The Glory of Expression

I attended a Universal Medicine event called The Glory Workshop in Lennox Head in December 2012. Serge Benhayon had talked about glory in his presentations before and it had always seemed somewhat out of reach as a state of being that I could aspire to, let alone sustain on a daily basis.

It turned out to be all very simple and practical. The main ingredient as presented on the day is open and honest communication with others; my willingness to express to another or others what I am truly feeling. So when telling somebody that they look lovely, I can now let myself feel the depth of what I have felt and really want to communicate to that person and possibly say something like, “I have noticed how much care you take with how you dress and how lovely you always look, and it lights up my day”.

What’s the difference, you may ask? Well, I am one of those people whose eyes well up with tears whenever I see or notice something truly caring or loving, whether that be on TV or in the movies. It has always puzzled me and I now know that it is all the unexpressed potential expressions that I have not ever expressed, stuck in my throat and creating havoc in my body. Havoc? Yes, all the things I want to say, all the things I always wished I could say, don’t just disappear into thin air – they actually stay in me and get stuck there, and it makes me buy more tissues, having to pull them out in the most inopportune moments! And just in case you wonder, honest expression also includes telling my boss something like, “I am doing my best here and whether right or wrong, I do not deserve to be treated like this. And I don’t actually work any better or faster when I am bullied, quite the contrary”. Ouch – let’s see how we go with that one.

But what is more important? Keeping it all bottled up inside and affecting my body in many ways, as not only presented by Universal Medicine but also by the field of Psychoneuroimmunology*, or expressing, making a few mistakes on the way if needed – and getting on with it? A no-brainer, me feels.

by Gabriele Conrad, Goonellabah, Australia

[*Note: Psychoneuroimmunology refers to the study of the interactions among behavioral, neural and endocrine, and immune functions.” Reference:].


319 thoughts on “The Glory of Expression

  1. I was able to express to my boss that I didn’t like the way he kept changing the prices of things on the fly, so that he would want to charge more for something than agreed price attached to it. I was talking to a fellow sales colleague just after the call and they said how did you manage to say that Mary, well quite easily really it just came out, if I get myself out of the way things just come from me. My colleagues are amazed at what I’m able to say and seemingly get away with as they never speak up but just give in. But what is fascinating about all of this is that some of them are beginning to speak up and not just accept what they are being told when it clearly doesn’t feel right.

  2. Reading this today I feel inspired to be more aware of how I am feeling and to share this. Recently I made a shift to start to share how I feel, which was challenging because it really let the people I was talking to see deeper part of me. What was interesting was how it affected my body, as I have some muscular tension from an accident up the left side of my spine, and this began to ease and under my left scapula began burning – and that was just from expressing a few sentences of things I had wanted to say for a long time. I felt such an ease in me even though it wasn’t received well, but it showed me how much pressure the body experiences from holding back, and the joy and settled contented feeling from finally expressing my feelings.

    1. Just goes to show that “the body is the marker of all truth”, as taught by Serge Benhayon.

  3. One has to honour and appreciate the timely reading of this blog as expression is so important and understanding how the glory of that expression feels like, me feels, it is a no brainer also Gabriele! Adding to my expression with a word like Psychoneuroimmunology feels like a connection to our whole body with another new word, so a Deephumbleappreciativeness of the loving glory we can all live feels true.

  4. “The unexpressed potential expressions that I have not ever expressed, stuck in my throat and creating havoc in my body” making our eyes well up – that is an amazing realization. I used to think that I was just sympathizing.

  5. I’ve noticed over the course of my life how expressing something from my heart with love to another offers something quite beautiful to the person, it’s an opportunity for the person to receive something from another human being they may not have before such as an appreciation, a realness, or an honesty, even an expression of joy. I’ve seen the ripple effects of true expression many times in my life in terms of the effects on people when love is expressed, which has then supported me to continue to share how I feel.

    1. Great observation – even when someone reacts to what we communicate, the door stays open because what was expressed came from love and the knowing that it is not for us to hold back what has been given for another.

  6. When we hold back expressing what is there to be expressed we are harming ourselves and the other person or people there is no room for growth, we keep ourselves and other stunted in our evolution.

    1. As you mentioned already, it does work both ways – there is something to say that will support another and when we hold that back, we suffer the consequences of carrying it around inside of us and the other party misses out on the learning/insight/support. Lack of expression thus stunts all involved.

    2. If I consider all the blogs on this site and the growth and healing I’ve experienced from them it brings more understanding to the value of what I have to say and to not hold that back. Expression is an opportunity for another person to react or respond but at least if we say how we feel we have offered it.

      1. Melinda I agree with you the growth and the healing I have personally experienced from commenting on all these amazing blogs has supported me enormously. One of my biggest life lessons is learning not to react to a situation but to understand from a deeper level what is occurring by reading the energy at play. This has a very settling effect on our bodies.

  7. Expressing is a beautiful connecting bridge between ourselves (including our body), a feeling we have felt and the person who inspired that feeling. It is the possibility of an alignment that only lasts what they last. So, making it happen is up to us.

    1. And because these connections last while they last – no agenda, images or expectations – they are in truth constellations, whether one off or for the long run.

  8. I love the simplicity of glory being about being open and honest with what you express and feel. If we let ourselves feel everything in any moment there will always be more to express. That can be different each time, like adding how something makes you feel or a physical gesture to support what you are saying. Holding it back creates a bottle neck (and often does cause tightness in my neck!) in my body.

    1. Language is at times very apt and descriptive, as in your description of a ‘bottle neck’ when we hold back our expression. And once we hold back, we balloon in all sorts of places and spots in the body as we retain and hold on to what is not ours.

    2. Fiona while reading your comment I felt as though life is like making a cake leave out any one of the main ingredients and it doesn’t work as there is a way to make a cake. There is a way to be in life miss out one of the core ingredients of life and we are not living life to the fullness that is there to be lived.

  9. I have learnt that bottling up how we feel is a recipe for disaster, because not only does it adversely affect our bodies as the tension we are feeling can build up and then like a volcano explode and be very harming to ourselves and everyone on the receiving end.

    1. And that volcano erupts at the most inopportune moments, in front of innocent bystanders and offloads onto others what is of no concern to them at all.

      1. Yes if we could actually see the damage, the actual physical harm we do to ourselves and other people by exploding with say anger, I’m sure we would not ever want to be angry again.

      2. All emotions come with a force that can easily flatten another/others; this force can hurt more than a physical punch, as evidenced by the mass of childhood trauma that people carry around with them well into adulthood.

  10. It is quite strange that we have come to allow ourselves to feel so uncomfortable and almost frightened to express the love we feel, or the appreciation of when we observe a loving act, gesture or connection. How ridiculous it is, that this is what has become of us and considered ‘normal’ even through our general state of well-being is worsening as a whole humanity, when our natural way of being, what we all deep down love to feel and share with and from each other, it to be love and express the gloriousness of all that love is. Could this be what represents true freedom, health and well-being? Connecting to, living and freely expressing the love we are.

  11. How many of us actually allow ourselves to have an honest communication with others? From my experience we are all too busy being polite or good, not at all willing to express to another or others what we are truly feeling because we do not want to appear to be rude.

    1. We do not want to ruffle any feathers and prefer to let another stew in their muck rather than bringing truth to the situation and exposing what has no place in this world, between people and in our communications.

  12. There is a huge difference in expressing what we think people want to hear and expressing what is needed at the time. Children have so much to express because they have an ability to see life very clearly. But this ability can get crushed by adults as they do not want to be exposed to the truth that a child knows innately. This then leads to a child denying what it naturally knows is true to playing games such as being ‘nice’ bottling up what they sense or denying their own truth. Lets be honest and say that Humanity is very brutal when it comes to denying the truth. We have lived the lie for so long we justify and defend it now as the only way to live.

    1. The lie has become the norm and we defend and cement it with every move, every utterance and every thought = our convenient truth and our comfort.

  13. There is way much to see than what we are accustomed to. When we go there and express what we are seeing, we create an enormous space that is absolutely beholding between two people. It is glorious.

  14. Someone rang me from America and started talking to me very fast, so fast I had no idea what they were talking about so I just asked them if it was possible that they could slow down. This may not seem such a big deal but actually it was for me, to be able to express my feelings openly and then have those feels respected was huge. The person on the other end of the phone slowed their speech down and we continued our conversation. Easy; because I have attended many Universal Medicine expression programs to the stage where I am able to express without fear of retribution.

  15. Self-expression is so vital to our wellbeing. Learning to express myself over the past 30 years or more has really changed my experience of life. Particularly so over the past 7 years since I came to understand the importance of expressing the truth of our inner-most hearts. For me, this is the key to experiencing joy in life, something I once felt was a random occurrence. Thank you Serge Benhayon…and of course Chris James.

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