Being True to Myself: Taking Responsibility for my own Choices

by Trish Mazur, Marine Charter Co-ordinator, Gold Coast, Australia

I would personally like to thank Serge Benhayon (and all the Universal Medicine practitioners).

Reading statements like Serge Benhayon is ‘anti-exercise’ or ‘anti-mainstream medicine’ just does not correspond with the experience I have had with Serge and Universal Medicine (UniMed) at all.

Firstly, Serge doesn’t tell me what to do or think (sometimes I wish he did – but that wouldn’t be me deciding what is right for me!): neither does he say Western medicine is bad – far from it. What he has made me aware of is that I have responsibility for my own health and way of living. Combine that with Western medicine, and the way I see it, I have the best of both worlds.

Yes, when I first attended a Universal Medicine workshop, I admit I thought “No way is this for me”. Why? Because I was presented the truth… and we all know that the truth isn’t always nice to hear.

I didn’t want to hear, for example, the possibility that the alcohol and drugs I used recreationally were to numb my feelings and take the edge off life. I wasn’t ready to ask myself why I needed to take the edge off life. It didn’t suit me, and I didn’t want to face that possibility, so I carried on living the way I was living until I could no longer pretend it was OK. I had to face what I knew deep down was true, and that what Serge had presented all along ­– without judgment, criticism or pressure – was true for me.

When I met my partner, he too drank and used recreational drugs. I had to decide for myself whether or not I was going to accept that in my life. When I realised I didn’t want that in my life, yes, our relationship nearly finished: but years later we are still together – not because of Serge Benhayon or Universal Medicine, but because of the choices my partner and I made for ourselves in our own lives.

After all, how can you blame anyone else for your own choices? If you do, isn’t that just being irresponsible, a way of reacting to the outcomes of choices that haven’t turned out to be in your favour?

It’s been claimed by some that Serge Benhayon is anti-exercise – another false accusation, which is far from the truth. My partner and I live, and have always lived active lives, including surfing, which my partner has in common with Serge and his amazing sons Michael Benhayon and Curtis Benhayon.

It’s been said also Serge Benhayon is anti-mainstream medicine. But recently my partner had knee surgery. Serge and all the other Universal Medicine practitioners he had been seeing for healing sessions were (and always have been) pro the surgery, and are now providing him with supportive treatments, which are helping the healing process.

Similarly, I have never, ever in my five years of going to Universal Medicine heard Serge Benhayon (or anyone else for that matter) claim that they can or will heal breast cancer, or any other illness.

Science is wonderful but doesn’t however provide the full picture. We have all read the newspapers, or listened to health professionals; and still I am sure that most, if not all of us have heard contradictory messages.

We need to take responsibility now for our own way of living, not wait for someone to rescue us. I have found there is a knowing inside us that we have disconnected from. For example, we get advised by one lot of health professionals on what to eat; then it seems like the next day we hear something different. Wouldn’t it be simpler if we just tuned into what was right for us?

In my experience Serge has always avoided telling people what to eat – all he presents is to listen to your body and feel what is right for you, and you’ll get to know what you need and what is right for you. I find this changes all the time according to what my body needs, and it will be different for everyone – hence my partner and I don’t eat the same things at all times. It’s really just common sense, isn’t it?

To me it is simple – how can taking responsibility for one’s own choices, health and way of living, be harmful to you or anyone else for that matter? Taking responsibility is about being truthful. Truth is one of the biggest things missing in society, and unfortunately in the recent media articles as well. To me, as the media has the power to touch and reach so, so many people, it has one of the biggest responsibilities to represent truth.  Maybe one day, truth in the media will be a consistent part of life.

Again, I am eternally grateful to Serge Benhayon and all his family for inspiring me and so many others to be true to ourselves, as well as having the courage and integrity to do what I couldn’t do until I heard Serge’s presentations – to be true to myself, no matter what.

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  1. I loved this statement and it ought to be the headlines on a regular basis, ‘Truth is one of the biggest things missing in society’. That is a corker of a statement and when I ponder over this particular statement, we live in a big fat lie of a life.

    The whole game of life, when observed from that place of truth, is a lie and this isn’t a judgment on anyone either. If this batten is placed upon us from the time we are born till the time we pass away, then we know no different. It is only when we meet presenters like Serge Benhayon, that we realise that there is another way and it is up to the individual to make it their truth. There is another way to live and it comes from within and that inner truth never leaves you, it is the thing that nudges you from time to time…

  2. Well said Richard – Supply follows demand. When there is no demand for truth then lies will sell like hot cakes.

  3. The truth is not always easy to accept because it asks us to step up to a level of responsibility.

    1. Absolutely Henrietta, truth asks us to step up. So it’s either a yes to being responsible and live more from this place or a no, and we can continue being reckless and make it about others.

  4. Thank you Trish for confirming that we offer ourselves the best of both worlds when we are open to taking responsibility for the way we live and healing our hurts but also working with Western Medicine as an equal to this to support the body as needed.

  5. Trish thank you for your sharing – a confirming sharing that says no to all the lies that circulate wanting to paint a different picture of Serge Benhayon and the amazing truth and love that he brings to all, with not an ounce of self gain.

  6. When you stop seeing truth reflected in society there is a dawning realisation that you need to step up to walk that truth so we don’t all give up on truth being who we are and what we are made of. The manipulation of others will, over time, be exposed by the consistency of truth.

  7. Very true, as we become more responsible, so we deepen our ability to nurture, and make choices that not only support ourselves, but others too.

  8. Simple, bring back responsibility, ‘To me it is simple – how can taking responsibility for one’s own choices, health and way of living, be harmful to you or anyone else for that matter?’

  9. For most the truth of life and death is too much or is it two much? As the way we live will be enshrined in our next life, so this is what we are born with and will be in each incarnation until we understand how true healing will bring us the opportunity to break this cycle. Maybe with this understanding we can get a handle on why illness and disease or dis-ease are out of control? So it’s a true responsibility to live in a way that honours our body and treats others with the dignity and respect we all deserve.

  10. Whether we like it or not, truth is truth. Not wanting to hear does not make it untrue. It is so much wiser to say ‘I don’t want to hear it’ than attacking and manipulating what has been said and making oneself a liar.

  11. It’s true what you have shared about health messages being contradictory, with sugar a necesssry food for health to it now being something we recognise as dangerous for the body and referred to as ‘white poison’… and then there was the big drama about eggs and cholesterol which was proven inaccurate. I agree, listening to our own body is very supportive and allows for individual idiosyncrasies.

  12. Serge Benhayon has supported me to listen to myself and make my choices based on how my body feels in regards to the choices available. Not following him or another but following myself. That’s all.

  13. “We need to take responsibility now for our own way of living, not wait for someone to rescue us”. I have seen that rescuing and fixing people does not work. Change has to come from within ourselves. Support is needed to empower people, not to apply bandaids that temporarily hide the underlying, internal problems.

    1. Yes and that comes back to the tension of feeling afraid to look at what is underlying the behaviours, when actually not looking is what is feeding the fear.

  14. Just being around Serge Benhayon during the workshops means you are very aware about your food choices as all has a certain vibration; and Serge presents love is felt so clearly and when we open up to that we start to feel the disturbance of certain foods.

  15. Trish I agree the truth is for some a bitter pill to swallow, I can definitely attest to that. But I also knew deep within me that the life I was leading was slowly destroying me. To be supported by Serge Benhayon and his family to develop love towards myself has been the best medicine I could have taken. By rebuilding a loving relationship with myself it has naturally led to being more loving towards all others. And this after all is what is missing in our lives real unadulterated love.

  16. One of the many amazing attributes that Serge Benhayon has is that he can present repetitively some very clear core ways of living in human life but never does he tell you what to do. He presents in different ways as to cater for all the different ways that we listen and learn. But the most beautiful thing is that Serge is not attached to what he presents, people are free to take it or leave it but that doesn’t stop him from delivering all he knows to be true by the pure grace and love that he lives every single day.

    1. Yes, we can take or leave what Serge presents, it is up to us to feel what is true, he has no attachment to us getting what he shares, ‘ Serge is not attached to what he presents, people are free to take it or leave it but that doesn’t stop him from delivering all he knows to be true’.

    2. Thank you Rachael – Not being attached to what one delivers is so beautiful and something I need to learn to observe more on how this creeps into my life – be it what I do or say to my close family and friends, or at work etc. I am beginning to see and feel how this attachment thing is quite debilitating.

  17. Can you imagine what would happen if everyone took responsibility for their own health and began to make loving lifestyle choices. Illness and disease statistics would do down, health services would begin to function as they are meant to, GPs would be treating people with real health conditions not simply putting out fires. It makes sound common sense, but is anyone listening?

  18. We are so used to putting people in a box and put a label on top and keep them there forever. A way of life that is very restricting for everyone that is involved. Serge Benhayon shows us that it is possible to live free from ideals and believes and that there is a loving way that brings understanding and harmony to us all.

  19. Yes, and that taking responsibility really offers Love to those around us. If we choose to abdicate responsibility we just leave everything to others – that is not Love!

  20. I agree, thank you Serge Benhayon for being the reflection in my life that called me to be discerning about what I subscribed to and to get to know myself so I could be more engaged in my life.

  21. “hence my partner and I don’t eat the same things at all times. It’s really just common sense, isn’t it?” I like this as while there is something so so simple about it, yet actually we tend to do the same things together because of convenience, not feeling what is true… that is what is considered normal but is not nearly as natural as the sentence above.

  22. Stating what someone never said is quite easy. You just make it up. Doing so is way much easier than listening and considering whether there is something for us there. The latter is the short way that leads nowhere.

  23. “To me it is simple – how can taking responsibility for one’s own choices, health and way of living, be harmful to you or anyone else for that matter? Taking responsibility is about being truthful. ” Yes, and being truthful is so very much needed in our world so we can come back, step by step, to a truer way of being.

  24. It’s such a simple comment ‘at times me and my partner don’t eat the same things’. Out of convenience we tend to cook the same meal, and have the same expectation of what dinner or breakfast is going to be. But we are different, we have different things going on in life, need different food to support us. If we try to control our food or live within prescribed rules it all just comes out sideways…

  25. What Serge Benhayon teaches is self responsibility and to listen to our inner heart not the outer impositions. This is challenges the status quo whose intention is to let us believe we’re in control, whereas in fact it controls us, because we allow it.

  26. Yes as you share truth is something deeply missing in our world. We crave love, intimacy, harmony, warmth, joy, stillness in our days etc. We can say that by virtue of being honest and reflecting back on truth it naturally brings back all those values, right? So we can make a start by truly introducing truth again. I love that idea !

  27. One could say that these reports from the media are misunderstandings of what Serge Benhayon has been presenting. This could be viable however the reports report lies that are so far from the truth that it is not just a mere misunderstanding it has to be a complete resistance, judgement and pure criticism of Universal Medicine. And this only comes from one not wanting to take responsibility for their own choices in life.

  28. Anybody that wants to know more and understand the presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine should go to the nearest planetarium, everything that Serge Benhayon has said about how humans are made up of the matter of the universe and how intelligent the universe is, far more intelligent than our human brain for example. We like to think we know, we like to think we have everything under our control that science rules. It only rules because it starts with the answer it wants first then applies the theory until it fits the answer. That is not how the universe works and how arrogant are we if we do not think or feel we are part of it.

    1. I so agree, when you see the magnificence of the Universe you can see how we are such a small part of it and how we are not the centre of it as we have come to arrogantly believe. I often wonder what reflection we offer another planet… I suspect if there was life out there, they would just shake their heads in consternation at our choices.

  29. Brilliant to read this today and hear that this in particular ‘how can you blame anyone else for your own choices?’ when really as noted here, we don’t like the outcomes of those choices and we want to blame another rather than become deeply honest and truthful that how we’ve been has led us there. This is deeply uncomfortable and I’ve both reacted to this and now come to a place of observation that how things I’ve been feeling recently and haven’t liked has been as a result of my choices … a bit of a ‘suck eggs’ for sure but getting annoyed at others or even myself for this doesn’t address this, see where I am and the choices I’ve made and knowing that I can make a different one, that’s what changes everything.

  30. “After all, how can you blame anyone else for your own choices?” Accepting that how one is living and the state of wellbeing as a consequence of one’s choices is something most people do not wish to hear, yet that is exactly what Serge Benhayon presents. A painful truth to sometimes hear, however, if heeded it can be life changing and empowering.

  31. Being true to ones self is the corner stone to forming respectful relationships in life. Seemingly we live in a world where we sacrifice our selves for others, but honestly look at what quality of relationships this then fosters and we have the beginning of wondering if this paradigm is actually one to follow.

  32. Simply observing and listening to you body and letting it guide you in terms of health and wellbeing is indeed common sense and very very effective.

  33. “How can you blame anyone else for your own choices?” This question is key, every choice we make is entirely down to us, how we’re feeling, what we’re thinking, what’s important to us at that moment, blaming someone else is to completely not take responsibility for ourselves and our actions.

      1. Yet somehow we like to pretend it wasn’t our choice, and it wasn’t our responsibility and that makes life incredibly complicated. Yet the moment we come back to our responsibility clarity is restored.

  34. Its so true Trish that Serge supports people to feel what is true for them. I have found Serge’s consistent and unwavering commitment to presenting the truth has certainly helped me enormously to reconnect to what I feel and to what’s true for me. It sometimes take a lot of honesty to get there but it’s a humbling and very worthwhile process returning to the truth within myself, and it’s a truth we all equally hold within.

    1. I totally agree, Melinda, and it has been my experience, too. Returning to the truth within myself is, as you say, very humbling yet so worthwhile.

  35. In a world where we deem it normal to look outside and get the answers it can be a challenge to accept that the responsibility over our life lies in our own hands and that we actually deep down know so many answers to our own questions.

    1. The world and society feeds the need to get confirmation from outside because that is how it can keep control. If we all re-connected to the truth of what is inside us, we would be blown away by the magnificence of what we are a part of and many industries would no longer exist.

  36. Thank you Trish, I appreciated what you shared about people being responsible for their own choices yet they may often blame others, unaware it seems that they brought themselves to where they are in life. Blame cuts us off from our responsibility which is in fact very disempowering.

  37. ‘Taking responsibility is about being truthful’ – yes.. nothing changes in our lives until we start getting more honest about the way we’re living, and whether the choices we’re making every day – from how we eat to how we work and when we sleep, how we are in relationship with ourselves and others.. it’s pretty endless when you start to consider all the millions of choices we make in each day – are really supporting us to be all of who we are, or not.

    1. Anything else is an abdication of responsibility. When we take responsibility we can then work with others as an effective and efficient team.

  38. To be true to myself no matter what….is the game changer, as it is a simple way of honouring oneself which is truly nurturing and nourishing on so many levels.

  39. ‘We need to take responsibility now for our own way of living, not wait for someone to rescue us.’ I agree that we all need to take responsibility for the way we are living, not only does it support us, it is a great reflection for others too.

  40. So many things have been said about Serge Benhayon that are far from truth. I have observed when we don’t want to hear what we are hearing, we conveniently bend it to suit our own agenda and at times even start to believe that that is what was said.

  41. This is great. I love that you have completely shattered every lie that has been written about Serge through your own experience. Just goes to show how much rubbish is made up for the sake of stirring up drama. It’s so simple when we take responsibility for ourselves, everything becomes so much simpler and allows us to work together as opposed to against each other.

  42. I love what you say here about Serge Benhayon, and I fully agree,”Serge doesn’t tell me what to do or think (sometimes I wish he did – but that wouldn’t be me deciding what is right for me!): neither does he say Western medicine is bad – far from it. What he has made me aware of is that I have responsibility for my own health and way of living. Combine that with Western medicine, and the way I see it, I have the best of both worlds.”

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