Inspired to Look Deeper: Making Love versus Sex

by Danielle, 31, Goonellabah, NSW

I have just read a fantastic piece by Kyla Plummer about love making versus sex on another blog (Women In Livingness) – titled Sex, Drugs… and Making Love. It took real courage and self-love for Kyla to speak up about her past relationships, sex life and the recklessness and abuse in such detail.

After reading the article I felt the deep sadness, shame or guilt that I had about my past sex life and relationships as a young woman. There was a part of me that blamed myself for the terrible empty relationships and experiences that I had, but from Kyla’s post I felt how I too don’t need to be ashamed or self-beating about the past. Yes, I chose this and I need to take responsibility for my choices and look at why I made these, but also need to consider that at the time there was no other way shown to me.

Reckless, irresponsible and empty sex and relationships were what my friends, older girls at school, older women and mothers around me were doing, and what the movies and magazines showed me. It was all about the urgency, performing, pleasing and positions, or the romance with candlelight, music and an open fireplace. But all of this left an empty or dissatisfied feeling, in turn leading to the need for either more sex, exciting scenes or locations or a ‘better’ partner.

In my early 20’s I did find a man who was very caring, considerate, open and at times gentle with me, but I could also feel there was still something missing. We had a level of honesty, openness, responsibility, love and care in our relationship, and had created a successful life in terms of our careers, finances, material possessions and social lives, but it still felt like something was missing and I questioned if it was really love that I was feeling. I left this 5-year relationship when I was 24.

I then experienced one more round of trying to find ‘it’… this time with an older man. I recognised I wasn’t trying to find perfect sex or the perfect relationship or the successful finances and belongings, but instead find ‘it’ – that thing that I felt was missing. No luck here either, and I ended up back in old patterns of fun and very happy times, and even passionate, hot and what I felt was caring sex, but still nights of laying awake next to my snoring partner, feeling deeply sad, lost, and unsure why.

Then I came across a group of people who talked about sex versus lovemaking, and that there was a great difference between the two: this group of people was Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. Serge never once said to not have sex, or that sex was bad. He just presented another option – lovemaking. Nothing was spoken about the physical actions and how this should be, but more about how we were with each other during the day – to build a truly loving interaction with each other before we were even in the bedroom. I began to understand that lovemaking needed to start with not only how I am with my partner throughout the day, but also how I am with myself.

The more I began to feel and connect to what this truly meant and how to live it, the more I felt deeply empowered. I realised that it was about having a tender, loving and honouring relationship and that it was nothing at all to do with finding the perfect man (i.e. how the man was). It was all to do with how I was with myself first, then with others.

I am slowly discovering how to be more caring, gentle, honouring and special with myself: in my thoughts, the way I move, speak and the words that I use. In turn, people naturally begin to be this way with me also. It’s not perfect, and for various reasons I often revert back to old, rushed, hard or self abusive ways with myself and in turn, others – but now I know there is another way, and I have since met a man who is willing to be this way to the best of his ability with himself, and therefore naturally with me.

Together my husband and I are developing a more delicate, special and loving way to be with each other and with everyone that we meet – in every interaction, the way we speak, cook together, ask something from the other, and move about the house in a more gentle and caring way… sometimes with a playful smile or silly comment. Naturally the way we are with each other in the bedroom is a follow-on from how we are with each other in the house. The bedroom cannot be the only place where love is switched on, and off. So if I want to touch my husband in a deeply tender, delicate and precious way, I need to be passing him the pepper or a cup of tea in the same way. Further, if I truly want to be able to pass him the pepper or cup of tea in a tender and delicate way, I must be this way with myself first, in the way that I move and hold myself – even the thoughts I have about myself.

It’s like a chain, in that if the first link is broken there’s no way the other two can follow (i.e. if I’m not tender and loving with myself and my thoughts or the way I speak to myself, then there’s no way possible that I can firstly speak and be tender or loving with my partner, let alone touch and hold him preciously and adoringly in the way that he deserves). The lovely feeling behind all of this is that the way that we touch and hold each other carries no need whatsoever: no need to get anything from the other, and no need to give anything to them because ‘it’ is already all there before we begin. We are each choosing it for ourselves first, and then sharing and celebrating it with the other.

As I previously said, this is not perfect, and sometimes it is very challenging. However, when it’s challenging I know deep down it’s only challenging because, for various reasons, I am finding it challenging to be precious, adoring or tender with myself first, in the way that I truly deserve.

393 thoughts on “Inspired to Look Deeper: Making Love versus Sex

  1. Just the two words cary such different feels. Sex is so cold and selfish even, making love has a completely different connotation – something I am yet to one day experience.

  2. Making love is gorgeous and comes so naturally when we simply are ourselves and connect to another from this place. For me the key is remembering it is not just what happens in the bedroom but how we are living 24/7 with ourselves and with the other person. The more we honour ourselves and our partner then we cannot but make love.

  3. To make love the whole day together by doing all we do during the day in a loving way we feel the Union together which Can deepen more And more.

  4. What we are fed by movies, magazines, friends, and now more than ever the porn industry is a mine field when it comes to our ideas around what sex and making love should be like. And yes all of it leaves you feeling empty and lost. The physical act of making love should be sacred, not something we use to make-up, hook a partner, or get relief from life’s tensions.

  5. ‘Together my husband and I are developing a more delicate, special and loving way to be with each other and with everyone that we meet – in every interaction, the way we speak, cook together, ask something from the other, and move about the house in a more gentle and caring way… sometimes with a playful smile or silly comment.’ This is lovely to read, we can feel the delicacy in your words. We often move thoughtlessly and to make every interaction deliberately tender is a lovely way to be with a partner.

  6. Dwelling on past misdemeanours or reckless acts is a way of putting off simplicity and letting in more Love. Learn, laugh, adapt and change – our ingrained beliefs are all that stands between us and intimacy. Thank you Danielle for this tender sharing.

  7. Love this Danielle especially the part of passing the pepper etc doing these seemingly dull tasks with actual tenderness, quality of gentleness, then those activity comes alive. Awesome.

  8. To live precious and tender is what we avoid for long as this is the way to live our love in ourselves and with others.

  9. ‘ I began to understand that lovemaking needed to start with not only how I am with my partner throughout the day, but also how I am with myself.’ I am finding this too, that the more I am loving towards myself the more loving I can be with my partner.

    1. It’s a pretty simple equation really! It’s living it that I tend to find easier to say than be, it’s a developing and deepening.

  10. Reading this I am reminded to not hold my breath for perfection. As your last paragraph shared it’s not about being perfect but using the mistakes as lessons to learn how to be more loving with myself.

  11. There is such a deep honouring of both ourselves and others when we see everything as equally important and so do not put acts like sex above any other moment. It is exquisite being truly intimate with another just walking past them, and knowing nothing else is needed in that moment.

  12. Shame is such an undermining and destructive emotion. As human beings we all make mistakes, that is how we learn, so there is no need for shame in this process of correction and letting go, only honesty, acceptance and humbleness.

  13. I remember once giving a kiss to a man who liked me a lot And who was very popular as a casanova with women. I gave him a Kiss not from the so called attraction energy he offered me to go in. But I answered him with a Kiss coming from my heart. He then stopped and said oh Wow that is not where I am ready for. …. he knew exactly what he brings and not ready to make life About love. i loved his honesty.

  14. This blog reminded me of a time when I a friend refused a hug because he was annoyed with me and instead of feeling rejected in any way I felt just as wonderful as I had before as my body could express love without the hug.

  15. No matter how we try to settle for less, our body and heart has a way of showing up, that all we actually are designed for is Love. So why accept anything else in what you say, do and move? It’s these everyday things that get us in a groove that is true. Thank you Danielle for this love letter to us all.

  16. For me also it is not needing to be precious with myself. A long lived hardness tries to dominante my movements as an old habit. But the only way is practising the new tender way in all I do And touch this will re imprint the old way.

  17. “It is already there before we begin” what a very empowering understanding and appreciation of how to be in relationship, with ourselves and then others.

  18. If we start to understand once again what true love really means we can see how we all drifted away from this we carry in our essence.The way back is to start loving ourselves again and care for every detail movement to make it in a loving quality.

  19. It is great to feel the poor choices, disregard etc. of our past intimate relationships. I feel this is part of re-claiming our worth and treasuring ourselves so this will not happen again. Going into feeling ashamed or guilty only holds us there and creates more harm of self-criticism, where there is opportunity for healing.

  20. Absolutely awesome sharing Danielle it makes it all so clear what is needed to bring all relationships into love making – pass the pepper please : ) becomes an extension of how we love ourselves.

  21. The concept of love making is being redefined by what you are offering, and I look forward to my next intimate relationship where I can explore what is offered here.

  22. I keep returning to read this blog Danielle, it feels like it has so much to offer others and me. I used to think if I just made my movements gentle and simple that would be more than enough. Now I am getting the sense Love is so much more than this. It feels like it’s about a constant connection to stillness, warmth and knowing that I am a Son of God. Without this I’m just living in layers of numbness and hardness, no matter how comfortable my life or nice my thoughts.

  23. Thank you for being so generous with what you have shared. It is a subject I wish I knew more about earlier in life. I was unfortunately in the same boat as Kyla and yourself when I was a young woman. My older sister was my biggest role model at the time, that before mentioning the media and other girlfriends. All the information I received from these so called “reputable” sources, lead me to believe that feeling empty and looking for men to fill the void, literally, was normal somehow? However, it is never too late to find love in yourself and then share true love making with your partner. I am blessed with a Husband that respects and loves me, and when we make love there is never an yurky feeling. Unlike in the past how I would feel after sex, sometimes even if I was ‘enjoying’ it at the time, I would just cry, as it made me so sad.

    1. The role models are few and as you mentioned Sarah Karam the search for intimacy is saddened with sex rather than the joy of a union and celebrations between two people that is felt way before.

  24. For so long in our society making love has been shrouded in indecency and taboo. It’s something we generally don’t talk about, or if we do it’s with a focus on stimulation, escape or sexual excitement. This is not true. Making love in its living essence is celebrating and embracing truth each moment we are alive. Moving and choosing grace, stillness and our souls purpose. The way we can bring the power of God to opening the dishwasher or sending an email is something we desperately need to talk about. Because the world is crying out for Love and as you show Danielle it exists in the chain of our choices, not just the sheets of our bed.

  25. I love the openess in which you write this blog Danielle.
    Touching And sharing clearly a truer way to built intimacy together.

  26. Sex sells big time, most of the world are under an big illusion about sex, thinking it is something it is not. We crave sex when we don’t have intimacy in our lives. Sex can never compare to making love.

  27. This is such an open and honest blog – thank you Danielle. It’s not about holding on to the past, to the fact that we might have gone against our innate knowing (as I also had), choosing to have sex instead that would leave us feeling empty and rather yucky… it’s about deepening the love affair with ourselves first, connecting to the essence within us and cherishing, loving ourselves so deeply. From there, it’s natural to extend this quality and way of being with another, and the sexual act is simply a confirmation of that way of living and relating that we have chosen.

  28. ‘I began to understand that lovemaking needed to start with not only how I am with my partner throughout the day, but also how I am with myself.’ The more we cherish and nurture ourselves the more we can cherish and nurture our partners. When we are prepared to go deeper in our relationship with ourselves the more that can be expressed and communicated with our partners.

  29. This is so beautiful Danielle. What you share reinforces my experience in developing understanding of the difference between sex and making love. To me sex is an empty act borne of a desire for distraction or relief. Love making has nothing to do with sex and yet we can make love when being physically intimate with another if we have chosen to make love a part of our lives.

  30. We go around constantly seeking the perfect kiss, the greatest hug, and to find ‘true love’. Yet all along, the whole time, we are it. The greatest sensation lives in the way we touch every thing, the most beautiful caress in the way we navigate space, the greatest pleasure in the openness we choose to allow and the grace we feel when we move. Everything in this world adds up. We are the greatest mathematicians you can find, and God the greatest accountant. There is no way to fix the books only great choices to be summed up. They either add up to Love or not. Thank you Danielle for sharing this equation with us all.

    1. We are more than the ideals and beliefs that are constantly feed to us. When we stop to take note that we are it – the need is offered a chance to exit and love is offered in abundance to reignite and stay.

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