Gentle Breath Meditation: the Warmest Embrace comes from Within

by Michelle Sheldrake, Brisbane, Australia

The other morning I was on the CityCat ferry on my way to work. I was aware that I’d gotten a bit frazzled on the way to drop my son at school and then during the drive to the CityCat stop – because I was impatient to get there in time to find a park so I could catch the right ferry to get me directly to work.

As I do every day on my way to work, I closed my eyes to start my gentle breath meditation. As my breath became gentler I felt an expansion in my lungs, and breathing became almost effortless. I could feel a beautiful warmth in my lungs and in my chest that then spread to my arms, my hands, and then filled my whole body. It was like a fire gently warming me and bringing a deep stillness. In that moment I recognised that I was in the warmest, yummiest, most loving embrace I’d ever experienced – yet it came from within.

I realised that morning, with great clarity, that what I was feeling was the very eessence of me, who I truly am – and that is love. This love resides within me and it always has. My relationship with myself has deepened since then and has led to a deeper level of nurturing and self-love.

I also stopped to reflect on all that I had expected, wanted or needed from the hug or embrace of another in the past. I could feel how I’d longed for a sense of comfort, reassurance, belonging, acceptance, and of course love. I can feel now how imposing this is to another person and also how I could never receive what I had wanted because it can only come from within.

I thank Serge Benhayon for sharing the very simple gentle breath meditation technique. It is without a doubt one of the most precious and empowering gifts I have ever received – the ability to again know and feel the love that I truly am. This is a gift for all of humanity, if we can but choose to accept it.

107 thoughts on “Gentle Breath Meditation: the Warmest Embrace comes from Within

  1. The Gentle Breath Meditation is an amazing tool, one that can be simply overlooked for all it can offer because of its simplicity. Thank you for the reminder of this Michelle

    1. this is such a great point tonisteenson. The gentle breath meditation is so simple, it is easy to underestimate all that it offers (which is huge).

      1. How true Alexandra, and each time you do it it deepens if you can do it regularly and consistently. It is such a great way to register how far away you have travelled from yourself, once you feel the stillness again.

  2. Love the simplicity you have written from. Thank you Michelle for sharing this. Great reminder of how easy it can be to re-connect to yourself if you choose to. And yes – thank you Serge for sharing this awesome gift.

  3. Awesome – yes, the most loving embrace is definitely the one that comes from within. How beautiful to express what we can all know and experience so simply. Thank you Michelle.

  4. I so agree with your words, Michelle. Connecting to our gentle breath is a delicious way to feel the very essence of love we all are. It also throws a new light on the need to ‘take a deep breath’ or ‘count to ten’ before speaking or doing something. Now when I am feeling unsettled, all I find I need to do is stop for a few seconds and re-connect to breathing gently again. If that doesn’t work, I know I need to take a ‘time-out’ and re-connect to myself with Gentle Breath Meditation.

  5. I concur with Michael’s experience – as I was reading about you starting the Gentle Breath Meditation I too was beginning to feel all that you did, in my body. Imagine how amazing and powerful it would be if the world did this at least once a day!

  6. Thank you Michelle, what a great teacher of Gentle Breath Meditation you are ! What is really beautiful is that you describe your experience from within, from your heart.

  7. Beautiful blog Michelle, your choice to do the Gentle Breath meditation provided a clarity and a stop for you and I am sure it affected the whole ferry as well. Love what you shared about expecting things from outside of us whilst it is all inside of us.

  8. “It is without a doubt one of the most precious and empowering gifts I have ever received – the ability to again know and feel the love that I truly am. This is a gift for all of humanity, if we can but choose to accept it.”
    Beautiful Michelle, thank you for sharing the beauty of breathing gently and all it offers. Without any outward search, we have it all.

  9. The gentle breath is a powerful way to learn to slow down and reflect on where you are at, instead of letting the mind run away with things – just take 5 minutes and feel the difference.

  10. I love the way you describe that warm yummy feeling inside, the feeling that comes from surrendering to who you are and simply allowing love to be in your body. This really explains what love is. Love is not emotional or needy or doing things for another love is an energy that simply holds you. The Gentle Breath Meditation is a powerful tool that can be used to re-connect to the love that we are.

  11. A beautiful sharing of your experience of the Gentle Breath Michelle. I can really relate to that lovely warm feeling of my true essence giving me the most amazing embrace. Thank you.

  12. Love the way you describe the power and effects of the gentle breath, and this blog is a great reminder to stop and use this very useful tool when life is taking the driving seat.

  13. As I re-read this and the comments one point in particular struck me – that everyone on the ferry was likely affected by my connection to me. I realise this is something I have not really felt into but given that everything is energy then of course my energetic state of being affects everyone else. This had made me pause and consider my morning journeys these days – you see I’ve recently started studying and have found myself using my commute time to cram in reading an article or two. But I am going to go back to making this time about deepening my connection to me, about love and appreciating the gloriousness that is me so that more people get an opportunity to feel that.

    1. Feeling that level of love within yourself is one thing, but feeling it and being that for humanities sake is so gorgeous. We cannot help but spread the yumminess of who we truly are so others may feel the spark of fire within their hearts too. True service.

    2. What a beautiful commitment to yourself and to humanity. Thank you for sharing your appreciation of you with everyone.

  14. Thank You Michelle for sharing your experience as I have likewise felt the same. That warmth from within – nothing on the outside compares to it. Even being wrapped up in a duvet with my warmest PJ’s does not compare to that inner heat I feel when breathing gently.

  15. All those times that we long for a hug from another, when all the while we always have the choice to give ourselves the deepest, most nourishing embrace we could cover wish for when we connect through the gentle breath to ourselves, to our own love. Thank you Michelle for this beautiful sharing.

    1. Thank you Michelle and Katerina, I agree, hugging without any need, and allowing a connection to first come from that ‘nourishing embrace’ from within, simply allows people in.

  16. It has been quite a revelation to me to realize that I don’t need comforting foods, but rather give myself that warm embrace you describe, regularly and often in my day.

  17. Thank you for writing this gorgeous description of the gentle breath meditation Michele. As I read I stopped to feel, and it truly is the loveliest, lightest and most expansive embrace from within.

  18. How amazing the gentle breath meditation is in confirming who we really are. Thank you for reminding me of the power of this simple, yet life changing technique it is truly god sent.

  19. I agree Michelle, Serge Benhayon has brought to us the most amazing gift, one that can be used over and over and over again in the most wonderful, fulfilling, loving, supportive and of course connecting way.

  20. Michelle, your encounter with your essence was really beautiful. Thank you for sharing it! The gentle breath meditation is a true gift for humanity.

  21. Such a beautiful sharing and gorgeous reminder of the power of the gentle breath and the love it connects us to that is always there waiting to embrace us from within.

  22. There are many beautiful benefits of the gentle breath meditation as you have described Michele. I love the way it dissolves tension in the body, refreshes me when tired, calms a busy mind, reduces stress, brings me into the present moment, connects me to my body, and as you have so beautifully described, connects me to my essence so that I feel complete.

    1. just with the benefits that you so well mention here Bernadette, it would make sense that we all choose to have this simple and amazing tool under our belt to use whenever needed, wouldn’t it?

  23. I loved reading this Michelle. I feel inspired to carry on with the meditation on offer with Universal Medicine and work it into my day. I know deep down how beneficial it is yet hold myself back from doing it. Thank you for your lovely words and sharing your yumminess with us all.

  24. that’s beautiful, I can get busy, racy and feel like I am short for time but in situations like that I think why not just re-connect to my breath? it’s such a sweet thing to do and even you doing that, revealed to you this revelation and allowed you to write this blog.

  25. Gorgeously expressed Michelle. I agree that The Gentle Breath Meditation that Serge Benhayon has shared with us is a divine and empowering gift. One that allows us all to receive the gift of ourselves as we re-connect to the stillness and divinity that we are, at any time we choose.

  26. Thank you dearly Michelle for sharing your experience. I too love the Gentle Breath Meditation it is pure GOLD and an absolute gift for us all!

  27. Gorgeous Michelle, what an awesome reminder at how the gentle breath meditation can connect us to all that loveliness that is inside us.

  28. Your appreciate is deeply felt here Michelle and indeed so warranted as the Gentle breath mediation is truly profound in supporting us to re-connect to who we are from the inside out.

  29. I love that from a simple daily commitment to connect to you, you had such a beautiful experience without needing anything from the outside world. It is such an amazing tool.

  30. Great example of using the gentle breath meditation to re-connect at any moment of the day to the gloriousness we all are. Thank you for sharing!

  31. Thank you Michelle, how beautiful to feel the warmth of the love that resides always within us, and it is only a breath away, gentle breath that is. Thank you to Serge Benhayon for bringing us this gift.

  32. A beauty-full blog Michelle, very insightful about the deep warmth and love we want from others, can only come from within, thank you for the reminder.

  33. The Gentle Breath Meditation is something I use and find instrumental in bringing clarity in times of any ‘frazzledness’ as you share Michelle. And also in times of rest or joy too where to feel the breath and its ease can be confirming of oneself, and the situation. It is amazing that by focusing on the returning of the gentleness of one’s breath we can feel so restored, it helps to bring us back to ourselves. Warming.

  34. Connecting to the warmth within is very nurturing. A great reminder Michelle that it can be done anytime and anywhere.

  35. Michelle it is beautiful to read what you share about the Gentle Breath Meditation – it is available to us 24/7 to re-connect and feel warmly embraced by. Simple and power-full.

  36. I just loved reading your words, following the warmth, the yumminess, loveliness, equally in my body. And, yes – I totally agree with you: this very simple technique is a great gift to humanity, and I choose to receive it graciously.

  37. When we accept our own love and we meet ourselves in the glory that our love is, it is a blessing we give ourselves and to all others we come into contact with, as they get the reflection that they are equally that love too – love is indeed all encompassing.

  38. I have in the past felt that the gentle breath mediation was quite difficult to get to but from your explanation here I have a new understanding of actually how easy it can be. Thank you.

  39. Reading this today reminds me again that the love within us is only a Gentle Breath away all we need is to re-connect to it any time anywhere.

  40. Thank you Michelle for sharing the warmth of connecting to your essence and how this has expanded your relationship with you and the imposition of trying to get this from another. A beautiful reminder of the power of the Gentle Breath Meditation.

  41. It is lovely to reconnect with my breath as I am reading your blog Michelle, and the gentle way our breath caresses our body on the inside allowing us to feel our essence as you did. In this state our breath can show us that we are as exquisitely beautiful as a tiny baby and all our body needs is for us to be very gentle with it accepting the preciousness we are.

  42. Michelle, as I read your blog I could feel myself connecting with my gentle breath and with that letting go of my tense body. It is such a simple technique but the results are very powerful in connecting us back to the stillness that is within us.

  43. A beautiful reminder Michelle of how simple and powerful the Gentle Breath Meditation truly is. It is a practical self-care tool that we can do anywhere, anytime to re-connect again to our beauty and stillness within.

  44. The difference I feel when I can feel stillness in my body compared to when I am feeling racy is like comparing cheese and chalk. The more I am learning to live with and in stillness the more anything less than that stands out. I appreciate this. In the past I was completely unaware of what was going on inside of me most of the time and ‘normal’ was being wound up and forever on the ‘go’. Life is much simpler now.

  45. We are given the most beautiful tool with which we can easily reconnect back to ourselves no matter how crazy the situation might have gotten. I certainly feel a responsibility here, because from now on there is no real excuse to be switched off anymore.

  46. A real eye-opener about what we impose on others when we’re looking for a hug. The irony is we can get all we need from within – and we don’t actually need it, because it’s always there for us to connect to – and always has been. That’s three ironies.

  47. I love the simplicity of this blog. What you share can be experienced by everyone and is there for us all to use and re-connect. The Gentle Breath Meditation as presented by Universal Medicine is life changing.

  48. I wondered when I first tried the Gentle Breath Meditation just how it would work, as it was very different to the meditations I was used to doing, that took us off on some amazing track or cave with crystals etc. and seemed to go on forever, and offered some amazing destination. The Gentle Breath Meditation is so real and we stay in our bodies and let go what we need to, all the while it is healing out bodies and minds. Thank you Michelle for sharing something so valuable .

    1. Yes Roslyn I love this quality about the Gentle Breath Meditation, it is never about taking us away from ourselves or reaching an amazing destination, but reconnecting us to our body and who we really are. There is nothing more exquisite!

  49. Beautiful to read Michelle, as I was reading I could feel the beautiful warmth of a hug rising within my body, my own love.

  50. There is the sweet and warm embrace of re-connecting to who you are through the gentle breath meditation, and then there is the accepting of all that you can feel in that moment. Both are gorgeous and indicate that there is always more to the depths of you.

  51. For me the Gentle Breath Meditation is a simple and profound technique that is the most precious and empowering of gifts to feel and accept our own essence and the love that we are.

  52. The Way of the Livingness is the most simple approach to life and it works wonders as you are describing in this blog. It really does not take more than giving yourself the space to breathe your own breath.

  53. The Gentle Breath Meditation has been a groundbreaking tool in re-developing a relationship with myself on a much deeper level than I would have known before. Since then it is a basic come back to technique whenever I have lost myself in the troubles of life.

  54. Before getting to know ‘my own breath’ I had no idea what that would be like. Actually, the term appears to be a bit odd and my mind can still get confused when thinking about it, but the moment I develop a quality of breathing that at lest is gentle if not even deeper, stiller, smoother, more tender and expanded a sense of space, warmth, stillness, beingness, presence, being embraced and held can emerge – the most yummy connection possible.

  55. “I realised that morning, with great clarity, that what I was feeling was the very essence of me, who I truly am – and that is love.” So beautiful Michelle. I love the warm yummy feeling that spreads through my body when I am connected with me – and knowing that others can feel it too – so the ripples spread out into the world.

  56. The gentle breath meditation has far reaching effects with in us and beyond. What I love about this meditation is it is not something I just sit and do to fix something or bring some relief to a busy mind and body but rather a quality I connect to and feel as Me and then take into my next part of the day.

  57. Michelle you were writing for me also when you say, about the gentle breath meditation that “It is without a doubt one of the most precious and empowering gifts I have ever received – the ability to again know and feel the love that I truly am”. This meditation is a Godsend to all of humanity.

  58. Michelle thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with the gentle breath mediation – the only thing I wanted to do after reading your awesome blog was doing the gentle breath mediation . . .

  59. I love the Gentle Breath meditation as I have come to let go of some holding in my chest area lately the meditation has only gone deeper and become more felt throughout my whole body.

  60. Beautifully expressed Michelle. Choosing to connect to the love that we are within through the simplicity of the gentle breath meditation enables us to consistently live from this quality every day.

  61. Hello Michelle and short and sweet all round. This shows how simply it is to loose yourself in the world and the stress of it and then equally the simplicity of the return. This is a simple meditation that is made for us now and the way we live. There is an ease in it’s application and the result thereafter are ground breaking. If you find or are finding yourself at the wrong end of the stress and rush meter in the world then try this meditation and you will see a change. I use it all the time as it’s no longer something I do but something I am.

  62. I loved that as I was reading this I was able to focus on my breath and experience the warmth start to expand and embrace me. It is a profoundly powerful technique as it is deeply beautiful… and so simple at stopping the momentum we can find ourselves in to then choose to move forward in a quality that truly supports us.

  63. What I love about this meditation technique is that I can feel a quality of gentleness that my body knows inside out, but that I’ve long-forgotten about. Focusing on and making my breath gentle brings this quality back not just to my breath but to my whole body. There’s a sense of spaciousness and a gap between me and my thoughts, and a surrender – a sense of deep settlement and contentment.

  64. I love the title of your blog Michelle, it beautifully describes the simplicity and power of the gentle breath meditation. I have found it an invaluable and practical tool for when I have disconnected from feeling my body and gone into my head to work something out. When we consistently connect to ourselves through our breath we are naturally able to access our true inner wisdom.

  65. How easy it is, to live a (whole) life avoiding such moments of connection – and the reflection that may be then offered from within.
    Developing our ability to connect – and so simply, as the Gentle Breath Meditation offers us – is essential, if we wish to foster a steady and centred relationship with ourselves and with all aspects of our lives. Without this, we are essentially lost in the fray, so easily at the mercy of whatever tide or wind comes our way.

  66. It is beautiful to read of your deep appreciation Michelle for the Gentle Breath Meditation and I agree it is a true gift to humanity.

  67. A beautiful appreciation of: the All that we are from with-in, and Serge Benhayon who supports us in our re-connection to this truth. Everyone has the same connection to the depth of loveliness from with-in, we are all equal in every regard, we just choose to remember this and express this in different ways.

  68. I love this testimonial for the Gentle Breath Meditation – it is the most wonderful yet oh so simple re-connection tool. My revelations have also come from that moment I re-connect as I wonder whether the ‘rush’ was worth it – I could have got the later bus/ferry/train.

    1. I have come to the conclusion after many trials, tests, tribulations and denials that the rush is not worth it. Rushing is at the expense of me, the loveliness that is naturally with-in. There isn’t a connection to me when rushing, as this is driven from the mind saying I’m not enough. The Gentle Breath Meditation is the most divinely simple way to connect back to our own lovely more than enough-ness.

      1. So true, we lose every time when we rush. We may get where we need to get, do what we need to do but the quality wasn’t there so it is like we left ourselves behind to get there… the car crossed the line without the driver!

  69. Spot on Lucy, what you share reminds me of the times I have had to go back and check something because i wasn’t with myself at the time so had no memory of what I had or hadn’t done. There are also the times when things needed to be redone because of rushing.

  70. We are all searching for this love and more openly-minded so these days. This love is within. We already have it Our essence. It beautifully waits for us to rebirth it and through The Gentle Breath Meditation it is a breath away.

  71. How gorgeous is this, ‘As my breath became gentler I felt an expansion in my lungs, and breathing became almost effortless. I could feel a beautiful warmth in my lungs and in my chest that then spread to my arms, my hands, and then filled my whole body.’ Simply powerful.

  72. Reading this brought me back to the simplicity that stopping and moving from within and what this can bring. I can be in a right frazzled state and yet less than five minutes of breathing gently, walking with an awareness of my feet on the floor, the feeling of my grip can completely change my whole outlook and perception on life. It just goes to show we need not be victims or prisoners to stress, anxiety, expectations or any other emotion.

  73. I can relate to a similar experience simplifying my life in choosing to stay connected and present with my body as I move and do things throughout the day which opens up more space and allows me to build a natural rhythm, flow and ease to the way I move my body with everything I am doing.

  74. Wow Michelle I loved your description of how breathing your own breath feel to you on the inside. It certainly did justice to your title – Gentle Breath Meditation: the Warmest Embrace comes from Within – and inspired me no even to be forever deepening my relationship with myself.

  75. It is very beautifully to feel through what you have shared just how much we impose when seek from others and the world outside of us to be fulfilled, when everything we could ever need resides within us, literally one breath away when we surrender to all that we already innately are.

  76. The world has not yet fully grasped what it has been given with the gentle breath meditation, but one day it will for sure because it provides a pivotal turning point for each one of us to commence a relationship with our essence and learn to live in connection with it rather than being 100% driven by our spirit.

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