring spirituality, New Age, personal development etc, because I had momentary improvements then back into the same emotion, energy and cycle again. In fact, after a decade or more of exploring not only did I feel back at square one, I felt even worse. Coming to Universal Medicine is like finding the real deal because real, lasting and very joyful change takes place.

  58. Without this marker of love in our body we are actually tossed about by the energies running through us without having a real say in it. To develop an awareness of the 2 types of energy available to choose and allow to govern our every move is crucial and at the core of the teachings of Serge Benhayon, taught from the first lesson onwards. Restoring true sense of love, harmony and truth means to let go of what is not of that same quality.

  59. A few years ago now I practiced a range of complementary therapies. Discussing and learning about energy was part of what we learned. But it was all concept and I have to say I never truly grasped it. It all seemed out their somewhere. Learning that there was an energy that was love and an energy that was not love is something that made a lot of sense, very practical and very liveable and most importantly we make the choice – love or not love. Looking forward to the next instalment…

  60. Very cool blog Joel – showing exactly that our choices, life, is in our hands and that we have the power to change it, no one else for us. We are here to come back and re-unite to our one and only Soul and life from there best capable as we had done before (previous lifes, ancient times). There is no such thing as outer search and or need once the true inner-search has begun…

  61. I also studied other energetic modalities and meditations before I discovered Universal Medicine. Yes, we got to play with energy and there was at times a wow factor, but never did they make it clear that there were only two energies to play with! One energy is love, which allows me to be me. The other is not love, which actually plays with me, making me think, act and speak in any way other than being the real me.

  62. Joel, you have once again captured so beautifully the very ordinary yet profound path of finding your way back to your true self again. I like the way you appreciated what your parents had offered in the way of understanding there is more to life than meets the eye. Although there wasn’t an understanding that everything is energy in my home, God, reincarnation, spirits etc were accepted and openly discussed as fact. I feel this put me in good stead to at least be open to greater possibilities.

  63. Finding out that there are two sources of energy changed my life completely. It is an ongoing learning discerning the energy I am in as I can so easily deceive myself and usually find this out when I am drained by the ‘doing’ having left the ‘being’ behind by one little override of a message my body has sent me that I have left in the inbox unopened! All a work in progress.

  64. For me this insight was a great realization: “. . . ‘it’ is not what you do but the energy you do it in . . . ” Since I got this deeper understanding I know that I am the only one who is responsible for my life – how beautiful is that!

  65. “Diet no longer became a regime but a choice to be loving towards myself”….this is true what you write here Joel. And very profound and could put the multi billion weight loss industry on its head if more people lived like this. It is truly the only ‘diet’ that truly works – the more loving towards ourselves we are, the less harm we want to do with ourselves and that includes eating foods that do not support our body.

  66. “This was when friends and family started to notice I was changing. Some were happy for me to learn this stuff – but not if it meant I would stop drinking alcohol etc. Some felt the change and wanted to know more, others drifted off. Either way, change, real change, was taking place.” It amazes me how people become concerned when we make more loving choices in our lives and yet see nothing wrong with excessive consumption of alcohol, which in truth is a poison to the body.

  67. Universal Medicine Modalities allows us to connect to that innate love within all of us and to let go and understand that we are not our patterns or abusive behaviours as they are just the result of the imposition of the world that is asking us to look for who we are outside of ourselves never looking within at the glory that we already are.

  68. I too studied Natural Therapies and was caught up in the illusion that I had found the answer not knowing that there was so much more to life than what we see, understanding that there are two different sources of energy to choose from allowed me to discern and feel for myself the truth of what I was involved in and to let go and unlearn that which was not from a true nature.

  69. This is very straight to the point Joel, this is what it’s about it is about knowing everything is energy and thus everything is because of energy, and that we have a conscious choice of what energy we use to live with. That one that keeps us in the struggle of life or the one that makes is truly see what life is about, abundant beauty in everything, reflected in that what we feel within.

  70. It’s often thought that becoming more of our selves is a doing activity, of improving ones life. I love how this article makes it about deepening our awareness and going inwards to discover what we need to support ourselves, based on feelings within and not on what others are doing or what is seen and analysed from the outside.

  71. Understanding that there are 2 types of energy is a complete revelation, absolutely life-transforming and is only one of the many life-transforming teachings that Serge Benhayon presents. To know that we have a choice as to which energy we choose puts the ball back into our court and as a result is so empowering. Not only that it enriches life because we are no longer at the mercy of things or victims of circumstances and this brings a whole new dimension to life.

  72. To realise that we have a choice in everything we do and then take the responsibility that this entails is a huge step and something that needs to be deeply honoured and appreciated.

  73. Beginning to grasp that everything is energy and that the choices we make can either allow the energy of love to flow through us or the energy of all that is not love becomes the default energy gives us the responsibility for how we choose to live. The more we live love the more love there is to live in every movement we make.

  74. To be able to feel changes in our bodies from an increase of sensitivity so that our choice of energy is very clearly reflected in them, is the true instrument of change. We can not identify ourselves as being better and hold some idealised goal of getting anywhere because as we become more sensitivity we see more layers that are not truly who we are and so remain humble and real about what life is about.

  75. It is simple – the choice to breath our own breath, to be present in all we do and allow love to weave it’s magic through us. I have tried and attended many workshops where alternative therapies were the focus and none of these brought the clear understanding that everything is energy and therefore everything is because of energy and it is the energy we choose to hold and live everyday that is what life is all about. Serge Benhayon was the first person to present this and to support me to claim all that I am as an amazing Human being and to make this my way in life. So simple yet so profound. A Beautiful, clearly articulated movement into the truth – thank you Joel.

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