Creating a Life to Come Back to

by Nicole Serafin, Age 40, Tintenbar, NSW

I had never really bothered to stop and ponder on what it was that I was here for, nor how it was that I should treat and relate to the body which I had chosen to arrive here in. I was born, I lived, I partied, often way harder than what my body could really cope with and so the roundabout went.

My uncle used to have a saying, and excuse some of the language…“you eat, you shit and you die”. The older that I got the more this became a reality.

Or was this the reality?

In one way, yes it was, but it felt like a false sense of reality: a reality that if I chose to live in such a way of pure existence and nothing else – then yes, that was life… A life where I got up and went on automatic pilot, going through the process of the day but never really bothering to stop and consider why we did what we did, and if what we were doing was actually right for us, or anyone else.

I began to ponder on the fact that maybe, just maybe, there was more to life and that I was here for a purpose; that there had to be more.

As I considered the possibility of coming back again after I had died to do it all again, it began to feel quite real. “Oh, my god”, I would think to myself, “I don’t want to come back and do this all over again… I could not possibly do it again!” Yet if I felt like this, then what was the quality of my life? And if my life was so amazing, why wouldn’t I want to come back and do it all over again?

With this thought I began to look at life and the way I was living. I began to ask myself some questions…

  • You know that feeling of what we call Deja Vu, the feeling that you have been somewhere before, met that person before, or done that before…? Could it be that this feeling is true, because you have?
  • Could it be that there is a bigger picture, a plan that if you so dare to ponder, greater than we have ever imagined?
  • Could it be that we are able to make more of an impact on the world and the society in which we live, if only we dare to stop and consider that there may be more – that we may be more… even if it is only for a second, and allow ourselves to feel all of these things that we so often feel – but choose to push aside and ignore? To allow ourselves to begin to choose those inner feelings and to choose to live a life filled with honesty, truth and love?

When I came across and began to attend Universal Medicine presentations, and courses and sessions with Serge Benhayon, all that I had been feeling not only about life but also myself, began to make even more sense. Everything that I heard and felt was just confirming what I had already been feeling: the fact that there was more to life, that I was here for a purpose, and that there was a bigger picture and that it was not just all about me.

I began to look at how I was living, to make changes in my life, in order that ‘when’ and ‘if’ I did come back, there would be a foundation that I had created that I would want to come back to. And not one that left me thinking, “Oh, no, not again…”.

I now have an opportunity to live in a way that at the end of the day I am not exhausted, and that I actually look forward to getting up in the mornings, without dreading what lies ahead for the day. To enjoy living the simplicity of my life rather than living in the overwhelm of the life that goes on around me.

I have to thank Serge Benhayon, his family and Universal Medicine for being the inspiration for all that I am and all that I have. I now have a life that I look forward to coming back to – a life that I can continue to build and work on in a way that is supportive of everyone and everything.

293 thoughts on “Creating a Life to Come Back to

  1. it is easy to dismiss karma as a small tit for tat or payback system, but it can grace us in a most beautiful preparing us to offer more and more back to humanity as well.

    1. I agree we can see karma as something like a punishment or we can see it for the gift that it is. We all think of it is its negative sense but you can also have divine karma where things constellate from love for you and really all karma is from love because it is teaching us to return to the love we are and so anything less than love needs to be re-callibrated. For me it is a bit like learning consequences we cannot simply expect to do literally anything and not have any after effects – everything we do creates ripples and these can either be harming or healing the choice is always ours.

  2. ‘if my life was so amazing, why wouldn’t I want to come back and do it all over again?’ …. thanks to the teachings of Universal Medicine, so much of what I have felt life was about has been explained. I absolutely LOVE my life and having the opportunity to be who I truly am, at last and to know that this is exactly how we are all supposed to be living together, allowing us to once again live in harmony and brotherhood. It may take a few lifetimes, but I know we will get there and I am very thankful to be a part of the whole journey, however long it takes.

  3. I know without any doubt that I will have future lives, just as I have had past lives. It’s the only explanation that makes any sense to me as to why some people are born with terrible disabilities or illnesses. Everything we choose in life has a consequence, we never ‘get away’ with anything. There is divine Universal Law which unites us all as part of the whole, which we are all a part of, whether we realise it or not.

  4. Yes we would all be living our lives very differently if that was the common foundation for this life. Knowing that we were coming back, I have no doubt that people’s choices would be very different. I know that I will be coming back, so my daily choices are impacted by that responsibility and love for people.

  5. To me it makes life so much more purposeful, to know that after this life there will be a new base on the foundation I have laid in this life.

  6. To me living a life like this, that I know I have an impact on the world, and that I create a better life for me and humanity makes life so much more beautiful. I now live for humanity, which will see there is better life for humanity – which includes me – the next time around.

  7. Beautifully expressed Nicole, if I am returning then I want to make responsible choices in this life that are loving and supportive, not just to reward me but for others to be inspired to live life with a quality as well that is loving and true.

  8. Wow, and how many people can say that they have a life that they would truly be happy to come back to? That’s pretty unheard of, mostly because we’re not in the habit of considering the all, considering that there is more than this life, and that there is a much greater picture. Taking on the responsibility that we are part of something bigger than our material possessions and immediate family is a huge deal, and it’s awesome to be inspired by people who say yes to that responsibility.

  9. It is a responsible living way to be aware of confirming the bigger picture and all that we are – to expand further the deeper knowing of what power and stupendous love that we each hold equally. To show how simple it is to be with life and each other continually evolving to more love and service to The Plan.

  10. Every morning we come back to the day we left the day before. The way I am today is because of the way I was yesterday. So I have a choice to create a foundation for the day I am coming back to tomorrow. So how do I want to live today so that tomorrow is going to be another amazing day? With a bit of awareness, I can begin to make different choices.

  11. Yes when we look at life through the lens you are sharing here Nicole, it can create a really uncomfortable feeling within, that feeling of ‘oh my goodness’ there is so so much that we are not taking responsibility for and certainly not living in a way that fosters true love and a knowing that we will come back and retrace every step we have taken on this planet, so lets start to take more responsibility for exactly that fact.

  12. I know that I am coming back after this life is complete, I know this because I can feel the quality of the person that I will be, and I know that it is my responsibility to live that quality to the best of my ability today in this life, so that when I return the foundation is not only laid , but the momentum of it will hold me until I am awakened to my remembered purpose in my coming lives.

    1. I feel such clarity in what you have expressed Leigh. Do we go to bed at night and dread waking up for the next day or do we go to bed looking forward to doing it all again the next day? Do we count down our weekdays until Friday and the weekend or do we treat everyday with the same importance? These may seem like basic questions but how we approach the microcosm of our life is how we approach the macrocosm of our existence.

  13. Even if we take reincarnation out of the picture the very way we are with people today comes back to us. The more we see and learn to live in and with cycles the more we can maximise them and learn from them. We have soo much support and assistance if we choose to see it!

  14. Reincarnation equals responsibility… something we can shirk but can never actually avoid the consequences of. Hence karma and it’s natural law of re-balance, not tit-for tat, but an infinitely loving holding energy that ensures every movement away from the divine love we are, is corrected and restored, by our own choice.

  15. It is great when we start to ponder and question life like this, ‘I began to ponder on the fact that maybe, just maybe, there was more to life and that I was here for a purpose; that there had to be more ‘ and this makes so much more sense.

  16. That is a great question to ask ourselves.
    The way and the quality we lived today is that where we want o get back to if we get born again?
    If not, why not? What if we choose to live in a way in which we do look forward to get in.
    If we all would do that we wil l get a very different imprint on earth for our next generation and ourselves when returned to earth again.

  17. I had a laugh re reading this as I remember quizzing people what do you have to do to come back as a caterpillar or a cockroach. I was fully prepared to accept that we came back just wasn’t quite sure how the karma thing worked. Karma as presented in the Ageless Wisdom makes complete logical sense and doesn’t require belief as you can see it plays out before your eyes on a daily basis.

  18. What if the quality of life we are living now, in this life, has an influence on the quality of life we will come back to in our next life, would that influence how you are living now – this is a question worth pondering?

  19. What a gracious blog, so real and true – showing us every single breath that we come back where we have left it in, not just for you but also so one another. So, what a beautiful responsibility we have to change things around and leave a grander, greater space for your next return – be it a place of love, warmth, holding and understanding of what needs to be unfolded next. By that said, we need an environment that holds our love brethren by birth as close as possible in connection to our hearts and the Universe. And educate our young in that Way.

    1. I love that Andrew, So much more positive and so much better that the choice offered by many of the religions of either heaven or hell. The idea that the quality we leave this life in is the quality that we return to in our next life makes a lot of sense to me.

  20. Like paper clips on a desk, we like to shuffle life’s details and find ourselves getting caught up organising the arrangement of ‘things’ – all the time missing the bigger picture of the space we are truly in. Yes everything matters, but to obsesss about which colour post-it note we use when the office is burning down is not quite right. Your words emphasise to me Nicole the beauty that comes when we see the universal picture we are part of in life.

  21. I remember watching a movie once where the characters had a purpose and if they didn’t follow through it would affect many many others but they were warned not to get distracted by life’s pleasures. They went into a casino and was offered a food treat and without questioning or discerning it they ate them, they were in this checked-out state that nothing else mattered and they just kept going for more distractions, until finally one of the characters clued on to what was happening and woke everyone else up out of their slumber. Anyway, long story, but I related it to how sidetracked we can get when it comes to doing, having, owning, living just for ourselves and our families, how we can forget about the bigger picture, about connection, about our purpose and the purpose of what we are here to do.

  22. You put it so practically Nicole ‘so is the life I’m living one I want to come back to?’ and that’s in fact a great marker to shine a light on how we’re living now … do we live in a way that is joyful, that is about all of us and not just ourselves, and do we live with purpose, I know that is the life to live and the life to come back to, so the task now is to live each moment fully to the best of my ability and to know that everything I do has an impact beyond what I can imagine, and yet deep down I know and understand this fact. Life is magical and has a purpose, to live the love we are.

  23. I love to remind myself that all imprints I leave behind I will meet when I come back. It makes me to smile. This way I can add to our future to be more loving then it is now.

  24. We can constantly under the movement of cycles – from hours to days to months, years and life-times. We cannot escape what we have lived, and this can be a very good thing or not so pleasant for some.

  25. As we grow up we are currently not taught, encouraged or nurtured to feel the value of who we are, the responsibility we all hold, and how the quality of how we live and move has a great impact on the world, as such we are unaware of the power we innately hold when we move in connection to our essence, our Soul. Understanding these basic principles of life is what allows us to feel our purpose and live with greater connection and confidence to be who we innately are through which experience a life of true enrichment.

  26. Serge Benhayon presents the purpose of life and this calls for a responsibility for every move we make to come from love.

  27. Just suppose for a moment that re-incarnation is a true fact, if we accepted that then we keep coming back here again and again and if we keep coming here again and again, there must be a purpose. That purpose might be to return to who we really are before we chose to drop into this physical dimension. If on the other hand we chose to think that there is only one life, then that’s it, what possible purpose could there be in that? Does a life of no purpose make sense in the amazing Universe we inhabit?

  28. Nicole what you write here makes perfect sense, that our lives do indeed have a purpose that we are here to reflect something back to humanity and at the same time there are lessons for us all to learn too, until such time as we no longer need to repeat them.

  29. Reincarnation certainly brings life into sharp focus. There is no escaping ourselves, so it’s up to us to be all that we are and be love in this life.

  30. We can look at our lives through eyes that consider us only as individuals or, we can consider us all as a collective whole in which the quality of our interactivity, regard and love for each other reflects, the quality of the world around us, it’s our choice.

  31. It is beautiful to realise the responsibility we have in the way we live, and how it is easier to respond to the call of responsibility, than resist it.

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