The Glory of Expression

I attended a Universal Medicine event called The Glory Workshop in Lennox Head in December 2012. Serge Benhayon had talked about glory in his presentations before and it had always seemed somewhat out of reach as a state of being that I could aspire to, let alone sustain on a daily basis.

It turned out to be all very simple and practical. The main ingredient as presented on the day is open and honest communication with others; my willingness to express to another or others what I am truly feeling. So when telling somebody that they look lovely, I can now let myself feel the depth of what I have felt and really want to communicate to that person and possibly say something like, “I have noticed how much care you take with how you dress and how lovely you always look, and it lights up my day”.

What’s the difference, you may ask? Well, I am one of those people whose eyes well up with tears whenever I see or notice something truly caring or loving, whether that be on TV or in the movies. It has always puzzled me and I now know that it is all the unexpressed potential expressions that I have not ever expressed, stuck in my throat and creating havoc in my body. Havoc? Yes, all the things I want to say, all the things I always wished I could say, don’t just disappear into thin air – they actually stay in me and get stuck there, and it makes me buy more tissues, having to pull them out in the most inopportune moments! And just in case you wonder, honest expression also includes telling my boss something like, “I am doing my best here and whether right or wrong, I do not deserve to be treated like this. And I don’t actually work any better or faster when I am bullied, quite the contrary”. Ouch – let’s see how we go with that one.

But what is more important? Keeping it all bottled up inside and affecting my body in many ways, as not only presented by Universal Medicine but also by the field of Psychoneuroimmunology*, or expressing, making a few mistakes on the way if needed – and getting on with it? A no-brainer, me feels.

by Gabriele Conrad, Goonellabah, Australia

[*Note: Psychoneuroimmunology refers to the study of the interactions among behavioral, neural and endocrine, and immune functions.” Reference:].


293 thoughts on “The Glory of Expression

  1. A no-brainer: what lovely expression. I could feel how much you sparkle while reading this. You’ve set something free in you with the workshop that you then brought through your blog – and that is appreciation of the all! To my feeling it’s an honoring of each and every person, starting with the self and expressing from that love. Very beautiful.

  2. I love the glory of expression. Our expression is so important. The more I express the more I realize and feel in my body where I hold back. It is like there is a domino effect with new layers of expression being addressed. It really is a lot of fun, very empowering and resulting in an expansive feeling in my body to simply express what I feel.

  3. Awesome Gabriele, I love this blog. It just makes so much sense… when I express myself in full there is absolutely a feeling of glory that floods my body. When I hold back, it is as though my body contracts and feels tense.

    1. Hi brooke, The reality of holding back and feeling contraction, tension and also a lack of intimacy. The level of intimacy that we can have when we allow the expression gates to flood open is incredible. We have the power to be so intimate with so many people and make it normal as it is normal. Love is beautiful and intimate and expression is the start of forming amazingly exquisite relationship! It is so powerful!

  4. Yes this is so true so many observations and hurts I have taken on have been bottled up in my body, so you get strange responses to scenes in movies and also to triggers in daily life. Through Universal Medicine I have found voice to express many of the things bottled up and have left workshops feeling different – not relief, but actually truly different, so I am more present with myself from then on. It has felt like true change and it hasn’t been a process of struggle but more like fun and enjoyment!

    1. Simon I concur with what you have expressed, I can be laughing one minute and crying the next, actually bawling my eyes out it can be quite embarrassing because it happens from seemingly no where. Hadn’t occurred to me that this could be the result in bottling up my expression.

  5. This is a great post Gabriele, and I’ve really got to feel and appreciate the difference here in what you were saying when words are spoken and although are completely true, they only go to first base. But that when we truly express what those words are to us just as you’ve written the example about the “brightening up my day” , this feels, or has so much depth…that it reaches fourth base. And beyond.

  6. Gabriele, I found your blog a timely encouragement to put aside the doubts and confidence issues and open myself up more to feel and express what is going on. Thank you!

    1. Yes Helen, to give ourselves permission to make some mistakes along the way and to just do it! Say what we feel – what is there to be said otherwise it becomes a bottleneck in your body with it exploding at inopportune moments! I’ve had a few of those when I’ve gone – wow that was a strong (and strange) reaction to something quite small. It is all so connected – much more that we really think.

  7. Another beautiful Gabriele blog! I loved the clarity in it that when you say to someone how you feel about them not only is it good for your body but also that it allows you to feel the depth of what you have felt. Thank you!

  8. Wow Gabrielle, a truly beautiful expression… with no unexpressed potential. A pleasure to read and a powerful reminder of not holding back saying what we truly feel.

  9. Gabrielle this feels like it is written for me – I love what you have shared as I have held back also and I feel the pain of doing so – that is changing with my commitment to me now and the difference is awesome. Expression is everything I have come to realise just how big that statement is.

    1. I agree with you Christine, I also held back my expression so much, I always felt awkward in expressing how I felt about someone, would stumble in just telling them how nice they looked etc. And as far as accepting a compliment, that was just about impossible. I had such a low regard for myself, I had no idea of how to do that, and it was very painful. Now that I realise how important expression is, through all that I have learned from Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, and learning to really connect with and love myself, I have no problem in both giving and accepting a compliment. I am still working on the ability to speak out and express lovingly when things are not right, still a work in progress here.

      1. It’s crazy, isn’t it – we crave the connection with others and when it is offered we can’t accept it because of our hangups, we actually reject it; and all because we haven’t built that connection with and love for ourselves first.

    2. Christine I agree I too was always holding back not expressing for fear of upsetting the other person. I was told by my family when young that I was as ‘subtle as a brick in the face’, at the time I didn’t really know what this meant but I knew it wasn’t a compliment.
      With the help of the expression program I’m finding my voice and feel much more able to communicate what I feel and not get worried about offending anyone.

  10. Gabriele it so interesting to read about your experience of welling up in tears at inopportune moments. I had never quite connected this to what I had not expressed but this makes perfect sense to me. Time for more true expression of what I am feeling for sure.

  11. Gabriele, I have immensely enjoyed re-reading your blog and broadening my understanding of ‘glory’ as I have always found I would feel a bit awkward at the use of the word. However, as I read your blog I felt I could embrace ‘glory’ in all its meanings as I continue to develop true expression via allowing love to naturally flow in and out of me.

  12. Love it Gabriele, I can feel the glory in sharing everything you feel to share with another, a glory because the love you express outwardly for the other is something that also comes back to you and confirms that grandness you are. Best two-way communication there is!

  13. Yes, as Serge Benhayon says “expression is everything”. When we express in full we feel our own glory. What I am realising as I write this, is yes it can be that simple.

  14. Gabriele, this is beautiful and very touching. As I contemplated all you wrote I felt sadness in me from all the times I wanted to speak up and express my love and my innocence, but I was too shy or self conscious, particularly as a teenager.
    It’s an amazing point you make, that where does the unsaid go? If it stays in the body then there is even more impetus to let it out. (And what happens to the body by not saying it?). How different may life be for all if we had never held back our expression, and what opportunities have been missed by not expressing? We may have held everyone back.

    1. I feel that we do indeed hold everyone back because expression is not just about expressing as such, but also about supporting each other to share in the expression and then build on that.

      1. Great point here Gabriele, I am discovering that it is equally important to express both for yourself and to also support others in their expression because all of this makes up the whole. Serge once said to me “Sarah when you hold back, I am less” and it took quite a while to work out what he meant by that. But I am starting to get it now because when we all hold back and don’t express ourselves, the space gets filled with other ‘stuff’ thats not true. And also that it is all of our unique expression that helps us gain understanding of each other and the world and one voice speaks, and another can add to that and so on and so on.

    2. I too could feel the depth of sadness from the accumulation of all those unspoken words and how things could have been different if they had been spoken. And the question you ask Melinda is one I have asked many times “what happens to the body by not saying” what we feel to say in that moment. From my experience my body feels so heavy and contracted when I hold back from expressing, but when I do the lightness and expansion is so beautiful to feel and I know the other person feels it too.

  15. A great reminder that ‘expression is everything’ and how damaging holding back can be on our body. Thanks Gabriele.

  16. We are taught to hold ourselves back and be nice, polite, put up with things if they aren’t too bad. What you are presenting here Gabriele is freedom, truth, actually saying how we feel. Thank you. Courses like this expression workshop with Universal Medicine are so needed in a world where we walk around holding so much of what is really going on for us inside.

  17. A no brainer indeed Gabriele. I definitely used to be the ‘keeping it all bottled up inside’ type before, which contributed to my excessive weight gain. These days, I can actually feel the harm in my body when I don’t express in full so expressing and making a few mistakes along the way pales in comparison to what it is doing to my body by not expressing.

    1. Thank you for this confirmation, Tim. Everything points to the fact that bottling expression up and keeping it to ourselves is bad for our health and detrimental to our wellbeing.

    2. Great insight from your lived experience of what actually happens when we bottle things up and don’t express them in the moment and without the emotional charge that gets added from holding back and waiting.

  18. I am loving the development of my expression to burst forth! It is a work in progress for sure, but even if I don’t say it, to connect to how the lack of the expression sits in my body feels like poison is a great part of this development. To hold back creates sickness – expression and expressing in full to what the body really wants to say is key as you have claimed here Gabriele. Thank you 🙂

    1. That is true, the energy doesn’t go away, it has to go somewhere. I am learning this more and more – and true expression and expressing in truth is an ever unfolding process that just keeps getting better and better.

      1. True Gabriele, it is a forever discovering of the depth of our true expression. A while ago i participated in a relationship workshop by Universal Medicine. Serge Benhayon, the presenter, invited us to express in full to one person all we wanted to share. I had this amazing experience of what my expression can be. I heard myself talking and loved so much to hear my own voice, incredibly beautiful, like heavenly music, i could talk forever and meanwhile i felt this beautiful vibration through whole my body. Then i remembered that when we are expressing love, it returns back to us.

  19. I remember attending this workshop and the blog is a great reminder of how I can express love to people, it’s safe too and it’s glorious! I remember all that I learnt at that workshop and the change in me and my siblings from it was extraordinary.

  20. Super powerful Gabriele. I love how you bring that honest expression is not just about sharing the loveliness that we feel with each other, but also expressing when we don’t feel loveliness. Expressing the truth that you truly feel. Yes, it can be challenging at times but it does feel much better than bottling it up with the poison that this comes with.

  21. Oh Wow Gabriele, thats quite something! I want to express to you having met you in England and got to spend a bit of time with you that you are beautiful, the way you express and hold yourself is unique and is joyfully felt and that I see heaven in your eyes! Thank you for reminding me of the pure gold in expressing with out holding back.

  22. Thank you – and especially for allowing yourself to feel the pure gold we know and live to the best of our ability, for reconfirming and building the glory and for expressing it as such.

  23. Thanks Gabriele. I too have bottled up a lot of what I feel to express and over time it just has to come out ( Im a crier as well). Expression is glorious!

    1. I am crying too harryjwhite and Gabrielle, perfect timing to re read your blog today. Expressing myself with all that I am is still work in progress but I am allowing myself making mistakes along the way and to be honest how holding back my expression actually feels in my body.

  24. One of the most glorious feelings is to express lovingly and fully to another person. This reminds and confirms to me and anyone who hears it, that we are divine, we are not just a body functioning in life but part of a magnificent, connected universe.

    1. So true – we are definitely more than flesh and bones and greater than our doubts and daily ups and downs.

  25. Honest expression! Now I understand why I am so prone to weep with movies, books, terrible news… I rarely expressed fully, thinking, as opposed to feeling, that it was damaging for the other person. In fact I was simply protecting myself. Now when I express fully my chest opens up and I breathe easier.

  26. I found this blog interesting. I have kept things in so much having re-occurring sore throats and at times felt frustrated because I could feel that I was to say something yet couldn’t. I often have had tears strolling down my cheeks while I watched a movie but it hadn’t occurred to me that those tears could relate to me not expressing open and honestly. It certainly does make sense. Recently I have begun to express more honestly especially with my family and friends and although I slip up from time to time, I know it is the way for me. Thank you for sharing Gabriele.

  27. Thank you so much for sharing this Gabriele. I can really relate to what you say “….I am one of those people whose eyes well up with tears whenever I see or notice something truly caring or loving…” I for instance can get really teary when I see groups of children all bubbly and joyful going on a school trip. Never thought that it had to do with unexpressed potential expressions that I have not ever expressed….

  28. Thank you so much Gabriele for your amazing honest blog. I can very much relate to what you share about “keeping it all bottled up inside” and the affect it has on the body. I love to share what I could feel is beautiful in someone else, but it was a challenge to say something that is confronting for them . . . so I have learned, like you, that bottling up inside can be a very painful body experience.

  29. I love this Gabriele. It’s really made me feel into how held back expression is currently affecting my body – and encouraged me not to do so any longer!! Awesome, thank you 🙂

  30. What an absolute awesome blog. Truly revealing and so simple and practical. I have attended a glory workshop by Universal Medicine, and I must say that it had stir my life up, in a good sense. I had been confronted with the fact that I was used to hold back what I was truly feeling and I was for sure not expressing it. Like a brick wall, leading no one truly see me and or how I was feeling. Until recently where I have been coming in contact with Universal Medicine and so with Serge Benhayon, who is now one great friend of mine. My life is changing. My expression is now one of my daily activities and I love to say how I feel. I have received huge support and my honestly reflection has offered me the opportunity to start expressing. Wow. My life grows and so does my expression.

  31. A great reminder – we have so much love to share, why hold it in? What a glorious world it would be if we all shared our loving expression openly and freely, and innocently like little children. Instead of being so knocked down by others we would constantly be confirmed and built up. I don’t think people realise how much better the world is when people feel great about themselves, competition and comparison are not necessary because we are equal in how amazing we each are, just unique in the expression of it. If we continue to build ourselves and one another through love, we will have an amazing world on our hands. Let’s keep expressing our love.

    1. So true Melinda, expressing the love that we are for each of us in our own unique way will build the loveliness in each of us such that we do not need any form of competition, jealousy or comparison any more because we are all fully content with ourselves in equality.

      1. “Being fully content with ourselves in equality” is a great pointer to the fact that jealousy and comparison are rooted in knowing that we have not made the same choices as another; and because it can seem more comfortable to direct the fury over this towards the person who apparently has it all rather than take responsibility for our own choices, comparison and jealousy flourish for now (as demonstrated by the hate campaign against Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon by Lance Martin and Esther Rockett).

  32. Gabriele, I agree, it’s common knowledge we understand the effects of bottling up our feelings, like anger, sadness etc and how detrimental that is, however have we truly considered how detrimental it is to our bodies and our lives (and to others) when we bottle up our love and joy?

    1. It is a big concept Melinda…our lack of expression of those small things leading to bigger emotional outbursts that give relief but then do a whole heap of damage to us and people around us.

      1. Bottling things up might have its place when you are making preserves and have an oversupply of produce, but it certainly has never worked for us humans because it doesn’t just go away, it needs to find its place in the body somewhere. And even if we don’t have the equipment yet to measure the fact, we can actually all feel it.

      2. … sour pickles fermenting and bubbling up as gases, causing havoc in the system – heartburn, hiccups, skin eruptions, itches, constriction in the throat, neck pan and so the list goes on.

  33. Thank you Gabriele, this is a very timely blog for me, as I have been struggling to open up and express, I have been into the nice most of my life, which is not true. Like you said what is left unexpressed is still left in the body. So time for me to open up and express more, and live in a much more open and honest way, sharing my love with others.

    1. Well said and yes, nice doesn’t cut it at all as we have all discovered through the teachings of Universal Medicine as presented by Serge Benhayon. Nice actually feels very awful in the body and I have found that it is very dishonest and based on my fear of possibly being hurt or some other harm coming my way.

  34. How often do we live life based on trying to manage an inner tension, whether with alcohol, sport or whatever…without realising that the tension is just a result of not expressing how we truly feel? Could it be that the antidote to the tension is expression?

    1. Inner tension; a result of not expressing how we truly feel, this is a very powerful reminder of whats important in life. To share with others how we are going, how we are finding life, how we are building strength or what we are finding difficult. So important to have role models in our lives as well that are doing this. I really feel for the people that do not have many people in their life, and with no true role models.

    2. When we hold back our expression, the holding back is not only felt in the voice but in all parts of the body and as a result there is a hardening (a tension) that takes place to hold the impact of the unexpressed words. So it makes total sense as you have written here Brendan, “that the antidote to the tension is expression? “

      1. Enormous pressure builds up when we don’t express what needs to be said, that is true. The question only is whether we allow ourselves to feel that and what impact it has on our health and how we are then in our interactions with other people.

  35. The moment I could truly feel that the words I want to say, but do not say, get stuck somewhere inside me, on top of other unspoken words – and this pile just keeps on growing if I continue to hold back – was one of those “oh wow” moments that instantly wake you up. It has taken a while, with much support from the presentations of Serge Benhayon and lots of inner reflection, to slowly learn to express all that I want to say, but as I began to feel the pain of holding back so very clearly, it became easier. Now I am loving the ease and the freedom of my expression – it is a truly glorious feeling.

    1. That makes me wonder if one day it will be accepted, as suggested by Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, that tension and emotional states in the body, which can be caused by a lack of expression, are the root of all illness and disease – once I opened to the fact that I have a responsibility here and stopped hiding behind the excuse of “this is just how it is”, I could really feel this!

      1. the excuse of it being “just how it is” is a poisonous one. It’s something that needs to be broken as change will only occur through talking about how bad the ‘bad’ situations actually are.

  36. Great expression, Gabriele! What you share is the total opposite to what is reflected all around us – so many people holding back and not expressing what they feel. When we hold the truth inside it not only affects our bodies but everyone else loses out too.

    1. I agree – holding back and not expressing holds everybody else back as well and keeps us in the same old, same old without ever truly changing what doesn’t feel right and true. Do we like feeling comfortable too much and do we not want to rock the boat?And what are we really scared of?

  37. Having lived most of my life bottling everything up and not speaking up creates such a stuck and yukky feeling in your life and body. I am now learning to express more in my life and can feel the immense difference in my body and the expansive feeling that comes with this – it is truly power-full and inspires me to deeply commit to expressing more and more.

  38. oh my goodness, I am learning how to express wholeheartedly and it is indeed so glorious. I was sharing with a friend the other night just how much he means to me and HE got tears welling up in his eyes and he shared that he had never been appreciated like that before in his life. It was so amazing to share with him all the things that I see within him and all the beautiful qualities that I feel with being around him. It is truly truly glorious to express how we innately feel. And yes this also goes for speaking up when we are feeling things that are not so nice also.

    1. Just goes to show do what degree we deprive each other of the joy of being truly seen for what we are, our innate tender qualities. It feels to me like this is a kind of abuse – subtle in many ways, but abuse just the same.

      1. Thats very true Gabriele and I haven’t ever thought of it that way before. I also had another experience yesterday where I was with a client of mine and I really felt to share all of the amazing qualities that I was feeling in her but I didn’t because it was a work ‘situation’ and wasn’t sure how she was going to feel about the comments. I contracted and doubted myself after having such an amazing knowing of how powerful true expression is. It is like I am worried that it is not going to come across in truth and it is going to come across as ‘fake’ or trying to please… but if it has the right intention.. to just speak what I am feeling then I am learning that this is genuine and comes from deep within the heart. No body can deny and not feel true expression from that place.

  39. Gabriele this is an area where there is so much for us to explore. I am learning that when I express myself, that’s when things have the potential to change. I understand what you are saying about the fact that we notice so much and there is so much there for us to express and it doesn’t just go away, it is with us always until it is expressed.

  40. Ah – thank you, Gabrielle. I didn’t know that the eyes welling up with tears were to do with the unexpressed potential expressions that I have not expressed. What you are sharing here is so simple and makes absolute sense, and I can understand how holding back expression must be exhausting us as that is against our body’s natural way.

  41. This is enormous Gabriele, thank you. In the moment of not expressing what is there to be shared, I can feel how I’ve kidded myself that it passes once the moment is not taken, yet as you’ve clearly highlighted its not gone. It stays with us until the moment comes around again to offer us the opportunity to express again, only this time perhaps with more behind it.

    1. It feels like every undelivered expression creates a pocket in the body that can attract emotions such as resentment and bitterness as well as ‘being nice’. This then makes it much more likely that we eventually explode rather than express or stay in limbo, forever dissatisfied with ‘our lot’, self-inflicted as it is.

      1. Absolutely, the freedom of empty pockets or better still no need for them, is something I’m aspiring to feel every day.

  42. Hmm, keeping our expression, and therefore our potential to feel our glory, bottled up is not a healthy choice for anyone. Lovely blog Gabriele.

  43. Thank you Gabriele. I often fall into the trap of not stopping and saying what I really feel and it feels awful in the body especially in my chest to hold myself back this way. Not at all worth it compared to the freedom I can feel in just being me.

  44. Agreed. What is love left unexpressed, is it still love? It is vital we express what we feel and who we are as by not doing so we are doing a great disservice to not only ourselves but all others as well. We need to have the courage to express our truth to help us all evolve.

  45. Expressing what we honestly feel…so simple and yet how often do we do this in full? It is so easy to hold back what we feel or alter it to suit another for some reason. Honesty is the key here, for it is not about expressing however you like (i.e. in reaction) but about being as truthful as possible to ourselves and others.

  46. Bottling up our thoughts and feelings instead of expressing them becomes very uncomfortable once there is awareness around the importance of expression. I can feel it in my body when I am holding back, and it feels absolutely terrible. If I choose to express what I am feeling in that moment, the overstimulated systems in my body settle down again and harmony is restored. It is quite extraordinary.

    1. Bottling things up does feel like living inside a pressure cooker and everybody knows it; it is quite common that when we finally say something it comes out very charged and in a way that the other person cannot hear it because it is so loaded with emotions. The original issue thus turns into a monumental problem because of the delay and all the thoughts that have run amok in our head.

      1. Exactly, as you say Gabrielle and Jo, when not expressed immediately we put it in the pressure cooker and when the pressure becomes to hight, the lid will break open and we do not know or have any control on what is coming out then anymore. Half cooked or fully burned but it will never be what we originally wanted to express.

    2. I love how you have shared both bottling up and expressing freely in the moment. This is beautifully described: “If I choose to express what I am feeling in that moment, the over stimulated systems in my body settle down again and harmony is restored. It is quite extraordinary.”

      1. I have found this as well – the physiology settles easily when we express timely and from our truth whereas the pressure cooker scenario starts another cycle of raciness and agitation.

  47. Yes Gabriele, it is a ‘no-brainer’, as indeed it can be felt in our heart when we have something to express. Our body loves to express in the many ways it can – in movement, in talking, in meeting someone with our eyes. When we don’t express from the open-ness of our bodies it does have an effect on us, and this can result in ‘bottled up’ emotions, as well as outbursts which can take it’s toll on those around, as well as that person. Learning to express more in every moment of my day, in whatever way that is, has been key in not having these ‘bottled up’ times. It serves no one to have these packages stored up – so let’s get expressing!

  48. The lump I get in my throat when I am trying to control the holding back of tears and crying, it really really hurts – Gabriele I’d never once thought it was the stagnant energy and pain of holding back my expression – this is just such an aha moment which makes perfect sense to me. Thank you for sharing so exquisitely.

  49. Thank you Gabriele for the beautiful simplicity of your expression and the encouragement to just go for it and not hold back. The more fully I express the less my body has to deal with all the unexpressed stuff that pollutes it and has caused me so much grief in the past. Loving it and loving the opportunities to express on these blogs and feel the ‘Glory of Expression’.

  50. I love what you have shared here Gabriele – that Glory isn’t some unreachable state, but one which we feel very naturally when we express what we feel – this is so simple and I found that I have so much more to express when I let people in, deal with my hurts and let go of beliefs and ideals about how I ‘should’ be.. it is a truly liberated state that feels.. glorious!

  51. A beautiful and inspiring blog to re-visit Gabriele and be reminded that Glory is available to us always, and by simply expressing in full how this supports us to feel this more and more – a no brainer indeed.

  52. I felt while revisiting your blog Gabriele I am not yet embracing the abundance, the Glory that can be there in every moment of my life. Holding back my expression is the way to sabotage this feeling of all that I am. Your simple blog has a great message and inspires me to start my day with the intention to express all my Love.

    1. I am noticing a similar thing Annelies. Although I can see that I have taken great strides forward in this area, I can still feel a slight resistance to the notion of ‘glory’. Reading your comment it makes sense to me that this is stemming from wanting to hide rather than allowing others to see me in all my glory. Yet the glory that is right there for me to embrace is such a powerful force. I can feel I am constantly moving closer and experiencing more moments of sheer joy and the glory associated with this way of living is then amplified. Thank you.

  53. It has also been my experience that unexpressed truths do cause havoc in my body. It is totally worth understanding that a few mistakes are worth making if they can help me to have harmony within my body instead of the turmoil that illness brings.

    1. How come we are so afraid of making mistakes? We don’t expect a toddler to just get up and walk or start speaking in complete sentences, so why this expectation to get it right and be perfect?

    1. So true – nothing just vanishes, and that is especially true for anything energetic as it can be so clearly felt in the body, if we care to be aware of it that is.

  54. It is awesome to see the correlation between tears and holding back our expression. I often feel like crying ‘for no reason’ and now I know that this is simply due to not expressing what I feel in full.

  55. I can so relate to this blog Gabriele, I feel like I have lived my whole life not saying all that I wanted to say or reducing it down to almost nothing, or saying it like I don’t mean it. I know what you mean about it getting stuck in your throat and stagnating in your body and as a result getting teary at awkward moments. We could all do with learning to loosen up our communication honestly.

    1. That feels like a big dose of honest self-diagnosis, Bernard. And saying things in a way that undermines what we are trying to say is just another of the many tricks in the box.

  56. Thank you Gabriele. I can absolutely relate to the welling of tears (yes, often out of proportion) when something is heartfelt and also the bluntly honest expression that definitely doesn’t win one any friends. My response to this has been to clam up and express less, further compounding the problem. I know now through attending Universal Medicine courses and listening to Serge Benhayon present, that the key is to keep expressing anyway and eventually the backlog will clear.

    1. I agree, clamming up doesn’t work and is also very disturbing to our physiology; expression just takes practice and getting used to again. Children do it easily and offer the most amazing insights if they are not interfered with and after all, we were all children once.

  57. Wow. All that unexpressed emotion stuck in the body, over how many years? Waiting for an opportune external catalyst to even begin to release it. A frightening prospect when we look back on all those moments we could’ve, should’ve, might’ve, didn’t, wouldn’t, couldn’t. Man size tissues, for sure… Thanks, Gabriele. Much food for thought.

  58. Everyone experiences a backlash on the body when something isn’t expressed when every part of you said yes to expressing it.

    The abundance of choices we make every single day is astounding if we really understood what expression is in full.

    1. Agreed, choices are being made every moment of every day and especially when seemingly not making a choice, we are still making a choice by virtue of the fact that we have chosen to not make a choice. And thus, everything counts and comes back to what a good friend addresses as “and what is this (choice or apparent non-choice) leading to?”

      1. Agree, this opens up the discussion to realise that the meaning of a choice is so much broader than we have been taught.

        A choice is in our breath, a choice is in the products we choose to buy and a choice is the direction we decide to drive home. We have to get to the microscopic meaning of how choices affect us in every inch of life.

  59. That is it Gabriele and Luke, if we choose, not to choose, we have chosen already. I had no Idea that in every moment we have a choice.

  60. We all have a choice – but how are we feeling and living when we make that choice? I know on ‘bad’ days my choice will be different to ‘good’ days. By the time we get to the fridge door, for example, we may have already decided to eat, and saying no with discipline works this once – but what about the next time? What will support us? Loving ourselves and making life about the quality we live in every day will affect our daily choices. ‘Everything is energy’ – Einstein – and ‘Everything is because of energy’ – Serge Benhayon.

  61. I realize while reading your blog Gabriele, that I am better at expressing what I feel when it comes to confirming and appreciating others but not so great at expressing about not so great communication or behaviours between myself and others. It makes me realize the context where I have experienced hurtful comments have always been full of conflict and a generation of emotional exchanges which have often become explosive. To be able to read your words as follows, is very healing for me, “And just in case you wonder, honest expression also includes telling my boss something like, “I am doing my best here and whether right or wrong, I do not deserve to be treated like this. And I don’t actually work any better or faster when I am bullied, quite the contrary”.

  62. “my willingness to express to another or others what I am truly feeling.” Thank you Gabriele for an explanation of the welling up and tears that I experience and am so quick to brush away to hide my feelings.

  63. Keeping things bottled up just doesn’t work as it affects us deeply and may deprive others from hearing something that may be supportive to them on their life’s journey.

  64. Great to revisit this blog Gabriele. I am also learning and observing that the glory of expression is my willingness to be open and honest and to share my feelings. What I am finding is that the more I share of me, the more I let others in…. it is indeed a lovely process of trusting my feelings and what is there to be expressed is to be expressed, simple.

  65. Gabriele, I feel more open to expressing more of who I am these days, but your sharing opened my eyes even wider to the detrimental effects on our bodies bottling up expression has. To speak the truth (expression) is everything as Serge Benhayon has shared with us many times! An amazing blog thank you Gabriele.

  66. I noticed that I hold back my expression to be safe, to not rock the boat. But – I do not feel very fulfilled or joyful all of the time, so what I buy me is just a status quo of ‘I know how this is’. By expressing what I see and feel I have to let go of what I did hold onto and go with the flow. You and I do not know what will happen when we express freely….this is scary as long as it is more important for me to be safe (in creation and the illusion of control) instead of surrender to the divinity I am belonging to, knowing I am held from my brothers and sisters.

  67. It hurts to hold back now and it always did but when I was younger I was liked more if I did hold back than if I expressed what was going on… so I opted to be liked more than like and honour myself and my feelings. In truth we also hurt those around us when we are not honest and open with them, even if they do react and say they don’t want us to be. I find though that expressing what another means to me or their gorgeous qualities is easier than calling out something that is not true. But as you’ve shared Gabriele it’s important to keep expressing even if “…making a few mistakes on the way if needed”. I have been a lot more gentle with myself with this one.

    1. Yes, we will invariably make mistakes but that’s how we learn, just like a toddler who is starting to walk.

  68. It is an admirable quality to fully express to someone how wonderful they look, or the appreciation you have for something they have contributed. There is so little of this in life that it can sometimes surprise people, but nevertheless it is much needed.

  69. Gabriele your wrote: “. . . all the things I want to say, all the things I always wished I could say, don’t just disappear into thin air . . . ” That is so true as all that will stay in our bodies and will come out in the moments we really don’t want them to come up. It is healthier for the body that we learn to express more what is there to be said – it is indeed the best medicine ever!

  70. I love this Gabriele, this short piece is bursting of expression. It makes so much sense to express everything that is there to express as it otherwise stays unexpressed bursting to come out any time.

    1. Yes, and in the most inopportune moments and with an extra charge because it’s been bottled up. A recipe for potential disaster.

  71. I started to bottle it all up as a teenager and can tell you it is not a pleasant thing to do, it all piles up inside and starts to play out in your head like a broken record. Thanks to Universal Medicine I am now, 30 years later! learning to express, which means to drop the nice facade and talk about what I feel and what keeps coming into my head.

  72. Such a poignant sharing Gabriele, and you are right, those things we don’t express, all the joy that is there to be let out, and all the times when things don’t feel right for us, they add up, and they come out in other ways sooner or later. Better to start expressing how we fee now.

  73. I am finding I am more able to express to my work colleagues, just how much I appreciate them truly in all that they do. Not think it but now express it.I have the most amazing technical, and customer support team that anyone could wish for. They are amazing at their jobs and I know I could not do my job as well as I do if they were not behind me backing me up. I realise that I work for a brilliant company and I have the best boss he does his very best for the team it’s not perfection but I genuinely adore the company I work for.

  74. Thank you Gabriele, I know what you are saying when you well up with tears when you see something truly loving or caring, I have had the same thing happen to me and wondered what was going on, I have noticed of late that it doesn’t happen so often as my expression is opening up more.

  75. The power of expressing what you feel cannot be underestimated in its ability to deliver to another exactly what they need to hear to support them… it is like a package to be delivered for them that you do not own… it is almost a crime to deny them it and what it may offer them.

    1. I agree – to not express is like cheating on another/others in a very subtle way, denying them an opportunity to learn and evolve.

  76. Reading this you have conveyed the liberation on offer when we express ourselves. Not expressing is like keeping ourselves in a prison cell. Simple statements of how we feel are all that takes to set us free.

  77. If I had been raised to understand that “all the things I want to say, all the things I always wished I could say, don’t just disappear into thin air – they actually stay in me and get stuck there”, I am very sure that my life, and my health, would have been very different than it was for the vast majority of my life.. It simply makes sense when you come to understand that everything is energy that words are energy too, therefore if they are held back in any way the energy gets stored in our body and more often than not expressed at a late date in a most inappropriate way.

  78. It’s been a while since I have read this Gabriele, and I have realised just how much more I now express of how I feel (which is often my joyful appreciation of others), and how it has contributed to how well I now feel – true expression is great for our health and wellbeing. I also feel so much more contented in myself as I have said what is there to share, and expressed my love for myself and others. I find that each time I express it supports me to stay connected to me.

  79. Expression is key, as what is unexpressed is there to be felt by all, and it impacts everywhere – I feel both the freedom and the responsibility in this, in how we are in our lives. And best of all to express with the understanding that there is no perfection we are learning each and every one of us.

  80. We may find we feel quite clumsy when we start to really express how we feel, and we may stumble and even fall at times, but every step is so absolutely worthwhile as the more we practice the simpler it becomes.

  81. A beautiful reminder Gabriele of the power of expression and how deeply healing this is for all. Serge Benhayon has always presented on ‘Expression is everything’ and I have only just begun to feel the magic and evolution on offer when we choose this.

  82. I’m now re learning not only to express but what is the energy I am in when expressing and how am I feeling when I say it. As there are times in the past when I have said something and wished it had gone un said as it was said with an intent to hurt the other person so what was said was in bitterness. Now I am much more aware of what I am saying and to speak in a non harming way that brings an understanding to both parties.

  83. thanks for reminding me of why expression is important. I can see its no wonder that I get tired when I carry so much unexpressed tension and emotions in my body from not saying what is needed to be said.

  84. It has taken me a while to put “glory” and “expression” together. For much of my life as far as I was concerned, I was just talking. I certainly didn’t realise the power of what I was saying, that it could either be harming or healing the person I was speaking to, and as for those words unspoken, I simply presumed that they dissolved into thin air. Attending presentations by Serge Benhayon soon woke me up to the truth of our expression; that it harms or heals, those words don’t go away, and whatever and however I express it is my responsibility as to the consequences.

    1. … which reminds me of another of Serge Benhayon’s teachings, i.e. that “nothing is nothing”. In fact, everything matters and everything is the end result of and leaves an energetic trail. And it is up to us what quality we choose, whether that be in our expression or anything else for that matter.

  85. “Keeping it all bottled up inside and affecting my body in many ways, or expressing, making a few mistakes on the way if needed – and getting on with it?” – I have been trying out the expressing and making mistakes option at varying degrees and what I am realising is it is my reaction to others’ reaction that makes my learning attempts as mistakes and see myself as wrong.

  86. We’ve created a society where we have lost the meaning of expressing ourselves and being real. To feel glorious is to be open to being absolutely honest. It is great to confirm how much You know love – that is the Glory!

  87. For years I kept everything bottle up inside me which became my pattern. So over the years and no surprise I came to a bottle neck, my body could not contain any more unexpressed feelings and had to create an illness for me to stop the momentum I was in, release the bottle neck and create space for me to make different choices to consistently self-care and self nurture which would allow me to feel safe to begin expressing my feelings.

    1. Because everything is energy before it is matter, our unexpressed feelings do not go away but provide the breeding ground for illness and disease.

  88. ‘The main ingredient as presented on the day is open and honest communication with others; my willingness to express to another or others what I am truly feeling’. This is pure gold and a perfect timely reminder for me today as I have been holding back expressing how I have been feeling to another!

  89. I did express to another how I was feeling ( which I had been holding back) and it felt amazing and very freeing…. I felt expanded and at the same time was a lovely confirmation of how much I have healed in the way of not feeling safe to express.

    1. That’s such a great confirmation – and it doesn’t then matter what the response or reaction might be as long as we have expressed what needed to be expressed, free of emotion and without attachment to a specific outcome.

      1. Yes Gabriele, it was free of emotion which I just realised on reading your reply. What a huge turn around for me as I was always ruled and controlled by my emotions. There was no outcome and I wasn’t disappointed because I had given myself the space to express what I felt to express, and that felt great. However, a few days on I have gone into the ‘what if’ I had done this or that differently, what if I had expressed sooner, what if I had let the other in, we may still be together…. I know I have to let this go and just appreciate that I did in the end express!

      2. Yes, self-doubt is another hurdle; it is a sneaky energy, designed to make sure we don’t enjoy what we are doing, let alone appreciate ourselves.

  90. Honest communication is something that is essential for all relationships, ‘ is open and honest communication with others; my willingness to express to another or others what I am truly feeling’. The more we express honestly the easier it gets in my experience.

  91. Precisely Gabriele – a no-brainer. I have been exploring this and am discovering how far more honoring it is when we say ‘yes’ to expressing what we feel from our bodies and being, as we are honouring the truth in that moment not only for us but equally so for the other. For when we don’t we do slip into our minds leading us and feeding us any and every reason for us to not express. So it is a ‘no-brainer’ indeed, as our heart and Soul truly do say it all.

  92. Burying those words we felt to say but didn’t it is no surprise that we get weepy sometimes, like a gentle volcano erupting when it can no longer hold back the pressure.

  93. Having spent most of my life holding back and not expressing, denying to myself what I was feeling etc, I have come to realise that I have created a self imposed prison sentence on myself. I still have some way to go with this but nevertheless I am feeling so much freer now that I am giving expression a go and it is so gorgeous to feel my own openness and transparency of today compared to the old protective suit of armour that I used to wear.

  94. Then problem is that when we keep the words we want to say “all bottled up inside” the words and the associated feelings do not go away; they sit inside us and fester. The chances are high that eventually the ‘cork will be blown out of the bottle’ and the words will come pouring out, often in a very distorted way and sometimes even at a completely different person. Learning to express, even if we are clumsy at times, is way more gentle on the body and the more we do it the easier it gets.

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