Gentle Breath Meditation: the Warmest Embrace comes from Within

by Michelle Sheldrake, Brisbane, Australia

The other morning I was on the CityCat ferry on my way to work. I was aware that I’d gotten a bit frazzled on the way to drop my son at school and then during the drive to the CityCat stop – because I was impatient to get there in time to find a park so I could catch the right ferry to get me directly to work.

As I do every day on my way to work, I closed my eyes to start my gentle breath meditation. As my breath became gentler I felt an expansion in my lungs, and breathing became almost effortless. I could feel a beautiful warmth in my lungs and in my chest that then spread to my arms, my hands, and then filled my whole body. It was like a fire gently warming me and bringing a deep stillness. In that moment I recognised that I was in the warmest, yummiest, most loving embrace I’d ever experienced – yet it came from within.

I realised that morning, with great clarity, that what I was feeling was the very eessence of me, who I truly am – and that is love. This love resides within me and it always has. My relationship with myself has deepened since then and has led to a deeper level of nurturing and self-love.

I also stopped to reflect on all that I had expected, wanted or needed from the hug or embrace of another in the past. I could feel how I’d longed for a sense of comfort, reassurance, belonging, acceptance, and of course love. I can feel now how imposing this is to another person and also how I could never receive what I had wanted because it can only come from within.

I thank Serge Benhayon for sharing the very simple gentle breath meditation technique. It is without a doubt one of the most precious and empowering gifts I have ever received – the ability to again know and feel the love that I truly am. This is a gift for all of humanity, if we can but choose to accept it.

132 thoughts on “Gentle Breath Meditation: the Warmest Embrace comes from Within

  1. Gorgeous sharing Michelle, and I too can relate to the embrace and warmth from within which really is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves.

  2. How many people in the world want/expect “a sense of comfort, reassurance, belonging, acceptance, and of course love.” From another? I’m not exempt at times but I do know it’s much simpler and effective if I start with bringing those to myself.

  3. Michelle I cannot receive enough reminders that the key to returning to my essence, soul, and indeed the Kingdom of God within is simply a gentle breath away. After breathing a certain way most of my life, and breathing everything that is not me, I so appreciate blogs like this.

    1. Like wise Melinda – I too deeply appreciate each and every reminder to come back to what I know to be true which is the connection we hold with ourselves as a result of our breath and the delicateness we can bring.

  4. Lovely to read about you connecting to your inner-most self, ‘I realised that morning, with great clarity, that what I was feeling was the very essence of me, who I truly am – and that is love. This love resides within me and it always has.’

  5. Understanding our most divine connection to our essences as you have described Michelle, by using The Gentle Breath Meditation is such a power-full tool to have and we can always have it as a foundation to use so we can always deepen back to our essence.

  6. When we are truly connected within, that warm, reassuring quality that asks for nothing, spreading across the body from inside, gives a completely different sense of who we are.

  7. It’s amazing what the Gentle Breath Meditation can lead to. Generally Meditation is to reduce stress, restore calm and homeostasis in the body, but the Gentle Breath Meditation is so much more, it can support us to restore our true state of being and breathe/live that everyday.

    1. Absolutely Melinda it is like a foundation of a Livingness that is always there to support and reconnect us back to our essences, inner-most or esoteric, which are all one and the same.

    2. The Gentle Breath Meditation is different to other meditations I have practised previously over the years, but is the only one I would now choose

  8. The simple knowing that we can change our state of being at any time and connect deeply to ourselves thanks to the Gentle Breath Meditation makes a huge difference in our daily lives. Feeling the body ordering itself thanks to it, is an amazing experience.

  9. An exquisite reminder that regardless of how rattled, shaken or off track we find ourselves in life, the essence of who we are within, our love, is always waiting with open arms for us to reconnect to. In fact, it is only ever one breath away.

    1. Thank you Carola for this reminder that the essence of who we are is always within and waiting with open arms till such time that we choose to remember it, feel it and run into its embrace.

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