Reincarnation – Taking Responsibility for the Next Time Around

by Gabriele Conrad, Goonellabah, New South Wales

A recent article by Nicole Serafin – Creating a Life to Come Back to – reminded me of how much I used to be put off by the concept of reincarnation and more specifically, by the way people talked about it – and before I go any further here, let me also state that in hindsight, I have actually always known reincarnation to be true, but I was fighting it because the way it was presented to me did not ever make sense. And because I was relying on outside information and not ever trusting of what I was feeling, did not even know what that might mean and how it could possibly be achieved, I had thrown the baby out with the bath water.

I used to get quite riled over reincarnation because the way it was presented would either be in the form of humans coming back as cockroaches, rats or poodles (the poodles are my addition) or in a very off-handed manner demonstrated in throw-away remarks such as, “well, that’s great then, get it wrong this time and just come back to have another go at it next time”. I even heard arguments defending suicide based on this casual assumption. But what was this next ‘go at it’ to be based on? And if we can’t do it now, if we can’t have this life we so want and don’t have now, what will make it possible for anybody to do it differently that imagined next time? Different parents perhaps? Or a different country of birth? Possibly more money? A better education? A different job? But where was it all going to come from?

All I knew for certain was that if indeed there was a God, and if there was a creation and not just this bad and hopeless joke of an obviously useless existence, then the whole thing better be more glorious and astute than those man-made assumptions that felt a bit like really bad science fiction, and did nothing but project human frailties, shortcomings and hopes onto an imagined deity and assumed divine order. If this God thing existed, then he, she, it better be stupendous – or I wasn’t having a bar of it! And so I didn’t.

The other thing that used to really bug me about all this reincarnation nonsense was that its proponents seemed to all have been Cleopatra, Mary Magdalene or Nefertiti; there were apparently a few reappearances of Napoleon and I had heard of people who believed they were Jesus. It just made no sense and I used to ask people to please give me one good reason, a good explanation in favour of reincarnation to convince me once and for all that it existed – if only I could meet someone who would simply and honestly say they had been Adolf Hitler I used to think, and not all those Cleopatras, nuns and monks and famous warriors!

Enter Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. The first few times Serge mentioned reincarnation, I was squirming in my seat – or falling asleep, depending on my form and food intake that day. I must have stayed awake long enough for some things to start sinking in though, because I gradually realised that Serge was doing a different take on reincarnation, one that actually made sense. Not the cockroach and poodle variety, no conventional religious take, and certainly not the shirking-all-responsibility variety that had always so repulsed me. He was talking about reincarnation as taking responsibility for me and my life at present which then and only then leads to me taking responsibility for the next round (reincarnation) and me and my life then which leads to the next round… you get the picture. He talked about reincarnation as an expression of divine love, the incredibly loving opportunity to learn and develop, be more loving myself, live more fully, joyously and consciously – and build on that. What goes around comes around, quite literally!

I learned and yet didn’t have to learn, because somehow I had always known it, that reincarnation is a law of love which allows me to return to what I truly am, even if I have no full understanding of what exactly that might be yet. But it is stupendous, that much I know for sure while I now willingly and very consciously partake of this opportunity to go around in daily, monthly and yearly cycles as does the earth around the Sun, and knowingly and willingly undo, redo, file, polish, buff, smooth and wipe the lesions, bumps and warts I keep running into and tripping over.

And the funny thing is of course that all the time, while I was waging my own private war against reincarnation – I was still coming back; in fact, hello – I was already back: just like the earth had never changed into a flat disc or swapped the going-around-in-circles-bit with the Sun, no matter how fervently it had otherwise been decreed.

868 thoughts on “Reincarnation – Taking Responsibility for the Next Time Around

  1. I had an experience recently where my body left me in no doubt I had experienced another life many many years ago, I knew exactly the area of Europe I had lived in. The realisation brought with it a sudden flood of tears as the sadness and disbelief that something so sacred could be so violated. This experience has shown me that we have a blueprint within us that stores every incarnation and those lives we have lived then colours the next life until we are able to live in a way that is non harming of ourselves and others. So we should be placing far more emphasis on reincarnation as it is our ticket out of the swamp of life.

    1. I would add, if I may, that reincarnation is a ticket out of the swamp of creation. The swamp that preceded us and that we have, in various ways, capitulated and contributed to – or not, as the case may be.

  2. I used to wonder about reincarnation and was a little freaked out about the idea of coming back as a cockroach or a cricket, but when I heard Serge Benhayon sharing his understanding of reincarnation, I knew that to me the version of taking responsibility for one’s life, one’s thoughts and actions etc was a version that made much more sense to me than the version of living the life of an insect.

  3. Reincarnation explained as a responsibility is a beautiful way to bring more love to be lived in every day.

  4. Gabriele, I only just now have had the joy of coming across this blog written by you, and I must say I love the way you write and express – there is an honesty and an openness and a freedom in sharing things that is inspiring for us all to feel as we read. Thank you for sharing what you have shared about re-incarnation, and in the process putting into words what so many of us have been feeling.

  5. When I connect with the fact of reincarnation, something feels complete within and makes sense. There could be arguments to explain or contradict it, but at the end I know the truth of it inside of me.

  6. As a collective we have chosen to ignore one of the fundamentals of life which is that we belong to the cycle of re-birth and so reincarnate each life time to reenact and to heal what we didn’t take responsibility for in a previous life. It’s a complete opt out from taking any sort of responsibility and we can see this from the current way we live.

  7. I love the title of this blog “Reincarnation – Taking Responsibility for the Next Time Around”. There’s absolutely no excuse for withdrawing from life when we see each and every life like that. As you say, we can resist and fight all we like, but it keeps happening.

    1. And whether we believe in it or not, know that it happens or not, reincarnation keeps doing what it does, cycle after cycle till such time that we have learned what we have learned.

  8. “… reincarnation is a law of love which allows me to return to what I truly am, even if I have no full understanding of what exactly that might be yet.” Yes, yet some folks still try to bastardise it -and blame God, taking no responsibility for the life they are leading currently.

  9. Interesting how funerals and religious ceremony shy away from reincarnation, so could it be that this is simply a ploy to run fear through people as is depicted in the latest Robin Hood movie directed by Otto Bathurst.

    1. Yes, especially the sobering if not shocking remark that the church invented hell to assert its dominion by putting fear into people.

      1. That rang very true as the church and ‘hell’ go hand in hand along with being outed for so many lies, greed, corruption and one day will be held accountable for all its ill ways.

      2. Fear is a great weapon that is used to control and dominate people and the mainstream religions have done exactly this for centuries, put the fear of God into people which is the complete opposite to what God actually is unadulterated love.

  10. It makes so much sense to me to live in a way that is respectful and honouring of who we truly are, treating others with decency and respect as a bare minimum. As an equal bare minimum.

    1. Respect is, in many ways, the lowest common denominator but it is a good and decent start nevertheless. From there, more can easily unfold.

  11. Seeing reincarnation as an act of divine love, in the way that Serge Benhayon presents this, has helped me to understand situations more clearly, and so to let go of what judgements I may have.

    1. Reincarnation in its truth supports us to see the bigger picture and not get stuck in judgments, opinions and pictures of how we think life and people should be.

      1. Yes as we have no idea what paths others have walked in their previous lives, let alone this one. So judgement makes no sense at all. Do we sometimes judge ourselves the harshest?

      2. In my experience, we certainly do – nobody can do the hatchet job better than us, we are the expert on ourselves.

  12. Knowing we have all been here many times before, are equally equipped to feel energy and know truth, radically changes how you interact with people young and old. We’re all masters pretending we’re novices on the job.

    1. We like to play dumb and dumber and think that we can get away with it; but whom are we kidding in truth? Just those who are equally playing dumb and dumber and also think that they will get away with it? Hush hush is definitely the flavour of the aeons here and a while longer yet, by the looks of it..

    2. Joseph I get what you are saying if we have been here many times before then we carry those lives within us they are the blueprint of our DNA. So therefore it would make absolute sense that we are masters pretending we know nothing when in fact we know everything. This exposes the game of the Etheric spirit which is part of our makeup as it wants to hide the truth from our bodies so that it can continue its pursuit of being an individual in complete separation to the soul it separated from. It is only by reconnecting back to our bodies that hold the keys to our truth that we will have any chance of reconnecting back to the truth of who we are and why we are on this plane of life.

  13. Working with people prior to death, I have wondered all about what is the purpose of death and why do people die in so many different ways. People also approach there own death in many different ways, some with great ease and acceptance and others fighting against what is so clearly happening in their body. There is much more here than meets the eye. The more I observe the more questions I have.

  14. In some places around the world the is much controversy in re-incarnation but in others its an accepted part of life. In some countries its like its been weeded out altogether and in others its morphed into something that is used to control the populous. All be it removing it from what re-incarnation is…love and responsibility. If I look at my own life there are things that do not make sense from an upbringing perspective, the choices I have made, my behaviours, some of which are all too familiar, beyond that which I have learned this life. They make absolute sense when approaching life from the patterns, behaviours and momentums that simply continue from previous lives.

    1. We do know that some patterns and behaviours are much older than this lifetime; veritable monoliths that don’t budge and take all our commitment and dedication to make inroads into and eventually, by will and via a different choice of alignment, disappear out of what we take around with us.

  15. For some reason we seem to think we live in isolation from the rest of the universe that because we have not found so called ‘life’ as we know it on another planet we are it. I like the theory that we are all on this planet because we are so wayward we have been quarantined here and we cannot leave this plane of life until through the cycles of reincarnation we clear the abusive way we with live with ourselves and each other.

    1. That makes sense to me as well – we are quarantined on planet Earth until such time that the carbuncle has been healed and well and truly left behind.

  16. Like you, Gabriele, reincarnation always felt ‘right’ but the way it was presented did not make sense. Now with the understanding from the Ageless Wisdom as presented by Serge Benhayon it makes total sense that it is the Law of Love.

    1. A Law of Love that is superbly beholding and ever-patient until everyone is ready to return to their divine origins; and no need to forgive either because God does not judge.

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