Severe Shoulder Pain – A True Blessing

by Carmin Hall, Brisbane

I have been hesitant to share on this blog site after reading so many amazing testimonies from people from all walks of life who have been introduced to Universal Medicine (UniMed) and Serge Benhayon and are feeling healthier and more vitalised as a result. I started seeing a UniMed practitioner and was introduced to UniMed 3 years ago. I have never felt worse when I stopped ignoring what I was actually feeling in my body.

I kept telling myself that as soon as I felt better and more energised, I would share too. I now feel ready to share that it has been an amazing journey connecting back to me, whether I get to the point of ‘healthier and more vitalised than ever’ or not.

Up until 3 years ago when I was forced to stop by severe shoulder pain and immobility (Calcific Tendonitis), I had never allowed myself to even pause for long enough to feel how exhausted I was, what was going on in my body, or how the way I lived my life was causing the exhaustion. At that point, I saw ‘feeling tired’ as a weakness and inconvenience that needed to be overridden so that I could complete all the tasks I set for myself.

If I got up in the morning and kept as busy as possible – I could push through each day. I prided myself on being efficient and doing so much. If I had quiet moments (i.e. while driving or sitting at the computer), I would top up with some form of sugar to keep me going. What I have come to learn through support from my Universal Medicine Practitioner, is that the busier I kept myself, the more numb I became to how I was truly feeling and I could also ‘nip in the bud’ any true feelings that came up by eating sugar.

Over the past 3 years I have slowly learned to make more loving choices (still a work in progress) about what I eat and how I live each day. The more I have stopped pushing myself and being busy (often for busy’s sake) the more I have felt the results of the loveless choices I have made in the past. The underlying theme of my life until that point was: everything that ‘needed’ to be done was more important than me and caring for me.

I was proud of the fact that I could get in and out of a shower and wash myself in a few minutes. Only when I was pregnant did I, for the first time since being a child, just enjoy the feeling of the water falling on me, warming me and taking time for me. But as soon as my baby was born, there was more to do than ever!

Part of my self disregard was that I had avoided medical doctors for years. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine always encourage seeing a doctor and getting a medical diagnosis and necessary treatment for your conditions. I finally took the responsibility to find out the reasons for the long existing conditions I had been experiencing and as a result have been, in the last 3 years, diagnosed with:

  • Severe shoulder pain and immobility (Calcific Tendonitis),
  • Thinning of the bones (Osteopenia -which is the stage before osteoporosis),
  • Severe Anaemia,
  • Exhaustion,
  • A form of sugar malabsorption (Sorbitol Malabsorption),
  • A benign tumour of one of the salivary glands (Submandibular Gland Pleomorphic Adenoma) – that was actually there for 6 years, but I pretended it wasn’t, and
  • Other nutrient deficiencies.

All these medical conditions have brought me back to wanting to connect with me, giving myself space to make more loving choices. Being honest about my past choices and to stop being so hard on myself. They have led me on my path back to God.

When faced with the question of ‘GENERAL HEALTH’ on a questionnaire, I have always automatically written ‘excellent’ and skipped to the next question, reasoning that of course I am healthy compared to others who have cancer, diabetes, heart disease etc., and no one would be interested in hearing about all my ‘silly’ complaints. Early this year I was faced with the ‘GENERAL HEALTH’ question and was about do the same, when I paused long enough to feel that for me, I was not healthy and that I should be honest about it. There was such a healing for me in this honesty and admittance of where I was.

In my work I have regularly given nutrition advice and had read extensively about it, but never lived it – I took my vitamins of course, to counteract the way I lived. I knew that being free of disease was not the same as being healthy, and neither was being in a state of exhaustion. I simply reasoned that I must need more vitamins.

I didn’t want to give myself a break, it made me feel lazy – I judged myself on what I did and how much I accomplished. A UniMed Practitioner put it to me something like this: If you had an exhausted little 3 year old girl, how would you treat her? Would you make her get up in the morning and go, go, go all day, override all feelings of tiredness and berate her for not completing tasks? Or, would you nurture her, get her to take rests, get the family to help her more and only let her do what she could cope with?

I came to feel that I was still worth loving and nurturing at age 39 and that true self-worth came from how I lived my day, how kind, tender and gentle I was with me, and not how much I did.

I am still overweight (although I lost about 8kgs last year), I am still tired at times (although not absolutely exhausted), I still have shoulder pain (but can now lift my arm above my head). In other words, by making more loving choices, my body is slowly healing, but I am far from being healthier and more vitalised than ever in my life. I simply appreciate the painful shoulder that made me stop long enough to feel the accumulation of my disregard of me and my body and allowed me to start to address this.

My shoulder is now for me a marker or a gentle reminder of how I am. Whenever I am pushing myself or being unloving (especially when I shout at my children), it aches. I can then take the opportunity to stop, reassess and choose to go forward more lovingly – what a True blessing.

234 thoughts on “Severe Shoulder Pain – A True Blessing

  1. I suspect many people in this world suffer from this – “everything that ‘needed’ to be done was more important than me and caring for me.” I love how Universal Medicine are supporting people to get more honest about what is going on in their lives, and provide support to make more loving choices and to see and feel how we have been living as a set of choices – no hardship, no judgement, simply choices.

  2. When we connect with our body we can feel how pain has a role in supporting us to honour our body and cherish it.

  3. There are not many people who would state that any sort of pain is “a true blessing’, so how refreshingly honest is it that you are able to. It certainly places pain in a very different context, not something to instantly medicate or totally ignore, but a message from our wonderful body letting us know that something is very wrong and needs addressing. Our bodies are amazing so how equally amazing would it be if we were taught how to truly care and nourish them from a very early age? – very amazing indeed I would say.

    1. Ingrid what’s amazing about the body is its symptoms are guiding us back to ourselves, to be the love we naturally are. We have an amazing and wise friend in the body if we are able to learn to stop and listen.

  4. I’d say the same in that I have never been in more pain since attending Universal Medicine presentations. Not because I wasn’t in pain before, I was in a lot of suffering and misery but numb to all of it. These days I feel tired and get ill and experience pain but the difference is I listen to it rather than numb it now. Fire alarms in a house save lives when we listen to them, it feels like these days I am living more rather than simply exsisting.

  5. Aches and pains and illness is our body’s way of letting us know that the way we are living and the choices we are making are not good for us and when we listen to our body we can come to appreciate that these ‘problems’ are an invitation to make changes.

  6. It is easy to think that we are okay just because we don’t have cancer, a terminal diagnosis or other severe ill health condition – but is this what life is meant to be? Hobbling along and numbing ourselves evermore so we don’t feel what is really going on?

  7. Great to hear how you choices to start taking greater care for yourself have resulted in improvements in health. This surely should be no surprise to us, the greater we take care for ourselves the healthier we will be? But no hardly anyone lives as if this were true, mostly all follow the model you used to follow of pushing yourself and disregarding every message from the body. One day we will wake up to the reality that the intelligence that we live by when we live from our heads is not intelligent at all.

  8. Shoulder pain can be really debilitating and is definitely a message that something isn’t right, not only with our physical body but with our everyday choices too, it gives us time to reflect and make choices that are more supportive and loving

  9. Thank you Carmin, I found this so supportive to read again today. I can still feel there is a part of me that doesn’t want to admit my true state of health to myself, there is so much though that can come from the honesty of how I got myself this way if I’m willing to be truthful to myself about it. You also made a fantastic point that our self worth doesn’t come from what we do but from how kind and loving we are with ourselves. It’s very true, all the doing and achievements still leave us empty and chasing after more, but self love truly heals.

  10. I read your blog while my back, arms, hips and ankles are sore from long and intense working days and I will apply what your Universal Medicine therapist asked you to consider:’If you had an exhausted little 3 year old girl, how would you treat her?’ My body is very clear it needs more love and understanding and I am the one who can take care for that!

  11. I can very much recognise busy-ness used as a distraction/numbing. It almost feels as though we are afraid of being still and coming face to face with what truly is going on.

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