A Convenient Truth Most Foul: Journalism

by Sarah Cloutier, London UK

A lot of people say they want the truth. They say they want honesty in their lives and straight talking. They say they admire people who are not afraid to hold back.

In my experience, on a daily basis, most people don’t walk the talk. They are only honest when it suits their needs. They find their own truths that pander to their requirements on that particular day.

What I see every day are people who are scared of real truth. In fact, they run from it because it rocks their safe little world. They don’t want to hear the truth about illness and disease, or the skyrocketing suicide rates, or slavery, or children being gang-raped by other children, or the increase in children who self-harm, or the huge increases in alcohol-related domestic violence – because it doesn’t affect them. Ignorance is bliss, right? They give to charity and wipe their hands of any responsibility of the part they play in the supposedly ‘blissful ignorance’.

Real, honest, heartfelt truth exposes the foul stench of our world; the world we have created, and most people don’t want to see that. They don’t want the rot uncovered because it exposes that they really, truly, deep down don’t want to be even remotely honest about their own life.

Our current existence is a myriad of lies, deception, illness, disease, corruption, manipulation and control… that is out of control. The anxiousness on the hundreds of faces I see in Central London every day is testament to the fact that we are not living a life with much truth at all.

The ‘journalists’ who lie about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine courses and presentations are scared witless of the Truth spoken, written, presented and lived by Serge. In fact, many hundreds of students of the Ageless Wisdom are living a life that exposes that there is another way to live that is the total opposite to the current existence the majority are surviving in today.

These ‘journalists’, egged on by more scared and hurt individuals, are perpetuating their own myth that somehow a couple of thousand people, who are seeking a truthful life, are easy targets to be attacked and criticised for self-gain. Really? Aren’t there other things to write about? We are force-fed rubbish innuendo and lies that perpetuate the stench. Enough!

Time to reveal everything. Show me it all. I want truth so I can make up my own mind about my life, my world and the inner light I know shines brightly – equally in me as it does in everyone. The truth is OK. It’s time we started to really see what is truly going on.

I know – and believe me I know – it’s uncomfortable and challenging to speak and write truth. There are many people in the modern era like Serge Benhayon who are standing up for truth: Lord Justice Leveson has been crystal clear on the role of the Media in our lives. Hundreds of people here are not willing to stay in the rot any longer. Time to expand on the deep knowledge of truths expressed in the past by Pythagoras, Galileo, Imhotep, Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill, to name a few. Time to be inspired, as they were, by the call from humanity to stand up and express truth.

I know – and believe me I know – that this list will expand beyond our wildest expectations and bring a new voice to Truth, with a capital ‘T’. Bring it on!

241 thoughts on “A Convenient Truth Most Foul: Journalism

  1. It’s astonishing really when you consider the amount of lies in this world, we tend to think that because there isn’t a war with our country we are doing ok, but how do we reconcile the fact we live surrounded by lies, not just in our media and from our politicians (our supposed leaders), but in industry, business, community, and family also. There may not be a war, but what are we doing to ourselves and our world by allowing such lies?

  2. “T” me up to be Truth-full as Truth-full-ness as a Livingness or walking our talk can now be examined as many students holding what they walk as a lived wisdom so we can simply expose the lies.

  3. Truth is OK – it really is. I too was scared of it to the point where I would have never admitted that I was scared because I knew the lies I lived, subscribed to, and contributed to. There’s something in all of us, this relationship of ours with Truth, that does not have to be right and perfect and never will be, but unwavering and knowing that it is us in every cell of our body.

  4. “Real, honest, heartfelt truth exposes the foul stench of our world; the world we have created, and most people don’t want to see that”. That is the crux of the matter, that we know we have contributed to the mess in the world but want to imagine its nothing to do with us.

  5. There is truth and there is our convenient ‘truth’ and most prefer the later, but truth will always win out, eventually and we can choose to embrace it and what it offers or we can fight it with our convenient truth – the choice is very much ours, but the truth is that ultimately truth will be known and lived, how we get there is up to us.

  6. I had not wanted to see how much we had fed the media beast, how we had called for the media we now have, either by wanting to know more gossip, or by turning the other way when what was written was re-interpreted, mis-interpreted or simply made up.

    1. Could it be the age-old problem of supply and “demand”? Thus we need to understand where and what supplies Truth, then we can start to have an understanding of where our supply of knowledge is coming from and what energy supplies Truth, so we can then Demand the Truth!

  7. When it comes to the truth, I’m with you on this one Sarah – “Bring it on!” Bring it on so humanity – the majority of – can see how much of the truth they have denied, from the skyrocketing rates of illness and disease to the way they have been living. And when it comes to the truth of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, yes, it is definitely the time to bring the truth on as the potential to change peoples’ lives that is on offer from this man and this organisation is too way too valuable to allow it to be lied about any longer.

  8. Truth does not age or tire, this is true today as it was when it was written in 2012. Unfortunately for us all the lies continue to abound and so too the separation and ugliness exposed about how and what we choose to accept in life. This will change as we do.

    1. Very true Victoria, we don’t want to see how much we have contributed to the mess we are in in the world and find it much easier to blame, shame and distract. With anxiety rates as they are in the world, it is high time we started asking the questions that might actually elicit a truthful answer.

  9. Truth is a commodity sadly missing in our world and yet truth never goes away and it always comes out no matter how long we try and ignore or suppress it. The question for us is will we willingly seek the truth or does the truth come to seek us?

  10. I love your powerfull words of promise and freedom here Sarah. “Time to reveal everything. Show me it all. I want truth so I can make up my own mind about my life, my world and the inner light I know shines brightly – equally in me as it does in everyone.” Honestly, when I read this I squirmed in my seat. Not that I have not asked for this before, because I am sure I have, but gee whiz it is great to give this energy again (and again). Thank you

  11. It is not just standing up against the obvious ill of society but also the standing for a healthy way of living that is lost in society. Humanities illness and disease is sky rocketing yet no one is saying anything. No one is even truly pulling us to account and asking if there is another way to live that does not make us sick. Well not quite no one. There is Serge Benhayon and all those he has inspired who are standing up and questioning human life on a deeper level and asking us all if there is something we are arrogantly ignoring as a collective race.

  12. It is disturbing that the media make up and publish lies about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine when there are real issues in society we all need to be aware of. It’s incredibly irresponsible on so many different levels for journalists and the media to not publish the truth.

  13. The winds of truth lay all before them bare in what they truly are and show us what it is we’ve been allowing. The question for us all is how willing are we to see truth, do we embrace it or wait for it to come to us, for truth can never be denied, it always comes out.

  14. Precisely and widely shared, it is truth that starts breaking the ill momentum that we are in. It takes each one to become honest in all areas of our lives and take the comfort out by our own free will. Our willingness to be more, more truth.

  15. I wonder what the world would be like if journalists should under-take a test to gain a licence that ensures they commitment to the Truth. Perhaps then our news would inspire us out of this mess, rather than cement us further into it.

    1. I love and fully endorse such a suggestion Meg. It ought not be a need for any of us to take a test that measures our integrity and commitment to living with love and truth in dedication to the well-being and evolution of the whole.
      Yet – whilst we clearly still have so many people living a life of protection, comfort and separation, such a test would be useful, nay necessary, to ensure we have what can ‘inspire us out of this mess, rather than cement us further into it’.
      The Code of Ethics and Conduct used by the EPA (www.epa-international.com/code-of-ethics) is an outstanding example of a confirmation of the standard we could all be choosing to live in whatever line of work or life we are.

  16. The state of humanity does show very clearly where are truly at. The truth is that true change is only in our own hands and never can we blame someone else for it.

    1. Yes and the longer we do blame someone else the worse it will continue to get. We have got ourselves in this mess and we will need to stop digging the hole so we can get out of the mess.

  17. Serge Benhayon was the first person I’ve met that I didn’t feel one bit of pretense with or making something up or trying to sound good or wanting to impress… he has just always been the epitome of honesty, truth and love.

  18. When truth is spoken, many people squirm and we have to be ok with whatever level of discomfort and even confrontation this brings. It is the not backing away that matters, not the focus on outcomes or being right.

  19. Very powerful indeed we are made of heavenly prototons and cells that are consistently , to their best ability, working in harmony.. So where are we and where is our responsibility living equaly from this quality and source? What happens if we do so? Would this arise us to a deeper form of truth ? Without the right or wrong? Would this not bring us closer to harmony and brotherhood? Connected to all else. Would this not put in place where life is about and let stand out that which it is not about (yet have made it about so): individuality. So we live the opposite aim globally, whilst it is for us to re-unite to the love we are all from – eventually all together.

  20. A great reminder that we are individually responsible for the whole of humanity, and just because something isn’t on our doorstep doesn’t mean that we are not responsible, or able to make a difference, as every step we take has the ability to change the world.

  21. I feel that more and more people are seeing through the way the media works and are saying no to it. There is a true opportunity for change here, because as more people choose not to buy into it, there will be less demand and our media will have to change accordingly. The media are powerful – but not more powerful than those who pay for their services. The choice lays with us, who put our hands in our pockets and fund such things. If we want more truth in our media expression, then we have to ‘vote with our feet – or our pounds and dollars’.

    1. Spot on Richard. I love what you have flagged.

      For too long have the majority of us waited for a handful of people who for whatever reason have decided to be in the limelight lead the way and we have been content to stand in the shadows and express our disgruntlement and leave it at that.

      But more and more I am waking up to the fact that it is up to every single one of us to build the quality of life we wish for in our own lives, and from that foundation naturally ignite a change in the world in which we are an indisputable part.

  22. I was going to write – ‘how amazing it would be to have a world leader who has this kind of understanding of life’ – but then I felt the truth is – ‘how amazing it would be if we all embraced this kind of understanding – and became those leaders ourselves – each and every one of us’. Thank you Sarah.

  23. I feel like I am ready to fly the truth flag after this article, you really remind us that the concealing and barstardistion of truth is age old and that standing up for truth is the only way of letting go of fear. The truth is only hard to hear when we are unwilling to listen and I think we have all experienced times when we don’t want to hear the truth through fear of feeling hurt. The ironic thing is that it hurts much more to live a lie.

    1. Yes it does, much more and it takes a smidgen of honesty to self-reflect enough to see how much kinder it would be on ourselves to live with honesty and change the patterns of the past that meant we chose everything other than truth.

  24. True. Beautiful. I like it because it is simple, honest and reaching the depth of truth that is actually our awareness of reality once we open up. A powerful sight has been captured in this blog.

  25. Calling a spade a spade although I am not a Yorkshireman, there is a force in this world whose goal it is is to bury truth and the media is its tool and so many of the media’s journalists are its pawns.

  26. “because it doesn’t affect them.” The truth is that everything we do affects everyone else and everything everyone else does affects us so we have a collective responsibility to make more loving choices as a whole community as part of humanity.

    1. Absolutely Mary, we think we get away with telling white lies or even big lies, but we have no idea how big the repercussions are and how many people they effect.

  27. Brilliantly said Sarah. We as a society are generally not willing to look at the responsibility we hold in the way we live, or even to consider that the way we live is what is shaping our world. Sadly, you are spot on in saying the ‘we are not living a life with much truth at all’. We only need to look around with open eyes to see that the world is in turmoil, our state of health and well-being in worsening, there is more abuse in our lives and amongst each other, and our young people are struggling to cope living in our current climate. The absence of living with truth and love in our lives is taking its toll and it is high time that we started to consider what our role is in the way the world currently is, and consider the degree of truth and love we are standing for in our lives.

  28. Honesty, let alone absolute honesty and truth, can be extremely confronting, but if we don’t welcome them into our lives and do our best to be honest with ourselves at the very least, the rot that pervades the way we live will only be magnified and get more extreme degrading and inhumane.

  29. “Real, honest, heartfelt truth exposes the foul stench of our world; the world we have created, and most people don’t want to see that. ” absolutely, true people don’t want to see what they have created, as when they stop to see they have to take responsibility,

  30. When you don’t take the time to get the full story or the whole picture then you are left with a part and then that part can’t be the whole truth. A lot of people have long said that you can’t trust the mainstream media at this point and also saying things like “don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story”. More and more in my life I am also taking my time and make sure I’m listening and allowing my self to see the whole picture, this way leading what I also want to see in the world. This isn’t a perfect picture but a dedication to seeing the truth more and more.

  31. Truth goes hand in hand with absoluteness. Who wants to know that their comfortable parts of their life they they wish to hide from others are also there with them in their other parts of their life. Every choice we make defines the quality we will live and bring to another.

    1. Joshua, everything is connected, truth goes hand in hand with absoluteness. You cannot hide one part and think it will not effect the other. Everything flows into another so every choice is about truth.

  32. What you present is true Sarah – we have a very flexible relationship with truth on all sorts of levels and how that ‘flexible approach’ plays out in our lives is a great thing to explore. Actually, it requires a great deal of honesty first.

  33. We have to bring up that which is false in our lives – by seeing the comforts, and have the willingness to let go – let go of that which does not belong to truth – comforts as such.

  34. I am so pleased I found this again today. We can slip so easily back into the ‘it’s not in my backyard’ mentality and actually find ourselves feeding the problem by our own abdication of responsibility.

  35. The world is in a terrible state and those who remain silent contribute to the mess with their apathy and lack of truth, ‘Real, honest, heartfelt truth exposes the foul stench of our world; the world we have created, and most people don’t want to see that.’ Time to expose the rot and start being honest.

  36. So true what you share here Sarah, and yes the world, our existence, is a big mess at present, ‘Our current existence is a myriad of lies, deception, illness, disease, corruption, manipulation and control… that is out of control.’ Time for truth with everything.

  37. Life offers a choice: building our little nest and structure our lives pretty much around it and desire either to be left alone, to be compared to others, etc. or live a life and a way of movement that inspire others. The way we relate to truth in both scenarios is pretty different. In the first scenario, truth may not be ‘necessary’. Yet, in the second one, it is foundational.

  38. Sensational blog – bringing it to ya!
    “I want truth so I can make up my own mind about my life, my world and the inner light I know shines brightly – equally in me as it does in everyone.” There is something about hearing truth and actual fact. Why would you not want to know it and feel it again. There is no time like the present to expose the lies we live in and reclaim back who we are and how we need to live. “The truth is OK. It’s time we started to really see what is truly going on.”

  39. It is indeed time to be inspired by truth, so that we start to recognize it’s resonance, and are no longer led into deeper and deeper disconnection by dis-information

  40. Truth is the most delicious thing to feel in the body. It is empowering and very freeing, offering healing and greater perception of life. Yet truth also asks for more responsibility and this is the factor so many of us run from

  41. ‘Time to be inspired, as they were, by the call from humanity to stand up and express truth.’ Well-said and very true Sarah, humanity is ready to hear the truth even if some of the Media and individuals are doing everything to reduce and hide the truth.

  42. `gorgeous, it is our truth that brings us back forth, and by all means, we have the capacity to work from this truth together, and hence there is no worry or issue at play. This togetherness will truly save man forth. No lack of truth or delay serves. Only that what is opposite.

  43. The real truth is certainly challenging. But how will the way our world actually is and how people behave evolve unless this truth is spoken, shared and lived? Until we as individuals accept that every time we express in, for example, anger, that we are contributing to an energy that is being accessed by many to cause great harm, hurt, humiliation etc to another, then there is no call to being responsible for our own individual behavior. It is this call to responsibility that will bring great changes to how we as humans interact in our world and with each other.

    1. Very true Leigh. What is interesting to me though is that even though the truth has been uncomfortable to hear at times and yes confronting, after I hear it or are reminded my whole body knows it to be true and it can’t be denied. I feel more space within everytime an untruth is revealed.

  44. ‘Real, honest, heartfelt truth exposes the foul stench of our world; the world we have created’
    Yes indeed Sarah, bring on a change that is so desparately needed. Let us take individual and collective responsibility to change the culture of dumbing down and avoiding the truth, thus creating a truthful way of being and living in the world.

  45. When we can smell corruption we say we want the truth. I used to think truth was a kind of story that adds up right, makes sense of everything, something that I can hear, read or study – something that was separate from me. But truth inevitably exposes life that has not truth-fully lived, and calls for responsibility – for it to be again reignited as the very fabric of life we all share in our co-existence. There’s enormous joy to be had, and it needs every one of us all to be a part.

    1. Thank you Fumiyo for the expansion of what Truth is about: “But truth inevitably exposes life that has not truth-fully lived, and calls for responsibility”. It is not enough to just nod our agreement. The exposing is a prompt for us to reflect on and refine how we are actually living and contributing to the whole.

  46. Truth is innate within us all and we cannot escape it. We might be able to distract ourselves temporarily but the truth doesn’t go away – we will have to face it one day. How much more suffering do we need before we choose to see it for ourselves?

  47. The world is indeed in an ugly state and those who remain silent only perpetuate the rot through their ignorance or apathy. The more the truth is exposed, the less people can hide from the responsibility we all possess to stand up and say enough. Thank God for those throughout time who speak out against what is not true and give us a chance to become change the path we are on for the good of all.

  48. ‘Real, honest, heartfelt truth exposes the foul stench of our world; the world we have created,’ and it is time we all collectively addressed this fact and stopped putting our heads in the sands about it.

  49. I often find when people express the truth – using the car analogy – it prompts me to see what is until then a blind spot. Just like when I am in the car this sudden revelation may be a surprise and feel uncomfortable, but it is really valuable and I appreciate it enormously. On the other hand I neither appreciate nor welcome the misleading information and lies pedaled by the media and other invested parties – that to me, is like having my car windscreen and wing mirrors deliberately smeared so that I am unable to see clearly. Bring on the truth and show the lies for what they are I say.

  50. Hearing Truth presented does indeed rock our comfortable little existence, but I for one would much rather feel and see Truth than continue in the rotten stench of my own comfort.

  51. My life certainly fitted the picture you are drawing here Sarah, just going with the convenient truth and keeping a blind eye on everything that was uncomfortable. It is only through Universal Medicine and the continuous inspiration by Serge Benhayon that I have found the willingness in me to take on the responsibility and face what is amiss in this world and take the action that is needed from my side.

  52. The denial of truth is the opening for evil to enter.
    Perfect blog on the actual willingness to live truth and doing it so, or only do so when it suits our needs. Very recognisable, yet something I can change today. It is time for more responsibility and taking action. Are we ready?

  53. Great blog and so much truth you share. It is time we all stood up and spoke our truth and not hide any fear or worry. Speaking our truth gives us our strength to expressing fully.

  54. Thank you Sarah for an inspiring blog, I have found it difficult in the past to speak my truth preferring to remain in the comfort of not creating waves, I am at present needing to speak some uncomfortable truths to a friend and your blog has encouraged me to not hold back from expressing.

  55. Sarah thank you for your truthful blog. It is really time to expose the rot around our media and Journalism. To allow ourselves to feel the responsibility each of us have is very powerful as it can change the world or, at the least, journalism.

  56. While we are happy to lie to ourselves personally, we will not choose to see the mess we have created around us or in the world. I used to avoid those that spoke truth, might have been a friend, teacher, family member or stranger because ti was too confronting… but in the end my body always knew it was truth and after the initial reaction I would not deny it.

    1. Oh yes, our body does not deny truth. In fact I have come to relaise that the tension I get when I am in any situation, and the reaction I might have is not necessarily even about the surface picture of what is in front of me, but it is often showing me that so far I have been resisiting a deeper awareness of a truth that the situation is prompting a connection to!
      In that moment I can choose to blame what is in front of me and find reasons to justify my choice, or I can reflect on what truth and understanding is coming to the surface from deep within me.

  57. It is wonderful that there are so many comments from people who deeply care about having the Truth reflected even when it is showing the mess we are in as the starting point. We have a growing trend of legal people pushing for business by finding ways of blaming and suing others for incidents and people giving evidence in court need to swear that they will only tell the Truth. These two trends alone are quite telling about the relationship we actually have as a society with Truth, integrity, responsibility and trusting one another. Yet the comments here show a different trend and the more each of us commits to living these qualities, the sooner the tide will change.

  58. When a witness is sworn in before giving evidence in court they say “I swear by Almighty God (or the person may name a god recognised by his or her religion) that the evidence I shall give will be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.” If only we all lived the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth each and every day.

  59. The thing is that people have forgotten what truth feels like, what it sounds like, it has become an unknown , with many ersatz offering around, but when one actually hears truth , it becomes possible to recognize its resonance.

    1. Chris thats a great point, I certainly was one of those people that was lost in lie to lie without truth in sight, I had completely forgotten what it felt like. Yet as hard as it can be to accept the truth, when we finally are presented by someone that lives truth we can all feel it.

  60. It’s true – the world as it is today and what we are living with is of our own creation. We can’t rely on someone else to fix it – we each have to take responsibility for the part we have and are playing in contributing to the problem.

  61. A strong blog Sarah and one that is needed now more than ever. Things are getting worse not better. The vendetta against Serge Benhayon continues and many of us stop ourselves from fulfilling our potential because of fear and doubt. We cannot indulge in such things if we truly want to live the change we want to see.

  62. It’s four years since you wrote this Sarah and unfortunately not a lot has changed, but in saying that there is a ground swell of truth speakers, like yourself, who are committed to changing the face of journalism as well as many other areas of the life that we accept as normal. And why do people run from truth – “they run from it because it rocks their safe little world” and they can’t comprehend what life would be like if they chose to be rocked? I for one know that having the world as I knew it rocked, lovingly so, by Serge Benhayon, was the biggest and best wakeup call I have ever had.

  63. Ready for some real truth – I think the whole world is screaming for help. So truth sounds like a good start if the whole world seems to be covered up in lies. And absolute curruption were media is an element, but surely there are so many more elements that contain lies and absolute curruption (where we did not wanted to know about). So it is our job to stop – see and discover the truth… most important to stand and take the courage to not walk away – even if it disturbs our comfortables ways. Let’s start today. I will.

  64. Yes bring it on. I would much rather have truth and make up my own mind than have some hideous reinterpretation with someone else’s agenda. It is completely my responsibility to call for truth and walk the talk to the best of my ability.

  65. A great article Sarah. Thank you for sharing, in no uncertain terms, the truth about the mess we are living in, and our responsibility in creating this sorry state of affairs. It is only when we choose to feel and see how awful our everyday living is, will we be in a position to redress the situation.

  66. Thank you Sarah for adding your voice loud and clear to a call for truth and integrity in our disharmonious world. Serge Benhayon is inspiring many to stand up for the whole truth of how we create our own woes and that there is another way to live, The Way of The Livingness.

  67. Truth whether in word, in physical expression or simply in the manner of living, shines light on all the aspects of our life that is lacking that quality and inspires responsibility to turn things round. This article is a great example of true journalism – one of the quality, love and deep care for humanity.

  68. It is always revealing to read an article written by a journalist about a subject you know well. The article looks as authoritative and impressive and convincing as any other journalist-written article but you suddenly notice that it is usually riddled with errors.

  69. “Real, honest, heartfelt truth exposes the foul stench of our world; the world we have created, and most people don’t want to see that. They don’t want the rot uncovered because it exposes that they really, truly, deep down don’t want to be even remotely honest about their own life.” So true Sarah and currently more and more dishonesty and corruption is being exposed. Yet we all have to look within and uncover where we are not being honest with ourselves; as you say; ‘the world we have created’. We can’t blame A.N.other for that.

  70. Thank you Sarah for your call for truth and in calling out how the veil of illusion we live under is not serving us and to defend it is ridiculous. The number of anxious faces you see on a day to day basis has only increased since the writing of your blog and your message is even more relevant.

  71. People do seem to prefer a life of comfort to one of full understanding that comes from truth. It’s a false economy because we all have to confront what we seek to avoid at some point, either collectively or individually. Truth can hurt and be raw but it is undeniable in its absoluteness and gives us the gift of clarity in making our next move, our very own next choice.

  72. People desperately need to hear truth being spoken and written, because we have forgotten that truth itself has a resonance that is unmistakable, and humanity needs to be able to recognise and feel this again.

  73. What I have found is that when action is taken, without a commitment to truth and unless we have at least been honest about what we observe around us and within ourself, we can not access the wisdom required. The changes become as if merely shuffling the furniture and we will create the same old mess again and again.

  74. ‘l want truth so I can make up my own mind about my life.’ I am totally with you here!! The way the media deliberately withhold and twist the truth denies so many millions of people the right to know what’s truly going on. At least if we are presented with the truth then we have a choice with what we do next.

    1. Great point felixshumacher8. This shows how people do not often even want to connect with the truth of the situation and how they are feeling, we as a global race must spend an enormous amount of time running from truth!

  75. Thank you for calling out the rot which lies beneath the sugar coating we conveniently place over the truth to make life more palatable. Without responsibility for truth we are living a lie, in denial of our relationship with the whole of life and existing in a self-made bubble that will inevitably burst, exposing the puss that has been inside all along.

    1. I love the graphic descriptions Cathy. “Sugar coating” and hiding “the pus” expresses well the actual awfulness of the level of responsibility we are choosing to live. It doesn’t matter how palatable we make it, if we are going against our true nature it will still make us sick.

  76. One day the media will begin to tell the truth but by then how many people’s lives will be ruined by the damaging lies they continue to print in order to improve their career and sell newspapers. Exposing the media and the corruption within it is a responsibility we all need to take on as a community, the time has come for us all to challenge their motives and to ask for the truth to be printed.

    1. Yes Anna, indeed the time has come. And many are now becoming aware that responsibility is not the domain of the few but of each of us equally and are challenging the lack of truth and integrity in media.

  77. It is crazy with a capital “C” and an exclamation mark that we are constantly creating our own lies that we get hurt back by. Creating our own perceptions, our own understandings and our own cushions of part-truths that feed the situations with have created by not empowering us with the Whole Truth. The fact is though that we ALL suffer because of this and it is to all our great detriment that this is the accepted norm

  78. For me I feel that the reason why we do not choose truth as a society is because of the responsibility that this brings. There are many who would happily look at truth if it did not reveal all that is not truth in them. Learning to know and live from truth involves taking responsibility for the ways of living that we have chosen which are not in accordance to this. This is not hard when we live from a foundation of loving and self-supporting choices but can be affronting to those who have yet to know this as the way to return to a truthful way of living and being.

  79. Truth can be very confronting but if we can manage to stay open and really notice what is going on in both the micro to the macro world, then so there is much possibility for change to occur. Instead, we humans are generally choosing to duck for cover if anything even remotely arises that seems likely to disturb our comfort zone. No wonder the media gets away with as much biased, sloppy journalism as it does! Thank fully there are some role models in the world who are prepared to stand up and dare to live honest lives – which leaves a wonderful footprint for others to observe and consider in terms of their own lives.

    1. ‘Purpose’ seems to be the clinching factor between whether I seek truth or not. When I have a purpose that requires me to grow and develop, then I welcome any guidance and support along the way and this includes feedback that I like and feedback that I do not particularly like, because knowing the facts about what is happening is absolutely vital. If I want to stay comfortable on the other hand, I do not appreciate those truths that let me know of the icky bits that need attention. So the question is what is our purpose? Is it to stay comfortable and foster the mentality “I’m alright Jack so forget about everyone else?” or is it to serve humanity with all that we are and make sure we all evolve together as the one brotherhood that in truth we are?

  80. it just highlights to me how much as a society we don’t choose truth as our leading way of life. We prefer to stay silent, contracted and follow what patterns have been already laid out for us, by the many avenues in which we call ‘life’ today. Over all, there has been societies in the past with a grand significance on living in cycles, living in brotherhood, and living with the connection to the divine. This isn’t lived today and we have another pattern at present that has been there throughout history, those who want it “their way”, ” the way that people follow and the seeming unawareness of existing. Universal Medicine is presenting a different way, one where feelings are honoured, people are cherished and purpose is lived, because it is from the divine we all come from.

  81. The media should reflect where we are at as a society, understandably we, as a society, do not want to know how awful things really are. But if we are ever to get real about our situation we need to address all the bad and the good and not sweep it under the carpet.

    1. Spot on Luke. Recently I read an article that was saying how the tabloids are deliberately avoiding going into any unpleasant and uncomfortable issues, firstly because the public don’t seem to not like such news and news bearer, and also because of a concern about being accused – like others have – of making money out of misfortune. Both of these points themselves are facts that are worth contemplating – they show the way we choose to live tends to be with our head in the sand and get outraged if someone dares to announce the truth. But how will we ever be able to bring around what is not working if we are not prepared to look at the actual facts long enough?

      1. YES and YES.
        Two phrases come to mind:
        1. Don’t shoot the messenger
        2. Freedom of the Press

        Two points that are very relevant in your above comment.

        1. as a society we shouldn’t have our heads in the sand and avoid the unpleasant truth. If this mentality didn’t exist maybe journalists would be more willing to step forward with hard hitting articles that go at the heart of the matter to really stimulate lasting change.

        2. Freedom of the press has given the right to print ANYTHING. Whether it be news worthy or not or even news to begin with. In some respects our news standards have become about drama, shock factor and feel good stories.

        There is more to journalism then this. Let’s live on the sharp side of the letter opener.

  82. Love it Sarah. Agree wholeheartedly with everything you have written. We cannot move forward as a race of people until we are fully honest about how humanity is living and how we are personally living. See the truth for what it is.

      1. So true Meg; and knowing not to feel it is too big a job, to know true change is possible by our expression. Not to leave it to others, because if we all felt like that, then nothing would change, but if we all expressed something, then we are all one huge voice and everything can change.

      2. That’s an amazing point, I know in the past I have definitely felt that just in myself was not the power to change anything, it was like a massive giving up. However the truth is that every word, every movement can change so much more than we realise.

      3. Yes Meg. I can remember as a child observing adults ‘complaining’ about how things are – it always struck me and stood out for me and left me feeling confused and deep down disappointed. Now I understand it – it is giving up – the moaning and complaining simply perpetuates the issue. If everyone took action or responsibility for what it was they were complaining about, things would change pretty quickly.

      4. Wow – I remember that feeling as a child too, the fact that many adults simply do not enjoy life and are very verbal about this fact! It was simply a lack of responsibility and a lack of commitment to truly change things and really bring their A-game to the situation.

      5. I have also noticed this trend of “many adults simply do not enjoy life and are very verbal about this fact” during my childhood and ever since! In fact whenever the innocent childlike part of me shares enthusiasm about anything a tsunami of deflating comments descend. I recall the shock of this when I was so excited about my first job and I see it every day in the office. This also is reflected in our media, those responsible for publishing the articles. As this post so clearly says, the first step out of the mess is to actually see and own up to the mess.

      6. I agree, the torrent of negativity starts so young, but continues well into our adult lives. I notice even now if I say I love work there are raised eyebrows. Yet I can’t help feeling the way we approach life is so vital for every aspect of our health and well-being.

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