Reincarnation – Taking Responsibility for the Next Time Around

by Gabriele Conrad, Goonellabah, New South Wales

A recent article by Nicole Serafin – Creating a Life to Come Back to – reminded me of how much I used to be put off by the concept of reincarnation and more specifically, by the way people talked about it – and before I go any further here, let me also state that in hindsight, I have actually always known reincarnation to be true, but I was fighting it because the way it was presented to me did not ever make sense. And because I was relying on outside information and not ever trusting of what I was feeling, did not even know what that might mean and how it could possibly be achieved, I had thrown the baby out with the bath water.

I used to get quite riled over reincarnation because the way it was presented would either be in the form of humans coming back as cockroaches, rats or poodles (the poodles are my addition) or in a very off-handed manner demonstrated in throw-away remarks such as, “well, that’s great then, get it wrong this time and just come back to have another go at it next time”. I even heard arguments defending suicide based on this casual assumption. But what was this next ‘go at it’ to be based on? And if we can’t do it now, if we can’t have this life we so want and don’t have now, what will make it possible for anybody to do it differently that imagined next time? Different parents perhaps? Or a different country of birth? Possibly more money? A better education? A different job? But where was it all going to come from?

All I knew for certain was that if indeed there was a God, and if there was a creation and not just this bad and hopeless joke of an obviously useless existence, then the whole thing better be more glorious and astute than those man-made assumptions that felt a bit like really bad science fiction, and did nothing but project human frailties, shortcomings and hopes onto an imagined deity and assumed divine order. If this God thing existed, then he, she, it better be stupendous – or I wasn’t having a bar of it! And so I didn’t.

The other thing that used to really bug me about all this reincarnation nonsense was that its proponents seemed to all have been Cleopatra, Mary Magdalene or Nefertiti; there were apparently a few reappearances of Napoleon and I had heard of people who believed they were Jesus. It just made no sense and I used to ask people to please give me one good reason, a good explanation in favour of reincarnation to convince me once and for all that it existed – if only I could meet someone who would simply and honestly say they had been Adolf Hitler I used to think, and not all those Cleopatras, nuns and monks and famous warriors!

Enter Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. The first few times Serge mentioned reincarnation, I was squirming in my seat – or falling asleep, depending on my form and food intake that day. I must have stayed awake long enough for some things to start sinking in though, because I gradually realised that Serge was doing a different take on reincarnation, one that actually made sense. Not the cockroach and poodle variety, no conventional religious take, and certainly not the shirking-all-responsibility variety that had always so repulsed me. He was talking about reincarnation as taking responsibility for me and my life at present which then and only then leads to me taking responsibility for the next round (reincarnation) and me and my life then which leads to the next round… you get the picture. He talked about reincarnation as an expression of divine love, the incredibly loving opportunity to learn and develop, be more loving myself, live more fully, joyously and consciously – and build on that. What goes around comes around, quite literally!

I learned and yet didn’t have to learn, because somehow I had always known it, that reincarnation is a law of love which allows me to return to what I truly am, even if I have no full understanding of what exactly that might be yet. But it is stupendous, that much I know for sure while I now willingly and very consciously partake of this opportunity to go around in daily, monthly and yearly cycles as does the earth around the Sun, and knowingly and willingly undo, redo, file, polish, buff, smooth and wipe the lesions, bumps and warts I keep running into and tripping over.

And the funny thing is of course that all the time, while I was waging my own private war against reincarnation – I was still coming back; in fact, hello – I was already back: just like the earth had never changed into a flat disc or swapped the going-around-in-circles-bit with the Sun, no matter how fervently it had otherwise been decreed.

670 thoughts on “Reincarnation – Taking Responsibility for the Next Time Around

  1. I enjoy the frankness and humour in which you express Gabriele. And I loved this question – “And if we can’t do it now, if we can’t have this life we so want and don’t have now, what will make it possible for anybody to do it differently that imagined next time?”. I know that to be true in this lifetime, for example if I put off exercise in the morning and feel very confident in that moment that I will do it on my way home from work so it will still be done but not just now, but come the end of the day, 99% of the time, the exercise in the evening does not happen because really all I wanted to do was not do it and the ‘next time’ was just an excuse. I think this applies for that approach to reincarnation – not bothered to do it now? What is really going to make you more bothered next time? Great question.

    1. “What is really going to make you more bothered next time?” Great question. How much do I care? It’s an uncomfortable answer when I am being absolutely honest with myself.

      1. You bring this to a point here – why do we court delay so much and what are we getting out of it?

  2. Gabriele, what an refreshing blog on reincarnation. I love how you describe the “mañana” approach to reincarnation and how irresponsibility is the main factor for either having this approach or negating reincarnation. What are we waiting for? Going around and around in circles waiting for someone to make a difference next time so we don’t have to be responsible? Reincarnation starts now, any time the present is the future.

  3. “While I was waging my own private war against reincarnation – I was still coming back … no matter how fervently it had otherwise been decreed.” So true Gabriele we can resist it, fight it ignore it, but we will always come back for another round with an even bigger backpack when not taking full responsibility.

  4. “reincarnation – taking responsibility for me and my life at present which then and only then leads to me taking responsibility for the next round (reincarnation)” and so forth. I am only now really feeling the consequences of our choices and that every choice it important- will it evolve us or hold us back; are we saying yes to our soul/ God or to something else? This life is all about laying a true foundation for us to then come back to when we pass over, so that humanity truly evolves and true brotherhood will eventually reign.

  5. Reincarnation is part of the religious views of the world and of us.
    If the religious views of the world on offer are not of our like, we will have a problem with it. The one vision proposed by The Way of The Livingness makes perfect sense to me.

  6. That always makes me laugh too, whether I believe it or not, I come back to do it again! It reminds me of how we can wipe a memory of trauma but the body remembers it and we can have irrational fears and behaviours that play out in this life. If we can expand our understanding to consider the cycle of sleeping and waking as similar to the cycle of death and life then we don’t see a start and an end and we might not live without considering the consequences of our choices.

    1. yes just as we breathe in and out, watch the sunrise and set, enter and leave this life, there is a continuum…our life in every aspect is governed by natures cycles. What future are we bringing towards us?

  7. What goes around comes around, this is so true. We go round in cycles/circles and it is up to us to learn from and change the momentum we live in, to heal ill beliefs, ideals, patterns and behaviours. As you so rightly say ‘And if we can’t do it now, if we can’t have this life we so want and don’t have now, what will make it possible for anybody to do it differently that imagined next time?’ … if we don’t learn, heal or change then it keeps repeating until we do. So much has been bastardised and the truth about reincarnation is one of them. Thank GOODNESS for Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine who live from a truth and knowing and are dedicated in living, holding and presenting this .. clearing up the mess we have all created … We all now need to take responsibility and join in doing this. And yes reincarnation is about Absolute Love.

  8. ‘Reincarnation is a Law of Love’ – this is beautiful Gabriele and confirms the patience, allowing and holding that is God and part of our return to who we truly are. It means that we will learn to know what being responsible for all our choices means and how the outcome of these choices translate into actions in the world. Every choice we make flows out to interact with the choices and actions of others and so whilst we are not responsible for the other person’s choices we are responsible for what we contribute, the ingredient that affects the end result.

  9. A lot of people I’ve heard speak about reincarnation do so in bitterness about others, that the person “will cop it next life and hope he does” kind of thing. When we truly understand the big picture and the love we are all from, then the system of reincarnation must also come from that same love, so it’s not a punishment or a payback. With returning to the love that we are as the purpose for everything, this then changes how and why things happen to us as part of karma and reincarnation.

  10. Reincarnation some people embrace, some make light of, some deny and most choose not to truly understand, possibly because they are choosing instead to avoid taking full responsibility for their lives. Doesn’t really matter for we are all coming back to go round and around again back to what we have left behind, this is karma, it’s not a pay back, it’s simply universal law – the balance of cause and effect, as you say Gabriele what comes around goes around and this in fact makes perfect sense, until we evolve back by choosing to live responsibly with love and truth as our true service to humanity shedding and discarding that which is not true and what is not love. “somehow I had always known it, that reincarnation is a law of love which allows me to return to what I truly am, even if I have no full understanding of what exactly that might be yet”.

  11. The fact of reincarnation makes so much sense to me. It also made a lot more sense to me when I could feel into long held patterns that did not stem from this life but were simply brought through. Until this is really a known from the body the idea of reincarnation simply remains an idea, but once felt can’t be denied.

    1. I love the way you have put this so succinctly – there is a Grand Plan that we are a part of and no matter how strongly we might have opposed or gone against it, over time we learn to consciously become part of it again because in truth, we are never not a part of it, no matter how far we stray.

    2. From believing that the world revolves around us and is there to serve us to understanding that there is a greater Truth, a Universal Order, Divine Will and Divine Plan that we are here to Serve..

  12. Would we live differently, make different choices and approach our end of life care differently if we embraced reincarnation as a humanity? Would we be more aware of caring for each other, loving each other? Would there be less focus on nationality and differences? I reckon there would. Why wait?

    1. Why wait indeed; it can feel as though we have an attachment to struggle and to prolonging the struggle. Time will tell.

  13. Cycles make so much sense and are natural. The ‘coming back’ notion of reincarnation is so unacceptable to so many because we do not understand that everything we do has an impact and a responsibility attached to it. Hearing about reincarnation from Serge Benhayon comes in this context. It then becomes part of the ever present cycles we live within. This has been a revelation to me and as stated, feels natural now.

  14. A superb piece of writing and wisdom – dispelling the myths and breaking up the Cleopatra brigade in one succinct sharing. Reincarnation is Absolute Love and Responsibility and should we find issue with it, we need firstly examine our relationship with both Love and Responsibility for there-in lies many answers and much learning.

  15. If we are keen to remain in ignorance of the Divine precision of karma and reincarnation so be it – our learning continues as do we return again and again. It certainly supports us to realise we are but students in life’s classroom rather than attending class with our fingers in our ears and our gaze out the door and even believing we are the teacher..

    1. I love your choice of words here – ‘divine precision’ describing the Law of Cause and Effect and as such, the reality and ultimate free-will of reincarnation.

  16. What an interesting topic, I have also always known, however I used to doubt it too because of the way it is presented in society.

  17. Reincarnation for me asks me to be responsible as it brings with it consequences. I never thought it made sense that we were here for 1 life and that was it and then if we were good we went to Heaven and bad to Hell! It just did not make sense to me The fact that we are here to learn to return to the love we are and the fact that we get many lives to do it is a real blessing and one we should use wisely. I know for me I have wasted many lives being irresponsible and have for most of this life. However, now I have a very conscious choice thanks to Universal Medicine.

  18. I was amused when I read your words: “in hindsight, I have actually always known reincarnation to be true” – because it occurred to me that if we all do keep reincarnating (as we do) then at some level everyone must know it is true whether they acknowledge that to themselves or not. Denying or not believing in reincarnation does not stop us reincarnating!

  19. Even though I was raised in a Christian family I always felt there were a lot of things that did not make sense and there were many unanswered questions. In my early 30’s I attended a philosophy class and from the very first moment that the concept of reincarnation was presented I thought “at long last I am hearing something that does make sense”. Of course, looking back now, it was another form of knowledge – all in the head. I did not embody a full understanding of the huge responsibility that came with it.

  20. While reading your exquisite blog Gabrielle I had to laugh as I was also a person who find reincarnation as it was presented a bit weird. Since I met Serge Benhayon this changed as it made so much more sense how he presented it. Now I can feel the responsibility I have for myself and the way I live my life and honestly that is very empowering!

  21. We are here to evolve, and reincarnation is the next round to embody our evolution from the past life. I am seeing it in children that come in with with so much knowing, clarity and love, deeply wise beyond their measured years.

  22. Love your light hearten approach to reincarnation here Gabriele. How we live today is what we meet tomorrow. There is a relationship between responsibility and reincarnation that we cannot escape, even if we are Cleopatra. It is a “law of love” as you say.

  23. We live the life we have chosen, in knowing this that we have a choice and a responsibility to do life differently, reincarnation gives us the opportunity to come back and evolve in the love we have developed in this current life.

    1. I feel this very strongly Jill that yes we do have a responsibility to do life differently and we are given all the support and all the knowhow and tools to do just that. Serge Benhayon and all the courses and presentations on the Ageless Wisdom have been a fantastic support for me to understand my unloving choices in the past and in this understanding, I could change many of my old patterns and behaviours that did not evolve me at all. I am learning and refining all the time and the more I do, the more awareness I gain for my next steps…. And I love learning especially learning to read all that crosses my path which supports me not to go into reaction ( an old pattern of mine), that said that old pattern of going into reaction still tries to catch me out and did just recently, but I was able to back track and understand why.

  24. I really like your playful approach to this subject and then the super beautiful clincher, “that reincarnation is a law of love which allows me to return to what I truly am”. How much longer can we keep on avoiding such order and beauty?

  25. This is brilliant Gabriele. I also felt the truth of reincarnation my whole life but until I came across Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I was not able to articulate what I felt as I had no theory to confirm my feelings and I was too scared to go it alone. One thing I always struggled with was letting go of the concept of heaven i.e. if we were reincarnating forever then we would be forever trapped on a planet that quite frankly didn’t feel like home. Enter the truth of evolution and our return to our divine nature. The truth is easily recognisable and truly stupendous if we allow ourselves to feel it.

    1. Well said and thank you for deepening the discussion here; when we can feel truth, we don’t need any theories or fancy footwork, it is how it is and this knowing is unshakeable.

    2. Hear! Hear! I believed in reincarnation from very young when my father died when I was 9 and there was an open family discussion about the fact we reincarnate. Like Gabrielle and you it was not until I heard the present by Serge Benhayon that it was possible for me to joint dots.

  26. Yes, Gabrielle, the way that Serge Benhayon presents the understanding of reincarnation exposes the falseness of the generally accepted perception of it and makes it such common sense and natural process of life.

  27. The knowing of reincarnation is in every body, the expression of divine love. How beautiful is that. We can live in a responsible and at the same time joyful way appreciative of being a divine being living in cycles on earth.

  28. I always thought until this morning I was fine with reincarnation, then I read the word in another blog and something triggered in me, hence I came to this. I have been one of those people who’s been like, oh well you’ll come back to do it all again till you get it right’ which shrieks lack of responsibility. This is what I have not been wanting to feel my past lives, and the actual lack of responsibility I lived and chose to live.

  29. Great sharing Gabrielle, so many of life’s mysteries have been unfolded for me by the presentations of Serge Benhayon. Serge simply makes sense and his sharings are that we can all do the same thing.

  30. Completely agree, reincarnation is all about love and responsibility. The other thing is really it is all one life – we benefit and grow from our loving ways and have to clean up any mess we make!

  31. Reincarnation is a word/subject that tends to be avoided and when it is mentioned in conversation, many just brush it away, not wanting to go there and feel the truth of responsibility and of who they are. I have always had a deep knowing that we do come back because having just one life to learn and develop and master ourselves just did not make sense…. And so I loved to hear Serge talk about ‘reincarnation as an expression of divine love, the incredibly loving opportunity to learn and develop, be more loving myself, live more fully, joyously and consciously – and build on that’.

  32. ‘I learned and yet didn’t have to learn, because somehow I had always known it, that reincarnation is a law of love which allows me to return to what I truly am, even if I have no full understanding of what exactly that might be yet.’ -this is a beautiful understanding and also feels true for me. Today I am returning to all of who I am and sharing that return journey with all others – this brings purpose to every moment and every movement we live and each moment is very precious. I have come to realize that this has not always been the way I have lived. Thank you Gabriele.

  33. Whether we want to hear it on not we are living in a cycle that is forever repeating itself and the choices and levels of responsibility that we choose each time are a constant source of reflection of what we will continue to either work through again and again or live with the quality we innately all come from.

  34. Love the light and humorous way you have brought to a hot topic. I didn’t hear a lot about reincarnation growing up… most around me believed that once you died that was just it, one life and then nothing. This always felt odd to me but I didn’t question it anymore than that, until I met Serge Benhayon. What Serge presented made so much sense to me and I could finally see why many like to hold on to ‘just one life’ as this absolves us from feeling the responsibility of how we live now is what we come back to.

  35. There is so much more accountability with our choices when we begin to understand reincarnation. A big ouch of how we have lived and what potential we have said no to time and time again.

  36. It is a beautiful thing, reincarnation, feeling the true purpose of life is coming from this fact. If it was just one straight line, it would indeed be useless. But reincarnation is proving to us that we live in cycles, we always come back to the same place to learn more about what is needed for us to grow back to the powerful loving beings we are.

    1. That’s great – straight lines must be an invention of the mind that is trying to avoid responsibility; only thing is, it doesn’t work and what goes around, comes around – literally so.

  37. This brings a lot of understanding to reincarnation and how we have a responsibility for how we live, as this influences the next life. It also shows, as you say, that we live in cycles and this happens on a daily, weekly and lifetime basis.

  38. I loved what you shared about reincarnation being a law of love that allows you to return to who you truly are… this is absolutely something worth taking a little bit of responsibility for.

  39. It is so true that often times reincarnation is described or viewed as a form of punishment. But this goes against the actual love that is here for us, because to punish there must first be a judgement – an act that God never does.

    1. I am totally with you here – judgment or any other human reactions and responses are a projection onto God and have nothing to do with the love God is.

  40. Its up to us from now on to take responsibility for our return life and now with more knowledge and understanding make better choices than we have in the past. As you have mentioned Gabriele we are coming back to what we have left behind!

  41. We have so many pictures of what life is like, it is very healthy to step back and philosophise on life to get a grander picture and to see how these pictures impact on how we are in life. I recently observed how I had measures in life that I wanted to achieve and I measured myself against these. When I stepped back I could see the falseness of these measures and that life was much more than this.

    1. The images we hold of how things should be keep us contained in a tight box and don’t allow for expansion or evolution; maybe we think we need these images to give us a false sense of security?

  42. I love to consider reincarnation, and as Gabriele shares this isn’t a means of shirking responsibility but in fact the complete opposite, we don’t wipe the slate clean but build on what we live, so we can live as a hopeless unkind case and reap what we sow or we can commit to purpose, love, understanding and appreciation and feel that come back to us through the karmic law of cause and effect. Every life is an outplay of the past and nothing is left to fate or chance, quite a responsibility to consider should you wish. Or we can believe that reincarnation doesn’t exist and do as we please, that is the beauty of having free will, it is respectfully all our own choice.

    1. Putting it as you have, there is a feeling of great devastation and futility in the erroneous belief that when we die,that is that and end of story. No wonder humankind struggle with the meaning of life and the question of what it is all about and why we are here.

  43. The presentation of reincarnation that I’ve heard and read from Serge Benhayon is the only one that makes full and true sense to me too. This to me is beautiful and gives a much deeper meaning and purpose to life – “He talked about reincarnation as an expression of divine love, the incredibly loving opportunity to learn and develop, be more loving myself, live more fully, joyously and consciously – and build on that.”

    1. No draw of the luck here at all and that is the beauty of reincarnation and the loving relentlessness of responsibility.

  44. I like your last line which actually says that if we like it or not we are reincarnating and on this constant cycle of learning. Being aware of this and knowing this though can speed up this process of learning immensely so.

  45. Another intriguing way to define reincarnation, and ironically so in many respects, is to refer to the concept of reincarnation as one life. In other words, the true view of reincarnation is not to see it as many lives, but rather as one ongoing life, that in itself contains numerous cycles of birth and rebirth, but in themselves are not taking us anywhere but rather providing the never-ending opportunity to return to our true essence. If we view it as one ongoing life, then we see and can see how choices in one life build up to create a momentum that will invariably affect the next. This is intriguing, and brings a new way of considering that old chestnut of an argument to explain the vagaries of human behaviour that are exhibited from birth – and why one child grows up a certain way, and another the next. For there is no doubt “nature” and nurture” both play their part, but rather than saying “nature versus nurture”, and instead considered nature AND nurture AND reincarnation, then suddenly a lot of loose ends in terms of understanding start to come together.

    1. I agree; I have never been able to buy into this “nurture vs nature” controversy, as it is both factors that influence and make us, to a degree.

    1. Yes, that’s the beauty of it – nothing random about reincarnation at all, just cause and effect and the law of love.

  46. ‘reincarnation is a law of love which allows me to return to what I truly am’ beautifully said Gabriele, and we very much have a part in how we come back as how we are now dictates how we are when we come back, there really is no magic wand with this, just our willingness to be love and or our lack of it and we’re offered the chance regardless until we choose the love we naturally are.

    1. “… we are offered the chance regardless…” is a beautiful and the true way of putting it – God does not judge us for our choices and thus, there is always a choice.

    2. True, the law of cause and effect does not change, no matter our attitude to it. It just is and it serves us well.

  47. Something not often discussed in life is the white elephant in the room – life force, of consciousness. And where does that consciousness come from at birth, and where does it go? It is certainly not a simple question of chemistry, otherwise we would have by now I imagine been able to replicate it. And if what we know of physics is anything to go by, then we know that nothing can truly be destroyed, only transformed. So what of consciousness? Should it be any different? Where does it go? And what does it transform itself into upon our death?

    1. Very true Adam, I was talking with someone on the weekend about this – it is so clear there is something that is enhoused by the body when we are alive, that is not there after our death. Yet we turn the other way rather than take that conversation further. The more we ask the more we might realise how much more there is to us than we have chosen to live till now.

  48. Totally enjoyed reading this this morning Gabriele, I particularly enjoyed the simplicity of this line “reincarnation is a law of love which allows me to return to what I truly am”. Reincarnation feels so natural and we have a say in the exact quality of that ebb and flow.

  49. One of the reasons I avoided accepting reincarnation was that to do so meant I would have to take responsibility for my life and what I was laying down to return to. Working with Universal Medicine has completely changed my relationship with responsibility; from burden to blessing, responsibility is now something I view with love, respect and the inspiration of opportunity.

    1. I love the way you talk about responsibility here: a blessing that puts us firmly in the driver’s seat of our life and the way it unfolds.

  50. Reincarnation has always been about responsibility – coming back to the same lessons, opportunities to release the baggage which isn’t who we truly are. I’ve resisted reincarnation, felt it to be claustrophobic in it’s asking of me to let go of my ill ways that I’ve believed made the cycles of reincarnation bearable. I’ve wanted to run away or have someone miraculously save me without any effort or evolution on my part. But what if there is no need to run at all? To discard what doesn’t belong. To feel the beauty of my essence, getting to know it more, so each incarnation is a joy and an embrace of greater responsibility?

  51. Growing up and even later in life reincarnation meant very little to me, I mean it had been said to me a few times but I thought it was too much and anyway I was too busy living to worry about it. Then when Serge Benhayon spoke about it I listened more out of curiosity then anything and what he said just made sense. I must admit it was the first time a lot of things truly made sense and when I see this, “He was talking about reincarnation as taking responsibility for me and my life at present which then and only then leads to me taking responsibility for the next round (reincarnation) and me and my life then which leads to the next round… ” again it makes perfect and almost common sense. How did I not see this before? and why can I see it so clearly now? Simple, I already knew it but because of past experience around it I had chosen to turn a blind eye or turn my back on it. All Serge Benhayon did was open my eye and turn me around, the rest I already knew.

    1. Great point – is it that we do know but didn’t want to know because of what it means to know and what it entails (enter responsibility)?

  52. We are cyclic beings and nature is governed by cycles. “What goes around comes around, quite literally!” That says it all very simply; we are living our future now based on the quality of our movements in life.

  53. I never really took the word responsibility that seriously, I thought I was being responsible in my life, after all I didn’t take drugs was a moderate drinker of alcohol and had not gone to prison, so I thought I was doing ok. How wrong i was, the more I understood responsibility from an energetic perspective the more I found I was way off the mark in the responsibility stakes. I thought if I didn’t show my anger and frustration I was not harming, and that my thoughts were mine and if I kept them to myself no one would know. We are responsible for every move we make and every word we say which is either loving or not loving and living less than this is irresponsible. To know this makes sense as to why we come back over and over again to learn that we are here on this earth to be love and live this fully in every aspect of our lives.

  54. Gorgeous! “reincarnation is a law of love” that it is and it also asks me to be responsible rather than blame my life on everything I was ‘given’. We can change so much when we step into our lives and see them as an opportunity to live more love, to come back to who we are.

  55. Despite being raised in a Christian family, I have always felt that reincarnation is true – and when I have listened to Serge Benhayon speak about it, my whole being just says ‘Yes, I know this to be true’. Somehow, this awareness is simply in me and beyond question. What is more, it makes sense to me that we return to this plane of existence over and over again until we have learned what we need to learn and have accepted responsibility for our choices. There is a deeply loving equality in this responsibility – even if we don’t like to accept or admit it.

  56. Ha ha yes true Gabriele, not only were you coming back, you were back already. And so we are, until the last of us gets to where we all need to go.

  57. Beautiful, simple and clear, I love this simple and truthful explanation of reincarnation from Serge Benhayon: ‘He talked about reincarnation as an expression of divine love, the incredibly loving opportunity to learn and develop, be more loving myself, live more fully, joyously and consciously – and build on that’. Each life lived is an opportunity to return to the love that we are and which we separated from, and each person will return in their own time given the free will aspect of life.

  58. As I read this article, I could sense myself pondering on a level of commitment that I know I am ready to live with, one I can palpably feel, yet one that old patterns are influencing the effectiveness of. This brings me to the understanding that what is shared here is about each of us noticing any patterns we live by that are dulling or stopping us from living how we know we want to. The choice is ours to make, stay dominated by our chosen patterns, or having the strength to let these patterns go for the beauty of living the life we know we can.

  59. I have also heard a few different versions of reincarnation in my life. The versions seemed to change depending on what the teller was wanting from reincarnation; a good rest in heaven after a difficult life, peace and quiet as an animal, an escape from humanity, or a past life tale to justify where they are stuck in this life. Serge Benhayon has made sense of reincarnation for me. It has a grand purpose, it brings the ultimate responsibility and has the beauty of the cycles of the universe.

  60. ‘I learned and yet didn’t have to learn, because somehow I had always known it, that reincarnation is a law of love which allows me to return to what I truly am’ – this feels so amazingly loving Gabriele and can also be felt in my heart. There is no recognition, comparison or titles required here, nothing to be proved, just the responsibility to fold the essence we hold within.

  61. It is definitely rather funny that we can rile against the laws of the universe and deny them and refute them but there they are all the same, being the laws we are inextricably aligned to whether we acknowledge them or not.

  62. The acceptance of reincarnation is actually a very true and beautiful one. Once we accept that we are going around the sun, keep returning to our cycles, coming back in another body in life, healing and return to who we truly are, we know that we are already one step closer to home.

  63. Something that I have experienced is getting stuck in making life right or wrong it is such a strong ideal that can mean we make choices based on fear and end up judging ourselves harshly. It leads to an awful cycle helplessness. Understanding that there are choices and consequences and these last for lifetimes has helped step back and make truer choices for myself making a huge impact on all those around me.

  64. Reincarnation is a divinely loving endless loop… until (on this planet at least) we don’t need to return because we’ve all taken enough responsibility for ourselves and each other that there is no need to… and we can all take our place in the starry fields of the non-physical universe.

  65. The desire to be Cleopatra, Jesus or Napoleon speaks of our all-too human desire for recognition – one of the very foibles that keeps us all too busy reincarnating!

    1. Good point – we take what is true and turn it into a convenient means of recognition for self, sprinkled with a bit of titillation and a lot of guess work, make-belief and deliberately chosen ignorance.

  66. Regardless of whether we ‘believe’ in reincarnation or not, we are all coming back – as we are all subject to universal law, regardless of beliefs.

  67. I have witnessed people vehemently deny the fact that reincarnation exists, but return to seriously question and begin to accept the possibility the closer they get to death. It is those moments where we feel like we’ve done this before that reincarnation becomes increasingly obvious.

  68. This is such a great article on reincarnation. I love what you say about the fact that whether we believe in it or not we are still going to reincarnate! Our beliefs are powerful but they do not change the facts! Reincarnation feels to me like a very loving universal law. It makes too much sense to be denied or dismissed.

  69. One of the joys of reincarnation is that we cannot blame anyone else for anything that has happened to us. So no more blaming parents for the way we were brought up or anything like that. What it does is to put everything into perspective and gives me a much greater understanding about life. It also means a lot more things make sense like surely children would not be born disadvantaged like say with a illness or disease for no reason other than just genetics. There is so much more at play then purely what we have been told or what the eyes see and the more we choose to be aware the more everything makes sense.

  70. This article absolutely makes sense about reincarnation. It is just the logical way looking at life where nobody can honestly say that this life, the Universe is NOT a coincidence.

  71. Reincarnation is a bigger picture of a cycle. But a cycle could be one day, one month, one year in a more microcosmic viewpoint. This morning I was reminded of something I had expressed exactly one year ago, and when I read that again, my first reaction was–I am still on a very similar page, I have not evolved! But catching myself with that thought, I felt deeper into it all and the quality of what has been expressed and how I am expressing now has deepened, every small step counts, and it is our every moment that makes the big picture.

  72. For a long time I have been held – or chosen to believe, that is a better way of putting it – to make the best of life for me, getting as rich as possible and doing as much great things as possible. After meeting Serge Benhayon, even though I carefully studied Buddhism for quite some years, I feel I know what reincarnation is about: it is living a life, not for me, but for humanity, which prepares myself and humanity for a next life that is on the path of return.

    1. It feels like you are describing the way from a contracted life where it is all about self to one that is all-embracing (to the best of our ability and continually learning), a much vaster and richer experience and one that answers the question “what is life all about?”

  73. Absolutely brilliant blog – what a joy to read and you make the point so clear and absolute Gabriele – we can deny, shirk and reinterpret the laws of love we all actually know and keep going with that for as along as we choose to. But the fact of the matter is that we’ll still be going around and around and around all over again, until such time that we choose to remember what we already know.

  74. I can’t honestly say I have been considering my next life, and thinking about what I’m doing now which will effect then.. but I can say when I make truly loving choices and am in full commitment to This life, it feels as if the future is all there.

  75. It is very convenient that we don’t remember our past lives, this does foster a lot of irresponsibility. This allows us to not have to be responsible for our choices in this life, that everything we do does and will impact on us and everyone around us in this life and the next. But we don’t want to feel that, myself included. I have a deep awareness about reincarnation and can feel the responsibility that we hold to ourselves and others, this is a continuing work in progress to make more responsible choices knowing it affects the whole.

  76. Hearing stories of people having been some famous person in history always confused me, especially when there were several claims for the same person, i.e. Cleopatra – hardly anyone said they were a peasant farmer. Then I heard Serge Benhayon present on reincarnation and things started slotting into place and make sense. The presentations brought our irresponsibility into the fore, and highlight that everything we do, say and think actually does have an impact, not only on ourselves but everyone else.

    1. I so know what you mean here. I used to think that if ever I met a person who said that they’d been a petty criminal, then I might give more credence to reincarnation. All that changed when I heard Serge Benhayon present on the responsibility that reincarnation presents.

  77. One of the many great points in this article is how you point out at the beginning Gabriele that you always knew reincarnation to be true but denied its existence because of the nonsensical reinterpretations that bombard us from young. This you have shared on behalf of humanity as a whole, and not solely on the topic of reincarnation but on so much more. We do all know the innate truth that there is to know, about all things, the order of life, the truth about life. The mystification and the doubt is man-made, and a deliberate ploy at that to crush our intuitive knowing and therefore our power and ability to see through the miasma of lies we currently live in.
    Which is why I will always cherish to the very end, the teachings brought forth by Serge Benhayon. Teachings that re-ignite the knowing we all have within us, so that one by one, each of us in all our natural might does away with these lies, and lives from the clarity of this inner knowing once again.

    1. Thank you for putting this into its bigger context – the miasma of lies and reinterpretations about anything of true truth to keep us small, despondent and lacking of true purpose.

  78. Mmm I really get what you have shared here. No matter how hard we deny it, such as the world being anything other than flat or the reality of reincarnation, there are certain truths that will keep presenting themselves regardless – we will get with the program at some point.

  79. What a great line “I learned and yet didn’t have to learn, because somehow I had always known it, that reincarnation is a law of love which allows me to return to what I truly am, even if I have no full understanding of what exactly that might be yet.” we don’t have to always fully understand something to actually feel the truth of it.

  80. The simple truth is that we do not like the simple truth and that is – we are here to do it all again, over and over until such a time that we do not need to do it at all once we have restored the level of energetic integrity and energetic responsibility we each in essence have but shelved long ago. That is to say, we are in form until we learn how to be responsible with it and only then will we be able to return to formlessness, the true Oneness we come from. If we cannot look after one simple planet of form and all of us that live upon it, why would we let ourselves loose to wreak more havoc in an entire cosmos that knows only Universal order and how to move in absolute obedience with this?

    1. Yes, in the universe we stick out like a sore thumb, like a bad smell and an atomic explosion of emotions, strife and warmongering. And it suits the many to pretend that death is the end of it, but not so.

  81. If I consider reincarnation, and ‘one life’ then I am immediately reminded of responsibility and accountability for the life I am living, for the momentum I live now will carry into the future.

  82. When we consider that how we live is setting a foundation for the ode we come back to – then it puts a lot into perspective. Reincarnation is now something I know in my body because I look at this life as ‘what is there to heal from before – what is being presented to me to clear from the past life and learn for the next life. Then life can be looked at as a cycle and not a lineal thing.

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