Reincarnation – Taking Responsibility for the Next Time Around

by Gabriele Conrad, Goonellabah, New South Wales

A recent article by Nicole Serafin – Creating a Life to Come Back to – reminded me of how much I used to be put off by the concept of reincarnation and more specifically, by the way people talked about it – and before I go any further here, let me also state that in hindsight, I have actually always known reincarnation to be true, but I was fighting it because the way it was presented to me did not ever make sense. And because I was relying on outside information and not ever trusting of what I was feeling, did not even know what that might mean and how it could possibly be achieved, I had thrown the baby out with the bath water.

I used to get quite riled over reincarnation because the way it was presented would either be in the form of humans coming back as cockroaches, rats or poodles (the poodles are my addition) or in a very off-handed manner demonstrated in throw-away remarks such as, “well, that’s great then, get it wrong this time and just come back to have another go at it next time”. I even heard arguments defending suicide based on this casual assumption. But what was this next ‘go at it’ to be based on? And if we can’t do it now, if we can’t have this life we so want and don’t have now, what will make it possible for anybody to do it differently that imagined next time? Different parents perhaps? Or a different country of birth? Possibly more money? A better education? A different job? But where was it all going to come from?

All I knew for certain was that if indeed there was a God, and if there was a creation and not just this bad and hopeless joke of an obviously useless existence, then the whole thing better be more glorious and astute than those man-made assumptions that felt a bit like really bad science fiction, and did nothing but project human frailties, shortcomings and hopes onto an imagined deity and assumed divine order. If this God thing existed, then he, she, it better be stupendous – or I wasn’t having a bar of it! And so I didn’t.

The other thing that used to really bug me about all this reincarnation nonsense was that its proponents seemed to all have been Cleopatra, Mary Magdalene or Nefertiti; there were apparently a few reappearances of Napoleon and I had heard of people who believed they were Jesus. It just made no sense and I used to ask people to please give me one good reason, a good explanation in favour of reincarnation to convince me once and for all that it existed – if only I could meet someone who would simply and honestly say they had been Adolf Hitler I used to think, and not all those Cleopatras, nuns and monks and famous warriors!

Enter Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. The first few times Serge mentioned reincarnation, I was squirming in my seat – or falling asleep, depending on my form and food intake that day. I must have stayed awake long enough for some things to start sinking in though, because I gradually realised that Serge was doing a different take on reincarnation, one that actually made sense. Not the cockroach and poodle variety, no conventional religious take, and certainly not the shirking-all-responsibility variety that had always so repulsed me. He was talking about reincarnation as taking responsibility for me and my life at present which then and only then leads to me taking responsibility for the next round (reincarnation) and me and my life then which leads to the next round… you get the picture. He talked about reincarnation as an expression of divine love, the incredibly loving opportunity to learn and develop, be more loving myself, live more fully, joyously and consciously – and build on that. What goes around comes around, quite literally!

I learned and yet didn’t have to learn, because somehow I had always known it, that reincarnation is a law of love which allows me to return to what I truly am, even if I have no full understanding of what exactly that might be yet. But it is stupendous, that much I know for sure while I now willingly and very consciously partake of this opportunity to go around in daily, monthly and yearly cycles as does the earth around the Sun, and knowingly and willingly undo, redo, file, polish, buff, smooth and wipe the lesions, bumps and warts I keep running into and tripping over.

And the funny thing is of course that all the time, while I was waging my own private war against reincarnation – I was still coming back; in fact, hello – I was already back: just like the earth had never changed into a flat disc or swapped the going-around-in-circles-bit with the Sun, no matter how fervently it had otherwise been decreed.

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  1. “And the funny thing is of course that all the time, while I was waging my own private war against reincarnation – I was still coming back; in fact, hello – I was already back: just like the earth had never changed into a flat disc or swapped the going-around-in-circles-bit with the Sun, no matter how fervently it had otherwise been decreed.” I simply love this sentence, as it shows how we are inevitably who we are despite our efforts to not be who we are.

  2. Likewise Gabriele, I was always a bit confused / reticent about reincarnation until I learnt more about it from Serge Benhayon. His presentation simply made sense… its not a clean sheet and an excuse for irresponsibility, and its not the threat of turning into a bug or a cat next life. Its a simple ongoing process of taking responsibility, of there being continuity in the Universe, and understanding there is something divine and immutable in us all.

    1. I love the simplicity of your summary about reincarnation – meaning that we are lovingly given the chance to return to what we already are, to what is ‘divine and immutable’ in all of us.

  3. ‘I learned and yet didn’t have to learn, because somehow I had always known it,’ That is one of the glorious things about Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and the Ancient Wisdom. It is what we already felt all along but did not have confirmed by the world around us so lost the confidence to stand by and claim for ourselves.

    1. The Ageless Wisdom and its representative for the modern era, Serge Benhayon, expounds what we all innately know but have chosen and keep choosing to turn our back on in favour of a physical existence spurned by and enmeshed in creation.

  4. With the understanding of the science of reincarnation we become aware of the responsibility we all hold to make wise and loving choices in order to remain on our evolutionary path back to soul.

  5. I love the way how you write and express the science of reincarnation here, Gabriele. We just have to allow ourselves the truth of what comes with it: responsibility and the power of our own choices by living in present.
    Thank you for explaining it so earth- conscious.

    1. Reincarnation is a very practical, down to earth and no-nonsense way of conducting life and the times in between our physical lives. Its logic is unbeatable and the love is stupendous.

  6. We often think of reincarnation as a random crab shoot as to what our next situation will be but what we fail to realise is that the same issues we have in this life are the things that we would have been dealing with in a previous or many lives. So it makes sense that if we are paying attention and choosing to be aware in this life, then we are already working on the next one and vice versa if we decide to be asleep in this one we will get much of the same in the next one.

    1. We don’t mind reincarnation as such but abhor the responsibility it stands for and asks of us; we run a mile, in other words. A non-existent mile because reincarnation is a fact of our many lives, no matter how we think about it or whether we believe in it or not.

  7. Serge Benhayon has given me such an understanding of past lives and reincarnation. When I look at my toddler, I cannot but see all the things she has picked up in the past and is bringing through from past lives, and also the responsibility i have in raising her to be all of who she is in preparation for her next life. It is an amazing and expansive cycle.

  8. Interestingly I have always known the fact of reincarnation even though it wasn’t spoken about in our home growing up nor was it the Roman Catholic Religion I grew up with. I knew because there were just some thing I deeply felt that couldn’t be explained any other way. As an example I knew when I was beaten during my schoolies week that this was a level of abuse returning to me that I had expressed in a previous life to others. This was the only understanding that could reconcile what had happened to me. It’s not something I necessarily spoke about, but knowing this within myself allowed me to deeply accept heal and move on from the brutality I had received.

    1. The knowing about reincarnation would have lessened the trauma somewhat, I would imagine. Still a bitter pill to swallow, but understanding leads to acceptance and the ability to let things be and move on.

  9. The truth about reincarnation is, as you say Gabriele, full of love; I feel it as the unwavering embrace of God, as we remember, learn and practise being all that we are, alongside one another with a common understanding of our unified purpose.

  10. Since meeting Serge Benhayon, reincarnation makes so much sense to me, I have always believed in it but now I have a deeper understanding of the responsibility we all hold in this life so that the next life isn’t tainted by the way we live here and now.

  11. IT would be such a lie to take on board that this is the only life we have. IT makes us think that we are worthless and nothing matters what we do. This is also the way to not take any responsibility about what we add and added to all the mass we are in.

  12. We need to call to account the part of us that thinks we can do what we want and never be accountable for it. What utter arrogance on our part to believe we can disrupt the harmony of the universe and not have consequences.

    1. We like to live as though we can have our cake and eat it too, as the saying goes and often, quite literally too.

  13. I love how you have presented reincarnation for us here Gabriele; I was nodding in agreement all the way through what you have so delightfully shared. The return as a cockroach and the multiple Cleopatras didn’t wash with me with either as I knew from an early age that I was back to release all that I had brought with me from past lives and none of them included a life as an obnoxious little insect. But knowing this at a very tender age was a bit scary as those around me didn’t align with what I knew to be true. So, when Serge Benhayon began to present about reincarnation I was really ready to listen and absolutely loved having confirmed what I had always known to be true.

  14. Then could it be that the modern religious dogma’s wants to hold us in ignorance so we are kept from the truth about being held responsible for every action and though?
    This is what the Ageless Wisdom teaching have always been presenting that we are either being connected to our essences and being responsible thus evolving out of the mess humanity is living in or playing the game, which is indulging then settling for the comforts of what ever era we have been in.

    Those prophets that have presented the truth have always been shut down, discredited or condemned, censored, concealed, reinterpreted and or then religions have placed them on such a high place of honour that it is seemingly impossible to obtain the same overglorified way of living, when the teachings have always shared we are all equal.

    The presentation of the Way of The Livingness has shone a light on reincarnation from day one and seeing it is part of the lineage of The Ageless Wisdom in its current form; then is it any wonder that the media are continuing the age old patterns of discrediting, condemning, censorship and reinterpretation?

  15. I don’t resist reincarnation and I don’t fuss on how long it may take, but I know if it’s not going in the direction or rhythm it should be, I will be the first to know and it will be my choice to re-correct or not.

    1. The choice is always ours and we feel in the body what is true or not true when it comes to these choices.

  16. “He talked about reincarnation as an expression of divine love, the incredibly loving opportunity to learn and develop, be more loving myself, live more fully, joyously and consciously – and build on that” And ladies and gentleman, this is what it is all about.

  17. When I came to understand reincarnation as the ultimate responsibility that how I live now impacts how I go forward and that includes next lives, it does made sense; and that’s the ultimate form of love, never condemned but held to account and offered an opportunity to address any areas where we’re less than love.

    1. Reincarnation is the ultimate second chance, and third, and thousandth, and millionth etc. etc.; hand in hand with responsibility and never taken lightly or flippantly but met with the sincerity and dedication that reincarnation calls forth for us to move, everywhere we go.

  18. Reincarnation is exactly that, taking true responsibility for our life, this life and knowing that our choices will affect the next. Reincarnation was always a truth to me – I could feel this to be true in my body but as you have shared Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine gave me a deeper, and truer understanding with this. Not the flippant comments that I heard being made to do with you as well. On reading this ‘I learned and yet didn’t have to learn, because somehow I had always known it’ I questioned what makes us forget if we know something to be true?

  19. Taking responsibility for what we leave behind in life is hugely important because that is the imprint that we come back to.

    1. And we can feel this in the shorter cycles we live in life: how we go to bed, the imprint of the day before impacts how we feel when we wake; how we get up from our desk and leave a room is what we return to later. Cycles are absolutely a part of our lives and we can ignore but not avoid them.

  20. Reincarnation has always felt familiar to me, and makes total sense to live in responsibility that way…why would we not!

    1. Jenny I totally agree, with reincarnation everything changes as we get to see that we live in a continual cycle.

  21. Denying that reincarnation exists means that we can be irresponsible with our choices in this life and making up stories of coming back as a bug is only there to fuel the disbelief and to keep the lies about reincarnation going – if feeds perfectly into our irresponsibility. If we do not want the truth, then we will settle for the lies.

  22. When I first heard the religious teachings about reincarnation that taught that you can come back as a bug, kind of left me cold. But I persevered in believing these anyway so that I could still be a part of that religion, because fitting in meant more to me than trusting what I could sense was real or even true.

  23. I have never doubted in re-incarnation, but I had never thought that there was a whole science to this, that every choice makes a difference and that every choice is our own responsibility. Responsibility is the main word that comes with re-incarnation. Perhaps this is why we either bastardise the meaning of the word or completely deny its existence because of what it means in terms of responsibility.

    1. Responsibility scares the living daylight out of us and especially energetic responsibility. We’d rather deny reincarnation than let ourselves be open to what it brings.

    1. It does indeed teach us that we are wiser than we could possibly know from this life time, and answers innumerable questions about why the patterns we play out are so strong… hangovers from the past that we now have a clear opportunity to work on and clear up in this lifetime.

      1. ‘Hangover’ from a past life or past lives – great analogy for what we continue to carry around with us until we choose more wisely and otherwise.

  24. I love this article Gabriele, it brings reincarnation into the moments we are living now that then pave the way for the ones we will meet. It is a continuous cycle… one grand cycle where our every step matters and leads us to the quality of our next.

  25. Absolutely loved returning to your delightful and wise words on reincarnation Gabriele, but in particular these ones: “reincarnation is a law of love which allows me to return to what I truly am” without a “cockroach or a poodle” in sight. And thank you Serge Benhayon for clearing that one up!

  26. Whether we believe in reincarnation or not, it is very healing to take responsibility for one’s life in the knowing that wherever we find ourselves in life, we have arrived there through our choices. At any moment we can choose a more loving choice, with each choice influencing our next.

  27. The wisdom of Serge Benhayon on the topic of reincarnation (and many others) has transformed my life and my knowing of death. His insights are profound and yet at the same time simple and make total sense.

  28. We can rail against the cycles of the Universe, the rhythms of life but no matter how hard we try we are still part of them. And so it is with reincarnation, and the key in it is that energy precedes everything to unless we change the energy we’re in, we come back in that same energy to have another go, until we see and understand the choices we make and the outcomes they cause. It’s the ultimate teacher, a deeply loving one that never stops.

    1. We eventually learn about natural consequences and that our responsibility is as vast as is the universe.

  29. Reincarnation joins the dots. Far from being an excuse to be irresponsible because you get another go at it, its the ultimate responsibility as the quality of how you live and what you express is vital coding for the next incarnation… and the next. It turns up the volume on responsibility and makes it about so much more than just my self created little world.

  30. To understand reincarnation as it is shared here is to understand absolute responsibility. Our responsibility to live in a way that allows our stupendous selves to emerge, and be, in full.

    1. Can you say more? Are you talking about a sequence of lives, one after the other and that each life and the energy we live in and pass over with has an impact on everything (all lives in this instance) that follow?

  31. To feel how much we are loved, that we are continually offered another opportunity to come back and live again until we express all of the love we are … with this I feel the purpose to reincarnation, that it’s not random, that we’re here to expand and be all we are and each time around we may have a different purpose or focus; it’s a great reminder that we’re part of a bigger wider circle of life and the universe and that each of us has a part to play there and we’re all held in a way that allows this.

  32. There are certain life events that make us stop and go ‘wow! What have I been doing?’ – they make all the trivial issues we focus on clear as exactly that. So imagine if we were able to zoom out and see all our lives in one go? I feel it would be confronting but inspiring too, to stay true to love and no longer indulge in those patterns. No wonder we keep ourselves so busy then – it stops us seeing we’re just going around and around in the same stuff. Thank you Gabriele.

  33. Our willingness to accept the fact of reincarnation is proportionate to what we are able to heal. For the more we understand we have done this all before the easier it is to cease. Thank you Gabriele.

  34. It makes so much sense that if we take responsibility for our current life then our future lives we take care of themselves.

  35. Life after life, day after day, we are given the opportunity to re-balance and re-imprint with no judgement or ‘time frame’, the space to simply return to ourselves. This is absolute Love.

  36. This is a stupendous love – that allows us to keep repeating and repeating until we get it, trusting and knowing more than we do so ourselves that we will eventually return. This just floors me.

    1. And with no imposition or the slightest hint of coercion ever; just an offering of two choices of consciousness. And no matter the choice, evolution, true evolution that is, continues and expands in its age-old love and stupendous offering.

  37. Reincarnation is all about responsibility and that is one thing that far too many of us in this world, that we have created, balk at.

  38. There is either a fear instilling or a flippancy with what we commonly think reincarnation to be. This in itself prevents us from truly understanding the purpose of re-incarnation.

  39. I tried to pretend reincarnation wasn’t true by saying that if it was, how come we can’t remember? But what a set up that is! Why can’t we remember? That also plays a role in our irresponsibility as perhaps if we chose to remember and lived in a way that allowed for us to remember we would!

  40. I have known people to be dead pan unbelieving in reincarnation only for some life situation to happen to them which got them thinking there could be something else, which then changed there mind. Love will always work like this, if we are blind to the laws of the universe we will be made to see them in one way or another.

  41. Awesome Gabriele, reincarnation was always something i felt to be true from a very small child and that knowing stayed within me all these years, throughout religion… though back then i looked at reincarnation not as the opportunity to be responsible in love and thus evolve, but more so of a ‘payback’, ‘thanks of previous lives’, or ‘hope for a better life’. Of course when there is the responsibility taken in the current incarnation towards being the love we naturally are, life becomes our future lives with one big appreciation and embrace and where hope, payback, wishful thinking are not in sight, only the knowingness of what is, is what shall be.

  42. Often times our path of evolution or reincarnation are presented as being somewhat of a linear progression towards becoming something ‘better’ but Serge Benhayon presents that reincarnation gives us the opportunity to return to the essence, the love, that we innately are and to bring this back to life for the benefit of all of us. It’s a game changer to realise/ remember that we are on a path of return.

    1. The Path of Return takes away all the striving and trying to achieve, getting somewhere and bettering ourselves; it then becomes a simple endeavour to shed what is not our true nature and not part of our essence.

    2. ‘…Serge Benhayon presents that reincarnation gives us the opportunity to return to the essence, the love, that we innately are and to bring this back to life for the benefit of all of us.’ The depth of absolute love in bringing back to life the love that we innately are for the benefit of all is astounding. To express it so is to glimpse into the smiling eyes of God. Thank you, Fiona.

  43. Its really beautiful to consider that reincarnation is a law based on love and even though we may think something is good, bad or indifferent it is still about love. In fact in thinking about this it doesn’t make sense because how could something ‘bad’ be about love? But we can’t approach this with our current way of thinking and through knowledge. We can however understand this more and more deeply through living who we are to the best of our ability and learning to understand life more fully through the wisdom of our bodies.

  44. ‘reincarnation is a law of love which allows me to return to what I truly am,’ Thank you Gabriele this is gold. This makes absolute sense. It may take several lifetimes but if we heed the lessons this time round and allow our awareness to continue to expand then we can appreciate that we will have another go next life and thereafter till we are home.

  45. It would be society changing if we were raised to know from very young that everything we do impacts not only on this life but possibly on lives to come. I always knew it but gradually allowed my knowing to be dulled as I took on the tsunami of societal ideals and beliefs that I was being presented with. But knowing that I did truly know the truth of reincarnation has now offered me the opportunity to heal all the karma that is possible to heal, before I take my last breath in this life.

  46. I kinda like the idea that if I have stuffed up somewhere along the line then I have to clean up that particular mess. As surely it’s no different to tidying up after yourself as you go along say in a kitchen when cooking.
    Imagine how different the world would be if we all worked out what the consequences would be before we did something.

  47. Returning to who we are through reincarnation is a great reminder why we need to take responsibility for the choices that we make, as each reincarnation brings us things we have to deal with, and they come up again and again until we learn the correction, which brings us closer to who we truly are.

  48. For me getting to understand re-incarnation and the beauty of it as being God’s infinite patience with us his children to choose to return to his realm and how it gives us as long as we choose to take to understand who we really are and to live that. The science of reincarnation makes so much sense, in fact there is not a hole in it anywhere once you study it, but the vast majority of us in the western world are not even open to it preferring the “we live once” philosophy which excuses our irresponsibility.

  49. If mankind understood reincarnation it would change the world and give purpose to a humanity who have largely chosen to live without any purpose. The false concept that you only live once robs life all meaning and gives us all the excuse to live without responsibility.

    1. And live without purpose is a sad and sordid existence, no matter how many props we manifest in the forms of what we can leave behind materially.

  50. The teachings on reincarnation by Serge Benhayon make complete sense to me. They bring an understanding of life and why things are the way they are. The teachings leave room for an acceptance of life, which simply makes getting on with life much easier.

    1. Beautifully said Rachel. With this understanding to their can be no blaming God for what life presents us, for its all of our own making. But its not their to teach us a lesson, but for us always to learn that life is to bring out what has always been within and each life guides us there.

  51. Realising reincarnation is no big deal – it just is, makes sense of all those questions of ‘Why am here?’ ‘What is the purpose of life?’

  52. If we insist on walking in a straight line along a sphere then we will keep going around and around on the same track until such a time that we notice we have arrived back to where we started. The purpose of reincarnation is as simple as this. We are not here on Earth to advance our intelligence as a species by way of adopting a way of thinking that has us expressing much less than the full magnitude of the multidimensional beings we really are, we are here to return to our former glory, the Son of God we all in-truth are when we live in connection to and not in separation from our Soul.

    1. Life gets tough and meaningless when we insist on walking a sphere as though it were a straight line – or should that be stomping?

  53. We react to so much that is not true, only because we know what truth is. But the facts and truth cannot be refuted, we are living it each day. I remember feeling the absolute heaviness of reincarnation being shared by some religions that I didn’t want any of it, because it just did not feel true, but the explanation given by Universal Medicine just makes me beam from inside out and I know this is the truth.

  54. There is so much irresponsibility sold to the world when people share their experiences of past lives. They are often shared in story form with little consideration that all our actions accumulate to how we are living today. Such a topic needs to be shared with great responsibility as this is the marker of what one returns to and any stone not unturned waits for you to cross paths time and time again.

    1. Yes, great picture – all stones left unturned stay there, often under different guises: another colour, as a rock or a pebble, pointy or smooth, etc. They patiently wait for us to inevitably return and attend to them,

  55. ‘Reincarnation is a law of love which allows me to return to what I truly am’ – absolutely true. Why on earth do we complicate this simple fact and add poodles, frogs and cockroaches to the mix….it’s as if we cannot handle and do not want to handle the fact that we are in a constant cycle of love that keeps giving us the opportunity to unravel out of the self-created cobwebs and return again to the simplicity we so deeply know.

    1. And what we also cannot handle is the responsibility that reincarnation brings to us – until such time that we can no longer avoid it, responsibility that is.

    2. The complication around re-incarnation is a deliberate manipulation of the truth to hide the truth from us by a plane of life that control life on earth and whose very existence is threatened by us knowing the truth.

    3. It also keeps us in the cycle of ‘doing good’ to avoid fearfully the potential consequences of doing something wrong.

  56. I love this line along with what you have shared – ‘He talked about reincarnation as an expression of divine love…’. This brings to light just how loving it is to embrace the science of re-incarnation as part of our living way, as it is not just for ourselves and others in our current life but that we are leaving loving imprints for all to return to in the future. As such we have the opportunity to live the love of our future now in honor of all.

  57. The way Serge Benhayon does make sense from all angles: you work on becoming more love, more light this life and then are able to return to same love and light the next. Then our present life does make sense.

  58. If reincarnation was explained properly and sensibly linked to the responsibility of every day life, perhaps it would not be such a hard concept to grasp, as all our past choices and momentums are with us, we also have an opportunity to re imprint how the future will be.

    1. So true Harry. Imagine how different our world will be when we all understand and embrace the great power we hold with every moment offered to us, to live with love that represents us all. The ultimate act of love is to live with the love of all, knowing that whatever we live is what we all will return to.

  59. ‘..that reincarnation is a law of love which allows me to return to what I truly am, ‘ that is such a great remark and it explains why we experience our so called ‘ bad’ things too. As when we for example hit our children we have a big change we will be born in a family where we get hit. Not because God is punishing us for our bad behavior. But it is the energetic law if we move against ourselves it hurts and we have to feel the hurt ourselves by experience to come to completion as we will return to the love we are.

  60. When reincarnation is presented as an opportunity to learn and develop towards the divine love that we are, those cycles and returns offer so much more awareness and understanding of the different choice that we have.

  61. It is simple: the fact there is a next life, makes living responsibly the only logical thing to do, because one life builds on another life, whether it is a “good” life or a “bad” life. That is for us to chose.

  62. The thing with this “responsibility” that quiet took my attention is the fact that everything is related – everything is connected to eachother.. And that my poignant mind and I have been walking on this plane of life in superiority – individuality, thinking we are a part – something on its own. Very very interesting and truly good to come around – again, to feel, see and this time around – choose more wisely and atune to our inevatable truth – we are One.

  63. Not only do we deny the possibility of re-incarnation, we also dismiss that this quality is inherent in our life. For each minute we are alive, each moment that we move, we have an opportunity to make a new choice, and so end or continue a momentum, habit or direction. Whilst we might like the idea of distinct points at the end of life’s spectrum, the reality is we are constantly dying and being reborn in a sense. It’s only our stubbornness that stops us seeing we are constantly offered moments to make new beginnings. This makes you wonder how many literal lives we have lived only to pursue the same patterns again. Thanks to your words Gabriele I can see that true rebirth truly comes from choosing a different quality of energy.

  64. I have come to feel that there is nothing more real than reincarnation and the responsibility that it engenders. We spend so much time and effort trying to live in our world as it is, yet the very fact of its many horrors is simply because of the lack of responsibility many have attributed to themselves and their behaviour, so maybe it is time to do take responsibility for myself and actually be a light, a guiding light for our world today and and to reincarnate holding that same light, in readiness to do the same in my next life.

  65. Reincarnation is simply about accepting our responsibility that we come back and go around the sun for many many many lives. And so, accepting this fact, which is actually an unchangeable act, even for those who do not believe, it stays there as a fact, how annoying we might feel it.. But so, it is much easier and simpler to admit it and work along to see and be wise of where and what we want to come back to and leave behind. As as you say it is for what your coming back to next and next and next.. We do not want to repeat all of that ill choices over and over again, do we ?

    1. We seem to be very good at repeating what does not work, individually and as a humanity. But eventually we are bound to get it, there is no other way.

  66. Reincarnation as presented by Serge Benhayon indeed makes sense at last. It was always a concept I bought into on a mental level, yes, I believed, but it was something for next life and did not have to anything with my present life. And it does! Like each moment, builds on the next, and each day builds on the next, so each life builds on the next: so it makes sense what we do now, in this life, as creates our next life.

    1. Indeed, neither the cockroaches nor the numerous Cleopatras or the irresponsibility make any sense at all, only The Ageless Wisdom does.

  67. So often it seems we’re complaining about the mundanity of life, looking for entertainment or a break from our everyday. If we’ve all been here for many thousands of lives, well it starts to make sense how fed up we appear. But is it truly life we are ‘fed up’ with, or the type of energy we have chosen again and again, over many incarnations? God knows repeating the same craziness time after time will start to wear you down – so is it possible the time is ripe to make a new move, and take advantage of the learnings we have refused before? Thank you Gabriele for drawing out what these cycles are for.

  68. it is interesting though to consider the fact hat reincarnation is a fact and only our unawareness or unconsciousness of this fact is feeding us a way of life that will perpetuate itself endlessly without going anywhere. Until we acknowledge and accept its existence and use the cycles of death and rebirth as a way to grow and evolve instead we are on our way back to Soul, that way of being we have stepped away from many cycles of death and rebirths.

  69. I am wondering if there is any word in our vocabulary where we haven’t changed its meaning to fit our own version and comfort of living. Reincarnation is a great example as you describe it here, us having it made into a variety of possibilities. We can create however we want the fact remains that the true meaning of words is never been lost or inactive it is only that we fool ourselves while still being pulsed forth by the universal laws that are at play.

  70. This is such an engaging and compelling read – amusing to the core and full of wisdom on what it is saying. We have always known what it is we know even if we fervently believe we do not know it. With willingness, honesty and humility we do remember – because of course, we have been around many a many times, and the wisdom and power we can tap into is timeless.

    1. Great point – we have been doing this for so long, been around so many times that there is a huge reservoir of wisdom and power available to all of us, individually and collectively. But – it requites we take responsibility for our choices.

  71. Bringing responsibility into our lives and ways of being is huge, how we move, speak, or even what we think has a ripple effect that goes out into the world, and then back to us.

  72. ‘He talked about reincarnation as an expression of divine love, the incredibly loving opportunity to learn and develop, be more loving myself, live more fully, joyously and consciously – and build on that. What goes around comes around, quite literally! ‘. This is gorgeous to read and feel for I have always believed in reincarnation and when truth is delivered, it is always simple with no whistles or bells, that is why it is easy for the body to ‘feel’ truth.

    1. And once we allow ourselves to feel what the body already knows, we don’t have to believe in anything anymore and just know, plain and simple.

  73. This topic came into conversation with my neighbours child yesterday after his religious lesson at school about God and what happens when you go to heaven. I sat and listened carefully as the child waited for an answer from me. Registering that he was given the space to feel the truth himself the reply was as simple and to the point… “You keep coming back because there is so much work to do.” A timely reminder that by offering our young the opportunity to connect to the truth is the joy we experience on a topic that is often not spoken about or brushed off in our conversations.

    1. I love your answer – we keep coming back because there is so much work to do. Very simple, transparent and practical, like reincarnation itself.

  74. I always had a sense that there was more than this life, and what Serge Benhayon shared makes so much sense, ‘He talked about reincarnation as an expression of divine love, the incredibly loving opportunity to learn and develop, be more loving myself, live more fully, joyously and consciously – and build on that.’

  75. Knowing that we are coming back, and that we can lay the path down now for ourselves to return is a truly wonderful power to have, because with this empowerment we have the ability to create life ahead of ourselves for everyone. So we have the choice and the opportunity to make life be about evolution and brotherhood with every cycle that happens.

  76. I love the simplicity you express the cycles in, we are all within and part of cycles that continue and we can either participate or continue anyhow…I would rather begin to participate and be aware of it. This includes how open I am to the fact that I live with karma from choices I have made in this life and in others….I can feel the truth of this in everyday. Watch a baby being born….they do not come into this life an empty vessel.

  77. Reincarnation brings balance and is also about taking responsibility right now, so that we don’t have to re-live our errors and repeat our aimless wandering around.

    1. Yes, aimlessly wandering around on the so-called “many paths to God” – best avoided and relegated to the dustbin for good.

  78. True Gabriele! Perhaps that’s the reason why we deny reincarnation and make life ever so complicated because it gives us the excuse to not get on with it? Once reincarnation is accepted in its truth, there is no hiding and no escaping our choices making it much harder to be irresponsible. The only choice left then is to get on with it as you say!

  79. Being brought up in the belief you only live once left me feeling very confused about life… it simply didn’t make sense. I began to open up to the possibility of reincarnation in my late twenties, early thirties , but never studied any particular religious views on it. I was just fascinated by TV documentaries about the topic and about people who had a sense of their previous incarnation. I remember a statement from a child who asked his mum, ‘why do I have white skin when last time my legs were brown?’ Serge Benhayon opened up the topic and my understanding of reincarnation in such an easy way that made complete sense and is exactly as you describe it, Gabriele.

    1. Yes, The Ageless Wisdom does make sense and answers all our questions – life makes sense then and all we have to do is to commit and get on with it.

  80. I always believed in reincarnation but this blog has added a whole new dimension of understanding that there is no wow factor but a steadiness in each day to build the foundation to which we can return.

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