Changing the World: In a Huge, Powerful, Earth Shattering and Awesome Way

by Leonne Sharkey, Compliance Coordinator, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

About 8 years ago I wrote on an online profile that I wanted to “change the world”. I had no idea what this meant but I was trying to write a profile from the heart and I knew it was something I wanted to do. Of course “changing the world” always meant “for the better” and I wanted it to be in a huge, powerful, earth shattering and awesome way.

Unfortunately, I think my attempts to express this came off a bit ‘beauty pageant–like’, because when people asked exactly how I wanted to change the world… I was stumped! I had no idea, I just knew the world seemed messed up and I wanted to fix it… How embarrassing!

I had so many grand ideas: volunteering in a third world country perhaps, volunteering at home, or helping the homeless? I gave some of these ideas a shot but they weren’t what I was looking for. The world was still a mess – I was still a mess! If one more homeless person had dinner that day, was anything really changing? How could I really support another person if I was not supporting myself? How could I show that life could be full of love and joy when that was not my experience?

About two and a half years ago, as I lay in my bed I was overcome by an overwhelming desire to know the true purpose of my life. This question had been burning in me for as long as I could remember and it had come to the point where I could not go on a moment longer without knowing the answer. I guess you could say I prayed. I put it out there that I was willing to know why I was here on earth, and I was willing to do whatever it took to fulfill a promise I knew I had made, but forgotten.

Within the next week I was given a card for a Universal Medicine (UniMed) practitioner. I had a feeling that this was part of the answer to my call for the truth, but I was a little fearful of facing up to this (now it had shown itself to me). I had a big overseas holiday planned to celebrate my 30th birthday and decided I would make the appointment when I got back.

I went on my holiday and visited exotic locations including Hawaii, New York and Las Vegas. I went for it, determined to have the holiday of a lifetime and let my hair down. But things did not go according to plan: sure I had a great time and some great Facebook pictures to prove it, however, what the pictures didn’t show was that I felt more empty than ever; travelling, partying, shopping and living it up were clearly not the answer. I now had firsthand proof and it was a bitter pill to swallow.

Upon my return I had my first Chakra-puncture session and immediately I felt that something important had happened, even though nothing much changed in my life at first. I did notice that I could no longer flog myself at the gym though… hmmm. Over the coming months, as more truth was revealed to me through Serge Benhayon’s amazing books, and with the loving support of several UniMed practitioners, I began to make more loving choices for myself and bring more true joy into my life. I began to start changing myself, and as I started to do this I started to see that the changes I was making for myself had begun to change the lives of the people around me.

The change that I have brought to myself and others has been subtle in many ways, and I have made many, many mistakes along the way – old habits sometimes die very hard, and I had 30 years of emotional self-flagellation to re-imprint. However, as I started to let go of the harsh judgment I had heaped upon myself, I was also able to let go of the way I judged others and become much more allowing and accepting of the way other people choose to be. My relationships with others – which I had always felt were strong, loving and honest – began to deepen in a way that often shocked me. I was amazed at the beauty and honesty I was able to uncover and develop with friends and family, by simply and truly listening to what they had to say and expressing from my heart.

I also started to speak up more when something felt wrong to me. On one occasion I told someone that something they had said had hurt me. This person initially reacted very badly to what I expressed and was nothing short of furious with me for weeks – if looks could kill I would have been dead many times over. I was walking on eggshells; a little freaked out by what I had started, but I had an unshakeable feeling that I had done something true in a loving way despite the consequences I was experiencing. Over the next few days I began to notice that this person’s behaviour began to change with everyone they interacted with; the people around this person who had also been harsh also began to soften. Although there was still a lot of anger directed at me by the person I had confronted, overall, things felt so much better for me and everyone else they interacted with… I was starting to feel and see the change I was making in the world.

I began to treat my body in a more loving way, exercising gently, breathing gently and giving up any substance that I felt was causing harm to my body and made me feel sick, including caffeine and alcohol.

Funnily enough, I was not able to feel the entire harming effect that certain foods and drinks had on me until I stopped having them. I didn’t really think I reacted to foods before, but I felt tired all the time and got sick almost every 2-3 weeks with viruses and colds. I discussed these issues with a practitioner one day; they suggested giving up gluten and dairy as an experiment and seeing for myself if this had any effect on my energy levels. I was amazed how different I felt when I did not eat these foods! I felt much lighter and more vital. If I caved in to a craving after abstaining from something for a while, I would often have such a bad reaction to it that stopping myself the next time became easy.

I have begun to change the world. Many people may not notice, but I know everyone I meet in my life is affected. I am bringing a level of honesty to my relationships that can be beautiful and/or confronting. I am living in a way that shows a dedication to treating myself lovingly that can be beautiful and/or confronting, and I am able to sit back and allow others to choose whether they find me and the way I live beautiful and/or confronting.

I now live in a loving way; I am more open, I express from my heart and I experience joy on a daily basis. It is not always easy, it is not always fun; but I am changing the world and the changes I am making are huge, powerful, earth shattering and awesome.

152 thoughts on “Changing the World: In a Huge, Powerful, Earth Shattering and Awesome Way

  1. Many fall for the wish to change the world. After all, it is not that hard realizing that this is not it. The problem is what to do about it. Life offers us an array of possibilities. When we choose, we not just choose a path, but one we trust will help us to change the world. In this process, though, we discount us. We leave ourselves out of the picture. Others, simply abandon the picture altogether and find any place where they can withdraw from wat they find a mess. The key question is how to effectively be able to change something without disengaging from the world. And, there is where Universal Medicine has something crucial to offer that allows us to start changing, becoming less and less a contributor to the mess we do not like and see how our relationships start transforming as we go on. We may not change ‘the’ (whole) world, yet we help to transform a portion of it and we significantly change the way we relate to it. We learn that we are responsible only for what we are responsible. We cannot change what others are responsible for. This teaching, though, changes everything. That is why it has to go around… to change the world.

  2. “I am bringing a level of honesty to my relationships that can be beautiful and/or confronting. I am living in a way that shows a dedication to treating myself lovingly that can be beautiful and/or confronting..” – which is beautifully confronting Leonne.

  3. “My relationships with others – which I had always felt were strong, loving and honest – began to deepen in a way that often shocked me.” The shock comes from clocking that we are the only ones who have chosen to ‘change’ or deepen our relationship but everyone benefits. Yet this is in contrast to an ideal that had you wanting to change the world by going out there and doing your bit! I love the magic of this reflection and the ripple effect it has. It inspires us all to continue to focus on the way we live our own life and the relationship we have with ourselves as a way to change the world without imposition but by inspiration.

  4. How amazing that the way to really make changes in this world start at home with ourselves in the smallest of ways, with things that are seemingly insignificant. These tiny changes are very real and lasting because they are very accessible and can then inspire others, whereas when we try to tackle bigger issues we so often end up against a brick wall. Thank God for Serge Benhayon who has and continues to show the world what is possible when we begin to truly love ourselves.

  5. To change the world simply requires us to live in harmony both with ourselves and those around us, and the ripple effect of this loving way of living will reach far and wide and has the potential to eventually re-harmonise our very disharmonious world.

  6. This was a joy to read. It was very real and practical (and not very earth shattering!). It documents the changes and ripple effect to others in a way that anyone could take one piece or the whole to begin to work with in their own lives.

  7. You have just proved how easy it is to change the world here and if we all took a leaf out of your book the knock on effect would be huge. It is amazing what we can now see as abusive when we start looking after ourselves better.

  8. Many of us went on board the I want to change the world ship. Yet, some of us also bought into we have to understand how it works first and accepted that the academic narratives we got about it were true. Interestingly enough though, not many can claim they understood it based on everything they got.

  9. How true it is that if we really want to ‘change the world’ we must start with ourselves and with being the love that we innately are. Feeding someone who is hungry is a nice thing to do but giving them a reflection of the love that they too are, is truly powerful.

  10. It’s true Leone, just as you learned we can’t correct the messed-up world around us until we address and correct our own messiness – otherwise we just keep contributing the same old same old and it feeds the mess all the more.

  11. I know the feeling of wanting to fix the way the world and our society live, and the every day destruction that people cause both to themselves and others, and through Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I have learnt that it is not about fixing anything but to show the world that there is another way to be and to be true to yourself.

  12. Yes the true changing of the world begins with ourselves first and foremost. As you have said Leonne, how can we support another if we are not supporting ourselves first? Hence the real power to change the world lies in our willingness and commitment to self-responsibility…

  13. I love it Leonne, your sharing of how the huge earth shattering changes to the world are not it and don’t really in truth change anything. It is the small things done with love that change the world as you discovered and so beautifully shared. Expressing the truth here, making true contact with someone there, these are what change the world.

  14. Leonne, this is such a beautiful sharing and a huge support to read today – I love the space you give both yourself and others in allowing all to be as they are, and how your honesty has brought changes to you and those around you; this is so deeply confirming and it shows how much we affect the world around and beyond us. Changing the world starts with us.

  15. Amazing Leonne. I used to think that I needed to change the world and sometimes still get caught in expecting it to be different. It is amazing to know though that true expression does change the world and being ourselves in all the ways that we naturally are, makes ripple effects.

  16. I have always had this sense in my life of wanting to ‘change the world’ too and tried many things including volunteering at home and abroad and being a member of different charities etc but the only time I have felt I have actually made any real lasting difference was when I started to change my relationships with myself and everyone around me in my ordinary daily life.

    1. We completely underestimate the power of small things to effect change in the world. The ripples from such small things are not visible but nevertheless they do exist and they keep going effecting everyone in their path.

  17. There is great truth in the saying ‘be the change you want to see in the world’. When change comes from within us, alchemy begins and all reap the rewards.

  18. By changing ourselves we then bring changes to those around us and to the world as you have shown here beautifully Leonne, ‘ I was amazed at the beauty and honesty I was able to uncover and develop with friends and family, by simply and truly listening to what they had to say and expressing from my heart.’

  19. How we are with ourselves does then have a ripple effect, ‘ as I started to let go of the harsh judgment I had heaped upon myself, I was also able to let go of the way I judged others and become much more allowing and accepting of the way other people choose to be.’ Simple, and makes sense.

  20. I love how we make a difference, not by trying to make a difference, but by being who we are in all that we are. This difference is felt in us and in everyone. Some may react but when we stay steady we are holding a space and that space is full of potential.

  21. I’m really inspired by what you said about the person who was angry with you when you expressed the hurt you felt at their words. You don’t say they stopped being angry with you so what inspires me is that you were able to be with this and accept it, and were then able to observe the changes in them and those around them. Having that commitment to yourself – to expressing truth no matter what – is a life-changer.

  22. Leonne, this is extra-ordinairy.. so so huge and earth shattering. There is no longer the excuse that you can not change the world and so by example neither do we.. It is amazing to see the depth of truth that one can re-align to and bring themselves back in to place that serves you and so others. Even if it takes some reactions. It shows us that we must alway follow what we feel and express all of that and not hold anything back we feel to share and experience. Gorgeous as it is lived and when its lived, it is felt by all and those are all able to choose truth for themselves. No need for trying,proving or convincing.

  23. Purpose in life is lived in the detail, and in the refining of the detail of our lives, that we may live in a way that supports us to BE ‘us’ in full. What a beautiful exploration of the detail this is – when embraced so joyfully, we know that there is no end to this. It is a responsible way of living that is all there, should we heed the knowing from within in how to live it.

  24. Love this blog, and all its realness Leonne, thank-you. I nearly fell off my chair when you described changing the world in a ‘beauty-pageant’ kind of way – yet, what you’ve shared there is key for so very many of us. We want things to be better, we may even feel that we’re here to make a difference. Yet is that difference about ‘doing good’ in order to relieve our tensions in life, or is it derived from living the real deal of love, and knowing to the bone that this is what truly changes things.
    As we take our steps towards love, we change – our bodies, our vitality, oftentimes our health, the way we interact and meet each other, it all changes. And this is felt by others, frequently inspiring people to bring more of the same to their own lives – lives of love, in a world that has become so drastically loveless and abusive…

  25. When we look at the world and its obvious mess, so many of us want to just go out there and do something about it – but it really is each one of us who makes up the world that has the power to change the world by being honest and willing to make choices from a different place in our daily life – we are that powerful.

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