The Glory of Expression

I attended a Universal Medicine event called The Glory Workshop in Lennox Head in December 2012. Serge Benhayon had talked about glory in his presentations before and it had always seemed somewhat out of reach as a state of being that I could aspire to, let alone sustain on a daily basis.

It turned out to be all very simple and practical. The main ingredient as presented on the day is open and honest communication with others; my willingness to express to another or others what I am truly feeling. So when telling somebody that they look lovely, I can now let myself feel the depth of what I have felt and really want to communicate to that person and possibly say something like, “I have noticed how much care you take with how you dress and how lovely you always look, and it lights up my day”.

What’s the difference, you may ask? Well, I am one of those people whose eyes well up with tears whenever I see or notice something truly caring or loving, whether that be on TV or in the movies. It has always puzzled me and I now know that it is all the unexpressed potential expressions that I have not ever expressed, stuck in my throat and creating havoc in my body. Havoc? Yes, all the things I want to say, all the things I always wished I could say, don’t just disappear into thin air – they actually stay in me and get stuck there, and it makes me buy more tissues, having to pull them out in the most inopportune moments! And just in case you wonder, honest expression also includes telling my boss something like, “I am doing my best here and whether right or wrong, I do not deserve to be treated like this. And I don’t actually work any better or faster when I am bullied, quite the contrary”. Ouch – let’s see how we go with that one.

But what is more important? Keeping it all bottled up inside and affecting my body in many ways, as not only presented by Universal Medicine but also by the field of Psychoneuroimmunology*, or expressing, making a few mistakes on the way if needed – and getting on with it? A no-brainer, me feels.

by Gabriele Conrad, Goonellabah, Australia

[*Note: Psychoneuroimmunology refers to the study of the interactions among behavioral, neural and endocrine, and immune functions.” Reference:].


303 thoughts on “The Glory of Expression

  1. Honest communication with others – what a relief the body feels. How freeing it is to communicate honestly and give others the space to do the same. We may not think we like what they have to say sometimes, but when truth is expresses, our soul is always appreciative. And we when ourselves express, the body expands.

  2. Open and honest communication makes everything so simple. I know expression doesn’t always have to be verbal, but I get a sense that we sometimes expect others to ‘read’ situations and use that as an excuse for us to be somewhat sloppy and lazy with our words.

    1. That is my experience as well – expecting of other people what we are not willing to do ourselves or for ourselves.

  3. Thank you Gabriele, I also find tears coming to my eyes sometimes and had not associated this with all the times I have not expressed the love that I feel. This totally makes sense and inspires me to share more readily from now on.

  4. When we hold back saying what needs to said when it needs to be said it correspondingly holds back the development of us all.

  5. Self-expression is so vital to our wellbeing. Learning to express myself over the past 30 years or more has really changed my experience of life. Particularly so over the past 7 years since I came to understand the importance of expressing the truth of our inner-most hearts. For me, this is the key to experiencing joy in life, something I once felt was a random occurrence. Thank you Serge Benhayon…and of course Chris James.

  6. Someone rang me from America and started talking to me very fast, so fast I had no idea what they were talking about so I just asked them if it was possible that they could slow down. This may not seem such a big deal but actually it was for me, to be able to express my feelings openly and then have those feels respected was huge. The person on the other end of the phone slowed their speech down and we continued our conversation. Easy; because I have attended many Universal Medicine expression programs to the stage where I am able to express without fear of retribution.

  7. There is way much to see than what we are accustomed to. When we go there and express what we are seeing, we create an enormous space that is absolutely beholding between two people. It is glorious.

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