Severe Shoulder Pain – A True Blessing

by Carmin Hall, Brisbane

I have been hesitant to share on this blog site after reading so many amazing testimonies from people from all walks of life who have been introduced to Universal Medicine (UniMed) and Serge Benhayon and are feeling healthier and more vitalised as a result. I started seeing a UniMed practitioner and was introduced to UniMed 3 years ago. I have never felt worse when I stopped ignoring what I was actually feeling in my body.

I kept telling myself that as soon as I felt better and more energised, I would share too. I now feel ready to share that it has been an amazing journey connecting back to me, whether I get to the point of ‘healthier and more vitalised than ever’ or not.

Up until 3 years ago when I was forced to stop by severe shoulder pain and immobility (Calcific Tendonitis), I had never allowed myself to even pause for long enough to feel how exhausted I was, what was going on in my body, or how the way I lived my life was causing the exhaustion. At that point, I saw ‘feeling tired’ as a weakness and inconvenience that needed to be overridden so that I could complete all the tasks I set for myself.

If I got up in the morning and kept as busy as possible – I could push through each day. I prided myself on being efficient and doing so much. If I had quiet moments (i.e. while driving or sitting at the computer), I would top up with some form of sugar to keep me going. What I have come to learn through support from my Universal Medicine Practitioner, is that the busier I kept myself, the more numb I became to how I was truly feeling and I could also ‘nip in the bud’ any true feelings that came up by eating sugar.

Over the past 3 years I have slowly learned to make more loving choices (still a work in progress) about what I eat and how I live each day. The more I have stopped pushing myself and being busy (often for busy’s sake) the more I have felt the results of the loveless choices I have made in the past. The underlying theme of my life until that point was: everything that ‘needed’ to be done was more important than me and caring for me.

I was proud of the fact that I could get in and out of a shower and wash myself in a few minutes. Only when I was pregnant did I, for the first time since being a child, just enjoy the feeling of the water falling on me, warming me and taking time for me. But as soon as my baby was born, there was more to do than ever!

Part of my self disregard was that I had avoided medical doctors for years. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine always encourage seeing a doctor and getting a medical diagnosis and necessary treatment for your conditions. I finally took the responsibility to find out the reasons for the long existing conditions I had been experiencing and as a result have been, in the last 3 years, diagnosed with:

  • Severe shoulder pain and immobility (Calcific Tendonitis),
  • Thinning of the bones (Osteopenia -which is the stage before osteoporosis),
  • Severe Anaemia,
  • Exhaustion,
  • A form of sugar malabsorption (Sorbitol Malabsorption),
  • A benign tumour of one of the salivary glands (Submandibular Gland Pleomorphic Adenoma) – that was actually there for 6 years, but I pretended it wasn’t, and
  • Other nutrient deficiencies.

All these medical conditions have brought me back to wanting to connect with me, giving myself space to make more loving choices. Being honest about my past choices and to stop being so hard on myself. They have led me on my path back to God.

When faced with the question of ‘GENERAL HEALTH’ on a questionnaire, I have always automatically written ‘excellent’ and skipped to the next question, reasoning that of course I am healthy compared to others who have cancer, diabetes, heart disease etc., and no one would be interested in hearing about all my ‘silly’ complaints. Early this year I was faced with the ‘GENERAL HEALTH’ question and was about do the same, when I paused long enough to feel that for me, I was not healthy and that I should be honest about it. There was such a healing for me in this honesty and admittance of where I was.

In my work I have regularly given nutrition advice and had read extensively about it, but never lived it – I took my vitamins of course, to counteract the way I lived. I knew that being free of disease was not the same as being healthy, and neither was being in a state of exhaustion. I simply reasoned that I must need more vitamins.

I didn’t want to give myself a break, it made me feel lazy – I judged myself on what I did and how much I accomplished. A UniMed Practitioner put it to me something like this: If you had an exhausted little 3 year old girl, how would you treat her? Would you make her get up in the morning and go, go, go all day, override all feelings of tiredness and berate her for not completing tasks? Or, would you nurture her, get her to take rests, get the family to help her more and only let her do what she could cope with?

I came to feel that I was still worth loving and nurturing at age 39 and that true self-worth came from how I lived my day, how kind, tender and gentle I was with me, and not how much I did.

I am still overweight (although I lost about 8kgs last year), I am still tired at times (although not absolutely exhausted), I still have shoulder pain (but can now lift my arm above my head). In other words, by making more loving choices, my body is slowly healing, but I am far from being healthier and more vitalised than ever in my life. I simply appreciate the painful shoulder that made me stop long enough to feel the accumulation of my disregard of me and my body and allowed me to start to address this.

My shoulder is now for me a marker or a gentle reminder of how I am. Whenever I am pushing myself or being unloving (especially when I shout at my children), it aches. I can then take the opportunity to stop, reassess and choose to go forward more lovingly – what a True blessing.

219 thoughts on “Severe Shoulder Pain – A True Blessing

    1. Too true Felix! The process of returning to our natural innate essence and to building a foundation of love to support this, is an ever evolving process and not something that is linear that has an end point, and this path is something that has its own timing for each of us, and the fact that we are making choices to support us in the return to love is something for us all to deeply appreciate.

    2. So true Felix, we could wait forever to reach perfection and never get there, appreciating differences in our health without comparison to anyone else is the most important thing we can do. It says we love ourselves which is a most underrated thing to do.

  1. ‘true self-worth came from how I lived my day, how kind, tender and gentle I was with me, and not how much I did.’ Love it. It’s not in the doing but in the being. Also great how you have your own in-built marker of overdoing it – an old war wound that gives you a gentle nudge to remind you of what’s important in those instances when you’ve forgotten.

  2. This is great Carmin because it reflects how lasting change is often a gradual process and I have learnt over the years through my connection to Universal Medicine that things will unravel in their own time, regardless of the outcomes I have in my mind. In fact my expectations are the thing that usually get in the way! Like you, I can relate to being ‘busy’ and overriding my body but am getting much better at paying attention and making more supportive, loving choices and the hardness is becoming much smaller. I have plenty of aches and pains that soon pop up if I get ahead of myself. Your blog reminds me to keep working on moving and living in a way that works with the body, not against it – thank you.

  3. That form-filling ‘General Health’ question highlights just how skewed our general view on normative health has become, where ‘in good health’ now means you’re not a statistic of our all too common, indeed epidemic-level illnesses and diseases. The phrase no longer connotes vitality, energy and top levels of va-va-voom, but merely suggests a state of not being hit by an affliction that stops you in your tracks, seemingly allowing us to continue on the path of incremental exhaustion.

    1. Excellent point Cathy! We now often consider ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ health as the absence of (diagnosed) disease when in fact it is far from the optimal, vital health that our bodies are naturally designed to be.

  4. Thank you, Carmin, for your very honest sharing. I was also having this image of perfection as to when I would be ready to share about myself while I would be writing ‘excellent’ when asked about general health even though I don’t get up with full of vitality every morning, and I often have some pain somewhere in my body etc. accepting that as my normal. It really does pay to take a real stop moment to take a stock take of what is going on with our body. I have been having a severe shoulder pain that occurs intermittently. This feels very old, and I can feel this is very much related to the hardness that I go into, that almost automatically gets activated when I want to do a ‘good’ job, and for me also this is very much a marker of where I am at.

  5. “I knew that being free of disease was not the same as being healthy, and neither was being in a state of exhaustion” – Great distinction Carmin. The difference between these is HUGE. It is the choice between function and being truly well. The difference between just getting through, or living life in full. Have we as a race just accepted function as a form of living and not true well being?

  6. Dear Carmin,
    What a refreshingly honest sharing. I love how your body responded to your choice to be more loving tender and gentle with you. I can see in the years to come posters up on hospital billboards that bring people to the true health and wellbeing benefits of treating our bodies with tenderness.

  7. This is a great blog – and it confirms what I have been picking up the past few days – that when we start to listen to our bodies, sometimes there is a lot to clear and come up – our body finally says ‘great you are listening, I can release what i’ve been holding onto’ – and it isn’t the pretty picture we think it should be – we don’t get ‘healthy’ and ‘vital straight away because there is a lot of clearing to do. But in the clearing is our bodies continuing to ask as to listen and to respond via our movements. What a great gift for your shoulder to keep reminding you of when you are pushing yourself, rather than you being numb to this 🙂

  8. You share so much about a way of living that many will totally be able to relate to Carmin, I know I can. And like you I also saw that “‘feeling tired’ as a weakness and inconvenience that needed to be overridden so that I could complete all the tasks I set for myself.”. I used to push myself so hard that I felt that I was literally held together by invisible “bandaids” so I could keep on going. But also like you my body decided to stop me, uncomfortably so, giving me the opportunity to take a long and honest look at the way I was living and I could no longer ignore that fact that something had to change, and it has. Now I listen to my body’s messages, and although sometimes I am a wee bit slow to act on them, I am gradually healing all the ills of the past and looking forward to a future with a body which is able to support me in every moment.

  9. I loved what you shared about the questionnaire, how on earth can we compare ourselves with another especially regarding health, as you say what is considered ‘healthy’ for one person when being completely honest ‘There was such a healing for me in this honesty and admittance of where I was’ was not ‘healthy’ for you. With regards to diet and the relationship with ourselves and body this is always continual work in progress; as Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine share it is never about perfection but there is always more to unfold for true evolution. I can really relate with what you share in not giving myself enough space to get ready and really enjoying this each and every day, there is always a bit of a rush … another thing that is work in progress for me 😀💕

  10. I have noticed that clients often dismiss ailments they may have when filling in the consultation form and leave that part blank, but when inquiry is made as to why they are having a consultation they often have much to write there. Every little thing that presents in the body is telling us a story, it pays to listen to the seemingly ‘little’ things before they become big things. Not only listen but begin to understand the why of them as you have done here Carmin. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Being busy and pride in efficiency is something I recognise in myself also. Learning to listen to my body has been a revelation. So many of us are taught to ‘push through’, ‘feel the burn’ and similar. How crazy is this when our body is a constant throughout this lifetime? We always have a choice – to listen to our body and respond appropriately – or to ignore its messages. Then we often have a rude awakening in the form of illness and disease – and we wonder why!

  12. Even if it doesn’t match our picture of being ‘disease or illness free’ listening to our bodies makes far more sense than ignoring it because in that space of paying attention we get a chance to better understand whats going on even if it doesn’t go away instantly. Whereas if we ignore it because it hasn’t gone away instantly we cut off our ability to understand the deeper goings on and lessons about our choices that are there for us to read and learn from.

  13. The true healing that can occur when we are experiencing any dis-ease or illness is our loving acceptance of ourselves and willingness to address the underlying causes, the part we play. It can be a very humbling time. Thank you Carmin.

  14. I love this Carmin, so true …”that true self-worth came from how I lived my day, how kind, tender and gentle I was with me, and not how much I did.” We can so easily lose ourselves when we become identified by what we do before who we are.

  15. “If I got up in the morning and kept as busy as possible – I could push through each day. I prided myself on being efficient and doing so much.” The world seems to run like this nowadays. There is pride in being so busy – yet we do not stop to listen to our body, which can tell us so much if we stop. listen and respond. Exhaustion is the number one plague in society, hence the abundance of coffee shops – in an effort to ‘keep going’.

  16. “true self-worth came from how I lived my day, how kind, tender and gentle I was with me, and not how much I did.” Still learning to let go of my doing – but I’m getting there!

  17. It is amazing how much we can manipulate ourselves into thinking that we can carry on, driving when exhausted, working when burnt out. To the point that we are sick, shouting at our children, seeing no end in sight and still just eating sugary foods so that we can carry on. What kind of a state of living is that? I have lived like this for many many years, and although my choice of numbing foods has changed, and my general vitality is better, there is still this underlying notion that I can push and drive myself in to the ground and it will be ok – but is it ever ok or do we just delay the consequences?

  18. Such an honest sharing , Carmin and one I can relate to. The override we go into just to get things done is seen as normal and we are often praised for being so capable so this encourages us to continue just for the recognition. We do not even hear our bodies when in this state of override. I feel blessed that like you I had to stop and really feel what was going on. Although not perfect in all of this, I now feel my body is my best friend and will tell me what is truly going on.

  19. Great point Carmin that our seeking perfection holds us back from sharing our imperfections until such time that we have ‘it all sorted’ and can tell the ‘happy ever after’ story. All our aches and pains are messages from our body that we are a tender being that deserves to be treated with love.

  20. Reading your blog Carmin, I am reminded of what a wise loving and patient friend our body is to us. It lets us know through our ill conditions that we are living in a disharmonious fashion….all that we have to do is listen and take responsibility in seeking whatever support is necessary to support it, on its healing journey.

  21. This is beautiful Carmin. I can relate to much of what you share – not connecting to what is really going on in the body, thinking exhaustion is a weakness, not being aware that I am actually exhausted…we are really hard on ourselves. I love the analogy about what you would do if a 3 year old girl was feeling exhausted. It really puts it into perspective.

  22. This morning I woke early and lay in bed. I found myself running through different thoughts and what I could and should do in the day. I stopped myself and focussed on what was actually going in my body. What was beautiful was that I made that connection to feel what was going on for me instead of running at full speed whilst lying still! It has taken a lot of honesty and a huge change of what was quite a forceful momentum for me to step out of the constant drive, come into my body and be willing to feel the exhaustion.

  23. Great question about asking yourself if you would treat a 3 year old in the same way as you treat yourself. It makes no logical sense that we would push push push and override after experiencing such innocent playful joy of just being ourselves as a kid. If we asked a child if they would like to grow up to be living this way there is no way they would say yes, yet this is exactly what happens!

  24. Dear Carmin, I can relate as I often read a blog of hear a comment that people can get out of bed feeling really refreshed without the need to set an alarm and I am like, woah, OK, that’s not my reality. But reading your blog today it reminds me that we need to share all of our realities and where we are at with listening to our bodies and get real about what’s going on (or not) and how we can continually move towards making more loving choices. Slowly but surely and it is great to hear from everyone as to whatever stage they are at. Thanks for sharing….

  25. “I took my vitamins of course, to counteract the way I lived. I knew that being free of disease was not the same as being healthy, and neither was being in a state of exhaustion. I simply reasoned that I must need more vitamins.” Oh yes, I’ve been here. I can still fall into this one too, especially when what is being truly called for is a change in my behaviour – in my choices. It is easier to bury our heads in the sand a go for the ‘magic bullet’ and expect this to fix us, than accepting the simple truth that we need to make those changes.

  26. “I took my vitamins of course, to counteract the way I lived.” I love this as it says so much about the way we live and have learned to live. We manage life and live in a way where we do what we like, when it comes to food, sleep, rhythm etc., and learn to then medicate accordingly so we can keep up with the lifestyle we want.

  27. I love the example of the exhausted three year old girl. Examples like this make it more clear and help us understand how we in fact treat ourselves, and how very harsh and unloving that often is.

  28. Thank you Carmin, your story shows how little changes in our daily rhythm can bring enormous change to our whole life.

  29. Our bodies are truly remarkable at communicating with us constantly. When we stop and appreciate their conversations we can begin to see how much we can learn from them always. Thank you for sharing Carmin.

  30. “I came to feel that I was still worth loving and nurturing at age 39 and that true self-worth came from how I lived my day, how kind, tender and gentle I was with me, and not how much I did”.
    Such a critical lesson you have highlighted here Carmin, thank you. I love the way you took responsibility to nurture, care for and listen to your inner wisdom and your body.

  31. It is interesting how we continue to push ourselves when the body gives us clear markers that it’s time to stop. I love the example that was shared in this blog of the 3 year old girl. We would have no hesitation to give her time to rest yet the same rules don’t apply to us. Could it be possible that by not giving ourselves permission to do the same we are not living in responsibility? We ask our bodies to support us in a million and one ways throughout the day yet the levels of support back are often overridden by our expectations. Is that being fair?

  32. Fantastic blog Carmen, I’m so glad you shared, your honesty is truly refreshing and healing for many. You expose the lie many of us hold around needing our health to be perfect when in fact illness and disease are needed for us to learn what it is we are doing daily that is not loving.

  33. This was a great blog to read this morning Carmen. It is so easy to get caught up in doing and skip looking after ourselves – the body that is actually having to do it regardless! I found myself doing that this morning until I came to sit at my desk and read this. Suddenly my breathing changed, my body started to relax, my shoulders let go of the tension that was building to get through a busy day. What a difference this makes!

  34. This type of honesty is what will save us all, we are all so use to lying to each other that we begin to lie to ourselves and in this the true healing and message that the body is giving, is lost. This is a healing for all that read it, thank you, I am feeling very inspired to love myself more, as this honesty actually is love, as it says, no matter where you are at, I love you, it says, you are complete and perfect in all your imperfections.

  35. Thank you for this true blessing, its only when we can arrive at this level of honesty true healing can begin. There are lots of ways that many of us use to numb what we feel and what you’ve shared here is that you are taking the steps in responsibility to arrest this. By choosing to listen to our bodies it gives it them space to heal.

  36. Carmin thank you so much for your honest sharing and I can relate to it in so many ways. I like your decision you have made: “My shoulder is now for me a marker or a gentle reminder of how I am.” The body now is for me the best friend and I love it to be more connected with, as what my body has to share is for me the best medicine ever.

  37. Walking our talk is far more powerful when it is truly lived as it is not something that comes from knowledge but from our lived experience of who we are, capable of inspiring others to live in a way that is more honouring and loving for themselves.

  38. Thank you Carmin for such a real and honest sharing I can so relate to the everything needed to be done was more important then caring for me, I lived most of my life that way. But as you say “what a true blessing” the more loving and tender we are with our bodies the more healing that can take place.

  39. Love your courage and honesty Carmin – I find honesty is much easier said than done, especially with oneself. Thank you for your very powerful blog.

  40. Thank-you for writing this blog Carmin. Who would have thought that severe shoulder pain could be considered a true blessing but indeed it has been as it has brought you back to nurturing and lovingly taking responsibility for your self. Our bodies are remarkable barometers always there giving us messages, but we need to be willing to not only stop and listen but to honestly reflect on our past choices and choose to change those behaviours that don’t lovingly support us.

  41. Thank you Carmin, our bodies allow us to feel the consequences of the choices we make at any given time, the more we let go of the pictures and expectations we can place on ourselves about our own healing the more we can surrender to what is there for us in place to evolve.

  42. I love testimonials like this one. This kind of conversations do not happen often enough and people are not well. But, since society has naturalised what is not natural, people do not even stop when someone else mentions what is happening to them, unless it is cancer or something of that magnitude.

  43. Thank you for sharing Carmin, I am one of those who can come across in some of my sharings as being a super woman and so vital and amazing. All that is true AND I also regularly go through my stuff as I think many people who share here do. A part of the process of becoming more vital and healthy for many is exactly as you have described. Quite often whilst in the process of letting go of another false way or a no longer needed way of doing or over doing things, or moving or thought patterns or certain food substance etc there can be period of body releases or exhaustion that are not so pretty – but these are all healings and releases as we return to our truer and truly more vital selves.

  44. Thank you Carmin it is super inspiring to feel the commitment you have to your own healing, your honesty is a blessing to anyone who reads this blog.

  45. Early this year I was faced with the ‘GENERAL HEALTH’ question and was about do the same, when I paused long enough to feel that for me, I was not healthy and that I should be honest about it. There was such a healing for me in this honesty and admittance of where I was. This is cool Carmin, there are few that are honest enough to stop and feel where we are at but when we do then the true healing can be allowed to begin.

  46. This is a beautifully honest sharing Carmin and shows the reality of true self-care. We are so focussed on getting better and functioning that we override and ignore everything that does not fit this picture. True self-care starts with honesty and the willingness to take the superficial bandits off and face what is really going on, only from that place can we start to truly heal.

  47. Carmin,
    I am re reading your blog tonight and have a deeper connection to what healing really means. To me it means adjusting my behaviors and how I am with my body, it means a love and tenderness given to myself that is deepened continually. It means extending this love and tenderness to others. And if in adjusting how I live my body also becomes more vital, this is a bonus.

  48. The body is such an amazing thing. It never stops telling us exactly what is going on, and never stops communicating exactly what it needs. We can stop listening to it, and even do our best to ignore it, but it still continues to speak to us. Not many friends would do the same!

  49. I so appreciate the raw honesty of your contribution – it takes guts to come clean and expose the lies and stories we subscribe to when it comes to our true state of health. There is much to come clean about and a lot of debris to clear and it all starts with honesty. This is a superb contribution to the health and wellbeing debate.

  50. Our bodies are such great markers for how we are living in our lives. When we listen we unfold the magic that is within.

  51. Carmen I have felt this as well, not appreciating myself and where I am at until I’ve done xyz and am not so serious and stressed, and healthy. With the support of a close friend I’m a lot more appreciative of where I am at, what is coming up for me and what is being let go of from my body… sometimes its very uncomfortable but I would rather feel that tension then push it down and pretend it’s not there.

  52. Awesome Carmin, choosing to be more gentle, loving and nurturing is very inspiring. What your body is showing you, accepting this as a blessing and appreciating it the way you have is very supportive.

  53. I’m glad you chose to write and share what you have, for your story like all the other extraordinary blogs available, gives people the opportunity to realise that there is another way to be with our health and a way to transform it should be choose to commit to loving ourselves a little more.

  54. ” The underlying theme of my life until that point was: everything that ‘needed’ to be done was more important than me and caring for me.” I recognise this Carmen it is a pattern that runs deep and has taken me years to shift. Everything in life is centred towards getting things done and achieving things, the body is only considered when it fails us and we become ill or suffer in some way. I had continual back pain that has now almost gone but when it comes back I know I have pushed myself and disregarded my body to the point that the body has had to send me a message.

  55. Reading this blog really brought to the fore the idea of the sliding scale of health which we are all on, how far down the line are we concerning disease and illness, our choices culminate in and out play, do we get diabetes, heart issues cancer…so much of this is avoidable by making self-loving choices. Where are we all on that scale, when it comes to our health we all have a sense of our trajectory if we are honest. And what is awesome is it can change…

  56. I’ve had a real ache for quite some time in my right shoulder/right wing. I have had a few massages which has supported that whole area of my body…. however, I decided to give this area a lot of attention as it needed it. Every morning and night after a hot shower I massage this area ( with massage cream purchased from Universal Medicine), and every morning I have done a few connective tissue exercises. I now no longer have the ache, but am still continuing to give this area attention for as long as it needs it. And self-care comes cheap!

  57. What a great sharing Camel on how to observe what has come up in the body and taking energetic responsibility for what was the reason for it being there. It is in understanding why something has shown up in the body that it ensures we can actually heal.

  58. To have a stop moment and honestly assess how we truly feel, how healthy and vital we are or not, is a must if we want to live and move forward in life on a solid foundation that supports us in our health, overall wellbeing, our activities and responsibilities not just for the sake of functioning and getting things done but having a quality of living that is a joy to be.

  59. I often wonder how it is that we loose our joy and the carefree feelings as a child and replace them with the need to grow up and get things done and in this we loose something very special about us. I have listened to many a teenager who said they don’t want to grow up and I didn’t feel it was because they lacked being responsible but they felt that they would have to leave a part of them behind which is the natural joy of life it seems to get squeezed out of us as we transition from childhood to teenager then adulthood where as you say everything that ‘needed’ to be done becomes more important than who we are.

  60. Instead of judging and pushing oneself to improve, solve and or get rid of a symptom or behaviour it is worthwhile to honestly explore and understand what it is really going on and learn from it so that we can make choices that truly evolve us, bring forth change that is lasting and building. This may feel uncomfortable at times as we possibly need to face and feel something we may not like so much about ourselves but it is the only way to truly heal.

  61. I also learned very much from my frozen shoulders. So many facets were enlightend as embracing life, letting in people in my heart, not to protect myself., giving myself the space to feel if something is hurtfull.
    Not to hold back my natural me in expression to the world with all my love.

  62. Such an honest account of what must be happening for countless number of people in our society’s… what is so obviously needed are programs for children that develop a foundational relationship with our bodies so that self care becomes integral to our lives

  63. “I came to feel that I was still worth loving and nurturing at age 39 and that true self-worth came from how I lived my day, how kind, tender and gentle I was with me, and not how much I did.” What a beautiful realisation. We are always worth loving and nurturing, something we need to relearn and honour. Always.

  64. Really great blog Carmin. I especially love the example you shared about the way we would treat a 3 year old with exhaustion. The pictures we have about where or how we should be are so damaging and they often lead us to abuse our bodies. You remind me to accept myself exactly as I am as I develop a more loving relationship with myself.

  65. Thank you Carmin. As someone with shoulder pain myself at present, I really appreciate what you share here. Our bodies communicate with us constantly and when we start to truly listen it is a blessing. There is harmony innate within us and we are being guided to reconnect with it – it is very much needed.

  66. There is so much we can learn from our bodies, they really are the marker of truth and expose how we are really living. I had a frozen shoulder for about 3 years and looking back I can see my life was about getting things done and never about my body and what was true and loving for me. I am sure it would have healed a lot quicker if I had stopped and questioned why my shoulder was not healing. It was a slow process of gradually making a few changes that it began to ease, but it wasn’t until I came to Universal Medicine that I gradually learnt how un-lovingly I had been living.

  67. How much could we all aid in our health if we were prepared to honestly evaluate what was going on in our bodies? In my experience, much can and does change both physically and energetically in our bodies when we begin to accept we have a part to play in their condition, and a part to play in supporting them to heal.

  68. To see our ailments as a pointer for our lived choices, an opportunity to be reminded of them and make new choices, is a sea change on how we view our dilemmas in the body and generally in life. Often we feel we are victims when sickness strikes or are challenged by life’s events, yet in the knowing we set it up through how we have lived is very liberating.

  69. It is amazing how the body gives us so many different messages to get us to pay attention to the way we are living, and to take a deeper look at our choices – the wisest thing to do would be to listen to these messages, instead of ignoring and making life a struggle.

  70. Carmin I love your honest sharing about how your body responded when you eventually made the choice to treat it with respect and tender loving care. Our body is our wisest and best friend in supporting us to live a vital and fulfilled life, so therefore it makes perfect sense for us to be aware of how super important it is for us to support it to remain in a harmonious state.

  71. Carmin thank you for stepping forward and sharing. I can relate to putting conditions on when I will be in the right place to do something. This has led to a lot of delay in my life. Your blog is inspiring.

  72. Thank you for sharing this – it is real and raw and so relatable. I’ll put my hands up and say that I used to use a lot of things to not feel what was going on. I was very good at hiding behind how I was living. And when I started to look at this – I felt rubbish. There are still times today where I feel rubbish because I am so much more sensitive and as I honour that, my body tells me straight up what it is OK with and what it isn’t. So I feel more, but at the end of the day this is a reflection of me wanting to be more transparent with myself. And when I feel amazing – I really feel amazing.

  73. It’s so revealing what you have shared about as soon as you had a quiet moment you would have some sugar in hand. It’s revealing because we never often have those still times and when we do we avoid them! When getting to feel in these moments and after a while of lived commitment to that quality the richness of our soul is present and no form of sugar can beat it.

  74. Thank you Carmin for sharing – your honesty is greatly appreciated in a world where many dismiss and lie about the true state of their health. The more we listen to our bodies and honour what they are saying to us the more we can begin to develop a more loving approach and make choices that are supporting our bodies to heal in every way.

  75. The honesty of this blog opens the door to understanding that day to day care of ourselves is an important part of healing any illness.

  76. If we consider the truth in its absoluteness, there are only two ways of being.. one that is forever going to make us sicker at times allowing us to believe we are living healthily. And another which is a form of true healing naturally and allows us to know the true and real impact of our ever choice and way of being. The difference is monumental yet the physical day to day can be very very similar!

  77. I was searching for blogs on shoulder pain today because I have noticed that I feel shoulder pain whenever I try to pack a lot into my day, it’s even there if I am cleaning the dishes in a rush etc. You remind me to pay more attention to the signals my body is giving me and I know this will support me to stop and consider my movements before my body forces me to.

  78. In a world where we only want to get on with life and get rid of the inconvenient discomfort any ailment provides as quick as possible it can sound very strange to call ‘Severe Shoulder Pain – A True Blessing’.
    You offer a very contradictory approach towards illness and disease as well as health and healing that in the future will be the way of medicine.

  79. Carmen I love this honest sharing; we all have periods where we have to feel the effects of how we have been living. Many of these things take a long time for the momentum to change and find a new loving rhythm. One of the most supporting things I have done for myself is to accept, feel and be gentle on myself, and not have the expectation that I will heal them over night, it’s possible that I have been living these momentums for many lives. And then I appreciate that I have even come to the awareness of these harmful patterns.

  80. Packing a lot in to a day in order to numb ourselves from the tensions we feel, and then eating when something does come up to look at, I should imagine is a very common way to block things out. I am sure we have many other behaviours that we call on at a drop of a hat, but I supposed acknowledging and a willingness to be aware of these patterns is the first step to understanding our behaviours.

  81. It makes me wonder about the word health and healthy and if we don’t perceive ourselves as such are we setting ourselves up for further patterns of disregard? And then if we have an illness, disease or a condition what does that mean? I see clients who think they have failed at something or somewhere because they have become sick or they feel they are being punished. This is a tough consciousness to break through.

  82. It is for true health and healing to lovingly support yourself and your body – I too ‘went along’ with pains in my body i.e. I did not stop to take note or care why it was I had a pain especially if it was always there.. Now, I listen as much as I can because I have discovered just how delicate and tender I need to operate in to honour me in full capacity!

  83. I’ve recently strained muscles in my back and it has made me very aware of how I move my body. I would never pick up or try and move a 20+kg piece of furniture or other item, and yet I struggled with a 20+kg suitcase, dragging it up steps where there was no lift or escalator, nor anyone to help. This back strain is a stop I needed for me to see that ‘doing it just this once’ is not ok for my body. It is delicate and not equipped to lug 20+kg up steps, or to be lifted under any circumstances.

  84. The aches and pains are telling us something, and yet we are very quick and mastered at ignoring them. I have recently had a mildly painful shoulder which is not present when I am being delicate with myself, and yet even though I have experienced this there are times I will override this and push on, as though I have no other choice – at least that is what I tell myself.

  85. Wow Carmin this is so the case for many people, and very much how I used to run my body, keeping it numb by being busy or eating foods that kept me racy, ‘the busier I kept myself, the more numb I became to how I was truly feeling and I could also ‘nip in the bud’ any true feelings that came up by eating sugar.’

  86. I am presently, and have been for some time now experiencing extreme shoulder pain, which I likewise know is a true blessing. This is meaning I am having to look at my strong pattern of, ‘everything that ‘needed’ to be done was more important than me and caring for me’, and like you Carmin ‘I judged myself on what I did and how much I accomplished.’ I am finding that this pain and restriction in movements is really making me make a more loving and tender connection with my body, still a work in progress.

  87. I can relate to being hard on myself and it taking some time to chip away at the old patterns and how this plays out in my life. What I have also come to understand is that there is always more to unravel, to take us to a deeper relationship with ourselves, and any time we do something at the expense of ourselves the body will tell us very loudly – be it with a shoulder pain, stiff fingers, headaches, in fact the list is endless.

  88. The realness of this blog is what brings so much depth for all to feel. For many any pain is considered a burden but what is offered here is the opportunity to go deeper and look at the bigger picture.

  89. Thank you Carmin, it is important for us all to consider the healing opportunities we are presented with in the face of illness and pain, for we can no longer look at it as a misfortune but a gift from our soul to return back where we left ourselves before.

  90. It makes sense how keeping ourselves busy stops us from feeling our body so that we accept things that we would otherwise not accept if we were in connection with ourselves as we would feel their true impact.

  91. The power of this sharing is in the honesty. You letting go of the need to be perfect and simply share what you are now choosing to be aware of. I am sure there are many people out there who will write down that their health is great when really it isn’t. But then we lie to ourselves and it makes it easier to lie to others. Your healing here is not getting rid of pain, but in being honest.

  92. Carmin this was wonderful to read, thankyou for sharing in such an open way. I could relate to much of what you shared and you also helped me deepen my understanding of my body and what is communicating. I also have had a moment where I had the opportunity to truly share how my body was in a questionnaire and it was part of healing – to stop pretending or not caring that my health was the way it was because it wasn’t cancer or something worse, but to take an honest look at it all. That honesty is still a work in progress, so thank you for the reminder! Carmin, I would love to read more from you – please keep contributing!

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